Wednesday, July 6, 2011

E3 2011 Part 3: Have We Reached The End? (UPDATE)

This is the coverage that doesn’t end, it goes on and on my friends. Most people have completely moved to better gaming news, but Irate Gamer doesn’t and that is why this is the coverage that doesn’t end. Because this is the coverage that never… oh it ended?
After a long painful month of asking the same questions, claiming to be a fan of stuff he clearly hasn’t heard of, and terrorism, IG’s E3 coverage is over! And man these last videos are quite the punch to the gut.

Let’s finish this!

Video 17: LittleBigPlanet for Playstation Vita (June 27th)
“Woohoo LBP fans!!” That’s from the description, there’s no context for it being there. Can’t write a description? Just shout something completely random
We then get a demo of the game, and other than touch screen and gyroscope additions it looks exactly the same as all the other LBP titles. God I’m bored.
After the snooze-inducing demo, it jumps into an interview. All he asks is “when is it coming out?”

Video 18: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (June 28th)
Really? This piece of crap? I hope he doesn’t say it looks good because nobody thinks this is going to be good. You have to buy action figures to unlock different characters (more of Activision‘s money pool generators), and Spyro looks like he was hit with the biggest stick from the ugly tree.

“Dat looks awesome” Ugh. All I can think of is Eye of Judgement. These characters are so generic, why would I want to play as them?
Chop Chop, Prism Break, Ignitor, Flameslinger? Yeah I know I’m ranting more about the game itself but IG isn’t saying anything.
“It kind of reminds me of Pokemon” … On second thought, stop talking Bores. Just don’t talk.
As usual, IG asks the same damn questions. More characters, consoles, and release date. It’s like he has a checklist and he MUST follow it.

But, the part that gets me is at the end. IG does his idiotic “game on” signoff, and Jeff from Activision there repeats it. You know, I like to think that the other representatives hear him say that and wonder “Is this guy for real? Is GotGame like some Nickelodeon thing?” Activision sucks.

Video 19: 3DS Games (June 29th)
“The Irate Gamer checks out 4 titles on the 3Ds” … You’re doing this on purpose now aren’t you? “Hey maw, I just done gone saw one of dem movin pictures in da 3Ds”, that’s what it sounds like to me.

YouTube Description: "Only a few more E3 vids left. Then we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming" You have a schedule? Do you share it with Scott Ramsoomair?

He looks at Luigi’s Mansion 2, says he didn’t like it. Next!
He looks at “the new Star Fox 64 game”. Well, at least saying it like that is correct since there is more than one Star Fox 64. Though I can sum up his thoughts as “it looks cool, and Star Fox fans should be pleased”
Then he looks at Mario Kart, “it looks cool, it has new power-ups, and it looks cool in the third dimension”. Well if you aren’t going to elaborate Chris then why should I?

He then moves onto Kid Icarus Uprising, which he had “some disappointments”
“I’m a huge fan of Kid Icarus” Yes, I’m such a huge fan that I’ve never said the hero’s name correctly.
He says the controls are confusing, circling things because he thinks we’re morons. Also, that’s an analog stick not a d-pad.
He also says the battle system was annoying, but this one he barely goes indepth.
“Setting up the game this way…” Something about that line doesn’t sound right.
“Gameplay aside, the graphics and 3D were awesome” Basically he just said “screw gameplay, I only care for graphics!” Gameplay is more important you fool!

He ends the video saying he also played Super Mario 3D, but “that’s a review for another day”. So you’re going to wait until the game comes out? Oh wait no, he just confused “review” and “preview” again. Because they’re so similar.

Video 20: Star Wars Kinect (June 30th)
“This intrepid interviewer…” You don’t know what that means do you? An intrepid interviewer/reporter/journalist is someone that goes into risky areas like war zones or corrupt businesses. You’re an asshole that went to a convention open to thousands of people asking questions anyone with a grain of common sense could figure out.

“… strikes gold yet again when a yet to be revealed fact about the game slips out” E3 ended three weeks ago, any “facts” you have will likely have been reported by better news sources. Even if it is something “new”, nobody cares. You’re the only moron that thinks this piece of shit looks playable. I haven’t even gotten to the video!

The video does begin with Bores playing the game and someone telling him how it works. The more I see of this game, the more I understand how idiotic it is. Put this on the Wii or Playstation 3 with Move exclusive controls, at least I have something concrete to hold onto. Pretending I’m holding a lightsaber is like going back to the stone age, no wait they actually had clubs and rocks, this is just outright stupid! This is why they made toys, so you can hold something when you’re playing Jedi.

“Decapitation Chris that was awesome” What have I said about talking? Oh wait, that was someone else… don’t talk either way.
We then enter interview mode. IG asks the same damn questions that we can see from the trailer, and this Matt guy from LucasArts says “iconic” more than Joe Maddelana (look him up kids).
And where’s this “revealed fact” that he bragged about? All of this I could see from the footage!

Video 21: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (July 1st)
“I’m a big fan of the Resident Evil games” Your review of Resident Evil 5 says otherwise.
After Eric from Capcom explains that it’s a team-based game, IG asks “Is there one main character we’re playing as?” Did you not listen to what he was saying? This is like that G.I. Joe interview from two years ago.
“Will we be saying any classics like Jill or Chris?” You can clearly see Leon and Claire. You know, the characters you don’t know of because the only Resident Evil game you played was 5, I’m surprised you know Jill considering you didn’t get past the first level.

The video ends with a shot of Bores looking at the camera and nodding. What the hell was that? His face didn’t show any emotion so I have no clue what he was trying to convey there.

Video 22: Kirby Wii (July 5th)
Half the video is a montage of the game as he makes “funny faces” to the camera. Do his fans really find these reaction shots funny?
“Wow oh wow” Careful there, you almost channeled Arch Hall Jr.
“Not that Epic Yarn crap” God damn it I knew he would say this! We get it, you didn’t like Epic Yarn! You gave an extremely hypocritical and poor reason for not liking it, but you’ve established well enough that you didn’t like the game. Quit. Bringing. It. Up!
Then he says it looks amazing and can’t wait for it to come out. That’s it. Boy, that was pointless. Well, more pointless than the other E3 videos. How much longer…

Video 23: Super Mario 3DS (July 6th)
“Of course I saved the best for last” Is… is it over? Are there no more E3 videos after I finish this?
“If you love Mario games, you’ll enjoy this installment too” I hate when he says this, I really do.
“And this time, he’s in 3D” I thought he was in 3D back in 1996 when Super Mario 64 came ohhhh you mean the other 3D. The one that's just a fad right now.
He brings up old enemies and shows footage of Rocky Wrench while calling him “this guy”. You did this voiceover in post-production, you seriously couldn’t go to the Mario Wiki and find “Rocky Wrench”? Also, this isn’t their big comeback. They showed up in Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
After some more rambling, it then enters a montage with that stock rock track he’s used before. Oh god damn it his Pac-Man Fever is coming out! Not at E3 you moron! Why is he angry? Didn't he say he liked the game? Also, he’s using footage from the trailer. I don’t care anymore, this E3 shit is over!

What do I make of that? The captain obvious questions, the feigned interest, caring for games that anyone with an ounce of common sense can tell you are going to suck, Ubisoft, I seriously SERIOUSLY hope GotGame has the sense to not bring him next year. That’s all I really have to say.

What’s next? Well, Bores confirmed on Facebook the next Neo video is Mortal Kombat 9. I imagine it’ll be another video where he forgets his “character” is supposed to be angry, then make up some pointless flaw because he couldn’t find a real one. Followed by a regular Irate Gamer episode on RoboCop 2 & 3. I guess we’ll see that in January.

UPDATE: Oh GOD DAMN IT! I knew it was too good to be true! IG uploaded yet another E3 video.

Video 24: Top 5 E3 disappointments and let downs. (July 7th)
Oh this is going to suck.
The video isn't at E3, but at his house.

1. WWE '12
He didn't like how there was only four characters, no arenas or announcements, not understanding why this was one the show floor. Because the WWE series is big and THQ will do everything to show it off. And no mention on how it dropped the "Smackdown vs. Raw" title?

2. Final Fantasy XIII-2
Or as he calls it, "the new Final Fantasy game". Look, with Final Fantasy you have to be specific since Square-Enix milks that crap.
He says the graphics are pretty, but he hasn't been "wowed" since Final Fantasy IX. He didn't understand the story and he felt the "attack system" was dated. You didn't play Final Fantasy XIII did you? It's the exact same system, it's not "dated". It came out in late 2009.
He demands that Square fixes it so one attacks like the old games or one attacks like "God of War". You mean like the Tales series, or the Kingdom Hearts series, or Final Fantasy Versus XIII? ... God damn it you're an idiot.

Oh, and I missed this the first time around. He calls it "Final Fantasy XII". You clearly edited this video Bores, you didn't even notice that? Or do you fail with roman numerals?

3. X-Men Destiny
Or "the new X-Men game". Is it really that difficult to say titles?
He says he didn't like how you don't play as any of the actual X-Men, but three students created for the game. Begrudgingly... I agree. I have zero interest in this game. Bleh, I just agreed with Bores. I feel unclean.

4. Twisted Metal
Finally, some elaboration on his throw-away line from the Sony Conference video... pfft.
He said it felt rehashed. It's the first real Twisted Metal game in a long time! In fact, the car battle genre isn't exactly a big one.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Oh boy, here we go. He does acknowledge people will get mad at him for it. ... Too easy.
He thought the controls were "clunky" and felt switching weapons was a "pain in the butt." First off, do you know what clunky controls are? The Wii tries to avoid this with the limited buttons. Second, pain in the butt? Quit trying to keep this PG.
He says others agreed with him, and that it's all a bad sign and things need to be improved and blah blah blah. People are still going to buy it, and they're going to lavishly praise it. That's just how the world works.
He then says he wants a gritty, adult Zelda, similar to God of War. Go fuck yourself. I've seen assholes say similar things like this, and they're laughed off the forum for being so childish. It's not "mature" to want a gritty Zelda, it's extremely simple-minded. It's the "Call of Duty audience" mindset and frankly I find it disgusting.
He then brings up the Wii U tech demo and hopes the graphics are like that. Yeaaaah, Nintendo reported they won't look like that.

In a dishonorable mention, he was disappointed in THQ for not showing a new Voltron game because they secured the rights for it. That doesn't mean anything, it just means they have the rights to make a game, it doesn't mean they must make one.
"Damn it" *pounds table* Grr, I'm angry. Can't you tell how angry I am that there's no Voltron? Grrr.

In his "Want More" card at the end, he advertises the "Best of 3E" coming so ... you seriously didn't spot that?
Whatever, when he releases his goddamn Best Of list I'll edit this to include it.

UPDATE: For the love of... before we're "treated" to his Best Of list, we have to deal with another video from the show.

Video 25: Legend Zelda Wii-U Tech Demo - Irate Edit (July 8th)
No, that's really what the video is titled. "Legend Zelda", what the hell is wrong with you?
"I had to manually insert every sound FX heard in this video. Took me awhile to put together so i hope you enjoy" ... Is this what he means by "Irate Edit"? This is going to hurt.

He shows the tech demo with sounds he added. It didn't hurt, but I really have to ask why? This could have been time spent on making actual content, instead of pointless edits that weren't needed. Can you just end this Bores? Nobody cares anymore!

UPDATE: Video 26: Top 5 Best of E3 (July 12th)
Are we at the end? I hope we are. The well is bone-dry.
"I know some will disagree with my choices since this was a big year for First Person Shooters, but I don't really get into those" Bores, most gamers are really sick of the FPS genre. Don't try to act like your "high and mighty" by not including Modern Warfare 3 or Halo 4 on your list.

1. Super Mario 3DS
He just reiterates everything said in his preview video (see above), he calls it a "review" in an annotation link. Someone really should tell him the difference.

2. Sonic Generations
Once again he goes on about how awesome it is, calls it a "review" in his annotation link blah blah blah. He comments that fans have been wanting a Sonic game similar to the Genesis titles for "a couple years". Try a decade!

By the way, this is a 3 minute 21 second video, we're not even a minute in and he's already on the third game of his Top 5 list.

3. Ninja Gaiden 3
Whoa! He said it correctly! Maybe he does listen to me. Or one of the people at GotGame smacked him off-screen and said "it's GUY-den you fuckwit".
"There's lots of action, lots of button-smashing" Dumb complaint but it's button-mashing not smashing. Jeez, he can't even get the terminology right.
He also says he got an interview with the developers but he scrapped it because they didn't tell him much. How is this different from your other interviews? Oh wait, they might have actually told you stuff if you weren't a dipshit and asked questions like "Is the downloadable Mortal Kombat fighter also going to have special moves?"

4. Star Wars Kinect
I KNEW IT! You have got to be kidding me. I would have preferred you put Modern Warfare 3 on the list, as linear as it is at least it has a decent amount of control.
"It's really cool, you jump, you lightsaber, you've got force pushing" Stuff you can do in a lot of Star Wars games. Waving your arms isn't a good incentive. Also, when did lightsaber become a verb?

5. Kirby Wii
Five bucks says he bashes Epic Yarn again.
He didn't outright bash it, he just said "it wasn't the game I was wanting, this is blah blah blah".

Unfortunately that's not the end of the video. He brings up the 3DS Streetpass and how it works, and that he got a lot of different Miis and people e-mailing him saying they got his Mii. I don't care? He also says he'll get a 3DS review out in the future because he gets requests for it. Can't bring up a possible video without creating the illusion he has fans.
"There's one more video" NOOOO oh it's just bloopers. Well fuck that! I am done with this! Holy crap this took forever.

Cross your fingers that GotGame wises up and doesn't invite him next year. I hope they gave him shit for the Ubisoft video.
So what's next? Probably going to wait for his Mortal Kombat 9 video, or do a Redux Recap.


  1. Geez, what's with Chris and Epic Yarn?! We get it, you didn't like it!
    I know the AVGN brings up Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a lot, but at least that game had actual flaws!

  2. Bores reviewing Mortal Kombat? I can't wait. Zzzzzzzzz...

    Actually, chances are I won't even watch it. No one repost his Neo reviews in the ICBINAVGN sytle, right?

  3. @Shaolin Dave
    DLA did confirm with me that he'll do his MK9 video when it comes out. So there's that.

  4. I'm not a gamer and not knowledgeable beyond the average Joe about video games (or most things for that matter). I am a fan of listening to James Rolfe and Chris Bores though and they are the only times when I learn about video games these days really. I enjoy listening to them both for different reasons. I enjoy James Rolfe for his competent, creative video making skills and honest research. I enjoy Chris Bores for the opposite reasons, but that is not to say that his videos are not entertaining or noneducational to me. I do think people are too hard on him though. You do have to give the guy credit for not giving up. If I was in his shoes or most people for that matter, I think I would have given up a long time ago when I saw all the hate mail and negative blogging.

  5. @Ghostbusters
    There are many reasons why people, aside from his "fans", don't like him. You'd think that Bores would find out why there's a huge backlash that surrounds him and try to rectify that and improve over time. He doesn't.

  6. you know i bet that Bores has the issue of entertainment magazine that proclaims that kirbys epic yarn was the worst game of 2010 enshrined somewhere

  7. Well, I can see why the action figure system for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure will fail, unlike an online store for most MMO's and first person shooters. It would be much better if they used DLC, but instead we have to buy toys from stores. The problem with that is that buying toys is less accessible than using an online store. It would take much longer to go to a store to get the toys than buying DLC, the amount of a particular figure will be limited in stores while DLC won't run out, there are certain areas in the world where you can buy the game but the toys won't be found, and if the manufacturing company stops making the figures, then the child playing the game won't be able to find a figure to play as a character.

    Also, the character designs for the game look like absolute shit. All of the characters look generic, and Spyro looks like an enemy from World of Warcraft instead of his cartoon-like style.

  8. As a person with a different view on things, I think the new Spyro game looks awesome. Spyro's design doesn't bother me as much as it does others (in fact I rather enjoy it), and all of the other characters look pretty cool as well (so far Trigger Happy is a fan-favorite). People react negatively to Skylanders mostly because of Spyro's design not being the way they want him to look like, similar to how Sonic "fans" complain about him not being in his classic style they've been whining for. As a collector myself I'll enjoy going out and getting those action figures to use in the game. But really it depends on how open minded you are to new things.

  9. @digiharrisom

    I know that most games can invoke Your Mileage May Vary. It is just that the idea of buying actual toys to unlock features in a game doesn't seem like a good idea to sell games. I know that sounds similar to DLC, but DLC is at least more easier to access than buying figurines at a store. Also, I don't know why I added the part about the graphics. Seems that I am fickle about stuff because I am automatically agree with the group until my view changes or not when I try it.

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  11. @Exam Questions

    Who the hell are you?

  12. Would be funny if Bores made a Neo review of that Kinect Star Wars game. Maybe he'll replace Star Wars Kid?


    He's not giving up, he's refusing to stop. If he's not ignoring viewers with (more or less) constructive criticism, he's banning them. He has learned NOTHING from his previous E3 visits. Hell, even his reviews are still as bad as they used to be, maybe even more because his ego is shooting through the roof.
    Do you honestly defend an incompetent fool who calls himself "genius"?

  13. This blog completes 2 years today.

    Happy blogday, BatDan! :D

  14. E3 ended 3 weeks ago.
    Imagine if somehow he did get an exclusive piece of news or game info. what good is he to anyone if can't even motivate himself enough to get a video out straight away?


    I just finished watching The Making of an AVGN episode. I was amazed at how James puts so much effort on these episodes and it makes me wonder how Bores creates his own episodes.

  16. Oh God, I just saw the new Spyro designs. Goddamnit, and here I thought the Legend series would be the worst thing to ever happen to him. Goddamnit this is just fucked up. I absolutely loved the original games for the PSX. I even repurchased the games on PSN and still play them from time to time. Activision is punching my childhood in the balls. The worst part is there are only 2 outcomes for this:

    1. The game tanks. Activision declares Spyro a lost cause. Spyro goes out being remembered as a horrible gimmick with an ugly face.

    2. The game succeeds. Activision continues making shit like this.


  17. @ArabGamer

    I heard the news like this:

    "There's gonna be a new Spyro game!"

    Me: YAAY!

    "...made by Activision!"

    Me: Awww...

  18. @ArabGamer either way, Spyro is screwed

  19. My gosh this coverage was even worse than last year. Apart from the other reasons, the UbiSoft video alone is enough evidence >_>
    Also, Bores, why do you need to keep saying Epic Yarn was a let-down? What, are we goldfish? (If his TV Tropes page weren't locked I'd be adding this) And he still hasn't learned from his mistakes on being late with E3 coverage, everybody has now stopped caring. On the other hand, it's fun to laugh at his fans because they have the guts to wait for crappy E3 footage. If they stay fans until they get older, I can't wait to see what their friends have to say about them when they try to express this stuff as "big news".

    That indeed was quite an interesting "making of". One thing I have to applaud him for is that he didn't take the easy way out, unlike Bores. He actually tried to make the video entertaining and worth staying for the entire 35 minutes. Bores, on the other hand, talks to a mirror about how his show (d)evolved into the crap-tacular abomination it is today.

  20. Oh god damn it! He just uploaded another E3 video! I thought we were done here!

    It was his Top 5 "disappointments", and he has a "Best Of" coming too. Fuck it, they'll be edited into this post.

  21. @ BatDanNight

    I don't think a darker Zelda game is a bad idea... I'm not sure about 'adult', that implies gore and/or nudity.

    The first Zelda game was intense. I remember the excitement and fear when I first fought and defeated Ganon when I was 8 years old.

    As technical limitations faded away and we no longer had to use our imaginations to compensate, it sucked that Nintendo's vision of what Hyrule should be was a lot more 'fun and quirky' than we'd always thought of it.

  22. @Shaolin Dave
    I probably should have mentioned that he wanted it like God of War.

  23. @ Ghostbusters

    See, there are other game reviewers out there who can be respected and entertaining. When you get right down to it, Chris fails on his own merits, rather than how he measures to other reviewers. To give a shorter wording on what I've said last time:

    1. Constant misinformation: Now getting a few facts wrong here and there can be forgivable, especially if you aren't a hardcore gamer.

    But Chris makes it a habit to give misinformation. Which is more questionable if he really knows the ins and outs of video games as he claims.

    And if one does a documentary, fact checking needs to be a Number 1 priority.

    2. Constant grammar errors: Let me put it this way. Flaw/Flaws is a pretty simple word to pronounce. So how can someone constantly mispronounce the word as Flaw/Flawls?

    3. Pretty questionable deadline: It took 8 months after his Cool Spot review to finish up his Robocop review. A review which is about 14 minutes long. Doug and Lewis upload longer videos weekly for the most part. James before taking a break from his main series did it at least once a month (Not to mention that James was nice enough to inform us that the series would have a new episode per month rather than two, or that he would be taking a break to start on the movie).

    And it's not like the videos he released in the mean time look like time consuming work.

    3A. Infact, while many online reviewers do seek to make some money off their works, Chris will take shortcuts to make some ad money. Like splitting up videos that could easily be done in one part (like the E3 videos, or his ET review). And I believe his status as a YT partner would allow him to do so.

    Another instance is are those movie trailer reviews in which he basically just plays a regular trailer unedited with maybe 40 seconds of comments.

    Or for that matter trailers for upcoming IG episodes that don't warrent a trailer. Other reviewers save the trailers for the milestone episodes or multipart vid. In James' case, his AVGN episodes premiere on another site and don't come to YT for a long while, so a trailer is warranted.

    4. Jokes with that make no sense: The "Somebody call 911 cause I've been robbed" just comes out of nowhere. Now the Rob-Ocop joke as bad as it was, at least makes sense, but you get the idea.

    This so called gamer, wants an adult Zelda....
    No amount of love and tolerance can make me respect him.
    FUCK YOU CHRIS!!!!!!

  25. And I meant to post this in response to the last blog you did, but I figure there will be more posting and reading here.

    As Batdan points out in this, his preview and several videos is that Chris just doesn't have much passion for what he does.

    AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Cinema Snob, HVGN and Clan of the Gray Wolf may be good/bad/declining/average, but the people behind them enjoy doing their job. While they look to make money, it's not the sole motivator for their work.

    But whether it's the Irate Gamer or Haunted Investigators, you just don't feel like Chris is having a good time, and thus it the videos don't feel enjoyable. Helps explain why he takes a long time to do an IG episode.

  26. I had the misfortune of watching his "making of" video, where he basically spews bullshit about "evolving the character and starting out small". In it, he actually said that he does it solely for having fun and making something people enjoy, but right after, he says that "Well, my Haunted Investigators show didn't do as well as I had hoped, so I decided to branch out and try other things, like Irate Gamer". Basically, his ghost hunting show wasn't popular enough, so he decided to rip something else off as well. What a tool...

  27. @ BatDan

    "I probably should have mentioned that he wanted it like God of War."

    Oooooohhhhhhh....... yeah Bores is a flippin' moron.

    I've barely played any God of War but it's decent from what I've played of it. I can see how a real gamer can find it enjoyable. I can see how a gamer might find recent Zelda titles unenjoyable (like myself).

    But if anyone wants Zelda to be like God of War, they ARE NOT a gamer.

    Not opinion. Fact.

  28. I'd figure he'd rat on another awesome looking game like Skyward Sword. I'm not even a huge Legend of Zelda fan (yet) but even I think it looks cool. He probably just can't, or rather won't, play it correctly like he did with Sonic Unleashed and RE5 because he has the patience of a nine year-old.

  29. Oh god...he really called "Twisted Metal" a letdown?! And he said it felt rehashed?!? Well clearly he's never played the previous Twisted Metal games (big shock there) because the PS3 game actually looks to be very different in many ways (more focus on multiplayer, factions, live action endings, etc)

    I will rage so hard if he reviews the game.

  30. "Actually, chances are I won't even watch it. No one repost his Neo reviews in the ICBINAVGN sytle, right?"

    With the exception of his turkey 3-in-1 review, ICBINAVGN DID post his Neo reviews, IIRC.

  31. Why do i have an felling that he will treat zelda sky in the future the same way that he treat kirby epic yarn.

  32. @ Cody S.

    Nice to know. Thanks for the info. That said, I'm going to recap on what Chris should take into account (I'm speaking as if he were reading this):

    1. Research the facts better, or at least stop with the claims of having extensive knowledge.

    2. Cutback on grammar errors.

    3. If you claim that a new IG episode is coming soon, then back it up with the episode. If for any reason it's going to take very long or you won't be doing any, then be upfront about it.

    4. A random comment doesn't always make a joke.

    5. Frankly it would be for the best if you tried making videos to things that actually interest you rather than claiming to be interested in video games, myths and the paranormal.

  33. By the way regarding that the controls sucked and that people agreed with him......Swagshow... E3: skyward sword sucks?

  34. While one might critize that Zelda hasn't evolved much since Ocarina of Time and that most games in the series follow the same plot ("collect 3 macguffins, collect around 6+ more after that and most importantly, never give Link any kind of personality!"), but making it more like God of War? That's just childish. Remember what the Star Wars franchise did when it tried to do just that? Make Force Unleashed, the biggest pile of shit I ever desecrated one of my consoles with.

    Oh, and apparently, Bores or some of his lackeys banned me - which is a bit weird since I only commented 2 or 3 of his videos and tried my hardest to not delve into mindless rage. Well, saves me the trouble of making further comments...

  35. I don't know if this is something to brag about, but bores just banned me from his channel.

  36. @ Doresh & thecruiser8490

    All three of us, and many others, have been banned for either no reason or for making the most subtile criticisms of Bores via YouTube comments. I have a feeling he's actually searched out comments elsewhere and maybe even banned everyone following this blog.

  37. @Shaloin Dave

    Well actually...I upright told Bores to never touch a Final Fantasy game in his life. God, I'm such a FFanboy.

  38. @Shaolin Dave:

    That would require him to look at this blog, but since he can't stand criticism, I doubt he'll do it.


    FF hasn't been the same ever since Square Enix milked FF7 for all it's worth (and much, MUCH more), decided to automate the battle system (instead of making it actually INTERESTING) and sell us whiny little bastards as protagonists even though they have NOTHING to do with the plot.
    Plus, with me discovering gems like Dragon Quest VIII and the Shin Megami Tensei series, I have no reason to ever touch FF12 again.
    On the plus side, I loooove FF6, and FF5 always makes me wonder why they ditched the job system in favor of these weird, abstract board thingies that are not nearly as deep as the company claims. Okay, the sphere grid was rather interesting, but the license board? A joke full of padding and disappointment.

    And allow me to give you a quick summary of his possible reactions to FF games I know of:

    FF5: "This looks like Atari! If they've made the game shorter, they could've made it look like FF7!"

    FF6: "What's a Mog?"

    FFX: "I don't have time for board games, I gotta play the game!"

    FFX-2: "Where's Simo... er, I mean, Auron?!"

    FF12: "The controls are garbage compared to God of War!"

    or alternatively:

    "'I am Basch fon Ronsenberg'? I AM THE IRATE GAMER!"

    FF13: "Pretty coo!"

  39. I will admit I am easily impressed by movies. (Of course there are movies out there that I hate, but I still am easily amazed by movies, especially if they have great visuals.)

    Does that make me a moron?

  40. @Blaze
    No. Just as long as that isn't all you look for in a movie.

    While I hated 12, FF13 is actually one of my favorites. I liked all the characters (except for Vanille, she's a bitch). People accused the game of playing itself because of the auto attack system. Realistically, the game was extremely difficult if that's all you did. While the characters attack on their own you have to constantly change the classes, use items, and decide when to use techs. It was an interesting battle system that I personally loved.

    As for Irate Gamer saying Zelda needs to be more like God of War. It's already been done with Darksiders. Another awesome game by the way.

  41. @Arab Gamer
    Oh, I am glad I'm not the only one who likes FF13. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm the only one.

  42. @ArabGamer

    Well, it's not. I think a good storyline and likable characters are very important.

  43. God of War must be his favorite modern game. No, not just from him wanting RPGs and adventure games to be like it, but that it's linear as shit and he can just mash the fuck out of the buttons on the easy setting to beat the game. It really does cater to his gaming prowess.

  44. @Cruiser
    Most people who hate the game didn't even play past the first chapter. It did admittedly have a slow start though. Most people who gave it a real try enjoyed it.

  45. I suspect the real reason he placed Skyward Sword at top was because he knew it would stir up controversy and bring in a slew of viewers. Besides from what I've heard, most impressions of the game were positive. Sticking it as the biggest disappointment of E3 seems rather petty, but I doubt Bores cares anymore of what people think of him. After all, every view he gets is 10 pennies in his pocket.

    Also a gritty "God of War" Zelda? You're a fucking dipshit Chris, grow up.

    Minor tidbit but I was browsing the Penny Arcade archives and came across Gabe's opinion of Epic Yarn.

    "Kirby’s Epic Yarn - If you have a Wii this is a must own game. It might even be reason enough to get a Wii if you don’t already have one. It is a fantastic platform game, especially with two people playing cooperatively. It is also one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. You really owe it to yourself to check it out."

    I honestly think this little paragraph speaks alot more then Bores's pathetic excuse for a video.

  46. I understand lots of people have fond memories of Voltron and would like to see that brought back. I think there was even a Voltron expansion for the Monsterpocalypse game a year or two ago.

    But speaking personally, all those watered-down imports I watched as a kid like Voltron and Robotech and Power Rangers just stopped interesting me after I found out how I could get my hands on the original shows, either at Best Buy or through fansub groups.

    I mean, why would I want to watch the "We can get you to a doctor, Sven!" show when I can watch the "Shirogane's dead! We have to fight on so his sacrifice won't be in vain!" show?

  47. I mean, at least if it's a choice of one or the other, which it usually is now that I'm not a kid and don't have as much free time.

  48. I wouldn't completely discredit all the Power Rangers series. Some of them were much better than the Sentai counterpart (I've heard a lot of people actually prefer Mighty Morphin over Zyuranger).

  49. Does anybody know where I can find Asalieri's videos now that his account has been banned. Ihave been able to find them pretty well just by google searching the ones I knew the titles to, but there are a lot I don't know the titles to and cannot find them.

  50. @BatDanNight:

    It really depends on the show:

    Power Rangers Zeo > Chōriki Sentai Ohranger

    Power Rangers Turbo <<<<< Gekisou Sentai Caaaaarrrrranger!!

    And it's always interesting to see how the same footage can be used to tell 2 completely different stories.

  51. What Doresh said for the most part, two other notable ones:

    RPM > Go Onger

    Samurai <<<<<<<<< Shinkenger

    This current season is not what fans were expecting when Saban brought the rights back.

  52. Of course some PR adaptations were better than the source material. I'm sure many PR fans' favorite bit of trivia is that Lost Galaxy did better in Japan than the Sentai it was adapted from. My point is, though, that these days if I have to choose between two versions of one thing, generally I'll pick the one that's from a country known to produce stuff that's more serious, less afraid to be scary, less worried about being "safe."

    Sometimes the other version will be better, but it hasn't happened enough times to shake my preferences. Probably won't either, since PRS doesn't seem like it'll lead to a triumphant return of the franchise or anything.

  53. 25 Videos and counting... This just screams to me "I need ad revenue." Although, I'm somewhat amazed that he managed to get 25 videos out in such a short amount of time...

    On the subject of a God of War style Zelda. No. Zelda shouldn't be about button mashing.

    Skyward Sword being on his list of disappointments... That seems like controversy waiting to happen... Although I'd say that the actual bad signs is the one interview where the Aonuma said the plot was like a school drama.

    "Legend Zelda" What the hell? Ignoring that there is no dash in the Wii U's name... How could he make that mistake? It's so bad I can't even bring myself to type it, and have to just copy and paste it.

    So does anyone want to guess what his "Top 5" moments would be?

    1. Star Wars Kinect - Going by his previous gushing.
    2. Kirby Wii - In another failed attempt to make us believe that he is a gamer
    3. Wii U - Since he seems like such a graphics whore.
    4. His act of terrorism on Ubisoft
    5. And I don't know... E3 was so long ago I forgot what happened.

  54. So he's making more E3 videos? After 1 1/2 months, does he think that even his fans care in the slightest about E3?

  55. @Arthur

    With an ego the size of his, does he think his fans care what he releases?

  56. Looking at the comments of the tech demo video, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Irate Gamer made something pretty decent for once.

  57. @Ghostbusters

    You can find a few of his vids on Asalieri2. He also has a dead blog and a forum where he barely posts. I don't know what's going on, but he's off the radar atm.

    And wow, Bores' still talking about E3 ?

  58. @Thelone:

    Wouldn't it be funny if he'll continue to release E3-related videos till the NEXT E3 starts?

  59. You missed that on his WWE 12 disappointment, he says it didn't show off any new features, even though it was based on the brand new Predator gameplay, the biggest feature of the year.

  60. My Twitter informant has provided an update posted last night.
    Bores finally played the new Mortal Kombat and absolutely loves it.

    It's going to be a gushing review isn't it? Once again forgetting he's supposed to be angry.
    As usual, months after the game actually came out.


    Hey the original Robocop review has to be the most pathetic video Chris Bores has ever made, and from Chris, that is saying a lot!

  62. @BatDanNight You are a fucking liar, you dont have a twitter informant, you are making up bullshit to your brain-dead, slushe brained fans who have IQs less than -46, Stop bullying the irate gamer, he will feel upset if he reads this cunty blog

  63. Batdan's IQ: -9000
    SpaceScreaminJohn's IQ: 94
    My IQ: 189

  64. Chris Chan's IQ: 42
    Sonichu's IQ: 42
    Sonic's IQ: 138
    Amy Rose (Classic) IQ: 138
    Amy Rose (Modern) IQ: 112
    Fang the Sniper's IQ: 150
    Larry Koopa's IQ: 172

  65. Irate Gamer's IQ: 190
    AVGN's IQ: 192
    Shane Dawsons IQ: 200

  66. Is there any way to ban people from commenting on Blog posts?

  67. @Charlie
    Ever seen Forrest Gump?

  68. Wow NostalgiaCriticSucks, thanks for that well-written and thought out five-part comment! Really interesting way to try and piss people off. Watch out guys, he can make lists!

    Some things to note: How does a fictional character getting a different look make them a completely new character? Last time I checked... never. Also, did you run out of Sonic-related characters and slip in a Mario one hoping no-one would notice? I'll give you a point for including Fang though... he's one of my favorites. Also, how did you find out these numbers? Unless these people and characters took the proper test that would measure this count and you somehow got access to the test results, I'll go ahead and say you made them up.

    Tell me, what was the point of this? Besides wasting our time and making yourself look like more of an idiot than you've already proven yourself to be, I mean.

    With that out of the way, answer me this: why are you so diligent in defending Bores? He probably doesn't know who you are. I doubt he'd care even if he did. And you know, I hope you enjoy that whole fanboy defense thing while it lasts, because all things come to an end. That includes your precious Irate Gamer. What will you defend after that ends?

    Also, what's with the Critic hate? Maybe he said something in a review that made you mad? Wanted to make a blog to poke fun at BatDan but couldn't think of another crappy reviewer, so you choose a good one out of spite? I'm honestly curious.

  69. Hey, it's Charles! How's your summer so far? I went to this huge expo and all these people were here! I even saw Egoraptor, got his signature, and his Mii!

  70. Anyway, I'm having a great summer, and it's only getting better up here! I can't wait to see what's next!
    P.S. Saying that you'll give us your dirty underwear isn't an insult to us.
    In fact, you're implying you still soil yourself.

  71. @Charlie
    Also, for someone who likes the Irate Gamer, good job giving the AVGN, someone you've said several times in the past you hated, an imaginary IQ two points higher than the person you supposedly like better. Thumbs up for stupidity! :D

  72. @skyrunner14
    I still don't get it. If he hates Chris now, why is he still defending him?

  73. @Derek

    Because he's a confused twelve-year-old who can't keep track of his own phony opinions.

    Also, glad to hear you're having a great summer! My family and I are heading to Dollywood up in Tennessee at the end of the month. We even get in free because my aunt works there... fun times await!

  74. So, how's your summer, Charlie?

  75. Im still going to fucking school for a week!

  76. @NostalgiaCriticSucks So Chuck, will you tell me already what lipstick you are using? And BTW Stop this nonsense Charlie ;)

  77. @skyrunner14 which mario character do you mean? AVGN, Speedy Gonzalez or Jafar?

  78. You know you're a sad, strange person when Leeroy Jenkins tells you to get a life.

    Feel free to curse on the Internet. It's not like your parents will know... though I hope they do find out how you act on here. Then maybe they'll ground you from using it and we won't have to deal with all your crap anymore.

  79. Also, Charlie, gonna answer my questions? Or are you simply unable to think of a response that doesn't somehow lead back to the Nerd? Seriously, I think I speak for the lot of us when I say we'd like some answers.

  80. @Charlie
    I've been out of school since the 22nd.

  81. @skyrunner14 Im fucked up because I like to Mindfuck people on the intrnet lololololololol

  82. @skyrunner14 which mario character do you mean? AVGN, Speedy Gonzalez or Jafar?

    ...Oh wow. You're either a fantastic troll, or a complete idiot. I can't tell which.

  83. @Charlie
    Nah, you're messed up in the head because you think you're funny. Which you're not. Nice try, though.

  84. @SpaceScreaminJohn

    You're not the only one. If IG reviews Street Fighter X Tekken, I will freak out.

  85. OK, I will finally announce my true intentions with this video, you dig?

  86. ^As long as he never goes anywhere near the Saturn or any of it's games, I can stand his bullshit. Once he goes near that? Time to get the sniper rifle. /kidding

  87. @Charlie
    The link didn't work. I don't know what you were trying to lead me to, but it didn't answer my questions. Care to try again? And please, attempt to put some honest effort into them, you demented little troll/moron. ;-)

  88. By the way, I do have a Facebook & Twitter informant. In order to see his Twitter, one not only must follow him but be approved to follow him. I doubt that will happen.
    As for Facebook, I have to friend him. No way in hell I'm doing that.

  89. @skyrunner14
    It was a song called You've Been Trolled.

  90. Guys, if you give him attention, you're just giving him a reason to come back. He's like German Herpes.

  91. @skyrunner14

    Wow thats cool you're going to Dollywood. I never went there but I saw it on TV and stuff.

  92. Dollywood actually exists?. I thought it was just a throwaway gag in that Simpsons episode Dolly Parton was in

  93. Yup, actually exists~ It's like Disneyworld, except Dolly Parton-related... partially. A really great place, too! Lots of awesome roller coasters, there are. And since my aunt works there, not only do we get in free, but we get to go to other places for free as well.

  94. Wait, that 12-year-old simpleton thinks what he is doing is mindfucking? That reminds me of some stuff:

  95. If he thinks sending me a link to a video called "You've Been Trolled" (which I don't think counts if it doesn't work, by the way) is "mindfucking people on the Internet", he clearly doesn't know the Internet as well as he wants us to think. Simply more proof to show what an idiot he is.

    Call me repetitive, but I still want the questions I asked him answered. Every time he tries to avoid them, it makes me think of him as more and more stupid.

  96. Here we go again:

    Looks like I maybe deleting that "Tekken 6" video. I wonder if DLA found out about this?

  97. @vicviper592

    I'm 99% sure that Cry Wolf Productions is another bogus company created by jfreedan (CWP is based in Dallas, where that idiot seems to live). I don't know what it has to do with Bores' stuff though, but the GameDudeOfficial account also got terminated for copyright infringement from CWP (+ jfreedan and retrorapist3, but nothing new here).

  98. @Thelone

    Well, the title of the video did mention "Irate Gamer", and if I remember, didn't some of y2b2010's videos get flagged by this company? And I think that's way before the jfreedan incident.

    Unless this company is somehow involve with, since IG, jfreedan, and retrogamer3 are part of it.

  99. A couple of y2b2010's videos were flagged by "Cry Wolf Productions" and that was long before jfreedan or Retrogamer3 began their drama crusades.

  100. Irate Gamer's Top 5 Best of E3 video is up at last.

    I didn't watch the whole video, but I skipped to the ending, and he said that he has one more video to do that has bloopers and stuff like that and he just said to "stay tubed" (god I hate that line) for that one.

  101. @vicviper592 & @BatDan

    Must be really old stuff then because I don't remember that at all.

  102. If Bores says it's a verb, then it IS a verb! It's so easy: I lightsaber, you lightsaber, we all lightsaber XD !

    And I always thought Ninja Gaiden is more tactical than "button-shmashing"?

    Man, do I want to see his stupid face if he finally get's this Kinect abomination and realizes how much it sucks...

    And he's going to buy a 3DS? I don't think his brain is advanced enough to allow depth perception. Plus, he'll probably bash the (normal DS) games from looking shitty because he doesn't know that the 3DS has a higher resolution than the normal DS...

  103. He already has a 3DS, he showed it in the video.

  104. I wonder if anyone e-mailed Ubisoft about Bores's video about them?

  105. Well, that was a trainwreck. Oh well, it's not we weren't expecting it. Bah, Bores is flies in my soup... twenty bucks to anyone who gets that reference.

  106. Hey, I just wanted to point something out.

    Chris has been blocking everyone he can for little to no reason whatsoever. I know many people here were blocked weeks or months ago for the most subtle criticism.

    LadyBuggin777 just posted comments on his Zelda tech demo video.

    With him on a crazy censorship rampage, shouldn't his "fake mom" have been the first to go?

  107. Hm... I wonder if he actually knows this person? After his "other" mom came up, I would've thought she'd back down, but instead she's still commenting. If he/she isn't his mom, I wonder how Bores and Buggin are connected...

    Well, maybe I'm reading too deeply into a troll. But still, Dave has a point.

  108. @skyrunner14

    I forget, what's the name of the "new" mum?

  109. @NostalgiaCriticSucks

    Charles Charleston Chrlington what would your poor mother think of the language you're using?

  110. Just had a video of mine spoofing Chris Bores taken down for copyright infringement and now I'm given questions from YouTube about copyright.


  111. @Bahamut

    Just got that warning as well. Well, bye bye +15 minutes.

    I had to delete that Revy one as well just in case.

  112. @vicviper

    Ah yeah, I forgot about losing my ability to upload 15+ minute videos. Oh well, there's always making a new account if I really want to upload a video that long.

  113. @Bahamut

    Well, that Tekken one was just disabled. But I deleted it, along with that other one. Not sure if them disabling videos counts as a strike.

    Now what will happen to DLA's account now? And why do I have a feeling all of this is related to JFreedan' deletion fest, cause it seems to make sense? JFreedan is part of GotGame, and he probably convinced Bores that it's OK to delete videos now.

    If there's plans on opening a blip account with deleted IG videos, then I better make a revised version of that rant.

  114. I doubt you'd be safe on Blip considering Asalieri had his channel there taken down by JFreedan

  115. And all of this crap happens just because JFreedan couldn't accept the fact that Japanese RPGs are different to Western RPGs. What an idiot.

    That reminds me of something. I found an Encyclopedia Dramatica article on that asshole.

  116. Excuse me? mummy has a piggybomb on her head

  117. @"Charlie" Charles Charleston Charlington

    Tell me, why is posting a video for a song called "You've Been Trolled" considered mindfucking? If I am expecting a mind fuck, this is what it would be:

    Also, skyrunner14 needs his questions answered. It would end much faster if you answered his questions already.

  118. @Charles Charleston "Charlie" Chucky-Cheese Charlington the Third

    ...nothin', I just wanted to throw "Chucky-Cheese" into your name. :D

  119. dan i just heard he made another contest its some dumb star trek poster one

  120. @TTBurger88
    So I've seen. And I thought giving away $50 dollar iPods was lame.

  121. @ Charlie

    Smashhacker is quite right. You know, I don't know if I speak for everyone saying this, but at least some of us might actually take you more seriously if you stopped being an idiot and answered my questions. They're genuine queries that deserve an answer. And if you're too lazy to scroll up the page to see them, I'll post them here again:

    "Tell me, what was the point of this (bothering the good commenters of this blog just because they have a differing opinion than yours)? Besides wasting our time and making yourself look like more of an idiot than you've already proven yourself to be, I mean.

    With that out of the way, answer me this: why are you so diligent in defending Bores? He probably doesn't know who you are. I doubt he'd care even if he did. And you know, I hope you enjoy that whole fanboy defense thing while it lasts, because all things come to an end. That includes your precious Irate Gamer. What will you defend after that ends?"

  122. I wrote some lyrics for the Irate Gamer, sung to the tune of the AVGN theme song (Extended Version). Would anyone like to hear it? WARNING It's not very good...

  123. @Cody
    Go ahead, his actual themes are generic. One is the same thing repeated over and over, the other is too short to be considered one.

  124. @Derek

    Okay, here goes...

    (Sung to the tune of AVGN Theme)

    He's gonna take you back to the past
    and pull these reviews out of his ass
    He'd rather have...a lot of dough
    except he doesn't so he makes videos
    they're not that good...they suck real ass
    just don't tell him that or you will get banned
    He's the biggest tool in the universe
    he makes a mockery of all gamers
    he wishes he was AVGN but he's not
    he tries to sell shitty stuff that's never bought
    When you power on your PC
    make sure to this freak
    he has a shitty show...that's not funny
    nor is it acted well, I think you'll agree
    he's a huge ripoff...just watch his vids,
    on second thought, just take my word for it.
    he's a fraud, and I hope you agree
    just be careful, or you'll end up like me
    he'll block you if you agree
    He's the Irate Gamer and he sucks donkey

  125. There is some fake company filing copyright claims against videos on the irate gamer. I think you should mention that in your next blog, Dan.

  126. @Orregot

    Probably that BS Cry Wolf Productions company.

  127. @Charles Charlie Chucky Cheddar Cheese Charlington Charlery Chuckers Chuffington III
    Please keep coming back. It's fun to make up names for you.

  128. i cant believe this is happening again removing criticism videos on chris bores and stuff jeez why does this have to happen again i myself got a strike from this cry wolf productions because of my irate gamer vids dan u should make a blog on that company

  129. I just tried to watch some ICBINAVGN videos. The ones featuring IG came up as "private", everything else worked though.

  130. "Cry Wolf Productions", Bores? Are you serious, Bro?

  131. And, one U.S. Patent look-up later, I can confirm this company doesn't exist. Way to go, Bores, you learned NOTHING from the last time you attempted this. Here's hoping you get found out and jailed this time.

  132. The funny thing about the star wars kinect game it was much much worse than we first thought