Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates of the Future Today!

For those waiting for the next E3 recap, cut your anticipation.
Bores wrote on Facebook that all the E3 videos are up. No Top 5 Lists this year? Good lord, this really is his laziest year.
He also mentioned he's working on a big site update. Oh goody, expect more video delays.......

I suspect Bores cut the E3 stuff short as not only was he bleeding subscribers, he was barely getting views. Even his crutch Skylanders was failing to bring in view-cash, and that's saying a lot.

Is there anything else? He uploaded his Injustice review to YouTube. You can read my recap of that here:

Knowing Chris, his site redesign will be delayed in favor of posing as his mother some more. Disgusting.


  1. No Top 5 lists this year? Not even a blooper reel? That's new.
    I'm surprised he didn't cover the next Super Smash Bros. game, considering his review of Brawl has 6+ million views (despite how terrible and ignorant the video itself is).
    Well I guess we should all hunker down and wait until August for a new video to be released, considering his slow and abysmal schedule for this year.

  2. Has anyone seen Thatdemo64? The guy is majorly obsessed with Bores. Just look at his feed. It's practically nothing but him liking and commenting on his videos and videos about him.

    1. I actually ran into the guy recently lol he went apeshit when I "accused" him of being an Irategamer sock puppet account. Did you know the Irategamer is and I quote "THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE" Mr.boring man has a fan (or another sock puppet account) go figure.

    2. Heh, what a fanboy. I wouldn't be surprised if it was another one of Bores' sock puppet accounts, but since there is no evidence, I'm not going to accuse him since it would make me no better than Hladnik.

    3. Well, this is the same guy who made an account that is still active pretending to be his mother to "Defend" himself, so I wouldn't put it past him.

    4. @ John Richards:

      I remember back in September of last year, I saw a comment from Thatdemo64 on Irategamer's video review of Kirby's Epic Yarn, asking why the video was getting so many dislikes. I replied back with a whole list of reasons why the video was bad (no story explanation, no mention of Prince Fluff, not mentioning the beads or medal system, IG's lack of Kirby knowledge, etc.).
      He didn't seem that bad to me at first (especially since he had actually played Epic Yarn before passing judgement). Then I looked at his YouTube channel and saw how he was basically, for lack of a better or different word, sucking up to the Irategamer.
      He really was a hardcore Irategamer fan back then and, judging by your comment, it sounds like he still is.

  3. In unrelated news, just saw the new AVGN, my first in a LONG time, and only because I'm a Bill & Ted fan. Unfortunately, it blew. Half of the complaints are Bores-level (like the time-circuit thing and the phonebook thing and jumping on the grass), he's not playing the game right at the start, and the 'shitstorm' effect would also make our favourite hack proud with how bad it is. Granted, it's more of a straightforward review, which is good, but James wasn't even trying.

    Also, wasn't James balding? When did his hair come back?