Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Odds & Ends + Bores Tries to Save His Tekken 6 Review (And Fails)

You guys might be wondering where I've been. Well, I got a really bad clickjacker on my computer that keeps bringing up pop-ups from "results.google-analytics" or "search.google-analytics" and other similar pages. All the computer scans I've been doing brought up nothing and I still can't fix this problem.

So, if anyone has a solution then please let me know because I would REALLY like an answer (and it's getting VERY annoying). Plus I can go back to Firefox because I can't stand Opera.

I've also decided NOT to cover his Garbage Pail Kids video, and for the same reason I didn't cover his TMNT Archie Comics video; it's BORRRRRRRRRRRRRING! All I know is that he stole from the Wikipedia article and had a unbelievably idiotic ending where he blows his head up a/la the Adam Bomb card. You can tell DatBoiDrew wasn't even trying with that sketch (if you look at his other artwork that is).

In other news, Bores uploaded that heinous 3-in-1 Neo review (Brutal Legend, Tekken 6, Turtles in Time Reshelled) to YouTube. However, he changed the middle portion. He altered some of the footage from the initial Tekken 6 review (where he bashes the game) but after confessing that he would give good reviews for money, he adds something new.

Bores tells us that he got a bunch of e-mails telling him how much of a retard he is. "Chris, you goober..." WHO TALKS LIKE THAT? He tells us he couldn't find the Arcade mode because it was hidden... no you're a fucking moron because you didn't play for more than an hour to find that out. It's like you put the game in your 360, set a timer, and once it went off you'd review all that.

And here's where it gets insulting. He praises the game. Yeah, he likes the characters and says the controls are smooth. But in order to avoid further work, he still says the game sucks saying that he prefers Mortal Kombat and still doesn't understand why this has a following. Here's what you do Bores, edit out that part where you throw the box. It shouldn't be that hard.

Oh, and he removes that bit about looking online and seeing that people agreed with his "ssessment".

That's all for now folks. Hopefully if I can fix this clickjacker problem I'll get to the Contra Part 2 recap. *shudders* That's going to hurt.


  1. He didn't even fix the part about the whole game being in Japanese. I'm sure he also received messages about that, but then again, fixing it would probably mean he would have to remove his hilarious dubbing.

  2. Unsubbed. You clearly show that you just dont care to be a compitent reviewer anymore. You only played brutal legend for an hour and considered that to be long enough for a review, Tekken review was still major BS even though you included arcade mode this time like you usually have to rewrite when the general gaming public call you out on your BS, and even after all this time you still refuse to know that there was an ARCADE version of TIT. Laziness at its finest. Thumbs down as well.

    I wrote that and unfortunately someone called me an idiot but whatever as iratefans no longer have any legitimacy and it still snnoys me that this guy has fans....and the "gobber" was most likey "you dumb ass" or "you fucking idiot"

  3. His Garbage Pail Kids review was boring, but there is a benefit to the video... I had a hard time sleeping last night but after watching the video needless to say I was ready for bed.

  4. adding new material into the tekken part just for saving his ass, but not changing the beginning and end when he bashes the game......

    Wooooow, that was just desperatte, if anything he should redone all the review.

    oh BTW, james released in his youtube channel the DVD versions of Wally Bear, Rocky and Virtual Boy Reviews (the VB review on DVD includes Jack Bros as an update)


  5. Damn, Bores is an idiot. Instead of fixing the problem, he tried to put out the fire with gasoline. I hope that he gets the message that we hate him even more with a passion.

  6. @gatuc2425

    James also made an update on his "Dick Tracy" review about how to use the heart.

    And the Bores still thinks the game's all in Japanese, even though it was proven false? And since he knows about arcade mode, he should figure out that some characters speak other languages by now. I bet once someone calls him out on this, Bores will reply with, "Opps, I was only joking."

    At least y2b2010 has more video material, if he does makes stupid excuses.

  7. i find it horrifying how his fans are agreeing with him "DERP DERP TEKKEN 6 SUXS DERP DERP!" "mortal kombat>tekken 6" at least some ppl are finally waking up and realizing this guy is not a gamer nor a reviewer.
    Btw lukestarkiller441 is being trolled lmao!
    http://www.youtube.com/user/Iukestarkiller441 = deserves a cookie!

  8. Does anybody know what goober exactly means? I went to find out the meaning and it's something alog the lines of "funny, goofy person". So, Bores chooses to use a compliment to acknowledge a screw-up, but at the same time refuses to tolerate a strong word directed to him.

    Oh, and "goober" also means "peanut".

  9. Chris Bores is a goofy goober. He must watch Spongebob.

  10. "Tekken 6 is a great fighting game, but it sucks because it's not Mortal Kombat."

  11. One comment says:

    "The original TMNT arcade game CAN be played in offline multiplayer, did you not even try?"

    If this is true, then...damn, Bores.

  12. Here's something I'd like to bring up:

    Why does Bores usually get the title wrong? In this video he called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: Reshelled" "Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: The Remake". Kinda like how he called "Mario & Sonic" "Mario Vs. Sonic", "Knowing" as "The Knowing", "Watchmen" as "The Watchmen", "Iron Man" as "The Iron Man", and "The Dark Knight" as "Batman: The Dark Knight"? Does he think his titles sound cooler than the actual ones?

  13. @Anonymous June 8, 2010 8:44 PM
    Damn, why didn't I think of that? I too have had sleeping troubles.

    As for the update in the review, wow, that's just lame. It should have been completely rewritten as many stated by now. Oh well, at least he can get the onslaught from Tekken fans as vicviper intended to show to some online communities. :D

    Also, damn that lukestarkiller imposter. I almost thought he was actually hacked. Oh well, it's still fun to see his mind being screwed around.

  14. I honestly think that Bores has never played Mortal Kombat before. He must just say that because he ripped off the AVGN's Toasty joke and realized it was from Mortal Kombat because of the comments. Why would he not look for arcade mode if he's played any fighting game before?

  15. Garbage Pail Kids had a video game? I don't watch his shows let alone visit his channels, so I have no idea what he's up to and as far as I know Garbage Pail Kids is only a trading card series that got made into a movie.

  16. @ digiharrisom
    He reviewed the card series. No idea why.

  17. By the way is anyone else pissed off that Gametrailers hasn't released the newest AVGN today? (It's 5.45 over here in England, wow I'm from the future or something)

  18. Someone at GT didn't get the memo that the new AVGN goes up today, because they uploaded a Video Game Vault instead.

    There's chaos at Cinemassacre and ScrewAttack.

  19. Yeah, it's really aggravating that the first video of AVGN's new one a month schedule doesn't get uploaded.

  20. On Cinemasscre James posted that it should be up by 9PM. (But the timezone isn't clear)

  21. Anyone else catch the irony of his line, "Word of advice Ubisoft, when updating the original, keep the elements the same, because if you don't you're just crapping on the source material."

  22. @Anonymous (12:03 PM)

    I got the irony, but even at keeping the elements "the same", he craps on the source material anyway. So, it's always a lose-lose situation with him.

  23. Speaking of lukestarkiller:


    In the words of BigAl2k6:

    "Welcome to the internet, bitch!!!!"

  24. I fell out of my chair when I saw the number of dislikes on Irate Gamer's new video 565 out of 1217, that's really bad for a vid which has been up for only 24 hours.

  25. Dear EDiots, put him on your site NOW!

  26. @Bahamut
    He alrdy has his own ED page

  27. Batdan, maybe you dont have option but to Format your HD

  28. @Frustrated_Azin:
    My apologies, by him, I meant Lukestarkiller441.

  29. @vicviper529 (June 9, 2010 12:59 PM)

    It's funny how you mentioned BigAl2K6 on here. Unfortunately, I lost respect for him, when I saw that he went from hating on the Irate Gamer, to supporting the Irate Gamer. Don't believe me? Here are some examples:

    In one of his videos, he bashed the Uncensored Net Noise show, the hosts of that show, and said that the interview "didn't expose dick". Actually, it did. It exposed him as the dummy that he is (he thought Hack Attack was a real NES game).

    Also, anyone remember that video that he made called "Irate Gamer Exposed"? It was the one where during a PM conversation with a fan of IG, he said "I don't steal from James, he steals from me! Go shov a kaktus up your az!" I got deleted by IG. Al promised, in his final video on him, that he'd reupload it somewhere else. He never did. Instead, he deleted all IG-related vids on him. I even recall him supporting that "AVGN and IG are Not rip-offs" series.

    And finally, here's this quote from YouTube a few months back:

    "I have actually talked to Chris before. He's a nice guy..." (and I believe Chris even promised him to review a game with him)

    But in all honesty, it's actually pretty pointless bitching about it now, because now he's moved on to blip.tv and has his own channel there.

  30. @vnisanian2001

    Yeah, I did hear about BigAl being friends with Bores. To tell you the truth, I'm hoping maybe that Al could try to fix Bores's mistakes, since Al knows Bores makes assloads of mistakes.

    Isn't ScrewAttackEurope still friend with the Bores, yet still knows that the Bores makes stupid mistakes? I did hear one time that ScrewAttackEurope tried to help Bores with that "History of Video Games" episode, but Bores said that he didn't need any help. And we all know the end result. XO

  31. So did anyone enjoy AVGN's Cheetahmen review? I did.

    Other than that Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in his previous video (him saying "asshole" in the "TV version"), I enjoyed both of his Action 52 videos. And I'd go so far as to say that they're better than Armake21's and Silent Rob's (Silent Rob didn't even play through all the games, not to mention the fact that he ended his Genesis version review prematurely for no reason).

  32. Irate Gamer's ED page updated (IG Neo section). You're welcome.

  33. One of the comments to the new video made me laugh:


    After watching the Cheetamen review, I have a feeling James is beginning to resent the AVGN. He was so...un-angry when he should have been. Compare those videos to the Mr. Bucket video and there's a clear difference in production value.

  34. I like the Cheetahmen as well, and do you know whats really funny. James talk about the first games that came out all of the sudden because the 51st game being called 1st Game, was there a hidden meaning behind this? Because that 30 second scene has much more entertaining and informative then Chris History of Video Games.

  35. @Monticyrstal

    I was thinking the same thing. When James started talking about games that came before Pong it was as if he was saying, "No, this is how it really went, bitch."

  36. I just watched AVGN's Cheetamen review and it showed me how great the gap in quality is between Chris and James's work.

  37. @ Shaolin Dave

    Same here. That scene lasted only few seconds but it was more informative than all the HOV episodes have been. And that shows the difference between James and Chris. It shows that you do not have to have a separate series for history.

    @ Zinger314

    You are sounding like those random guys who comment on Cinemassacre: "Why weren't you angry, James? AVGN is all about being angry!?!?!"
    Just remember, being angry all the time can get stale and repetitive.
    Yes, stale and repetitive.

  38. @Bahamut
    Nah Lukestarkiller441 pretty much a nobody or a sockpuppet, but considering wat this Iukestarkiller441 is doing to him we should be getting epic lulz very soon. (Btw its hilarious how the real lukestarkiller insults consist of mainly calling him a douchebag, a 2 year, or a cunt)

  39. If anything the real lukestarkiller should be thanking the impostor - the impostor actually has some good, constructive things to say, uses proper spelling and grammar and doesn't act like a total asshat. The real one claims that the impostor is "destroying his reputation", but am I the only one who thinks he's actually improving it?

    Then again, it is funny watching the real one's barely-legible angrish go up against the impostor's properly-written complaints.

  40. @Zinger

    Well its only appropriate to be angry at a fake hard game not a repetitive shitty one.

  41. Wow, I think I prefer the NES version of Cheetahmen to the Genesis one. At least you get a chance to beat the first stage, and the music is awesome.

    Funny how Active Enterprises wanted them to be the next TMNT-style craze. Maybe they should have made a parody of grim & gritty comic books first before thinking of merchandising.

    @lukestarkiller-related comments
    What reputation? Everyone already thinks he's an asshole with the reading comprehension of a nine year old, this Iukestarkiller is actually making him look intelligent.

  42. @BatDan
    Or probably, they should have try their luck into the music industry and make some songs like the one in Cheetahmen. Just look at the NicoNicoDouga videos.

  43. If Active Enterprises (cool name by the way) wanted the Cheetahmen be the next big thing then they really should have started with a action figure line, followed by a comic like He-Man was (He-man even teamed up with superman in "From Eternia with Death" or something like that) THEN you do a cartoon and THEN you do the videogame, how stupid were Active to skip right to stage 4?

  44. @fattoler
    Probably the comic should start first, and if it catches on, then the action figures can follow.

    Speaking of which, there is an old website that posted Active's business plans.Here's the link:

  45. Seriously. Did Bores even try to save his ass? No he didn't. I will wonder what does Bores has to say about Touhou?

  46. @vnisanian2001

    I can understand you losing respect to Big Al JUST BECAUSE he stopped attacking the Bores, but I haven't. At least he still regards that the Bore's videos suck, even if, by some strange event, he actually enjoyed his Tetris review...
    If that makes any sense.

    Actually, you weren't the first one to point this out. My memory on previous articles' comments are a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure someone, like an Anon, posted a comment on everything you mantioned. This was, of course to see what good 'ol BatDan might think of this whole thing. Allow me to argue(i.e. defend the heck outta Big Al) about the following:

    First off is the Uncensored Net Noise Interview; I don't know if you call THAT an interview.
    You see, the UNN guys may have gone a liiiiiittle too far on this one. Yeah, Bores deserves to be publicaly humiliated in some way, but the thing is, they stabbed him in the back! And oddly enough, those guys just don't care about video games like we do, they just want someone to make fun of. The main reason I am arguing this is because after the UNN interview, Bores "reviewed" Aladdin(i.e. bashed the game for every wrong reason he could think of), and maybe, just maybe, he simply did it out of spite! The interview may have hurt him so deeply, he may have more of a reason to hate good video games. And if Big Al compares his situation with Moronchev to this, something is very, very sick about this. :(

    Second is that "caktus video" sitation. Surprisingly, Chris Bores apologized to the person he typed all those mean things at(if only to cover his fat rear), which I found out via a Luizprower video that was forever lost due to his account getting hacked. I do not recall Big Al saying "I promise that I will upload that video". I was hoping he would, but even if he didn't, he's still a smart young man with a heart of gold, a power glove, and a filthy mouth. Besides, even in his old rants about Irate Lamer, he did recall that Bores was a nice person, but the character he portrays is, well, a d*ck.

    Then there's that thing about him being considered to be featured in an Irate Lamer video. Like Vikky(Vik Viper) says, hopefully help Irate Lamer improve on his crappy videos, especially since being a bigger D-bag to him is not necessariy the best idea in the world, especially because of that Aladdin video.

    There is one thing Big Al needs to talk to Bores about, and this a very big problem that, appearantly, is still happening: the whole thing about approving comments and all that, since Big Al is, indeed, a advocate of free speech. I mean, you should've seen his videos regarding Thunderfoot being a racist. Speaking of losing respect, ever heard of a loser named AKnotholeresident? Big Al lost his respect to that idiot when said idiot posted a comment about how people are stupid for not complaining about Sonic the Hedgehog having green eyes. At least Big Al had a GOOD reason to lose respect to someone in that fasion.

    And before you say anything, yes, I have started this argument, not you, soe yay for you. ;)

    Batdan, please speak your mind about my long post, and the strange absence of curse words.

  47. @ Polo

    Well the He-Man figure came out first but doing comic first always works as well (so does movie first in the case of The Real Ghostbusters)

  48. @Raccoonman900
    enuough said... wouldnt be surprised Bores whines "Why couldn't the easy setting just be a alot more easier?" then he will throw a horrendous skit and then whining over how difficult the bosses are,and the miniority issue with the games. And Yes I honestly want to see how horrible Bores review it so the ENTIRE Touhou fanbase attack him

  49. OK I'm the fakelukestarkiller441 (orIukestarkiller441) I don't think we have to worry about that other starkiller. If you go to his page you'll see he completely changed his channel. Before he was some huge GOP Obama hating fanboy, now he is hardcore Strait Edge. I got ALOT of PMs of him also, and yikes... he is a bigger trainwreck than Bores (if you can beleive that). Also he is not friends with Bores on his channel anymore, not even subbing him. Well that is about it. Thank you all for your support.

  50. Speaking of Luizprower let it be known that he pwned Irategamer and his fanbys because of his ZAMN videos. If you don't remember Luiz videos of ZAMN he's a little recap on history.

    Luis was so mad at Irategamer about the ZAMN, he put of a video of the ant stage that shows wheres the Rocket Lancher is. The Irate fanboys challege Luiz and defend Chris by saying "Lets see you do it without Roceket Laucher" and guess what? Luiz put of a second video of the Ant stage without the RL. Then the fanboys challege Luiz again by saying "Lets see you beat it without ANY Weapons" And Luiz put out a third video on the Ant stage with NO WEAPONS, he save everyone during the process and only got hit once.

    Those videos are long gone because of the hacking. However it has to be known that Luizprower pwned Irate and his fanboys not once, not twice, but three times.

  51. Sorry for the double post, he has a new video out on the Prince of Persia movie(which is decent for a video game and that says alot)

    The review was uninfomative and short, it was about 1:40 mins long. The first half he somes out the movie, and he makes suggestions saying that they should make in more magical. He also complain that the dagger was underused.(Which is actually a good thing) What did he mean by saying more magical, he didn't actually explain it like always. So botten line

    His Review of Prince of Persia...sucks

    *throws Irategamer away.

  52. @Monticrystal

    Don't forget his love for action scenes, special effects and beautiful women, and how those are somehow are more important to mention instead of the story, the acting, the characters and, my God, THEIR FUCKING NAMES. This idiot still can't say the characters' names.

  53. The more interesting observation: The video description.

    "Reviewing this movie finally"

    *This* is the thing he was worried about doing in a timely manner?!

  54. "Don't forget his love for action scenes, special effects and beautiful women, and how those are somehow are more important to mention instead of the story, the acting, the characters and, my God, THEIR FUCKING NAMES. This idiot still can't say the characters' names."

    I don't think any of that is as big of a problem as the fact that I don't think he even mentioned it was based on a game. It's fine if you want to judge the movie on its own merits (e.g. saying "I'm not going to compare it to the game, I'll just judge it as a movie"), but it's amazing that a "gamer" wouldn't at least mention that.

  55. @Anonymous (June 10, 2010 9:14 PM)

    So are you OK with ignoring the movie's story and characters, which are, I don't know, elements that justify a movie's existence?

    Even if he ignored the movie's game roots (which is another headache in itself), I would have been happy if he didn't waste his time obsessing over some special effect (the dagger) or mentioning some unimportant stuff (The Mummy movies), but as you see, Bores disappoints in both sides.

    Oh, and the fact that he doesn't bother remebering names is also important, since that shows how much he gives a crap about the review or the movie itself.

  56. I have always found that very odd about his movie reviews. He rarely says characters names that were in the movies with the exception of Tony Stark. But why doesn't he say their names? I can understand if the names might be a spoiler but come on!

    PS: Anyone else piss off that Irategamer gets paid TWICE for his Neo reviews? Once at Gotgame, and the other as a partnership in Youtube? Isn't that double dipping(there is an actual term for it but sorry I don't remember it), thats kinda illegal unless he's not in contract with Gotgame...and he just gets paid just like that.

  57. This review was really... weak.

    "I thought this movie was decent, but it could have been awesome. Now keep in mind that I thought this movie was decent. So final verdict: I thought this movie was decent."

  58. Is anyone here interested in the world cup, especially the England v USA match tomorrow?

  59. @ Monticrystal
    Naming characters is barely considered a spoiler. If I said "there's a guy named Jacob in GTA IV," that doesn't tell you anything besides there being a guy named Jacob. This is worse when it's basic stuff like "the Main character" of Brutal Legend

    Also the legality of it depends on whatever deal he's got going with Gottgame. Having two people pay you for the same thing isn't really illegal unless it's in a contract somewhere, and I don't know how Youtube or Gottgame handles their features. Considering he's been with them for a while, I assume it's fine. However, it is an incredibly stupid move on Gottgame's part to allow him to continue uploading to Youtube. Nobody is going to bother visiting the website if they can just see all of the videos a couple days later on Youtube anyway.

  60. Besides, Bores need the money, that Art Shop job certainly doesn't pay for all the expensive crap he owns.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. @HH Kelevra No offense..but,

    "Naming characters is barely considered a spoiler"

    (What I said)

    "I can understand if the names might be a spoiler but come on"

    Yeah thanks for answering with something in the same concept for what I just said.

    "Having two people pay you for the same thing isn't really illegal unless it's in a contract somewhere"

    (What I said)

    "Isn't that double dipping(there is an actual term for it but sorry I don't remember it), thats kinda illegal unless he's not in CONTRACT with Gotgame"

    Again thank you for answering with something in the same concept of what I just said.

    I do agree that Gotgame is stupid for allowinng him to post his videos on to youtube later. That site is already has there share of troubles, and I think it will be a life saver for them if the Irate haters don't spam the crap out of there site.

    But do people really consider Gottgame a gaming site? How long as this site been on for? Usually a site has an improvment during its life time.

  63. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVN_C3hcetg
    Here we go again XD