Monday, May 9, 2011

Returning to the Vault! MythBusters

Man, we haven’t seen anything new from Bores in a while. I don’t feel like doing a redux recap, yet I want to write something. I know! Quickly, to the Chris Bores Vault! Codename: y2b2006

Yes, we’re venturing back to IG’s first YouTube channel. Something that I rarely visit because there’s very little material.
There’s 12 videos total.
5 are short Haunted Investigators commercials
The video “Back to the Past“. See the post about that here:
A short video where Bores utilizes split-screen and abuses After Effects for “DBZ Style Fighting”. You know I remember characters on DBZ actually using their fists most of the time, it wasn’t just fireballs.
Another short video that abuses After Effects, this time with Bores being attacked by “fire” for no reason.
A “joke” video with Bores recording Egyptian artifacts, ending on “Thermostat: 4000 BC”. I can see where the Irate Gamer comedy comes from.
An upload of the Mansfield Reformatory segment on ABC Family’s “Scariest Places on Earth”. An excuse to plug the Haunted Investigators episode he did on the prison.
And finally, the subject of this recap. Two MythBusters parodies.

For those unaware, MythBusters is a long-running scientific show on Discovery Channel. Special effect experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman use science to determine the validity of various stories, movie scenes, and myths. The shows overuse of explosions and fire make it amazing parody fodder. This on the other hand… let’s just get through it.

I’ll only be covering the first parody in this post, I’ll get to the second one eventually. Here’s the video.

One title card later.

0:16 - 0:51: We open on “Adam” and “Jamie” giving their safety disclaimer “Don’t try this at home. We’re what you call ‘professionals’.” This is something that does happen on the show, however I wouldn’t call these two “professionals”.
We then get the MythBusters intro, here it’s a combination of clips from the show and clips from this spoof. The spoof clips consist of “Adam” and “Jamie” poorly reciting famous lines from the show, “Am I missing an eyebrow?” “I reject your reality and substitute my own” “Quack damn you!” and so on. I love how the clips from the real MythBusters make sure not to show the faces of the actual hosts, and how the quality between the two is extremely jarring.

So who’s filling the shoes? Adam is being played by Bores himself, because he’s such a dead ringer for Adam Savage.
Jamie is played by Brad Harp, who’s better known as the Genie in the Aladdin video. Why do I get the feeling he’ll be using the same flat tone and delivery here?

I also want to make something perfectly clear. Buddhist Priest Alan Cicco is not the Genie, it’s just a coincidence that they both have big full beards. I shouldn’t have to tell you this since his name is not in the credits to the Aladdin video, yet people still believe this. Though to be fair, knowing that would require one to sit through that disastrous video.

0:52 - 1:29: The first myth of the show, rubbing two sticks together to create fire. The real MythBusters did this in episode 45 “Shredded Plane”, which oddly enough aired the same day when this video was uploaded (January 18th 2006). Myth was confirmed through the use of a drill and gunpowder.
Adam brings up that it’s almost Thanksgiving… okay maybe the video was recorded in November, I won’t fault him for getting the timing off here.
Adam wants to do three myths related to the holiday, starting with “rubbing sticks”. Jamie believes using steel would work, but Adam disagrees.
Two things you’ll immediately notice. The acting is appalling, both of them sound completely bored out of their minds. Brad looks like he’s about to fall asleep.
The other thing is the editing, it’s a nightmare. At one point, we get a wide-shot of the two with Bores speaking, and then it cuts to a close-up of him finishing his line. Did they not have a good take of him finishing the line that they had to do that extremely sloppy cut?

1:30 - 2:34: Adam attempts his experiment by literally rubbing two sticks together without a third source of energy. You need another energy source to allow the fire to stay there, by just rubbing the sticks together you get nothing.
Jamie starts speaking and you’ll notice yet another problem, the sound quality is awful. I can barely hear him over the goddamn banjo music!
You’ll also notice the narrator is played by Bores, doing a piss-poor job at it.

Adam keeps rubbing the sticks not realizing that the task is futile. The narrator exclaims he’s been going at it for an hour, which Adam repeats 5 seconds later. Keep in mind, there was intended effort put into this.
“Finally after a tireless effort, he finally throws in the towel”. Repetition is fun!
I’m kind of surprised he didn’t add a fake explosion, maybe this was before Bores believed in “explosions = comedy”.

2:35 - 4:27: “I look like an ass trying to one-up you” … Way too easy.
Adam wonders where the myth originated and Jamie thinks he has the answer from an old boy scout manual.
Jamie then explains his method of starting a fire with friction. At this point, one will realize the biggest problem with this video. IT’S! NOT! A! PARODY!
A parody exaggerates certain aspects for comedy, for a MythBusters parody one would make fun of the overuse of explosions, or in Robot Chicken’s case, turn them into Ghostbusters using their Proton Packs on myths.

However, nothing about this is exaggerated for comedy. Everything is taken seriously and they’re trying to apply actual science to the “myths”. If anything, this is a direct copy rather than an affectionate spoof. I hate to bring up the old “Chris Bores is an unoriginal hack” remark, but it really shines through here.

At one point, Jamie insults Adam and he yells “I heard that!” from off-screen. I have a feeling Bores isn’t too proud of these videos, it makes him look like an idiot and he can’t have his “perfect image” tainted.
Jamie continues building whatever it is he’s doing, honestly there’s nothing here to make fun of. When he finishes up, Adam shows up to “goof off”, takes two sticks and pretends to drum Jamie’s head. Look, I know Adam is kind of nutso on the show, but he’s not an idiot. Bores is portraying him as an annoying moron. Is this supposed to be the parody aspect? Because it’s not funny!

4:28 - 5:16: Jamie tests outs his contraption, and surprisingly he’s able to get smoke. However, he wasn’t able to get fire. Why is Bores making the narrator sound really derpy?

5:17 - 5:27: Adam wonders what Jamie’s next idea is, he responds he can make it happen with “flint and steel”. Adam proceeds to mock him. Wow, that’s mature. I’d ask if Bores has ever seen the show, but then I remembered the intro footage. This is so lame.

5:28 - 6:29: Jamie gets the flint & steel to work, even though it’s not “rubbing two sticks together”. Adam hits the burning pieces with a stick because he “can’t resist playing with fire”. That looks less like playing and more like “Oh crap fire! I need to put it out now!” Jamie then calls Adam a bed-wetter. Was that meant to be a joke?

6:30 - 6:57: The duo discuss if the myth is busted, Adam claims it’s “half-busted” but then they settle on outright Busted. Well, you could always declare it Plausible, that is one of their options. Just saying…

6:58 - 7:31: The second myth “Will eating turkey make you tired?” Well, turkey does contain L-tryptophan, an amino acid that can induce sleep. But when it comes to Thanksgiving there’s multiple aspects involved in making people sleepy. Mostly over-eating and booze.

Their plan of action is to buy a big turkey, Jamie will eat a moderate amount and Adam will gorge himself.
Adam: You know I like to gorge myself.
Jamie: Yeah, we all know that by your figure.
Heh, the video itself is making fun of Bores for me.

7:32 - 7:56: We cut to sped-up footage of a road as they “search” for a turkey. “Luckily a grocery store was open” Luckily? Either grocery stores are a luxury in Ohio or this is more of Chris’ shitty writing. How much you want to bet they didn’t ask permission to film in the grocery store?

7:57 - 8:25: We then cut to a woman that seems to be stuck in a slideshow, the narrator claims she’s the “resident folklorist”. Her name is Ruthie B. Hayes. GET IT?! LIKE RUTHERFORD B. HAYES?!
I’d tell you what she says but I can barely hear her. More of that wretched sound mixing. Also she keeps jump-cutting all over the place. Remember that before Bores created the Irate Gamer, he was a professional video editor for weddings and other events. I have a feeling these people were ripped off.

8:26 - 9:32: They take the turkeys out of the oven and we watch them eat, and eat, and eat. Does Epic Meal Time have a new video up? Bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips oh hey I’ve lost my mind.

9:33 - 10:38: Adam stops stuffing his face and the duo proceed to phase two, digesting the turkey. So we watch them sit, and sit, and sit, and DAMN IT!
We get a brief reprieve with Jamie saying he’s getting sleepy, and then we watch them sit some more. Folks, go to YouTube and search for clips of the real MythBusters. I can guarantee it’s far more exciting than this shit!
Near the end, Adam “pranks” Jamie by tickling his nose while he sleeps. *sighs* Even his pranks are lame! Draw a dick on his face, pour water on his pants, shave part of his beard, do something that can actually be called a prank.

10:39 - 11:00: We cut to the duo discussing if the myth is confirmed, they both got tired so they decided it’s Plausible. Wait, so they do know about the Plausible ranking? Then why didn’t they use it for the “rubbing two sticks” myth? At least I know there’s only one myth left in this damn video.

11:01 - 11:49: The third myth “Will playing a didgeridoo in front of a plant cause it to bend over?” I’ve never heard this one, they claim they found it off the internet. What does this have to do with Thanksgiving?
They go over the plan, play other sounds before using the didgeridoo.

11:50 - 13:44: Their first test is to play bass guitar, this sure is exciting.
When their setting up, Adam pretends to rock out and then pretends to strangle himself with the cord, asking for help. Jamie nonchalantly says “I’m not helping him”. I can see where he’s coming from.

Jamie then plays various chords, none of which cause the plant to move. Meanwhile I’m trying to stay awake through this dull-fest.

13:45 - 14:52: After seeing the bass guitar failed, they immediately move on to the didgeridoo. What about the other instruments? Are you just giving up?
They start working on making their own didgeridoo. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy your own? I looked online and they range from $25-$30 dollars. That’s a really good deal for an instrument.
After a commercial for Foster’s Beer (to reference what a didgeridoo sounds like) we see Adam and Jamie fight with the PVC pipes, ending with Jamie hitting Adam and saying “I like seeing Adam get hurt.” Another thing we agree on!

14:53 - 15:20: We then get a montage of the duo creating their instruments, a montage that makes the two of them look really incompetent with tools.

15:21 - 16:34: We see their final product, and you can clearly tell they just bought them.
“Blue Man Group eat your heart out!” God damn it Bores…
Jamie’s instrument is in the key of D, he tests his out and it works. Adam’s instrument is in the key of A, he tests his and he suuucks. He concludes that it’s broken only for Jamie to do it correctly. You know, the real Adam Savage wasn’t this rock stupid.
“The only thing that can lift his spirits is a rousing tribal dance” What? Oh no no NO! *sees Bores dancing* Stop just stop you’re embarrassing everyone! Jeez…

16:35 - 17:28: After a long sequence of nothing, we finally see the test. Both didgeridoos have no effect on the plant. Well that was a waste of time!

The video ends with the two of them declaring the myth Busted. I had a feeling it would.
Then we get credits stolen right from the real show. I refuse to buy that all these people worked on this rinky-dink production, just more of Chris’ unoriginality.

Holy crap, this was atrocious!
Bored actors, sound mixing where you could BARELY hear what people were saying, sloppy editing, and it was BORING!
The only good part was Brad insulting Bores, even if they were “in-character”. These days Bores would never make fun of himself.

As for the second video, I’ll wait a bit before getting to it. I want to see if Bores releases something new… ever.


  1. I watched the "DBZ Style Fighting" just so I could see a bit more of Chris Bores's "martial arts expertise".
    It was even a bigger waste of time than I thought.

  2. Man how I love Mythbusters...thank goodness I stayed away from those trainwrecks

  3. Myth: Bores is good at making an original thought-out idea for a youtube video.

    Answer: No
    Result: Busted

  4. Holy crap, this was worse than I expected.
    Then again, everything from Bores is worse than expected, so...

  5. [found in a parallel universe, where instead of the Irate gamer, film school dropout Khris Bored witnessed a growing popularity in reviewing classic rock and heavy metal. This is the script for Annoyed Rocker's latest episode. Many warriors of Metal died to bring us this information.]

    (law and order sound effect: DUNH DUNH)

    *Appears in front of the camera with a freshly bought off ebay Motorhead No Sleep till Hammersmith t-shirt.*

    "Hey, Metalskullz! Annoyed Rocker here to bring you another metal review of Judas Priest's 4th metal album, Screaming: For The Vengeance. I have to say that when I first heard of it, I didn't know what to expect, but now that I got it, it sucks battleaxes. Let's pop this fuck of shit in."

    *Puts in the obviously bootlegged CD sideways and tries in vain to close the tray.*

    *black screen, showing the track listing, out of order of course.*

    "Now, the first song that comes up is "Electric eye". It's apparently a fan favorite, but I'm their biggest fan and this just annoys me! It feels like it puts you headfirst halfway through a single song, but it's clearly the start! Also, I can't make good sense out of the lyrics, they make no sense! Electric eye? sounds like a paradox!"

    *looks to the camera for people to acknowledge that he can say "intellectual words"*

    *Walks over to his mp3 playing speaker to press skip on his ipod. Notice in the corner of the room that several amps are unplugged and stacked on top of each other instead of spread through out the room or in a specific designated spot.*

    "Fuck this, let's start screaming for vengeance!"

    *Starts playing You Got Another Thing Coming, mistaking it for for Screaming for vengeance.*

    "Well, this certainly isn't screaming, he's singing! Screaming's what metal is supposed to be about! Who cares about the lyrical themes, meanings and melodic guitar solos? I want to hear people screaming!"

    *cuts to a skit with a friend of Khris wearing an obviously fake, un-flamboyant wig lip syncing to Black Sabbath's Die Young in front of a green screen. Khris walks up o him, delivers the most unconvincing fake punch to his ribs and rips the Microphone from his hands. He then screams the most awful, wretched, earbleadingly bad scream in the history of rock. Did I mention that many Warriors of Metal died to bring us this information? Hearing this is what did a few of them in.*

  6. "Now, you know how I said that Electric Eye sounded like it was half of a song? Well it turns out there is! There's a secret track on the CD called "Hellion". If you play that first and THEN Electric eye, you'll unlock the full song."

    *This made a few of the Warriors of Metal go on an axe wielding rampage through Ohio. Bored was unfortunately not in the bloodbath. It ended in a police standoff. Only one officer survived by unloading a Street Sweeper, totally legal in that universe.*

    "Ugh, I can't take this anymore! Screaming for Vengeance!? How bout Screaming for a better CD!?"

    *Takes the CD out of the tray and throws it against the wall. Out of the CD, a poorly, POORLY rendered 3d effect of the giant eagle mech on the album cover flies out, growing to it's full size and busts through the roof of the house/apartment. Trust me, really bad effect. The green Screen actually shows in a shot.*

    *Bored looks up*

    "Oh, FECK!"

    *Khris picks up his Jazz Fender guitar, one that is usually for people just starting to play, and climbs up some stairs to the roof. There he plays the opening bass solo to Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Around the World". Using the power of rock, the eagle is destroyed with several of the same stock explosions...Why he plays the bass solo to a funk rock band, and how are we supposed to believe that he played a bass solo on a lead guitar? never explains."

    "Now that's Screaming for Vengeance, fucker!"

    *Throws up the horns, only with his thumb extended for some inane reason.*

    THE END.

    Great, us metalheads have someone new to hate! shame he's in an alternate universe. Oh well, I'll hate him anyway.

  7. Wasn't this video called "The Mythbuster parody spoof show" or something?

  8. @fattoler
    Yes, it was. It sounds like what LittleKuriboh calls his parody of Naruto Abridged. "Naruto the Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show".

  9. Chris is like Yamata no Orochi. He has many heads yet they're all the same person.

  10. Hey, BatDan. Long time reader of the Blog. I remember you mentioning that you would make a list of recommended reviewers, and IG parodies. Do you still plan to do so? I'm trying to find the good parodies. I know about 3rd rate gamer, and Asi's RAR series.
    Also, we should be thankful. I think his Mythbusters parody could have been much worse. Shall I invoke Seltzerburg?

  11. @ArabGamer
    You can find the best parodies on this channel:
    He's archived the Save-State Gamer and Irritated Gamer videos, two channels that closed down.
    He also has playlists of other parodies that are still up.

    Friedberg & Seltzer are an entirely different level. That kind of parody is made with zero knowledge of the source material. At least Bores knew the names of the hosts, he just forgot to add quality, humor, myths that aren't boring and ended up making a carbon copy rather than a parody.

  12. hey guys on an off topic note

    Has anyone ever tried to beat or go as far as possible in Solstice?

    Seriously why the fuck the game has no password, and it's sad, because it's seems like a good game.

  13. @BatDan
    Thanks. I'm cracking up laughing at the save state gamer stuff right now. I have to wonder about his overuse of portraying Chris as gay. I mean there's already so much that we can make fun of him about. Do we need to add more?

    Thanks for reminding me. Just found my copy of Okamiden buried in the Pit of Despair (AKA my car trunk).

  14. ...I wonder if his entire fanbase just revolves around their age? I mean, I knew some kids who really loved Dragonforce (band with potential, but the lead guitarist's 4 minute long solos are fucking annoying) but they eventually stopped and listened to much better bands like Hammerfall and Stratovarius.

    I mean, have you seen some of the Irate Gamer "tributes on youtube? still images with random music played over them. Hey fuckers, THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A TRIBUTE.

  15. Oh, now I get it! His Irate Gamer Show is just a PARODY of other reviewers! He just forgot to mention it! That explains why he's such an arrogant megalomaniac!

    Sadly, we don't live in a perfect utopia, so I'm probably just making shit up and he's actually serious with his show...

  16. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I really want someone to make an IG parody like that.

  17. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I brought that up in an earlier post. It's sad, when it comes to tributes, Chris' fans are lazier than he is. I didn't know that was possible. But then again, they're IG fans, so they're like the flies that sit atop a turd mountain.

  18. @Doresh
    I always thought of the possibility of that being the case with Bores' reviews, but I don't really recall that many bad reviewers from the early days of YouTube video game reviewing (2006/2007) who got a somewhat large following and weren't just kids making shit with their webcams. To me, the majority of the "popular" bad reviewers got their start in video making in the 2007 (around the time or after IG made his debut) and 2008 time-span when the "reviewing phenomenon" was in full-swing.

  19. When I was a teenager, a couple people took the DooM mod that my friends and I spent months working on and slapped their name on it, and even accepted donations for our work.
    A couple years ago, someone in Australia hijacked a domain name minutes before I registered it, and is trying to steal the company name that I've been using since about 1990.
    I hate plagiarists.

  20. Everyone check this channel

    Its a collecion of CHris Bores stupidity, the mythbuster "spoofs" among 48 other videos.

  21. Another thing worth noting: They said they would just start with a chromatic scale on a bass guitar, they didn't (A chromatic scale would have sharps or flats in it). Then they said that Jamie would play a chord, again, he didn't. A chord is more than one note, they were just playing single notes.

  22. Hey...... Charlie made his own blog. If you want the link here it is.

  23. I noticed that a while ago. I'm actually surprised that he made so few Spelling errors, but that doesn't change the fact that most of the stuff on that blog is completely effin' wrong.

  24. @Stefan
    We've known about that channel for a long time.

    @The Boy
    We've known about that for a long time as well. Come on people I need pictures! Pictures of Spider-Man!
    Wait, I'm not the head of a newspaper...

  25. *checks IG's site* Still no updates.
    I bet that the next video is only going to be 10 minutes long.

  26. @BatDanNight (Wait you changed your username?)

    10 minutes? I don't think so. It will be a NEO episode, so it's most likely to be <5 minutes.

  27. Looks like he's disabling the ratings again

  28. Didn't he say that he was gonna do a retro review? Whatever, I just don't want Annoyed Rocker to review my favorite 3 Inches of Blood album. I got word from the parallel universe that he dropped a hint in the video that he will...from what I heard, no reference was anywhere.

  29. Has anyone else noticed that Welshy, Phelous and Sad Panda of tgwtg constantly references the Bores and makes variations of his silly lines? I find it hilarious.

  30. Oh, a retro review? My bad. I was talking about the MK episode that's supposedly coming.

    But even if the next episode is a retro review, I don't see it being 10 minutes.

  31. Looks like Blogspot is back up. Hopefully the comments that were taken down for some reason go back up.

  32. Wait a minute, your username is back to BatDan?

  33. The site was acting weird, trying to display my real name so I changed it. I guess the update changed it back.

    Changing it again because I'm weird.

  34. I have to wonder: Why does he still call himself the Irate (I'm sorry, *caham*, I mean IRATE) Gamer? It's not because he isn't a gamer, it's because he's not even irate- I mean, constipated, anymore. So that's just great, right? His name is formed by two classifying words, yet he can't live up to either of them. I hereby give him the name of: The Boring Casual! That fits him perfectly!

  35. Well, I now present another irrelevant yet humorous video.

    (YMMV as it is extremely strange)

  36. @smashhacker

    ugh, i can't stand gmod videos. the people who make them need to take some writing and directing class, and lay of the peyote.

  37. @Smashhacker
    I absolutely LOVE these Gmod TF2 videos. RubberFruit is one of my favorite Gmod video makers.

  38. @Shaolin Dave

    Well, there are some Gmod videos that have much more effort than most of the videos posted on youtube. For example:

    But if you want one with an actual story, I would suggest this video.

  39. @Arthur Arneiro

    Why thank you.

    Personally, I adore RubberFruit's surreal sense of humor. The randomness of his videos showcase a lot of philosophical information, such as...

    Wait just a moment.

    (watches a couple of videos for example)

    The idea that life is primitive yet barbaric in the times of war.

  40. I need someone else... I have... CHRISBOROS!!
    In more than six months... we will reach the perfect time... for bad SFX.
    A crappy review will be released on the internet... ensuring COMPLETE.. AVGN... PLAGIARISM!!

  41. @ smashhacker

    well, i did find 'trick or else' to be entertaining, as inconsistent as it was. thanks for the link.

    @ derek

    'complete avgn plagiarism' is where bores started out, copying his idea, style, words, barely changing his title, and reviewing the same exact games.

    while he hasn't done a whole lot to get away from that trend, i don't see him going back to it.

  42. @Shaolin Dave
    He was doing a parody of Wesker's final speech from Resident Evil 5.

  43. @BatDanNight
    Knowing Chris (CHRIIIIIIISSSS!), he probably didn't reach that part.

  44. @Derek
    It was fairly obvious from his review that he didn't get past the first level, much less reach the end of the game.

  45. Two minutes. Two minutes is all I can spare to review God of War 3 for you.

  46. "IT’S! NOT! A! PARODY!"


    I'll leave these here. Bye. ;)

  47. If you want something else to riff on, why not try other reviewers for a little bit? You know, until Chris releases his next video, you can review NC17 or Game Dude or even George Wood!

  48. @ 94d65cca-3ef2-11e0-8825-000bcdcb5194

    Come on man, anybody that has a written blog/vlog/whatever has done at least one "You know what's bullshit"-type article/video, it's not like James invented that genre ;)

  49. LadyBuggin777 updated her YouTube profile, indicating that she is Bores's mother.

    More importantly, she uploaded a photo of herself, and I can see the resemblance.

    Sorry if this has already been covered.

  50. @Derek

    Doesn't DLAbaoaqu's series ICBINAVGN covers many bad reviewers?

  51. @Smashhacker

    Yes, but why can't we?

  52. Its official...LadyBuggin says she listens to Alex Jones, etc., on her YouTube page..guess we can officially declare she is nuts.

  53. I suppose I better add a video to watch seeing as everyone else is doing it.

  54. you know dan, i agree with the idea of expandin your blogs into other bad reviewers, cause we know that the bores isnt going to release anything new, altough i recomend not getting into Game Dude because of all the mindfucks he causes, like the several revisions he does to his videos to cover his own plagiarisim and unsettling furry jokes, as well as his illnes to respond to people.

    regardless of Dlabaoqu, it will be funny to read your riffs on to this guys.

    I know this could be a very big and difficult decision but what do you think?.

  55. I also agree. 5 posts per month average just isn't enough.

  56. My turn to send a video!

    I cried from the epicness. Watch it at least until 3/4 of the video.

  57. I'm joining the fad too!

  58. @Shaolin Dave

    When you mean by game sounds, do you actually mean that the music will be made in the same music proccessor-thingy like a game cartridge or the actual Night of Nights music is absent from the video? I might find a video using chiptunes somewhere. Oh, here it is:

    Also, I kind of like how the video corresponds with the music as it was playing, but an opinion is just an opinion.

  59. @Smashhacker

    That was like getting pure liquid pain get shoved into my ears.

    You know what's a horrifying thought? If Bores actually DOES puts a lot of effort into his work. He just plain sucks THAT bad.

  60. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Great, a comment from me is literally killing a member. Sorry that I don't have the same preferences for music. I mainly listen to classical music, video game music, 8-bit remixes, parodies of music videos, and/or YTPMV. I can say that metal is great, but my main preference for music are ones without much lyrics, mainly because most of the pop singers today have extremely grating voices. At least we can agree on the fact that pop singers have no talent.

  61. @thelone

    Sorry this took me long to respond, but I'll make it quick.

    I am not accusing t4-tv of being an AVGN ripoff. I am simply pointing out that, compared to the stuff James rants about in his BS videos, the stuff T4-TV ranted about in the videos I linked are often serious and/or contriversial. And they're not funny(imo).


  62. @Smashhacker

    Heavy Metal and classical music share many traits. I can suggest several symphonic bands that commonly utilize entire orchestras and choirs for albums and songs. I don't listen to classical music that much, but when I do, I rarely regret it. It's the heavily techno bullshit that really makes me want to dive headfirst into a sea of boiling blood. I can listen to chiptune while playing a video game like Mega man (which is the 8-bit equivalent to the glorious ways of metal) or Anamanaguchi. But anywhere else I feel like I need to see a health bar right at the corner of my sight.

    No argument with pop music, but I don't see how their vocalists are related to metal vocalists. Most vocalists are legendary in their note hitting and holding prowess. Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and our lord and savior Dio. I could go on a rant as to why Dio is awesome which would be a text equivalent to I will.

    This god among men has the voice of an angel, his excalibur of a voice having a beautiful thespian quality to it-(Insert long as hell rant on why Dio is awesome here)-with a flamberge.

    So, whatever, we all have our preferences, some people can have, some that should have, and some that shouldn't. Hail and Kill. \m/

  63. I don't agree with the idea of expanding into other bad reviewers. No other bad reviewers are well-known at all besides Bores, and criticizing them here would probably lead to an expanded fanbase or at least some bile fascination.

  64. oh, and you should not expand into other "reviewers"

    This site is for The Bores and jsut beacuse the idiot dont release videos in a month dosent mean you need to post alot of posts.

    And not even game dude is as blatantly stupid and makefunofable as Chris Bores.

    He is the retard hack that has gotten loads of subscribers by in a very bad way copuing James Rolfes work.

    None of the others are scuessful in the least.
    And that makes it so fun, that bores is this shitty and still has some sort of fanbase.

  65. Good point, Bores is awful yet still has a fanbase. The others don't have fans and are only known through ridicule.

  66. Well, although this is another irrelevant post, this website pretty much sums up what occurs in my brain.

  67. Time for a relevant video for the blog!

    You gotta love how they struggle for arguments.

  68. @Arthur Arneiro

    Instant fail as soon as I saw him typing you as u. :D

  69. Oh, my dragon from an overrated game series, he has done far worse to the English language after that. "Beacuase"

  70. He's probably the best example of an Irate Gamer fan, and sets the standard for all of them. On the other hand, he's probably a sockpuppet.

  71. @ dynaboyj

    from another video by the same user...

    "ill bet he cries himself to sleep everyday, he probably wants to do suicide. because you guys wont leave him alone beacause ur all fags who have nothing better to do."

    if he is actually a sockpuppet, then that is the most serious cry for help i have ever heard.

  72. @ Arthur Arneiro
    "Hating will get him more well known"
    That is what we call being infamous.
    Of course then again Chris doesn't know the difference.

  73. "he's just a poor innocent guy"
    Insulting classic games, having a huge ego, and claiming that you are always correct = innocent?

  74. You know, Chris' fans make the sane children look bad. I'm twelve and I have more sanity then them!

  75. For those of you who are on the date of may 16th, I believe we should all hold a silence for today marks the passing of our lord and savior Ronnie James Dio. rest in peace, Dio. We will ride the tiger.

  76. @Derek

    I know, right? I'm also 12.
    Sadly, kids like these are the stereotype for us.

  77. @Arthur and Derek
    Mind if I join the boat? Though I'm 15 I still understand the problems you go on with. I am quite a big Pokemon fan (got White version) and if you were one too your ears may just bleed out of mental stupidity. Out of 643 Pokemon it would seem that Pikachu is the only one that exists and alot of these kids are homophobes so it's not too hard too imagine the kind of attitude they would have to the poor mouse.
    Come to think of it, any game with cartoon graphics (Mario, Zelda) seems to scare them. No, they also seem to hate any games on a Nintendo console. NO, they even hate the Xbox 360 as you have to pay to go online. NOOO WAIT, there are even PS3 games they hate (A group of guys said Portal 2 sucked because you could not kill anybody) and you can probably see where I'm going with this whole thing. And I just remembered Asa's RAR "one hit wonders" which pisses me off even more (the kids I mean).

    Oh and Daniel, just wanna know when you'll write about Boring's 2nd Mythbusters copy (I mean parody) if he doesn't upload a new vid soon?

  78. @JohnNintendoNerd

    I'm also a Pokémon fan, and also have White, but I'm SCARED of what would happen to me if I said it out loud in my school, since 80% of the boys there spend all day jerking off to Call of Duty, and deny that any other game is good.

    I also brought Okamiden to school the other day, but I had to be sure only me and my two friends knew of that.

    At least the girls in my school have good taste.

  79. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

  80. @Shaolin Dave

    Not in the mood to laugh. Too soon. I can't laugh at jokes about Dio. even if they're complimenting him. The man was the god of metal. I'm still watching the magic dvd. ben playing it and his entire discography simultaneously.

  81. @Fed.

    I find your love of metal, disturbing.

    (Not that I dislike it or anything (a bit of Rammenstein or Bon Jovi in the morning never hurt anyone) but you do seem to be a sort of heavy metal weeabo, i.e. bringing it up at every possible opportunity.)

  82. @fattoler

    No idea what a weeabo is, hate rammenstein and Bon Jovi. Yes, I notice I bring up metal everywhere, here, WoW and with my friends. I just seem to have an instinctive reaction to show people the glorious ways of metal (There I go again). But at least I'm not as bad as those cosplaying freaks wearing goggles in pure daylight while quoting some obscure Japanese porn cartoon.

  83. @fattoler

    That's what makes The Fedora'd Samurai awesome!

    As for some of the young readers here, I'm rather surprised at some of your ages but I'd say it's a good sign since it shows there's some hope in our future generations.

  84. Apparently you can only have a good game if things get explode and get shot at with gibs flying in the air.

  85. @Arthur Hey at least the girls have some sort of taste in these things. I go to an all boy school and whenever I meet a girl she will either say they are childish or go along with the boys and gaw at COD or Fifa. So there you go. No one I know likes any good games that aren't COD or Fifa. Oh and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Boring may soon or has broken his record for the longest time he has gone with a video. If he dares say his computer crashed...

  86. batdanm/batdamm/batdanmn needs to go, he is so pathetic and annoying. He will most likely put this comment on his channel in evidence of owning.

  87. I'm surprised that IG hasn't reviewed a Call of Duty game yet. He'll get 10 times the views if the title contains "Call of Duty"

  88. Guys, check this game out. Major time-killer!

  89. Also, my anti-bot word for this was "mimis". Oh, you mean Mimi from Super Paper Mario? XD

  90. @ Peppy

    Bores doesn't exactly have his fingertips on the pulse of the gaming community. Even so, given the notorious nature of COD (even to non-gamers) I'm surprised he hasn't reviewed one either.

    "Now I'm sure there's a lot of die-hard 'Call of Duty' fans out there, but after playing this one, I'm not one of them."

    @ Arthur

    I'll have the check that game out. screen shot looks interesting. hopefully i'll have some games completed for you all to enjoy soon (btw, has anyone here even visited my site?)

  91. You know, I wonder what he does in between episodes. Any normal person would have about 6 episodes out since October!

  92. @ Derek

    Well, it takes a long time to play the games and make the videos. When he does the videos, he does the job of writer, director, producer, actor, and special effects technician. On top of that he's also always training in traditional kung fu and talking with fans who approach him in the middle of his many first dates.

  93. I love how right beside my page on youtube, there's a picture of Irate gamer glaring at me for me not subscribing to him. He's not worthy. He's one of the bastards who's gonna be in Hel, and I'm going to Valhalla, drinking endlessly and making sweet sweet love to the valkyries.

  94. You know, it's been a month since Bores released a video (and an update for that matter) maybe he's actually using the time to create a review of decent quality for once? I highly doubt it, but who knows, who knows...

  95. @Fed

    So your planning on joining the Armed Forces? Good for you.

  96. @Fattoler

    Oh god no. Like I'd ever fight for a country I don't care about in a pointless war. I'm a warrior of metal.

  97. Then Odin won't accept you, he needs warriors who have died in battle for Ragnok.

  98. I think the reason it takes so long for him to make these video is that he has to do at least decently on the games he plays, instead of downright sucking. And when Bores is in the case, I can see why that'd take a long time.

  99. I know, I was just fucking around. we're all going to Hel. Unless some sort of event transpired where I died fending off an army of the dead.

  100. Batphail has been haxxored... point and laugh! Credit for the hacking goes to the UL71/\/\473 /\/\4573R5 0Ph d3(3P710|\| (UMaD)

    Batphail's Motto: Irategamer always does wrong, even when there's times where he's decent.

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. The truth is I'm another failtroll/Internet Stalker/Fatass/Repetitive/Obsessed Fanboy dedicated to proving Irate Gamer is a hack and TheArchfiend never does wrong. I have been known for going onto many accounts, harassing others, stalking people by commenting on videos other people have commented on and leaving at least over 9,000 comments in a row, posting broken links of "proof" that Chris(I called him bores because I "hate" him so much that I don't want to call him by his real name) stole every single one of the AVGNs lines.

    I've always said I strongly "owned" the irate gamer when ironically the only person I owned is myself. I'm allegedly a homosexual due to my fascination of people being butthurt and writing detailed sentences of how butthurt that person is. I also have a habit of finding ways to talk about the Irate Gamer whenever my feelings are hurt in an attempt to make fun of others, when really no one could care less.

    I have a little blog telling everyone about myself but it cannot to be seen at the moment for unknown reasons but possibly because I'm too busy replying to every single damn comment made on my "videos" and my channel.

  103. Hi Charlie.
    I thought you hated Irate Gamer now?

  104. @Fake BatDan

    You couldn't fool me. I saw your name was still blue even though I already clicked on BatDan's profile before.

    Also, instead of being a lazy ass and copying word-for-word the description of Mnadtab's hacked channel, why didn't you comeup with something original? Also, Boring Casual in fact always does wrong, and none of his videos are decent.

    I think I arleady gave enough attention to a troll like you.

  105. and P.S. Fuck You F U ☺ Shithole

  106. @Charlie

    Shouldn't you be licking your granny's stick?

  107. @ Charlie

    you created a new account with the same username and picture and call that 'hacking'

    dude, you are the Chris Bores of hacking.

  108. He didn't even create the account,
    He just changed his display name and picture to match mine. Originally he was "The Almighty Youtuber" and had a picture of Meta Knight.

  109. OK Charlie, one quick question: what do you plan on doing with your life?

    I mean, you're a 12-year old who constantly goes out of his way to defend some idiot on the Internet who knows nothing about you and probably wouldn't care. You're wasting time you could be doing something constructive with.

    All good things come to an end. Someday the Nostalgia Critic will end. Someday the Angry Video Game Nerd will end. And guess what? Someday the Irate Gamer will end too. What will you do then?

    Will you just cling on to some other Internet reviewer? I'm just saying, every time I see your pathetic, poorly constructed comments, I can't help but wonder if you realize how pointless your vendetta against the "irate hate" community is... especially when you can't build a decent argument to save your own life.

    You've got your whole life ahead of you. Maybe you should just stop your pointless meanderings on the Internet, gain some more intelligence, and come back when you're an older, wiser person.

    TL;DR version: Grow up and think about what you're doing before you do something to REALLY embarrass yourself.

  110. Charlie.
    Why do you do these things?
    It's not like Chris actually gives a damn about you.
    I am 12 and I can make better decisions.
    What do you gain from this?
    What reward do you get?
    All that happens is that you are made fun of and then make the Irate Gamer fanboy stereotype even worse.
    You're like LadyBuggin777, you try to defend him yet it's not helping.
    Come back in a few more years and become more mature.
    You're not ready to do these things.

  111. Another good point by Derek here.

    If you're such a big fan of Mr. Bores, why do you constantly make yourself out as a total idiot?

    If you really WERE a fan of the Irate Gamer, and you really did want people to think he was entertaining or talented, wouldn't it make more sense to act mature and not stoop down to the level of a neanderthal, thus turning people away by showing them what his fans are like (and, subsequently, what he is like)?

  112. Bores has finally uploaded something new after a month of nothing. What is it? A 19 second deleted scene from the goddamn Aflac video. It's the Kool-Aid Man's audition, the director wants him to say the line but all he can say is "Oh Yeah!"

    Chris, the Kool-Aid Man can speak full sentences. He can actually communicate with people. He's not a Pokemon.

    In the description he said the trailer for the next video will be out in a few days. Or, you could just release the video and not waste time making a trailer for something that will end up being 10 minutes long.

  113. Why do I get the feeling that he only decided to release this deleted scene as a separate video only to increase ad revenue by having it be all about Kool-Aid Man?

    But then again, it still doesn't explain why it took an entire month just to post that video.

  114. I presume that Bores forgot his password. Or his computer was stolen. Or his harddrive crashed. Or all of them. Whatever is less embarassing for him.

    Making so long pauses between his videos will be his downfall someday. His core fanbase is very young, and they can drastically change their tastes in just a few years. That's what gets boy bands every single time.

    And thank you for your insightful arguments, Charlie. Now I've seen the errors of my way and will now worship Chris Bores as my lord and savoir - NOT!

  115. so, like a month ago bores made this stupid aflac commercial. he decided that of all those stupid annoying characters that no one gives a fuck about, the kool-aid man had to go.

    it's not like he just said to himself, "hmm i haven't done anything for over a month. what's the laziest thing i can do now? oh! i forgot to put kool-aid man in my last video, i'll make a short one now and say it was a 'deleted' scene!"

    i wonder if it was the only scene that got "deleted"? maybe in a couple days we'll get another "deleted" scene of the 7-up spot who just cries when he's asked to read his lines? maybe there's a "deleted" scene of the goro? or R.O.B.? or the Predator? or the FBI agents who wanted Bores's copy of E.T.?

  116. "of the goro"... why do i always notice these stupid typos after I post?

  117. My god, even his own fans are getting tired of his laziness.

  118. does anyone remember the angry german kid?

  119. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Well, he IS the second-most notorious angry german ever.