Saturday, October 15, 2011

You've Turned Shao Kahn's Throne Into One of Lies!

Huh, turns out he’s still doing IG Neo episodes for GotGame. I still wonder why he removed the site link though. Maybe he figured out he’s not the only person on the site and by linking it, his fans will see the other, sometimes better reviewers there. “NOOO they can’t learn about them! It’s all about me! Me me me!”

Anywho, what’s he looking at this time? Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Oh joy, get your helmets on cause the bias steamroller is rolling on down.
Wait, a modern review of a retro game. I’m surprised he didn’t try to make a regular Irate Gamer episode out of this. Then again it probably wouldn’t fit into his dumbass plot.

0:00 - 0:24: That “opening title” thing he does is decked out in jack-o-lanterns and orange, signifying this is Halloween-related. You couldn’t have chosen an actual horror game to review Bores?
There’s Dead Space 2, Limbo, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Splatterhouse, House of the Dead: Overkill, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (oh wait, he doesn’t do PC games), Dead Island, hell Plants vs. Zombies would be more appropriate. I know some of these aren’t too recent but when the hell has that stopped him?

IG’s room is dark with orange lights, he has a pot in front of him. Going by this and his latest contest video, this seems to be his “set” for Halloween.
“After the success of the latest Mortal Kombat game, I decided to go back in time and look at the Mortal Kombat Kollection now offered on the Playstation Network” And Xbox Live Arcade. By the way, the Kollection came out after MK9 did. I know what he means but the lines still sounds off-putting.

0:25 - 0:43: IG starts the game and gets an update notice. “ Gosh dang, I hate these things.” How is this a big deal? Just about every PS3 and 360 game has them when you first boot up a game after the initial launch. Patches are important to improving a game, and that’s what these updates do. They get rid of glitches and other issues. Also, gosh dang? What are you nine?

“After waiting for that damn thing to download” Yes, all 29MB of it. Sure takes foreveeeeeer to download something that big. I think Chris is off his Ritalin if this is a complaint.
“… the start-up screen here allows you to choose between the first three Mortal Kombat arcade versions… of the game” Technically no, you do get MK1 and MK2, but you don’t get Mortal Kombat 3. You get the updated Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. There is a difference.

0:44 - 1:01: IG tells us that “back in the day” (pfft) he liked playing the Sega CD version of MK1 because it was identical to the Arcade version. Hahaha oh wow. Completely forget about the load times Bores? Or graphics that aren’t Arcade perfect? I really doubt he owned a Sega CD as a kid, he’s just pulling more stuff out of his ass.
“Playing the chure Arcade version is the way to go” What does that mean? I’m pretty sure “chure” isn’t a word. *gets note* Oh… apparently he was saying “true”. Would it kill him to enunciate?
He then brings up that he plays the game with his MK Arcade stick. I’m sure GotGame is glad their wasted money is being used, instead of being played for an hour and thrown away.

1:01 - 1:31: “Now this game is pretty much the exact same as the original” That’s not entirely true. There are sound issues and replaced sounds that weren’t in the original.
Blah blah blah nostalgic feeling blah blah blah.
It cuts to IG “Winter Gaming” with the PS3 controller. I thought he was playing with the Arcade stick? Consistency is for losers!
“And then I get my ass kicked? That’s just great…” Haw haw, I mean oh well.
“In case you’re wondering, all the Fatalities are here” *headdesk* Nobody was wondering that! It shouldn’t be a surprise that Arcade ports of Mortal Kombat have all the Fatalities! I’m 100% convinced, Bores doesn’t care for the actual fighting game part of MK, he only cares that there’s blood and gore.

1:32 - 2:00: He goes back to the menu and… gets another update. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He’s really doing this isn’t he? It’s like he couldn’t think of Mortal Kombat jokes, or any realistic jokes so he saw the patch update and thought “This will be my recurring joke, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense”.
He moves onto Mortal Kombat II, says it’s good and violent, and loses again. Cue the constipated look of anger while staring at the camera! Man, he hasn’t done one of those in a while.

2:01 - 2:16: He heads to the menu and changes the difficulty to Very Easy (HA!). However, he claims that he felt no difference with the adjusted settings. Ahhh there’s the problem, it’s not too hard you just suck.
Well, the computer AI was designed to be cheap in order to suck more quarters out of players. But despite IG’s claim, there are differences in the difficulty. If one is a tiny-bit competent, they will win. Once again going back to him sucking. Man, imagine if Bores picked up an SNK game. It would end him.

2:17 - 2:39: IG brings up the Moves List, or “Cheat-sheet” as he calls it, in the pause menu. Yes, just like every other fighting game you’ve looked at on your show. Not sure how this is a big surprise to you.
He wins a match, performs a Fatality but… *sighs* that update shows up. The Rule of Three has once again been eviscerated, can’t have an IG episode without that happening. THIS ISN’T FUNNY!
“Ah son of a bitch.” His reaction was just as dull as that joke.

IG gets to the “final verdict”
“This one is best suited for old-school fans of Mortal Kombat” TELL ME MOAR!
He then says he got bored after a while. Wait wait wait. I thought he was a fan of Mortal Kombat? He always goes on and on about how great it is, and when he actually reviews the old games he says he was BORED of them? Once again, we have another lie from Bores. They just keep piling on and piling on and it is getting disgusting.
He also claims he was felt jaded because of the new game. That’s not what “jaded “means Chris. It would mean you didn't like the Kollection, and it sounds like you somewhat did.
Video over.

Well that was… lame. As expected he barely went into the games, focusing more on the violence. That update joke was dreadful and really out-of-place. And once again he LIES to us, he never was a fan of Mortal Kombat. He just claimed that to sound “cool” because it’s violent and liking violence means you’re cool or something. I don’t know, it’s just beyond comprehension at this point.
Then again, it's pretty obvious that he isn't a fan since he didn't spell it "Kollection".

In non-IG news, Bores announced that Haunted Investigators is coming back next year. Either this is another lie for more attention, or he's delusional enough to think that people were clamoring for more of that snooze-inducing tripe. Oh boy, can't wait to watch two idiots walk around an abandoned building finding nothing. Maybe one of them will run into a wall and blame the ghosts!

EDIT: Forgot to include the update video!
Here he DOES mention that it's also available on Xbox Live Arcade. Gee, you'd think a detail like that would be worth mentioning outside of an update video.
He says that DatBoiDrew needs help with his new game because he's "a friend of the show". I like how he says "the show" like it's really big and isn't just one guy sitting in a room, or he's unable to say "a friend of mine" for some reason.
And next is a Halloween episode of I Rate the 80s. I really hope it isn't Count Chocula...


  1. Wait, so he didn't even review UMK3?

    (ha, my word verification is "bboredd")

  2. He didn't really review any of them, honestly. But yeah, UMK3 barely got more than a few seconds of gameplay footage. He spent a ton of his three minute video on the first game, so you can actually tell when he was getting tired of playing the game when recording.

  3. Seriously, "Gosh, dang"? Why did he say that? It doesn't make sense since he went back to swearing after that? Was he trying to be 'kid friendly' and then forget he was doing that? Does he even write a script for this at all? I'm seriously starting to think that he makes this crap up as he goes.

  4. Wow, it seems to me as it he's trying to treat this game as if it's an entirely new Mortal Kombat game and not a port of any of the older ones. Why would the Fatalities NOT be included in this re-release, and he even gives his final verdict that "he got bored with this game" implying that he had just played this game for the first time.

    Also, just as I predicted, he didn't talk about any of the audio glitches or how the online multiplayer lags. Those are some of the issues that fans had with the game, which is why the game got such mediocre reception.

  5. Really, Bores? You couldn't win on the "very easy" setting? Hell, I could win on "very easy" when I was ten! And I didn't even know how to do any special moves! Or how to block!

  6. “After the success of the latest Mortal Kombat game, I decided to go back in time and look at the Mortal Kombat Kollection now offered on the Playstation Network”

    How can you go to the past in order to get a game that's available right now Oo ?

    And what kind of review was this? He seems to hate every second playing these games, yet refrains from bashing them because of how much he gushed over the series in the past. The end result is just "meh".

  7. @Eric Kirby

    Not only does it seem like he's making this up as he goes along, it also seems like he's doing all this in one take.

  8. Your comment about how IG doesn't do PC games makes me wonder: has he ever given a reason for why he doesn't? I'm not saying he should (as it stands, this means most of my favorites have less of a chance of getting the Bores treatment), I'm just wondering.

  9. I wanted to ask the owner of this website a question on the last article but I think I was too late for most people to read this.

    Why is it OK to attack the Irate Gamer because he is an asshole that get info wrong and is arrogant but we ignore a guy (Retrogamer3) who not only does the exact same things as the Irate Gamer (i.e. is flag happy, gets info wrong, knocks off the AVGN) but makes rape jokes and fucked an N64 on top of that?

    Here is his review of the N64 where he fucks the poor system and it is just as bad and inaccurate as a IG review but hell of a lot more offensive, with racial jokes included:

    He has also made a character that glorifies rape:

    (his re-edited version is here:
    It's just as bad, just take out the rape jokes when you get backlash).

    I am not trying to be a dick but this guy is far worse than Chris Bores ever will be.

  10. I know about Retrogamer3.
    I know he sucks.
    I know he's guilty of the same crimes as Bores, and does even more disgusting things.

    But this isn't about him, if you want to make a blog about Ed then be my guest.

  11. @Unfortunate Will
    Y'know, a RetroGamer3sucks page would not be a bad idea. You'd certainly get a lot of followers. As for this page, this is just for the Irate Gamer, Chris Bores, his fanbase and his work. It has never been any other way. Though I suppose Mr. Yvokes (I sure that's Daniel's surname) could break the mould sometime in the future.

  12. @John

    Isn't Dan's surname Hirsch? Like Daniel Hirsch?

  13. @ Becky Hopkins

    Bores doesn't review PC games, but he has been known to occasionally (and very briefly) play first person shooters on PC. I first "met" him in a game of L4D, in which he quickly threw out hacker accusations and got votekicked from our team. He shortly added me to his friends list and after that I saw him occasionally play L4D or COD. He plays Garry's Mod a lot, but barely anything else.

    I've since been removed from his friends list, probably because of my participation in discussions here.

  14. That's actually pretty amazing.

  15. @Shaolin Dave
    So do you remember what his Steam name is?

  16. @ BatDanNight

    He changed it a lot. I think it was "Christopher" when I first met him. He never went by "Chris Bores" or "Irate Gamer".
    I use to have a link to his profile on my old machine, but not this one. My laptop might still have a link but my family is borrowing it, so I'll get back with you.

  17. And now a word from Shao Kahn to Irate Gamer:


  18. I just imagined IG reviewing a Pokemon game: "Ash isn't even in this game as an unlockable character"

  19. @Crayons
    "I've been a big fan of the series ever since I played the first game on N64."
    "Now, I've only just gotten my starter Pokemon..."
    "You have to give commands to your Pokemon? Why can't you just run up to the enemy and attack like in God of War?"


    someone riffing the 2nd episode of "haunted investigators"

  21. @Shaolin Dave

    I remember seeing that video a while back. Didn't realize it was from ratsuprae though.

  22. That's the version that appears on Something Awful's discontinued Webcam Ward series. The one that was very briefly on retsupurae's YouTube channel before it got taken down for fear of flagging can be seen here:

    The difference? The Webcam Ward commentary was scripted by the three and feels less natural than the two-man thrashing the YT version (to me, at least).

    Post deleted to remove an IG-grade redundancy I had typed.

  23. @Crayons:

    "Remember Pikachu, who first appeared in the new Super Smash Bros.? Guess what, he got his own game!"

    "I don't want the stupid pig! Where's Pikachu?"

    "Great, that dude chooses his Pokemon after me - and guess what: He always picks the one that's strong against my Pokemon! How the hell am I supposed to win?!"

  24. @Shaolin Dave

    Bores sucks at L4D and is a sore loser about it. Why am I not surprised? (Granted, I'm still pretty bad at it, but at least I KNOW what I need to improve on).

    At any rate, I'm glad to know that most of the Valve games in my library will probably never be covered in an IG episode, meaning my worries earlier this year that he would review Portal 2 were completely unfounded. Though I'm a little curious about what he would have said...("Why the hell can't I kill these stupid turrets?!" *cue him running straight at the turrets over and over again*)

    @Crayons @lordlaharl @Doresh

    "And look how long it takes to capture a Pokemon!" *cue obviously slowed-down footage of a Poke Ball wiggling around*

  25. @Becky

    He wouldn't just slow it down, he'd add more wiggles, and then after like 20, along with crappy filler, the Pokemon gets away.

  26. @Cody S.
    And that's assuming he doesn't just throw Pokeballs without weakening the enemy, then complaining that it's impossible to catch them.

  27. (Beating champion with overleveled Pokemon due to Gameshark)

    "And guess what. The final boss is way too easy! What a bunch of gosh-dang shiet! And the worst part is that you don't get to play as unlockable characters, such as Cynthia or Giovanni. I expected something better from a final battle!"

    (Sprite of Charizard flashes out of Gameboy/GBA/DS/DSi/3DS/PSP)

    "Why does this always happen on my show? Go sick em, ROB!"

    (Throws baseball covered in paint, unconvincing flash effect, ROB appears, shoots laser effect at Charizard sprite, overused explosion effect, Bores looks at camera, video ends)

  28. For some reason I find this guy extremely entertaining and underrated.

    *Gets defeated by some youngsters Ratatta*
    "Awight, time to bust this Lilipup open!"
    *IG "Winter Games" on his Gameboy to the Pokemon G/S/C melody from SSBM. After doing a montage of his Pokemon constantly fainting, IG sinks to the ground as if fainting when the words "IG fainted" like from the early Gameboy titles.
    Now I've been a long time Pokemon fan since the 1980's, but the most recent instalment, Pokemon Blackwhite, seems to have jumped the shark and doesn't feel very refreshing. I mean, garbage bags, ice cream cones *Chris drools*, since when did this game become for kids?

    *yawn* Sorry I can't think straight. I'm as tired as a dog and I gotta get some rest. Also, as predictable as Chris may be, he always finds new ways to be more boring. Which is why it is harder to make parodies of that fat cunt.

  29. @JohnNintendoNerd

    I have someone who I consider extremely entertaining and underrated as well

    only problem is that he hasn't uploaded a new game review in months :(

  30. A few days ago, I put this:
    as my wallpaper.
    A kid at school said he looked gay.
    I have no hope for this generation.

  31. Apparently, James' first NES game was Ghosts n Goblins.
    Really says something, doesn't it.

  32. @ Derek

    The image you put there was a broken link.

    Ghosts n Goblins was his first game? Yikes. I mean, I think it was like my third or fourth, but at least I got to warm up with Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man first.

  33. @ Dave
    Sorry. It was a wallpaper of Alucard holding his sword.

  34. @Shaolin Dave
    No wonder AVGN is so angry.

  35. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Bores would probably "Winter Game" anything, even Windows Solitare. I mean, he did do this on his "Final Fantasy 4" review.

    Speaking of "Winter Gaming", I saw that "Mortal Kombat (2011)" review, with Bores "Winter Gaming" with the arcade stick and it reminded me of this pic:

    Big apologies to bronies and Derpy fans.

  36. @vicviper592
    Derpy has no thumbs. Bores doesn't have an excuse.

  37. Maybe he's actually playing the game like that. Could explain why he get's his ass kicked on the easiest difficulty setting.

  38. @Doresh

    Still, fighting games are easily button-mashable.

    So yeah, he's just playing horribly.

  39. I remember that someone on here said that Bores had a twitter, and that he only allows certain people to view his tweets. Well, I was accepted, and now I have access to his twitter feed. I can post some of the interesting things he's said on there on here, if you want me to. (Sorry for reposting this comment, I spelt some things wrong :P)

  40. @Arthur
    Yeah, but most button mashers I've seen at least know how to work the joystick properly.

  41. @squidmod
    Hi there. I already have an informant on the inside of his Twitter. As he's told me multiple times before, he barely updates it with anything new.

    Oh look, IG has another contest. More old Haunted Investigators DVDs. "Overwhelming reception" he says, probably on how BORING it is.

  42. Derek have you seen The Anger Begins? It wasn't GNG, it was "Super Mario Bros."

  43. @vnisasian2001
    In the Halloween glitches video, James said it was GnG.

  44. @vnisanian2001 and Derek

    Well, "Super Mario Bros." was the game that came with the NES. I can only assume that what he meant was "Ghost n' Goblins" was the first game he bought after that.

  45. I watched the video, and James clearly said that it was the first Nintendo game he played before he even played Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. He also said that he never beat the game.

    Speaking of Ghosts and Goblins. I recently downloaded the game on Virtual Console. I personally enjoyed it, but I don't really get to play it that often due to the fact that the music annoys the crap out of my sister, and to a certain extent, my neighbors.

  46. Maybe he played it at a friends house? That's how most people first got to play a video game, at least in my experience.

  47. @Arthur Arneiro:

    3D fighters are button-mashable, since the fighers' "moves" just consist of lots and lots of comboes, and with usually only 4 buttons available, you are bound to make cool comboes just by randomly pressing buttons.

    2D fighters (or ones with 2D gameplay, like Mortal Kombat) require "pretzel moves" which are a bit harder to pull off through random button presses. Add in the fact that fights in Mortal Kombat usually consist of using your best/broken moves over and over again, and Bores got some problems.
    True, MK moves aren't very pretzel-y, but I doubt that "winter gaming" would help him

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. So speaking of Bores and fighting games, with Ultimate MVC3 coming out next month I'm wondering if he'll decide to "review" that one. If he does, who wants to bet he'll jump on the "bitching about the new characters" bandwagon? And that he'll have no idea who Phoenix Wright is?

  51. @lordlaharl
    "As it turns out, Phoenix Wright has his own game. And wouldn't you know it, it's a ripoff of Harvey Birdman!"

  52. @Derek
    And the sad thing is, I'm willing to bet that his fans are exactly the sort of morons who've been calling Wright a "waste of a character slot", so I'm sure they'll applaud his douchey ignorance one way or another.

  53. @lordlaharl
    He steals men's time, and makes them his fanboys.

  54. @Derek
    Perhaps the same could be said of all bad reviewers...

  55. @Arthur
    His acting is as empty as his soul. Youtube ill needs a partner such as him!

  56. @Derek & Arthur
    What is a partner? A miserable pile of ad revenue. But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!

  57. Oh and I saw the latest MLP:FiM episode. Zecora's costume reminded me of Alucard and Mayor Mare looked kind of like the 6th Doctor Who (Colin Baker). And I think I speak for all the bronies when I say Luna's character was quite beyond my expectations.
    And I also contacted Boring Man a while back asking him would he review My Little Pony (to see what would happen when he comes around to reviewing it). I also asked him was he a brony. He told me that he wasn't interested in the newer models (dunno if he meant G3.5 or G4, hey, this is the guy that gave Megatron Starscream's voice) but that he does remember the ten part special "End of Flutter Valley" and that's the one where the ponies get turned to ice (I heard that they get turned to glass idk). Just thought I'd let you know that.

  58. @JohnNintendoNerd
    That's too bad. Honestly, I was kind of hoping to see him attack the series for incredibly stupid reasons. After all, if there's one thing that could make Bores even more despised, it'd be trying to pick a fight with a fanbase like the one Friendship is Magic has.
    On a side note, I was also rather impressed with how they played Luna in the new episode.

  59. I can't believe I didn't think of this before -- I need to publicly make a note of this.

    Okay, so a couple years ago I had an idea for a movie. I was actually thinking of turning the idea into an indie game instead, but was trying to work out what that gameplay mechanics would be and couldn't quite figure it out.

    There's a "ghost hunting" show where the host go to haunted locations, walking around the dark, filming themselves with night vision, trying to catch evidence on film.

    Every time they're not on film, they break character and joke with each other about the whole premise. None of them actually believe in ghosts, and they find the idea stupid. They're so apathetic about the actual concept of catching ghost that they don't even do proper research for their show.

    One night, they're investigating a place that turns out to really be haunted. At this point the movie turns away from comedy and becomes a horror.

    -- There's a few reason I bring this up...

    1) Rip-offs of "Paranormal Activity" and "Ghost Caught on Tape" videos are growing on YouTube.
    2) Chris Bores is working on season 2 of "Haunted Investigators"
    3) I told this idea to some friends on Steam a long time ago, before Bores blocked me. It's possible he's caught wind of it.

    I'm calling it now, "Haunted Investigators" season 2 will feature ghost, added with special effects, to be a "story-based" show.

  60. My word verification was "bingo"... the self-aware blog agrees with me!

  61. Wild Troll appears!
    Troll used "Insult show he hasn't watched!"
    It's not very effective...

  62. And my verification was "pluto". Interesting.

  63. @Shaolin Dave
    I'm not that big on horror movies, but I would totally go see one where one of the victims is a Bores stand-in, who attempts to apply his "ghost hunting skillz" to the situation and fails horribly.

  64. And now my verification is "sparta". I'm on a roll tonight!

  65. @progfame

    *facehoof* If this is TheUrsuDude, your little crusade failed before it even began.

  66. my word verification was "member". awesome seeing as how I recently became a Brony.

  67. someone is claiming to be Bores in Pat's charity marathon. it's funny how quick people jumped on him

  68. @Shaolin Dave
    Am I the only one that thinks Boring will use something like NC's Timing Casper for his special effects?

  69. Chances are that his fans either won't give a shit, or they will love every second of it.

  70. Personally, Zecora's outfit reminds me of Storm.

  71. @Derek, JamesNintendoNerd
    I figured that her costume was that of an evil enchantress.

  72. but my little pony sucks ashold ye

  73. @progfame

    this sums up your pointless struggle.

  74. @lordlaharl
    You think I'm James Rolfe?

  75. @lordlaharl

    Don't worry dude. Everybody makes mistakes.

  76. @dynaminitemotherfcler
    go fcl yourself ye

  77. @progfame

    clearly, you are the superior intellect in this conversation. (sarcasm) I laugh at your pitiful attempt at "trolling"

  78. @lordlaharl
    Apology accepted

    You are trying too hard. Go out and get some fresh air, good lad.

  79. @progfame:

    Do you frequently search the intarwebs for random MLP comments in blogs that normally have nothing to do with MLP? Genius!

  80. @dynatefclhead
    Don't call me a troll.

  81. May I please ask what is the origin of the "winter gaming" term, again?

  82. @John Pannozzi
    It comes from the Angry Nerd's episode on the NES game, Winter Games, in which it seemed as though several of the games events boiled down to pressing random buttons and seeing what happens. Because of this, he joked "You know how in movies, when someone is acting like they're playing a video game, but all they're doing is pressing random buttons? They're playing Winter Games!"

  83. @ CHARLIE

    You said you weren't going to pay attention to this blog any more.

  84. @progfame, otherwise known as CHARLIE

    Welcome back, CHARLIE! So much for CHARLIE not posting here ever again, eh, CHARLIE? I guess that, like many other things you've posted, CHARLIE, was yet another empty promise. But on the bright side, this means we get to troll CHARLIE once again. Go ahead, make another long post, CHARLIE. I look forward to going through it and pointing out it's stupidity like last time.

  85. @progfame aka, Charlie

    Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll

  86. I'd fcl Roll Caskett ye.
    I mean FCL.

  87. @progfame

    So, you'll do something with your lateral collateral ligament of your knee?

    Get it? FCL? :D

    Fifth one from the top.

  89. @progfame

    VeryInvalid, is that you?

  90. @progfame

    like I said TheUrsuDude (or whoever you are), your little crusade against us bronies (or this blog) failed before it even began.

    so for the second time:

    that is all.

  91. @Shoalin Dave you should make that movie/game. I'd watch/play it.

    @DynomiteNinja Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony ever. Ever, ever, ever

    @everyone I just started playing Kirby's Epic Yarn AGAIN (My 3rd time). The game always makes me ludicrously happy. I think you know why I bring it up

  92. @Crayons
    Another reason we bring that game up is because so does Chris. Dear Celestia have mercy on our souls when Return to Dream Land comes out and Chris mindlessly gushes over it and remind us that he hated Epic Yarn!

  93. Sweet my word verification was "im bear"

  94. @JohnNintendoNerd
    Well, it just came out today, so I imagine Bores will probably post his review of it in February.

  95. @John
    Give him 4 months. You've seen his schedule.

  96. @Crayons

    I freaking love Rainbow Dash. She's my favorite pony out of all of them. Although Pinkie Pie is a close second.


    *facehoof* I wonder if it will be as bad as the time he brought up his dislike of Ghosts N' Goblins.

  97. Hello, long time blog stalker first time poster.

    I just wanted to join the discussion on Haunted Investigators. Does anyone know why he has decided to turn his attention back to this? I mean think about it:
    - It takes longer to make
    - Involves more pre and post production word
    - and probably makes him less money in the long run.

    What is the possibe draw in doing them?

  98. It's Chris. He can never make a good choice.

  99. @Derek

    I've noticed, but he seems to be more often motivated by greed or prestige in his decisions.

    The only reason I can see here is that he has some vain hope that some tv show will pick this up... but as to who has lead him to believe that... I have no idea.

  100. He probably led himself to think that, seeing how he pretty much has fallen in love with himself.

  101. Oh, I'm sure in his head he's bringing back a cult classic that was cancelled all too soon. Yep, he probably thinks he's uncanceling Arrested Freakin' Development. Note that I have never actually seen Arrested Development, but I'm sure it's better than anything Bores has ever put out.

  102. @Relinquo Spes

    At the time of the first season of Haunted Investigators, Bores was not known for anything. Today, he considers himself a success for his Irate Gamer character. With that said, most likely he is attempting to cash-in on his "fame" by recycling an old project.

    Since such a series take more commitment to make, most likely he will do a couple episodes of the series, give up and then try again later. He will probably post the episode on Youtube, or perhaps find another website that is just as incompetent as GotGame.

  103. @ Relingquo Spes

    As I mentioned before, I think he's trying to rip off my idea or make some variation of it. Otherwise, it's just his ego convincing him that "Haunted Investigators" actually was popular and that all his hate mail is actually just two or three trolls with multiple accounts.

    @ Crayons

    I might still make the game, I just have to figure out a way to translate that idea into a game. In the meantime, I worked on a couple horror-themed HL2 mods (mainly voice-acting) so you can check those out. They're called "Nightmare House 2" and "Underhell: Prologue".

    As for a movie, turns out somebody beat me to the punch. While I was thinking of both ideas, I would have rather done a traditional horror movie instead of jumping on the "found footage" bandwagon. Someone did make the "found footage" version, calling it "Grave Encounters". It should be coming out on DVD soon.

    Hey, if Bores does rip off my idea, maybe the makers of "Grave Encounters" will go after him?

  104. Daniel Hirsch please don't tell me you donated as much as a red cent towards that piece of shit movie James Rolfe is working on!
    Yes, that's right! Even someone who named his account after that son of a bitch is angry at what he's doing! Dear Celestia he is now almost as bad as Boring Man. Almost.

  105. @John
    I can do whatever I want with my money. If I choose to donate to the AVGN movie, then I'll do just that.

  106. @John

    What did he do? Is it because he became a partner?

  107. @JohnNintendoNerd

    You're not alone.

  108. I officialy watched all episodes of Friendship is Magic (through YouTube of course)

  109. You know... the more My Little Pony discussion that I see on this blog. The more it's making me want to leave this place for good.

  110. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Yeah! How dare some guy make a movie he's been wanting to make for a few years now have the AUDACITY to ASK for donations just like a small production company asks for independent backers in Hollywood!

  111. @blueluigi

    What? Why? I know we're supposed to talk about the Irate Gamer, but there's no reason why we shouldn't talk about other things. If it were nothing but endless Irate Gamer Discussion, then this would be a boring blog.

  112. @DynamiteNinja

    I think it's the way you act. I mean, the bronies here are just too hardcore (Derek has backed off a little). Even you told John not to push his brony-ness too far, and now you're typing stuff like "*brohoof*" and such, you know, on the same level of obsession as furries.

  113. @fattoler
    Thank you. The fact that so many people are up in arms about this surprises me. Do they not understand how movies are made? They're not cheap.

  114. @JohnNintendoNerd

    How do you think Sam Raimi got the first Evil Dead movie off the ground? They went cap in hand to local businesses for donations. If they had Paypal back then don't you think they would have done the same thing?

    Its not like he's asking for money to pay for his electric bill while failing to put out any videos like Sean Fausz is it?

  115. @fattoler

    I don't know, because he can actually make that movie by himself with all the ad money he gets nowadays ? Rolfe isn't some obscure struggling filmmaker who can barely pay his bills.

  116. @Arthur Arneiro

    I really wish the Bronies would watch Samurai Jack, Batman or Gargoyle's. Animation can be an amazing thing but I get the feeling that they settle for MLP just because its a little better then its should to be.

  117. @Arthur Arneiro

    I'm noticing this myself, and I'm sorry for doing so. It's the fact the show is so awesome, but that's not an excuse either. I just recently got into the show, and I see why the show gets tons of praise. It's well written, brilliantly voice acted, it's no longer just endless tea parties, it's like the Powerpuff Girls, (a show I freaking loved growing up) and it gave me back something I thought was lost forever when "it" happened: innocence.

    I think that's why I became so hardcore. Again, I apologize for being such a stupid hypocrite :(

  118. @DynamiteNinja

    It's all right. I'm just pointing stuff out that are kinda starting to annoy me. What I say about this extreme obsession can be said about any hardcore fanbase of anything.

  119. @Arthur Arneiro

    I was thinking the same thing myself.

  120. @Clark
    I never really got into Gargoyles. I might rent the DVDs sometime and give the series another chance. I do love B:TAS though, and I enjoyed Samurai Jack.

    That being said, while I'll admit Bronies (myself included) can get a tad overzealous at times, FiM is one of the only original western cartoons I've seen in years that I've enjoyed so much. The last one I can think of before this would probably be Chowder, and even that began to peter out after a while. Really, it seems like most cartoons these days are trying way too hard to have the sort of surrealist/gross-out humor that shows like Ren and Stimpy and ATHF had, but fail miserably. On top of that, channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon all seem to be going the way of the Disney Channel these days. I believe it's because of this that so many people have become such adamant fans of the show.
    I apologize for my rampant soapboxing here.

  121. @Arthur
    Hey, at least we don't say "Pick me!" every time there's a contest.

  122. @Derek

    And don't forget that the prizes are completely worthless! :D

    ...Unless you have a toilet paper shortage.

  123. And as for all the naysayers regarding the Nerd becoming a Youtube Partner, why? The only reason I dislike most partners isn't because they make money, but because their videos SUCK, yet they still make money. And the thing is, they sucked before they became partners, so it's really not like they compromised their creative integrity any more than they did before they were partners. As long as James keeps up the status quo, I really don't care that he gets paid by Youtube. And he can ask for donations as much as he wants to, just as long as all the proceeds go toward the movie.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. @TheLone.

    Here we go!

    The father of a friend of mine works as a sales representative for a London based firm and from what I can gauge he makes roughly £43,000 (68,877 USD) gross per annum, so he is just in the upper-middle class wage bracket, he probably has savings, share and what have you but I cannot say for certain what they are. Of course that is gross value so if we apply tax the figure will be significantly lower (roughly £31,550, or 50,536 USD) even more so in the United States. As for James Rolfe I cannot say how much money he makes per annum but I doubt Ad revenue gets him Rocket Cars and Gold Plated Houses.

    Now a movie can cost anything, the first Rocky film was made on $1 million dollars (about $4 million in 2011) which can be considered as 'low budget' for example. The budget for the AVGN movie is AT LEAST $75,000.

    In short, to pay for James Rolfe's movie's budget my friend's father would have to work FOR TWO YEARS.

    What a Lurdo.

  126. I got angry not because of James becoming a partner, but because of his "e-begging". But I had a long think and I now realise how foolish I was. I'm sorry for any upsets I may have caused. I take back everything I said in my last comment.

    Also, people like FiM mostly because of the community. Seeing Epic Meal Time and Team Fortress parodies with ponies, or heck, anything with G4 ponies is *ahem* 20% cooler. Yeah, it may sound like a shitty meme I'm referencing, but when you think about it, it makes sense. What doesn't ponies make cooler?
    Though I agree that the fanbase can get out of hand. Like when bronies talk about how Trixie or Fluttershy is their waifu, or annoying fanon references like "Cupcakes", "Rainbow Dash is a lesbian" or "Scootaloo is a chicken". But yeah if you like FiM and you don't check out EqD at least twice a day then you are... probably a normal person.
    But one thing that grinds my gears is that no one has done a Bores n' Doors where Pinkie Pie does her Singing Telegram telling Chris that he's not invited to her party. So naturally Boring complains that he's not invited and then he treatens to blow up Sugarcube Corner like he blew up the Ubisoft HQ (because remember, he's the good guy).

  127. @John
    That would be a pretty good Bores n Doors.

  128. @fattoler

    I'm not saying Rolfe is a billionaire, but he probably earns a few hundred thousand a year, which is far from nothing.

    And come on, we're talking about some Internet movie based on a barebone character and a dying fad (angry reviewing). He doesn't need millions to produce something like that.

    Imo, this movie is going to be a huge mistake. For the AVGN movie, I was expecting something like a documentary/dramatization about the making of the show and the E.T. episode in particular, not some extended "epic" crap like the ROB one.

    Well, wait & see I guess.

  129. @ Thelone

    James intended to make the movie just with the money he gets from his site. He didn't beg for anything, he actually made it clear from the beginning that he would make the movie with or without donations. The donations just give the fans the ability to improve on the quality.

    You never know, the AVGN movie might pleasantly surprise you. Imagine it came out and was entirely funded by the ads from his site. You might say to yourself, "That was a great movie, but I wish he put a bit more into it. Maybe he could have hired some actors instead of just putting his friends in there. Maybe they could have done some more on-location shooting. Maybe he could have hired some musicians to spruce up the soundtrack."

    Or imagine this, the movie could come out and show the perks of the internet funding, and you'll say, "That was a great movie. I'm glad other people helped by donating, so I could enjoy it more."

  130. "few hundred thousand a year", Great Tree Spirit...

    Regardless even if he DOES earn that sinking 80% of your annual income on an independent film which may or may not get a limited cinematic release (therefore limited return) isn't a great plan.

    Yes, he *could* make a movie where he sits on the sofa and talks for 2 hours, but clearly he doesn't want to do that, even though it would cost him nothing. However more to the point, James Rolfe wants to make the movie *he* wants to make, and if that requires the hiring of other people, professional or not, and the expenses of props, cameras etc. then he would like to have the means (i.e. the money) to do. Now, he has proposed the idea of an AVGN movie to his fans like a entrepreneur proposes to investors and they like the idea so they support him.

  131. Ultimately however as you and Dave have already said we shall wait and see. I'm off to bed

  132. looks retarded Billy are you playing those porn games again?

  133. @progfame

    this sums you up nicely ^_^

  134. @Lordlahari aw. I thought Cartoon Network was doing well, especially with Adventure Time, a show that back its absurd humor with and expanding imaginative world and sympathetic characters.

    I mean, have you seen the episode "Too Young"? The ending was actually making me emotional.

    The episode "Memory of a Memory" is also very good.

  135. Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

  136. So let me get this straight...
    Chris has been doing this shit since 2007...
    And he has only released 34 retro reviews (counting both parts and the minisodes as there own episodes)?!

  137. But wait! Combine that with the Neo episodes and the History of Video Games and you get....
    67 videos...
    Geez, what a slacker.

  138. I mean, who thinks that their fans would want that kind of schedule!? Shigeru Miyamoto wants to delay games, but at least he does it to insure quality. Chris on the other hand, doesn't even care!

  139. And my word verification was "squezing", haha.

  140. @fattoler

    That's the "problem" actually : he takes this project way too seriously, almost like it's an important indie movie. Call me unambitious, but something like Kickassia/Suburban Knights is more than enough for such a bland character's movie. I get that this is supposed to be his big break, but I don't see that happening with so little material to begin with.

  141. @Crayons
    Okay, I do like Adventure Time. And some of their other stuff isn't too bad right now. I still say "CN Real" is bullcrap, though.

  142. @Thelone
    The way I see it, the movie hasn't been made yet, so it's unfair to judge whether or not he can do a proper film with his character. I personally think it'll be good, but we'll just have to see, won't we?

  143. @Derek It's really weird. I have this nagging feeling to make something with my time, either a blog post or a piece of writing or art. I just don't feel satisfied unless I'm producing. I couldn't stand if my main creative project was a review series and I only made (less than) 67 reviews in so many years. Unless they were really high quality and took a lot of time to make, and in that case I think I'd wrestle with the idea of trying a different format that didn't take as long.

    @lordlahari Yeah, CN Real is dumb, but I don't think any network is going to produce only good shows. Or only bad. See Disney's Phinneas and Ferb

  144. Well today is Derpy Hooves birthaday.

  145. @Crayons
    Well, I think we've established that in Bores' mind, his show is better than TV quality, so he feels absolutely justified in taking forever with each episode.

  146. Verification: Addle. Yeah, I'd say Bores' mind is pretty addled, all right.

  147. anyone else here old enough to remember when 'wayne's world' was just an SNL skit? no one really thought those characters could've driven a good movie, but they did (the first movie, anyway).
    AVGN might do the same. time will tell.

  148. @John
    Let us celebrate with a large, icing covered muffin.

  149. @John

    Or lets have some cupcakes (that fanfic really doesn't bother me, as I read much more disturbing ones. *coughAPokemonStorycough*)

  150. @Shaolin Dave
    Boring Man will be old enough to have great-grandchildren by the time he finishes the movie if he starts now. Also, what kind of storyline would the movie have? The villians in the IG show itself are beyond generic and they are so cardboard that I can almost see the Weetabix logo. Evil Gamer hates Boring because he wouldn't let him play Super Mario Bros. 2 and puts the word "evil" in front of every thing (kind of like how Pit would always puts "-icus" at the end of every scentence in the Captain N cartoon). Devil Bores looks pathetic. I've seen little girls with scarier devil costumes. And he fails at being remotely scary or funny. Shadow Overlord looks like a cross between the Magic Mirror from Snow White and Giygas from Earthbound, albeit not in any way creepy or intimidating as either of them. The protagonists are very barebones as well. Tony is a generic bully who beats up freshmen for no reason (didn't Doug Walker say that was his least favorite cliche?), Ronnie and Joey are just annoying (not likeable annoying like Spongebob, Gir or Pinkie Pie, more like a 13 year old who thinks he's cool by being the class rebel but can come up with nothing better than "ur gay" or "I did ur momma"), and I'm pretty sure Eric "Wise Sage" Allen would rather be doing something else. R.O.B. was almost interesting as one would have been able to say "It's because Bores treated him like dogshit", but then he botchex it up by saying " uhh it's cos Evil Gamer sent him", ruining the little personality the robot had. As for the story, it's not going anywere at the moment. We went from Giygas Mirror trying to conqure the world to ripping of He-Man and.... fuck it, I'm tired so I'll just go to sleep now, I may continue in the morning. Till then, night night.

  151. The fcl? Ronnie and Joey are more likable than any of those gay characters you mentioned you fcling ashold ye. Pinkie Pie???? My Little Pony sucks ashold ye.

  152. @John
    Yeah, he really isn't setting any real build up. The "heroes" are dicks and the villians don't do much. If that Shadow Overlord actually attacked and did anything threatening, it would be better. Of course, that would take more than one person.
    (Shadow Overlord?! How generic can you get?!?)

  153. @progfame

    *facehoof* you're the most immature little prick ever. I bet nowhere in your lifetime anyone ever took you seriously. Your atrocious grammar shows how smart you really are. You think the internet is serious business. You suck. You probably Are a bicurious angsty preteen who thinks he's hot shit but really is just a shrimpy little fucker. (no offense to any sane rational preteens out there, just this one insane, irrational preteen)

  154. @progfame

    Dynamite's right. Posting a comment on a blog that simplifies into "UR GAI AN SUX COX IN HELZ!!!!11!eleven!11!" doesn't make you fearful. All it does is show that you are nothing but an immature brat who makes illiterate comments just to "look kewl". Sooner or later you will just be ignored like the rest of the insane preteen commenters.

    Also, why do you keep saying fcl and ashold? I wouldn't be surprised if your mother is watching over you every time you comment and scolds you every time you type in a curse word. And what's with the Father Grigori image as your icon?

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. ...
    Seriously, nicks?
    You're the fclers dedicating countless hours of your time writing spittE as fcl paragraphs about how much you hate Chris fclin' Bores. I could still beat your ass any day of the week anyway, so scl a dcl fleas ye. FYI, my pic isn't Father Grigori either, it's ROLL FCLIN' CASKETT YE.

    I am the answer to all beings everywhere in pain who cry out for help. I called GOKE, AND I AM A SUPER SAIYAN!!!

  157. Random video time guys

    For bronies and fans of Nyan Cat. :)

  158. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  159. So, anyone here got Kirby's Return to Dreamland?

  160. @Doresh
    I don't know, EG absorbing Shadow Lord sounds way too clever for Bores to come up with. Or if it does happen, he'll probably just change his shirt or something. And regarding the review in the movie, it'd sort of be like the boxing match at the end of Rocky, in that while it is a major part of the plot, the entire movie isn't a boxing match/review.

    Yeah, got it yesterday. It's pretty fun.

  161. So I just realized yet another example of Bores' blatant hypocrisy. He dissed Epic Yarn because you can't die, yet has praised the Lego series on more than one occasion. Yes, I know you can "die" in the Lego games, but you respawn immediately, with no penalty beyond losing studs, so it's really no different from Yarn, in which you lose beads when you get hit. I guess Bores' only enjoys games that give the impression that they penalize you significantly for your failures, but really only give you a slap on the wrist? That would explain why he likes Game Genie so much...

  162. I've just watched Ashen's Halloween special, in which he does a ghost hunt. Needless to say it's 1000x funnier than Haunted Investigators.

  163. Aw, isn't that cute. CHARLIE's back, and he's just as stupid as ever! Time to tear you ANOTHER one. Because idiots like you just don't learn...

    Seriously, nicks?"
    Trying out a British accent? Pretty sure it's "yanks", not nicks. What is a nick, anyway?

    "You're the fclers dedicating countless hours of your time writing spittE as fcl paragraphs about how much you hate Chris fclin' Bores."
    First of all: what's up with the misspelled curse words all of a sudden? You've used them before, CHARLIE. Suddenly attempting (and failing, I might add) to censor them and use a typed out and phony accent doesn't fool us. We know it's you.

    Second: your own logic works against you. You're the fail-troll dedicated countless hours of your time writing shit (See, I use them. Why can't you?) paragraphs about how you hate us intelligent commenters. See what I did there?

    Third: Is your life off the Internet really so bloody pathetic this is the best thing you can think of doing? How many times do you come here a day anyway? 20? 50? Am I even close?

    "I could still beat your ass any day of the week anyway, so scl a dcl fleas ye."
    Right, then why are we doing such a better job of trolling YOU then you are of trolling us, eh CHARLIE? I'd really like to see your scrawny twelve-year old butt try to take a group of us on at once. Won't be pretty, let me tell you.

    "FYI, my pic isn't Father Grigori either, it's ROLL FCLIN' CASKETT YE."
    Oh wow, you changed your profile picture. It's not like we can scroll up the page and see your earlier comments with Father Grigori as your... wait a tick. We can! So much for THAT argument, CHARLIE. And nice unnecessary "ye" at the end of your sentence there.

    "I am the answer to all beings everywhere in pain who cry out for help. I called GOKE, AND I AM A SUPER SAIYAN!!!"
    The only thing you answer to is stupidity, as your previous comments have shown. The pain you mention? That's ours, from when your headache-inducing idiocy "graces" the presence of this fine blog. And Super Saiyan? Ha! A moron like yourself would probably blow himself to kingdom come with his own Kamehameha!

    Nice try CHARLIE, but it's painfully obvious it's you. How about you get off the computer and go outside? Any time spent out there will no doubt be more productive then anything you do here.

    P.S.: You don't deserve to use Roll as your profile picture. I doubt you even know who it is, or even if you do, I doubt you've ever even PLAYED any of the games the character originates from.

  164. @fattoler
    Ah, Ashens. One of the funniest people on YouTube. Yes, I'm watching it while I type this comment up. Always worth a good laugh, let me tell you.

  165. What does "fcl" even mean? Are you really thet much of a dumbass? We all know the word you're really saying.

  166. @skyrunner14

    Wow dude, you slaughtered Charlie (A.K.A progbitch)

  167. @DynamiteNinja
    The minute someone tells someone else to kill themselves (over something as stupid as an internet reviewer, no less) is the minute I decide to do all in my power to beat them into submission. I mean, you just don't do that. It takes a lot to get me pissed off, and that's my berserk button.

  168. @skyrunner14

    Give it up already you loser. You got trolled so fucking hard it hurts. If you call him a fail-troll, why did you fall for him so badly and make a Bible-lengthed post to try to destroy him??

    Read this again and think long and hard about it: "Nice try CHARLIE, but it's painfully obvious it's you. How about you get off the computer and go outside? Any time spent out there will no doubt be more productive then anything you do here."

    How much time have YOU spent bickering about a 31 year old man? His picture earlier was motherfucking KANE from Command & Conquer, a true man's game unlike Mega Man Legends. That game blew chunks and you know it.

  169. @skyrunner14

    Delta Squad is in your house, bitch! You hear that shit? All you grubby-ass bitches are going down! Like, way down! Dead down! So down you ain't gonna know which way is up! Your asses are gonna be crying to your skank-ass Queen, 'Oh Mommy, don't let the bad man hurt us!' Fuck you! We gonna whoop yo momma's ass! WHOO!

  170. @Rodney Renolds
    "Give it up already you loser."
    You're arguing with someone on the Internet. Who's a loser now?

    "You got trolled so fucking hard it hurts."
    Well, I don't feel like I've been injured. And considering how I've trolled him so hard before he stopped coming here for a while, I would have to say it's quite the other way around.

    "If you call him a fail-troll, why did you fall for him so badly and make a Bible-lengthed post to try to destroy him??"
    Nice two question marks at the end of that sentence there. That was necessary. What can I say other than I have way too much time on my hands? Why deny it? That, and he's an idiot anyway.

    "Read this again and think long and hard about it: "Total awesomeness""
    Yeah, reads like something cool to me. Any reason why you brought this up other than showing me my awesome tirade?

    "How much time have YOU spent bickering about a 31 year old man? His picture earlier was motherfucking KANE from Command & Conquer, a true man's game unlike Mega Man Legends. That game blew chunks and you know it."
    Ah, I see how it is. You're a troll like me! Why else would you call me out on a comment not even directed towards yourself? And how old are YOU supposed to be, anyway? You say it's bad ranting about a 31-year old man. Why are you going off on an eighteen-year old? Over an Internet reviewer, no less? Who is sad now? Also, it is my humble opinion that both C&C AND Megaman Legends are on the same level of cool. Why compare and contrast two good games?

    "Delta Squad is in your house, bitch!"
    *waits for a moment and looks around*
    ...Nope, no one breaking in here. Your psychic vision has failed.

    "You hear that shit? All you grubby-ass bitches are going down!"
    Yeah... you're talking to ONE, count me, ONE person. I feel bad for the moron who appears to not even be able to count past one.

    "Like, way down! Dead down! So down you ain't gonna know which way is up!"
    Don't you know? Up is down and down is up! It doesn't have to make sense.

    "Your asses are gonna be crying to your skank-ass Queen,"
    Again, one person. Counting fail.

    "'Oh Mommy, don't let the bad man hurt us!' Fuck you! We gonna whoop yo momma's ass! WHOO!"
    Really now? Rape jokes? How mature. And you try to call me immature. At least I don't pull out rape jokes on people I don't know over the Internet. And again, no one's breaking in my house at the moment. So much for that.

    C'mon guys, this the best you got?! I'm on a roll! :D

  171. @skyrunner14

    "You're arguing with someone on the Internet. Who's a loser now?"

    Funny how you say this, you do realize how mainstream the internet is right? I talk to my friends all the time via Facepage and arguments happen all the time. It can be about two girls arguing what night to have a sleep over to anything else.

    "Well, I don't feel like I've been injured. And considering how I've trolled him so hard before he stopped coming here for a while, I would have to say it's quite the other way around."

    He didn't get trolled at all. Nice try though.

    "Nice two question marks at the end of that sentence there. That was necessary. What can I say other than I have way too much time on my hands? Why deny it? That, and he's an idiot anyway."

    You're running out of material, complaining about two question marks, seriously??

    "Read this again and think long and hard about it: "Total awesomeness""
    Yeah, reads like something cool to me. Any reason why you brought this up other than showing me my awesome tirade?


    "Ah, I see how it is. You're a troll like me! Why else would you call me out on a comment not even directed towards yourself? And how old are YOU supposed to be, anyway? You say it's bad ranting about a 31-year old man. Why are you going off on an eighteen-year old? Over an Internet reviewer, no less? Who is sad now? Also, it is my humble opinion that both C&C AND Megaman Legends are on the same level of cool. Why compare and contrast two good games?"

    Mega Man Legends tries to be an action/RPG hybrid like Zelda but fails horribly. Most of the game you go around talking to people that supply no useful info. You go without any action for very long periods of time and once you get to the action part of the game it sucks.

    I just randomly stumbled across your post, a 52 year old man bitching to an 18 year old is common because you youngins deserve it.

    Face it, let's go bump our bolognas together and smoke weed and live the good life of drinking cold apple juice.

  172. @skyrunner14


    |irategamerCONVOY | '|""";.., ___.
    |_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
    "(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@


  173. @Arthur
    Just got it a few hours ago. Really fun!

  174. What's going on here? Whose side are we on?

  175. @ObviouslyCharlieakaLouie

    We all know it's you Charlie. Don't try to hide it. Now you're resorting to those stupid fucking chain letters. wow dude, your parents must really hate you if they let you do this to yourself all the time. do us all a huge favor and an hero already.

  176. @Louie

    If this isn't a troll, then disregard the post above, and I'll join the fun :)

  177. Why are we picking on Charlie? We Irate Gamer haters should show a better example of our community. We should not stoop down to a minion of the Irate Gamer's level. If they troll this blog, then so be it. Charlie is not going to stop and learn from his mistakes by bashing him. He is a troll. He only here to cause trouble on this blog. That is what troll a does. By responding to him,you're just feeding him like the big baby he is. Just let him be, then he'll eventually give up and go away.

  178. I normally try to avoid trolls, but this case is just to tempting:



    You can't imagine how much this explains about the Irate Gamer Show XD

  179. @MortalKombat2007
    Eh, you're right. Besides, I've filled my troll quota for the day.

    I just woke up, and I find these morons are STILL going at it? I'll have a good day knowing I'm accomplishing more than these guys. And to all you trolls out there... have fun! No one really cares.

  180. i just watched the first episode of the new "beavis and butthead" series. it's pretty funny.

  181. @MortalKombat2007

    good point. besides, I've done my part. I think karma will get him someday (if you believe in that sort of thing.)

  182. Hey, it's Friday night and still no contest video for the week! I knew he'd run out of steam pretty quickly on that.

  183. @Keith
    Spoke too soon, he just uploaded it. Same prize as the last two times, Haunted Snooze-fest DVDs.

    He also announced that the next I Rate the 80s will cover Madballs. Laaame.

  184. It is no surpise he is giving away more of those old Haunted Investigators dvds just because it is Halloween despite there is a ton of Halloween products he could give away instead. I guess he too cheap to buy new products for his fans, or more likely, doesn't give any shit for his fanbase. As we already know, he is just doing these contests for more subscribers, as well as an attempt to get rid of his stock that is not obviously selling, despite he claimed they were in the last contest video otherwise his stock would of been gone by now. The way Bores' think boggles my mind. Why waste more money on updating DVDs that were never selling in the first place?

  185. @MortalKombat2007
    You can really tell they weren't selling from this week's winners. Last time there were three winners, this time there were six.

  186. Well, let's see if Chris can keep his promise on uploading his Madballs episode on Halloween day or before.

  187. @ MortalKombat2007

    The old "Haunted Investigator" DVDs were all home made, individually burned on DVD-Rs with ink-printed inserts.

    I wonder how many he made to still have so much he can't get rid of, and why that discourage him from doing it all over again.

  188. Well, I stand corrected. Nice to see he still hasn't figured out that nobody is going to buy something they could potentially win, although why anyone would buy a DVD of a series that's been on YouTube for free since 2007 is beyond me.

    Wait a minute...

    *searches GameFAQs*

    Bingo - Madballs for the Commodore 64. I guess we know what the next IG episode is going to involve. I was right about the He-Man game, so we'll see if Bores is that predictable.

    And on his site, he removed the upcoming episodes (the ones with such exciting descriptions as "Back to the NES!" and "Another NES game!") and changed the listing to The Irate Gamer Show HD Season 1.