Saturday, June 4, 2011

RoboCop! Wait again?

It took eight months for the next actual IG review to come out. For someone that’s promising an “epic continuing story” and only releases new installments every 7-8 months, that’s really bad form. He makes Kentaro Miura look like Charles Schulz.

After endless build-up about this episode being the one where “things get complex”, what is he going to talk about? RoboCop on the NES. … He already reviewed that! Yeah, in his only crossover review to date.
Three years ago, game reviewer and journalist SWAGshow decided to do “30 Reviews in 30 Days”. On occasion he would bring in another reviewer to help, the event saw crossovers with Aqualng, Guru Larry, stanburdman, and neverchris. On Day 29, he brought in the Irate Gamer to help review RoboCop on the NES. You can read my recap of that idiocy here:

SWAG also happens to run GotGame, and to my knowledge the only competent reviewer to think Bores is legit. I keep bringing this up because he’s one of the fools responsible for Bores going to E3 for the third year in a row. I’m going to dread that…
Now surely Bores would be willing to acknowledge that he already did this game, and explain why he’s doing it again. He does not. Way to leave one of the only people willing to trust you in the dust.

Take a breath, and lets look at IG’s review of RoboCop for the NES.

I have to address something in the title. “The Irate Gamer Show HD Episode 2”. Episode 2? So now that you record in HD it suddenly makes it a completely new series? That would be like if The Simpsons decided to pretend the first 429 non-HD episodes never happened.

The video opens with a title card laced with link annotations saying “Watch Part 1 First!” It’s the Cool Spot video, it’s nothing related to RoboCop. Unless he means his storyline…

0:03 - 1:31: The video really starts at the Castle of Generic Name, with an all new look that I’m sure isn’t going to be explained. Inside the Evil Gamer is creating more “Odyssey clones” as the original from the last episode shows up. Good lord these robots suck. All black costumes with a visor-thing to show their “eye“, it doesn’t help they all have beer bellies making them really silly.
Evil Gamer calls the original “Red” as we see the new ones have a purple eye. Oooo menacing, kneel before our purple eyes of doom! Stop laughing!
Also, they say “Hello Dave” when they awaken. I’m convinced now, Bores hasn’t actually seen 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Evil does a systems check on his iPad. Need to control an army of generic robots? There’s an app for that.

He then goes to make a speech to the other ones, and this green screen stage is horrendous. The perspective makes Bores look like he’s 20 feet tall.
“Greetings loyal subjects of the Shadow Lord’s Army!” Wait, is it Shadow Lord or Shadow Overlord? The sign on his podium says “Shadow Lord” but which is it? Did he feel the “over” was too dramatic?
He introduces the original HAL-Bot as “R.E.D” or “Robotic Electromat Device” (that’s what it sounds like to me) and that’s why he calls him Red. You know, instead of something simple like the fact he’s the only one with a red eye and the others are purple. Just saying…

“Let me be the first to welcome you to this army and everyone here will receive a tote bag” And it’s all downhill from here.
Evil Gamer goes to report to the “big boss” as he leaves RED to debrief them. At least Evil Gamer is better as a “sniveling lap-dog” than a “petty dickhead that wants a badly-written internet review show for no reason”. Either way, his lack of origin and reason still make him an awful character.

Cue the theme! Once again, it’s Blind Pass in slow-mo. Cause a real theme song is for losers!

1:38 - 2:02: We cut to IG’s place as he’s watching… Days of our Skeletons? What follows is a soap opera parody with Ronnie and two other versions of him. This episode is going to hurt isn’t it? If you care what the plot is, Ronnie learns his wife/lover/whatever Bonnie is having an affair with his brother Dirk. Dirk is French, and Bores has a horrible French accent. Not “American Gerard Butler” bad, but more like he’s not even trying.
IG realizes he already saw this episode. How? Soap operas have new episodes every day, how are you watching a repeat?
“I guess we’ll just review another game then?” Were you planning on reviewing your unfunny Days of our Lives parody? Transitions, learn them!

2:03 - 3:00: He immediately dives for R, mispronounces Rygar (it’s said like rye bread, not ray gun) and decides on RoboCop. He clearly has the second and third game there, I wonder why he didn’t pull those out of his shelf. Then again, I’d imagine this wouldn’t come out until September if he looked at those two games as well.
Tony appears and wonders who IG is talking to. I watched Animaniacs too Chris.
This also means we get a good look at Tony’s new design. Since he’s no longer a sprite from Maplestory, I can’t call him that anymore. Instead, I’ll say this, “Look at the size of that boy’s head. That’s a virtual planetoid!” Seriously datboidrew, you’re better than this.

Tony stopped by because he left his boxing gloves here, and I love how Bores is putting zero effort into changing his voice for him. Also Wise Sage shows up, maybe he’ll somewhat save this.
Tony says he needs them so he could give his neighbor a beating, followed by his nonsensical catchphrase. Nothing says “relatable character” like a cartoon midget with possible assault charges.

That’s not the end of it. IG remarks that Tony has always been a tough guy since high school, setting up a flashback. Really, we’re supposed to believe they all went to school together? Clone High is more convincing than that.
The flashback has Tony and an alive Wise Sage walk up to IG at his locker, Tony’s hand is covered in blood because he beat up a freshmen who, according to Sage, “had it coming”. Then he starts coughing, IG tells him he should go get it checked out but he says he’s fine. I don’t see how he’s concerned, that was a pretty weak cough. I’d start getting worried when it evolves into a smoker’s cough.
He also calls him Eric, his real name. It makes me wonder how death makes him a “wise sage”, I guess he didn’t want to call him Jedi despite a Star Wars gag being the sole reason he was created.
EDIT: Two odd continuity issues. If IG and Wise Sage went to high school together, why did Sage call him "Luke" back in his first appearance? Oh that's right, pointless Star Wars gag. Also, Tony is hand-drawn in high school, yet later in his life he's a Maplestory sprite. Did he just decide being pixellated was fun for a short time than changed back? Or is it more of Bores' lack of consistency?
“A week later, he was dead” Wooow, that was bad. There are certain deliveries used to say lines like that, casually saying it isn’t funny. In fact it sounds outright insensitive.

3:01 -3:20: He FINALLY gets to the game. Look, a long set-up is okay but it should at least relate to what you’re talking about. Nothing about the first three minutes was related to RoboCop.

“This was a popular movie in the 1980’s” What year? I’m sick of your vague timestamps.
“A video game a-daption followed close behind” What the hell is an a-daption? It’s “adaptation” you dropout.
He then puts the game into his classic Toaster NES. Couldn’t handle games on the Toploader anymore? I think he switched because people kept pointing out how his Toploader wasn’t even plugged in, and the way his Toaster is set-up we can’t tell at all.
EDIT: I don't mean the Nintoaster, I mean the classic gray box NES. The "Toaster" was its nickname.
EDIT: Cody S. noted a strange edit here. He leans down to put the game in, shows the title screen, then suddenly he's holding the game again and he puts it in the console. Did he leave an extra take or something?

3:21 - 3:55: IG says that going by the opening sequence, the game might be good. What have I said about judging from the intro?
“Hell yeah, walking killing machine!” You’re aware that he upholds the law right? He doesn’t kill people unless they’re armed and refuse to cooperate. I have an inkling he hasn’t actually seen the movie.
He points out how both A & B punch, and Select does his “block attack”. That doesn’t make sense. A block is defensive, not offensive. You can‘t use your block to attack someone.
However, IG is… unintentionally correct. There’s a glitch in the game that allows you to hit enemies by blocking. IG never brings it up. Thanks to Deliverance115 for showing this:
“It looks more like he’s sneezing!” *added sneeze sound* “Gesundheit” Thanks, I needed to know what a sneeze sounded like.

3:56 - 4:25: He then wonders where the jump button is. He looks at his controller and realizes there is no jump button. You didn’t try pressing Up? A lot of NES games use Up to jump. By the way, you can’t jump in this game. Then again, RoboCop weighs like 1000 pounds, I don’t think he could jump that well. Still, I would have at least tried pressing Up before going into forced constipated rage.
“What kind of shit is this?” So you’re cussing again? Make up your damn mind! Do you want to be family friendly or not? Maybe he’ll just be basic cable, they’re allowed to say “shit” on shows like Conan, Rescue Me, and Archer. Or I’m reading too deep into it and Chris Bores is extremely inconsistent with what he wants.

He mentions how there’s no “gun button” and all you can do is punch people and dogs. To the latter he says “I’m sure PETA loves this” Oh hey, the same exact joke was used in the other review with SWAG, in fact it was SWAG that said it. I get the feeling he won’t be credited for it.

4:26 - 5:08: He progresses through the level until he reaches a point where RoboCop takes out his gun. He gets pissed because derpity-do.
“DESE CONTROLS SUCK” As well as your acting.
“Newsflash jerk-off, using it through the entire game is appropriate!” I looked up info on the game, you can only use your gun in certain areas. Mostly ones with hostility and violence.
We then see him shooting enemies with added bullet sounds. “Yeah work out that aggression!” I’m so excited guys that I have to force it!
He then brings up how the amount of enemies increase when you have your gun out. See I was right, more hostility and violence.
“I can’t even take one step forward without having to kneel and fire” You just took three steps, the narration and footage are contradicting each other again.
“And this gets super repetitive too” You can always use B to punch them. Just saying…

5:09 - 6:07: He begins repeating “forward, kneel, fire” endlessly until something shoots at him. Holy shit a new explosion effect! … I should not be impressed that he has a new explosion after four years, and if it turns out to be another default effect, my face will have a date with my wall.
So what shot at him? It was ROB, back from the dead. Why don’t you just add the fucking Dragon Balls because death clearly doesn’t matter in this show.
We do get an explanation this time. Tony found him in pieces in his closet, even though we clearly saw ROB get disintegrated but I’ll take it over Kool-Aid Man’s mystery resurrection.
EDIT: In the background during Tony's shot, you can see the Magnavox Odyssey. I thought it was stolen?

IG yells at him and Wise Sage learns this was the robot that tried to kill him. Is it me or does Eric sound really bored? It’s like Bores is preventing him from actually acting.
Tony tells them he reprogrammed him to be good. Oh joy, another show with a ROB sidekick, and this will be the worst one since he doesn’t even talk.
IG goes back to the game but keeps an eye out on ROB, also more Pac-Man Fever.

6:08 - 6:26: Near the end of the first level, he sees a building for Data East, the developers and publishers of the game. He also brings up a guy jumping out and trying to kill you, believing it’s “sending out the wrong message”. I think you’re looking into that harmless plug the wrong way. A lot of companies put their name somewhere in the game, Capcom does it all the time.

6:27 - 7:09: “After a level of fighting off dogs, gun SNAFUs and Data East banditos” You don’t know what a bandito is do you?
He reaches the first level boss but doesn’t actually beat him on camera. Instead he skips to level 2. *checks online* Bingo, Game Genie codes to start on any level of RoboCop. I hate it when I’m right.

He goes on about the second level being an alley with crazy shit. I guess he needed to add a boring moment.

7:10 - 7:37: He lists off a few things and enters a courthouse section where RoboCop puts away his gun. He goes into forced anger again, wondering why he’d put away his gun. This stage is based off a scene from the movie where RoboCop didn’t use his gun, that and it’s a public courthouse. I’m not defending the game, I’m just pointing out complaints that don’t make sense.
“I guess we can gather that the mysterious fourth directive is ‘Act Like a Retard’.” That was tremendously unfunny, and insulting to the actual fourth directive from the movie. Makes me wonder if Robo-SWAG was programmed not to fire Bores or else he’d shut down too. Then again, that would require Bores to have seen the movie, and I’m starting to believe he hasn’t.
“Only a jackass would put their gun away in the middle of a fight! *growling sigh*” Grr, can’t you tell how angry I am by that intensity?

7:38 - 7:46: IG thinks the bad guys look like Flint from G.I. Joe. No, they do not. You are clearly seeing things.

7:47 - 8:45: He brings up how the standard mooks are in every level and then runs into the ED-209, which he mispronounces as well. You don’t spell it out, you say it like the name “Ed”. He then calls him a P.A.B. and explains what it means. Was it really necessary to spell out it in text too? I guess it’s the “Explain the Joke Because I’m a Hack Princible”
EDIT: He says the ED-209 "does not go down with a fight". Wow, easiest boss ever! Do you listen to yourself when you talk?
IG manages to beat ED-209 and begins taunting him to go back to his momma. This is coming from the person whose very own mother spends all her free time defending him in the comments. That’s all I have to say.

Somehow, ED-209 heard that and bursts into his room. IG is immediately saved by ROB, solidifying his extremely forced heel-face turn. Which makes me wonder why he shot at IG and Sage earlier?
IG decides it’s not a bad idea to keep him around, to have his own little RoboCop, or “ROB-o-Cop”. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! Holy shit that was awful. I’m still deciding if that’s worse than “Somebody call 911 cause I was ROBbed”.
Wait, I just realized. If ROB was in pieces in his closet, where did the ROB in the Aladdin video come from? Do I even care anymore?
After IG delivers that line, a cop hat magically appears on ROB as the “You got an item” jingle from Zelda plays. I don’t see the purpose since ROB doesn’t wear the hat again.
Then IG proceeds to explain the ROB-o-Cop pun. It’s official, this one is worse. At least he didn’t explain the previous ROB pun.

8:46 - 9:28: He reaches the fifth level and has to fight the main villain. Can you say his name? Clarence Boddicker. Nope, instead he brings up that he played the dad on That 70’s Show. Okay, that’s a nice little reference, I imagine other people would do the same.
“Boy that guy sure gets around” Not really, he isn’t like Christopher Walken where he shows up in almost everything. He has a pretty standard career.
IG beats him (with more added sounds) and starts the bonus round, where he kills cast members from That 70’s Show. Ohhhh… you know you could have just said he was the dad from That 70’s Show and left it at that. But nooooo you had to add random violence to other characters from the show! None of these actors had anything to do with RoboCop! Mila Kunis was four years old when it came out! Gaaaaaaah! *medicine time*

That’s the end of it right? Nope, after killing Mila he says “oops, I kind of liked her” until Wise Sage tells him she used to date Macaulay Culkin and he responds “Good riddance”. Look, if you want to make a gossip show then make a fucking gossip show. Don’t shove it into your already awful game reviews.

EDIT: To add insult to injury, the bonus stage shown isn't from RoboCop. It's from Hogan's Alley. Bores couldn't even use the correct game to shoehorn in his awful jokes.

9:29 - 10:38: IG makes it to the sixth level, and complains that RoboCop puts his gun away at one point. More complaining blah blah blah.
He reaches the final boss (the second ED-209) and asks ROB for help. I doubt his Gyros or Blocks will help you. No, somehow ROB goes into the game and blows up the boss. Stop editing the god damn game! This isn’t funny!

And it’s about that time for IG to whine about the ending. The usual “dis is all I get?” and lack of understanding. If you want an ending, watch the movie.
“See you again?! Boolshit! You’re lucky if I write you a fucking postcard!” Okay he’s back to full-on cursing. Once again, unable to make up his mind on if he wants family friendly or not.

He has ROB destroy the game, and I’m starting to believe that my “new explosion is another default” theory isn’t far off.

The video ends with Tony running in, telling him to turn on the news. IG turns on “CCN”, har har that’s… atrocious and you should be ashamed. The news shows the HAL-bots attacking the city, but frankly I’d be more concerned about all the different clones running around.
And since you guys will kill me if I don’t bring it up, one of the citizens is wearing the same clothes as the AVGN. Whether this is a coincidence or Bores taking a potshot at The Nerd, I really don’t know.
The news said the robots are taking people hostage. So are these Cybermen/Borg style robots that will assimilate everyone? It probably won’t be given how lame the writing is.
It then cuts to one of the HAL-bots running into the long-nosed guy from Monster Party, confirming that Chris is so lazy that he reuses Halloween costumes as actual characters. Bravo. It also shows if one refuses to go with them, they’ll be attacked with Looney Tunes fire.
IG notices this doesn’t look good and tells ROB to take care of them. ROB then turns to IG’s wall and somehow goes through it… I don’t know the video is over. Along with “Want more? Check out this other shit” and has links to History Part 1, Bores’ Top 10 Summer Movies, and the last I Rate the 80’s. I do wonder why he would link that considering it’s been exactly one year since he made the Garbage Pail Kids video.

Urrrgh, this was painful. Almost on par with Aladdin. Why did Tony have to come back? Nobody liked him, the fans didn’t even know his name they just called him by his catchphrase. That would be like if I called Homer Simpson “D’oh” all the time.
As usual, the complaints about the game were idiotic. Though I’m surprised he didn’t bring back some of the really bad ones from the last review, like the 8-bit version of the theme doesn’t sound as good or the animation on ED-209 is bad and Bores can do a better job.
This storyline is beyond moronic. I now have a greater appreciation for Linkara’s storylines. The fact that it takes so long for an episode to come out really kills the pacing.

I guess we’ll wait another half a year for the next episode. Oh crap, E3 is coming up. You know what, I’m just going to wait until he releases all his coverage. Because if it’s anything like last year, it’ll be a whole lot of “that looks freakin’ sweet” and “So how many levels are in the game?” Maybe SWAG will be pissed at Bores for doing another review of RoboCop and he won’t get to go again.


  1. IG has a NinToaster? ...

    This review sounds as painful as a Pepsi enema. Just more hazardous to one's health.

  2. @Cynic no he doesn't, he just returned to using his classic gray NES(resembling a toaster), as opposed to using the top-loader.


    I'm surprised you didn't point out how he seems to put the game in twice in the beginning. He shows the title screen, and then cuts to himself holding the cartridge, proceeding to put it in again.

    Shitty writing/editing at it's worst.

  3. Good review Dan.

    I realize something while watching Bores video : in the high-school flashback, Wise Sage/Eric holds a Muscles book. Nothing funny or anything, but it's there.

  4. One thing to note is that a "debrief" is done after a mission, while a "brief" is done before a mission, so Bores used the wrong terminology there. Not a major mistake, but still.

    If Bores has enough disposable income to purchase an iPad 2, I wonder how much he makes from his channel...

  5. One point of discontinuity not mentioned: when Tony explains R.O.B.'s transition to sidekick, IG's stolen Odyssey is shown in the background.

  6. Please SWAG, don't make Chris go to E3!

  7. Not sure it was just me but did anyone else think the green guy running in the coverage was suppose to be a pot shot at the glitch gremlin?

  8. @Cody Ah, gotcha. Even as I was typing that I thought it didn't quite seem right.

    @Motherplayer Surely not. The IG doesn't watch the AVGN ... *Tumbleweeds*

  9. good recap as always batdan, it pays off the suffering you get by watching IG latest crap, oh BTW, you forgot to mention that HVGN also did co-operate with SWAG (the Samurai Shodown Review).

    You Know when i 1st saw those videos (the SWGS 30 reviews in 30 days), when i saw he made one with IG, i knew there was something wrong in there, and when people call SWAG on, he keep whiteknight Bores, I Wonder how Derek, Larry and others would felt by looking back at those reviews,

    (BTW Derek mispronounce Nakoruru's name in that review)

  10. Given Tony's characterization, I wonder how he would even be able to reprogram a robot. Bores Logic, I guess.

  11. Well, at least ROB was relevant to the review instead of being brought up out of nowhere just for being a pun. It's still manages to be worse though. I really thought you couldn't top ROBbed.
    Although, I'd disagree that this was on par with Aladdin. Sure it was atrocious, but he didn't actually complain about anything that had zero impact on the game for 90 seconds. He also didn't fake out the viewers just because he thought it was funny.

  12. I thought he would also review the sequels, but no, he just reviewed a game he already did, and added a bunch of skits that weren't fit for SWAG's video. In other words, he just made his own version of it.

    Maybe his next reviews are the sequels, just so that he can get more ad revenue.

  13. Speaking personally, I hate it when GOOD reviewers try to say supervillains give a shit about internet reviewers. Bores isn't doing himself any favors by giving all this time to a storyline like that.

  14. @Arthur

    No, if that were true he'd have called this "RoboCop Part 1" and it would be six minutes long.

  15. I will make a one-shot commentary on the fact that there is a cliffhanger. Since that's stupid considering the fact each episode is released twice a year at most.

  16. I was the one who pointed out that IG said that you can only finish off the second boss, when you can also finish him off by shooting him as well.

    Daniel, I'm sorry if I acted crazy the last time I posted here. It was that stupid Anon guy, who I like to forget ever roamed here.

  17. @Cody S.
    Oh wow you're right. It's like he accidentally left in another take.

    Don't forget he gets Blip checks too. Maybe the money comes from there.

    Haha wow. I wonder if his excuse would be "I bought another one".

    I know about the HVGN crossover, I didn't mention it because it wasn't part of 30 Reviews in 30 Days.

    No worries. Glad to have you back.

  18. @7:35 - "and speaking of 'fight', don't these bad guys kind of look like 'flint' from G.I. Joe?"

    That line just seems weird to me, "speaking of 'fight"...". I didn't watch G.I. Joe as a kid. Was "fight" flint's nickname or catch phrase or something?

    @7:55 - "and this guy does not go down with a fight."

    Isn't the phrase, "he doesn't go down WITHOUT a fight."?

    The review portion was complete trash and has no reason to exist, but admittedly was probably the best review I've ever seen Bores do. However, taking the skits into consideration, this might be his worst video he's done thus far.

  19. I hate how Batdanm always has to bring up the AVGN. It's like he knows that Chris sucks so he tries to change the subject.

  20. If you ask me, I think that the whole "supervillain has an internet reviewer as a nemesis" thing is kinda Mary Sue. Think about it, We've all had the fantasy to be a hero, protector of the innocent, defender of the world. I mean, it KINDA works with Linkara because the whole "Lord Vyce" thing seems kinda comic book-ish, but It is incredibly INCREDIBLY shoehorned into Bores' series. Who is this Shadow Overlord guy? Why does he want to take over the world, why is evil gamer helping him, and Why is IG the only person on the planet capable of defeating him? (I know he hasn't actually met him, but let's face it, that's exactly how it's gonna end.) Does IG have any combat training? judging by the Predator fight, he's a drop out from a karate dojo after just getting the Gi and belt. Does he have any high tech weaponry? he fired a gun once, I think that was the predator's don't think that counts. How about magic? any magic-

    So in conclusion, I'm certain that one amateur German Suplex from me will take his ass down.

  21. Pat the NES Punks's new review also has a skit featuring an S&M mistress. I'm torn between my hatred for skits and my love of boobies.

  22. My word verification was "readorstfu"... the self-aware verification is taking a shot at Bores's stance on reading manuals?

  23. I've gotta be honest here BatDan, I'd wish you'd stop bitching about Bores going to E3 cause let's be honest at this point I'd rather prefer him (yes I know he's a hack/a terrible gamer, etc) there than someone like Angry Joe who is so terrible at reviewing and seems to have ego problems as well as making a fool of himself (VGAs anyone?)

  24. @Invisible Crane

    Say what you will about Angry Joe. Yes, he fucking sucks as a reviewer, yes, he's got an annoying as fuck voice and can get his facts wrong. But I can tell he at least has his heart in the right place. I personally believe that the spike VGA's need to be raided by a bunch of battle hungry berserkers, but Angry Joe saw the potential of a video game awards show. While he has the #7 spot at my most punchable faces list, whenever I look at him, I can tell he loves playing video games and isn't in it JUST for the money.

  25. @Invisible Crane

    Even if you prefer him over some other popular guy, it doesn't make him any better. Look better, maybe, depending how much you hate Joe or whoever you're comparing him to, but that still doesn't make them legitimately good in the slightest.

  26. You know, you talked a LOT about Chris's acting and effects, but what game-reviewing Youtubers HAVE good effects and acting?

  27. @Fedora'd Samurai
    Remember Joe's VGA interview? Yeah, that was a horrible review, and BlisteredThumbs has been BANNED from interviews as a result.

  28. I don’t know whether you are going to agree with me here, but I would have found it funny if, after the flashback which shows Wise Sage having a cough, Bores would have revealed that he was killed by a bus or something.

  29. @Motherplayer:
    That green Bores had no similarities to the Glitch Gremlin besides the skin color. He looked more like a slender Hulk walking like one of Monty Python's Gumbys (although I highly doubt he ever watched Monty Python's Flying Circus).
    AVGN Bores on the other hand even ran like James would do.

    @BatDanNight: Why would any of his fans watch his show on Blip? Considering their age, they probably don't know that there's something other than Youtube.


    If only Bores would get banned from E3...

    This R.O.B. pun was awful. Why did he feel the need to explain it? And does the good R.O.B. communicates by trying to blast someones face off Oo ?

    And what the hell is up with batdamn/batdanm/whatever? He fills the comment section with statistics about Bores' Youtube account, making fun about how his haters can't manage to own him.
    Didn't Bores hide his statistics months ago? And why does this troll uses subscriber counts that are slightly higher than the frozen count on Bores' account?

  30. "He makes Kentaro Miura look like Charles Schulz."

    Care to elaborate? Did these two delay their work a lot or what? :S

  31. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Okay maybe you are right about Joe's passion for gaming but still I just think he's a bit of an egotist. For example a while back a YouTuber whom I talked to PM'ed him some adivce to him and Joe replied back saying something along the lines of that he'd only take him seriously if he had more than at least 500 subs...that along with the VGAs SNAFU really left a bad impression on Joe for me

  32. @Thomas
    See, now that would be funny.

    His Neo videos are on Blip when they're on GotGame. Then again, I'm not sure how many viewers he actually gets there.

    Kentaro Miura is the creator of Berserk, a Japanese comic that suffers from insane schedule delays. It started in 1990 and shows no signs of ending due to sporadic releases.

    Charles Schulz is the creator of Peanuts, and he made a comic every day until the day he died.

    Basically, one is consistent and the other is not.

  33. @BatDanNight:

    You forgot something: It's usually worth waiting for Kentaro do finally make a new chapter. Not so much with Bores.

  34. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Speaking of the whole IG vs. Shadow Lord plot, could you create a villain with a more generic concept/name?

  35. I would disagree that it's supposed to be AVGN at the end, it looks like Bores is simply wearing an eyepatch... wait, what?!

    As for the Glitch Gremlin, well I think that could easily be a jibe at AVGN.

    Anyhoo, I'm off to America for a couple of months so cheerio for now. I doubt Chris will upload anything soon though....

  36. Why do you hate batdanm? Is it just because he dislikes the AVGN, like I do?

    And again, you guys talk about Irate Gamer plagiarizing again. I'm off.

  37. @ULad

    Skits in a video game review just seem out of place most of the time. Sure, it doesn't help if you are a terrible actor or can't use SFX properly, but skits rarely add something to a video.

    @Shaolin Dave

    I'm actually getting tired of Pat's skits. It took him almost SEVEN MINUTES to get to the Alisia Dragoon review. Fortunately, the reviews themselves are still very good.

  38. @Thelone
    I agree that Skits are unnecessary, but his effects are much better than the AVGN, as I'm sure someone will say.

  39. @ULad, where did Daniel say that he dislikes the AVGN? I don't remember him EVER saying that.

  40. @ULad
    He never actually says something good about IG, only bad things about AVGN.

  41. @vnisanian2001
    Sorry, I typed it wrong.
    My issue is that Dan likes the Nerd TOO MUCH.

    And as a result, he has proven that he isn't a fanboy, and doesn't tounge-bath the AVGN like some on this blog.

  42. @ULad

    Batdanm/damm/danmn is an annoying, egotistical, butthurt loser who thinks he's always right no matter what. We hate him because of that, not because he hates the Nerd.

  43. @ULad
    Sorry, I meant Batdanm.

  44. @ULad

    i'm writing a movie about a disabled marine who travels to another planet named pandora to help a corporation get a mineral while dealing with the indigenous population, a bunch of giant blue aliens called that na'vi who dress and act similar to american indians. the marine eventually falls in love with one of the aliens, changes sides to defend them from the humans, and is accepted into their society. the movie will be called, "avatar".

    wait, that's plagiarism.

    um, i looked up "avatar" in the thesaurus and found out that "apothesis" means the same thing. so that'll be my new title. also, my aliens will be green.

    i guess it's not plagiarism anymore.

  45. @Shaolin
    I didn't say anything about plagiarising, I said it's ALL this blog goes on about.

  46. @Ulad

    I think Batdan tries to stray away from going on about plagiarism, but with Bores it's tough. Maybe he should challenge himself to not put so much emphasis on Bores acts of plagiarism in the next post.

  47. @Fedora'd
    I've said something like this to Dan before, I think.

  48. @ULad

    BatDan brings up the nerd ONCE in this review. The only time he brought him up is because Bores dressed up exactly like him. This has been noticed by a lot of people before BatDan brought it up. BatDan reluctantly mentioned it, and he even said that it could be a complete coincidence.

    This blog is dedicated to pointing out the flaws of the Irate Gamer. The Irate Gamer's most notorious flaw is that his entire concept is plagiarized. The most notorious source he's plagiarized from is AVGN. So, when a possible reference to AVGN is spotted in an Irate Gamer, you think the proper reaction should be, "Well, I could blow that out of proportion, I could just mention it without adding too much speculation, or I could just pretend I didn't see it and refuse to acknowledge it so that ULad won't get butthurt."

  49. I wouldn't worry about his E3 videos they won't be up until a month after they have any relevance

  50. Looks like I have nothing relevant to this current post and/or don't feel like to be involved in any current comment discussion, so I will be posting a somewhat relevant-to-this-blog video that may interest some people.

    This is a retsupurae on an episode of the Haunted Investigators. I think this may relieve some stress.

  51. Totally off topic, but here.

    Those who are TGWTG viewers should wait at least until 12:30

  52. OK, I just watched it through someone's commentary,and on the part where Bores is randomly "killing" "That 70's Show" cast member, he's actually playing "Hogan's Alley" and not the bonus stage from "Robocop".

  53. @vicviper592
    Oh that's wonderful. Not even using the right game to edit in his ultra-pointless bits. I guess I was too distracted by the horror of that joke to notice it was a different game.

  54. @Samurai
    Wow, that was just. I am not sure what to think about that. I want some more info, but the major problem is that if the person not only signed the waiver, but did the action of their own free will then there isn't really anything they can do. I notice that he didn't mention linkara so I was wondering if he was involved in it.

  55. @Batdan

    That is another staple of Chris Bores, FAUX Facts, not only he lies, he also alteres the footage of the games to make his lies look like truths, per examples.

    1.- When he poorly edited the footage of Black Bass on his Jaws review to make it worse than it actually is and have a reason to bash it.

    2.- the slow-mo star on SMB2 Review

    3.- The Dessaperaing key in his Monster Party Review.

    4.- All the Faux footage on the Mario's Time Machine/Mario's Missing Review.

    I don't think you are supposed to do that in a review about pointing something out, that's wrong.

  56. @Arabgamer

    Yes, but even if it was all legal, It's still incredibly immoral. I actually hope that Asa confronts Doug at a con with that. This needs to be brought to light. I know it won't get any legal action, but people need to know that this actually happened.

  57. for the TGWTG 3rd year anniversery, one of the people for a scene needed to be in a crucified position upside down. after 20 minutes, he blacked out due to the blood rushing to his head. The problem is tat channel awesome had him sign a non-disclosure agreement and Doug pretty much just stood by, along with a lot of other people. Pretty much everyone shut up about it because they didn't want to lose the views or whatever the fuck. But someone made a recording and sent it to Asa, who is planning on confronting Doug at a con with the evidence.

  58. @Samurai
    What time in the interview does it happen?

  59. @Ulad

    somewhere around the 9 minute mark. can't remember, it's late here. Honestly, the entire podcast is pretty entertaining, it can fill people in on the pure unmitigated douchebaggery that is Jfreedan. Also, this:

    If you don't get the joke, you obviously haven't watch Kids in the Hall.

  60. @Samurai
    Seen it, it's quite funny.

  61. Can we all report the video for promoting hatred or violence towards disabled people? He really went all out calling everything in the game retarded, including subbing the 4th directive with "act like a retard" and talking about killing retards when he was punching bad guys.

    It'd be cool to get his partnership status taken away so he'd stop making money off ads and views on Youtube (and then hopefully stop making videos)

  62. "Speaking personally, I hate it when GOOD reviewers try to say supervillains give a shit about internet reviewers. Bores isn't doing himself any favors by giving all this time to a storyline like that."

    It's an understandable complaint and at least with my storylines I do try to explain WHY they give a crap about internet reviewers (or at least just me) - Mechakara wanted to make me suffer because he didn't get a chance to in his own universe, for Vyce I created the "universal champion" idea, for the Entity- well, we'll get there.

    What I do wonder is why the episode took so long to produce - my theory is the Wise Sage cameo and that they might be impatient with Bores' idiocy and just put it off until they finally needed to do it (though I admit, that's purely speculation). This is actually why I don't USUALLY bring in other people for my videos and I'll use my own characters - other people have lives and most people I know don't live right next door to me for the convenience of shooting. It's easier to pull out a costume and just do shot-reverse-shot than it is to work around other people's schedules.

    As for the topic of AVGN plagiarism, though, I find it eyebrow-raising that Bores has decided to start using a Nin-toaster when James was using one for the last several videos.

    Just sayin'.

  63. @linkara

    It wasn't a Nin-toaster, someone said that it was just the gray box NES.

    And someone mentioned JFreedan. I just saw this on his YouTube Channel:

    "I want to let my subs know I appreciate your support! If you see anyone make a threatening comment or video, flag it as cyber-bulling / harrassment. You can also let me know about it. Thanks! "

    I hope it doesn't mean, "Hey everybody, let's flag any video that bashes other reviewers as well". Why do I have a feeling JFreedan is going "Frank Castle" on every single YouTuber that bashes bad video game reviews.

  64. "It wasn't a Nin-toaster, someone said that it was just the gray box NES."

    Ah, haven't watched it yet, so I was confused. Never mind - carry on.

  65. Am I the only one who saw the levitating legless purple odyssey guy 11 minutes in?

  66. @vicviper592

    I took a screencap of his earlier posts. he is such a fucking douche. all of this could have been avoided if he just apologized to Roo and fucked the hell off.

  67. How about that Microsoft press conference at E3?

  68. @thecruiser8490

    Painful. T'was painful

  69. @Linkara
    Yeah I mean the classic gray box. I probably should have been clearer as it's been called the "toaster" before. Now you know where the Nin-Toaster idea came from.

    On Microsoft Conference

  70. @Linkara

    Speaking of AVGN, did you see that... "familiar" person near the end of the review? I recall James saying at a convention a while back how he didn't want to say anything about Mr. Bores since he never mentioned him.

    Anyone else wonder if, now that the Bores HAS mentioned him, he might have something to say now? I know he's more of a "live-and-let-live sort of guy, not really wanting to get on anyone's bad side, but I sure would love to hear what he thinks of this whole debacle.

  71. @skyrunner14

    Don't think it's much of a debacle anymore. pretty much everyone and their grandmother knows that Bores is a rip off with no stake in the video game culture.

  72. I mean both in that 200th video Bores did, and this recent "cameo". It's like he's trying to start a fight or something...

  73. @ skyrunner14

    I think that Bores is being careful to not admit he ripped off James, but trying to suck up to him at the same time (like he did years ago, asking to do crossovers and claiming he "accidentally use his well-known made up words")

    AVGN is still going strong and even has a movie in the works, Bores has to beg for subscribers with lame contests. Bores is still dreaming of the day when James will tell the world that he's an IG fan.

  74. @Linkara
    Yeah, like anyone would give something to Chris for free. His title cards are commissions, but there aren't many and they aren't free.

  75. I just saw the trailer for the TGWTG Third-Year Anniversary. Seeing Doug dressed as Link really put me off...

  76. @SpaceScreaminJohn

    I don't know if I'm even going to watch it, considering what I heard went on behind the scenes and learning of Channel Awesome's darker side.

  77. "I don't know if I'm even going to watch it, considering what I heard went on behind the scenes and learning of Channel Awesome's darker side."

    I don't know exactly what you think happens behind the scenes, but as someone who was actually there, I can assure you everyone had fun and there is no "darker side" to speak of, at least not as far as I know.

  78. Oh no, just when I thought Bores being a douche wasn't bad enough, now I hear that The Nostalgia Critic almost pulled a John Landis (killing someone on set for no reason).

    The Critic needs to apologize this instant

  79. @Linkara
    Thank you. I'm hearing these rumors without a shred of evidence to back it up, but people somehow buy this. Just... wow.

  80. @Linkara

    I put this on an earlier comment, but here.

  81. "Seeing Doug dressed as Link really put me off..."

    Yeah, I didn't like seeing him as Link. The other that put me off was Film Brain as Harry Potter. I'll still watch it either way. Hopefully I can still get some enjoyment from it.

  82. "I put this on an earlier comment, but here. "

    I saw, but I've read the rumors that people are posting. There's plenty I COULD say, but there's no need to. I can assure you that Doug would never deliberately put anyone in harm's way and if there were any injuries or incidents that happened during filming, no one was angry or upset and I can most definitely tell you that working on Suburban Knights was one of the most fun things I've ever done, right up there with Kickassia and the Brawl and everyone there felt the same way.

  83. @linkara

    Yeah. I don't see why anybody would be upset over CA using wavers on their actors during the filming of the 3rd anniversary movie. Film companies do it all the time because actors get hurt constantly, and you guys would put yourselves on the line for the sake of entertaining your fans (I hate it when people use the LOL dey do eet for deh moneyz). You guys kick ass, I may not have liked kickassia but I think TGWTG is entertaining. I hope we see a 4th anniversary.

  84. Guys, to the guy calling himself "Linkara", i dont think you are really Linkara, since Lewis already had a Blogger account and that one used his real name, and even has an icon.

  85. guys, seriously, this guy is not Lewis Lovhaug, this is his Blogger Account, and i don't think he will change to use his celebrity name

  86. You know Gatuca, before you start throwing accusations, maybe you should click his name and see it leads to Linkara's unused Livejournal page.

  87. It is indeed me. I tried to post via the Blogger account three times in a row and for some reason it wouldn't log me in, so I just went to the next available account I had.

    If you want proof of me being who I say I am, I could give a tweet to you or something.

  88. Okay, logged in using a different browser and it worked that time. Yes, it's indeed me.

  89. @Dan

    okay man, i am sorry about the misunderstanding, is just that i dint know any better, and it seemed odd to me.

    Apologies to Lewis too.

  90. @linkara
    I want both sides of the story. From what I've seen on TGWTG I can't really believe in this whole darker side of things. Asalieri says that he has recorded proof, so I'm not sure. I do like TGWTG and most of the reviewers on there so I hope this matter can be cleared up.

  91. "okay man, i am sorry about the misunderstanding, is just that i dint know any better, and it seemed odd to me.

    Apologies to Lewis too."

    No problem - these things happen.

    "That reminds me, I'm having a hell of a time with Blogger. My brother is a contributor on my blog and he can save a post as a draft, but he can't publish it. Hell, sometimes he can't even save, So I end up needing to publish his stuff for him (since I'm the admin on my blog). Fortunately, he gets his name on the post still."

    Unfortunately I really don't know what to say. ^^; I generally use Internet Explorer and USUALLY stuff works for me, but for some reason it started to be uppity today, though Firefox worked fine.

    "Asalieri says that he has recorded proof, so I'm not sure. I do like TGWTG and most of the reviewers on there so I hope this matter can be cleared up."

    I sincerely doubt he has recorded proof of anything. While we certainly had our fair share of injuries, we don't feel it necessary to discuss them at this time, partially for spoilers and partially because we just don't want to talk about them, but like I said - everyone had a good time (at least as far as I can tell - I'm not a mind-reader) and we keep in touch with each other and we talk about what we did and what we feel about stuff to each other. We're friends, for crying out loud. XD

    The only way he could have recorded proof of ANYTHING that happened while there was if they had a camera while we were filming the anniversary, and as far as I know, the only people recording stuff were Rob, Ed Glaser, and maybe Benzaie for his Vlog - none of whom would be inclined to leak any footage of us filming the thing since, you know, we don't want to spoil anything. Mind you, I recall when we were filming in a field and some people stopped and watched us for a while, but I don't recall them taking out any cameras and they seemed more curious about the weirdos in costumes than actually knowing who the hell we are.

  92. @Linkara

    I don't know man, Asa is all about free speech and giving his own opinion. Also, it wasn't recorded while the incident happened, but it was after the fact that the person said what he/she felt into a mike or whatever. The person who sent Asalieri the audio IS a member of channel awesome, he said that the person has a lot to lose if his identity over the audio gets leaked out. And Asa isn't the kind of person to lie, he wouldn't really gain anything from it.

    Asa also said in the interview that he was once a fan of the site, but thought it dropped in quality over the years.

  93. I think the town needs to do something about the "original" Irate Gamer first rather than Shadow Overlord/"Evil Gamer" since it's technically his fault for bringing HAL in the first place. lol

  94. I guess we should wait for Asalieri's evidence.

    But personally, I think I might exaggerate a bit: I'm no American, but looking at the amount of money American lawyers usually sue for, it only makes sense for them to demand waivers.

    And didn't Spoony have a blast with previous anniversaries/crossovers despite him being a injury magnet?

  95. @Fedora'd Samurai
    ... Seriously? You trust the words of an ex-fan that's clearly lied about the site before over someone that was actually there?

  96. @BatDan

    Wait, when did Asa lie about TGWTG ?

  97. He supported that "TGWTG stole from charity" thing.

    Look, maybe if he showed this "evidence" right now then it would matter.

  98. And that's all I'll say on the matter. It's pointless drama and I'm not going to get involved.

    In IG at E3 news, the only thing he hated about Microsoft's conference was Ice-T being the only celebrity they could get. Because it's not like the games are the most important factor at a conference.
    He called Ubisoft's conference a bust because he couldn't get in. "I don't that there were games. I, the ever-important Irate Gamer, couldn't get in! It sucks!"
    He's also planning to make a video about that. Oh that'll be a treat, an entire video whining that he couldn't get into a conference.
    He complained that Playstation Vita will be using AT&T.

    My informant will provide more when it arrives. This is coming from his Twitter page (which is locked).

  99. Tony is hand-drawn in the flashback like in his Present form. Shouldn't he have been a Sprite in the past? lol

  100. "He called Ubisoft's conference a bust because he couldn't get in. "I don't that there were games. I, the ever-important Irate Gamer, couldn't get in! It sucks!"
    He's also planning to make a video about that. Oh that'll be a treat, an entire video whining that he couldn't get into a conference."

    Let's face it - Ubisoft is RUINED.

  101. Long time reader, first time commenter...

    So... A press conference wasn't any good to him because he couldn't get in? My god, how vain is he?

    He only cared about the celebrity appearances in the Microsoft conference?

    I'm just going to write this in my mind that the people at Ubisoft know how much of a hack he is, and wouldn't allow him in.

  102. Tony is hand-drawn in the flashback like in his Present form. Shouldn't he have been a Sprite in the past? lol

    Well, guess he can't use the sprite anymore, so the only thing he could do is a flashback with the other Tony.

  103. Let's just hope Bores won't be attending any conference. I mean, all his conference videos is:

    -Guy on stage talks.
    -Random cut to Bores posing for the camera.
    -Guy on stage talks.
    -Random cut to Bores posing for the camera.

    ....and so on, and so on.

  104. @Batdan

    Dude, he kinda needs to protect whose identity it is. first he needs to ater the audio so the voice is like those warbled things from cops or whatever. Wouldn't you do the same?

    Also this "TGWTG steal from charity" thing is new to me.

  105. Am I the only one who thinks that there should be a forum for Irate Gamer haters? These blog comment sections are getting a little cluttered.

  106. I wonder what Irate Gamer is going to say about Nintendo's Press conference.

    "And Nintendo showed off a new Tablet to compete with the iPad."

  107. Great, another proof that IG is really starting to megalomaniac...


    I don't think he cares much about copyright. He STOLE footage for his "History of Video Games" madness calling it "exclusive", and he even added a neat little MST3k copyright-infringement in his DVD.

    I think he just replaced the sprite because he doesn't know what Maple Story is and wants to avoid people making fun of him for randomly picking a sprite from a google search.

  108. Well, based on my personal experiences with both of them so far, I find Linkara to be far more creditable than Asalieri.

    This "secret video of the dark secrets behind the scenes of TGWTG" was probably going to be in the blooper reel.

    My brother's at E3, again. I'm at home studying.

  109. All I can say is....

    You win, Nintendo.

  110. Oh god.
    I found a Facebook account devoted to Chris.
    It's called Irate Haven.

  111. If Asa ends up lying I'm gonna be pissed. I really enjoy his videos and was a supporter during the jfreedan fiasco. On the other hand I definitely hope it isn't true because I really do enjoy, and none of the reviewers seem like the type of people who woulddo what was described in that video. NDAs are standard practice and injuries tend to be commonplace in onsite shots.

    Oh, in defense of IG, people laughed and booed at the AT&T announcement. Honestly I may hate AT&T more than Bores. Still doesn't excuse his Ubisoft bullshit though.

  112. @Derek
    Yeah the Wii U despite having a stupid name looks amazing. For me the Big 3 this year are like so:

    Nintendo's barely beat out Sony. While I love the look of the Vita, and Sony's apology about PSN, the Wii U is just too impressive. Microsoft did a little better than last year, but only marginally. At least they didn't try to bribe the audience this time, but I felt that their conference was by far the weakest.

    Also is it just me, or did no one on stage for Microsoft, and Sony's conferences know how to speak to audiences? I actually had to turn off the sound during the demo of Medieval moves because of how awful the speaker was.

  113. @Derek
    I've seen that. It's... yeah.

    Yeah I know people booed at AT&T, that's why I didn't comment on his tweet.

    My informant has given me another update.
    He said WiiU looks cool. That's it.

  114. While we're on the topic of E3, has anyone seen the E3 trailer for Sonic Generations? Holy shit, does City Escape look badass!

  115. It's like all those previous years were just practice in order for Nintendo to make more awesome presentations from 2010 on.

  116. What are you hyped for? Personally, I want every last game they presented!

  117. @ Derek

    I just got a Retron 3 with some classic games, and am still hard at work on my own game development projects, so for the most part I haven't been paying attention to the new stuff.

    However, I was considering getting a 3DS just for the new MGS. I'll probably just get the MGS HD collection for PS3 instead. The new Zelda's don't look too bad either.

  118. Me, personally. I'm pre-ordering the Vita. I am really looking forward to the U, though I will be waiting a while to get that for some good games to show up. While I'm not a big fan of SF, I may have to get SF x Tekken just because of Cole.
    I am looking forward to Kid Icarus, but I have to ask, is anyone else reminded of Kingdom Hearts when watching the trailer?

  119. You know, if "Kinect Disneyland Adventures" was more like "Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour," maybe I would be interested. At least WDWQMRT felt more like a game (a pretty good racing game mind you), but instead it's a travel video with a few mini games in it. :-(

    As for the others, although I don't wish to give up my PSP-1000 just yet, I think the PSVita looks promising. I do like how they're going to go with card based formats instead of UMD's. I hate that scratching noise UMD's make.

    The WiiU doesn't really look that different from the Wii in my opinion. I give them credit for making it backwards compatible, but I think I'll pass on the WiiU.

  120. Here's some clarification on the incident in question that people are so worried about (didn't want to say anything until I learned a bit more):

    And we've confirmed that Elisa herself never spoke to Asa, so his claim to have evidence from the woman in question is a bold-faced LIE (though, then again, I'm hearing this second-hand since I haven't cared to listen to it - so maybe he DIDN'T say he had direct evidence from her). As I said earlier, Doug and CA would never DELIBERATELY put any of us in harm's way, no one was crucified, and certainly not upside-down. We all had fun and we were all sad to go.

  121. @John
    Actually the WiiU seems to be quite different from the Wii. First, is obviously the new controller, but it will also be using 25 GB Discs, and seems to be graphically equal to the PS3 and 360.

  122. Thanks for the link linkara. It seems Asa either has some incorrect info, or some explaining to do.

  123. Uh, this is just a huge low for Asa.

    Being an ex-fan is one thing, but slandering someone for no reason is a pathetic thing.

  124. "Actually the WiiU seems to be quite different from the Wii. First, is obviously the new controller, but it will also be using 25 GB Discs, and seems to be graphically equal to the PS3 and 360."

    I really wish it had a better name, though. Calling it "The U" is helpful, but the name "Wii" will always sound silly to me.

  125. I seen the footage for the new games presented at E3 on Youtube, and they are really great! The only thing I am confused at is why are most of the comments are highly negative at most of the stuff presented. Looks like one can't please everyone, especially if one part of the crowd is made up of 5-year-olds who only play Call of Duty.

  126. @ Linkara/Lewis

    In the "Bimbos BC" review, did you get one back for Obscurus Lupa and really punch Brad?

  127. Hey, is anyone having trouble posting on their blog? a bunch of random html links or whatever shit shows up when I try to post it.

  128. "In the "Bimbos BC" review, did you get one back for Obscurus Lupa and really punch Brad?"

    Nah, though he did bring it up when we filmed it - I hadn't heard about it until then. XD

    Punching each other and meta humor seem to be the unintentional themes of this year's crossovers.

  129. Scratch that, I got it all fixed.

  130. @ Linkara/Lewis

    Sounds like fun. I should join the TGWTG crew just so I can fight people at next year's event.

  131. @Shoalin Dave

    Are you sure that's a good idea. I mean the impression I get is that TGWTG is not the reviewing promised land people claim it is. I mean yeah it sounds awesome to be part of TGWTG (I will admit for a while I wanted to be part of it, which is why I did reviews for a short while) such being able to go to conventions, sign autographs, take part in movies like Kickassia (even though I didn't think much of it though), have some sense of being somebody on the net, being able to hang out with cool nerds all the time (and maybe some hot nerd/gamer girls as well)...but honestly the more I hear of the internal politics within TGWTG, the egos of certain people (Angry Joe being the best example) and some peoples unwillingness to take any form of critisim and e-begging (Sean Fautz), I bet joing TGWTG might not be a good idea.

    That is not to say everyone on TGWTG is bad, Cinema Snob I have no problem with, same with Guru Larry and I still like Spoony One but everyone else feels like they let their e-fame get to their heads. But that' just what I think anyway.

  132. @ Invisible Crane

    maybe, maybe not. i've had ideas for shows, but would prefer to spend my time working on my games.

  133. what happened in e3 so far?

  134. @BatDan
    You know, you should REALLY stop blowing off the NC for once.

  135. Trying to steer clear of negativity:

    What were your thoughts on The Nostalgia Critic's Little Nemo review?

    Although it was funny, I disagree with him. Little Nemo was a great film. Also, he was reviewing the original English cut. It was included on the hard to find Japanese laserdisc. When Hemdale picked up the distribution rights, 11 minutes had to be edited to secure a G rating.

  136. Okay, totally unrelated, but me and my gay best friend are gonna do the My Immortal drinking game. Pray for our livers.

  137. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    You'll die of alchool poisoning 2 chapters long is that POS?

  138. E3 Update from IG's Facebook (it's not locked so I don't need an informant for that).

    He likes the new Kirby game for Wii, saying this is what a Kirby game should be. We get it Chris, you didn't like Epic Yarn. Even though your reasons for disliking it were extremely contradictory.

  139. @Rafwel

    I duns noes. Abuts fourtee. tmklly eeak 1s three pragraffs long

    (translated from Tara Gillesbie's alien language)

    I don't know, about forty? Thankfully each chapter is about 3 paragraphs long.

    I really wish I knew this girl. I want to get her autograph. It is the Caligula of Fan Fiction. not in terms of it's sex and stuff, but it's infamy. Also, if I can survive a 3 Inches of Blood concert without dying from alcohol poisoning, I can make it through this opus.

    When I first read it, I was hysterical. it was hilarious. There is no way that it isn't a troll fic. And if it wasn't, this Tara wouldn't last a day with actual goths...not that I am one, I've just seen some.

    ...also, shameless plug, but if anyone needs a bit of a laugh, give my blog a look see.

  140. So Asa put the audio up on his channel. The problem is that it is completely impossible to tell what the person is saying, and you have to read the transcript. The other problem is that apparently the person only heard about what was going on and wasn't actually there.

  141. ...Ugh, not looking good for Asa, honestly...and the drinking game is starting

  142. People say it's Apollo Z Hack. Also, I asked him to upload a subtitles version so that we can hear what he is saying.

  143. Oh, the transcript has already been released. Doh.

  144. During which dates did actual filming of the third year anniversary special take place? Apollo Z. Hack resigned on May 31. Did he resign after rehersals and before actual shooting began, or before rehersals and before actual shooting began>

  145. The filming was probably sometime in may. He wasn't on the set, as far as I can tell. He also only telled the half-truth about Lindsays friend passing out, which didn't happen. She just got lightheaded, and everyone helped her out. As for what he's saying about Spoony and Lindsay not daring to criticize the site publically, it seems a bit farfetched, considering those two are the biggest names after Doug.
    However, if that contract about not being able to sue if heavily injured is true, then they really need to change that. But I've yet to see proof, so I'm still dubious.

  146. Also, I have no idea if this is Apollo or not. Asalieri says the "confessor" has a lot to lose if the identity is made public, but he already left tgwtg. Then again, who else would it be?

  147. The sound clip has been removed:

    Why would he do that, I wonder?

  148. Asa wrote this on his channel:

    "alright everyone chill. I took the video down myself this time. I want to make sure the right message is going out here. You guys are focusing too much on WHO is in that audio and HOW I got it. The real questions you should be asking are to TGWTG and whether they're going to keep allowing people to get hurt without insurances or without looking after the safety of their actors. Don't let them off so easily. I sure won't."

  149. Yeah, please stop bugging me about the dubiosity of my evidence! Why can’t you just swallow everything I say unquestioningly?

  150. That's very nice of Matt's friend to record the heart-to-heart conversation and of Asalieri to publish it beyond Matt's power.
    Hey, Asalieri, speaking of immorality...

  151. Another update:

    Rob is apparently writing a reply about this whole incident. Should be interesting to read.

  152. He ALREADY posted a reply about this situation that I posted earlier.

    Here it is again:

    To reiterate: no one was crucified, no one was hurt any more than what usually happens while we film these things, and no one at Channel Awesome would DELIBERATELY put us in danger.

    Asa is blowing something out of proportion based on an audio recording that, according to the statements of many people (including Elisa herself), did not come from the person the incident that this allegedly happened to, and if Apollo is correct, did not even come from him, but someone he told someone ELSE in confidence, meaning that it's gone through about three other people and that, again, DID NOT HAPPEN LIKE HE SAYS IT DID.

    Asa, just admit you were wrong and move on. Channel Awesome is not some great big internet cancer, we do not have deep, dark secrets that plague us at every turn, and your attempts at painting us as otherwise just make you look like the real villain.

    Now then, can we please all get back to the point of this blog - the moron who doesn't deserve to be at E3?

  153. @linkara

    Right, that guy. I just watched his recap of the Sony conference. He mispronounced Ninja Gaiden. Yes, you read that right.

  154. Thank you Linkara. Sounds like a whole lot of he-said she-said and purple monkey dishwashers.

    *checks IG's Facebook for new info* Nothing since his opinion on the new Kirby. Ah well.

    Let's hope it doesn't take him a long time to release his coverage, last time he was still releasing it long after people stopped caring.

  155. No wait, I just checked GotGame and there are two videos with him.

    As I said before I'll wait until all the coverage is out before I make the recap. It would get tedious to do it in parts.

  156. "No wait, I just checked GotGame and there are two videos with him."

    ...I'm confused, he's releasing the videos WHILE E3 is happening? How can this be?!

    "Right, that guy. I just watched his recap of the Sony conference. He mispronounced Ninja Gaiden. Yes, you read that right."

    Did he do the usual mispronounciations that a lot of people make, or did he say "Ninja Goro?"

  157. @linkara

    He said "GAYden". Also, there is a weird audio bug in the video when he starts talking about Street Fighter vs Tekken. Like he is overlapping two sentences.

  158. My Twitter informant has provided me with more from IG's account. I need an informant since his Twitter is locked and I doubt he'd allow me to follow it.

    He said that his favorites so far are Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (he doesn't use the Operation part), Ninja Gaiden III, and Star Wars Kinect.
    Okay seriously? Star Wars Kinect? You must be the only person that thinks it looks good. A boring rail shooter with ugly graphics and lame controls? ... Ugh.

    As for the Sony Conference video. As Cinemacolyte said, he pronounced it "GAYden". I really don't like it when people do that. As well as the audio glitch that he seriously should have spotted.

  159. Okay guys, just one more thing about the tgwtg/asalieri mess.

    This is Rob's letter that he put up on the forum. From this it is clear that there was never any serious injury and that the rumors about such a thing were created through word of mouth. I hope Asalieri will respond peacefully to this, as he is basically involved in three flame wars at the moment.

    Anyway, back to Boring man!

  160. Hey I pronounced it "GAY-den" too....when I was a kid when the first NES game came out. Then I grew up and realized it wasn't pronounced that way. With Bores being in his 30s you'd think he would have figured it out by now.

    As far as the Asa thing, it looks like he jumped the gun with this and may have a big plate of crow to eat. Unless he's got better proof than he's shown.

    Also, didn't Apollo just joing TGWTG not all that long ago? And he's already leaving?

  161. @cinemacolyte
    Do you actually believe Rob? Knowing CA, they're just trying to cover their own asses and make up some bullshit excuse and cenoring the truth from us

  162. @ULad

    Why would they do that though? What are their motives?

  163. @Cinemacolyte
    To make themselves look better, and to make someone who has stumbled on this look like a complete idiot.

    I know Asa, and he wouldn't go as far as doing what BatDan would've done and lying about someone nearly dying in a shoot. Asa wouldn't make that up. Rob was trying to cover the site's tracks.

    They refilmed the scene with her in a different position as well, so we aren't actually going to see it anyway, because Rob and Doug have covered their asses with this and are denying the truth.

    Also, Asa said "crucifix position", not a literal crucifixion, but you'd also think that if Doug isn't gonna look at these problems, then he shouldn't film these 6-part feature-length wankathons.

    I remember being at Molossia when they were there, just for a looksee, and someone injured their leg while shooting.

    But, who am I to spread some actual logic about these people and not just blowing them off. My purpose isn't to troll, but to pull the wool from our eyes. I only like one or two people on CA (Linkara being one of them), so it doesn't pain me at all to say this. If this is banned, so be it. It'll just show who CA really is.
    That is all.

  164. @ULad

    First of all, I never wrote that Asalieri was lying, just that he is uninformed.
    Secondly, they reshot the scene because they didn't want to endanger her. Why would they ever do something that would be considered dangerous for the sake of comedy? They aren't psychopaths.
    Asa said "crucifix position" because that's what Apollo said, who wasn't there. Asalieri assumed that he knew exactly what he was talking about.
    As for the leg injury in Kickassia, it was just a casual injury. In indie productions, this always happens. No one that was involved in the production was upset, as far as I know.

    Finally, I know you aren't trolling, but this just seems too farfetched. TGWTG might abuse the ad revenue, and sell their merchandise at a crazy high price, but they are a business, and a business doesn't lie about stuff like this. Also, I hope you don't get banned. Discussions like these are interesting.

  165. Well, ULad should be ashamed of himself for bashing Daniel for no reason. Daniel has worked so hard to put this blog together, and this is how he thanks him?

    He's just like that Anon guy, who was the reason I stopped posting here.

  166. @cinemacolyte
    That's true.
    Yeah, they reshoot it, after they've probably endangered her. Sort of depends if you think they are truly funny. I personally don't. But I don't think they were doing it for comedy, as much as to get more views.
    Eh, sometimes the truth can be stretched, but he wasn't flat-out lying.

    Thanks. I know I can be farfetched, buy a lot of theories can be VERY out there.
    Thanks for reading.

  167. "But, who am I to spread some actual logic about these people and not just blowing them off. My purpose isn't to troll, but to pull the wool from our eyes. I only like one or two people on CA (Linkara being one of them), so it doesn't pain me at all to say this. If this is banned, so be it. It'll just show who CA really is.
    That is all."

    Oh, for crying out... Okay, if you like me on CA, then please trust what I am saying: EVERYTHING ROB SAID IS TRUE. I *was* there, I signed the damn paper and I know what it says, and while I wasn't around for the incident with Lisa, I talked to the ten or twelve people that WERE there and they all confirmed the same thing I had heard about it.

    Channel Awesome is not some evil, money-grubbing organization that treats us like slaves. I think they give us a hell of a lot of leeway, actually, more than a lot of other companies would do.

    And what truth do you want, exactly? That they deliberately put people into positions that could harm them? Do you honestly think that any of us would ever work for people that would deliberately try to hurt us? Do you think any amount of money is worth more than our LIVES? If they ever put me in a spot that I thought would risk my life, ever would have hurt me or the ones I care about, I would quit and sue their asses in a millisecond... but that didn't happen. And I sincerely doubt it will ever happen. I trust them and I know what I saw with my own eyes, and what I saw does not conform to your conspiracy theory.

    If you'd like to believe what Asa put forth, then fine. I admit I'm the sort of person who assumes the best of people and as such I'm willing to believe he didn't try to deliberately discredit them or think ill, he simply believed something he was told and thought he had credible evidence for it. People make mistakes. But there you go, everyone has said their piece.

  168. ULad, don't you feel sorry for bashing Daniel for no reason? You know he's worked so hard to put this blog together, don't you?

    Please, don't be like that Anon guy, who was the reason I stopped posting here.

  169. @ULad

    Hey man, thank you. There are too many people out there who just can't discuss stuff like this without starting a flame war.

    This whole incident will probably have the most impact on Asalieri and Apollo, sadly enough. Apollo lost some friends and Asalieri failed to keep Apollo's identity secret. It's just sad.

    We really should just stop talking about this whole incident. It really hasn't helped anyone. Things got blown out of proportion and people got sad. There isn't really that much else to it.

  170. @Linkara and vnisanian2001
    Yeah, sorry. I just have a habit of trying to see the not-so-great side of people, and when I hear a rumor that perks my interest, I do have a habit of latching to it and not letting go. So I am sorry for being narrow-minded.

  171. On a completely unrelated note, CGR tries to beat Bores in "Let's cut my E3 coverage in a jillion parts".

  172. @Thelone
    Doesn't Classic Game Room already release like 10 videos a day?

    In fact, as of this comment they've released 15 videos within 24 hours.

  173. Hey! Let's make a game where we make up names that Bores will call the new products and games. I will make the first name.

    Product: WiiU
    Bores-ism: WiiPad

  174. Product: Fable: The Journey
    Bores-ism: Fable 4: Journey

  175. Product: Batman: Arkham City
    Bores-ism: The Dark Knight 2

  176. @BatDan

    More like three nowadays. And even out of those, you only have one "true" CGR video lately. The rest consists of pinball reviews (they're OK actually), toy reviews (meh), and that horrid "news" show he created a few weeks ago (the girl's cute, but it looks like she doesn't know a damn thing about video games).

    Anyway, 42 vids in three days is kinda excessive.

  177. Product: Super 8
    Bores-ism: Cloverfield 2: Super 8

  178. Huh, CGR changed a lot.

    42 videos in that timespan? That's insane.

  179. @Ulad: S'okay, I understand. ^_^

    @smashhacker: Oh come on, let's give him a LITTLE credit. Clearly he'll call it a Wuu.

  180. Product: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Bore-ism: Dee Us X 3: Revolution

    And of course are indie productions "dangerous", because nobody is a goddamn professional stuntmen.

  181. Product: PS Vita
    Bores-ism: PSP Vital

  182. How on Earth does the Bores get Super 8, Deus Ex 3 and Fable wrong? Not as bad as 'Sonic Unleashed: The Hedgehog', but still pretty atrocious.

  183. @ULad

    Actually, we are playing a game where we predict what Bores will call the new products and games presented at E3.

  184. I went to GotGame and I saw his reactions to the Sony conference. There he mentioned Twisted Metal and said it was okay.

    I sort of fearing the worst here...

  185. Actual game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Bores-ism: Lord of the rings: Dragonheart

  186. @BatDanNight
    The amount of videos they upload probably IS overkill, but hey, it gives their audience variety I suppose (even though I would prefer more actual game reviews).

  187. Product: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Bores-ism: Zelda: Legend of the Skyward Sword

  188. Product: Luigi's Mansion 2
    Bores-ism: Luigi's Haunted Investigators 2

  189. Product: Duke Nukem Forever
    Bores-ism: Duke Nukem 3D 2: Forever

  190. Product: Paper Mario
    Bores-ism: Paper-cut Mario

  191. Hi
    I am fairly new writter :) but i am an old time reader.

  192. Product: Street fighters x Tekken
    Bores-ism: Street fighters vs Tekken

    PS: just figure out how to change the google acount name :p

  193. Product: Saint's Row the Third
    Bores-ism: Saint's Row 3: the Third

    Product: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    Bores-ism: The Assassin's Creed 4: The Brotherhood

    Product: Dead Island
    Bores-ism: The Island of the Dead

  194. Product: Kirby Massive Attack
    Bores-ism: Kirby:The Massive Attacks

  195. Product: Mario Party 9
    Bores-ism: Mario's Party

    Product: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
    Bores-ism: Mario VS Sonic 3

  196. Product: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Bores-ism: Dues E.X. The Human Revolution

  197. Product: Mario Kart 3DS

    Bores-ism: The Mario Car 7: 3DS

    Also, a little treat: