Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next IG DVD Coming "Soon"

It's been almost four years since IG released his first DVD, a rush job released to beat the AVGN's first DVD. Did the first DVD do that well? I don't know, Bores never brought it up. He never mentioned selling out of stock, or needing to restock, or any implication that the DVD was doing well. I figured that when he did a contest to give away free copies, he was overstocked and nobody was buying.

So with that assumption, I wondered "why would you even consider making another one?"
News of the next DVD was sparse, Bores would sometimes mention he's "hard at work" on it but most saw it as "reassurance" to the few fans he has.
A while ago, he mentioned he was working on THREE DVDs. IG volume 2 and 3, and a separate DVD for History of Video Games (making it a completely different series). Again, I thought it was more reassurance.

On July 20th 2011, this updated appeared on his site.
I must get at least 10 emails a week asking about the status of the dvd's. Well finally I can tell you they are coming! And not just one volume, but 2! This double dose of Volume 2 and 3 will be here in August!
Been talking to some interesting people and more great news coming soon!

As usual, he has to remind us "he get lotsa e-mails" to ensure he's still popular (HA!)
Why release two volumes? Why not release one big volume? I have a feeling it's money-related.
August huh? We'll see...
What does he mean by "interesting people"? That's an extremely vague term. Is he trying to be "mysterious"?

So the DVD is set for next month. I put "soon" in quotation marks because we know of IG's habit of never keeping his promises. If it does come out next month, I'll be surprised.
I imagine any DVD exclusive extras will be uploaded to YouTube or other sites shortly after release.
Nearly four years, good lord that's lazy. That's all I really have to say about the DVD. I can't believe he hasn't learned his lesson from his first pile of crap barely selling.

On a slightly different subject, IG will never reach 100 episodes. Hell, at this rate we'd be lucky to see 50.
How many episodes does he officially have? Let's see.
Neo and History of Video Games don't count. Two-part episodes released the same day count as one episode.
30 episodes. Wow... And that's counting the Retro Mini "commercial" (normally I wouldn't).

That's all for now.


  1. Ultimate MvC3 was revealed today.
    I'm sad that I wasted money on an obsolete game.
    I'm happy it's going to be $40.

  2. Batdan, An new voltron game got annonced not long ago, but it will be an dowloade title only.( news from Gt)

  3. @Derek
    Capcom's fucking with us now.

    Yeah I know. It looks like crap, and it's developed by the guys behind Naughty Bear and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Not a good track record.

  4. @Dan
    And no MML3.

  5. Today's a bad day for the bomber...

  6. Removing the 2 part episodes that he counts as 2 episodes, he only has like 25 episodes....over 4 years.... -_-

  7. Wait...a DVD for his "History of Video Games"? So he is going to sell the 3 or 4 episodes he's done that's taken like 3 years just to get to that far?

    Any DVD he tries to sell is a joke but that one alone is beyond laughable.

  8. @Derek, BatDan

    Capcom: "Hey guys, we're charging another $40 for the SAME GAME with features and characters we could've put in the game the first time around but didn't!"

    Capcom has been pissing on it's fanbase a while now. And the recent cancellation of MML3? Heh, guess who's never buying another (new) Capcom game ever again? *raises hand*

  9. Speaking of MML3, fellow Legends fans should give this a read:

    If that speculation is what's really going on, Capcom will not only gain my forgiveness, they'll be the greatest trolls ever.

  10. Wait a minute, so they've canceled two new Mega Man games now? Good God, give the MM fans SOMETHING, Capcom!

  11. @skyrunner

    In this day and age of DLC I find Capcoms strategy of "updating" games insulting. The DLC for FoTW was piss poor to say the least (Shuma-Gorath? Thats what you think people want?) and I am not paying £40 for a handful of new characters or combo styles I'll never touch. Im with you its trade ins or nothing.

    As for Bores "HIstory" DVD I say we keep quiet Until Game On find out he's selling footage ripped from their show because I doubt he is smart enough (ie too lazy) to edit it out.

  12. Chris Bores is pathetic. There are people who deserve many fans, like Stuart Ashen and Tay Zonday, but then there are people like Fred and Boring Man who don't deserve fans at all, but still attract the attention of complete imbeciles! Chris is obviously a lazy person, but what makes him so pathetic is that he doesn't apologize about being incredibly lazy.
    Instead, he seems to think that he can do no wrong and that he has huge amounts of fans, which I pray isn't true. Also, I've seen the cover for his DVD. Good god, does that look dreadful! It just looks cheap and, again, LAZY! As for the History of Video Games DVD...why? He's expecting people to pay to support his laziness and asshattery?! No way in hell!

  13. @ Clark

    there's a program called Game on..............I KNEW IT, he did stole that catchphrase.

  14. @ kyon813

    I've talked to Bores via YouTube PMs and a couple times on Steam.
    Bores told me that 99.99% of the people who claim to hate him are just trolls. He says the hate mail he gets are from people who have never seen his show and just spend all day writing hate mails to everyone they can, creating hundreds of sock puppet email accounts to hide their numbers.
    He also has no idea how lazy he is. He justifies his lack of updates by saying the quality of his show rivals that of professional TV shows that have full crews.
    There's some other crazy stuff he told me that I won't go into, but trust me, the guy is either a pathological liar or he's delusional beyond belief.

  15. @kyon813

    Okay, I think this needs to be said about Fred. I don't anyone with a brain cell can deny that he's a talentless hack. However, unlike Bores, Fred earned his place on YouTube. Granted, he doesn't deserve such a large fanbase, but at the very least he worked his way up. If it makes you feel better, the creator of Charlie the Unicorn (SecretAgentBob), openly admits that Shane Dawson, Fred and Ijustine are talentless hacks. He even said he was disappointed that Ijustine actually turned out to be nice in real life ("Now we can't make fun of her").

  16. Saw the trailer for the Voltron game. Looks like something that belongs on the PS1. Still don't care.

  17. @Dave
    This is why I watch other people. Eight months is too long for an 11 minute episode. What quality does he have? Does he think that "Days of Our Skeletons" was the funniest thing ever?

  18. @ Shaolin Dave

    Well, professional TV shows do use a lot of default explosion effects and green-screens whenever the action happens outside of one room, not to mention no sense of direction with their story arcs, so The Bores does have a point.

  19. I think somebody should upload a torrent that has the DVD files to all of the Irate Gamer DVDs just so we could check out the DVDs without wasting our money. Of course, that would require one person to waste their money on all of the Irate Gamer DVDs.

    I do know that there has been torrents of The Irate Gamer Volume 1, but those currently don't have any seeders.

  20. Capcom's weird: Giving all their loyal fans who where stupid enough to buy the first version of their newest fighting game the middle finger (and I'm damn sure there will be another 1 or 2 better versions), and letting the Mega Man franchise rot. Do they wait till everyone's forgotten the blue bomber to make a reboot or what?

    @Shaolin Dave:

    What the... why Oo ?!

    This History of Video Games DVD just bugs me: Who wants to buy a shitty DVD with bullshit informations and a running time of less than 1 hour?

    But knowing Bores, I'll bet that his PC will crash next month, or he'll remove his post with the release date...

  21. @Dave

    You know that by saying there's even crazier stuff we just want to hear more.

  22. @Gatuca.
    I doubt that he has taken the game on cathprase from that program. Im pretty sure that got that cathprase from yu-gi-oh!, becose they say game once they start an duel, and well ig did have an fan poster with yu-gi-oh! a while ago.

  23. Keiji Inafune left Capcom back in October if I recall and he was the one who was pushing to make a new Megaman Legends sequel. Was wondering how it would work out without him at the helm. Guess we now know eh?

    Frankly I'm more upset over them skipping localization for Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Have kept myself from spoilers and it's driving me nuts. Still hold hope it'll find a way over here (souped up 3DS version perhaps)

    "I must get at least 10 emails a week asking about the status of the dvd's." Wow, Chris made a joke and I laughed. I must be getting ill or something.

  24. @Shaolin Dave

    Even if Bores' work DID rival that of professional TV shows with full crews, which it doesn't, never have, never will, it wouldn't mean anything to me. Those TV shows have strict time constraints, usually every week, but with some soap operas, daily. Either way, taking several months+ to get that same quality isn't saying much, but it's not even near that quality.

  25. @Shaolin Dave

    You can tell him I have watched his videos and actually found the AVGN in the related videos links on his dreadful tmnt review.

  26. In a strange twisted way I'm sad, yet glad MML3 was cancelled. I'm sad because I enjoyed the first two (well, 1 more than 2.)

    I'm happy because having fan involvement is nice and all, but having to be one of the many who sent in an idea for a character, boss, etc. and have it rejected while another gets picked just doesn't seem fair. Guess it doesn't matter now though.

    Anyways, I'm a long-time reader and first-time poster. Following Bores's "achievements" as IG is something this blog makes interesting. I'll pop in from time to time!

  27. Good News! Bores released ANOTHER video! And guess what its about: CEREAL! This video is about TMNT cereal.

  28. TMNT cereal?


    That's just plain random!

  29. "I imagine any DVD exclusive extras will be uploaded to YouTube or other sites shortly after release."

    Other sites for sure, with that Cry Wolf Productions copyright bullshit, I'm sure it won't be on YouTube for long.