Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Look, More Cereal. 20 Year Old TMNT Cereal.

Last month, in my RoboCop recap, I said “why does Bores bother to advertise I Rate the 80’s? He hasn’t made a new one in a year.” Well surprise surprise, an all new “Breakfast Rant 2.0”.

Good lord this is going to be stupid. Well, maybe he’ll do another toy. I’m surprised that last one he did wasn’t food related.
“Ninja Turtles cereal” OH GOD DAMN IT!
Cereal again? What is your obsession with that stuff? I get the feeling if he had breakfast at a hotel, he’d ignore the freshly-made bacon & eggs, pancakes, omelettes, and head straight for the cold cereal.

… Let’s go then.

*sees description* That crazy reviewer? Well, at least he got it right. He is crazy… though not in the way he intended. Better than calling himself a “lovable gamer” at least.

0:05 - 0:20: “Welcome back 80’s fans” Ha! 80’s fans. They’re not even watching this shit. Hey Chris, most of your fans were born around 1998.
We also see his “set”, a bunch of 80’s toys on his desk. “Oh man, look at all this 80’s stuff I have! This will make me cool right?”
He mentions how cereal companies did “gimmick cereals” based off Saturday Morning Cartoons. Mentioning Strawberry Shortcake and… Super Mario Bros. That cereal wasn’t based off the cartoon Bores.
Oh God, he has a box of it. I hope he understands that a 20 year old cereal will taste cardboard covered in slime.

0:20 - 0:47: A green screen grocery aisle. You’re making a video about cereal, is this necessary? I also love how he’s implying this is the 80’s even though the boxes of Cookie Crisp have the wolf mascot introduced three years ago.
He brings up that the box he has is unopened (I doubt it will still be good) but he won’t reveal how he got it. Off eBay, don’t try to act “mysterious” when the answer is almost always eBay.

Oh wait, that was to set-up a cutaway gag. … Who’s this? Some guy with a beard shows up. He’s not Scottie, or Eric “Wise Sage” Allen, or Brad “The Genie” Harp. The credits tell me nothing. So, Bores has another person willing to show up in his videos. USE HIM! Don’t play every character yourself! Especially when they’re background extras, that’s just moronic!
The bearded guy won the box off eBay and tells Bores about it. He gives him the box to hold when his phone rings, Bores uses this distraction to switch it with a box of Mini-Wheats. Wow, what an asshole. I can’t even tell if he’s supposed to “in-character” here. Then again, even out-of-character he’s still a thief.
Also, where’s this gag located? Well, clearly it’s in Chris’ house (TMNT figures, the scroll) but the way they bump into each other implies a different location. If so, does Bores just carry a box of Mini-Wheats around in case he finds a rare cereal? Given his cereal obsession this wouldn’t surprise me.

0:48 - 1:15: He gets to opening the box. After he does that he takes out a bowl and starts pouring it. Wait, the box was supposed to be unopened. Why is the bag inside open?
He points out the cereal resembles Chex with marshmallows, though the marshmallows are brown. That should be a clue NOT to eat the cereal Chris.
“Let’s check out this box” I sense padding.

1:15 - 1:33: Bores points out the Turtles on the front, and despite clearly being able to see them all, he lists off what they’re holding. He notes Raphael “bringing the tunes” and Michelangelo bringing a net. Cue record scratch and a little forced anger. You find issues with Mikey holding a net but have no qualms with Raphael holding a radio. Whatever.

1:34 - 1:51: “Now let’s move to the side of the box” I was right, padded to Hell. This video is only 2 minutes, 39 seconds and it still needed trimming.
He reads off some of the ingredients. Holy shit! It’s a box of cereal! Even your little kid fans have seen a box of cereal! God!
He also notices it was made by Purina, as in the dog food, and wonders if that’s why the marshmallows are brown. No, the marshmallows are brown because it’s a 20 year old cereal. Also, that’s “Ralston-Purina”. Before 1994, they made both animal food and cereal. Notably Chex and Cookie Crisp (which is why this cereal is Chex with marshmallows).

1:52 - 2:04: He moves onto the back. God damn it…
He brings up how this box has trading cards related to the TMNT movie, and notes how other boxes had puzzles, contests, and “ho-lograms”. Hang on, Captain Picard is calling me. He wants me in the “ho-lodeck” to do a “ho-lographic” simulation.
Jeez, Chris is acting like nobody has ever had cereal. Like cereal is some high-end food like filet mignon or caviar. This is really sad.

2:05 - 2:14: “So how do I rate this one?” Wait, you’re actually going to rate it? Wow, he actually stays honest to his title. That’s a first.
He says he remembers not liking it, but the nostalgia alone rates it as “Nostalgia Overload”. I don’t get it. You didn’t like the cereal but the fact it’s Ninja Turtles is enough of an “overload”. You do realize there’s a ton of other TMNT products that can provide a “nostalgia overload”. I don’t know…

The video ends with him pouring milk into the bowl. You’re not…
Then he takes a bite and immediately spits it out. WELL HOW DID YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO TASTE?! God damn it…
And to add more time to the video, we get a shot of him going “bleh” to the camera. Because spitting it out wasn’t enough of an indication that you didn’t like it.

Well that was a complete waste. It took him over a year to make another “I Rate the 80’s” and it’s something that could have been a minute long. And again with the green screen, it isn’t needed in something this simple!

Guess I’ll wait for IG’s eventual Mortal Kombat 9 review. That will be a joke.


  1. The copyright on the side of the box says "1990, Mirage Studios" even though it's "IRate The 80s". Goof up on his part?

    He might as well put green circles on the Ingredients while he was at it.

  2. He just had to rush this out before James brought it up in "Turtle Tuesdays"

    @ starofjustice

    in response to your comment from the last entry, there was crazier stuff that Bores told me, but he hasn't mentioned it since and I don't exactly record all my conversations. If I were to mention it here, it would be without any proof, and I don't want to deal with all the naysayers who'll just accuse me of making things up. If you want a good laugh you can PM me, but I don't want to be cited as a source.

    @ Slow

    also in response to the last blog entry, Bores considers himself a professional so regardless of his workload he should have some schedule. Hell, even for projects that I do as a hobby I'll attempt to stick to a schedule or set deadlines.

    @ Clark

    I can't remember how long it's been since I've talked to him, several months at least. I doubt I ever will again, so unfortunately I can't pass on your message.

    @ Sabertooth

    I love Mini-Wheats. Much better than the TMNT cereal even when it was new.

  3. What a surprise to see Bores make a TMNT-related video while Rolfe is talking about them non-stop for the last four months.

  4. So Boring Man does something related to food and/or rips off James Rolfe in some sort of way. What else is new?

    And now for something completely random although you may heard of it already.

    Freddy Krueger is confirmed to be the secret DLC for Mortal Kombat.

  5. @Dave

    No worries, man. I've taken a swing or two at Bores on my blog, but generally I leave that stuff to Batdan over here.

  6. Something tells me Bores is one of these franchise whores who'll by ANYTHING if it has the name of one of his favorite franchises on it...

    And how can you rate something BEFORE eating it? Of course, this cereal is already too old to be edible, but how hard would it be to estimate the taste by mixing Chex with marshmallows?

  7. @Doresh

    I doubt Bores cares that much about TMNT. He probably did that "review" just to beat Rolfe and his never-ending "Turtle Tuesdays" snoozefest.

  8. @Shaolin Dave

    Dont worry about it I was just pointing out that some of us who don't like his videos have watched him and didn't actually know anything about James before coming to this conclusion.

  9. you know, even though "irate the 80's" just started as bores's version of "you know whats bullshit", I think it's great that he rates cereal so much. no other reviewer does it (the closest thing I can think of is the one nostalgia critic episode where he reviewed cereal mascots), so that makes it the most original thing hes ever done.

    If he'd quit being IG and just make his regular show "the cereal critic", I'd support him 100%. I'm not joking.

  10. He could be Cap'n Critic. Or Cookie Chris. Bores-Berry. Chris Chocula. Irate Pebbles. Cinnamon Toast Bores. Bores Flakes. Irate Krispies. FrankenBories. Irate Charms. Honeynoob. Honey Bunches o' Bores. Honey Nut Chris-o's. Chris Pops. Raisin Bores. Special C. Irate Grahams.

  11. @ Dave
    How about Chrix Bores?
    BTW, learned that CWC is a brony.
    I still hate him though.

  12. @Sabertooth
    There's nothing wrong with Mini-Wheats.

    @Shaolin Dave
    I don't think that's a good idea. Given how bad this video was...

  13. @Derek Who else is a brony? I know that DLAbaoaqu and LiamRproductions are part of the herd but sometimes I wonder if anyone from TGWTG and such also like ponies.

    @BatDanNight I kind of have to agree with Dave. The main reason most people hate this hack is because he doesn't seem to give too much of a shit about his work or his fans and only does it for the money. Also, comedic (and I use the word "comedic" loosely) reviews have gotten seriously out of date and quite frankly, no one is interested anymore. But like Dave had said, not many people review cereal like Bores and thus makes it the most original thing he has done. Yes, it was bad, but truth be told, it did make me giggle a little. So I'd much rather hear Boring Man ramble on about how cereal boxes gives him a nostalgia boner (lol I said boner tee-hee) than hear him rant about a modern classic video game for the most hypocritical of reasons or watch him try to spoof Days of Our Life.

  14. My word verification was "outskils". Guess that means I have skills that are out of this world?

  15. I'm glad you're still here, man. Thankfully the false flagging won't work on a blog.

  16. speaking of the false flagging, I found a video list of Bores parodies. 14 videos long, 2 of them aren't flagged.

  17. Personally, Chris as a food critic isn't a bad idea. He seems more familiar in that area than game reviewing.
    BTW, CWC likes to wear panties and go in the women's bathroom.
    It says so in the tomboys and tomgirls of virginia forum.
    His username is Kooky Dashy, and his picture has Applejack on it.


  19. I'd laugh my ass off, but "The Cereal Critic" would be an excellent idea. He wouldn't even have to review the cereal good, just mentioning a few things about it would be fine since he has no competition. The very nature of the show makes it laughable, therefore enjoyable.

  20. Personally, no matter what subject he covers, I find his videos boring. The pattern of his videos are more or less predictable. Probably the worst videos I think he does/would do are documentary style ones.

    As for being a food-related video uploader, I personally find jakatak69 far more interesting (and entertaining, believe it or not) than Chris.

  21. Well, this wasn't unbearably dreadful. Hell, the segment with the other guy was actually at a good pace - and considering the Irate Gamer's tendency to just cut between two people and leave a second or two in between cuts, this was brilliant by comparison. He still comes off as an asshole for stealing it, though.

    I admit, the net thing did kind of make me smirk because it IS a bit more random for the Turtles to have. Hell, the radio makes SOME kind of sense if you listened to the radio while you ate breakfast, but a friggin' net?

    Now to critique the ever-loving hell out of it. We don't need to know the ingredients and a lame setup for an "I can't pronounce this word" gag. Again, the one good thing you can say about these "I Rate Breakfast" stuff is at least they're quick and they move on.

    I rolled my eyes at "ho-lograms," though it could just be an accent thing. James Rolfe's accent makes him say the occasional word wrong. And yes, Mr. Bores - a 20 year-old cereal is probably going to taste AWFUL. Here's the thing - stuff like Brad Tries is meant to be done in fun, more of a Vlog than a traditional show. Not to mention he tries to do a lot of different things and different foods - mostly drinks, but sometimes it's gimmicky, sometimes it's foreign beverages, and sometimes it's sodas that are 20 years old. The difference between the drinks that are 20 years old and the cereals that are 20 years old is that the drinks, surprisingly, actually have a decent chance of still tasting like they did. Sure, it doesn't happen all the time and the carbonation for soda is usually dead, but sometimes he can still taste it. And it's clear he's having so much fun with it that it's like hanging out with some friends and doing something you know is probably a bad idea, but damn it - you're hanging out with your friends and you're having a good time.

    I never get that impression from Bores' videos - maybe HE'S having fun, but it doesn't feel like we're having fun together.

  22. @Thelone:

    I didn't mean the video itself, I meant him giving it a positive rating simply for being TMNT-related.
    Mmh, didn't he liked "Turtles in Time Re-shelled"? Is this a further proof of my theory, or is this just him being a graphics whore?

    @Shaolin Dave:
    With less padding, "I rate the 80's" might be a somewhat decent and original. Who would've guessed that Oo ?!

  23. The net was probably there because the cereal was a bunch of 'nets.'

    I don't understand why he needed a story segment to explain where he got a box of cereal from 1990. I found it on e-bay should have been enough but there was no need to say look I'm a thief either. Does this qualify as '80's just because the majority of the cartoon aired in the '80's or something?

  24. @Derek

    As far as I know, CWC has been a brony long before ever since Friendship is Magic was first aired. Not only he collects the toys, but he also made his own ponies. One of his ponies, despite it being a Native American, is just an unneeded author avatar due to the pony described as having the same personality as CWC.

    Anyway, did you found that information about Chris-Chan from the CWCwi?

  25. @Smashhacker
    I know there's a difference, but why is Chris putting on women's clothing, going to the women's bathroom, shoving things up his ass, shows rainbows in his comics, hangs out with many girls, and yet still hates gay people?

  26. @Derek

    Honestly, I don't know. Maybe his "autism" makes him believe that whatever he does is not gay. I find it hilarious when he claims that he is straight all the time despite all the things he does is viewed as homosexual. For example, one of his plots in the comic has him using his blood to make a cure (or, as he calls it, a vaccine) for homosexuality, despite the fact that vaccines are a weaker or a dead form of a virus, implying that CWC is gay.

  27. @Smashhacker
    Chris-Chan Sonichu has all this power, yet gets beaten up constantly.

  28. There's an 8-bit game based off the new Conan the Barbarian movie. Too busy with homework to check it out.

  29. @Derek

    I don't want to be rude, but are you sure? This is what I found for God Mode Sue in Tvtropes:

    Chris Chan in the webcomic Sonichu. With the power stored in his High School Ring, he can become Chris-Chan Sonichu, a very powerful entity who has a singular weak spot, which has been targeted a grand total of twice, and can defeat most of Chris's enemies with only a little effort. Even without his Sonichu form, he has Combo Platter Powers out the woz. He can use all other Sonichu powers, magic spells, Yu-Gi-Oh!! cards turned real, and psychic powers. He's even got an Autobot for a car. Even before the comic began, Chris was a frigging Power Ranger. He's so powerful that he essentially negates the point of the title character even existing. Chris appeared to realize this after his "fans" informed him of this, and comic book Chris eventually left the story, with the promise that he'd give Sonichu back the spotlight. Needless to say, Chris broke his promise and his character not only returned, but also was made even more powerful.

    Do I want to mention that the comic itself is just a painfully long and absurd author tract that states that CWC is and has been always right and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong? Hell, the eleventh comic he made is just about him killing his enemies without much effort, especially the trial scene, where four people (two of them involved in parody webcomics) are sentenced to death for crime despite there being little evidence that proves they did the crime, and the four people are murdered in a horrific, gory, gruesome fashion that will induce nightmare fuel.

  30. @Dave

    Well, the game title is a little misleading, because the graphics look more 16-bit/32-bit than 8-bit.

    As for the game itself, it is easy yet broken. There is only 3 levels, the hitboxes for the characters are messed up. This can cause the character to be hurt by a single enemy multiple times in an instant, cause an enemy which requires one attack to kill to require multiple attacks to kill, cause an enemy that requires multiple attacks to kill to require one attack to kill, you can break small pots without crouching, and you will get hit by an enemy ax if you attack while crouching. You can shoot axes which are ridiculously overpowered (They can be easily replenished, and 3 axes can destroy the boss at the second level).

    Well, this is what I can say about the game after playing for a couple of minutes.

  31. Wasn't CWC into My Little Pony only because his "girlfriend" at the time Megan liked it too and he liked it only to impress her (among touching her, hugging her, generally being creepy to her)

  32. @ Crane

  33. @Smashhacker
    Sorry, he has all this power and somehow gets hurt or put into corners.
    Don't worry, poorly made deus ex machina is coming!

  34. I think the Cereal thing has been his "best" bit, which isn't saying a whole lot, but I think even with that it would a limited type thing. I don't think a full-time show for just cereal would work because it would get stale quickly (no pun intended). He could make it more so all kind of nostalgic foods, but to me with that he would become some sort of Nostalgic Critic/Brad Jones combined rip-off.

    And even if he did retire IG and just do this, it wouldn't address what I think is the biggest offense of his, and that's his show is terrible. I'm not even concerned with him ripping off the AVGN, in some ways I don't even see that as much of an issue anymore. It's that his videos are so BAD; horrible acting, horrible script, really bad jokes, and of course his "special effects".

    And it hasn't gotten better in the 5 years or so he's been at this. You look back at the early AVGN, when he was still the ANN, and while it was entertaining, it had some problems you'd expect out of someone starting out. Rolfe improved; in fact most internet reveiewers and all I regularly follow all improve over time, but not him. He's as bad as he was day 1.

    I just don't know if that can be fixed; it's like speed, you can't teach speed, you can do minimal things to improve it, but for the most part either you are fast or you're not.

  35. my nephew was in wal-mart the other day and overheard some kids who were trying to find lucky charms cereal bars. upon finding that they were sold out, one of them said "face it, breakfast is ruined!"

    people seem to only quote bores in a mocking way. this seems to be the most popular, aside from "after doing some research..."

  36. hmm, my word verification was "uruperli", as in "you're up early". that's kinda funny because i've been up since about 4:00am

  37. @ResidentialEvil

    No offense, but Rolfe never improved either imo. Basically, he has the same issues as Bores : awful "acting", terrible storylines/skits, jokes getting incredibly repetitive, and SFX on par with Bores. I mean yeah, the overall quality of the videos improved, but the content got thinner and thinner.

  38. “Welcome back 80’s fans”

    Spax3 just called, he wants his schick back. :p

    Also, I'm thinking of starting a blog. And not just about bad reviewers, but anything video game related. My first entry will be retrogamer3 related, but can he target Photobucket?

  39. @Linkara " maybe HE'S having fun, but it doesn't feel like we're having fun together."

    So you're saying he's like a member of the Elite Hunting club and we (the viewers)are like the teenagers tied to a chair while he deals out suffering and agony,

  40. I wonder if you've heard of X-Entertainment. The owner, Matt Carapacca, is also fond of tracking down, buying and tasting 20-year-old cereal. He has repeated posts on it.

    Except Matt actually eats more than a spoonful of the gunk, even though he is aware of the possible consequences.

  41. Someone asked Chris on his Facebook page asking why the fuck he ate 20 year old cereal and he answered something like "It took me 6 tries to get the right shot". Therefore he shoved that gunk in his mouth at least 6 times. Honestly I think Chris may be a prostitute.

  42. The thing is, Matt also reviewed and tried TMNT Cereal, in one of his most famous posts, long ago. I wonder if Bores somehow heard of X-E and decided to rip it off.

  43. @Pedro Benoliel

    Maybe, but the obvious reason is to beat Rolfe. I doubt he'll ever review a cereal though, but Bores acts like the morons who post "first" on YouTube.

  44. Was I the only one to notice the Yummy Mummy that was part of his cereal isle 'set.' Considering how terrible the cereal was when it was new I hope he never manages to find an unopened box of that.

    On a related note, Bores sure is trying hard to get General Mills to bring the cereal back. Was he the only person to actually LIKE the stuff?

  45. Bores could of actually make this video a bit interesting if he did his research, and recap a little bit of history of cartoon themed cereals. Cartoon cereals were not a new fad during the 1980's. They been around since the 1960's.

    That is not to say Bores cannot have his TMNT cereal, after all, the show is called "I Rate the 80's," despite that is a terrible title to use. He could also used this opportunity to cover other cartoon cereals from the 80's, but I guess he thinks those cereals are for other videos, but most his videos already lack substance, running at the time of only 2-3 mins. There is some much Bores could of done to expand this video, but I suppose that's a good thing for BATDANNIGHT.

    As for the green screen effect, there some cases he can show and sometimes, it is not necessary. In this case, all he needed to do is tell. There was no good reason to use the green screen.

    Is it just me or is Bores getting fatter in every video?

  46. Just found out that the new Mario Kart game for the 3DS is called Mario Kart 7 (No, I'm not joking). And what's worse is the upcoming Mario platformer, Super Mario 3D Land *facepalm*. WTF Nintendo?! The Wii was a stupid name in 2006 but it caught on. Then Nintendo tries to insult us with the WiiU. Now they are trying to pull a Rocky Balboa with the two new Mario games with names that sound like Boring Man named them.
    Well I was thinking we could play a little game. Like the one during E3 where we made up a Bores-ism for an upcoming title. This time we should make up a title for a new game in a franchise. For example:

    Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
    Upcoming title: The Legend of 2012 Zelda

    Franchise: Saints Row
    Upcoming title: Saints Row Quadruple

    Give it a try.

  47. I'll give it a try:

    Franchise: Dig Dug
    Upcoming Title: Dig Dug Triple Digging Strike (Possible 3DS title)

    Speaking of Bores, once he mentioned a "Strawberry Shortcake" cereal, I'm wondering what an "IRate the 80s" episode with "My Little Pony" would look like? It'll probably be like:

    - Claiming to be a fan of the show, just like most things.
    - Saying that My Little Pony was competing with Transformers.
    - Saying that he likes G1 and bashes G4 for dumb reasons.

  48. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Do you not think thats a bit pedantic?

  49. @JohnNintendoNerd

    That's not how the forth Saints Row game will be called! Its gonna be called Saints Row Forever After XD

  50. @vicviper592
    What if he praised g3.5 and hated g4?

  51. Well, at least they don't randomly capitalize words.

  52. For everyone who hasn't seen G3.5, let me sum it up in six words.
    Rainbow Dash always dresses in style.

  53. @vicviper592 Makes me wonder what if Chris is a brony and who his favorite pony was? "My favorite pony is Twilight 'cos she's a genius just like me" or "Applejack 'cos she works hard on the farm like I work hard on my reviews" comes to mind when I think about this. I suppose he would be more like Trixie because of her massive ego and constant boasting.

    @Clark Yeah I guess I went a bit over the top there. They were not terrible names like the WiiU but dissapointing nonetheless. It seems odd that Nintendo have finally decided to number the Mario Kart series after giving them all catchy titles and naming them after their consoles. Oh well I suppose that's a good thing. Also, Super Mario 3D Land sounds weird, as if it were the first 3D Mario game made, or as if the game takes place in 3D Land. Like I said, they weren't terrible names but Nintendo seems to think "because the Piss sold well in it's first few years, we could sell anything if it had a dodgy title". Also it was a bit of an excuse to play a game to make this blog a tad more exciting and to pass the time until Boring Man uploads his MK9 review.

    @Derek If you thought G3.5 was bad, then you haven't seen Baby Cuties then. Dear God it was so traumatising that not even Pinkie Pie's "Giggle at the ghostie" song could help me.

  54. @Derek

    You mean this:

    I like the Pinkie Pie one:

  55. @John
    The Game Dude, well...
    Also, Newborn Cuties sucked ass!

  56. So let's see...
    Twilight is anti-social...
    Applejack is overconfident...
    Fluttershy is ready to kill you any moment...
    Rarity is a neat freak and a drama queen...
    Rainbow Dash is a narcissist...
    And Pinkie is psychotic...
    Yup, that's our ponies!

  57. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Well if the 3DS's 32% price drop that was reported on Kotaku is true Nintendo aren't making the money on that console they thought they would. To be honest after the amount of times they re-released the DS Im not surprised people have cold feet about buying a new console for over $200.

    In a Bores related thing. Bores claims he takes so long to make his videos because he's busy but Zack Ryder (A WWE wrestler for those who don't know) has been producing a new Youtube video every week for the last five months considering he spends most of his week traveling all over the US, training, recovering from matches he's still managed to get out 24 episodes already.

  58. @Clark
    Have you seen an noobtoob ep?
    If not, its about two gamers that doing gaming related broadcast videos each week, they have an similar such as invisble wall from gt, but they also review/ preview talk new and old games.

    They often use more than 1m gameplay footage when they are talk about each ind game.

    They have been doing noob ep for about 3years, and each ep vary from 30m up to 2h. Total ep 231

  59. What is the deal with all of the overly dramatic hand movements? He just looks silly!

  60. How's the Cry Wolf Productions thing going?

  61. @ Derek

    Apparently nothing has changed regarding Cry Wolf. I don't think any more videos have been flagged, but that might be because nothing new has been uploaded and everything else has been taken down either by force or as a precaution.

    Maybe I'll re-upload the footage of my IG 'fan' game, "The Irate Gamer's Existential Nightmare", and see if it gets flagged.

  62. @Dave
    Alright, you do that. We'll see if they'll respond.
    BTW, what did the original TMNT marshmallows look like?

  63. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Mario Kart 7? If that is the real name, what's the big deal? Many times when developer's actually give them names, fans will end up just naming them by numbers anyway. It doesn't sound that bad.

    Super Mario 3D Land? I think that it should be called Super Mario Land 3D, but this is fine as long as the subtitle is in the right spot. It's not "Super Mario 3D: Land", it's "Super Mario: 3D Land". And you do know the "Land" comes from the original Gameboy Mario titles, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, and Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land?

  64. @ Derek

    If I remember correctly, there was a marshmallow shaped like each of the turtles weapons, and green marshmallows that were turtle-shaped. They were always distorted, though. You couldn't tell the weapons apart and the turtles might as well have been lucky charms clovers, except they were a lot more bland (it was like they added artificial flavoring to styrofoam)

  65. His guy tried to recreate TMNT cereal using marshmallows from other cereals.

  66. @Slow Yes I am more than aware that "Land" comes from the GB title. The thing is that it doesn't look so much like the "Land" games as much as a mix between Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. I would have prefered a title like Super Mario Beyond... ok that was dumb how about Super Mario Adventure... no? Fine I'll stick with SM3DL, but It'll feel awkward to tell someone I'm playing that. Mario Kart 7 has grown on me now though. It just angered me because it reminded me how Boring Man calls movie and game titles by their wrong names (like HP: The Half Blood Prince was Harry Potter 6 or The Dark Knight was Batman: The Dark Night) and that was what he was going to call the new Mario Kart. Also, I have never heard anyone refer Mario Kart: Super Circuit to Mario Kart 3 or Mario Kart Wii to Mario Kart 6.

  67. a while back brad did a review of 'not see kola'. i found a local store that sells it, so i gave it a shot. it taste just like crystal pepsi.

    brad made a comment about how it had it's pros and cons. one one hand, his favorite soda was finally back. on the other, they named it after the most notorious violators of human rights ever.

    i wonder what Bore's reaction would be if a different company made a product that tasted exactly like the stuff he's wants them to bring back, but gave it a different name? he obviously loved "TMNT cereal" just because it had the ninja turtles on the box, would he hate his favorite cereal if it was rebranded as "Hitler Flakes"?

    this inspires me to bring back "Yummy Mummy" and call it "the AVGN cereal".

  68. @Shaolin Dave:

    "Hitler Flakes" is too obvious. I'd go for "A. Dolph's Flakes"

    Speaking of Brad... how much would you pay to see Bores try Durian fruit?
    (Yeah, I know Brad's fruit wasn't ripe enough, but you get the idea)

  69. @ Doresh

    "A. Dolph's Flakes". That's Awesome. I concede defeat.

  70. @ Shaolin Dave "this inspires me to bring back "Yummy Mummy" and call it "the AVGN cereal"."

    Sure why not just as long as only Bores eats it. We had some as a kid and when we wouldn't eat it it ended up in the garden. Not even the weeds would grow there the next spring.

  71. The Irate Gamer NEO Mortal Kombat 9 review is up.

    This time, he just announced it on his website. He didn't make an announcement video on his channel.

  72. I love how he says the story mode is the coolest feature, but couldn't be bothered to finish it (and it was glaringly obvious before he admitted to not finishing it because he showed early on that he hadn't unlocked Quan Chi or Cyber Sub-Zero, the latter of which you unlock a little past the halfway mark). Considering his hard-on for unlockable characters, I'm surprised he wasn't motivated to play the game for more than an hour.

  73. @blueluigi He had announced it on his Facebook page.

  74. He says Freddy Kreuger is an odd choice for Mortal Kombat. What?! He's perfect for the MK Universe because he always kills his victims the most gruesome ways ever! Ugh....

    And the story mode is the coolest? Bullshit! The story mode was terrible! They keep changing the difficulty as the story progresses! It's the Challenge Tower that's the most fun!

  75. And before Brad did his "Brad Tries", I believe Sydlexia did the "tasting 20-year-old cereals". Am I wrong?

  76. You can't assume his fans are children.