Saturday, September 10, 2011

Y2B is No More. Introducing "Irate Entertainment"

One of my readers, blueluigi, posted a comment that Bores updated the episode guide on his site. The next episode is the "Robot War Aftermath" and will cover an Atari game. What war? It's not a war if a Dale- er ROB did all the work and we barely saw anything. It didn't even get hurt, the HAL-bots didn't even try to put up resistance.
After that is an NES game, and after that another NES game. I like how he hasn't even decided what games he's going to cover, just "an Atari game, and a couple of NES games, sure let's go with that". Nice planning Bores.

However, this is not the most interesting thing I found. I went to his channel and noticed a few changes.
I'll start on a positive note. He changed his channel description to remove that "genius mind" line, maybe he actually does listen to the thousands of people that don't like him? However, the description also says he tries to release videos once a week. Pfffthahaahahahaha. Considering there was a MONTH between that Micro Machines video and RoboCop Part 2... oh he means videos in general. I see reuploads of Neo videos and a bunch of update and contest videos. Yeah, real consistent.

The biggest change is that his website is no longer "" but now it's "". Has Bores changed his fake company? It looks like it. Though "Irate Entertainment" is just as fake.
I'll get to the website in a second, I want to bring up how under "Irate Gamer Links" where he lists his sites, his Facebook and Twitter that he rarely updates (the former of which is a hive of fanboys, I'd like to thank my informant for telling me this) and DatBoiDrew's site, a big site is gone. Where's GotGame? Have they finally called it quits? Has GotGame gotten tired of his lazy bullshit? Tired of wasting money giving him free games that he'll never review? I hope so, I don't want to see Bores at E3 again.

Now to check this "Irate Entertainment" site. We see three giant "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" pictures that lead to other sites. The first is Haunted Investigators (pffft, that's still going? Come on!) The picture removed Jennifer. Under that it says "YouTube's Most Popular Ghost Hunters". This is actually true as the only other ghost hunting channel I found has about 577 subscribers. Granted this isn't a popular genre of videos, and it's only "popular" because he posted the videos on a channel that's popular for video games. Not really something to be proud of Chris.

Then a link to IG's site. The picture has IG, Ronnie, the main HAL-Bot, Tony and Wise Sage. "Video Gaming with a Dash of Insanity" The video gaming part is right, there are video games. Insanity though... if your idea of insane is putting you to sleep.

And a link to an unfinished I Rate the 80s site. The picture is Bores sitting behind all his 80s crap. "Chris Rates Everything from the 80s" Everything? Oh man I can't wait for the episodes about Ayatollah Khomeini, AIDS, and the Ronald Reagan years.

Underneath all the giant pictures is a bit of text explaining who Chris Bores is.
"He has since worked at Television stations, as well as Television Programs, Documentaries, Commercials, Instructional videos, and more" Why do I sense bullshit? Can we see all these things you worked on? Also, TV stations and TV programs? Doesn't that seem redundant?

"He previously held the prestigious award of being the #55th most subscribed channel on YouTube..." Wow, that was years ago and he still grasps to that one moment. As of this post, the current 55th most subscribed is "WongFuProductions" with 926,812 subscribers. Bores is nowhere on this list since YouTube only ranks the 100 most subscribed, and #100 is "kandeejohnson" with 640,699. *looks at Chris' number* Wow, no wonder you hold on to that "honor", you'll never achieve that level.
Is "55th place" really that special though?

"... and has featured in a variety of articles and publications" PROOF?! DO YOU HAVE IT?! You know what this is? This is more of his lies. Sure, we know he's lying but what if someone who has no idea who he is stumbles across that site? They'll believe it because they don't know any better. It's more of his deception, and that's what I really find disgusting.

That's seems to be all of the big changes. But something's missing... oh! The Chris & Scottie Roadtrip is gone. Safe to say that series no more now. ... Good.

That seems to be it. Let's see how long it takes for Bores to do that "Robot War Aftermath". Good lord.


  1. He's still available on GotGame, so maybe he accidentally removed the link?

    He was once the number 55 on Youtube? Al "I once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game" Bundy has more reasons to be proud of. This also reminds me of those people who think of themselves as "stars" because they made it under the top 50 of some casting show (even though nobody cares about the winner in a couple of weeks).

    And you know what's worse than bullshit achievements without any kind of proof? People who actually believe him without proof.

  2. You know, Extra Credits episodes were still available on Escapist some time after their falling out, so maybe if Bores and GotGame are done they haven't removed the episodes yet? I should hope so, seeing as that'd be one less place he can spew his bullshit.

  3. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So yeah, I'd say there's a fair amount of insanity in all of Bores work.

  4. I find it depressing that he could ever boast the 55th most subscribed channel on YouTube while people who actually put in effort, research and a love of the subject matter (myself included) wallow in undiscovered, unsubscribed mediocrity.

    Also, isn't it more than a little pretentious to have a "company" when its only real employee is yourself? I have a website that's the hub of all my content but I wouldn't dare to call it a "company".

    The website also seems to cause offence to me, just generally, for no real reason. I can't put my finger on it.

  5. *choo-choo* The Fanboi Express pulls into the station...


  6. I'll have more respect for Chris if he starts releasing new Irate Gamer episodes every week, no matter how crappy they are.

    Also, the website design on looks improved over and

  7. totally unrelated but, Chris Chan's father died 4 days ago. any thoughts on this?

  8. "We are always looking for new locations to investigate (especially now since we are scouting for places for Season 2.) If you have a suggestion, need help, or have concerns about the paranormal, please email us."

    I have some concerns about the paranormal. Such as "Why are you planning a second 'season' on the paranormal when your first one failed so miserably?"

  9. @DynamiteNinja
    Poor Bob. He's probably up in Heaven (or Hell) cutting down their internet. Chris never mentioned it on Facebook.

  10. So once being the 55th most subscribed is an achievement...

  11. @Derek

    With a reputation like his, I doubt that CWC is going to post ANYTHING on his Facebook...

    As for my thoughts about Bob, it's both a blessing and a curse. Bob, a renowned internet lumberjack that actually bothers to punish chris on a rare occasion, would be dearly missed by family members and trolls alike, except for Cole Smithy. On the other hand, at least Chris should start feeling a bad sense of karma and the welfare breathing down his neck, And if that's not the case, well, there's still Snorlax.

    Also, Unhappy 9/11 10th Anneversary.

  12. Sometimes I wonder if he'll ever have that Irate the 80s site up. He claims to have been working on that since he released his Garbage Pail Kids video.

  13. @blueluigi

    Well, then I expect to see a site build by today's quality standard...oh wait, this Bores we're talking about. Most likely, he only spent a few hours on building the site, and then stalled it to make Irate Gamer NEO videos and Youtube contests. He probably thinks the amount time he spent procrastinating, or working on other projects counts towards his time working on the site.

  14. @MortalKombat2007

    It's one of his major flaws that, just because he is contributing to one thing or another (being active in general) it does not mean you're adhering to your fans' wishes. It's almost as if he's attempting to drown his older work in new ideas he hopes will take off. It's frankly a mystery to science why he hasn't managed to acquire even a smidgen of talent aalong the way.

  15. @94d65cca-3ef2-11e0-8825-000bcdcb5194

    I call it "Apocalypse Day"

  16. @Kit
    Talent? WHAT TALENT?!
    Who needs talent when you have special effects and fans who don't know any better?!*

    I like your idea.

    *Obvious Sarcasm is Obvious

  17. Oh, and his episode list is a joke.

    Ep. 26 - Mario's Time Machine / Mario is Missing Part 1

    Ep. 27-28 - Mario's Time Machine / Mario is Missing Part 2

    Episode 30 - 7-Up Games

    You can figure out what's wrong with this picture. Besides him listing his two-part episodes as two episodes and fucking that up.

  18. Wait a minute, didn't he do the Ghost Hunter knock-off before he started The Irate Gamer crap? I thought he started doing IG because the ghost hunting stuff didn't catch on. And isn't his ghost stuff like 5 years old now? That's pretty deceptive to act like it's some on going series when he hasn't done jack with it in years.

  19. @ResidentialEvil
    It's Bores. Everything he does is deceptive. Like calling himself a gamer.

  20. Am I the only one who noticed that AVGN is a Youtube partner now?

  21. @Keith
    Given how he hasn't bothered to fix the blatant grammar mistakes on that page, I doubt he'll notice that the episode order is off.

    This was brought up to me a few days ago. I imagine he's a partner now to earn some extra money for the movie. I'm unsure if he'll earn as much as Blip (given that he's the fifth most popular channel on that site) but anything helps.

    Is this guy even for real?

  23. @Derek
    Chris never says anything anyway. Besides, he's asking for 'monentary donations'.
    Great, so Chris-Chan is going the 'My dad died, give me money route.'


  25. @ Kit

    In a lot of cases I'd agree with you that it is pretentious to have a company of only one person. In some cases it makes sense, like when I started AwesomeSauce games, I needed the LLC for business reasons and I knew others would be joining me shortly.
    However, it seems people create a "company" name just to make themselves more professional and give the allusion of credibility. I hate looking up a youtube video and having to see an annoying splash of "A Fucktard in a Box Production". This goes double for videos that don't require any "production".

    BTW, I see the company name change as a bad thing. "Y2B productions" wasn't very definitive, it's the name he used when he was suckering people into paying him to record their weddings with a cheap Wal-Mart camcorder, long before he decided to rip off "Ghost Hunters" or "AVGN". "Irate Entertainment" is more specific to "Irate Gamer", and suggest he intends to focus primarily on that. This of course goes against all our hopes that IG will just give up.

  26. @ULad
    I live in Los Angeles. It's almost midnight here.
    I'm just waiting for season 2 of FiM.

  27. @Derek
    Great, I just came. I hope your happy now!

  28. My word verification was "ghtess". Just my bloody luck. Now I'm going to be singing Ghetsis' theme from Pokemon Black and White nonstop.

  29. @John
    This is gonna be the best friday ever!

  30. @Derek
    I thought it was Saturday? Anyways it's gonna be so AWESOME!!! /)^3^(\
    BTW I would imagine you'd have the HUB since you're a brony and you live in LA. Unlucky for me though, I live in Ireland so no HUB and it would probably take a few months for it to come out on Boomerang (UK kids channel). Thank lord for Youtube. Would you know the best channel that would have the episode out after it airs, has best quality and isn't split into two parts? Dear lord I hope the Hasbro trolls aren't planning anything devious.

  31. OK, completely unrelated, but this is a term I hear kinda often, so I need to know what it means:

    What is a splash screen?

  32. @Arthur
    Apparently it's the name given to the images on some loading screens. Like the tank on Newgrownds.

  33. @John
    That would be The Hub.
    So yeah, you're shit outta luck.

  34. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Like before a movie or game or anything starts, there's an image or animation that shows up showing what company made it. For example, when you watch "Back to the Future", the "Universal Studios" animation that shows up first is a splash screen.

  35. *sees new IG video* Oh, just bloopers. Never mind then.

    *reads description* Wait, new shirt?
    *checks site* ... You've gotta be kidding.

    This isn't worth a new post, but he has an all new t-shirt up.

    Here's the new post that accompanied it:
    For months I've been getting tons of emails asking when the Irate Gamer T-shirts will be back in stock and after working with a new company and working out a new design, they are back! If you think they look cool, they look even better in person, trust me. I'll try to get a picture soon. Shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton, and I paid a bit extra to make sure the material was better than the standard shirt. They are also form fitting like Aeropostale or American Eagle caliber shirts.

    The shirt itself looks boring. It's red with flames on the front, what look like scorch marks, and IG's logo. *yawn*

  36. My god, that shirt looks like pure vomit. I thought the Irate Gamer's shirt looked stupid before, but just imagine somebody wearing something like that in public.

  37. The shirt looks like it's just plain text on top of random MS Paint scribbles.

  38. Yeah, the better than normal quality comment is probably total bullshit.

  39. Watched the bloopers video. Y'know, it could just be my total disdain for Bores and everything he stands for, but does anyone else wonder about the legitimacy of these "bloopers"? If you ask me, he seems just a bit too quick to turn to the camera with a "Aw man, I totally messed up there! Aren't I wacky?"

  40. "lordlaharl Yeah, I get that feeling too. One of them from a previous video, he was saying a line, he tripped over it very unconvincingly, and then turned to the camera and said, "Sigh, it's been a long day, folks." It sounded SO fake. I think it was in the Contra bloopers.

  41. @Cody S.

    But what's really stupid is when Bores' fanbrats argue that the Nerd's bloopers are fake. I remember one comment to the effect of "These aren't real bloopers, the ninja keeps talking after messing up his line." That's how real actors behave, y'know? Hell, sometimes a blooper might turn out funnier that what was scripted and be used anyway.

  42. Hey everyone,save state gamer just reuploaded all
    his irate gamer parodies. why did i tell you all this? this is the video description for his first episode:"Don't get excited...just re-uploading these as Irate Gamer Parodies went down for some reason. I'll continue the commentaries on these at some point too. No new episodes are coming.

    At least, probably not."

  43. @Derek
    I meant youtube channels not TV stations.

    I can't wait for Charlie to get a video where he gets on. I'd imagine it's red so it would hide the blood from when he takes a beating at school.

    @lordlaharl and Cody S.
    I wonder how FFL2and3rocks would mock this?

    @Charlotte I saw his Potal review. Fucking hilarious.

  44. @JohnNintendoNerd:

    Hilarious indeed ^^ !

    And what's with that T-Shirt? Are these supposed to be flames or what Oo ?

  45. The image on that shirt is atrocious. It looks like he spammed the paintbrush tool in Photoshop, GIMP or whatever he uses.

  46. @lordlaharl
    Thank you! I thought I was the only one that felt his bloopers were fake.
    Especially the one where he delivers the line just fine but stares at the camera and says "I messed that one up"

  47. @MortalKombat2007:

    Or something went horribly, horribly wrong during the printing process, but he wants to sell it anyways.


    I'd be surprised if he even used multiple takes.

  48. Watch:

  49. Hoo boy, looks like IG is calling out his haters again.

    On Facebook he wrote this:
    Evil Gamer's Trolls up to no good again...

    It's public so anyone can see it.

  50. Heh, my word verification on my comment on the last post was "Unity".

    It's funny how often I get words that actually exist.

  51. Oh boo hoo, Chris. That was as bad as your sandwich comment.

  52. Yeah... your imaginary villain is sending trolls after you. Sure. And I'm the king of another dimension.

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, you idiot.

  53. For those who were disappointed in the Nostalgia Critic's last video, I think his most recent one more than made up for it.

  54. a bit of an unrelated comment but i really enjoy this blogs bits on bores horrendous e3 trips and therefore will be quite sad to see them go

  55. @ the Man with the Soviet Sweatshirt

    I wouldn't worry about it. When E3 comes I'm sure BatDan will post a blog about Bores not being there. We can have little contest on guessing what stupid things Bores would have said if he did go.

  56. @vnisanian2001 I hate to be negative, but I preferred NC's LP to this week's episode. The LP was bad for an LP, but still had funny moments and was interesting to watch because it was new and all. In James and the Giant Peach, NC used the "If I say anything bad I will get shot" joke waaay too much. I haven't lost faith in NC though. I love most of his reviews. Two mediocre episodes (at least in my mind) doesn't change that.

    @Shaolin Dave And I look forward to that contest

  57. @BatDanNight:

    It's almost like Bores lives in his own little fantasy world where the Evil Gamer is an actual person...

  58. @Crayons

    Well, that's nice to hear. Lord knows there are WAY too many chicken littles out there ready to denounce guys like the Critic and the Nerd at the drop of a hat. I liked both eps, but to each their own, right?

  59. @Crayon

    I agree, I think this week's episode he did way overdo the "Don't Kill Me" gag. The episode did still have funny parts, in fact a few made me really laugh. I really didn't think his LP was that bad, but I readily admit I'm not a big fan of LP videos anyway and other than some Resident Evil and Silent Hill ones, I really haven't watched many.

  60. A terrible thing happened yesterday. I`ll tell you all in Earthbound battle style:

    The Mother Nature suddenly attacked!
    Here is the Mother Nature`s surprise attack!
    The Mother Nature used PSI Thunder Omega!
    *Indescribable number* of mortal damage to Arthur`s CPU!
    Arthur tried turning the CPU on again... but couldn`t!
    Arthur`s CPU got hurt and collapsed...
    The CPU was lost...

    Yeah, I hope it will get fixed by the end of this week. Just so you know, I`m typing this from my grandmother`s laptop.

  61. Sorry to hear about your computer Arthur. I hope you can get it fixed up soon.


  63. "Evil Gamer's Trolls up to no good again..."

    Boo-freakin-hoo, that tends to happen when including anti-Semitic stereotypes (Ronnie the Jew Skeleton), savaging great video games (Contra, Mario 2), and always boasting about "getting thousands of letters" (just about every video). So I reported Chris Bores to Facebook for impersonating being a celebrity on his account. Fuck him.

  64. @BatDan: Read the comments:

    "I wouldn't worry about them, Chris, most of them can't even make a PB & J sandwich without lousing it up."

    There is really someone who finds this "joke" funny enough to remember and quote it. I can't believe that.

  65. @ Franklin

    We all remember the quote. The person who posted it on the facebook page most likely remembered it for the same reason we did, because it's so freaking stupid that it's hilarious.

  66. Meta Humor comparison time!

    Nostalgia Critic: Acknowledges complaints from viewers as legitimate, if sometimes heavy handed. Has portrayed complainers as douchey and nitpicky, but has also deliberately portrayed his own character as a pompous ass who needs to be taken down a few pegs from time to time. Shows that he can make fun of himself as well as others, and is open to criticism, provided you aren't a raging asshole about it.

    Irate Gamer: Claims that anyone who complains is a troll. Bluntly states that the only reason anyone complains about his show is because they were sent by a made-up villain. Shows that he is too immature to accept that his show is anything less than flawless, despite the fact that it is WAY less than that.

  67. @Derek
    my little pony sucks balls. why do you like it? Its for little girls automatically meaning you are gay and like to suck cock. I hope that stupid show gets banned and take that gay little thumbnail off your icon!

  68. @Skyrunner14
    Thanks, it's nice to hear something like that every once in a while. ^_^
    But yeah, my granfather's going to leave it with the mechanic/whatever you call a guy who fixes computers today, so it should be fixed by next week, I hope.

  69. @arthur
    Wow, that's heavy. Hope it gets better!
    Thanks for your opinion!

  70. @Charlie

    "Honestly?? I feel that people who call them that are ignorant a-holes. That's how I feel. I didn't create this show for little girls, I created it for little girls and their parents — including male parents. It only stands to reason that adult animation fans without children may like it, too. The belief that boys shouldn't be interested in girl things is the main reason there's hardly anything decent for girls in animation — or almost any media, for that matter. It's a backwards, sexist, outdated attitude."

    Credit goes to Lauren Faust for this awesome post which she posted on her deviantArt account sometime back. although she was referring to the "manchildren" who watch the show (I believe there is a kid in all of us. so therefore, we're all "manchildren" if you think about it enough) This could also apply to people who get called gay as well. btw I agree with her views and then some.

    tl;dr you're an ignorant little bitch Charlie. and even though I never watched the show, I will defend the bronies.

  71. Good news! Doug Walker is a brony. He mentioned it in his latest episode of Ask TGWTG (though he didn't say he was a brony, rather he was discussing who was better? Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle). Now it makes me think even more about how Boring feels about MLPFIM? Would he pretend to like it to attract subscribers, like it and know little to nothing about it or bash it and say that bronies are sad manchildren, costing him a hefty amount of subscribers (or gain more, seeing as most of them are like our dear friend Charlie)? Well, Return to Harmony is tomorrow and I'm so excited that... I just don't know what to say! I now have two of the mane 6 figures (Applejack and Fluttershy). Aren't I so manly?

  72. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Can you really be sure that he's a brony? All he did was talk about the characters.

  73. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Well, if his approach to reviewing new TV shows is anything like reviewing new games...

    "Now, I've only watched this show for five minutes..."
    "And all the pony horses do is walk around, talk, do things, while I'm just waiting for something to happen!"
    "Now parents, I should warn you, this show contains nudity, so you might want to keep kids from watching it."
    "Now I don't hate Friendship Is Magic, but compared to all the other pony cartoons, this one is the worst one of the bunch!"
    "Until next time pony fans, pony on!"

    Is about how it'd go, I'd imagine.

  74. I'm glad Doug ensured me to not bother watching his videos ever again.

  75. @Chuckie
    Keep hoping son, that show has a very supportive fanbase and... wait, why am I trying to prove you wrong? It's like trying to tell Chris how to play games. Nothing will change. Also, do you have any real friends? Even your brother seems to think you're a nutcase. Oh and what on God's green earth gave you the right to call anyone gay? I'm sorry, I think I may have overfed the parasprite a little.

    I guess your computer
    couldn't grasp the true form of Mother Nature's attack.
    But in all seriousness I'm sorry it broke. Hopefully it'll be up n' running before you can say 'SMASSSSH'.

    Sound man, but if you've never watched the show, then what led you to Faust's wall post? Also, I think the term 'manchild' usually refers to Chris-Chan or Babyman (which was why bronies everywhere were furious when they were compared to Babyman, I do not blame them one bit).

  76. @JohnNintendoNerd

    here's the link

    (under Misc.)

  77. Irate Entertainment? Wow. That's not catchy. I know what's coming next: Irate Film Ltd., established by the genius Chris Bores. But seriously, Chris Bores is like the Chris-Chan of video game reviewing. He disgusts me like hell.

  78. I dunno Charles, seems ironic for someone to call something gay when they've tried to post links to gay porn here. Trying to tell us something?

    Off the topic of Trollie McFails-a-lot here, I've watched MLP with my little brother, and I have a friend my age who enjoys the show. We're both 18. Wouldn't call myself a brony, but it's still a good show. Better than some of the other crap on TV nowadays...

  79. I know I've said this before, but I think I'll say it again while we're on the subject. I really don't see what is so great about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I tried watching a few episodes, and I just couldn't stand it. To me, it feels just like any other run-of-the-mill cartoon... and very babyish, which is something that I expected from My Little Pony.

    Granted, it is a good show for six year old girls, but I just don't see why it's so appealing to the male audience. Is this because it's created by the wife of the creator of the Powerpuff Girls? I don't know.

  80. @blueluigi

    There are several shows I like but I can't really explain why. FiM I can, but it's things that are largely relative. I think it's got surprisingly effective humor for a goofy cartoon about neon ponies. It's got surprisingly likable characters for a goofy cartoon about neon ponies. And I'm kind of disturbed to admit this last one, but Apple Jack's voice turns me on a little.

    Oh, and just for the record I can't stand Powerpuff Girls.

  81. All I can say is....
    Speaking of which, both FiM and Chris ended up with a different average fanbase age.

  82. @starofjustice

    Well, in the immortal words of Strong Bad:
    "Some people have a Southern accent, and those are hot. Applejack is a severe hottie."

    As for why I like the show, I'd have to say that, in a way it sort of has an Azumanga Daioh vibe to it, which I'm a huge fan of.

  83. ^Funny... I don't remember the line spoken like that... ;-)

  84. ^Well, FIM didn't exist at the time. But Strong Bad seems like the sort of person who would be a closet Brony.

  85. @lordlaharl:

    Azumanga Daioh with ponies Oo ?

    *brain implodes*

    Sata Andagiiii!

  86. Just saw the new episode of My Little Pony. Just... wow! Part 2, my body is ready.

  87. My computer got fixed! Man, feels good to touch a mouse again, not to mention, the apostrophe key is on the top left corner again, sweet!

    Time for a marathon of my favorite subscriptions, after a time not watching YouTube!

  88. Glad to hear you got the computer fixed up... and so fast, too! I don't know what mechanic you got to help you, but it would seem they work fast!

  89. @lordlaharl

    Yeah, what was that one exchange from 8-bit Is Enough?

    Homestar: "Umm, I'm checking your schedule and I don't see anything about make-out sessions. Just pedicures and bubble baths."

    Strong Bad: "That's code for make-out sessions! Get outta there!"

  90. @starofjustice

    Yeah, also from the Sbemail "Your Edge":

    No, it is not "pretend-we're-grandmas-baking" time! {close up of Strong Bad} And it'll never be again! {zoom out} {sotto voce} See me after this email.

    ...along with his secretly playing hopscotch and pride of being declared prom queen.

  91. off-topic...

    anyone interested in indie game development, the engines I use are on sale for the next 28 days or so for just $99.

    i'll happily promote and distribute any good games on my companies web site.

  92. Well, Bores released another contest video... and I saw it coming too. This time, he's giving away his new T-shirt. It still bothers me that people are actually willing to win that shirt. Don't they know how stupid they'd look if they wore that in public?

    He also mentioned that he's working on the next I Rate The 80s episode.

  93. The other day at the mall, I saw a toddler wearing a red shirt throw up a cheeseburger all over his own chest. Seeing the Irate Gamer t-shirt on the video reminded me of that for obvious reasons.

    Also, he's working on an "I Rate The 80s" and the next IG at the same time. For Bores, that's spreading himself pretty thin.

  94. Off topic, but I found another extremely amazing video.

  95. @Dave
    I'd rather wear the hamburger shirt.

    Also, what do you think of this avatar?

  96. Who is I-Rate the 80's for? Im 29 and was a child in the 80's so how are any of his viewers suppose to care when they weren't even born when 9/11 happened?

  97. @Clark
    He switches demographics for his shows. Irate Gamer is now for kids, while IRate the 80s is supposed to be for people like you.

  98. @Derek

    Understood, although Bores could stand to realize that the people who grew up in the 80's already think he's a clueless twit thanks to his game reviews and only watch his videos to mock him.

  99. now has a cash parking site in place. it would appear that the domain expired and they didn't bother renewing it.

  100. Its actually I double checked to make sure

  101. Correct. It stopped being "GottGame" about a year ago. I remember when Bores "celebrated" this (nice choice of words) by "reviewing" God of War III. And we all know how bad that video is.

  102. You know, I just realized something. The Irate Gamer Show is an "entertainment" program that supposedly centers around video games yet is made by some jackass who obviously knows next to nothing about them, but tries to convince young viewers that the show is totally hip and cool. In other words, it's basically like those crappy old video game cartoons from the eighties.

  103. @ lordlaharl

    ...yeah, shows like Captain N. we're pretty sure that shows like that are where Bores got all his video game 'knowledge'.

  104. @Shaolin Dave

    I believe the same also applies for all of the Nintendo cartoons made at the time, as some of the skill he used seemed to have been taking from some of the Mario and Zelda cartoons. Like in his Super Mario Bros 2 review, he referred to Bowser as "King Koopa". In his e3 2009 videos, he called the Kooplings "Koopa Kids". And the most recent example is at the end of his e3 2011 bloopers video, where Bores used Link's catchphrase from The Legend of Zelda cartoon.

  105. You're forgetting how he calls Pit Kid Icarus and how he thinks Simon Belmont is a Nintendo character.

  106. @blueluigi

    To be fair, he WAS originally known as King Koopa in Japan (if I'm not mistaken). Wouldn't expect Bores to know that, though.


    That's what I hate about Bores, he treats his viewers like morons. Take the Contra Review, for example, where he felt the need to explain what the Contra Code was, when even most casual gamers can be expected to already know about it. Compare this to James; in his Power Glove Review, when he tries out Contra with the Power Glove, he says, "Try doing the Contra Code with THIS shit on." He doesn't bother to explain the joke, because he knows that most of his fans already know what the Contra Code is and why trying to implement it with the Power Glove would be infuriatingly difficult.

    And that's not even getting into the green circles he draws on the screen all the time...

  107. @BariZom
    Spirit Tracks. Enough said.

  108. @Derek

    I'm confused... did he review Spirit Tracks or something?

  109. @BariZom

    He covered it when he was at E3 09. There were three modes in the Spirit Tracks demo (Train, Dungeon and Boss fight is I can remember correctly) and he was calling them out while using the green circles, treating his viewers like ducking fumbasses.

  110. Does American Eagle know that their logo is all over his shit? I know actual TV shows tend not to show logos because they'd have to pay royalties, but can that also apply to internet videos where the creators profit from ad revenue?

  111. Guys, this is so off-topic but it's worth sharing!

  112. Don't know if this was mentioned, but it seems his Roadtrip videos are not listed on his site. Which would also mean that his "pilot" is deleted, even though its still somewhere on YouTube. I guess he might of got a few e-mails calling him a racist.

    *insert Ghost quote here. :D*

    A little off topic. I was thinking of reuploading my "Tekken 6" rant, since Cry Wolf is gone. Bad news is that I've lost the original version after switching to a new laptop. Just wondering if anyone had it downloaded before it got remove?

    But then, I'm thinking of making a new version of it. Only problem is that there's already lots of rants on Bores's "Tekken 6" rant.

  113. @vicviper592
    You could do the whole video. A lot of people forget about the Brutal Legend and TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled "reviews" that were part of it as well.

  114. Well, I just checked Bores' facebook account, and he provided this image from the next I Rate The 80s episode.

    His post? "Who watched the Gamer in the next Irate the 80s episode?"

    I don't know, but he kind of looks like Skeletor mixed with The Wise Sage.

  115. @blueluigi

    Of course, he has to ruin his best series by attempting to tie it with the Irate Gamer.

  116. @blueluigi
    Prehaps he's reviewing He-Man? I swear I'll eat my old, mouldy, dogshit covered school shoes if he gets by without making a single gay joke!

    Are you working on your SSBB redux-recap? Do you have any idea when it will be out (if Chris doesn't release another video, that is)?

  117. @JohnNintendoNerd
    Crap, I've been preoccupied with other things that it slipped my mind.
    I'll start work on it soon, good timing that rumors about the fourth Smash Bros started leaking out.

  118. @BatDanNight

    I knew SSBB wasn't going to be the last!

    For those unaware, some people thought SSBB's slogan "The Brawl to end them all!" meant it was going to be the last of the series. But you probably knew that already!

  119. And now, another IG update.

    Bores put up a video announcing two winners of The Irate Gamer T-shirt. One of those winner being Cyclopsis (aka Karbia Yuan).

    He also announced what he's going to cover in this next I Rate The 80s..... and unfortunately like we predicted... he's going to cover He-man. He also stated that after he's done with that, then he'll work on the next Irate Gamer episode and then History of Video Games Part 5.

  120. So another one of IG's insane-in-the-membrane fanboys wins one of his of contests. This has happened 4 times now, this is no longer a coincidence.

    lukestarkiller441, 247XReviews, THEHUNTERX619, and now Karbia. All known devout fans of IG, endlessly defending him despite the evidence.
    There's a pattern here, and I'm not liking the look of it.

  121. The pattern being that he chooses the winner based on how big a fan he think someone is?

  122. @BatDan

    I would look into how exactly one choose someone at random from 20,000+ comments. Obviously, you can't do it manually, and programmatically is a little more complicated. YouTube will only let you query the 1,000 most recent comments using their API, so I wonder how Bores does it...

  123. @AikoujOi
    Considering these are the fans that still defend him despite the evidence told right to them... this leads into my next point.

    I don't think he actually picks from the comments. He looks at other videos and finds the users that defend him. Also remember that a good chunk of those 20,000+ comments are spam.

  124. @blueluigi

    Wow, another episode of History of Video Games... Yay for more lies,unnecessary padding, and really bad jokes. You know, I would complain about it being 9 months since the last one(Probably more if it takes him long to make it, which it probably will) but its just kind of expected now.

    Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but if you start typing in "Irate Gamer" into Google, one of the suggestions that comes up is "Pirate Bay". I, for one, find that hilarious.

  125. @Arthur Arneiro:

    There has been more than enough movies and video games outright stating they're the last in its franchise, but even that didn't stop them from just making more and more sequels. Why should this vague, cliche line in SSB suggest it's the last?
    Plus, the series is a huge success. Why just stop? That's like claiming the Super Mario series will end because everything other than another Galaxy title is just a step back in scope.

    Anyways, can't wait to see how Bores will treat good ol' He-Man ^^

    P.S.: Lol, my word verification was "fught"

  126. Unrelated, but did anypony see the new Death Battle vid? And I saw this episode of Arthur called "That's a baby show". If you're a brony, you will find it even more hilarious.

  127. From the Irate Gamer's facebook coments:

    "I wouldn't worry about them, Chris, most of them can't even make a PB & J sandwich without lousing it up."

    No wonder his fans love the way he talks they have just as bad of a sense of grammar! What is that suppose to mean? I wouldn't want to have anything to do with someone who 'louses up' a sandwich.

  128. @John
    I remember seeing that episode. Kinda weird how it would come true.
    Speaking of, two days ago I was doing an assignment on loyalty while wearing my Rainbow Dash shirt.

  129. I just did an assignment on positive relationships.
    Five guesses for the examples i put down.

  130. @Isolder74
    If that isn't written by a Bores puppet account I would be very surprised

  131. The Fedora'd Samurai hasn't been posting since... whenever. Must be at Rock in Rio or something. XD

  132. Bores is now selling mouse pads on his site with the same puke design as his t-shirts. There is also new fan art and just the rest, they are dreadful. He also replaced his broken news archives with his History of Video Games series, which is kind of redundant since he places these video in the Irate Gamer section as well.

    Bore also updated his Youtube channel. The new background is okay, but feels generic. The new banner is very much begging to be in the background. It is not that hard to slap a logo on a background, instead of posting a boxed banner with noticeable edges that do not compliment the background. The least Bores could of done is have the banner stretch to both side of the screen with border surrounding the edges, kind of like Kwing's banner.

  133. Oof, this is what I get for putting off new posts. Along with a bunch of changes Bores is making, he just uploaded a new "I Rate the 80s".

    Better prep myself.

  134. You know, this is something that I've been thinking for sometime, but I think Bores might be using to make his T-shirts and Mousepads. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what he used for his original Irate Gamer t-shirt since one of the templete Zazzle uses has the red sleves from IG's original t-shirt.

    If that is the case though, then who knows what other products he might use through Zazzle. I wouldn't be suprised if he started selling Irate Gamer posters.

  135. Got this from his news about weekly contest on his site.

    "This is my way to say thats to the many loyal fans who watch all my videos. Thankyou."

    Does he even try anymore? Spell check.... 2-3 clicks and about 6 seconds on microsoft word... It's not hard Chris... What a lazy douche.

    P.S. @BatDan

    Don't let 12 year old irate gamer fanboys get to you! I know it's been months since august but either way i'd hate to see this blog go away. I hope as long as Chris Bores produces mediocre crap you will be here to tear it to shreds!

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