Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LittleBigPlanet 2 with No Idea What's Going On

Wow, color me shocked. Just about everyone was thinking that IG’s next Neo travesty would be Mortal Kombat 9. We were wrong. For once Chris Bores has defied expectations. Instead his newest Neo video is LittleBigPlanet 2.

Does that mean this video is good? Of course not! It’s the same brand of idiocy and tedium he’s provided since 2007. What else is new?
*checks LBP 2’s release date* January 2011, nice to see he’s still looking at the games months after they actually come out. Why review something within two weeks of the release date? Just put it off in favor of uploading a trailer, adding some sentences at the end, and claim it’s a review.

As usual, he posted an update to his YouTube account announcing the review. He also says he’s been “hard at work” on his newest video, something that would have been released months ago if you weren’t lazy.
“It’s almost finished, I still got a lot of work to do” Am I the only one that finds that contradictory?
“The uh trailer will be up soon uh…” My God you’re a terrible liar. If your plagiarism accusations went to trial, you will lose so hard.
He also brings up E3, oh that’s going to hurt if he goes again. Please SWAG, please don’t bring him. You had to see those disastrous interviews, that can’t happen again.

The description says the episode will be up next weekend. Let’s see if he actually keeps his word this time.

Onto the video.

0:06 - 0:24: “I get a lot of e-mails from fans asking what I’m playing currently” Just once, could you start a god damn video without bringing up your fans. Just say “Today I’m looking at L.A. Noire” or “Today’s review is Mortal Kombat 9”. Bringing up your fans just reeks of desperation, like you really want people to believe you have a fanbase.
I know I keep bringing this up, but if he keeps doing it then I’m going to mention it.

During his intro there’s a blatant jump-cut. You really couldn’t say “I’ve been playing LittleBigPlanet 2 a lot” in one take? Also, am I the only that notices the bizarre audio quality? He sounds weird when he says “let’s see how stacks up”, like the audio skipped or something. He made this in five minutes, didn’t he?

0:25 - 1:03: IG begins gushing about the game, saying it’s so much better than the first with better graphics, better levels, and more fun. Once again, Chris Bores has forgotten that the character he plays is supposed to be angry about video games. Smoooth.

He goes on to talk about “gimmicks” in each level, there’s a major dip in quality in the “cake level” shot that shows he took the footage from someone else, and I’m really getting a Game Dude vibe from this video. The fast-pace, the lack of explanations, all that’s left is for him to make a graphic bestiality line in an attempt to be like the AVGN.

1:04 - 1:19: *cuts to IG* “Now let’s talk about gameplay” *cuts to game* Well that shot added a lot to this 2 minute 42 second review.
“The controls are simple, they’re smooth to use, you go through all kinds of levels” This video feels jumpy, and not in a good way. It’s like he forgot to take his meds.

1:20 - 1:42: Pointless split-screen joke in 3, 2...
We cut to IG with a lot of space over his head (subtle) as two clones of him literally explode into shot, simultaneously button-mashing. No really, they’re doing the exact same movements in-sync. It’s kind of creepy, like synchronized robots.
“The multiplayer is where this game really shines” I thought it was the extremely in-depth customization and large amount of user-created levels?
Blah blah blah multiplayer is awesome with friends or online. God, you could take this part and put it over any game with multiplayer. Street Fighter IV is better with a friend, Modern Warfare 2 is better in multiplayer. At least reviews of those games go into detail on why multiplayer is better, he just says it’s good and leaves it at that!

1:43 - 2:16: IG then brings up the game’s one downside. Let’s see what pointless nitpick it is this time.
He brings up when playing online, a friend might reject your invite but the game still forces you into the level. … What?
He then complains that he has to go back and try again, and it can happen up to four times on slow nights.
… Oh wow, this is weaponized stupidity. Look, I don’t own LBP2 so I can’t tell you if this is annoying or not. But as someone who is interested, this sounds less like an issue and more like whining. It sounds like he’s just complaint fishing in order to fill his “Irate quota”, like that complaint about the sound in Brutal Legend.
I… ugh. Can’t one just pause the game and quit? I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal. Again, he’s probably complaint fishing.
“Oh come on you asshole!” You’re cursing again? Pick a style and stick with it!

He gets into the final verdict. Blah blah worth the money and blah blah blah…
“You’ll even find this game has a lot of replay value” Nooooooo really? The game with hundreds of new levels added every day has replay value? I’d love to see him review an MMORPG, that would be gloriously stupid.
And he brought back “game on”. His delivery of that line sounded really off, like he was doing a bad impression while saying it. A bad impression of who? I don’t know, just someone.

I really don’t know what to say. It feels like he put zero effort into it, like GotGame told him he needs to release a new video so he threw that together. I just feel confused.

Maybe we’ll get to cover the next official IG episode soon? SEVEN MONTHS!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Little Things

After a month of nothing, Bores finally uploaded a video. A 19 second "deleted scene" from the Aflac thing. The Kool-Aid Man's audition, and if you can guess the joke then congratulations you're not lobotomized.

This obviously isn't a deleted scene. Bores realized he hasn't uploaded anything in a month so he put on his Kool-Aid Man costume, got in front of his green screen and recorded that. He just called it a deleted scene to try and trick people.

Now that's out of the way, here are some other things worth mentioning.
You know those sprites adorning his walls? The one he claims are made of wood but look far too professional? He didn't make them out of wood. They're PixelBlocks, a Lego-style toy that allows one to create statues out of pixels, including 8-bit sprites. You can buy them here:

Bores has said the trailer for the next video will be up in a few days. Why waste the time making a trailer? Just upload the video itself.

Not much to say.

EDIT: Site update from Bores. On 5/21/11
Sorry for lack of updates. Been hard at work on the new review. I should have a trailer up soon. Alot of crazy stuff going on in this next episode!

I try to archive these now because he often edits older news or outright deletes them.
There we go, bragging about how "crazy or epic" the upcoming episode is.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Returning to the Vault! MythBusters

Man, we haven’t seen anything new from Bores in a while. I don’t feel like doing a redux recap, yet I want to write something. I know! Quickly, to the Chris Bores Vault! Codename: y2b2006

Yes, we’re venturing back to IG’s first YouTube channel. Something that I rarely visit because there’s very little material.
There’s 12 videos total.
5 are short Haunted Investigators commercials
The video “Back to the Past“. See the post about that here:
A short video where Bores utilizes split-screen and abuses After Effects for “DBZ Style Fighting”. You know I remember characters on DBZ actually using their fists most of the time, it wasn’t just fireballs.
Another short video that abuses After Effects, this time with Bores being attacked by “fire” for no reason.
A “joke” video with Bores recording Egyptian artifacts, ending on “Thermostat: 4000 BC”. I can see where the Irate Gamer comedy comes from.
An upload of the Mansfield Reformatory segment on ABC Family’s “Scariest Places on Earth”. An excuse to plug the Haunted Investigators episode he did on the prison.
And finally, the subject of this recap. Two MythBusters parodies.

For those unaware, MythBusters is a long-running scientific show on Discovery Channel. Special effect experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman use science to determine the validity of various stories, movie scenes, and myths. The shows overuse of explosions and fire make it amazing parody fodder. This on the other hand… let’s just get through it.

I’ll only be covering the first parody in this post, I’ll get to the second one eventually. Here’s the video.

One title card later.

0:16 - 0:51: We open on “Adam” and “Jamie” giving their safety disclaimer “Don’t try this at home. We’re what you call ‘professionals’.” This is something that does happen on the show, however I wouldn’t call these two “professionals”.
We then get the MythBusters intro, here it’s a combination of clips from the show and clips from this spoof. The spoof clips consist of “Adam” and “Jamie” poorly reciting famous lines from the show, “Am I missing an eyebrow?” “I reject your reality and substitute my own” “Quack damn you!” and so on. I love how the clips from the real MythBusters make sure not to show the faces of the actual hosts, and how the quality between the two is extremely jarring.

So who’s filling the shoes? Adam is being played by Bores himself, because he’s such a dead ringer for Adam Savage.
Jamie is played by Brad Harp, who’s better known as the Genie in the Aladdin video. Why do I get the feeling he’ll be using the same flat tone and delivery here?

I also want to make something perfectly clear. Buddhist Priest Alan Cicco is not the Genie, it’s just a coincidence that they both have big full beards. I shouldn’t have to tell you this since his name is not in the credits to the Aladdin video, yet people still believe this. Though to be fair, knowing that would require one to sit through that disastrous video.

0:52 - 1:29: The first myth of the show, rubbing two sticks together to create fire. The real MythBusters did this in episode 45 “Shredded Plane”, which oddly enough aired the same day when this video was uploaded (January 18th 2006). Myth was confirmed through the use of a drill and gunpowder.
Adam brings up that it’s almost Thanksgiving… okay maybe the video was recorded in November, I won’t fault him for getting the timing off here.
Adam wants to do three myths related to the holiday, starting with “rubbing sticks”. Jamie believes using steel would work, but Adam disagrees.
Two things you’ll immediately notice. The acting is appalling, both of them sound completely bored out of their minds. Brad looks like he’s about to fall asleep.
The other thing is the editing, it’s a nightmare. At one point, we get a wide-shot of the two with Bores speaking, and then it cuts to a close-up of him finishing his line. Did they not have a good take of him finishing the line that they had to do that extremely sloppy cut?

1:30 - 2:34: Adam attempts his experiment by literally rubbing two sticks together without a third source of energy. You need another energy source to allow the fire to stay there, by just rubbing the sticks together you get nothing.
Jamie starts speaking and you’ll notice yet another problem, the sound quality is awful. I can barely hear him over the goddamn banjo music!
You’ll also notice the narrator is played by Bores, doing a piss-poor job at it.

Adam keeps rubbing the sticks not realizing that the task is futile. The narrator exclaims he’s been going at it for an hour, which Adam repeats 5 seconds later. Keep in mind, there was intended effort put into this.
“Finally after a tireless effort, he finally throws in the towel”. Repetition is fun!
I’m kind of surprised he didn’t add a fake explosion, maybe this was before Bores believed in “explosions = comedy”.

2:35 - 4:27: “I look like an ass trying to one-up you” … Way too easy.
Adam wonders where the myth originated and Jamie thinks he has the answer from an old boy scout manual.
Jamie then explains his method of starting a fire with friction. At this point, one will realize the biggest problem with this video. IT’S! NOT! A! PARODY!
A parody exaggerates certain aspects for comedy, for a MythBusters parody one would make fun of the overuse of explosions, or in Robot Chicken’s case, turn them into Ghostbusters using their Proton Packs on myths.

However, nothing about this is exaggerated for comedy. Everything is taken seriously and they’re trying to apply actual science to the “myths”. If anything, this is a direct copy rather than an affectionate spoof. I hate to bring up the old “Chris Bores is an unoriginal hack” remark, but it really shines through here.

At one point, Jamie insults Adam and he yells “I heard that!” from off-screen. I have a feeling Bores isn’t too proud of these videos, it makes him look like an idiot and he can’t have his “perfect image” tainted.
Jamie continues building whatever it is he’s doing, honestly there’s nothing here to make fun of. When he finishes up, Adam shows up to “goof off”, takes two sticks and pretends to drum Jamie’s head. Look, I know Adam is kind of nutso on the show, but he’s not an idiot. Bores is portraying him as an annoying moron. Is this supposed to be the parody aspect? Because it’s not funny!

4:28 - 5:16: Jamie tests outs his contraption, and surprisingly he’s able to get smoke. However, he wasn’t able to get fire. Why is Bores making the narrator sound really derpy?

5:17 - 5:27: Adam wonders what Jamie’s next idea is, he responds he can make it happen with “flint and steel”. Adam proceeds to mock him. Wow, that’s mature. I’d ask if Bores has ever seen the show, but then I remembered the intro footage. This is so lame.

5:28 - 6:29: Jamie gets the flint & steel to work, even though it’s not “rubbing two sticks together”. Adam hits the burning pieces with a stick because he “can’t resist playing with fire”. That looks less like playing and more like “Oh crap fire! I need to put it out now!” Jamie then calls Adam a bed-wetter. Was that meant to be a joke?

6:30 - 6:57: The duo discuss if the myth is busted, Adam claims it’s “half-busted” but then they settle on outright Busted. Well, you could always declare it Plausible, that is one of their options. Just saying…

6:58 - 7:31: The second myth “Will eating turkey make you tired?” Well, turkey does contain L-tryptophan, an amino acid that can induce sleep. But when it comes to Thanksgiving there’s multiple aspects involved in making people sleepy. Mostly over-eating and booze.

Their plan of action is to buy a big turkey, Jamie will eat a moderate amount and Adam will gorge himself.
Adam: You know I like to gorge myself.
Jamie: Yeah, we all know that by your figure.
Heh, the video itself is making fun of Bores for me.

7:32 - 7:56: We cut to sped-up footage of a road as they “search” for a turkey. “Luckily a grocery store was open” Luckily? Either grocery stores are a luxury in Ohio or this is more of Chris’ shitty writing. How much you want to bet they didn’t ask permission to film in the grocery store?

7:57 - 8:25: We then cut to a woman that seems to be stuck in a slideshow, the narrator claims she’s the “resident folklorist”. Her name is Ruthie B. Hayes. GET IT?! LIKE RUTHERFORD B. HAYES?!
I’d tell you what she says but I can barely hear her. More of that wretched sound mixing. Also she keeps jump-cutting all over the place. Remember that before Bores created the Irate Gamer, he was a professional video editor for weddings and other events. I have a feeling these people were ripped off.

8:26 - 9:32: They take the turkeys out of the oven and we watch them eat, and eat, and eat. Does Epic Meal Time have a new video up? Bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips oh hey I’ve lost my mind.

9:33 - 10:38: Adam stops stuffing his face and the duo proceed to phase two, digesting the turkey. So we watch them sit, and sit, and sit, and DAMN IT!
We get a brief reprieve with Jamie saying he’s getting sleepy, and then we watch them sit some more. Folks, go to YouTube and search for clips of the real MythBusters. I can guarantee it’s far more exciting than this shit!
Near the end, Adam “pranks” Jamie by tickling his nose while he sleeps. *sighs* Even his pranks are lame! Draw a dick on his face, pour water on his pants, shave part of his beard, do something that can actually be called a prank.

10:39 - 11:00: We cut to the duo discussing if the myth is confirmed, they both got tired so they decided it’s Plausible. Wait, so they do know about the Plausible ranking? Then why didn’t they use it for the “rubbing two sticks” myth? At least I know there’s only one myth left in this damn video.

11:01 - 11:49: The third myth “Will playing a didgeridoo in front of a plant cause it to bend over?” I’ve never heard this one, they claim they found it off the internet. What does this have to do with Thanksgiving?
They go over the plan, play other sounds before using the didgeridoo.

11:50 - 13:44: Their first test is to play bass guitar, this sure is exciting.
When their setting up, Adam pretends to rock out and then pretends to strangle himself with the cord, asking for help. Jamie nonchalantly says “I’m not helping him”. I can see where he’s coming from.

Jamie then plays various chords, none of which cause the plant to move. Meanwhile I’m trying to stay awake through this dull-fest.

13:45 - 14:52: After seeing the bass guitar failed, they immediately move on to the didgeridoo. What about the other instruments? Are you just giving up?
They start working on making their own didgeridoo. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy your own? I looked online and they range from $25-$30 dollars. That’s a really good deal for an instrument.
After a commercial for Foster’s Beer (to reference what a didgeridoo sounds like) we see Adam and Jamie fight with the PVC pipes, ending with Jamie hitting Adam and saying “I like seeing Adam get hurt.” Another thing we agree on!

14:53 - 15:20: We then get a montage of the duo creating their instruments, a montage that makes the two of them look really incompetent with tools.

15:21 - 16:34: We see their final product, and you can clearly tell they just bought them.
“Blue Man Group eat your heart out!” God damn it Bores…
Jamie’s instrument is in the key of D, he tests his out and it works. Adam’s instrument is in the key of A, he tests his and he suuucks. He concludes that it’s broken only for Jamie to do it correctly. You know, the real Adam Savage wasn’t this rock stupid.
“The only thing that can lift his spirits is a rousing tribal dance” What? Oh no no NO! *sees Bores dancing* Stop just stop you’re embarrassing everyone! Jeez…

16:35 - 17:28: After a long sequence of nothing, we finally see the test. Both didgeridoos have no effect on the plant. Well that was a waste of time!

The video ends with the two of them declaring the myth Busted. I had a feeling it would.
Then we get credits stolen right from the real show. I refuse to buy that all these people worked on this rinky-dink production, just more of Chris’ unoriginality.

Holy crap, this was atrocious!
Bored actors, sound mixing where you could BARELY hear what people were saying, sloppy editing, and it was BORING!
The only good part was Brad insulting Bores, even if they were “in-character”. These days Bores would never make fun of himself.

As for the second video, I’ll wait a bit before getting to it. I want to see if Bores releases something new… ever.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Redux Recap: Mario & Sonic Award IG the Gold in Stupidity

Going through the older videos again, I noticed that the first few Neo videos weren’t as astonishingly bad as his regular videos. That all changed with today’s subject, an abysmal video that gets so much wrong and continues to be an example of why Chris Bores is a hack. IG “reviews” Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Before he released that video, there was a short “update” involving his Top 10 Summer Movies list. It’s nothing important.

Onto the idiocy!

0:19 - 0:40: “Back in the early 1990’s, Sega released a gaming console called the Sega Genesis…” Repetitive, but not the worst part.
“… to compete with Nintendo’s gaming console called the Super Nintendo” and this is where it all goes wrong!
This is the one line that proves he has no clue what he’s talking about. For those that don’t know, the Genesis was not released to compete with the SNES, it was released to compete with the NES!

Exhibit A: Genesis Does What Nintendon’t!
This was the aggressive marketing slogan Sega used when the Genesis was released in North America, and by “Nintendo” it’s referring to the NES not “Nintendo in general” (an actual defense I’ve witnessed). Back then the NES was the only Nintendo console, so people referred to it as the Nintendo. We only adopted “NES” when more consoles came out. Commercial

Exhibit B: Release dates
The Genesis/Mega Drive was released before the Super Nintendo EVERYWHERE!
Japan: Mega Drive came out in 1988, Super Famicom came out in 1990
North America: Genesis came out in 1989, Super Nintendo came out in 1991
Europe: Mega Drive came out in 1990, Super Nintendo came out 1992
That’s not getting into regions that only got the Mega Drive but never got the Super Nintendo.

The worst part is that someone in the comments pointed out this error, even though he credited Wikipedia (but remember, Wikipedia can be correct about simple facts). Bores’ response was stunningly stupid. Thankfully, I was able to screencap it before he disabled comments.

When IG announced his “History of Video Games” series, this scene was the first thing I thought of. Makes me wonder what will happens if he ever reaches 1989, which at his pace will be *takes out calculator* Oh yes, NEVER!

He continues his “history lesson” bringing up how Nintendo had Mario and Sega had Sonic. Let’s just completely ignore Alex Kidd, it’s not like he was Sega’s big mascot at one point and Sega dumped him when they learned a blue rodent with attitude was more appealing.
“To unite both of them into a single game was unthinkable” In the 90s, but when Sega dropped out of the console business and started publishing Sonic games on Gamecube then an eventual crossover didn’t seem farfetched.

0:41 - 1:00: “Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games” Hang on, I don’t see a “vs.” in that title, but I do see an ampersand. The title is “Mario & Sonic” not “Mario vs. Sonic”. But who needs literacy anyway?

IG remarks that this should have been the “most epic event to ever happen” but after playing it he calls it “the biggest piece of shit I ever played” I thought that was MUSCLE? By the way the game isn’t that bad, it’s flawed but it’s good fun. The title itself says “Olympic Games”, were you expecting something like Super Smash Bros?
He also admits he only played for five minutes before turning it off. Either he admitted he barely played the game, or that was an attempt at a joke. It’s still bad form though.

1:01 - 1:18: While gushing over the intro (cutscenes aren’t important!) he says this “You probably think that you probably just purchased a great game”. Holy shit! So much redundancy! Also, judging the game based on the opening cutscene is really idiotic. That’s why I get kind of annoyed when a trailer doesn’t have gameplay footage.
“Don’t be fooled, graphics alone can’t carry this game” … No shit! You just figured this out? Gameplay and controls > Graphics

He calls the game a “travesty” and complains about Nintendo releasing it for $50 dollars. Technically Sega published the game in North America, Nintendo only published it in Japan. Also, it’s a high-end AAA Wii game, of course it’s going to cost $50 dollars!

1:19 - 1:40: IG claims his biggest problem is with the controls, complaining that you have to do a different action for each event. Oh and this is the first video he calls it the “Wii Joystick”.

Folks, this is the Atari 2600 controller. It has one button and a large joystick in the middle.

This is the Wii Remote. It has six buttons for gameplay, a D-pad, a Power button to turn the Wii on, a Home button to bring you back to the menu, and a motion sensor inside that you activate by pointing it at the TV like a “remote”, plus some other stuff that isn’t too important.

Where the hell do you see a “Joystick” in that?
Also, complaining that a Wii game is making you use the motion controls? I’d accept that if he said the controls were unresponsive or something, but he doesn’t do that! He just complains that you have to move the Wii Remote around and nothing else.

“Whatever happened to just picking up a controller and playing a game?” … WHAT?!!
Chris, the entire point of the Wii is to attract customers that normally wouldn’t play a video game. The motion controls were created for people that thought “pressing buttons” was too complicated. If anything, games like Wii Sports and Mario & Sonic are easier to pick-up and play for non-gamers. I’m starting to wonder how much of this is the game’s fault.
This is definitely up there with one of the dumbest things you’ve ever said.

1:41 - 1:54: He remarks how each event becomes more confusing and “fustrating” (ugh) and lists off how “everything sucks”. You know, it would be nice to explain why these events suck. You can’t just say “it sucks” and move on, tell us why the swimming sucks or the fencing sucks. Is it the controls? Is it too hard? Tell us!
Too bad, we aren’t getting that! Instead we get a dumb joke of IG apologizing to Yoshi getting last place, saying it’s not his fault. You’re right, it’s not Yoshi’s fault. It’s yours! You were the one controlling him.

1:54 - 2:09: IG sums up the game like this “The entire game consists of picking your event, picking your character, being announced to the audience, performing your event three times, then see how you rank” then doesn’t see how it’s fun and calls it boring.

Red Dead Redemption sucks! All you do is get on your horse, go to a mission, get back on your horse, go do the mission, and get your reward. It sure is boring!
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past sucks! All you do is roam around the world, fight enemies, collect items, and solve puzzles. How is this fun?
Chris, every game can be “boring” if you describe it the way you did.

2:10 - 2:25: He then says nothing “cool or exciting” happens. What did you want to happen? Tell us!
He starts complaining that if you lose as Bowser, you don’t get to go into the audience and kill spectators. … Wow, that just happened.
It’s a kid’s game, there won’t be any brutal massacres caused by a character losing. They don’t want to give it an M-Rating. I can imagine IG playing Mario Golf or Tennis and complaining that Bowser doesn’t get to kill spectators.
He then brings up how he was sitting there “waiting” for something happen. The footage shows him playing Ping-Pong, that looks like “something happening”. What are you going on about?

2:26 - 2:49: He then brings up that he did enjoy the Trampoline event where press buttons while in the air. So the only event he liked was the one that required pressing buttons. I’m convinced, he just hates the game because he sucks at it. Looking at the footage, he kept getting last place, and instead of admitting he sucks he blames the controls.
“Too bad they couldn’t implement any good ideas into the rest of the game” I imagine if the rest of the game was button mashing, it wouldn’t be like the Trampoline event, it would be like other Olympic games where you slammed the button until you broke the controller. Kind of like Track & Field.

2:50 - 3:05: “Now I’m going to cut this review kind of short…” It’s about the same length as all your other Neo videos, what makes this one any different?
He continues complaining that it’s awful, that’s it’s a waste of time, and not “crazy” like a “real Mario vs. Sonic game should be”. That’s because this isn’t “Mario vs. Sonic”, nowhere in the title does it say “vs.”! Get that through your head! What do you want from a “Mario vs. Sonic” game?

The video ends with IG saying if you really want to pit Mario & Sonic against each other, wait for Brawl. *checks video date* April 26th, and Brawl came out in North America March 9th. Oops!
Okay he probably uploaded this video to GottGame before that, but I have no idea when that was because the new site reuploaded his videos at the same time. So maybe it was before Brawl came out, I don’t know. At least include an annotation saying when the video was originally uploaded.
By the way, you seriously couldn’t find the actual Brawl boxart so you had to use a fake? That’s just lazy.

He once again calls the game “boring and fustrating” FRUSTRATING! There’s an “R” in there! Say it right damn it!
The camera cuts to him and he throws the game, ending the video. No sound effect? Come on at least give us a Wilhelm!

That was awful! The first truly BAD IG Neo video and it definitely won’t be the last. Research failure, annoying nitpicking, and blaming the game for his own ineptitude. It’s all there.

Next Redux is R.O.B. Part 1... Oh dear.

Maybe Bores will actually release something new? It's only been seven months since the last actual retro review.
As for the "Chris Bores Day" post I made, it's been deleted. It was really dumb.