Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Update Catch-Up Thingy Stuff

You're probably wondering why I haven't updated in a bit. Well, Bores hasn't really done anything.

Since the latest History of Nobody Cares all we had was more asshole messages from Bores (who claims it wasn't him but a hacker... nice try), a needless 3DS update (we know Bores, sites exist for the sole purpose of providing news) and another contest.

As for redux recaps, I just haven't had the motivation. Maybe Bores' next video will piss me off enough.

That's all I have to say now.


  1. I think its pretty clear that he is still trying to syphon subscribers for more money with this contest.

  2. hey everyone, i'm starting a petition to have Bore's permanently banned from youtube. when the petition gets enough unique signatures, i plan to have it printed as a book and physically mailed to youtube, if possible.

    i'm not sure if this will work (probably not), but if anyone's interested in signing, here's the link...

  3. I wonder if YouTube would even consider reading the petition? Oh well, we can dream can't we? I'll sign it.

  4. Petitions never work, especially internet ones. It's a proven fact

  5. The petition won't work, obviously, but it's fun.

  6. I know the petition probably wont work, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try.

  7. has anybody on here heard of LostDragon0690?

  8. @DynamiteNinja
    I just saw DLAbaoaqu's text riff on his Technos Corp video. Wow, inspired by the Irate Gamer with even more gratuitous effects and even less talent.

  9. @Shaolin Dave

    How much do you bet that there's going to be a video of him saying that he wants there to be a petition to have him not removed from youtube calling other youtube users unoriginal, retarded, or just plain stupid?

  10. @Fedora'd Samurai

    considering IG has an ego bigger than that of Cameron, Uwe Boll, Shane Dawson, Tommy Wiseau, etc. I wouldn't put it past him.

  11. One suggestion about the petition. Maybe mention how Bores "borrowed" footage from that CNBC video for HoVG3. I'm sure NBC/Universal might check this out.

  12. I signed the petition under the name Smashacker. Is it ok to use your username or just your real name? Just asking.

    Oh, another thing is my brothers and I made a list of quotes to use for an Irate Gamer parody. I might put the list here some day, but I will give some examples from the list.

    *Let's look at the name. Touhou? Looks like calling it 'The Hou' doesn't give much pizzazz. It's like calling my show 'Tou IHate Gaming Nerd' ... Tou.

    *China, more like Virginia (shows an image of Christian Weston Chandler). What? I didn't steal that joke from the Iwikipedia Gamer. That's like saying the Irate Gamer stole from Third-Rate Gamer's Cool Spot Review.

    *What's this note? "Dear IHate Gaming Nerd. Gimmicky-flavored Kool-aid in the garage.". Well hot-diggity dogshit! (runs out of bedroom, pits on beanie, runs in bedroom). Hahaha! I am the EVIL IHate Gaming Nerd! The only difference between me and him is that I put the word evil in almost every sentence!

  13. @ fedora'd samurai

    i'm hoping this petition will have a higher number of signatures than his subscription count.. yeah, high hopes, i know. if it achieves that, i don't think it'll be possible for him to get a noteworthy petition.

    @ smashhacker

    i think you're suppose to use your real name, but it probably really doesn't make that much of a difference.

    also, what'd make the "evil ihate gaming nerd" gag work ever better is if he runs out of the bedroom into a bathroom or some other room with a mirror, and you can actually see him put the beanie on.

  14. Why doesn't he ask for home addresses? I mean, he needs them to know where the people live in order to deliver the items.

    I wouldn't give out my home address anyway. But if the irategamer wants people to believe those contests are for real, he should ask for home addresses. How else is he gonna know where to send the items?

  15. Anyway, I think there should be a petition against Shane Dawson as well. He has broken the community guidelines a lot, and I think he's worse than the irategamer.

  16. @ Blaze

    even a legit contest wouldn't be asking for that, at least not in a forum where everyone can see it.

    for one, everyone posting their address in the forums will be giving away their address to thousands of youtube viewers, just asking for people to send them ridiculous things or stop by and harass them (i know i probably couldn't resist sending fake letters pretending to be IG, inviting them over for sleepovers...)

    second, people might spam with non-existent or other people's addresses. bore's might wind up sending the prize to a fake address. if someone knew batdan or your physical address, they might put that in the comments as a joke (then you'd be getting fake letters from bores inviting you to his next sleepover.)

    it's much easier, and safer, for him to pick one of the "pick me" people at random, then PM them to ask for their address.

  17. Of course, it was stupid of me to think it was a good idea.

  18. Batdan, I appologize for hijacking the comments section here...
    I was just wondering what pranks people here would pull if they had access to the mailing addresses of all Bore's fans.

    aside from inviting them over to fake sleepovers, i'd probably put out an ultimatum saying IG is looking for his official replacement and he'll give the job to whoever can send him the best video review bashing "mortal kombat"

  19. @Shaolin Dave
    I'll admit that's far more clever than Craigslist Creepers and 30 pizzas delivered to their house.

  20. @Shaolin Dave


    It's one thing getting lots of fame for badly made and plagiarized work, but to be a total d*uche about it, you SHOULD be banned.

    Good-f**king riddance to that hack!

  21. I just watched the new WTFIWWY video. it inspired me to write up videos again. maybe instead of doing reviews, I'll kind of have a more episodic story or sketches. If I do reviews I'll openly admit that I'm not an experienced critic or reviewer, and I'll say that I'm a "level 1 critic". kinda in the same way that I'm a "level 1 bassist" as in: not.

  22. Well... I've signed the petition. I can't really say what the future holds, or how successful the petition will be, but I'd like to think something will happen.

  23. 2600theatari signed the petition. sure, he said in the comments that he doesn't want bores banned, but chances are youtube won't even see that comment. one more unique signature for the petition, however... that's nice.

  24. *sighs* I really should stop looking at the comments on his videos.

    I saw a bunch of people agreeing with his idiotic Simon Belmont rant. Obviously they're little kids that don't understand how the stories in Castlevania games work.

  25. @BatDan

    If they found out that they haven't played as the original link since zelda II, it'd probably blow their mind.

  26. @Shaolin Dave

    Wait, that little troll 2600theatari signed the petition?...did I miss something?

  27. 2600theatari signed the petition, and put this note in the comments...

    "Take this petition down, it wont work because he has a seal of protection given to Shane Dawson and all the other famous people. His videos have been flagged multiple times but he won’t go down. Why would you want him to go down? he provides parody material for ffl2and3rocks! And you are an imposter V"

    since 2600theatari apparently reads this blog, i suppose i can respond to him here...

    1) "Take this petition down"... I respectfully decline your suggestion. However, if you feel so inclined, you may start your own petition to have me remove my petition. If you get enough unique signatures, then I'll consider it.

    2) "it wont work"... well then you have nothing to worry about.

    3) "because he has a seal of protection given to Shane Dawson and all the other famous people"... an arbitrary "seal of protection" means as much to me as the title "famous", that is, nothing. Oh, and who's Shane Dawson? Nevermind, I don't care.

    4) "His videos have been flagged multiple times"... for good reason.

    5) "..but he won’t go down. Why would you want him to go down?"... Chris Bore's going down? Metaphorically, yes, both he and you may feel free to. I guess I lied when I said "respectfully" earlier.

    6) "he provides parody material for ffl2and3rocks!"... Don't know who that is, but it really makes no difference. They'll either still be around when Bores is removed from youtube, or they can move onto something better than making parodies of hack.

    7) "And you are an imposter V".. im·pos·ter n. One who engages in deception under an assumed name or identity. so, are you accusing me of pretending to be someone else, or accusing someone else of pretending to be me?

  28. Okay, if he is reading this, I would like to ask him for a little homework assignment. Don't take this as an insult for your age, I do this with my gay best friend and my lady friend (who I am trying to teach the importance of good music and gaming).

    I want you to post a video, or write up an essay or even start your own blog which will disprove every accusation and flaw, logically, and with thorough research. here's the list you have to discredit:

    and remember, you can only say "it was just an honest mistake 7 times"

    Do you honestly take a look at Bores and think, "yeah, this guy will totally get a feeling from playing Shadow of The Colossus" or "This guy could totally understand what goes on in Silent Hill" or even realize the true emotional value that games can bring us?

    I'm not asking you of this because I despise you, I despise Chris Bores. I want to believe, that somewhere, down there, in your pixelated gamer heart, that there is a true gamer in there. One that loves games, will see the light, understand that Bores isn't a gamer and move on to the nearest flea market and buy an NES or a Genesis to play not for the graphics, or for the fact that it's too old, but because it is damn fun to play these games.

    I also want you to go to this page:

    and watch every single video there.

  29. I'm sorry if it already came up somewhere, but today I stumbled across Chris Bores' Amazon page. (Not the one which uprates his own DVD's)

    It seems that he has some kind of obsession with Jesus.

    I think it's funny, how his written reviews have the same, awful style as his videos. And even back then, he had the tendency to review stuff, which he hadn't finished yet.

    Oh.. and I'm fucking ashamed as a guitar player.

    Again, I'm sorry if it's already somewhere on this Blog, but I never read anything about it.

  30. @ Alese

    not sure if someone brought it up before but i did find that page too (trying to see what was on his amazon wish list)

    it's odd because he's shown himself to be very anti-christian.

  31. @Alese
    Hiya, I have seen that before. I haven't really brought it up since it's related to religion and that's a touchy subject on the Internet.

    I do find it funny how those reviews read exactly like his current ones. In 4-5 years he hasn't improved at all. I guess that's the important part.

  32. So many facts in his 3DS video were wrong. I can't believe how much he gets wrong in a one and a half minute long video.

  33. About that Amazon page, do you think it may not be Bores, but someone doing this "for the lulz", just like all those fake Chris Bores facebook pages?

  34. @vicviper592
    The reviews were posted in 2006.

    So no.

  35. Unrelated to IG, turns out Game Dude's DVD is a scam. As told by "sentinelcl" here.

  36. @BatDan

    Opps, didn't see those dates. Didn't expect Bores to have two Amazon accounts.

    As for that Game Dude scam, I don't know who's the bigger scammer: Bores or "Alex"?

  37. Looks like we've found a nominee to replace Lukestarkiller as the new leader of the IG defense force, and shall continue to kill our brain cells with idiotic claims, false evidence and the basic "No IG didn't do that, AVGN did!1!"

    I have yet to encounter a more than 10 "gamers" in real life who don't judge old games because they are "primitive" or have terrible graphics. Because as we all know graphics are defiantly what make a good game not the gameplay or anything (sarcasm)

  38. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    If another one of his fans sees that link, goes to TVTropes and vandalizes the pages on him AGAIN, I'm going to tear my hair out.

  39. @Darthgamer
    Uh oh, what's this one's name?

    @Color Printer
    Ugh, that was so god damn stupid how they deleted almost everything as "AVGN Nazi Propaganda"

  40. IG reviews Kirby's Epic Yarn

  41. Oh wow I'm surprised he FINALLY got it up. Time to watch it.

  42. There. I watched it.

    KIRBY'S ADVENTURE WAS NOT THE FIRST KIRBY GAME! Kirby's Dreamland for the Gameboy came out a year before. Also you would think he would like how easy the game is.

  43. I swear, if he badmouths that super tuff pink power puff, I'm gonna go Samurai Jack on his ass


    ...seriously. Everyone predicted Bores wouldn't like it because it was too easy, and we were right on the money. It seems curiously close to classic Bores.

  45. Also:

    "Kirby can automatically morph into a few classic forms found in the previous games."

    "Like a parachute, a car, heavy weight, and a submarine."

    I must have been playing different Kirby games.

    (No, Parasol and Stone don't count for this comparison.)

  46. Oh dear, sounds like an awful episode.

    Give me some time to wake up and get ready. I don't want to start my day by watching an Irate Gamer video.

  47. Facepalm jokes only work in very special circumstances, this review is not one of them.

  48. I think I'm somewhat late to the party on this, but you know 2600theatari... regardless of whether you believe the petition will fail or not, you still signed it. I mean, can you predict the future? Do you know for a fact it will fail? What if it succeeds? "Oh yeah, I'm an Irate Gamer fan, but I was sure quick to sign the petition that got him booted from YouTube!" I imagine that would go well with the rest of the idiots... I mean, "fans" Bores has. Good luck.

  49. @skyrunner14
    Yeah, Charlie is a moron
    You should see his video where he tries to defend IG without bringing up AVGN. It's... wow.

  50. ^ Wait, he really took that challenge you put up a while back about trying to make an argument without bringing up the Nerd? I HAVE to see this.

  51. @skyrunner14
    Right here:

  52. Poor kid... really, I feel sorry for him. Here's hoping in a few years he'll grow up and realize how dumb he's being about this whole debacle. Also, I noticed someone with your username sent me a friend request on YouTube a while back. Was that really you, or an imitator?

  53. My YouTube username is BatDanNight.
    That was me.

  54. OK, awesome. :-D
    I'm just being sure. Wouldn't want to befriend that horrid imitator of you.

  55. Also, where is it Bores said a hacker made those incriminating messages? Does anyone know? Was it in a YouTube PM, or did he make some video?