Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fan Art! Or How I Stopped Caring and Hated deviantArt

Fan tributes are an interesting thing. They can range from normal to “HELP HELP CALL THE COPS!” We’ll be looking at one of the sanest methods of tribute… most of the time. Fnn art!

Fan art exists for everything. The more popular and well-liked a movie/show/game is the better the actual art. Even small time internet shows can get some excellent art. Just look around and you’ll find it.

The Irate Gamer on the other hand… hoo boy. We’re aware he’s not well-liked or popular. Well, he’s popular for all the wrong reasons. Point is he has a fan art section at his site and it suuuuuucks. So I’m going to go through each picture and tell you why his fans are possibly brain-damaged.

This article is a remake of an older one that I deleted. I’m redoing it because there’s some new pictures and… just wow.

Prepare for a world of bad photoshops and awful sketches. Follow along with me:

UPDATE: Bores add "fan remixes" of his theme and shuffled some of the pictures.

Picture 1: This one is given to us from Giovanni Costa. Mr. Costa here took the image of Bores behind a large pile of NES games, added some filters, and placed some over-sized NES carts behind him. I should warn you, this is the good stuff.

Picture 2: Sam Miskovic takes the cover art to Super Mario USA (the Japanese release of the US Super Mario Bros. 2) and replaces Mario with Bores. Tracing was obviously used here.

Picture 3: An ugly piece with Bores flipping off the audience with an expression of … confusion? With Devil Bores and Ronnie standing behind him (Ronnie giving him bunny ears) and Cousin Joey in the corner yelping “I like games”. Bores is also wearing a that says “Shit Burgers”. Did someone out there really find that line funny enough to consider it “shirt-worthy”? Get used to this image.

Picture 4: A bizarre picture with a Liefeld-proportioned IG stepping (?) on… what is that? A bunch of gaming related images mashed-up into a creature? Ow, my brain already hurts.

Picture 5: Seth Hay of OrangesDesigns provides us with a standard image of a filtered IG photo (the one used on the DVD cover) surrounded by a ton of grey and some video game sprites. Just dull.

Picture 6: It’s Picture 3 re-colored so IG and Joey are now zombies, Devil Bores and Ronnie are just heads because the black background makes their clothes disappear, IG’s shirt now says “I H8 ET” (wow, clever) and the words “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” are pasted across it. Laaaame.

Picture 7: Eric “The Wise Sage” Allen shows off his EPIC photoshop skills taking various shots of IG and placing them over a fire background. So you want your friend to burn in hell? Oh wait, it’s meant to be anger.

Picture 8: Bores’ title card artist “DatBoiDrew” provided a simple picture of a smiling IG holding a controller. I have nothing against Drew, he’s a great artist. He just needs to get away from Bores.
I think he has, he hasn’t done any work for him in a LONG time. My guess is Drew did this for commissions but wouldn’t do it for free like Marobot or MasterTheCreator.

Picture 9: Here, (no credit from Bores, just going by the name on the pic) took IG’s TMNT title card and recolored each Bores to be green with a bandanna. This picture was already lame, this makes it worse.

Picture 10: An ultra-ugly crayon drawing from John Ceron with IG stepping on ROB with his name floating next to him. Chris Simpson Bores? Oh, from that one joke in The Simpsons Game video… gross.

Picture 11: Another picture from Mr. Ceron, this time it’s a crayon recreation of the title card for IG’s Q*bert video. Something he could have easily traced but instead made this ugly-ass crap.

Picture 12: Mmmm, MS Paint from a Mr. Dan Good. We see Bores with a major “derp” face getting eaten by the shark from Jaws. “In cinimas july 17” Typos and MS Paint, this guy just didn’t care. Either that or this is deliberate hate art that Bores didn’t see through. I’m thinking the latter.

Picture 13: Here’s something I‘m fairly sure wasn‘t submitted to him but rather he stole.. This picture was taken from the brentalfloss video “Internet People 2”. You can view it here:

I do like how he added an annotation that says “I’m a plagiarist and generally suck balls”.

The artwork was done by a user called “SharkeyeJones” on YouTube

Picture 14: Man that’s blurry *checks to see if contacts are in* Nope, the picture’s just badly made. We’ve got an assortment of various IG related crap with Bores and Wise Sage in the center, Wilson standing next to them, an upside-down Jaws (didn’t know he could swim in the sky), ROB in the back, and a giant floating Predator head. That Predator didn’t want to hunt so they turned him into a head that can’t do anything.

Picture 15: A surprisingly decent photoshop of IG as Link with the Zelda logo edited as “The Legend of Irate Gamer”. Something that shows effort. That’s not going to last.

For some reason I can only right-click and view image to see it, if I click it normally it goes to a 404 page. Strange.

Onto page 2!

Picture 16: A boring parody of the Alien vs. Predator poster with “Gamer vs. Predator” and the tagline “Whoever wins…. Well wins”. Wow how long did that take you to think up? Here’s a better one “Whoever wins… oh who are we kidding? The Predator would eviscerate this moron”

In a case of awful site design, I’m unable to click the rest of the images on this page. Just right-click and “view image” to see it.

Picture 17: Another photoshop, this time Bores placed in front of sprites from Godzilla: Monster of Monsters on the NES. I’d say this would be a title card for a possible Godzilla episode, but this has too much effort put into it.

Picture 18: What the? What the hell is going on here?

Let me introduce you to Karbia Yuan, known on YouTube as “Cyclopsis” and on deviantArt as “Chotetsumaru”
Basically he’s a fanfic writer but with pictures instead of words. He’s an AVGN and Channel Awesome fan, but sadly he’s also an Irate Gamer fan. Showing just how little taste this weeaboo has (oh yeah, he’s a major weeaboo).
If his real name looks familiar, he’s the guy that provided the recolored Mega Man sprites for IG’s Aladdin video.
Mr. Yuan’s specialty is fanfic drawing, taking completely unrelated characters and putting them together. This gets ultra-creepy with pictures like AVGN and Princess Elise from Sonic 06 kissing (dude, he’s a married man), Kevin from Home Alone getting a harem (dude, he’s like 10), and *shudders* Irate Gamer kissing video game characters and getting his own harem. *holds back vomit*

But when he isn’t creeping us out, he just makes random pictures of video reviewers with characters unrelated to them. Like Picture 19 here.

We see Crono, Strider Hiryu, Willow, Rash from Battletoads, Guyver, and Bores attacking the skull ship from Super C. Other than the ship itself, what do any of these characters have to do with IG? I don’t know, Mr. Yuan is insane.

You can view more of his insanity here:

UPDATE: Turns out that's not Rash, that's Zitz. He wrote the wrong name in the description.
Thanks to starofjustice for pointing this out.

Picture 19: More shit from Mr. Yuan. We’ve got Pimple from Battletoads, Sakura from Naruto, Bomberman, Dale Doback from the movie Step Brothers and Bores… eating breakfast. I just came to a horrible realization, he spent time on this picture. He put time into a picture of random characters eating breakfast. You see why I don’t like deviantArt?

Picture 20: We move on from weeaboo crap to just regular crap. These are the “Irate Gamer Game Ratings”, which is just a bunch of black & white shots of Bores from various videos. I guess they’re supposed to be his emotions?

Picture 21: A deformed picture with a giant Mario, a tiny Donkey Kong, and giant IG just… standing there. Bores is giving the “Reggie Not My Problem” look. No, it is your problem. You put this awful picture up on the site. Then again, PJA can’t use photoshop properly so… who knows?

Picture 22: An awful photoshop of the original Godzilla movie poster. Bores is plastered in the front and the tagline says “King of the Monsters meets the King of the Reviewers” Bores, did you make this?

Picture 23: A poor God of War photoshop with IG’s face deformed onto Kratos’ body. This immediately dives into uncanny valley.

Picture 24: Speaking of uncanny valley, skcusremagetari really got Bores’ bizarre red-faced expressions in this one. Though this might be traced. Also, Advent Children poster?

UPDATE: Turns out one of my readers made this. There's two secret messages.
First, read "skcusremagetari" backwards.
Then, read the letters covered with blood on the posters.
Great work h.k.m for doing this.

UPDATE 2: Well that was fast.
Instead of deleting the image, he edited it. The blood has been replaced with red-lines and they now spell out "Irate Lives", and the name changed to "reverofegasesiw" which is backwards for "wisesageforever".

Does this mean Bores actually reads this waste of space? Or did one of his fans tell him? Something to ponder.

But you truly are a fool Bores. When I learned of the secret message, I immediately saved the image. To the people that missed out, scroll to the end of the post to see it.

Picture 25: We’ve got a Yu-Gi-Oh card! “Chris Bores and R.O.B.” with infinite attack and defense points. Funny thing is there used to be two Yu-Gi-Oh cards here, but I guess the other one was dumped because it didn’t give him infinite power.

Picture 26: OH GOOD GOD NO! This is what you call art vomit. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? *ahem* So from what I can see there’s Shy Guys, Link, a Bob-Omb, the Nintendo Power logo, Captain N, the Japanese boxarts to Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario USA merged with the word “Copy” over them, and a constipated looking Bores. This is all filtered in a … ugggh disgusting.

Picture 27: Ha ha, you lost your undeserving game collection. It’s that same picture of Bores standing behind the large pile of games, but they’ve been set on fire. He says “Aw crap that was $5,000 go to waste”. I don’t think this is fan art either, destroying his collection, making fun of his poor grammar, did Bores really not see this is hate-art?

Picture 28: PJA returns with another lame photoshop, this time Bores is placed on Old Snake’s face from a promotional picture of Metal Gear Solid 4. Why is everything green?

Picture 29: An odd sketch of Bores raising his hand. You’re not in school why are you doing that? Oh wait, he’s supposed to be throwing his controller. Now he just looks like a spaz. There’s also lame references to his videos, including a shelf with word “Tetris” and a Piranha Plant in the background. Weeeeeeak.

Picture 30: Ow, this one hurts. It’s a bunch of IG’s titles cards, or “posters” as he calls them, squished together into one ugly piece of fan art.

Picture 31: Oh dear… Looks like a 10 year old just discovered MS Paint. We’ve got IG wearing sunglasses, holding a shotgun having just killed a woman (I don’t know if that’s supposed to be someone). Apparently this is a Back to the Future parody with the DeLorean replaced by a Hummer.
Say, do you remember the scene in Back to the Future where Marty killed a woman with a 12-gague? Must’ve slipped my mind.

The last picture on page 2 is broken, my guess it that was probably another bad photoshop. We’re almost done people, onto page 3! We can actually click the images now.

Picture 32: Not that we would want to… here’s an MS Paint made movie poster with IG wearing a fake mustache and badly-drawn Mario hat. “From director Ben Henderson. Chris Bores as Super Mario” This might actually be worse than the real Super Mario Bros movie.

Picture 33: The return of Karbia! This time we have IG ripping a man in half… yikes. Don’t ask me who he’s ripping in half, Mr. Yuan doesn’t say who it is.

Picture 34: Seriously? *sighs* A badly-edited Contra 4 box art with the characters heads replaced by IG nad Q*bert. Why Q*bert? He’s not badass!

Picture 35: Wow we’ve REALLY gotten into “not even trying” territory here. Come on, he hasn’t even released Season 2 but the fans are already planning the cover art for Season 3? It’s a bad edit of the Super Mario Bros. 3 boxart (oh, that’s why it’s Season 3) with Bores’ head over Mario’s. It probably would’ve helped if you removed the Nintendo logos all over it… just saying.

Picture 36: I’m at a lost of words with this one. It’s just Bores standing there giving one of his “I’m so much better than you” looks while a bunch of cartoon characters look at him. The only one I recognize is Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. I… I really don’t get it.

Update: The guys standing next to Doofenshmirtz are Chris McLean and Chef from Total Drama Island. The animals in the top-left corner are from an Argentine film about Noah's Arc. This only makes the picture more confusing.

Update: 2600theatari/Charlie claims he made this. A while back he posted a video that says "My IG fanart (not made by me)" That title is a major contradiction.

Picture 37: Another Karbia creation, he really does creep me out. In the foreground we have Bores standing next to Jill Valentine (in her Resident Evil 3 clothes), in the background is… who the fuck is SuperYoungLegend? Oh, one of his dA friends. He’s standing next to… MarzGurl? Oh jeez. What is wrong with this guy?

The picture is called “Double Dating 2”. Okay, I can’t hold it in anymore *runs to toilet*

Picture 38: A sketch recreation of IG’s James Bond photo, it’s bad let’s move on.

Picture 39: Argggh! More Karbia Yuan! Thankfully it’s the last one. Here we have Bores and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII doing the Caramelldansen… WHY?!

Apparently other than creepy-as-hell fanfics, another specialty of his is having random characters do the Caramelldansen. Going by his page he’s done this 43 times. *sighs* We’re almost done we’re almost done.

I should mention that clicking the image on IG’s site leads to a 404, once again “right-click and view image”.

Picture 40: Here’s The Irate Jedi. Which is just a derp-faced Bores photoshopped on Starkiller’s body. Moving on…

Picture 41: Last image of page 3! Oh God it’s dick-neck! No, it’s just a horrible photoshop of Bores placed over Snake Plissken’s head. The words “Irate Gamer Kicks Ass” floating next to him. You can tell it’s lazy because the “Kicks Ass” part is poorly scribbled.

UPDATE: Turns out that was not Snake Plissken, that was The Comedian from Watchmen. Huh...
Thanks Shaolin Dave for telling me this.

There! That’s the last piece of IG fan-art! … Sort of.

The reason I redid this article was something I heard from Gatuca who heard it through TheArchfiend. IG put up a picture that had a secret message. However I didn’t get to see it by the time I heard about it.

Thankfully some good people on YouTube uploaded the image, and proof that it was indeed on IG’s website.

See them here.

That’s hilarious how he didn’t catch that. Goes to show how far he’ll go to get fanart, even if one of the pictures involves someone from Channel Awesome (an associate of Cinemassacre).

Woo! That’s all the IG fanart on his site. What have we learned? The only people willing to make fanart have zero motor skills, never used photoshop, or 12 years old. Yay?

And to Karbia Yuan, STOP BEING SO CREEPY! You’re all the deviantArt stereotypes rolled into one.

That’s all for now. Take care.

UPDATE! Here's the original image that Bores altered.


  1. I made picture number 25. Go ahead and read the name "skcusremagetari" backwards. After that, read all the letters on the posters that have bloodstains beside them.

  2. @h.k.m
    Hahahaha holy shit. Now that's good.

  3. You wanna know when I submitted this though? Exactly one year ago. I sent him an e-mail asking when the fanart would be put up every month. The last response I got was "i will update once all the E3 stuff is finished". Proves once again just how lazy he is.

  4. What are the odds that picture 25 will be taken down soon?

  5. It would have been better if you said "Not a gamer" instead of what you hid. if we bring up the whole AVGN thing, we look as immature as his fans.

  6. @h.k.m
    Bores should adopt the 3D Realms practice of answering every question with "When It's Done".

    That's why I saved it.

    @The Fedora'd Samurai
    The whole AVGN thing is going to be brought up no matter what. We're just a lot more mature about it and have other reasons to dislike him.

  7. In all honesty, I can deal with anyone being an AVGN rip off, but what pisses me off is people lying about being a gamer. Bores gives me the same feeling of hatred and rage that I get from watching the spike VGA's. Seeing people who clearly don't play video games trying to appeal to people that do. Both are refusing to change their ways no matter what input they're given, and think that effects or skits can make up for that.

  8. The Jaws one is my favorite :)

  9. I just wanted to hide a message in the picture that would piss him off if he found out about it.
    One more funny thing: the picture I sent him didn't have "skcusremagetari" in the corner. I just wrote him in the e-mail that that's my name. I kinda feared that I busted it this way, but not only didn't he notice it, he even inserted it into the picture.

  10. I just realized, you think any of his fans are actually intelligent enough to find the hidden message?

  11. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    It doesn't matter if they find it or not. We can just laugh about the fact that it's on his own homepage.

  12. @h.k.m
    Wow, that's ultra-dumb right there. His ego must have said "OMG OMG I has fan art I r popular!" without realizing it's a slam towards him.

  13. I wouldn't be surprised if picture 27 was also some hate art. I can't put my finger on it, but when I look at the pic, it screams "Hey Bores, you're a moron and a hack !!!". Eh, maybe it's just me.

    And also, is IG's site stuck in the 90s ?

  14. lol to that other picture people just mentioned. I have just take a film of it, in case it is removed.

  15. p.s I made the 'plagiarism' art.

  16. @Thelone
    IG's site fails basic web design. I've heard he made it in MS Word. But don't take my word for it.

    Haha nice. He probably thought it was Japanese. Nice work.

  17. the commentary on the art was awesome but the discovery of fairly obvious subliminal messages (great work h.k.m) in his "Fan Art" is the cherry on the cake. I also agree that #28 really looks like hate art.

  18. How the hell could he not figure out that "skcusremagetari" message? They had tricks like that in Simpsons comics (or whatever I was reading back in the day) when I was kid and I managed to figure them out on my own.

    Also, Yuan coupled The Nerd with Elise? While it's still undoubtedly creepy, I've got to admit it's a LITTLE better than bestiality with blue anthropomorphic hedgehogs, am I right?

  19. I don't think he really studies the art he is sent. Just has a 2second look then adds it.

    Although with mine he adjusted the contrast for some reason, so he physically edited the image before he uploaded.

  20. @zonic94
    Good point, it is better than the bestiality.
    However, he pairs The Nerd with more than just Elise. It gets gross.

    That sounds about right.
    Wait, he edited it and he still didn't see the message? ... I've got nothing.

  21. @BatDan

    if you watch my video you will see the file I paint over is lighter than the image on his site.

    He edited the contrast.

    Admittedly if you aren't focusing on the poster, you probably won't notice. (even some people are commenting on the video 'what is the message?'

    But why did he edit it in the first place? I have no idea. But it's the same situation when he edited that other picture to add the 'username' and didn't notice.

  22. @BatDan on pic 36 I recognize the two characters next to Dr. D as Chef and Chris from Total Drama Island. Just though I let you know.

    Great blog entry. I do like reading them

  23. @AikoujOi
    Oh okay. Thanks for telling me.
    And glad you're enjoying them.

    Anyone out there recognize the animals in Picture 36?

  24. Also this is what IG replied to me when I sent it to him:

    "lolo, thanks for the fan art! i'll upload n the next huge site update"

  25. that's not Snake Plissken, it's the comedian from Watchmen... making it even less relevant.

  26. Didn't Bores say he hated Watchmen? Why would a fan put him in the suit of a character from a movie he didn't like (for idiotic reasons)?

  27. @Shaolin Dave
    Added an update about that. Thanks.

  28. The art by Datboidrew really reminds me of AVGN's Friday the 13th review when he runs from Jason, and is shown the game and says "kill me". In fact, I wonder if it's more hate art? I even visited Datboidrew's website and couldn't find that drawing.

  29. Just one little observation, but in the picture of Guyver, Strider and Chrono attacking the ship from Super C, that's actually Zitz, not Rash. He's wearing a belt instead of sunglasses.

  30. @starofjustice
    I was just going by what Karbia Yuan wrote in the description. Looks like he was wrong. Wow.

  31. "Also, Yuan coupled The Nerd with Elise? While it's still undoubtedly creepy, I've got to admit it's a LITTLE better than bestiality with blue anthropomorphic hedgehogs, am I right?"

    I hate to go off topic but people are still bitching about that!?!...come on now it's not bestiality, just because Elise kisses Sonic (that brought him back to life I should point out) doesn't make it like that. Hell I've always felt if we throw the bestiality accusations at Sonic 06, why don't we do it at something like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I mean think about it an anthromamorphic talking rabbit married to a human female (both animated yes but still I'm trying to make a point here)

  32. If you guys are interested, there's another fanboy whiteknight by the username "TheCap319", he says he is going blind by some disease, have you seen him?He's almost as stubborn as lukestar, I got onto a long-@$$ flame war on Chris kirby review update on YouTube.

  33. @BatDan
    The animals in the upper-left of #36 are from "El Arca," a 2007 Argentine film about Noah's Ark (I can't BELIEVE I've found a use for that information on this blog.)

    The entire film is viewable on Youtube in English:

  34. @Grant
    Okay okay you make a good point. It was more Snow White than sex.
    I guess people were so disgusted with how the game played that when they finally reached the end and they got a scene of a human princess kissing an anthropomorphic hedgehog... I guess something broke in their minds.

    Dude, right now I recommend you back off. I actually think you're falling into a trap, this constant commenting is probably getting his video on the most-discussed page.

    In fact, I think I'm going to write an open letter to her. Telling her that what she's doing isn't helping her son. Another time though...

    Wow. You learn something new every day. Thanks.

    And yet knowing what those animals are only makes the picture even more confusing. What does Phineas & Ferb, Total Drama Island, and an animated retelling of Noah's Arc have to do with the Irate Gamer?

  35. @BatDan
    You're welcome.

    And yeah, it's just so WEIRD... I'm guessing it's just another crossover freak, mixing together favorite characters without caring about any sort of logic.

  36. By the way, pic 26 edited. The blood is replaced by a stupid red Photoshop gradient, the letters now say "irate lives", and the name on the bottom left is now "reverofegasesiw" (wisesageforever).

  37. @d1337r
    Ohhh man. It's a good thing I saved the image.

    This might also prove that he does read my blog. Either that or a fan told him (but I'm not sure how many of his fans actually read this).

  38. And no doubt, bad & openly rushed editing seen is, sadly, not only thing a reviewer easily added. Long gone actual, mediocre entertaining, reviews...
    The newer reviews, which are even worse. And the rest of the videos he makes are just borderline awful.

    P.S. And about a picture, isn't it obvious he overlooked yet something?

  39. Just to show off my Swedish skills, “the Caramelldansen” is redundant because the “-en” at the end of “Carameldansen” is already the definite article.

  40. @ BatDan

    you saved the image before he replaced it?
    well, he takes fan art submissions at, you should send him the original.

  41. To change an image for the sole reason to keep some fan art must show he is desperate.

  42. And to change an image trying to hide a secret message and NOT removing it totally must show he isn't even any intelligent.

  43. video of the original image:

  44. @Shaolin Dave
    I doubt it would work again. Fool me once, shame yon you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  45. And by the way, even with the blood removed, the posters STILL make "AVGN ripoff" with the first letters of the words. I am still surprised IG didn't get this when editing.

  46. I just thought of something. What if someone send him fanart with hidden messages that debunk his mistakes? I wonder how will he react to those?

  47. @vicviper592
    Ah, I have an idea for one!
    Picture of IG with a derp-face, but that's not important. In the background there's a shelf with game consoles shelved in order of chronological release. Only put the years for Genesis and SNES to point out the Genesis did NOT come out after the SNES.

  48. @BatDan
    Here's a piece of IG "fanart" I made over a year ago, parodying "Rock Against Bush" - not sure if I should send it to him...

  49. Jesus, when I was making Final Fantasy Sprite comics in MS paint, I was doing better than those god damn pieces of fan art. And I was just doing recolors most of the time.

  50. @PanicPagoda
    Try it. We'll see what happens.

    @The Fedora'd Samurai
    I'm surprised the fanart section doesn't contain sprite edits.

    In other news, 2600theatari has stepped forward and said he's responsible for Picture 36. That actually explains a lot.

  51. @BatDan

    The point of sending the old pic again wasn't to fool him, but to make it clear to him that he's not fooling anyone. The time it took for him to receive the original in his email would probably be less than the time it took for him to edit it.

  52. Is the next blog post going to be a recap or something about the irate gamer in general?

  53. You know, I just remembered that Scott Pilgrim volume 3 had an alternate cover that had Scott in the place of Mario in the super Mario bros. 3 cover. So, even his fans are lazy unoriginal punks too.

  54. I'm kinda shocked at the amount of effort (it's not hard but still) he puts into editing hate-art to make it fan-art, I mean just look at the amount of effort he puts into his own work. Man this guy is a tool.

  55. Ha, this is great, we don't only have to attack Bores' reviews, instead we can just send him subliminal messages that would take him years to find what they mean.

  56. @Shaolin Dave
    Ohhh I see what you mean. That sounds like a good idea.

    Right now I don't know.

    @The Fedora'd Samuari
    I located that cover. It's amazing how it shows more effort than that picture.

    If he spent less time editing hate-art, leaving positive comments to his videos under alt accounts, liking his videos with said accounts, and other time-wasting activities, then maybe he could get at least one video a month.

  57. In regards to pic 26, I think it was edited and re-sent by another fan, not Bores, for 2 reasons:

    1.Bores would not have edited and reposted the image that quickly considering how slow he works.

    2. I doubt he has the photoshop skills to alter the image that well.

  58. Irate Gamer just posted a second contest giveaway and announced the winner of the first one. He says the winner of the Odyssey 200 goes to someguy named 'FinalDude456'.

  59. His user page:

    No Bores pandering there, so it might be legit.

    However, it's clear that he's going to make a video for each individual contest. The ad revenue from all of those will more than cover the cost of the console.

  60. You know what I want to do? I'd want to get him flown in for an interview, when he gets to the door, I'll have it locked, have camera's put around the whole house(to catch a predator style) hook him up to a polygraph machine, and quiz him on basic questions any gamer or retro gamer should know.

  61. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    He's probably a little bit more wary of interviews after that radio interview where they exposed him.

  62. >2. I doubt he has the photoshop skills to alter the image that well.

    That well? Are you serious? The editing for this picture sucks. And this red graident instead of the blood effect only shows he did it as fast as possible to remove the "hate aspect". And he didn't even care to see that the blood was only on the first letters of each word on posters, that *still* makes "AVGN ripoff" (only it's harder to notice).

  63. @d1337r

    i'd still say it's more likely that a fan did it, and informed him of it while sending him the alteration.

    i wouldn't put it past bores, i just think the likelihood that someone else did it is higher.

  64. I still can't believe that he keeps this charade up. He goes through all this work, all this effort, just to try and cover his ass up from any criticism and mockery. Any other person who does an internet show would improve, or accept criticism and try to do better. but he just covers his ears and says "LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!"

  65. @d1337r I wasn't saying that it was a "good" Photoshop alteration, just saying it looked beyond Bores' skill level...I should have been more clear

  66. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    Maybe his parents told him to only accept praise and to ignore anything negative.

  67. You know, I just realized, if his fans had him edit that art, or they did, they know that it was hate art. so there's that select few fans that know instead of deleting art that was meant as an attack on bores, they had it edited. So they know he modified art to make it seem like fan art! THAT...IS...PATHETIC.

  68. Wow.... Bores entered a whole new level of fail with the newest bit of art. Great work finding it BatDan!

  69. Why did you have to bring this Mr. Yuan to my attention?

    I dont know the guy but Im pretty sure as a feminist Linkara wouldn't enjoy a picture of him busting a woman's nose

  70. @Clark

    ...What prompted him to draw a picture of Linkara punching Kim Pine and a Battletoad? WHY WOULD ANYONE DRAW A PICTURE OF LINKARA PUNCHING KIM PINE AND A BATTLETOAD!? WHY?!??!!!!!

  71. @ Clary

    W T Fuck? I hate this guy already.

  72. *sees picture* Dear lord...

    At least you guys haven't found his picture of IG kissing Paine from FFX-2.

    *takes out cart of brain bleach* I have enough for everybody!

  73. @ BatDan

    damn it! why'd you even bring that up?

    it's like mentioning "alabama hot pocket" and telling people not to google it. it makes no difference how much you warn them, and how much you tell them they'll regret knowing what it is, they're going to goole it anyway.

    well, now i've seen IG kissing paine. pass the brain bleach please.

  74. @Shaolin Dave
    Sometimes I like to be... nauuuuughty.

    *glances around then looks up "Alabama hot pocket on Urban Dictionary*

  75. Oh god, that concept is vomitous. the mere thought of his freakishly large mouth wrapping around her wretched anime face with that hideous outfit more suited for the red light district than combat while...while...*sprints through a wall to the toilet* BLAARGH...COOOGGH...oh god. I'm gonna die... *five hours of unconciousness later*

    Door slams, gay best friend Tolbin walks inside.

    "Hey, Hydrall! I got that motorhead album you wanted...had to do some things I'm not proud walking past an EB games."

    looks in the living room.

    "Where are you, ya fedora wearing moron?"


    looks in the bathroom.

    "Shit, what happened to you!?"

    only a few words escaped my lips. A few was all that was needed.

    "Internet...Final Fantasy X-2"

    "Say no more, buddy! I got your equivilent to phoenix down right here!"

    Tolbin reaches into my pocket and pulls out my ipod, putting both earphone in my ears.


    I WANT IT ALLLL! (yeeeeaaah!)

    Instantly, I'm brought back to life as my arms throw up the horns on pure instinct.

    2 hours of pure unfiltered Queen and Judas Priest later.

    okay, I need to take a break from the internet one of these days.

  76. @The Fedora'd Samurai That is quite a story!

  77. Quoting a Queen song just made it automatically awesome!

  78. While Queen is capable of miracles, they are not however, able to enhance Chris Bores' videos in any way. Judas priest could be rocking together with Iron Maiden, to resurrect Freddie Mercury, and then the perform the most awesome rendition of I Want it All, and that magic could STILL not improve Bores video making skills or lack there of.

  79. I think you'd have to add Jesus, Batman, Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, and Beethoven on Keyboard to that mix to make Chris slightly awesome.

  80. And even then, at least two of the people you just mentioned are fictional (bah zing!)

  81. Jesus is a historical figure, whether he was the son of God is another matter entirely...

  82. as of about 7 post ago, I don't know what you all are talking about any more.
    however, if i wanted to read anti-christian propaganda i'd just check out the links in bore's old web site.

  83. ...*Sigh*...Will Bores just give us another reason to hate him already?

  84. He just did.

  85. Have you heard of "revenegeissweet30" on DeviantArt. This person is an Irate Gamer fan, and not to mention insane. Like this person draws IG killing people (Though the art is very terrible. Thoguh I'm not a good artist myself, but I don't use stock pictures.) And the person profile even states that he/she is a big fan and hates the haters, and persues in slaughtering many people. That's bats*** insane! Worse than Chris-Chan.

  86. *sighs* More news? Chris, you're not Destructoid, IGN, or any other site that provides news. Why are trying to be?

    It looks like his dA account is gone, I can't find it.

  87. Damn, I thought (hoped) he was gone for good.
    Motherfucker's like a cockroach.

  88. @Batdan

    Here's her account:

  89. @ PanicPagoda

    that's.. weird... most of the pics are dead links, the "art" is some of the worst i've ever seen, in the description the "artist" claims to not be a fan...

    I don't understand why some of the bodies that IG is killing is a black box that says "insert IG face here"... IG is killing himself? and.. why does it say "insert IG face here" if the "artist" already inserted the IG face on IG?

    stuff likes this makes me wish the internet had never been invented.

  90. holy crap this guy does a perfect impersonation!

  91. @ Shaolin Dave, PanicPagoda, and BatDan

    Apparently last time I checked was sometime around Late December. And she must've made several edits, not sure myself. Though I may not be a reliable source when it comes to stuff like that, especially if it went through edits. I tend to try and forget her.

    My Apolozies for any confusion.

    Btw. The blogs here are quite good apparently, and you're going a good job with it, though I'm neutral on the Irate Gamer myself (neutral to dislike).

  92. @PanicPagoda
    *slam slam slam slam slam slam slam* Is she serious? Just... wow.

    @Shaolin Dave
    The "Insert IG Face Here" is supposed to JoeyDrunko. If you watch his videos he puts that box on his face. He does IG parodies with an MS Sam voice.

    And I see you've discovered One176. He does an uncanny IG impression. He even did a couple IG parodies (Irate Gainer).

    Thanks. I try to avoid the topic of "AVGN rip--off" in favor of his incompetence and idiocy.

  93. There are a few characters I can recognize in Picture 36. The ones near Doofenshmirtz are Chris McLaen and Chef Hatchet from Total Drama Island. The animals, I don't really know.

  94. @d1337r

    I tried watching that video, but as soon as he said "Hi Gamers!" I had to close the fucking window. He has such an obnoxious voice, and he seems condescending, thinking he's better than everyone just because he's on the internet. also, if he really did care about the news on games and everything, wouldn't it make more sense to start a blog, keeping your fans up to date on what's going on with the show and the gaming world in general? Like Moviebob. I think he's a bit of an ass due to him being a biased ultra nerd, but at least he gives out news he's learned for upcoming comic book movies, video games, video game movies and stuff. Bores thinks that everything he hears from his fans (I'll get to this in a bit) is worthy of making a video. It's easy to see that these videos on gaming news are for ad revenue, and all the kids who watch his videos want jokes that would be kicked out of Comedy Inc. And even if they do want to learn news on gaming, it's not gonna be from nintendo. these are the same fucks on xbox live talking like one of those fuckers I'd get into fights with at high school, and are as physically intimidating as a Huskey with arthritis. Okay, now about this. before I turned off the page, he said "he heard from his fans" Okay, why would he need to hear from his fans on gaming news such as Kirby if he was a fan? I've always been a huge fan and I knew that it was announced 4 days ago. No fan of ANY gaming franchise would need to hear from other people about a new game. this is just another indication that he isn't a fan of kirby, doesn't care about video games, and isn't a gamer

  95. There are two things I simply cannot STAND in people, Narcissism and hypocrisy. I can't stand anyone who thinks that they are above and beyond everyone, that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I cannot stand people who say you shouldn't do one thing, then proceed to do it, like my health teachers who say don't smoke then proceed to smoke anyway.

    That being said, not only has IG himself manage to personify the two things in people, but his fans have done so even more. IG's fans think that they don't have to explain themselves when they defend IG, and if anyone so much as questions them, they start flipping out like the people on Xbox live do whenever they die in COD.

    Once again I talked to the IG fans I know in real life and they claim the AVGN sucks because he swears, does scat humor and skits. Lets take a look at IG's videos shall we?.

    IG swears constantly, don't believe me?
    "Whatta piece of cowabunga shit!"-IG's TMNT review

    "it makes about as much sense as taking a shit on a bunch of apples and calling it apple dumplings"-IG's Aladdin review.

    "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit"-IG's Yo Noid! review

    "Whatta shit load of fuck!"-IG's Mission impossible review

    And as for the use of scat humor? Or toilet humor in general?

    "Id have an easier time looking for a piece of cat shit!"-IG's wheres Waldo review

    "Simon says.....penis? Simon says......masturbation hand?"-IG's Odyssey review

    And the skits? Do I even have to list them? He's been doing them since the very first review, with the whole going back in time to stop the Back to the Future game from being created! Or how about the whole freaking Aladdin review?

    So its alright for IG to swear, use toilet humor and do skits, but when AVGN does them he sucks?

    The point I'm trying to make is that while IG may be a narcissistic hypocrite, his fans are even worse! I cannot STAND IG's fans and the fact that they make fan art of him as well.

  96. Just wathced the new AVGN video. As usual, it kicks ass. Just one more till ET!

  97. Am I the only one who got an Irate Gamer-ish vibe when during the part when AVGN talks about the SNES Star Wars games he talks about the boss health bars and does a short skit where he shows one going so far is goes out of his TV?...seriously that looked like something Bores would do

  98. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    You're referring to the 'Star Wars' AVGN, right? Yeah, it was pretty good. He did do a lot of complaining about the difficulty, without really qualifying it like he did with the 'Zelda II' review.

    He's been building up to the E.T. thing for a while, without actually saying he's going to do it. While it could be an entertaining episode, what can be said about E.T. that isn't painfully obvious and common knowledge?

    Not to mention, I dread all the IG fanboys saying "AVGN didn't do an E.T. review until years after IG! AVGN ripped off IG!"

  99. @Shaolin Dave

    At this point I'm expecting the IG fanboys to use that debate to try and prove that AVGN is the rip off and IG is the original. Man, if we could capture all the stupidity of IG's fans and turn it into energy, we could turbo-charge all the nations of the world for a thousand years.

  100. I thought it was a fun AVGN episode. It had some good moments like the beer droid being an asshole, the laundry list of fake Star Wars games, the buffalo from the theme song taking a dump through his window, and some other parts.

    While I admit that part with the health bar was like something Bores would do, I do applaud The Nerd for making the effect look good and not cheap.

    Guys, check out IG's YT channel and site. He has a new banner. It's... it's beyond clusterfuck.

  101. @BatDan

    I'm going to go right ahead and guess that Bores isn't terribly fond of that MapleStory sprite.

  102. You know, instead of tricking bores into coming in for an exposing interview, I'd want to interview his friends and family, maybe even his ex-girlfriend.

  103. Quick reminders - in Picture 33, the guy being torn in 1/2 is Seth ( セス ) from Superbad (portrayed by Jonah Hill)

    SuperYoungLegend (超幼いな伝説, Nicholas Harmon) is not only on dA, he's also on YouTube and Facebook!

    And here's one that really blew my frickin' mind - If you haven't noticed, there's a difference in terms of the Battletoads' skin hues....Zitz is actually TURQUOISE as opposed to Rash, who's yellow-green (FRICKIN' PLAY THE GAMES OFTEN and/or DO MORE RESEARCH) - Cho-sama didn't throw the shades on 'cause it'd look too christdamned stereotypical!! (PS - starofjustice misspelled Chrono's name - it's minus the H, nimrod)

    Oh, one other thing....CONSIDER THIS A DAUNTING REMINDER:
    From this moment on, if any user on this blog regards Psychdog/Chosama's professional manga/anime-fanart stylings as creepy, random, and/or any of the like, you will all face a fate 965,000,000,000,000,000,000 times worse than death, user termination, armageddon and poverty combined!!

  104. @PanicPagoda
    Sounds about right. I guess people didn't absolutely adore Mini-Bores like he planned. Yes, Tony is just a smaller version of Bores (thanks to The Sore Game Man parody for showing this).

    Hear that everyone? Don't make fun of the creepy weeaboo or else baaaaad things will happen to everyone!

  105. Looks like another classic case of Online Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (grammar Nazi), and Online Intermittent Explosive Disorder. So sad.

  106. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    It's not gonna be ET, too obvious and done to death.

    Since Rolfe did a cameo in the last Pat the NES Punk review, I wouldn't be surprised if he reviews the NWC game cart.

  107. @thelone

    It said in his FAQ that if he ever did review ET, it'd be on the 100th episode and would make it totally over the top and insane.

  108. That's not true. Here's what he said.

    "It’s my biggest request, and undeniably I will give it a unique spin and treat it as the most hyped AVGN episode ever. But why would I blow away my biggest request so soon? Fans act as if because it’s my most requested game, I should just get it done and over with. Hang in there, good things come to those who wait."

    Does it sound like he says "100th episode" anywhere on there?

  109. I think AVGN could come out and say that ET is a good game. Some people actually think that and if you play it for yourself you'll see that it's not as bad as you think. This would be original as he'd be the first "big" person to do it.

  110. @Batdan

    I could've sworn I read somewhere that he'd review it...

  111. You know I think we should start a contest, we should make a no. 36 style picture with the most random/obscure characters we know and send them in to Bores. Then we can all take turns guessing who the characters are!

  112. "I think AVGN could come out and say that ET is a good game. Some people actually think that and if you play it for yourself you'll see that it's not as bad as you think. This would be original as he'd be the first "big" person to do it."

    I think SpazzMaster already beat him to that...

  113. You know, I decided to draw Irate Gamer in a mocking way.

  114. @batdan

    I present to you, one of the most foolish, ignorant, and hypocritical people in the world Mind you, her intentions are NOT to be a bias fan but to piss off "I-G Haters". I ask you to pay attention to our conversation in particular.

    Honestly, I never thought that it wasn't that bad. It's not good mind you, but it's not horrible. It's...meh. But people hold it in high regard for the reason that it caused one of most infamous events in video game history (Pac-man for atari was to blame as well but that seems to be a fact that people overlook). It was a classic example of what happens when you rush a video game out to capitalize with the popularity of a movie.

  115. I just checked out your overview on Dark chapters. You know what's funny about that whole thing? I wrote a short story about four people going to collect 4 crystals of the four elements. it was a parody on the whole four elements thing. although I'm sure my characters were more original. It was about four friends getting transported to a mystical land that was pretty much final fantasy 1. The white mage was a narcissistic kleptomaniacal homosexual based on my best friend, the thief was a woman who had abandonment issues and a wicked backhand, the fighter was an antisocial hardass based on my brother, and the monk was basically totally aware that he was in a story and in a final fantasy-esque world, taking bets on what crystal they were going for next and...well kinda based on me.

  116. @Raccoonman900

    Heh. Awesome. I swear, that's the best fanart of the irategamer I've every seen.

  117. Bores added a show header to his YouTube channel. He has *every* character he's done so far on it (except Kool-Aid Man for some reason). Words fail to describe it. Just trust me.

  118. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    i like to read that for some reason.

  119. @D'Artagnan Rossfeld

    Unfortunately, it was on paper, and for a 12th grade assignment. I do assure you though, it was humorous.

  120. ... in fact, maybe I'll write it up again. Creative juices! Do your duty!!!

  121. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    That would be an interesting read, as long as you keep in tongue-in-cheek and don't take it seriously.

    We saw it. It's butt-ugly. And where's the Genie?

    Speaking of the Genie, on the 14th it would have been two years since he released the abysmal Aladdin review.

  122. Wow, he's at it again with the lazy trailer videos. He did one for the new Kirby game trailer, and actually had the nerve to call the video a review. STOP CALLING EVERYTHING A REVIEW, BORES! The game isn't even out yet, how is it a review? It's also funny how he acknowledges in the description that few people agreed with him. All of those people were 10-year-old braindead fanboys who follow the "They Changed It Now It Sucks" rule.

  123. @Batdan

    If there's one thing I don't do well, it's take things seriously.


    Okay, I just want to punch him now. I was being creative with punishments for him, but now, I just want to punch him square in the jaw.

  124. great, Bores put up another contest. I didn't bother to watch the video, I just wanted to see his horrid YouTube page. something about a 3rd contest and details on the last contest. I wish he would just stop.

    You know what sucks for him? He will never lose his label as the irate gamer. For now, and always, he'll only be remembered for being a plagarist and a lying asshole. I mean, Niel Patrick Harris, it took him a while to lose his Dougie Howser name, but when you think of him, I kinda doubt that Dougie is the first thing that comes to mind anymore. But Bores? he has pissed off FAR too many people to be forgotten as the guy who ripped off and lied to the masses. He can NEVER appear anywhere without being pointed out by the people who recognized him.

    I'd say that I'm sorry for him, but I have no sympathy for this kind of scum.


    No comment.

    And why is he trying to turn "Game On" into a catch phrase?

  126. yep, lukestarkiller441 did in fact win the "contest".

    he holds a fake contest to get subscribers then just gives the console away to one of this buddies.

    what a tool.

  127. @Zinger314 Maybe Chris chose lukestarkiller441 because luke gave him a real nice blowjob yesterday night :)

  128. @Zinger314
    Good God. I wonder if another certain someone will be the next winner (you know the guy with the same name as the maker of this blog but with an "m" at the end of it? Yeah, I want keep him nameless...).

  129. Hooray, Lukestarkiller won IG's "Contest". Mr. Starkiller, your prize is The Room on DVD autographed by the writer, director, producer, and lead actor. Actually on second thought, knowing IG's fans, they would probably view The Room as a cinematic masterpiece considering their tastes.

  130. @ zonic94

    maybe ladybuggin777 will win the next one.

  131. My god, he doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's giving presents to his loyal minions/friends/sockpuppet accounts/whatever. And those """reviews""" *speechless*

  132. @Shaolin Dave
    Oh yeah, almost forgot about her. It would be hilarious if she did.

  133. @Batdan

    Have you seen that Bores put links to "FANMUSIC #1 AND #2" MP3s on the first Fanart page? They're just 8-bit renditions of his theme (which isn't even by him) and the second one is the Aladdin review's theme. Of course, thanks to the Irritated Gamer, I always here "THUINKs" in my head...

  134. *hears lukestarkiller441 won the contest* ... I've got nothing.

    I noticed he added those, but I didn't listen because I have better things to do than listen to covers of a public-domain song intended for commercials or sports.

    They're 8-bit? Figures.

  135. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the Irate Gamer, but I have question about the Game Dude. Considering most of the games he reviews, is the Game Dude a furry?

  136. @Batdam I got something : Maybe Chris chose lukestarkiller441 because luke gave him a real nice blowjob friday night :)

  137. Was there ever any solid proof that Bores and lukestarkiller441 were separate people? Because if not, I think this says it all.

  138. @Sabertooth That would explaim why he's such a suck-up to him

  139. Dan, have you seen the video from utuber377? I can't believe what a douche Bores is. Also, check out Archfiend's video about it.

  140. @smashhacker
    That seems to be the common consensus. I think he did admit he was a furry somewhere, but the fact he reviews games with anthropomorphic mascots ALL THE TIME is kind of a dead giveaway.

    I've seen it. Sad.

  141. @BatDan, Hey man I really dig this blog you have going, do you happen to have a twitter account that you can update when you post a new blog?? Might be easier for people to know when you post.....

  142. The 404 error is because the link is incorrect.
    His bad link is:

    The correct link is:

  143. watches the Image......

    Oh Dear God, Link!, What's wrong with your face?!

    i dont care how much tough was put in this picture, Having Bores Ugly Puffed Ape Red Face already destroys it, sad.

  144. Totally off topic, but did you guys hear about this?

    These two guys are fucking badasses. I already signed the petition. I suggest you do too.

  145. Did you know some people are comparing Kickassia to Chris Bores quality? Whether it was bad or not it's really all opinion based, but there is no denying that the people at TGWTG worked very hard to produce Kickassia.

    It took then six days to create a 90-minute anniversary movie and then some. It takes two months or even more for Bores to make a 3 minute review. You decide.

  146. @TheGreatMolo
    I agree. I personally hated Kickassia, but I can definitely tell that the guys were having fun making it.

  147. I'm one of the people that did like Kickassia, yet I can see why people hated it.

    But as TheGreatMolo said, they made a 90 minute movie in 4-6 days under harsh desert conditions with little lighting. All for the fans.
    Bores takes 3 months to make a 10 minute video and nothing about it shows it required that amount of time. Is it for the fans? Yeah right, he doesn't give a shit about his fans.

  148. Something that really bugs me even more than when I first heard it was that people are just shortening Bores' name to "Irate". That's like calling me Fedora, or AVGN "Angry", or Nostalgia Critic "Nostalgia". It's like they don't know the meaning of the word.

  149. @ The Fedora'd Saamurai

    A lot of fans refer to him as "iRate"... like "iPod"... because "i" is for internet and he "Rates" I guess? Or maybe they think he called himself "iRate" because "i Rate things"?

    Yeah, I really don't think they know what Irate means.

    Irate = synonym for "Angry"
    Gamer = synonym for "Video Game Nerd"

  150. I don't think Chris himself remembers what "Irate" means considering the following...
    "Irate's E3 Coverage"
    "Irate Mastercard"
    "Irate Shady"
    And a few other examples I'm probably forgetting because he thinks it's hilarious to put his name in front of other words.

    Because of this, there are fans that believe he's called "iRate Gamer" and deny that he's similar to AVGN. Even though Dave has pointed out the synonyms.

    By the way, wolfmweh gave his thoughts on "The Dark Chapters" here in this video. Check it out.

  151. Well, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is going to be released next week. I predict that the Irate Gamer will "review" the game 4 months after the release date and bitch and moan about the game, like how there is less characters than MvC2, how Megaman is not in this game, and the fact that he has to download Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath to play as them.

  152. @smashhacker

    does he even know who Jill and Shuma-Gorath are? sure, he played resident evil 5, but that's like saying my goldfish touched a rock and then knows that there's granite in it.

  153. What? He already made a review!

  154. I bet $10 Chris will call Zero some variant of "Mega Man."


    And a Ronnie joke with Taskmaster.

  155. @The Fedora'd Samuari


    You're right. What I mean't to say is that the Irate Gamer will complain about the fact that he has to download the DLC characters just to play as them and say it is lazy to not put them in the game disk.

  156. @Zinger314

    "I bet $10 Chris will call Zero some variant of "Mega Man.""

    This is what I believe Chris will say:

    "But despite greatness of this game, it has a few drawlbacks. First of all, my first complaint is that Mega Man is not even in this game! What the ass?! Instead, he got replaced by this long-haired freak called Zero Man from the Mega Man Xtreme series. Is that what you want Nintendo, replace a beloved character with someone I barely even know? And the worst sheeit shocker in this game is that Arthur is in this game? Now I hace to defeat the eminies twice to beat the the game. And an even worse sheeit shocker is that I have to download some of the characters to play as them. Now that's what I call lazy and stupid.

  157. If Chris calls Zero "Mega Man" or "Zero Man", I think I'm going to totally lose it. There's only so much of his non-plargarism-related crap I can take, and that will be the breaking point for me.

  158. People people. We don't even know if he'll review Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Besides, we saw in that E3 video how much he sucks at the game.

  159. @BatDan

    I don't know if Chris will review MvC3, either. I am just making predictions on what will happen if he reviews upcoming games, and MvC3 seems like an obvious game he will review.

  160. Irate Gamer uploaded his Epic Yawn review on his account. He changed his goof of saying the NES game was the first and added an ending of him getting sucked up by a Kirby sprite...well, the upper half of his body got sucked in anyway.

  161. I love the way he flails his arms as Kirby sucks him up.

  162. No, Kirby! Now you'll become a talentless, lying douchebag!

  163. Kirby sucking up the top half of his body doesn't make any sense. He'd have to be using a green screen for the effect anyways, why not capture the entire body?

  164. I knew Bores would "remastered" his Kirby video, after YouTube users made videos about Bores's reviews, just like last time with Tekken 6.

  165. Woo-hoo! Great job, Kirby! Now spit him out so he'll hit something and disappear!

  166. Wow. Some jerk deleted IG's "Did Not Do the Research" page on TV Tropes because it was "too negative" and "a restart would be nice". Well of course it's negative, this is TV Tropes! And plus, it's the one thing he's known for the most! Ugh...

  167. What the shit?! I hope someone copied everything on there, that's what I'm doing when it gets back up. God, will this blight upon the gaming universe ever end?!

  168. A "Did Not Do the Research" page being negative? LE GASP! Good thing it was deleted - I only like to read about positive instances of not doing proper research.

  169. Honestly I'm glad the DNDTR page got deleted. It was getting out of hand.

    It wasn't just Bores, they deleted the Dan Brown page (since he already has his own trope) and hopefully they'll get rid of the AVGN and NC pages.

    However there was an IG fanboy that vandalized the main IG page calling me "Batshit". Charming.

  170. I checked TvTropes for "Did Not Do the Research", and when I check the subpages for egregious examples, not only is the Irate Gamer subpage gone, but the Dan Brown subPage is gone, too. The subpages are replaced with subpages for The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic.

    If you need me, I will be crying in the corner.

    (Some time later)

    In corner: I can't believe this. Why would someone delete both the Dan Brown and Irate Gamer subpages? Who made the AVGN and NC subpages? Are the same webtards who deleted the IG subpage going to delete the AVGN And NC main pages? What if all webtards found about the ability to edit TvTropes? Is the MUGEN page going to be vandalized by Alexlexus' followers? Is the So Bad It's Horrible page for video games will be filled to the brim with classic games because of PS3- and Xbox 360-tards? OH GOD I CAN'T STAND IT!!!

    (Runs to computer)

    Phew, TvTropes isn't messed up by newbies and fantards. Looks like I overreacted.

  171. The DNDTR page was overly negative. I was going to clean it a while ago but that would be pointless. BTW the guy who cut it was Fast Eddie, the owner of the site. Now we needs to clean up the main Irate Gamer page.

  172. ...I need to take a break from this bastard. I gotta play a game to cleanse the pallete...maybe go and get final fantasy 11.

  173. @nuclearneo577 Then how come there's nothing in the history that says Fast Eddie did it? How do I know it wasn't you?

  174. Wait, in the kirby video where he corrected himself on kirby's first game, did he ignore the fact that he got it wrong and just say "his first game was on the nes" or did he openly say that he screwed up?

  175. @smashhacker I think the guy who deleted them was batdanm

  176. @dhochoy
    No, it was Fast Eddie. The owner of TVTropes. Didn't you listen to what nuclearneo577 said?

  177. Here is proof.

  178. @BatDan Oops my bad...but it sounds like something batdanm would do

  179. That page was vandalized by by 2600tehatari under the name GermanKid. Some one posted about it on ask the tropers, and Fast Eddie found the page and deleted it.


    TvTropers has had anonymous editing for years, it was only recently shut down as part of The Solution/The Google Incident/The Strange Case Of The Missing Ads. So Bad It's Horrible has had crap like that in the past, look at the archived discussion. People like me keep stuff like that off.

  180. ...What. That brat seriously vandalized the DNDTR page? You know, I actually saved a copy of the page's source... then lost it when I had to redo my computer a while back and didn't redo it. Crap. Hopefully this'll be resolved soon...

  181. @nuclearneo577

    Yeah, I see a lot of that stuff around the So Bad It's Horrible pages. I think there was an article on Ren and Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon. I forgot what it says, but I doubt that a mature cartoon based on a cartoon for kids would have been bad when it is just the same cartoon but with added sexual and gross-out jokes. Besides, didn't the original cartoon have as much nausea fuel and nightmare fuel as any mature cartoon?

  182. @smashhacker

    I was the person that removed that because the and IMDB scores were around a seven, the discussion has it pasted there.

  183. Hey Batdan, you should see this.
    Pretty goofy idea for a vs. Capcom game, but this set of quotes pretty much sums the Irategamer

  184. @ Sega304

    it'd be easier to just make a ridiculously weak MUGEN character of Bores so you can watch nearly every video game character in history pwn him.

  185. @Shaolin Dave

    Hmmm... You gave an idea there. One of us should make a retard character of the Irate Gamer, set up a mediafile account in a fake username, put the character up to download, go to MUGEN forums in the fake username and tell people to download the character, and when enough people download the character, inform a quality MUGEN advocate (Chainsawdentist, AshramVII, etc.) in a username different from the fake username to review the character. One will take a step further by calling out on one of the advocates in the fake username for giving a bad review on the character and calling the advocate a retard.

    That, my friend, is basic trolling.

  186. I think that the best way for Irate Gamer to get discredited is to review a game that all of his fans love *looks over to Halo Reach and CoD*. Irate gamer is like a crappy pop concert. Take away the fans, and all you're left with is a girl screaming about fucking into an autotuner, pardon my french.

  187. Just saw both pictures. IG really has sunk even lower than before.

    What a douche.

  188. I saved the stuff on Irate Gamer's DNDTR page as a Word document; luckily, Google's cache still had it.

    Any suggestion as to what I should do with it?

  189. Well, for starters, it'd help if you made several back-ups of it. You never know when something could go wrong. Do you have a flash-drive? Put it on there, but also keep a copy of it on your computer. Ask friends if you could keep the file on their computers as well. Also, it is the source, or just the article itself copy-pasted? Either way, this is still fantastic! Also, if you e-mail the file to me, I'd be more than happy to recreate the article. Though if you want to redo the article yourself, go ahead. Either way it'll be back. :D

  190. It's just the article copy-pasted, sadly; couldn't get the source. I've saved it to multiple PCs and flash drives, just in case.

    Let me know your e-mail address, and I'll be happy to send it along! :)

  191. No problem, I can easily make that work. My email is just my username here with a "" at the end.

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  193. Here's an archived version of the page: