Sunday, October 30, 2011

Madballs Drive IG Mad But Make Me Roll My Eyes

It’s that time of year again, IG attempting another Halloween special. 2007 gave us Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a horrible video where he bashed an excellent game. 2008 gave us Monster Party, a turning point in IG’s videos where sketches have a higher priority than reviews. 2009 gave us the “premiere” of I Rate the 80s where he talked about Fruity Yummy Mummy, an awful cereal that was discontinued (with Bores showing how little he knows about business). Last year it was Castlevania: Harmony of Despair .

This year, it’s more 80’s crap. He’s going to look at Madballs, toy rubber balls that incorporate gross out humor (because that was popular for some reason). If it’s anything like his Garbage Pail Kids video, I better grab the most potent caffeine I can find.

0:04 - 0:18: IG’s set is all “dark and spooky” like the MK Arcade Kollection video. Seriously what’s with the cauldron?
“Short lived toys that brought on a whole new meaning to sports balls” First line in the video and it’s fucking stupid. Madballs were toys, they weren’t going to be a big sport or anything. They weren’t going to held on the same level as a baseball or a soccer ball, they were just rubber balls with faces.

0:19 - 0:43: “Back in 1985” Will you stop using modern day footage when establishing a year? It’s horribly anachronistic!
He brings up the Garbage Pail Kids and how they were huge hit. Never mind that Wacky Packages came first and in fact were the reason Garbage Pail Kids even existed.
IG holds up a baseball, but turns it around to show it’s one of the Madballs. My question is why did he “react” when he turned it around? He had a straight face while looking at the Madball part, but “shocked” when he turned it around to the blank side.

0:44 - 1:02: He lists off the original series Madballs, ending on Crack Head so he can bring up how its name was changed to Bash Brain due to the slang term for crack users. He also shows a picture of Paris Hilton. Yes, I’m sure she was doing crack at age four. At least show a drug user from the 80s. Like Eddie Van Halen, or Drew Barrymore.

1:03 - 2:02: He brings up how “smart” it was to not make them hard like baseballs. It’s more common sense than smart really. If you’re going to make a collectable in the shape of a ball, don’t make it hard enough to hurt someone and get sued.
Wait wait wait, his set is bright again! What’s the point of using the “Spooky Set” in the opening if you aren’t going to use it again? Consistency is for losers!

IG talks about “fan favorites” bringing up Oculus Orbus and Hornhead. For some reason he pictures of them float next to him. Hornhead speaks… oh God this is going to lead into a painfully unfunny sketch.
Bingo! Slobulus appears and argues that he should be on the promotional material. Screamin Meemie appears for no reason. They argue a bit, IG tells them they’re all gruesome enough to be on promotional material, calls Crack Head ugly, then Crack Head appears and hits him. Screamin Meemie laughs at him. Where’s the humor in this? Where’s the joke? How is this funny?

2:02 - 2:36: IG lists off the second series Madball, ending on Lock Lips. Why? Because it’s one he had as a kid, leading into… oh no he’s doing the JD stare.

A fucking flashback sketch. So *sighs* Little Chris here (dressed as Mario for some reason) bounces a Madball, it hits him in the head, and he starts crying. Could these sketches be anymore stock? Also, “Little Chris” here didn’t take much effort. It’s just Cousin Joey wearing red. He didn’t even bother to make himself look smaller, all he did was sit down.

2:37 - 3:10: IG notes that by the second series they’ve run out of ideas. Cue more annoying sketches!
Hornhead and Lock Lips tell him to explain himself. He says a couple are unoriginal (look in the mirror Chris) and that Snake Bait looks like a clown medusa. This causes Snake Bait to appear, hit him again and for Screamin Meemie to laugh. This will happen once more, god damn Rule of Three.

3:11 - 3:54: He brings up the various tie-in merchandise, lists off a few of them including a comic book from Marvel.
He then gets to the animated cartoon, but says it was only cancelled after one episode. Actually, there were two episodes made. Both released on VHS.
“I can’t recall if this ever aired on TV” It didn’t, they were only released on home video.
He mentions that it must have been horrific to be cancelled after one episode. Like the Chris & Scottie Road Trip? Oh wait, that had 3 episodes. My mistake.
His comment about the show has him get by a Madball and laughed at by Screamin Meemie (and we have Rule of Three, shocker of shockers). IG hits the laughing baseball.

3:55 - 4:39: Madballs were losing steam, so they attempted to release bigger ones (the Super Madballs as they’re called but he doesn’t mention). He mentions they “closed shop” after the toys started failing. Was that vault door necessary? These visual effects are distracting. … That might be his intention, so people won’t pay attention to his acting and bad writing.

He brings up the short-lived revival and how they “didn’t have the same appeal”. So how did they not have the same appeal? Is this your opinion or was this the public opinion? Because you have to take your age into consideration.

4:39 - 4:58: He moves onto the rating. Oh joy, more “nostalgic overload”.
IG says they didn’t have the same appeal as the Ninja Turtles and he rates it “Nostalgic Mediocre”. Whoa, a different rating? Maybe he’s realized that calling everything an “overload” is fucking stupid! … Wait, Nostalgic Mediocre? That’s terrible! You really couldn’t find a better name for your dumb ratings? Also, what is his criteria? What counts as an overload? He never explained how this shit works! Then again, he only called the show “I Rate the 80s” to appeal to the morons that thought his name was spelled “iRate” and not “Irate”, and in the first three episodes he didn’t rate anything at all.

The video ends with more sketches.
The Madballs themselves aren’t pleased with the rating and all gang up on him. Oh hey, I like these guys. They’re beating up Irate Gamer. I like to think of them as all the Super Mario Bros 2, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Aladdin fans that he unknowingly pissed off. Freaky Fullback delivers one last blow, followed by more laughter from Screamin Meemie (and he’s broken the Rule of Three, bravo Bores you suck at comedy).

He wakes up… oh no no no he can’t be. He’s animated like the A-ha video “Take On Me”, then the song starts playing and one of the wrench guys appears. What? How does this make sense? He gets knocked out and suddenly he’s in a music video? I don’t get it! Is this to set up that his next episode is about MTV? Because I’m sure there’s a ton of better ways to set that up, ways that make some actual sense! It’s like Bores just did this to show “I can do filters now guys! Aren’t I cool?”
Also, how is he planning to release this on DVD if he has music from A-ha? Does Bores have any foresight AT ALL? God damn it this video was stupid.

It’s funny, I still remember when people were telling me that Bores was improving from TMNT Cereal and Micro Machines videos. Then came the He-Man video, and now this video. Yeah, he’s still doing the same bullshit he does normally. Lack of research, zero explanation, horrid HORRID sketches, and just overall idiocy. I’m pretty sure he got that Take On Me idea from Family Guy, they did a very similar scene that came the fuck out of nowhere. Are his little kid fans even going to get that?

And no mention of the video game? You'd think for someone claiming to be a hardcore gamer, he would at least mention the Commodore 64 game. Granted, that would require him to know what a Commodore 64 was.

Well that’s all. Who knows when we’ll see something new from Bores.


  1. Did Bores bother to mention the Action figure Madballs with Spring Loaded heads?

  2. @Clark
    He mentioned action figures when listing off tie-in merch. That's it.

  3. Here's a better rating he could have used, Nostalgia Meh, I don't know about you but to me that sounds a heck of a lot better.

  4. I like his idea of a nostalgia-based critic show. It's original, at least.

    And no, I'm not actually calling him a Nostalgia Critic ripoff, mainly because, unlike Bores, Doug actually did some movie reviews this year.

  5. @ Keith

    I'm pretty sure he only reviewed the "Garbage Pail Kids" cards after Nostalgia Critic did the movie. He moved onto 80's action figures after James Rolfe did the video of his Ninja Turtles action figures. Before the show was even called "iRate the 80's", his only reviews bitching about discontinued cereal and kool-aid flavors. Those episodes were really just his versions of James Rolfe's "You Know What's Bullshit?"

    It's just as unoriginal as anything else he's done.

  6. Oh, I was being facetious about saying he was being original. The only reason I said the bit about not being an NC ripoff was just to take a jab at the fact that he didn't make any movie reviews this year despite doing another Top 10 list. Maybe his film "reviews" joined Chris and Scottie's Road Trip in the line of discontinued series (I hope).

  7. plus i'm the 185th member and have followed this blog for 4 months.

  8. @Roken
    I deleted your first comment. We don't tolerate that kind of behavior here.

  9. I was watching this video (ugh) and there was a knock at my door, so I paused it at 5:07. Bores just happened to be in the stupidest pose with an incredibly derpy face. I think we need to have a photoshop or caption contest on that clip (anyone who wants my screenshot, email me)

  10. I guess I don't really see why he'd release a video about Mad Balls now. Why not something Halloween-y? I mean, I guess they're kind of monsters, kind of, but nothing about them really says "Happy Halloween" to me. ZAMN and Monster Party did.

    On an unrelated note, Spectrum of Madness is now hosting its first Captain N episode review. Happy Halloween!

  11. Poor research, overuse of only stupid gag, ending that comes out of nowhere... yep, that's Bores. The two tolerable "I Rate the 80's" episode must've been accidents...

  12. You know what I don't get about IG this year? Exactly how his Halloween videos have to do with Halloween. The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection video he mentioned as being part of MK is not thought of a horror series appropriate for the season. Maybe in his twisted little pea-brain the supernatural elements and the violence "count" but to anyone with a shred of intelligence something like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, even the Saw game series, etc. would be more appropriate. Madballs is the same way, he mentioned again and again that this episode of I Rate the '80s is Halloween themed but there is NOTHING spooky or scary about Madballs. Again, some are based off of monsters and such which probably made sense to him but I fail to see how he couldn't think of something better (maybe because nobody else did first...).

    I really have to point out the fucking Christmast lights behind him as part of his Halloween set. That is fucking comical and shows how detached or dissociated he is from the rest of us. The idea that a set of lights you put around a Christmas tree is "Halloween" makes me wonder his mental capacity. At the very least he could have found some lights adorned with pumpkins or stock Halloween imagery to make it somewhat appropriate.

    Sorry if this came off as an essay, but it's been brewing this whole month.

  13. I just want to say Happy Halloween to everyone on this blog. (bronies included *brohoof*)

  14. @DynamiteNinja

    Okay, from now on, every statement I make will somehow revolve around professional wrestling (my personal obsession).

    Well, this episode was more embarrassing then The Ultimate Warrior trying to sell a move. I really wish Jushin Liger would deliever a shooting star press on Chris, breaking him in two... that's all a got...

    Sorry if I sound like an ass it's just, I haven't seen the show yet (and I'm too embarrassed to go to the library to watch it. As big as I am they'd think I was a pedophile of some sort).

  15. Maybe he should rate things based on how nostalgic they are. That would at least sound better.
    (Nostalgic, remembered, and forgettable.)

  16. @VinceThePhilosopher

    are you crazy? that was very funny lol. don't worry about it dude, you can find the episodes on YouTube. I'm not obsessed with the show, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone on the blog and bronies who follow it were included. (remember, I recently became a brony after watching every episode from season 1 and caught up on season 2. both on YouTube btw.)

  17. @Shaolin Dave

    Thanks for sending me that pic of Bores, haven't quite thought of anything to add to it yet, maybe you could stick it up on photobucket and see what other more witty people would make of it.

    And uh, Yub Yub?

  18. @DynamiteNinja

    For somebody who denies to be obsessed, you sure do reference My Little Pony a offense. With that said, it does not make sense for you to address to Bronies specifically when you intended to wish "everyone" a Happy Halloween.

  19. @ The Destroyah

    Yeah, I only see the most vague connection between his review choices and halloween. Gross-out products are sold year-round, I've never heard of anyone being scared of Mortal Kombat, either.

  20. You know, I wonder if Batdannight ACTUALLY tasted the Fruity Yummy Mummy cereal (and Fruit Brute)... or if he is just being dismissive in another cheap attempt at bashing Bores...

  21. @MortalKombat2007

    1. None taken dude. I just think it is a excellent show that really reminds me of shows I used to watch when I was young, but yeah I'm kinda getting obsessed with the show. (and I know you got annoyed with JohnNintendoNerd for the same thing) I'm sorry if my recent brony comments are bothering people.

    2. you got a good point there. thanks for pointing that out.

  22. @Gaucelm

    Dude, there's a reason you don't see that shit anymore. They bring back Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry every Halloween season, but never Yummy Mummy. Why? Because it sucked back then, and there's no reason for it to keep sucking now.

  23. Strange... no Linkara video today.

    Justified, since it's the big climax of his story ark.

  24. @Arthur Arneiro
    Check his site or Blip channel. According to Twitter he missed putting it on the schedule so it will likely be on TGWTG tonight or tomorrow.

  25. Wow, that video WAS BAD! I mean REALLY BAD! I saw the ending to the video and my reaction was "WTF". Great blog, though.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Charlie has returned as 7800theatari.
    That's it, he's never going to change.
    He's always shall be the stupid kid that no one likes.

  28. @Ricky490
    Have you ever been a fan of a TV show called Total Drama Island? I think I know you from somewhere.

  29. @Rodney

    Ah, so you were him all this time! Knew it!

  30. @Rodney Renolds

    I'd call you shit for brains, but then that would be an insult to both shit and brains.

  31. @Rodney Renolds

    also, you strike me as the kind of guy who would stick his dick in a dog turd, fuck the hell out of it, then call it a great piece of ass afterwards.

  32. also, you strike me as the kind of guy who would stick his dick in an underage cartoon pony, fuck the hell out of it, then call it a great piece of ass afterwards.

  33. You know, you're not good at transitions. Now your talking like a mature person when before, you were talking like a babbling retard.

  34. @progfame

    says the person who has an obsession with someone over twice his age.

  35. @Rodney Renolds

    I would say don't quit your day job, but then I realize you're no good at the job.

  36. Hey no need for name calling, it's just a realization I've had fellas. But sure, you can call me an r'tard though cus that's what I am. Get wasted at parties at my old age and go to video game websites. Living the good life.

  37. @Rodney
    So what was with that retarded babble yesterday?

  38. @ Rodney Reynolds

    You're a 52 year old man and you still use the word 'retard' on the Internet. That's really mind-baffling.

  39. @ Derek

    Charlie really has no life in the outside world. *Shakes head*

  40. @sovereign64
    You should meet IG's mother LadyBuggin777. Such immature behavior from a woman claiming to be in her 50s.

    On another subject, James Rolfe just posted this.

    Real men don't use the code!

  41. Without cheating, I don't know how that is not possible!

  42. Yeah, I just watched James's Contra video. I'm not sure what surprises me more, that there's actually someone who beat Contra without the code or that there's actually someone who doesn't know the code by heart.

    Good video though. Makes me want to (try to) beat Contra again.

  43. Wow! James' retrospective on Contra is infinitely better than Bores' trilogy of crap.

  44. James can beat Contra at the age of 9 WITHOUT the code. Boring Man still couldn't beat Contra without cheating at the age of 30. Shameful.

  45. Not only did Bores use the Konami code, he used Game Genie. Double the cheating.

  46. @sovereign64

    Sorry but your comment made me remember this classic clip.

  47. i have beaten the game several times without the code, although is used it for training but i don't need it anymore yay.

  48. Now see, it's videos like that that reinforce the fact that James really is a gamer, as well as just how full of shit Bores is by comparison.

  49. and yet, Chris claims he watches the likes so many people who do/did game reviews (Armake21, PlayitBogart/IndianaBelmont, AVGN, etc.) personally, I think he made that 200th video to save face. I don't think he watches all those great people. that would be implying he has good taste.

  50. @ DynamiteNinja

    Actually I bet he does watch them. Obviously he watches AVGN.

  51. He obviously watched LazyWorkCreations, that's where he got that "Fists of Fury" joke for Predator.

  52. He certainly watched Third Rate Gamer's Cool Spot review, since Bores' review was exactly the same.

  53. In fact if anything he doesn't watch other people's work enough. If he did the lurdo might learn something.

  54. I had a feeling that Bores did the Cool Spot review because it serves as a payback to Third Rate Gamer sending that letter to him which is similar to the one he sent to AVGN years ago. He must be furious that the letter TRG sent to him was an insult so he thought 'Damn that guy. I will have my revenge by copying one of his reviews! Muahahahaha!'

  55. @fattoler
    That, or he'll think he's learned something, but only manage to turn his show into an even bigger mess of poorly implemented borrowed ideas. The thing is, one of Bores biggest problems is that his show just seems like a mish-mash of jokes and plots he heard somewhere else and regurgitates with no rhyme or reason. Now, a story or joke that's been used before can still be interesting, provided the writer puts a new spin on it and/or the performer delivers it well. Bores, however, just seems to throw shit at the wall and see what sticks (or at least leaves a stain), using cliche story elements (Evil twins, robot rebellion, The chosen one) and dated jokes (high school flashbacks, Growing a beard over a supposedly long time, ethnic stereotypes) that have been parred down to their basest elements and devoid of any real creative thought. I guess the point here is that you can lead a crappy internet review to comedy, but you can't make him think.

  56. I wonder what Chris will do for Christmas I Rate The 80's? My bet is seasonal breakfast cereal. If there is any.

  57. @Shaolin Dave

    oops it's amazing how stupid I am to forget something like that


    wizwar100 I'm assuming is LazyWorkCreations (I haven't seen him around youtube for a while under both accounts.)


    I watched that TRG review alot. It's awesome. (but then, every TRG parody review is awesome.)


    But then that would take a lot of effort for him to sit through hours and hours of game reviews. besides, he would only rip-off the memorable quotes, and skits (if any) from those game reviews.


    except his review is a lot shittier than TRG's awesome parody review (which btw is not shitty at all)

  58. Correct. wizwar100 is LazyWorkCreations.

  59. I've been watching TJOmega's Plastic Addict videos lately and his toy reviews are great. I love how he talks about the figure's joints and articulations in every review and talks about the figure's accuracy to the actual character. They're definitely more entertaining than Bores' crappy He-Man and Madballs reviews.

  60. I think in terms of stealing from people reviews Bores doesn't actually watch any ones channel, when he decides to do a review he first looks up what other people have said and then copy some of that pus some stuff he sees from the first 3 minutes of the game, which also explains why his neo reviews are so piss poor and short.

  61. @Relinquo Spes

    That explains everything!!!!

  62. So with Sonic Generations out now, I'm wondering if Bores'll do a Neo episode on it. If he does, who's willing to bet that he'll:
    A. Give a vaguely positive review with little to no real critical analysis
    B. Give a negative review for completely stupid reasons that show how little he knows about the series.

  63. Here are my top 3 predictions if Bores does a Neo review on Sonic Generations.

    3) He will praise the 2D stages as they are a 'throwback' to the Genesis years.

    2) He will praise the graphics.

    1) Speed, speed, and more speed! Oh hell yeah!

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. it's official now Bores ''Show'' is a clusterfuck.

  66. Seriously? He's going to cover MTV?!

  67. Calm down.
    I was just predicting that's what the next episode was, hoping there was some sense to his out-of-nowhere Take On Me ending.

    We don't know for sure if he's doing an episode on MTV.

    *checks his channel* Hmm, no new contest video. He's probably late.

  68. @ Keith

    Just because it is not being sold anymore doesn't mean it sucks. I mean, how many times have your favorite candy/snack been taken off the shelves?

  69. @ Daniel he's not...yet...

  70. @BatDanNight

    They'll come once his puke-designed hats are in.

  71. @sovereign64:

    I watched some of Vangelus' reviews. His video about the old and new Skeletor model was A LOT more entertaining and interesting than Bores' video will ever be.

    And I'm sure he'll review Sonic Generations - somewhere around Febuary.

  72. @Gaucelm
    Obviously the ratings and sales come first. Those cereals weren't selling well, so they discontinued them. The other three sold much better than the other two, which is why you still see them today.

  73. @Doresh
    That, or he'll take it and all the other triple-A titles coming out now (Kirby, Mario, Zelda) and do a review hoedown (or whatever he's calling it now) sometime in June.

  74. it might be stupid to ask this right now but,do you guys think Bores have ever heard of the game Grandia? it's my all-time favorite game.

  75. @Roken

    I doubt it and he had better stay away from Grandia 2, that game has my favourite combat system in any JRPG.

  76. Have you guys read his most recent post on his site? He calls Irate the 80's his "newest hit series."

  77. @Cody S

    Anything he makes he consider a "hit."

  78. good lord, you're still talking about Chris Bores?

  79. I doubt that he is the real Asalieri, seeing as his profile has been up since November 2011...

  80. Why don't you PM me and find out whether it's the real me or not?

    That's the easiest way.

  81. For all your bronies, the newest episode of My Little Pony is on youtube now!

  82. @shadowrun

    I gotta say, the new episode is quite heartwarming near the end for just about anyone with a big or little sister. and what a twist.

  83. @shadowrun

    btw I saw the newest episode already in case you were planning to troll bronies.

    here's an actual link For all you fellow bronies. :)

  84. @Clark:

    Good ol' Grandia 2. I'll never understand why that battle system never cathed on. It was the perfect way to implement (pseudo-) real-time battles in a JRPG!

  85. @Doresh

    It also gave you a reason to plan attacks of different monsters rather then just gang beating one to get rid of any potential attacks.

  86. @Clark:

    It's also the only RPG is know of were the block command is actually useful (apart from heavily scripted boss battles), since you can always see who's attacking who and when he'll hit. It's like Game Arts took the best parts of turn-based and real-time combat and left out all the flaws. AND you still have control over all your party members *looking at Square*
    (Okay, the game can be a bit easy if you boost all cancel moves, but even then, it's just a joy to fight stuff).

    But I think he'll never review this series. It's to new for his normal and to old for his Neo reviews. Even then, he'll probably review the PS2 port, which is terrible AFAIK.

    Wait a sec... did he every reviewed an RPG? I think not. They take too much time XD

  87. @Doresh He will just cheat as always.and i have the ps2 port,why is it bad, some people say there are graphical glitches but i have never ever found any.

  88. @Doresh

    He did a Neo review on Final Fantasy 3 for the DS. He cheated though. I mean come on, do you really think he got all his characters to 9999 HP through normal grinding?

  89. @Roken:

    I have the PC version. It's can't display two different BGMs at the same time (like the water from a fountain and the BGM of the area), can freeze at at least two different parts of the game, plays FMVs during battle a bit too quick and if you don't know the button to turn off shadows, even a modern computer might lag like hell.
    Still a cool game though ^^

    @Arthur Arneiro:

    The question is not whether he cheated or not. It's whether or not this was actually HIS footage. There's more than enough FF footage floating on the webs were everyone has maxed out HP and can kill bosses in one hit.

  90. @Doresh

    Remember the footage from the History of Video Games series? most of it (I don't think all of it) was stolen from other people with no credit given to the owners of said footage. (later on it was after he got chewed out for not doing so.)

  91. @ DynamiteNinja

    It's too bad that the people he stole the footage were as easy-going as they were. Some chewed him out, but dropped it when he cited them. None of them filed a copyright claim with YouTube. It would have been nice to see Bores actually face some consequences for his actions, wether it be getting in trouble with YouTube or being forced to waste time editing his videos.

  92. btw, Episode 6, Season 2 of FiM was just uploaded to Youtube.

  93. I've launced a review website for my review clan. Here is the link if anyone is interested:

    It's not complete and there's only one review but the review is really good IMO.

  94. @Doresh
    That is why I'm happy Okami isn't old enough. I'd hate to see him butcher the story and bitch about everything.

  95. @progfame
    I actually have the channel it's on, so you can't fool me.

  96. I love FiM, but I'm getting very sore of its incredibly vocal adult fanbase. It's not particularly bad--just always there wherever you go. It's why I don't identify myself as a brony.

  97. @dynaboyj

    I agree with you about the fanbase. However, like I said before, I really cannot get into the show. I tried watching bits and pieces of it, and I was so turned off by the incredibly baby-like style that I just turn it off. I actually did sit through a full episode of it, and that was way too much for me to stand.

    I really find it disturbing how adults could sit through such a stupid show like that. To me, it's no different than any other modern cartoon. Though I would much rather watch Adventure Time and The Looney Tunes Show than My Little Pony. Hell, even Dora the Explorer is something that I'd rather sit through.

    But now, as for Chris Bores. It's just about the end of Monday, and he still hasn't released his next contest video. I wonder if he's still planning on keeping up his weekly contest pace. Knowing Bores, I doubt it.

  98. @progfame

    Because its a good show? I mean, I'll admit, I don't watch FiM myself, and I don't really plan on doing so in the near future. Though, there is nothing wrong with people liking a show like this if its not intended for their age group.

    Its like asking "We don't like The Irate gamer? So, why are you obsessed with constantly TRYING TO GET US TO STOP AND TROLLING US?"

    Seriously kid, go outside, ride a bike, go for a walk, read a book, just do something better with your time. When it comes down to it, no matter what you do, we won't stop. So, just go out and have a life.

  99. @DynamiteNinja

    Thanks. I know you're not suppose to feed the trolls, but I couldn't help myself. XD

    Besides, if you wanna talk about being obsessed over cartoons, the one I'm currently obsessed with is Regular Show. In my opinion one of the best shows to come out in a while.

  100. @EricKirby
    What is your definition of having a life? A good social life? Sorry, I already have that. Just because I spend five minutes of my time replying to you STRANGE people doesn't mean I have a life?
    How much time have YOU dedicated to this site? Thought so.

    What kind of friends do you have? I'd understand a girl not minding as much, but compare it to having tough friends who was on the football team with me. You look like an outcast, someone autistic or just plain retarded.

  101. @progfame

    Well, you're dedicating more time by responding to my comment... Also, strange? Hardly. And I'm not dedicated to this site. I just enjoy reading the posts Dan makes. He makes some really good points. It helped me learn exactly why the Irate Gamer is just so bad at what he does.

    Yeah, because having friend who aren't tough is just so STOOPID! Its all about what the are, not who they are as a person! Herp a derp derp!

    I actually have an awesome group of friends. Known a lot of them for years. Made my life a whole lot better. However I'm going to bring them out of this.

  102. for the love of god guys, get back to bores!

  103. @ D'Artagnan Rossfeld

    Bores hasn't been online for a week, even hate mail readers haven't logged onto his account.

  104. @ Derek:
    I know about the sales and ratings and all that. I am just saying you shouldn't say "boo, it sucks because it was unsuccessful".

  105. @Gaucelm

    And it was unsuccesful because it sucked.

    Now I know about the whole "people have different tastes" thing, but how many people have you met that said "I want more Yummy Mummy!", huh?

  106. I would imagine that not a whole lot of people are going to find themselves having a conversation in which those words might be uttered. Unless you specifically ask them, and even then they might not know what the hell you’re talking about simply because they never had the opportunity to try it. It’s not as if the cereal aisle was barren, and the cereal market was a whole lot different back in the late 80’s/early 90’s than it is now. Nowadays parents are so concerned with having everyone else raise their children for them that you can’t really get away with cereals that are low in nutrition and high in sugar. Back then you could, and cereal aisles were filled to bursting with tons of brightly colored boxes filled with all sorts of sugar-blasted crap, each vying against the rest for a place in the cereal bowls of children everywhere. So maybe the issue wasn’t that this particular cereal sucked, but that it was discontinued because it failed to do anything to differentiate itself from the myriad alternatives available at the time. Maybe it just got lost in the sugar-shuffle. Who knows? Who really even cares?

  107. Sometimes good products fail because they don't stand out enough. Some bad products fail because the quality just isn't there.

    'River City Ransom', for example, was an awesome game that wasn't very successful because it wasn't marketed well. I'm the only person I know who bought RCR when it was new, everyone else got 'Double Dragon'.

    'Yummy Mummy' is the exact opposite. Kids did buy it, but hated it the first time they tried it. I had it once at a sleepover birthday party, and all the kids who attended hated it. Six or so kids, who all told their friends how bad it was. One box gave enough kids the impression of how bad it was that they didn't buy a box of their own, and that's why 'Yummy Mummy' failed.

    BTW, the latest episode of 'Robot Chicken' features Frankenberry and Yummy Mummy.

  108. @Dave
    Don't forget Okami. It didn't sell well, but those who bought it loved it, and will always remember it.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. @ Derek

    Okami is no doubt one of the most underrated games of all time.

  111. @ Derek and Sovereign64

    I still haven't played that one but intend to check it out.

  112. Well, as I keep coming on here... I am feeling less motivated of coming here due to all of the incredibly gay and queer discussion involving My Little Pony. I don't care if the creator is targeting this towards all ages and genders. Fact is: If there's someone on the internet who's a My Little Pony fan, then I seriously despise you. Yes, this goes for all of the bronys who post here.

    Because of all this retarded brony discussion, I'm not going to be posting here as often as I used to. I'm still going to be coming here to read the new blog entries that Batdan posts on the Irate Gamer, but I won't be on the comments as much. I used to enjoy posting here, but ever since the brony discussion started infecting the comments, then I began to lose hope.

    The whole brony fad is becoming a lot worse than anything Chris Bores puts up.

  113. @blueluigi

    Did we kill your family? rape your pets? steal any family heirlooms of yours? burn your house down? No we didn't. take your irrational, and misplaced hatred of us to an anti-brony forum if you despise us so much. (I don't mean to be an asshole or anything like that. and I'm sorry if I am being one but, why so bitter? we can like whatever we want to like. and I know I'm a recent brony, however that's because I like the show a lot. I got into the show by watching the episodes on YouTube.)

  114. Let's just not talk about it here.
    So anyway, what do you think is heavily underrated?

  115. @blueluigi

    Whoa there, calm down! I understand disliking a hardcore fanbase, but saying you despise anyone who likes MLP is taking it too far.

  116. @Derek

    Tales of Phantasia and the Grandia series.

  117. To be fair to BlueLuigi you all have to get where he is coming from, I mean their must be hardcore fanboys of other things who come here (I myself am a Doctor Who fan of such a level that my friends know not to bring it up for fear of a tirade) But I don't come here and insert references into my posts, hate is way too harsh a term, but come on guys lets agree to only talk about it when there is real news to share or when it relates to the conversation.

    I'm not saying this out of hate of fanboys (as I said I can go full on fan rage (especially if you mention the words "I don't want to go")) more as a lets stop the arguments and get back to enjoying good an honest company through BatDan's deconstructions of a dumb youtube uploader.

  118. @Derek.

    Hitler, I mean he DID kill Hitler...

  119. @Derek I was just thinking about how much I like Tetrisphere for the N64. I don't remember that game getting much attention.

  120. @Derek:

    Heavily underrated? Let's see...

    1) FreeSpace 2: It's a shame this game got released right as everyone stopped caring about space combat simulators. The genre might have died off, but it went down with a BANG.

    2) Age of Wonders: I don't understand how the series ended after Shadow Magic, and yet Heroes of Mi... er I mean Might & Magic: Heroes refuses to die...

    3) Mount&Blade: Warband. Most review sites I visit are American, and I really wonder why this game is completely unheard of there. It doesn't have an epic storyline or a couple dozen shaders, but it's rewarding and challenging!

    4) Grotesque Tactics: Another European game that gets pretty much no attention from the US. It might not be a Nippon Ichi title, but it's an amusing tactical RPG nonetheless.

  121. @Relinquo Spes

    mad respect for you dude. you got a great point. all right then, I'll try as hard as I can not to make references to MLP: FiM (only when I'm posting the youtube link to the latest episode, or slaying whatever stupid troll account Charlie's stupid ass comes up with next, will you ever see me make references to MLP: FiM.) there will only be a few exceptions to this, such as breaking news about the show itself, it's creators, actors/actresses, etc. this applies to all my fellow bronies on this blog as well.

    P.S: no sarcasm was intended at all.

  122. I don't know very many underrated games other then Okami. I got that game a year ago for the Wii and it was amazing. Been meaning to play it again for a while now.

    Of course there are the Mother games. Though I don't know if they are as underrated as they used to be thanks to Emulators and the internet.

  123. "Penny-Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness"

    Simple gameplay but a hilarious and well put together game. It was underrated so much that a lot of people never tried it, and the poor sales led them to cancel the 4-part series after part 2. Part 3 was recently picked up by another company, hopefully they'll do it justice.

    Right now both episodes are $11.99 on Steam. A couple months back it was on sale, both episodes for $1.80, so I bought copies for several people on my Steam friends's list. They all loved it.

  124. Sorry if this digs up any terrible Irate Gamer related memories but I should mention Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. Definately one of the best games on the Wii and one of my favorite point and click adventure games. Shame there will probably never be a sequel.

  125. @blueluigi
    You're epic dude, My Little Pony is gay as shit. Most of the internet fan base consists of lonely 15 year old boys or creepy guys in their 30's.

  126. @Progfame

    Says the bipolar guy who either writes stuff that makes no sense, or tries to write a comment in a serious tone, which is futile since no one will take him seriously now. Have a nice evening, sir.

  127. "Shadow the Hedgehog".
    Now hear me out on this one. Shadow was hardly the best game in the Sonic series, by any means. But it was still a fairly decent Sonic game. It was definitely better than 2006, and probably Heroes. The game gets a ton of flack for the addition of guns and vehicles, but if you play the game, you see that neither of those were as significant to the gameplay as previews and advertisements made them out to be.

  128. AlrIght, now what games do you think Chris hasn't played?

  129. My Facebook source actually has an update.

    Bores said he took a week off to "catch up on some books" (too easy) and that doing 3 videos in a month is "stressful". 3 in a month? *looks at Channel Awesome* Okay then.

    Bores also said another I Rate the 80s is next. What the subject is he didn't say.

  130. "catch up on some books"... reading, or is he working on 'Dark Chapters' again? We'll probably never know.

  131. @BatDanNight

    I'm surprised he even reads. I mean, he doesn't have time for reading, HE'S JUST GOTTA PLAY IT!

  132. He's doing ANOTHER I Rate the 80s? He's been doing those a lot this year. What about another IG Neo review? Don't tell me he's spending most of his money buying 80s crap instead of video games this year.

  133. @BatDanNight

    Stressful? WTF? That's something I'd hear out of chris chan.

    speaking of:

    his downfall is coming.

  134. You know, I can't help but think we brought all these 80's videos upon ourselves. We so much as suggest that Bores has a halfway decent series, and he begins milking it for all he can, running it straight into the ground.

  135. My verification was "feases". Make of that what you will.

  136. @lordlaharl

    XD that's just so damn funny lmfao.

  137. There's IG's next "contest". It's for his puke-colored t-shirts.

    He also announced that contests will be every two weeks now. Aww, and he had such a good scam running too.

  138. @BatDanNight

    I take this to mean that even his lazy-ass contest videos were "too hard on his schedule".

  139. I know I should expect this, but how the fuck can't he find time in his schedule to talk in front of a camera for two minutes, once a week? It's obvious he doesn't write a script of any kind from all of the "uhh", and it can't take more than thirty minutes to an hour to edit a video like that...

  140. @EricKirby:

    Okami does what Zeldoesn't XD !

    And speaking of underrated PS2 games: God Hand is TONS of fun and should've really saved Glover Studios. And then there's pretty much every Shin Megami Tensei game. You'd think someone would use a clever PR campaign to convert the adult Pokemon fans to the REAL deal...

  141. Hmm... underrated games?

    I would have to go with Blasto on Playstation. An excellent 3D platformer where you travel all over the planet Uranus to rescue all of the different babes who were captured by Aliens. It's also one of Phil Hartman's last roles before he got killed by his wife, as he provided the voice of Blasto. I'm guessing the fact that he's dead is the reason why Blasto never got a sequel.

  142. @DyamiteNinja's Chris Chan Post

    Thats kind of the problem with the internet, there is no quality control.

    The people like Bores and Chris Chan could never have thrived in the old days, in the system where thier shitty ideas and notions had to be either okayed by some bigwigs in a studio who only cared about money or they had to fund the things themselves. These days they don't need anyone to okay their ideas all they need is a camera and a style that can be considered 'good' by the 12 year old Modern Warfare playing Douchebags.

    Even people like Tommy Wiseau whoes auter film The Room is one of the greatest 'so bad its good' films of all time, but without the sheer freedom of the internet he would not still be here. I mean he is funny to watch, but what studio would pick him up in hope of lightning striking twice? It's only because the web studios don't have much risk intaking a chance.

  143. Most underrated game ever? Grim Fandango. I know it had good reviews, but it gets talked about SO little, it is sad.

    But then, of course, it is a graphic adventure game with Hispanic chain-smoking skeletons in a film noir setting where you are a travel agent who is also the Grim Reaper.
    And there are also guns that turn people into flower fields. And giant racing cats. And communist bee foremen.

    It is difficult to find an audience for this. I decided to buy this game based on a single screenshot in a magazine (seriously) and didn't regret it.

  144. @Gaucelm

    Whoa, that sounds like the best acid trip ever. And it's in video game form.

  145. @Doresh

    "Convert the adult Pokemon fans to the REAL deal"? What do you mean by that? You aren't isulting the Pokémon fanbase, are you?

  146. Anyone here think Chris will do a Neo review of Sonic Generations? Personally, I am really looking forward to it if he does. I'm thinking he'll just gush over it. Or just play Green Hill and expect the rest of the game to be just like that.

  147. Also, the fact that Bores has been doing I Rate the 80s a lot recently, do you think he's trying to make that his main series instead of the Irate Gamer?

  148. @ EricKirby

    i'm hoping so. if more 'i rate the 80s' means less 'irate gamer', that's awesome.

  149. @Arthur Arneiro:

    Certainly not. I myself have very fond memories of the original red edition (haven't played the others besides a bit of emulation since the original Gameboy was my first and last handheld console ^^). I can imagine something like "real deal" being used in a PR campaign because the Shin Megami Tensei series predates Pokemon and has more mature plots.
    But I guess it's better trying to win over the mainstream CRPG crowd ("Status effects are finaly worth a damn!") XD

    Oh, and something to all the Bronies:

    I already mentioned it in a previous blog entry here, but I don't have anything against you. As an anime fan, I know how it feels liking something that others don't find appropriate.
    The problem is that there's a hard-to-ignore minority amongst you that acts like MLP is the first cartoon they've ever seen. It's new, it's awesome, and everyone has to know it - or so they think.
    If you constantly talk about one thing (or let people constantly know that you like said thing), people start to think that your whole life revolves around this thing. And if said thing is "cartoon ponies", some people might start to freak out...

    Take me for example: I'm a HUGE fan of Monty Python, Gurren Lagann and Madoka Magica. Didn't know, what? That's because I don't proclaim it loudly everywhere I go. You won't find me constantly making comments like

    - Nobody expects the next Irate Gamer Show! Nobody!!

    - Believe in the Bores who believes in himself!

    - Bores is a Puelle Magi. His/her wish was "I want to be a guy who becomes a Youtube Partner and interviews people at the E3"

    It's good if you have a show you like, but don't force it on others. They might think the show brainwashes people otherwise XD

  150. By the way, I've been playing Dragon Quest IX recently, and I want to know if anybody else played and liked the game. I know I did.

  151. @DynamiteNinja

    Sounds kinda trippy, and yet the dev makes it work!

    After all, it is made by the same guys who did some other awesome adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle or Monkey Island.

    @ Shaolin Dave:
    At least you are giving a good excuse why Yummy Mummy sucks. When BatDannight said it sucked, I felt more like he was saying:
    "It sucks because it didn't sell enough, what a loser, HA! And I feel like being judgmental because I want to disagree with Bores on the most things possible. Take that, Bores!"

    And what about Fruit Brute? He has gotten some publicity with Tarantino, but did he suck as much as Yummy Mummy?

  152. @Relinquo Spes
    I doubt you've ever even played a Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare isn't just for "12 year old douchebags," the game's basically meant for everyone now.

    Just because you're a hipster who hates something for being mainstream, doesn't mean the actual product sucks.

  153. @profgame

    I don't dislike Call of Duty, I enjoy the cathartic release of blowing someones head off with a well aimed sniper round as much as the next person.

    That comment was more as a general swipe at the kind of hypeactive children whos opinion we were all happily ignoring till the internet came along and gave them somewhere to post with continualy different names.

    Now I do realise (as isn't made clear in that post) that Chris Chan and Bores are two very different entities (Chris Chan being someone who doesn't deserve as large a public beating as he gets) and that if I wanted a real example of zero quality control I should just point to Youtube and go "point made". But if it is the part about 'modern warfare' offends you so, then let me address that for you:

    " These days they don't need anyone to okay their ideas all they need is a camera and a style that can be considered 'good' by the kinds of people who come into communities of friendly people (such as the one that has been built up here) and lash out at whoever they like because they disagree with their over-arching views"

    There is that better?

  154. @progfame

    2 things to begin with:

    1. I played Modern Warfare when it first came out and Modern Warfare 2 for a short while, until I finally managed to get my hands on Batman:Arkham Asylum. I have no issue with the game as it is probably the most enjoyable 'realistic' FPS on the market. What I am refering to is the general notion of the high-pitched children who play the game and scream at me through me headpiece.

    2. "the game's basically meant for everyone now", just because they mean it to be doesn't make it so.

    But I agree that my argument was poorly laid out. What I meant was that with the rise of the internet (and most notably youtube) videos are no longer forced to achieve certain standards for everyone to see them, anyone can strut their stuff. While this is good for finding the hidden gem, you usually have to waid through a ton of garbage to get there.

    But if I miss-understand your issue and you only have a problem with me 'dissing on' Modern Warfare then please allow me to set this right.

    "These days they don't need anyone to okay their ideas all they need is a camera and a style that can be considered 'good' by the kind of people who will go into well established and friendly communities (such as this one) and try and spread negitivity with as much social grace as a person twice their age."

    Is that better?

  155. @ Relinquo Spes

    The rise of the internet has allowed talented people to get their work out, but it's so hard to find the talent people among the trash.

    I stopped going to newgrounds because they had no standards on what they'd accept. If something gets voted down enough it gets taken off the site, but the standards are so low it almost never happens.

    YouTube has the same problem, plus almost no one rates or reports anything (seriously, you see a 'rick roll' video with over 100,000 views, do you think it's been flagged anywhere near 100,000 times?)

  156. Well, looks like I caused a spark. Also looks like I won't be ever liking blueluigi again.

  157. @dynaboyj

    If blueluigi didn't act like a dickhead in that comment he made, I would've accepted his opinion. instead, he was rude and hateful because of certain discussions I won't bring up. (except the things I mentioned in my last comment.)

  158. @DynamiteNinja

    And by last comment, I mean my reply to Relinquo Spes.

  159. Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around because I was trying to stay out of the discussion with blueluigi.

  160. I know this is completely unrelated to the article, or anybody's discussion, but I wanna ask. When the hell will Chris Bores review a Pokémon game? Really, I wanna know so I can debunk his stupid statements of the franchise I'm a big fan of.

  161. @Blaze

    Probably a Neo review of Pokémon Rumble Blast (That is, assuming he even has a 3DS).

    "This game sucks, it's way too hard!" *While using his Power 20 Pikachu*

    Oh, by the way, yesterday I got Pokémon Rumble Blast, and it's crazy fun. It does a good job of turning Pokémon into a real-time battling game.

  162. @Blaze

    If he ever does I look forward to when he slows down the footage of evolving and complains about the length

    & (if he does pokemon yellow) when he complains about pikachu following you around all the time.

    But hey there is still time for a Neo review of Pokemon Black or White, it's only been 8 months since release, I think that should still be new enough for him.

    Also as to bores doing 80's shit, how long do those video normally go for? around 10 minutes (expect for the last 2 where he seems to be getting lazy) now how long does an 80's go for? about 5.
    For bores it is far easier to just make the 80's episodes than have to do a full review, and if he can work out how to put his stupid storyline into the 80's with less effort then we may never see a full Irate Gaer ever again... *sigh* perhaps only in my dreams.

  163. @Arthut Arneiro

    Bores has a 3DS. He talked about the Street Pass feature in his Best of E3 2011 video just to make himself look good. He also claimed he would review the 3DS, but that is probably just another empty promise much like when he said he would review Castlevania in his Top 5 NES Games video.

  164. @Relinquo Spes
    "And when I tried to skip the evolving movie, which took so long I had to make stupid faces and buy a fake beard, my Pika mouse stopped changing! What an ass biter!"

  165. @lordlaharl

    "And where is team rocket? When people play Pokemon they want to play as team rocket. They should have at least been some sort of unlockable character"

  166. @Relinquo Spes

    "And the main character was replaced by some guy named *Official protagonist name for corresponding generation*. I mean, where the fuck pancake is Ash?"

  167. Bores uploaded the MK Kollection Neo review onto Youtube. And what a surprise, he never fixed his mistake where he says MK Kollection Arcade is only on PSN, though the description says it's available on PSN and XBLA

  168. @ sovereign64

    who knows what mistakes he'll fix (or try to)? he still never acknowledged his "genesis came out after snes" mistake, but he did make a half-assed attempt to pretend he knew all along that tekken 6's arcade mode was the main feature.

  169. @ Shaolin Dave

    I always knew Tekken was a fighting game even when I was only nine years old.

    I strongly believe Bores hasn't went to an arcade for a VERY long time before the review because Tekken 6 machines were everywhere in arcades before it came out in consoles with the scenario mode. And the arcade mode wasn't even hard to find at all! I knew where it was when I put the disc into my console for the very first time.

    What I also hate about his 3-in-1 video is how he still keep a smug look on his face even after reading the hate letters saying what a retard he is.

  170. @soverein64
    Yeah, even when Bores tries to act humble or self depreciative, he still exudes a sense of smugness. I'm pretty sure that "smug" and "constipated" are the only expressions he's capable of.

  171. Eat it you fat virgin nerds.

  172. I can only imagine what Bores would say if he reviewed No More Heroes.

    "Who the hell is Travis Touchdown? I wanna play as the Heroes!"

  173. "He nitpicks my stuff to the point of lunacy".

    I have to say I can't disagree too much about this one. :D

  174. "He nitpicks my stuff to the point of lunacy" - Aladdin on the Irate Gamer's review

  175. "a blog like that made sense when I first started since I didn't know what I was doing back then"

    Where as these days he does now, he wants to put progressivly less work into his output and push more of his money making plans..

  176. If real: Hahahahahaaha

    If fake: *moves on*

  177. "He nitpicks my stuff to the point of lunacy"

    Says the guy who nitpicks Aladdin and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the absolute idiotic reasons.

  178. "when i first started, a blog like that would make sense. i didn't know what the hell i was doing back then."
    ownbed fellasp

  179. @progfame

    let me ask you something Charleston. Do you always make it a point to be a stupid naive simpleton?

  180. "a blog like that made sense when I first started since I didn't know what I was doing back then"

    Not really. Blatant plagiarism aside, the show was still in its grace period back then, meaning that the argument could be made that Bores still had time to find his footing and make the Irate Gamer something better than just a knockoff of the AVGN. Making fun of him back then would be like calling someone who really just started playing an FPS, fighting game, or MMORPG a noob. Nowadays, when his show seems to have gotten as good as it'll ever get, he has no such excuse.

  181. @progfame

    Bores is just shrugging off criticism with any excuse he can make. It was a lazy one at that. Anybody can make the "everything has problems" excuse for any piece of constructed content. IrateFanboy345 used the same defense years ago. That only works if the critic really is just nitpicking. BatDanNight is doing much more than nitpicking.

    Sure, BatDanNight is guilty of making personal complaints such as when he accuses Bores for praising a game he likes. however, Bores hardly justifies himself to praise a game to a point that there was no point to make a review. BatDan addresses this issue many times in Bores "NEO" reviews.

    He also makes a lot of blatant mistakes many gamers should already know much like his claim as a Castlevania fan which was debunked several times on this blog site.

    I also find it very hypocritical for Bores to criticize this blog for nitpicking when Bores nitpicks on even unimportant "flaws"in video games game such as the Konami code in Super C, or the extra levels in Kirby: Epic Yarn. Seriously, these are just bonus features in the games.

    The issues I just mentioned are only a few of them. BatDan addressed several other issues if even care to read his blog. (I bet neither, you or Bores actually read BatDan's blog posts. You never make any attempt to justify Bores' defense. You just read the comments and often bash a completely unrelated demographic...but those issues are beside the point.)

    Yes, sometimes BatDan will nitpick, but it is usually justified which Bores fails to do in many of his videos. However, BatDan also points out many of the major issues as well. Bores is only using the "nitpick" defense to make himself look better in your eyes as well as other users who may see that message.

  182. @MortalKombat2007

    Amen dude.

    I just took a look at the message the Bores sent... and I facepalmed at his "nitpicks his stuff the point of lunacy" comment. It seems pretty obvious that he just won't accept the mistakes, and pretend that he gets everything right.

    And the fact that Iratefanboy345 made a similar statement is more evidence that Iratefanboy is a sockpuppet account from Chris Bores.

  183. "He nitpicks my stuff to the point of lunacy"

    "a blog like that made sense when I first started since I didn't know what I was doing back then"

    what are you guys referencing? i don't see that anywhere in the blog post or earlier comments.

  184. @Shaolin Dave

    It is a private message Bores sent to progfame which he posted here to taunt us.

  185. It seems that progfame is ignorant to the fact that showing us messages that Bores sends like these = more power to this blog.

    Keep them coming, Charlie. I would love to read more of those.

  186. @ MortalKombat 2007

    oh, i didn't click it because progfame has no credibility.... i just assumed he was posting gay porn.

    i don't trust PM screen shots either, too easy to fake.


  188. I got Kirby's Return to Dreamland yesterday, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it!

    Which makes me curious to see if Bores reviews that game anytime soon. My bet is that 50% of the review will be him comparing it to Epic Yarn, and saying how much better Return to Dreamland is, saying how it feels like a "true" Kirby game, and so on.

  189. Nothing is perfect but everything can be better. That's the moral here.