Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irate Gamers' Newest Contest is a Scam (UPDATE)

I would like to thank TheArchfiend for bringing this to my attention.

A couple of days ago, Bores released a video promoting a contest where one lucky user could win a PS3 package totaling $500 dollars. That's the system and a bunch of games. Which games is never said.

All we have to do is subscribe to his channel, sign up to the site dealdash.com, and leave a comment on his profile. Once that's done, one lucky winner will be picked randomly.
Wow! This sounds completely legit, I totally believe that I will get a working PS3 from this guy.

You know, when I first saw this video I didn't think too much of it. I thought it was less douchey than his previous contest where all we had to do was subscribe and win his DVD and just left it at that.
Oddly enough, one of the winners of that contest was HemiJeep19; another YouTube Partner and a bigger whore than Shane Dawson (or so I heard).
Thanks to TheArchfiend, I learned that Chris Bores is scamming people and once again using it as a tool for extra subscribers.

I did a quick Google search to see how legit DealDash is. One link I found was from HouseholdHacker's Twitter (yes they're a popular YouTube partner but they look less dickish than most of them) saying "it's obviously a scam".
DealDash itself is an auction site where you can pay a fistful of dollars for something awesome like a stereo system or a high-end digital camera. I read that there are a few people that have learned to take advantage of the system and able to always get the best items. Either way, I don't trust the site.

How do we know that this PS3 actually works or is in good condition? What games will we get with it? He showed Batman: Arkham Asylum, LittleBigPlanet, God of War III, Ghostbusters, and Red Dead Redemption. But for all we know, the winner gets Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, Rogue Warrior, and Damnation.

And how will the winner be picked? Bores could make a sockpuppet account, post on the video and that account could win.

Other people on YouTube have done this contest, and it's all a trick to gain more subscribers or to get their videos into the "Most Commented" section.

Watch TheArchfiend's video to learn all the details.

Also, Bores hasn't mentioned having this contest on his site. Hmm...

Thanks to my readers, some new information has come to light.

In the description, Bores says this "Oh, and the winner will be picked on the 20th or the 21st." The keyword here is "or". If you're going to organize a contest with a prize THIS big (if it does exist) then you should set a date in stone. This continues to show how haphazardly put-together this whole thing is and it all looks like a scam to recover subscribers lost after the Tekken 6 review.
Thanks to Zinger314 for point this out.

A Mr. polo_sc83 did a little investigation on the legitimacy of DealDash and came across some interesting info.
- The site mentions The NY Times and Wired, implying that these two reputable news sources have mentioned them in a positive light. A quick search of these two sites shows that DealDash was never mentioned.
-- This is a common technique used by con artists in order to fool people. The commercial for FinallyFast.com mentions they were given press in Newsweek and Time Magazine. However, it's plainly obvious FinallyFast is a scam and only fools will buy into it (if you're fooled by an iMac getting a Windows BSoD then you're a moron).
- The page saying "Scam? No way!" claims they are operated by Recreational Shopping Inc. and provides a link. A quick look at Recreational Shopping Inc. shows that they not once mention DealDash. So once again, this is a trick used to try and prove they're legit.

So with this, it's easy to say DealDash should not be trusted. Why would Bores want to be affiliated these guys?

Update Two!
y2b2010 just posted this.
Bores didn't contact DealDash, they contacted him. Along with the 4 other people shown in the video.
He also gave a link to this video explaining that you spend more on an item than the actual retail price.

Well done Irate Gamer, you fell for a con.


  1. Maybe Chris is too damn lazy to update his site

  2. No wonder The Bores is bashing retro games and distorting its history - he just uses it as an excuse to get access to all the new, flashy consoles. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he actually went out of his way to "reward" the PS3 to himself and create a "follow-up video" where the "winner" writes a "letter" expressing how "the Irate Gamer is the most bestest game video rewiever", or what-the-fuck-ever.

    Besides, I wouldn't want a PS3 from the Irate Gamer. Unless I somehow managed to win, and then made a video of me smashing the PS3 with Chris Bores' handprints and residue on it, and then put up a cardboard box (with a card reading "FUCK" on it) with the PS3 remains inside on eBay - and donate the money to buy Mr. Gimmick off of eBay and donate that game to James Rolfe, as it's the only NES PAL-region tape (per his game collection) that he doesn't own.

    I'm a dreamer. :-)

  3. If the contest is revealed to be a scam, than this will immediately go down as the lowest thing Bores has ever done. Yet even as I speak there are more thumbs up than thumbs down on the video. These people are insane!

  4. Or better yet, donate the PS3 and games to James. Along with a letter saying "From your biggest fan, the Irate Gamer."

  5. @Anon

    Nah, I'd put "From your biggest fan, The Game Dude"

  6. @ 8:53AM

    And why would I want to give The Bores the benifit of the doubt? James would still see *my* name on the box; I don't think he'd imagine Tony from MapleStory being a real character.

  7. @anthony
    Why don't you just put a fake name on the box?

  8. OK, guess I am forced to explain my joke here:

    If I got a PS3 from Chris Bores, I would smash it to pieces to express my disgust for him and his antics, and I would love to see the 2Girls1Cup-look on his face when he sees the video of me smashing his PS3.

    There, I explained the joke, you win. Happy?

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  10. Of course it's a scam, it's fucking Chris Bores! And I'm sure that DealDash site is a scam as well.

  11. Completely off-topic but here's something I'd like to bring up:

    I've heard some people say that the Nostalgia Critic is running out of bad nostalgia movies to review. Do you think this is true? I don't think it is, because N.C. has reviewed lots of good shows and movies before.

    On a side note, I'd like to see Nostalgia Critic review Mario Ice Capades. Yeah BigAl2K6 reviewed it already, but that was just an excerpt as seen on themushroomkingdom.net. I'd like to see him review the full version as it aired on ABC in December 1989 (assuming it circulates among collectors, of course).

  12. "*Oh and the winner will be picked on the 20th or the 21st.*"

    Or? OR?!

    That's the kinda of detail you need to be sure about when you're running a contest.

    Assuming it is a legit contest.

  13. @Zinger314
    Wow, I didn't even notice that.
    "Oh right, the person that wins this thing will be announced sometime in the next month or so. Yeah that's the ticket."

  14. I guess Bores was really butthurt for the Tekken 6 fiasco, he might now need to go to new lows in order to recover lost subscriptions.

    BTW, to put in question DealDash.com's legibility, their site mentions both The New York Times and Wired, but I never found any mention of them on both web sites. They may appear in a random GoogleAd for all we know.

    On top of that, in their "Scam? No way!", they claim to be operated by a enterprise known as Recreational Shopping Inc. and gives a link, which makes no mention of this company.

    They also claim to be audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which reassures us that any scam isn't going to be allowed. Never mind that said auditor had also been caught in controversies.

    I guess it's safe to say that DealDash.com is not a place to be trusted, and come to think of it, is Bores really affiliating with them? Being the lazy fuck he is, he might as well pick any random bidding website, read and pick some of the rules and lie that they have the prize.

    Well, he can always review bad TV series, cartoons, and whatnot; he's not the "Nostalgia Movie Critic".

  15. Hey, lukestarkiller441 is back.

  16. And he's better than ever.

    "Yeah AVGN and NC don't do contests like this becuse the don't give a shit about there fans. While IG actually does care about his fans. and about the website, how many sites do you know that are willing to give away a free PS3 plus games? and how does IG steal all hisideas from other reviews? I don't see any other game reviewers review half the stuff IG does. and IG is not heartless enough to steal from his fans. seriously, do you people make this shit up as you go along? "

    "Is that seriously the best you hater can come up with? First you people say that IG does not care about his fans, then when he does something like this to show that he cares for his fans you people assume it's a scam. wake up idiots it's not a scam, IG's doing this for all his true fans. and how could it even be a scam? It's basically no different then anyother website that's giving away something. so are you saying that every contest held on the internet is a scam? "

    So yeah.

  17. Also about this, didn't he say that he was going to review God Of War III? How could he review it if sold his PS3?

  18. speaking about PS3, anyone catch Sony's conference at E3? I am amazed at the surprises that they did, and I am glad that they finally have a release date for Grand Tourismo 5

  19. @Anon (June 15, 2010 5:42 PM)

    He'll probably watch some trailers and review the game based on those.

  20. y2b2010 just put up a new vid about this thing:


  21. @HH Kelevra
    I already posted it above.

    I wonder how people constantly fall for this, at least four people have used the same "contest" before.
    I guess it's a case of "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

  22. @Sabertooth

    Maybe if he does that, his dumb fans will realize the kind of layer he is. So that might be good.

  23. The archfiend noticed that Irate Gamer posted a video? WOW I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THIS! God get over yourself, he's just an idiot who lives with his grandmother and points out obvious things with bad sarcasm and 4chan jokes.

  24. @ anon

    Speaking of 4chan, why don't you head back there and post some Yiff.

  25. thirdratefanboy345June 16, 2010 at 2:21 AM

    I'd like to point out that in the comments section of his video lukestarkiller441 is defending Chris by saying "what other sites give away a free PS3?" Just goes to show the high mental capacity of his fans!

  26. @ fat ass



  27. Ok, after reading the update, now I can positively say that this IS the lowest thing Bores has ever done. Period.
    Now to check on the ratings of the original video to see if they've lowered after all this evidence presented...723 likes and 580 dislikes...are these people high?!

  28. Dear me, a single mention of TheArchfiend is enough to make the trolls scurry out of the woodwork. And this is when he's making a valid point. Though why would one wanna bitch about the guy here, at a blog devoted to hating the Irate Game, is anyone's guess.

    Bores's new contest is a scam to get new subscribers no doubt. It's so sad to see him stoop so low.

  29. @zonic94

    It's at about 45% dislike, that's a pretty embarrasing number. (anything >10% dislike is embarrasing). I do recall that it was at about 25% dislike when the video first was uploaded, so the word about Dealdash is making progress.

    Also, the "Add $5 if you use a Facebook account" is a downright lie since it would be impossible to sort through all 3500+ comments and manually or even automatically add $5 to every account, especially since most of comments have sarcastic fake names.

  30. Wait, why is there hatred against the Archfiend? I was under the impression that he is regarded as a fighter for genuine Youtube talent, and revealer of scammers and whores. Why hate a guy for doing noble things like that? Also he chastised his OWN fanbrats for attacking someone, that is integrity.

  31. @fattoler
    A lot of Silent Rob's fans HATE TheArchfiend. They blame him for "the hacker that shut down Rob's account", even though it was clearly Rob himself that closed his account and reopened after the whole "5 dollar website" thing blew over.

  32. Wow. One of the first times i've seen a troll on this blog...but you know CB just wants cash and cheap popularity but knowing the monkeys over at youtube won't give a damn if the contest was a scam.

  33. Interesting. You know, I'm thinking of running a contest myself with an equally vague prize. Here's a bit of the script that I'm going to read out on the YouTube video regarding the contest and let me know what you think.

    "Hey guys, I'm going to be giving away a free Xbox 360 box and fifty empty game cases to a lucky winner! To be eligible, subscribe to my channel so that my numbers will increase and post a comment on this video so it'll be the most watched thing since sliced bread! I'll randomly pick out a winner some time next week or whenever the hell I feel like it! Want further details on this amazing contest? Sorry, but this YouTube video is all you have to go on! Good luck, guys! You rock!"

  34. @Fattoler

    I don't know about others, but I personally don't really hate TheArchfiend. I do think he's really thin skinned and has a tendency to go on butt-hurt mode for very silly, small things. I've enjoyed some of his videos, but I'm not a big fan of the guy, I mostly just ignore him.

  35. So where's the Super Contra and Contra Force recap?

    Also, why does it seem like I'm the only one who has more than enough courage to sit through an Irate Gamer video, as bad as they are?

  36. Sorry for the double post, but when you do a recap of them, I hope you'll also mention how during the review Bores acted like "Contra Force" came before "Contra III", when in actuality, it was the other way around.

    The dumbest moment in that video was when he had the nerve (THE NERVE!) to compare "Contra Force" to SMB2USA/Doki Doki Panic. If he would have done any research, he would have known that other that perhaps Bill & Lance (the two heroes) and the Red Falcon, no one really cares about Contra characters. They're somewhat popular, but nowhere near as popular as Mario characters.

  37. Is it sad to say that Chris earlier videos were better than his recents ones? We know why of course.

  38. @Monticrystal

    nah. Old IG was just a monotone AVGN ripoff, new Chris is entertaining, in the same way plan 9 from outer space and Street Fighter the Movie are entertaining. i.e. so bad it's good.

  39. @Monticrystal
    You're not the only one who feels that way. While the early vids still had a ton of stupidities, they were somewhat watchable although they have aged horribly. I have a hard time sitting through the newer stuff.

    That had better be a joke. At least with Plan 9 and SF, there was some entertainment value to be had. New Chris is about as entertaining as the Transformers flicks. i.e. pure shite that makes me want to shoot myself so that I can have a grave to roll over in.

  40. Anyone catch AVGN's E3 video?


  41. @DTM

    Well it's a stretch, but I just laugh whenever he pulls one of his faces, apart from that, he is about as funny as a cadaver.

  42. Nah, archfiend's a leech with no talent. He's not a warrior, he's a balding virgin who takes subscribers from more popular and talented people. Archfag's lemmings like to point fingers at silent rob to seem cool and popular among archfag's community. If he's out to get people without "genuine talent" then he's one of the biggest hypocrites I've even seen. You want to see someone talented and funny that actually knows how to make people laugh but convey a message at the same time, try y2b2010.

    1. Try doing something constructive with your life, son. Your trolling efforts are just boring.

  43. @ Anon above me
    Okay, it's nice that you actually had a differing opinion about the Archfiend, but that y2b2010 thing proves you are an Irate Fanboy. I suggest that you go outside, have some fresh air, and take some time to think about what you have done.

    Which brings to to an interesting question: What do you guys think of the Archfiend. Yeah, he does get points for not liking the Irate Lamer, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of Archfiend. I don't really watch his videos, and I want to know what you guys think of him. That means you, Batdan. Do not worry about me turning against you guys. I still despise what the Irate Lamer does and how he does it.

  44. @Anon June 16, 2010 3:09 PM AND AngrySun
    1st AngrySun why did you call Anon an Irate Fanboy because he mentioned Y2B2010 isn't that guy a hater of Bores?

    2nd Anon Why don't you just walk outside and cry at a fucking rainbow. You honestly don't know shit if you think The Archfiend is a hyporite.

    3rd The Archfeind is a good person. My only complaint is that he can be a real asshole in his chatroom.

  45. Archfiend is just a guy who hates irategamer, nothing more nothing less. Thats all it is to him.

  46. Maybe I should explain why the trolls of the blog keep making "Rainbows Make Me Cry" jokes. Back then, I put a comment on the fan art post, where I wrote that because of the clusterfuck rainbow fan art, TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Scouts are crying all over the world. The joke came from one of the Spy domination lines. There. I said it.

  47. I think TheArchfiend does a great job at presenting his videos. Sure, most of his videos are just him talking to the camera but he shines better than the majority out there. I also appreciate his rants on any scandals on YouTube as well as general topics.

    Yeah, I know that Archfiend hater won't like me for what I said but I could care less.

  48. Archfag is a self obsessed whore with no more talent than anyone he attacks, he's not funny or intelligent. He doesn't deserve the praise he gets, most of his fans are from the Irate Gamer fiasco where he acted like a hero, and the rest of his fans I don't know, unless they have a bald fetish I have no clue.

  49. thirdratefanboy345June 16, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    I don't -hate- the Archfiend, but he's mainly a dick. He posts videos of how the Irate Gamer sucks, but at the same time gets defensive and butthurt when someone has a negative opinion of him. And his site says he has been "PWNING douchbags and chodes on YouTube since 2006. Highly mature.

  50. @Anon June 16, 2010 6:12 PM
    How does it feel Anon? How does it feel? If you think you can just run and hide after posting your crap you are WRONG! As a matter of fact I am calling out all Irate Gamer fanboys. THIS MESSAGE WAS TO ALL IRATE GAMER FANBOYS WHO USE THE ANONYMUS SETTING!
    See and everyone else thought I would bash him for his comment on Archfeind

  51. Another scam, brought to you by Facebook...


    All hail Irritated Gamer!

  52. @ m0stH8ed

    You alright, man? They're just comments on a blog, relax.

  53. Hey guys,irate gamer has gone to e3.don't belive me?go to http://www.gottgame.com/irategamer.html.*facepalm*

  54. Wow. Just watched the Irate Gamer at E3 vid. I can not wait to play such great titles as "Um...I...um.." and the always exciting "Uh, well I...uhh" I tell you what just amazing E3 coverage.

  55. @Bahamut

    Yes there is, I have yet to encounter any Dan Dare porn.

  56. Irate Gamer at E3 OH GOD! More vauge statements with a genie that turned out to be SWAG. Hell has broke loose.

  57. Cool! Now we have our chance to see the Nerd meet the Lamer face to face. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I'm pretty sure that it's going to have an impact to this whole AVGN vs. IL thing.
    I'm sure someone is desperate, even insane enough to arrange some sort of meeting between James and the Bores.
    It better happen.
    At this point, all I could do is hope, and that is what I am going to do. ;)
    I'm hoping for the best... and Pikmin 3!

  58. I wonder why Bores made no website statement that he was going to E3...

  59. Once again, SWAG is not the Genie. They are two completely different people.
    SWAG was TinFoilCop though.

    You know, that 3:26 minute clip shows how Bores is just bullshitting his way through. You can easily tell he has no clue what he's talking about.

    Hell, at least when James was in character for his E3 videos (the ones on GT, the videos on ScrewAttack are as himself) he had a sense of what he was talking about even though he was "The Fucking Nerd"

    I'm just waiting for the videos from Spoony, Angry Joe and JewWario.

  60. @BatDan June 17, 2010 6:57 AM

    He actually went...


  61. What in the world was IG trying to say at his E3 video..."Exeactualy"? Dude couldnt' even get his first word out.

    Is it me or has Bores lost weight? Maybe he's just gotten a tan or something but he does actually look like he's shaped up some.

  62. Yeah James' E3 videos, he seems his laid back self and his AVGN counter part. And when he talks, its natural it doesn't seem forced at all.

  63. Judging by the video, he really needed his white knight Swag to help him give his impressions.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. @Shaolin Dave
    Taco-man's video game show is a million times better than the Irate Lamer's tripe. Plian and simple. Though I find it a bit suspicious that he'd go after video games. Yeah, he has a unique style, and his videos may even be trying to make fun of video game reviews as we know them. But you know, I have watch all of his Weekly Update episodes where he talks about the big news of the day, and boy, I wish Sam T. brings it back. Too bad his cartoon updates are usually infrequent.
    Oh, and by the way, in case you guys are wondering, no, He is not an AVGN ripoff.

  66. Hey guys, is it me or does Bores look uglier? take a look at his aquiline nose, i dont rem it being that long, hell with all the lies he has been sprouting lately, hes probably turning into Pinocchio

  67. I'm just wondering here; does anybody know who won the LAST contest or if they were ever announced? You know, the one with the disposable DVDs and T-Shirts.

  68. I know that one of the winners was hemijeep19 or something - who just happened to be a friend of Chris.

  69. I am well aware of Taco-Man. As a former Newgrounds addict I knew all about Sam T. and his many awesome series. I still need to catch up a lot of his work.

    It looks like somebody beat him up. I don't know, he just looks a lot uglier.

    I looked at the videos and the only actual winner mentioned was HemiJeep19, a fellow YouTube Partner.
    From what I've heard, HemiJeep19 is an asshole and a YouTube whore.

  70. It sounds/looks like he lost some weight. But it's kind of hard to see through the bucket of sweat dripping down his face.

  71. Hemijeep is indeed a whore, he uses a bot to send messages to people. I received one from him a while ago, he said he liked my channel and asked me to subscribe to him.

  72. James is mature enough to just simply shrugg off Chris, because he has alot of stuff to do and rather not waste time on Chris.

    Besides I think he been over the fact that Chris stole some of his material long time ago, I guess he just mad a Chris because of the fact he's not a gamer and gets his information wrong every single time.

    I rather have someone higher up to confront Chris, won't it be awsome if Ralph Baer made a documentry of himself looking back over the years and how he is disapointed how some people get his life's work wrong and then name a few people eg Irategamer.

  73. I'm not saying that Irate Gamer raped and murdered a girl in 1990, but if he didn't, why hasn't he denied the charges?

  74. Hey now, let's not make unfair comparisons to Glenn Beck.
    Besides, The Bores was 11 at that time.

  75. Besides, If somebody accused you of something like that I don't think you'd give it much attention seeing as it's obvious slander.

  76. I'll give you a guess at who's talking in this vid at 1:00.


  77. @vicviper592

    He was checking Kirby's Epic Yarn. And it took him two takes to introduce, amirite?

    Speaking of which, what do you think about GottGame's E3 covering so far? From all the few videos shown it seemed to me that they gave too much priority to the Star Wars games, including the video with Bores.

  78. I'm surprised Chris wasn't more enthusiastic about The Old Republic, considering how he tries to shoehorn a Star Wars reference into everything. I guess everybody came after him when he started playing.

  79. Yeah well just about everybody who's a gamer in the western hemisphere knows about Star Wars, it's the easiest pop culture icon to make a joke about so much so that it's banal.

  80. Daniel, I can't wait any longer for part 2 of the Contra redux recap. You still haven't solved th onslaught of clickjacker problems?

  81. The video now has 803 likes and 752 dislikes. Wow, that's already at 48%. lol

  82. @InAnimateGamer
    Well, it's getting lower that's at least reassuring. It shows that at least SOME people have half a brain.

  83. I actually can't believe some low-life loser makes a video to get a higher chance of winning CB's contest. Not only that he releases the same vid with another account. Thanks to MatthewErich for pointing this out.

  84. Link to the aforementioned video by MattherElrich:


    Note the comments.

  85. just to note, his Tekken 6 review now has exactly 1046 Like/Dislike ratings each, hopefully we keep the video in the red permenantly

  86. @gold2040
    Great news! That video now has 1048 likes, yet 1065 dislikes. Negative ratings have just overtaken positive ones, and let me tell you that piece of shit review deserves it.

    Off the topic of ratings to videos, Bores made a website update:

    "Just got back from E3 this year and it was amazing! I will cover all the cool games and much more starting next week. All i can say is there is so much coming at us this year and it seems like just about everyone is returning to the 1980's for inspiration! Stay tuned all next week for reviews and previews of some really cool stuff and games that only a handful got to see!
    Be sure to check to out www.gottgame.com for videos for some early coverage featuring your loveable gamer!"

    "Your loveable gamer"? Hm...ego much?
    Anyway I'll leave it up to you guys to make some other witty responses to this update.

  87. Hang on, how can somebody be lovable and Irate? Apart from cartoon characters (who's irateness is usually set off by other characters C.F. Donald Duck) It just goes to show Chris really does not know how to work a character like James or Doug do.

  88. *"Previews and REVIEWS" of E3?

    "I've only played the demo for a few minutes, but that's more than enough for me to review it!" - Third Rate Gamer

    *"Your LOVEABLE [sic] gamer?"

    Hm... well, the "lovable oaf" concept is familiar (Homer Simpson, etc.) but the Bores' intelligence is a new low - plus, you know, he's a plagiarist, liar, scam artist, failed comedy writer, etc. that makes the "lovable" quality questionable.

  89. Even though some people say Bores is actually a nice guy outside of his Irate Gamer character, I still have doubts about that.

  90. So I guess none of you care if Daniel will get to working the Contra Part 2 redux recap, something that I've been waiting for almost TWO weeks to see?

    Well, too bad then, because I REALLY do care if he solves this clickjacker problem, and so far, I haven't heard if he fixed it or not.

  91. Yes I fixed it (thank you Ad-Block).

    However, there's a little too much going on right now to focus on his old shit. Like the recent "contest" that he denies is a scam.

  92. Sorry, Daniel, for bothering you so much.

    But now to finally focus on this subject... ouch. That's all I gotta say about it. And I'm glad that his videos are getting more and more dislikes. Finally people are starting to see his true colors.

  93. @zonic94
    Wow, I don't know whether to facepalm or cry when I read Chris' text about going to E3. "I'm here to review....uh....um...eh...some new game." No wonder there isn't any general admission at E3, when a blatant graphics-over-gameplay whore like The Bores goes there.

    "I will cover all the cool games and much more starting next week."

    Wow, I just found something on my RSS feed - E3 Coverage, Civilization 5 Interview, from Spoony. Better step on it, Chris, some of us are watching other reviewers.

    "Reviews and previews of some really cool stuff and games that only a handful got to see!"

    "My footage is exclusive! Huh, the Spoon? Nowhere as good as me. James Rofl? Who is that??"

    "Be sure to check to out www.gottgame.com for videos for some early coverage"

    LMFAO @ "check to out" - "I will cover all the cool games and much more STARTING NEXT WEEK." and "Some early coverage" in the same sentence! Again, other reviewers (AVGN, JewWario, AngryJoe) already got videos up. So step on it, fubbick!

    "Featuring your loveable gamer!"

    "Now get your own sandwich, you fucking asshole! Bitch! Fuck! Shit! Pee-nees! Huh-huh, I said pee-nees. *30-second constipated stare to the camera*" I'd rather fight Jake the Muss than call Chris "Diarreha Dickwaffles" Bores "loveable". Last time he considered himself loveable, "his hard drive crashed". Loveable... Oy.
    (Waits for too-good-for-a-signature @ 6/15 8:53AM to ask question after question about this comment)

  94. Please do a review of this interview with The Bores.


  95. Cousin Joseph With Big Adult LegsJune 20, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Maybe if he concentrated on being more IRATE than loveable, then his hard drive wouldn't crash so much.

    I like zee games. I like games.

  96. Yay 100 comments! Whoa! That's gotta be some kinda record!

  97. So that's it? Only 100 (and one) comments? What a bunch of she-IT!

  98. Well the date has passed. Any news on this "Contest"?

  99. Sounds like nothing is going to be announced.
    I was right, there is no winner HAHAHA!

  100. "Your LOVABLE gamer?"

    What, is Irate Gamer doing a kiddy show now?