Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Little Things

After a month of nothing, Bores finally uploaded a video. A 19 second "deleted scene" from the Aflac thing. The Kool-Aid Man's audition, and if you can guess the joke then congratulations you're not lobotomized.

This obviously isn't a deleted scene. Bores realized he hasn't uploaded anything in a month so he put on his Kool-Aid Man costume, got in front of his green screen and recorded that. He just called it a deleted scene to try and trick people.

Now that's out of the way, here are some other things worth mentioning.
You know those sprites adorning his walls? The one he claims are made of wood but look far too professional? He didn't make them out of wood. They're PixelBlocks, a Lego-style toy that allows one to create statues out of pixels, including 8-bit sprites. You can buy them here:

Bores has said the trailer for the next video will be up in a few days. Why waste the time making a trailer? Just upload the video itself.

Not much to say.

EDIT: Site update from Bores. On 5/21/11
Sorry for lack of updates. Been hard at work on the new review. I should have a trailer up soon. Alot of crazy stuff going on in this next episode!

I try to archive these now because he often edits older news or outright deletes them.
There we go, bragging about how "crazy or epic" the upcoming episode is.


  1. I've been wondering how Bores got those 8-bit sprite statues since I've been wanting to get my hands on them myself. I remember a while back, Bores mentioned in an update that he's been willing to give them away by contacting him or something. But I wouldn't want to have anything associated with the Bores.

    Now that I know, well, it seems that these pixel blocks would be fun to play with and mess around with.

  2. yeah, bores said he made them out of wood and a lot of people asked to buy them, but he spent too much time over a whole summer making them.

    even before bores said that, they were available on thinkgeek. that's probably where he bought them.

  3. I don't blame ya, Dan. Chris uploads a review every blue moon.

  4. I know it's kinda late to bring this up but 200 videos isn't really that special considering how he cuts short videos in half.

  5. Sigh, I hope he doesn't get a 3DS. He'll probably review BlazBlue and hate it!

  6. You know, I always wanted a game where James, Doug, Mike and Lewis all joined together to defeat Chris.
    You have to fight his various characters before fight the Irate Gamer himself.
    The only reason he is the final boss is because he cheated with a Game Genie.

  7. Is BlazBlue out yet? If so, I gotta grab it.
    You know, every time Bores takes a while to upload something I start getting my hopes up that he's finally given up, or something (no I don't hope for death or illness on him or anyone else, that's just wrong). Oh well.

  8. That sounds like the most awesome game ever! what would be a good ROM to hack for it?

  9. @ Derek

    Dont forget Derek, the HVGN, BTW new review of him tomorrow.

  10. To be fair, there are reasons to post trailers - if people are visiting one location over another (just out of habit or something), the trailer can direct them to the proper location... if you want to hype something or get people excited about upcoming material... to inform them of an event that's coming but isn't finished yet...

    However, since the good Mr. Bores only releases videos every half a year or so plus he for some reason counts those as something to be proud of to the point where he counts them as part of his "200 videos," AND that no one is really all that excited about him, there's nothing to be hyped for... except for maybe your eventual overview, BatDan.

  11. BlazBlue on the 3DS doesn't come out until May 31st. So it's still a few days away.

    Exactly. I can see someone making a trailer for a BIG episode that's required a ton of work, or in your case multiple episodes. But for one regular episode?
    Then again, for Bores a regular episode does seem to take months, even though Angry Joe has similar production values and skits yet he can get 3-4 reviews out in a month.

    As for the 200 videos, I'm so calling bullshit on that. I should count how many videos he really does have, not counting trailers, updates, or contests. I also won't count those "trailer reviews" where he just shows an entire trailer and says "wasn't that cool guys"?

  12. Be fair, Link...he has to make ALL that research errors, and those special effects take SO long to put in, and those retarded jokes take SO long to think up.

    In all seriousness, I once called Chris Bores the Stephenie Meyer of game reviewing and I stand by that. He has a much bigger opinion of himself of what he produces than the shitty product he cranks out merits, and he either ignores people who try to point out the flaws in his bullshit or mocks them for not knowing what they're talking about. At least to his narrow mind.

    I mean, I feel self-conscious at some of the stuff that's gone into some of my reviews when I look back at it. I don't think Bores feels the least bit bad about anything to have his name on it.

  13. So those sprites are basicall lego? That explains a loot - namely why he doesn't use his 133d wood skillz to make more pleasant videos, like EricPowerUp does with his amazing paper art.


    At least Bores didn't get a crapload of money for infecting a whole generation with a creepy stalker fetish. But then again, the Twilight movies can be unintentionally hilarious due to the sheer stupidity of its source material - which is more than you can say for Bores' work. So yeah, they are both equally bad.

  14. Say guys, if you have a 3DS, what games are you waiting for?

  15. @Derek

    Cave Story, the downloadable games, and Mario Kart.

    And holy crap, I've been gone for a while. Guess when I use my computer I'm too busy playing Starcraft 2/using TvTropes/trying to watch My Little Pony Friendship is magic without any one seeing.


    Actually, when he had the video that claimed to be the 200th up, his channel only counter 199. Must have been a slip up with deleting and old version of one of his reviews.

  16. @Batdannight
    A Brief count reveals that of actual reviews Bores has only released 51 videos.


    [Most reccent one was out 7 months ago]

    History of False information(I mean video games): 4
    [Also he released HoVG 1 twice, the only difference is that the second one is in HD.. joy]

    Technically if you want to be really nice you could count his 'movie reviews'... but they're so piss poor and short that they may as well be fillers.

    Now lets contrast that number (51 videos) with his padding videos [ad/preview/trailer/contest/outtake]:


    49! And that doesn't include his |*watch a trailer* "Oh Gee I really like the look of that"| videos
    (which if we take out the HoVG videos, is actually more than his reviews)

    The Sonic Unleashed review has 2 trailers. TWO! And they are EXACTALLY THE SAME!! Look:

    And while yes I agree with Lewis' point that you might want to direct people to the correct site with a single trailer, that does not explain releasing two of the same damn thing!!!

  17. God, why the fuck does Bores lie about everything.

  18. @blueluigi

    Meh, those Pixel Blocks are way too expensive and I don't think you can do much with 2k blocks (maybe 2-3 basic sprites).

  19. @ Lewis

    i first heard of AVGN by seeing one of his trailers on youtube, and then going to his site. the youtube trailer actually served a purpose there.

    showing a trailer on youtube for a video that will appear on youtube is just stupid. you do get more people finding your video via search results, and you can possibly get more ad revenue (not sure if bores has sunk to the level of putting ads on his trailers, but i wouldn't be surprised.) still, while it does serve some purpose, it's not the purpose that trailers are intended for.

  20. Are they pixel blocks? The pixels blocks look shiny and glossy, while Bores' sprites look like they're painted.

  21. Honestly, I don't think these are Pixel Blocks. When you look at his Simon Belmont's sprite (HoD review), it's not that professional-looking.

    I don't think he made it himself though, he probably bought them on eBay or something.

  22. So the only decent thing to come out of Boring Casual wasn't made by him?

  23. On an unrelated note, I learned about the Punic Wars today. Rome seems to remind me of Taskmaster, due to how they took enemy designs and improved them.

  24. "trying to watch My Little Pony Friendship is magic without any one seeing."

    What's the big deal with that show?

    And also BlazBlue coming to the 3DS?...sweet!, maybe it will get me to finally play the thing for more than 5 minutes (my brother has one)...that is if I can get off LA Noire first

  25. Comment from Bores' latest video:

    @LadyBuggin777 Oh seems like you decided to avoid me, honey. Well, fine by me. I'm the real Chris's mother, you are a sad fake. I can prove my every single word, i have contact with Chris on daily basis. Wanna try me? Your move, cutie :)

    LindaOhio 19 hours ago

  26. I always figured Buggin wasn't his real mom. I don't know ANYONE who could actually be that crazy... but if this LindaOhio person is the REAL mother of Bores, I'd love to hear what she might have to say about what her son does. From that comment, she seems much more civil than Buggin.

  27. What's even weirder his how Bores apparently doesn't care that some crazy fan of his claims to be his mother while acting like an idiot. This just further proofs that Bores doesn't care about his fanbase - or any comment that makes it through his filters.

  28. He'll probably complain that BlazBlue is too Japanese and that it's not like MK.
    Speaking of which, do you think he actually bought it yet? Any MK fan would have gotten it already, so why isn't there a review of it?

  29. @Derek:

    Not quite. He'll complain that it's 2D, that it's too hard, that there's no blood and gore AND that they only speak Japanese.

    And maybe Bores actually tries to NOT suck at a game, and that's why the MK review takes so long?


    account was created 1 day ago, apparently for the sole purpose of calling out LadyBuggin777, and the wallpaper of the users homepage is a family picture that includes Bores.

    So, the LadyBuggin777 on YouTube is most likely a fake. I still highly doubt that the LadyBuggin777 on the Dark Chapters page is fake, just because of how old it is and the fact that Bores hadn't attracted any Trolls yet. I'd guess the fake LadyBuggin777 found the Dark Chapters site long before I did and copied the name without drawing attention to the site.

    There is always the chance that LindaOhio is a fake, and just found a Bores family picture somewhere. I highly doubt that, because I would seriously have to question the motive (as if LadyBuggin777 pretending to be Bores's mother wasn't questionable enough)

    I also am really confused as to why Bores never called out LadyBuggin777, that was the one thing that made me think maybe it really was his mother.

    I guess if Bore's calls out one of them or the other, that'll set the record straight.

  31. ...or what about this. What if LadyBuggin777 is Bores's real mother, she really is that crazy, and Bores created the sockpuppet account LindaOhio to draw attention away from her and make people think "Oh, I guess that really isn't his mom."

    Wouldn't it be funny if Bores's real mom was arguing with someone pretending to be her, and it turned out to be Bores himself?

    For the record, I DO NOT think that is what's going on, I just think it'd be fuckin hilarious.

  32. He should make videos about THAT instead of his usualy stuff!

    Oh, and this comment on LindaOhio's page is priceless:

    "That's messed up that someone's pretending to be you. Identity theft is a downright horrible thing to do to a person, it's right up there with plagiarism. "

  33. @Invisible Crane

    I have no idea what so ever.

    Also, how does Bores classify seasons? Is the DVD season one and everything else season 2 or something?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. @nuclearneo577
    He now has playlists of his "seasons". Season 1 consists of the 11 episodes on the DVD.

    Season 2 has Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Tetris, all three Contra videos, Q*bert, Predator, and both R.O.B. videos. For some reason the DirectTV spoof is there.

    Season 3 has both ET videos, Home Improvement, Monster Party, the Scrabble Scandal (that was an episode?), Top 5 NES Games, Top 5 Worst Video Game Movies (that was also an episode?), Aladdin, Retro Mini, Kool-Aid Man, and both Educational Mario Games episodes.

    The show is currently in "Season 4" and has only one episode, Cool Spot.

  36. @Cinemacolyte:

    Err... psst! Don't tell the joke XD !


    Looks like Season 4 will be the "longest" ever...

  37. Well, today is the date for the supposed "rapture". I'd better see what is happening right now.

    (looks outside)

    Huh, for an apocalypse, it sure looks peaceful.

  38. I'm kinda glad that this LindaOhio account exists. It at least shows that the arrogance, ego, and horrible spelling and grammar of Bores isn't genetic, assuming LindaOhio actually is his mom.

    Also, I don't know, but it actually is sort of looking like Chris is giving up the IG. I mean, he hasn't posted a regular review in seven months, a NEO review in a month, and has mentioned people he's been inspired by. If he gives up, he might not get anything out of his brief stint as the Irate Gamer but money that he doesn't deserve, but at least he'll be off YouTube.

    Maybe there'll be another bad reviewer that lurks onto YouTube.

  39. @Smashhacker:

    Oh, good to know. And do you know WHY the Earth was supposed to end? I'm just curious ^^ !


    If that was the case, he wouldn't have uploaded this supposed "outtake". He's just lazier than ever and wants to make us believe he's still doing something. Maybe in 1 or 2 months he'll release a "full" video and pretend like this long gap didn't exist.

  40. I wonder where the fake mother(s) got the pictures from?

  41. @Doresh

    Honestly, I have the same question, too. Some people say that May 21, 2011 is the date of the second coming of Christ, some people say that humanity just instantly disappear from existence on this date, and some say that natural disasters just occurs spontaneously on that date. The first time I knew of this supposed apocalypse was when I was on

  42. @ smashhacker
    See, this is what I don't like about Christianity. Not the actual religion, but those people who believe all that doomsday crap.

  43. Organism found
    Subject: Christopher Bores
    Ego: Above all detectable measures
    Originality: Not detectable
    Experience: Unusually small
    Subject determined to be lazy
    Threat Level: Low

  44. @ Doresh and Smashhacker

    I heard it has something to do with it being 10,000 years exactly from the creation of man. Of course, that's assuming the current estimation that Jesus was born in 7 B.C. is accurate, obviously there were errors in the past. I really don't know how they figured what day of the year it would be, let alone what time of day. We don't even know what day Jesus was born, Christmas is the observed day based off assumptions and misinformation.

    Also, it wasn't suppose to be the 'apocalypse'' or the 'end of the world'. It was suppose to be the rapture. It's said that God would take all his followers from Earth to Heaven to protect them.

    Maybe the rapture actually did happen, but the group of people chosen by God was so small that no one noticed.

  45. H...he blocked me. He fucking blocked me. LOL, I thought he didin't do that anymore.

  46. Great, the comment I typed didn't get in. Look's like I'll have to put in the tl;dr version.

    Well made flash animations of Ryu vs Scorpion; Akuma vs Chameleon

    Fangame (currently WIP) made with MUGEN engine. Info can be found here:

  47. I noticed the flash animations seem to be pro-Street Fighter since the characters that lived are from SF while the characters that died are from MK.

  48. @Shaolin Dave:

    Or maybe it means that NOBODY was chosen because of some minor errors in the bible XD !

    Oh, and christmas is just yuletide repackaged as a Christian holiday. Same for easter. All part of the "Easy conversion for lazy pagans"-guide.

    And I don't get does doomsday guys either. All their fanatic belief in some badshit insane theories, so that one day, when the Earth is finally biting the dust, the can raise their head and say "Told you!" Oo

  49. @To those who are going on about doomsday and stuff

    I prefer to believe in Ragnarok. It's gonna be freakin' Metal. I'll have to name my future child after one of the two mortals who are allowed to survive it though.

    Thor hammering down the serpent Jormungad, Vidar slaying Fenrir the giant wolf, Not to mention the war with the Glorious dead and Unworthy dead, FUCK! It's gonna be awesome!

  50. "The world didn't end on May 21st, so Christianity is false! Ha Ha!"

    With over 2.1 billion christians in the world, just one moron pulls the date of the rapture out of his ass and provides the ignorant intolerant masses with what they believe to be evidence to use against us.

  51. @The Fedora'd Samurai:

    Count me in XD !

    @Shaolin Dave:

    Well, not only did this moron pull the date out of his ass TWICE now, but the amount of followers he had (who where all perfectly willing to give him all their money) is a bit strange.
    Not to mention that even a Christian minority in Vietnam believed this date to be the day of the rapture.

  52. There is no excuse for not making a video for such a long time.

  53. @ Blaze

    Unless it's the excuse is "giving up", which would be the best excuse ever.

  54. @People talking about doomsday

    What baffles me is how people actually believe in this bullcrap. The same people that think that just because they dreamt about God telling them something that'll "happen", they start thinking they are "the chosen ones". One of these idiots was a guy named Wellington, who killed 12 kids at a school in Rio because he thought he was chosen by God.

    This ends my rant. Off-track mode off.

  55. @ Arthur

    There's a very, VERY, small amount of people who actually believe in it. Of course, if you can attach that small amount of people to Christianity then all the hate-mongers have to come out and blow the whole thing out of proportion.

    David Berkowitz killed six people because he believed his neighbor's dog told him to do it. I don't recall hearing people criticize dogs or dog owners because of that.

  56. @Shaolin Dave

    Hey I never even knew the Rapture was last Saturday and I don't believe in the 2012 bulcrap either

    Just shows how many religious nuts you can find in the trees where you don't want them

  57. @Dave

    I don't know if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me.

  58. You know guys, I think it would be cool if someone made a game about 2012. It could be like the movie, with everything getting destroyed, except you make a character and have to survive by doing things like looting, or killing animals, and making a shelter out of the remains of what was destroyed.

  59. @ Arthur Arneiro

    i guess that would depend on what you're trying to say. my point is that christians are constantly being unfairly attacked, and one of the many means of doing this is to automatically associate all christians with a nutball like harold camping.

    @ thecruiser8490

    not a bad idea. the grand theft auto series proved that players like creating chaos in a orderly world. maybe trying to maintain personal order in a chaotic world would be just as appealing. i might consider making a game like that, though i'd probably leave the whole 2012 thing out of it.

  60. @Shaolin Dave

    I heard there is a series like that, but the series was only released in Japan only where you help out people during an Earthquake and its been around since the early days of the PS2. I forgot the name, but I know there was a DVD that came with a gaming magazine

  61. A little treat!

  62. Also this:

  63. So it seems that the Irategamerparodies youtube channel has been removed. That sucks so very much.

  64. Maybe you should consider making IGS a video series. Would give you something to do and access to a full arsenal of gags through various clips and such. Just a thought.

  65. Huh so I just read the previous comments. I agree with you Shaolin Dave. Considering the fact that I'm a Muslim, I know how much the vocal minority can mess things up.

  66. Personally, I can't take doomsday fanatics seriously, whether their theories revolve around a religion or not. They'd be rather amusing if it wasn't for stuff like mass suicide and driving their members into financial ruin.


    It's called "Zettai Zetsumei Toshi". It was also released in the states as "Disaster Report" and in Europe as "SOS: The Final Escape". It's sequel is known in the West as "Raw Danger!" (for some reason).
    There was a Japan-only sequel for the PSP and a planned PS3-sequel that was cancelled due to obvious reasons.

  67. LindaOhio just wrote me a personal message. I'm still not sure she's really Bores's mother, but at least she's not a raving lunatic.

  68. Correction: It actually wasn't a personal message, she posted it on my profile. Anyone wants to read what she had to say, go to

  69. @ Shaolin Dave:

    You know, I actually agree with that. Sure, it would mean I will no longer be entertained by those blogs, but I can deal with that.

    There is one guy on YouTube that I wouldn't mind leaving as well. Shane Dawson, I can't stand that guy. I think he is worse than the irategamer.

  70. @Shaolin Dave

    Dude...what the fuck is up with your youtube profile pic and uploads...

  71. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    the profile pic automatically changed itself to the thumbnail for one of my uploads a while back. i don't know why. it's fixed now.

    as for my uploads, they're AMVs (Anime Music Videos). yeah, i know they're weird, but i had fun making them and a lot of people find them humorous.

  72. LO seems legit. Have you considered talking to her about the accusations of plagiarism directed at her son. She seems like a nice lady, which really only makes Chris look even worse.

  73. @Dave
    What.... what anime is that? What the hell?

  74. @ArabGamer

    It seems she's unaware of what Chris has done, mainly because of lack of interest. Her only concern was with LadyBuggin777 posing as her. I have a feeling she woulnt approve of Chris's actions, but because she seems so nice I'd rather not bother her with them.

    BTW, the anime used for "bodies" was "Street Fighter II" (obviously). "my girlfriends dead" was done to "Excel Saga", one of the funniest amines but probably a bit too wacky for most people's taste. "who put the bomp?" was done to a 2-episode spin-off off Excel Saga called "puni puni Poemy"... I only recommend it to people who've watched and enjoyed Excel Saga.

  75. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am saddened to say that Macho Man Randy Savage, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into the sqaure ring, has passed away. Let us bow our heads and take a moment of silence... *ten bell ring*. Rest in peace Macho Man, we'll miss you dearly.. ;_;

  76. @ Vince

    Huh, I just checked and it says he died on the 20th. I guess Spoony hasn't heard, or he would have posted something about it.

  77. @Shaolin Dave

    Why are you subbed to 1svaffel?

  78. @ Arthur

    Good question. My nephew must have done it while he was on my account. I don't even know who it is.

  79. @Shaolin Dave
    He's a Polish "reviewer" that's near impossible to understand. He goes by "The Angry Video Game Nerd". He has like 1000 videos that are all near-identical.

    DLAbaoaqu has done a couple videos on him.

  80. Just a quick question you guys, but what game would be better? Street Fighter IV 3D or DOA Dimensions?
    Also, I saw the WVGN. Fucking sucks, but more enjoyable than iJustine.
    Speaking of which, why don't many people rant about her? I know she doesn't fall into the category of an 'AVGN ripoff' as much as does a 'Youtube Prostitute', but I think she needs to be called out by people like Asalieri or DLAbaoaqu for the slutty little hack she is.

    I totally agree with you there. His sketch videos are like if Friedberg and Seltzer created 7 minute versions of cheesy 80's sitcoms. It almost makes Boring seem like aromatherapy.

  81. Sorry, I meant Finnish. Either way he's near impossible to understand.

  82. @JohnNintendoNerd
    I've seen one gaming video from iJustine (through a classy SomethingAwful riff), all I remember was waking up in a dark alley with blood on my clothes.
    So I rewatched it, and holy shit was it grating. It was one of her Portal 2 videos, and she couldn't solve "place a Blue Portal near the door, and go back through the fixed Orange Portal".
    I don't even know what she does. But apparently she's popular.

  83. @ John
    It depends. They are both pretty different fighting games.

  84. @ Arthur and BatDan

    ah, okay, now i remember 1svaffel. not sure why i'm subscribed, but i did see some of his stuff a while back. i considered adding subtitles (of what i could understand, guessing on everything else, for comedic value.)

    @ John

    i'd never heard of iJustine before. after you mentioned her I looked her up. holy shit, how is it possible for someone to be so annoying.

  85. I saw a Portal 2 video of iJustine, and I swear, my head went through my desk so hard that it went to hell.

  86. i just watched the beginning of the video where she tried ordering a pizza from home depot. i don't intend on watching her talk about portal, or any other subject i care about.

  87. Oh God! iJustine is TERRIBLE at making Let's Plays. I just watched the first part, and I am already asking questions. How can one person be this annoying? How can one make these bad jokes? How can one get stuck at the second test? HOW?!

    God, I need some pain-killing substitutes to ease my brain. There it is!

  88. Ijustine got a fucking youtube partnership after making one video on her gaming channel

  89. Another proof that Youtube is run by morons.

    Seriously, people like her get partnerships instantly (which makes you wonder if she wasn't secretly hired by Youtube or something), whereas guys like Guru Larry are being told to piss off Oo ?!

  90. @Shaolin Dave

    I really don't know what to think about the Ladybuggin777/LindaOhio situation. I still think LB777 is the one from "The Dark Chapters", there are similarities between what she wrote back then and what she does now (like the Momma'z thing). But in that case, who's LO then ?

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. @Cinemacolyte
    Because the comment was left in 2003, before we knew of him.

  94. You know, unless he releases something particularly offensive to my senses, I'm kind of done caring about Bores.

  95. Hey, I'm curious, who is MindofCrasyPerson222? I'm reading through some of the older blog posts and comments, and it seems like every comment he ever posted was deleted by the author.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. @ Cinemacolyte

    that's what I think happened, too.

  98. @Cinemacolyte

    LB777's Youtube account was created in october '07, a few days BEFORE the SMB2 video (you know, the one that made Bores popular back then).

  99. So then could it be that LO is the pretender? It seems unlikely given the photo. Gah so messed up and confused.
    Okay. New theory. Maybe Lady Buggin was a friend of Chris'. They had a falling out, or something, and now pretends to be his mother while trolling.

  100. Ah, or maybe Ladybuggin was Chris all along. That... would make for a very awkward conversation.

  101. HAH! In Phelous and Film Brain's latest crossover, Film Brain does his "SYMBOLISM!" gag and puts "BREAKFEASTISRUINED" at the bottom!

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. IG just uploaded a Neo review of LittleBigPlanet 2, I'm working on the recap now.

  104. Little Big Planet 2
    NA release: Januray 18, 2011
    The Review: May 25, 2011
    Difference: 4 months, 1 week

  105. I just realized that this is especially stupid because there is no end game. He just has to pick it up, learn the basics, and play some levels. Possibly screw around with the editor a bit.

  106. I checked. He's going to E3.