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IG Attempts the News: Sponsored by DC Comics

Last week on “Chris Bores spreads CTRL-C all over IGN”
Toys, comic books, videos about video games he found. Quit pretending this is a news site and treat it for what it really is, a personal blog.

What will this week bring?

Stories from August 5th 2013

“Skylanders Swap Force Figures Pop up on Ebay! (Zoo Lou, Slobber Tooth)”

Of course the first story of the week is fucking Skylanders related! What else?!

“I decide to take one relaxing weekend off with the family, and look what happens, Skylanders News blowing up from all over the internet.” Screw my family, THERE‘S TOY NEWS!
Also, blowing up all over the internet? Is that why nobody is talking about it? Oh wait, I forgot that you live in a bubble where “the entire internet” is the Skylanders forums you visit.
“Well its back to work at the Daily Planet here” Pointless Superman reference is pointless, and not funny.
He speculates the eBay seller works at a Skylanders processing center, and calls him a “Lucky Hot Dog”. You mean “lucky dog” right? Because nobody else calls people “lucky hot dogs” since hot dogs aren’t very lucky, they’re… hang on I just got a message. Hot Dog is the name of a Skylander introduced in the second game. … Seriously Bores?

“Grumpy Cat – Now a Coffee Drink: Grumppuccino…Kill me Now”

*grabs machete and broadsword* What? He asked.

“Just when you thought the Grumpy cat hoopla has died down, BAM! They sock you with a Grumpy Cat Coffee Beverage. Because those old cat ladies can’t get enough” What? Old cat ladies? I’m fairly certain the fans of Grumpy Cat are little kids on Reddit, not old women. Have you completely ignored the presence of cat memes for the last seven years or so? I know you’re not in-tune with gaming but come on, this is basic internet!
“Of course since Grumpy’s cats real name is Tarder Sauce, I think a Grumpy Cat themed Tarder Sauce set might have been more suited to the fanbase’s needs” The sauce is spelled “Tartar”, the cat’s name is spelled “Tardar Sauce”, with two A’s in the first name not one. At least try to look this up before reporting it.
“but not so fast common sense! Take a back seat to stupidity!” Yeah, you’re one to talk about lack of common sense. “I’m going to release a History DVD with barely any content on it! I’ll be rich!”

“Skylanders Swap Force: New Poster Reveals Artwork for All 12 Swappable Figures”

Yeah yeah yeah, more Skylanders…
But this one has a point I should mention. For a while now, Bores has posted images with watermarks on them, not every image, just ones he claims were exclusive. I brushed it off as arrogance since I know those images existed elsewhere.
But my informant saw this, and did some searching. They managed to find the poster shown here over at the DarkSpyro forum, which the user found on Amazon UK, without any watermarks. So why the hell is Bores putting watermarks on these pictures like they’re his? Seems desperate.

“Doctor Who -- The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi”

In tribute to Capaldi being the newest Doctor, I will mock this article in the style of his character Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It. This might get a little harsh.

“And let me be the first to say…uh, we couldn’t find anyone better?” Listen fuckface, do you fucking think in the age of the internet that you’re the fucking first cock to say something about this? Do you see all those whiny cunts on Tumblr fucking crying their eyes out because they fucking can’t write slash-fiction where the Doctor fucks Sasuke from Naruto and has a fucking orgy with One Direction? Get off your fucking high horse cock.
And what the fuck is wrong with Peter Capaldi exactly?

“This Docotr has some big shoes to fill and will have to grow on me for sure.” If you’re fucking going to talk about a show from fucking England, the least you could fucking do is learn how to proofread your own fucking words. Did your cunt mother drop you on  your squishy fucking head as a child?

“I’m so used to the Doctor being played by young actors, so it’s going to be interesting to see how ‘Grandpa Who’ handles this role.” Unfuck yourself with horse dildo! The fucking Doctor has been played by older actors since his fucking creation 50 fucking years ago. If they fucking continued making the actors any fucking younger, 12 would have been a fucking chav teenager. I’m fucking glad they got an older man for the role, fucking open your mind you hack.
Now fuck right off and go do whatever the fuck it is you do!

*Tucker mode off* Whew, next story.

“Legend of Zelda: ‘Link’s Shadow’ Video Short”

Another “cool video I found” post. Watching it, I get the feeling this is the type of violence Bores wants in the games. Obviously it won’t happen.
Also, this video is two months old. There was a link to a video here but… see Thursday.

“Metroid: 16bit SNES Mother Brain Finale -- The High Definition Overhaul”

You know, these stories are less actual news and more “Remember these awesome games? Here’s something related to them that fans made. Cool huh?” I know sites like Kotaku and Destructoid do that, but they also report the news!

“Especially over the hole in the wall I made throwing my NES controller during one of my many temper tantrums.” Tell me, how much do spend on carpenters coming in to fix these walls? Oh wait you were attempting one of those things…what were they called… jokes? Yeah, still not funny.

Other stories:
"X-Men: Days of Future Past -- Full Size Sentinel on Set”

Stories from August 6th 2013

“Wolverine Movie Advertisement Bus Fail”

Okay, I can understand posting the Peggle 2 jump for joy, since it happened live and it’s game related. But you’re just posting a picture you found somewhere on the internet, and it’s not even game related. You’re not Failblog Bores, there was no reason to post this.

“Is this a clip from the silly Snickers ‘Need a Break?’ Campaign?" … Why that reference? For those that don’t watch TV or have never seen this commercial, it’s an ad campaign where a group of people are doing some activity (party, poker, football, whatever) and suddenly a celebrity shows up (Betty White, Joe Pesci, Robin Williams) and another guy tells the celeb that they’re being weird because they’re hungry and to eat a Snickers. The celeb does and they turn back to normal (looking like a completely different person).
My question is, what does that campaign have to do with this sign? You could have at least gone with “Go home sign, you’re drunk”. It seems your knowledge of internet memes is non-existent.

“Legend of Zelda CG Movie Pitch Demo Reel”

For whatever reason, Bores mirrored this video to his YouTube channel. I decided to watch it… on Guru Larry’s channel. Because I’m not giving you views for something I can easily watch elsewhere. Also, Larry uploaded it four days prior to Bores, making this old news.

“And Gannon looks better than a pig thing from the first NES game” Once again, it’s spelled “Ganon”, with two N’s, not three. Also, watching this pitch, Ganon looks like he does in Ocarina of Time, or Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess or Smash Bros Melee and Brawl. Have you actually played a Zelda game since the first? You’re constantly going on about being a huge Zelda fan but you have no god damn idea what you’re talking about. Ganon (or Ganondorf) has had a human form for years., he turns into a giant pig as a last resort. I don’t even anymore.. I just… fuck. You‘re an idiot.

UPDATE: And an asshole too.
One of my readers, ZeldaFan, actually commented on this article, giving constructive criticism and correcting him. Here’s what he wrote:
"I strongly disagree, Ganondorf’s pig form (Or Ganon) was awesome. Secondly, just so you know, Ganon’s appeared in other Zelda games. And also quit misspelling his name. It’s ‘Ganon’ not ‘Gannon’."

Here’s what Bores responded with:
"And just so you know, it was spelled Gannon in the first game."
Jeez, has Bores played any Zelda game besides the first? Quit acting like you’re this “overly-nostalgic Zelda fan” when you’re nothing more than a fraud.

But that’s not all! Bores went crying to Facebook about ZeldaFan’s comment. Here’s a screencap:

He offers you criticism and you completely deflect it and call him a hater. See, this is why nobody likes you, and why you’re never going to get anywhere with this “job”.

“Atari 2600 Console Mod -- Pixar’s WALL-E (Look out ROB!)”

Yes, you should look out ROB. WALL-E here can play every 2600 game while you only play two NES games. Seriously, adding that bit was pointless Bores.

“Mysterious Pentagram on Shows up in Google Maps”

Mysterious Pentagram on what? You’ve been doing this for a month, the least you could do is double check what you fucking write.

So where is this Pentagram?
“Not anywhere cool unfortunately.” What would be your definition of cool then? Mars?
“Its smack dab in the middle of the central Asia, in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan.” So how is this not “cool” in your odd mind?
After a Borat reference, he wonders if Satan is involved. You do realize Satan is a fictional character right?

He cites a quote from archeologist Emma Usmanova, who says it’s nothing more than a park shaped like a star. That’s fair. But Bores does not accept this.
“Not sure I like your attitude Emma. Obviously this is the work of Satan’s minions ready to lay claim to the area.” What attitude? She’s telling you the facts. Quit acting like there’s a conspiracy going on here. See, this is what happens when you listen to Alex Jones non-stop.
Also, the pentagram doesn’t just mean Satanism. It’s used in Neopagenism, the Baha’i Faith, it was even used by Christians in ancient times. Don’t you constantly claim you’re a history buff? I’ve read those book reviews about Jesus Christ you did, don’t deny those.

“Skylanders Swap Force -- Official Tower of Time Adventure Pack & Level Pictures”

I’m actually looking forward to Swap Force coming out. Because that means we can have less of these god damn Skylanders stories!

He’s looking over a new pack, and it comes with… Thor’s Hammer, Scrooge McDuck’s Jewel, and Peter Pan’s Clock Tower? What?! *looks at images* What?! Why the references? Just because they look like something doesn’t mean… ugh.

Other stories:
“Superman: Man of Steel -- Composite of Actor’s Faces”
“A 5th Indiana Jones Film? Harrison Ford Talks About the Potential”
“Alec Baldwin Turned Down Villain Role In MARVEL Superhero Movie”

Stories from August 7th 2013

“Top 12 Realistic Drawings of Television Animated Characters”

So, not only is this yet another “cool pictures I found” post, it’s one about pictures soooooo fucking old. I’ve seen these pictures circulating the internet for years! Do you live under a rock Bores?
Couple of other things, the headline says “Television”, but I see Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine (and he spells his name wrong too), Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Mario. Also, why do the tags say Buzz Lightyear and Teletubbies when they’re nowhere on the list? What is going on?!

“DC Injustice: Gods Among Us – Zatanna DLC Announced (6th or 7th?)”

She’s the sixth character announced. Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpion, Zod, Martian Manhunter and now Zatanna. I know you’re bad at math but this is pretty basic.

“And I can’t even keep track any more. With a John Stewart Green Lantern Skin this makes this the 7th downloadable character. But John Stewart wasn’t available by myself so I guess this makes Zatanna the 6th officially?” Oh… you’re just an idiot. John Stewart isn’t a separate character, he’s just an additional skin for Green Lantern. Like the Yellow Lantern skin, or Red Son Superman, or Damien Wayne as Nightwing.
Wait, “by myself”? You mean “by himself” right? How do you make a mistake like that?

“Hit the jump to check out the video of Batman’s former girlfriend: Zatanna” Wait, when did this happen? *does research* It was retconned recently so that Batman and Zatanna were childhood friends, but they were never actually in a relationship. Where are you getting this info Chris? Why did you think Zatanna was Batman’s girlfriend?

By the way, I love how the image Bores used shows the YouTube timeline on the bottom. He didn’t even care enough to crop that out. Why are you even doing this site?

“New DC Comics Cartoon – Metal Men – This Saturday on DC Nation”

Wait what?

“I myself have enjoyed all their comic reincarnations,” What I have said about lying?
“but now the cartoon world will be graced by a whole cartoon featuring Dr Magnus the Metal men” I feel there’s missing punctuation, or missing words. Dr Magnus himself is human, he’s not one of the Metal Men.
“Looks like it stays pretty true to the Metal Men persona’s that I remember, but of course geared for kids. And that means no sexually crazed Platinum, kiddos” Sexually crazed? What? What? *looks up Metal Men* So Platinum believed she was human and fell in love with Dr. Magnus, but since this was a comic from the 1960’s I doubt it got into anything serious.

By the way Chris, this isn’t a full cartoon. It’s merely one of the DC Nation Shorts that airs after a show ends. A full 22 minute Metal Men cartoon would be a BAD IDEA!

“The Simpsons – Legos Coming In 2014!”

Oh wow, this article is a mess.
In the tags, he misspells Simpsons not once, but twice! How?!
And for the fifth time, he marks the year as “2104”. What are you using to type? Get a fucking editor man.

“With all the characters in the Simpsons universe, I expect to be officially broke by 2015” Or you could not buy them? You only got into Lego recently because of Lego Batman 2, and you didn’t bother to buy all those sets. Also, I have serious doubts Lego will release every character, because that’s just stupid.
“Of course this also opens up the possibility of a Lego Simpsons video game. Oy my wallet!” Like I said…

Stories from August 8th 2013

“Super Mario Bros. – Paper Mache Blooper (Bloober)”

Bloober? *looks up Mario Wiki* Oh, that’s what their name was until Paper Mario. Why include both names though? Most people know them as Bloopers.

“Great job, the only thing I can make out of newspaper is a hat that falls apart 5 seconds arter I put it on my head.” *crickets* I think there was something attempted here, but I’m not entirely sure.

“Legend of Zelda Coolness: Master Blacksmith Forges Link’s Master Sword”

Earlier on Monday, when Bores posted the article about that two month old Dark Link video, I originally linked this exact video as an example of timely news. Now he’s done it himself… three days after it was posted. *sighs*

“Only problem is I now want one for my very own to place next to my other swords!” I’m sure the real-life sword that can actually cut people would look great along all your plastic toys. Unless you do have a sword collection, I don’t know, you don’t show or tell us anything about yourself!

“At the end of the video, people take turns slicing up a bunch of things. Too bad they didn’t grab those chicken from the game. harassing those things is the best.” Because I’m sure stabbing a real life still alive chicken is sure to win people over and not get AweMe Channel in heaps of trouble. Hang on, he just referenced the Cuccos. Meaning he has played a Zelda game beyond the first. Then why is his knowledge so fucking inconsistent? Oh right, it’s Bores.
By the way Chris, do you know what happens when you stab the Cuccos multiple times? They swarm you. You can “harass” them but there are consequences.

“Space: Pink Pepto-Bismol Planet Found & Photographed”

Why are you talking about this?
Yeah, it’s safe to confirm that this isn’t a video game news site, it’s just Chris’ personal blog. I’m sure GotGame is sooooo happy they’re funding something that you can get for free by signing up to Tumblr or Blogspot.

“Of course I’m sticking to my own theory of the planet being made out of Pepto-bismol. If you ever get severe stomach problems, just fly on over to the planet and cure yourself. Of course you’d be dead by the time you reached it, but hey it’s the effort that counts.” You see all this Chris? It’s not funny, it’s just moronic. Just because it’s pink, doesn’t mean it’s made out of something. You probably still think the moon is made of cheese.

“The Irate Gamer Video Game -- Coming Soon”

See here:

Other stories:
“Contra: 8 bit NES Energy Zone Boss – High Definition Overhaul”

Stories from August 9th 2013

“Skylanders Swap Force: Smoulderdash Revealed – Also LightCore Version”

For reasons even Bores can’t understand, this specific Skylander gets a lot of searches on his site. By a lot, he probably means like five, where as the others get two. Do people really use him as a Skylanders source?

He also mentions that Smoulderdash (seriously?) will have a Lightcore version with an “Irate face” *looks at image* How the hell can you see that? This image is so small and blurry, and the figure is all black making it even harder to tell. How much do you want to bet that Bores calls the Angry Face emoticon the “Irate Face”?

“Super Smash Bros. Wii U -- Like we already didn’t know: Luigi Confirmed”

Chris, just because it was obvious, doesn’t give you the excuse to be TWO DAYS LATE with this news.

“Not sure why all the hubbub since he is Mario’s brother” Because it’s the Year of Luigi. Duh.
“Now if they included the Bubble Bobble Characters, that would be something to write home about!!” No. That would be stupid. Ugh… your jokes hurt me.

“Rayman Legends: Mario and Luigi costume skins exclusive to WiiU”

Again, this was announced two days ago, in the same Nintendo Direct that announced the above story. How the hell are you so slow with this?

“Superman vs Batman Movie Villain Tease: Could be Lex Luthor?”

“If your highly anticipating this one,” My highly anticipating? It’s “you’re” not “your” you illiterate fool.

He brings up a rumor that actor Mark Strong will play Lex Luthor in the next movie. Really? Most rumors I’ve heard involve Bryan Cranston. Strange.

“Super Mario Bros NES 8-bit Level Aquarium”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Huh? Sorry I just so don’t care that,,,, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Pet fish never had it so good! And its so much better than floating dead in a walmart fish tank with all the other dead fish.” That’s… horribly morbid. Can it even be considered dark comedy? Urgh.

“The Irate Gamer Show: The Saga Continues Soon..”

Oh look, news about that thing he does once in a blue moon but is supposed to be doing more often. You know, videos!

He says the next one is coming soon and is working on FX heavy scenes will probably still look like shit. He included an image from the episode which is IG sitting in his room and Wilson is there too.
Oh, sorry. I forgot he’s suddenly a new character now.
“Good ol Wilkens” That’s not even how fucking spell Wilkins. You can’t even get your own recolor’s name right. Just…. Wow.

Other stories:
Skylanders Swap Force: Lightcore Warnado and Flashwing Confirmed

And that’s all for this week. You know, when people say they want Bores to update more, this isn’t what they had in mind.
I’m just going to go take a loooong walk. Clear my head of this insipidness.


  1. You know, it's not surprising that Bores is still a douche and can't take criticism when someone like ZeldaFan corrects him...

    Also, can't wait for the Irate Gamer game to be as successful as Sonic '06, ET, and Action 52!!! XD

  2. "its so much better than floating dead in a walmart fish tank with all the other dead fish."

    I don't even know where to start. First of all it's redundant since it refers to dead fish twice in one sentence. Second, if the fish is dead it's not aware it's dead, and it has no concept of death even when it's alive beyond the most primitive survival instincts that it can't comprehend on an intellectual level, so it doesn't care. Third, maybe it's because I'm from the UK and we don't have Walmart over here but I just don't get the joke. Is he saying there are fish tanks in Walmarts where the fish are supposed to be alive but aren't looked after very well, or is he saying they keep their actual slaughtered fish produce in a tank? Because surely they should be kept on ice? I've never seen a supermarket over here that keeps its seafood in a fish tank, it's always displayed on an ice-covered counter. And that includes ASDA, which is owned by Walmart.

    Sometimes I'm not even sure Chris knows what he's going for.

  3. Nothing on the Wonderful 1 Double O? Pity. The demo is really fun, guys, although it takes a little getting used to. Day one purchase for sure.

    So why is he even bothering with pretending to be a newsie? Is he getting paid? Is he trying to be more relevant?

    1. I mentioned it yesterday.
      I played the demo, it's so awesome. There is a learning curve, but once you understand it totally clicks.

  4. I still find it pathetic as hell that Bores gets butthurt over such a small correction. You're in your, what 30's and you're whining about this on your Facebook page? Bores, do us all a favor and grow the fuck up. Bitching and moaning over a tiny little correction is something a 13-year-old would do. You know what 30-year-old people would do? Accept their mistakes and fix them , or better yet accept criticism in general, especially when it's constuctive.

    I don't see why that's so hard for you to understand. Is there something I'm saying that's not clear enough to you? You're lucky someone has the goddamn time to even bother commenting on your imbecilic "news" website.

    1. Bores, like George W. Bush, Hugo Chávez and Alan García, sees enemies and "sedition" even in the most elemental criticism. He has the ego of Mao Zedong. Not to mention, he's a walking Dunning-Kruger effect.

  5. My god. It simply boggles the mind at how much of an adolescent idiot and intolerant asshole that Bores is. Not accepting the fact that the 12th Doctor is an older fellow (some of the best ones have been the older ones!), insulting Mark Waid, and outright refusing to accept criticism because he's convinced his incorrect information is right. And I don't care about his Skylanders obsession either. I'm going to be having a lot of headaches over these articles if they're his main thing now.

    1. I don't get it why he's getting fans despite being a huge jerkass. Even in his own show.

  6. Might I point out something about the Metroid one. The title of it says SNES while bores says an NES controller. Of course bores would miss such a simple fact about a game.

    1. Nevermind he was saying he wants it to hang over said hole. My mistake for not even seeing what bores put.

  7. Batdan, have you ever wondered that maybe you are flawed in ways? Have you ever thought about a valid motivation for your rage against the Irate Gamer? Have you ever realised that you are not going to put any stain on the Irate Gamer's reputation? Have you got any idea that even if you do succeed in making him unpopular and irrelevant, you will end up Beating a Dead Horse?

    1. Where in these articles are "rage" unless it's justified? Where does he imply he's without flaw? Where did he imply he'd continue updating this blog if Chris ever called it quits? And of course this blog probably won't really stain Chris' reputation since not that many people read it or are even aware it exists anyway.

      Maybe instead of making stupid accusations you could try and point out these flaws you're talking about. You made your point, so provide some evidence and an explanation.

    2. Hi Mr/Mrs. Anon,

      Have you ever thought that maybe instead of getting all huffy whenever someone has an opinion that disagrees with yours, you could just ignore it?

      Of course, even if Batdan did stop writing articles, I imagine Chris would do a fine job of staining his own reputation just fine.
      I mean, it's already been proven that Chris pretends to be his mother to ward off people smarter than him. I don't see how he could get lower than that, though I'm sure he'll find a way.

      Stay frosty.

    3. How exactly is criticizing someone's work count as rage? And BatDanKnight doesn't even need to stain Bores' reputaion, he's already done that himself.

    4. @Anonymous
      So your saying we shouldn't do anything because in the event that succeed we will have succeeded? If Batdan succeeds in making Irate Gamer irrelevant and unpopular than Chris will no longer be able to cause flame wars (and his fans will give up on him). But then we should stop because we're beating a dead horse. But when we stop... he'll be able to do bad things again... I don't see the logic behind this. This is like saying that we shouldn't report environmental rights violations in China because we know that China is not an eco-friendly country. Censorship for the sake of censorship? I've never really heard of Schools shutting down because there's a 100% literacy rate.

    5. As I like to say, over and over:
      Criticism IS NOT hatred.
      A negative opinión IS NOT intolerance.
      I really dislike when people play those cards. When you créate something for the public, people has all the right to judge you.

  8. To Skyrunner14, dont talk to me like that, I am indeed his real mother

    1. Why hello, Chris. We wondered when you would show up.

    2. Well gee whiz, I feel so flattered. How're ya doin', Chris? Why do you keep up this charade, your IP address was revealed and everything. Of course it's you.

      And boy, aren't we daring! Actually posting on the blog. Where'd this rush of courage come from? Finally going to fight your own battles instead of letting your fanboys do it for you?

    3. @LadyBuggin777 (a.k.a. Chris "Norman" Bores) wait a minute, I thought you were going on vacation. wasn't it you who said:

      "Hey I'm leaving tomarrow morning for vaca. Hope to be back in a couple weeks."

      If you're going to lie Chris, at least stay consistent about it.

    4. Well he posted that today but he really should be getting packed for it and not posting anything anywhere.

    5. here's more of your retarded comments. first there's this little burst of arrogance:

      "Oh yeah btw .... It's so frickin' hilarious how the hate oooozzzzzze's out of batdannight. Just sorry I wan't there to see the veins popping out of his oversized head! Bet he got some drool on his shirt too! lmao .... The guy is amusing as hell :D :D :D ~"

      then this:

      "I think Christopher has driven batty into an insane asylum and has forced him to seek much needed help/therapy, finally! .... lmao .... Chow, friends ~"

      and I saved the worst for last:

      "Chow, again, Zelda Fan burst's from sheer butthurt. Maybe he and batdannight can get a 2 for 1 package deal at that asylum ..... hahahahah ~ oh wait, that would leave out UltraKill and KIKI. Oh well, they can get their own package deal ~ ha ~ Chow :D"

      wait a fucking second, so because ZeldaFan was called a hater for making constructive criticism of your article and he calls you out for it, he's now butthurt?

      seems legit.

    6. Aw fuck, Bores has made it to this website. Oh well, since you're here, could you please explain to me how I'm a hater? And also did read any of my previous comments? Wouldn't be surprised if you didn't.

      "Chow, again, Zelda Fan burst's from sheer butthurt. Maybe he and batdannight can get a 2 for 1 package deal at that asylum ..... hahahahah ~ oh wait, that would leave out UltraKill and KIKI. Oh well, they can get their own package deal ~ ha ~ Chow :D"

      This is coming from the same dumbass who called me a hater on his Facebook page for simply correcting him on misspelling Ganon's name.

    7. In fact, Bores, take a look at this video. It's the final boss from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The boss' name shows up before you start fighting him.

      Oh hey, it's Ganon! Well, you're wrong. No, actually, you're wrong about many things, but this is one of them.

    8. Man that ultra kill must be really freaking badass or something. He hasn't done anything and yet Bores won't shut up about him. I wonder how insecure you have to be to slander people who don't affect you personally? I wonder what Ultra kill would conjecture about people who are so stupid they can't get the names of the people they don't like correctly. Meanwhile the real people who screwed him over (people who did digging like Lasersquad) pass right on by.

    9. "Chow"? Does s/he mean "Ciao"?

    10. I wonder if that was just a troll or the real "Ms." Buggin777. In which case, something for "her": please, get bent. You are a disgrace to the human race.

    11. @Shaolin Dave

      Remember, he thinks about food a lot so it's most likely "Chow". Lol.

  9. So according to his 300th video, he says his story arc is almost over and he's going back to the basics afterwards, but then goes and releases three "Season 5" episodes anyway (all of which are based on franchises that recently had a new movie, i.e. Die Hard, G.I. Joe and Star Trek) before going back to Season 4. Wow.

    1. That man is a total disgrace to Web original shows.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No a real total disgrace to web original shows is a tie between Bob Chipman and Angry Joe

  10. So that is what she planned. Hey dan got any info on the buggin account here because norman is trying to make us look crazy again.

    1. I wonder if Bores intended on remaining anonymous? Because he utterly failed in that department. I wonder if I really set him off so badly that he slipped like that?

    2. If that's "her", the I wonder when will "she" act like "her" usual idiotic, bigoted "self".

    3. Well "she" said "she" was going on vacation for the rest of summer which weirdly enough coincides partly with PAX Prime. Not fully though but the end bit.

  11. By the way, why Chris Bores would like that loudmouth moron Alex Jones? What could someone like about that guy?
    That reminds me (and excuse me for this rant, please): it's easy to laugh at idiots like Alex Jones and David Icke. However, there are much more dangerous cranks around the world, the ones who endanger human lives. Take, for instance, that "New German Medicine" guy, who claims cáncer is nothing more tan a complex psychosomatic disorder, caused by "unresolved conflicts". It's easy to dismiss that idiotic quackery, but a lot of people believe it! What is wrong with the world? Among the most infamous cases, we have the sad story of Olivia Pilhar.

  12. So the mommy disguise starts faltering, Chris responds with "Now I'm going to pretend to be my pregnant sister". When this one fails, where does he go next?

  13. Also, his information regarding "Gannon" is inaccurate even for the first game. To quote on this: "In the first game, the antagonist's in-game name was Gannon. However, the manual retranslated several things such as items and equipment, which resulted in the more accurate spelling "Ganon". The original Japanese releases of the first three games in the series and some early promotional media used the initial translation, but the international cartridge release of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link consistently changed it to the newer spelling outside of Japan." So... yeah, Bores is still an idiot.

  14. Where do you hate MLP haters the most? For me, it would be Deviantart MLP haters. They are being more annoying rather than being stupid.

    1. I swear to you that Youtube is a freakin breeding ground for these haters. They are the worst. Sure a lot of them are just trolling, but the ones who do actually hate bronies are complete assholes and so full of themselves.

    2. Not to mention there's a lot of idiots that hates My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as well. Most of the videos that idiots made are unintentional comedy.

    3. It's okay if they don't like the show, just don't go bashing other people for liking it. But what bothers me is that they hate it just because it's MLP.

      I mean, if you've seen it and don't like it that's fine, just watch it before judging it. Take silent rob for example, he's proved in his videos that he hasn't even seen the show and yet he still bashes it. And his ego is almost as big as Bores' (well, maybe not that big). His playlist for his anti-MLP videos is titled, "My Little Pony Destroyed". You didn't destroy anything, all you did was make yourself look like an ignorant prick.

      And you gotta love how he calls people who give him negative comments 'butthurt'. Of course people are going to give you bad comments, you horse's ass. If you're talking negatively about what they like, people are automatically going to respond with a negative comment.

  15. My son is telling me that Ganon was spelled Gannon in the original zelda game, so you are all wrong

    1. That's because "your son" doesn't read manuals. Pity.

    2. @ LadyBuggin777:

      While it is true that Ganon is spelled with three n's in the first Legend of Zelda game for the NES, it is spelt with two n's in later games. Tell your son to check out Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, or Ocarina of Time if he wants proof of that.

    3. Not to mention, "your son" acted like a jerk towards a legitimate and well-intentionate correction. Since when correcting a mistake makes someone a "hater"?
      I'm afraid you're as dimwit as "your offspring".

    4. Tell "your son" to take off his nostalgia google..

    5. @LadyBuggin777 - "I can't waste my time reading a manual! I just gotta play it!"

    6. Tell "your son" to start reading manuals. Seriously, when are you gonna stop hiding under the guise of your mother? Do you honestly think it's helping your reputation? No it doesn't, it just makes you look like a complete asshole.

  16. I loved Zelda, but it's a total Engrish game. Look at the fricking story crawl:

    Many years ago prince darkness "GANNON" stole one of the TRIFORCE with power. Princess ZELDA had one of the TRIFORCE with wisdom. She divided it into "8" units to hide it from "GANNON" before she was captured. Go find the "8" units "LINK" to save her.

    And yeah it's seriously "prince darkness," I didn't miss the "of." You're going to take English lessons from that? I suppose he also insists the money in those games is spelled "rupies."

  17. fuk u ol. irayet gaymur iz nut as guud as 3rd raet gaemor the greytuzt pesun EVAR!!!!!!!

  18. That's not the actual "LadyBuggin777". The typing is too clean and "she" didn't end her comments with tildes (this thing ~).

    Also, the above comment from "LadyBitchin666" has the same URL as Buggin up there.

    Chris isn't dumb enough to come here directly.

    1. The dude also shares the same URL as anonymous. Clearly this person finds humor where none exists.

  19. “Now if they included the Bubble Bobble Characters, that would be something to write home about!!”

    As much as I love the game Bubble Bobble for the NES and the two playable dragon characters, I agree with BatDan that the addition of these two individuals as confirmed or unlockable characters for the next Smash Bros. title would be weird. There wouldn't be a reason for them to be in a Smash Bros. game, especially since they are busy with Square-Enix and the Bust-A-Move games.

    1. They could maybe be a trophy or like a you could find them in an item box and they shot bubbles or something. But other than that, yeah, it would totally be pointless.

    2. Even then, I doubt anything from Bubble Bobble will show up. All the items, trophies, stickers, stuff like that, are from Nintendo IPs or the specific third party guest characters.

      Bubble Bobble is owned by Taito, who are now owned by Square Enix.

    3. Speaking of Nintendo IPs, you guys remember Subspace Emissary, right? I know it's a little off the road, but did you guys think it was a missed opportunity in terms of its enemies? It would have been epic to see Link and Donkey Kong fight Zebesian Space Pirates and Eggplant Wizards in an official Nintendo game than some weird looking fan game where Link is basically Zero from Mega Man Zero edited to look like Link. Was there anyway good enough reason for the enemy selection in SSE? What do you guys think?

      Can this affect the outcome of the next Smash Bros Adventure game as well if it will have one?

    4. The creators once got into trouble when they included, as a trophy in Melee, an item from Rare's Perfect Dark. Keep in mind, this was a bit before Rare left for Microsoft. In the North American version, the item was changed and its game of origin was listed as TOP SECRET.

  20. Just for a heads up in batman beyond (animated series) it is implied Bruce had a relationship with zatanna when going through photos of old love interests. Oh and speaking of LoZ I can't wait for the new one coming out for the 3ds. Wish windwaker was joining it though since I don't have a Wii u and would rather play it on the go.

  21. I'm surprised that no one has commented on the fact that Chris Bores is committing plagiarism again. By watermarking photos which aren't his.

    1. Son of a bitch... I thought he'd stop doing that. >:(

    2. @Andrew Schroy
      It's Bores, what do you expect?

    3. @Zelda Fan
      The point I'm trying to make is that is we aren't bothering to look anymore. We don't look for it because we expect it to be present and Chris is an even bigger fool by failing to break from these expectations.

  22. If Chris Bores will ever do a special for Haunted Investigators, if he's gets enough money, he'll go to Aokigahara. What do you think what's going to happened to him in that forest.

  23. Have been noticing that neither Joseph or Chris have been posting for the last several days.

    Joseph posted once under JoeyDoomer, but hasn't posted anything else in a week or so.

    Wonder why he stopped replying.......

  24. Judging by the fact that Chris stated he was going on a vacation, seems to me we can be prepared for the next IG video.

    I mean, seriously, that's the only time ladybuggin is ever on vacation is when Chris is making a video. So now whenever buggin goes on vacation, we can expect the next video from Chris

  25. did we ever find out what Shadow Overlord looks like?

    1. Nope, he's still inside the mirror but as the third rate gamer once said,

      "It turns out to be me wearing stupid makeup or some shit"

  26. off-topic: Just felt like plugging one of my favorite bands, 20 Lb Sledge. They're in the Battle of the Bands over at Ernie Ball's website. You can play my favorite song of theirs at this link.


    He didn't know it was popular... where the hell has he been for the past 15 years?

    1. Not playing Pokemon apparently. Then again, when does he play ANY games? If he did, he might get more stuff right.

    2. Oh,I so cannot wait for him to make a joke about the mega forms being a digimon rip off. Even though I doubt he ever watched it but just wanted to agree with idiots that say that. I make that joke but just cuz I think it's hilarious Game Freak didn't think about that name. Digimon IS still popular in Japan, after all...

    3. Unfortunately, Pokemon isn't that popular in my country. Well, that same could be applied to NDS and 3DS as well.

  28. Looking at some of his Magic the Gathering news, I just now saw that in his article he was e-begging for the SDCC LE Planeswalkers as well.

    After lookimg up their price, does he honestly expect people to just hand him $100 bills? First the Mega Man comic and now the Planeswalker promos. Wonder what all else he'll be e-begging for.


    (Just a heads-up: this article was released yesterday, August 14. It's really short, but I think it deserves a mention.)

    "Nintendo recently tweeted this picture of Luigi Hijacking the Chicago L Train to promote the release of the hard copy of Super Luigi U Bros releasing very soon."

    Three things. Firstly, I don't think "hijacking" is the right word to use here, Chris. Seondly, the game is called "New Super Luigi U". You can clearly see the title in the background of the picture. Thirdly, is this shocking to you? Nintendo did something way bigger back in November 2011 when they "took over" Times Square in New York City to promote Super Mario 3D Land.

    "Right after this picture was taken though, the L train stopped in a rough neighborhood and a gang of Koopa Troopa’s walked aboard and pick pocketed hundreds of golden coins from poor Weegee."

    Of course, an article from Bores wouldn't be complete without an attempt at a joke. Still not funny, Chris. But wait, the last line really hits home.

    "Funny, I did the same thing at E3."

    I would wonder if Chris was serious or if this was also an attempt at a joke, but I don't really know anymore what to believe when it comes to him and his "news" articles.

    1. Bores sure has a habit of over exaggerating things. And I don't get how hurting people and stealing is funny. Do you honestly think people are gonna get a laugh outta that? I wouldn't be surprised if he made a 9/11 joke.

    2. And for the record it's called the EL not the L train. Bores you are and idiot.

    3. @Isolder74


      EL is just one of its nicknames.

  30. I've noticed that Egon Eagle hasn't been making anymore pages on the Irate Gamer wiki. I assumed this meant he wanted me to stop but sine the wiki has been inactive for over 6 (or more) months now, I think I'll start a page and get back to work on the episode summaries.

    1. Here's hoping I don't get banned for this

    2. There's a good chance you will.

    3. but I hope you don't. you make that wiki entertaining.

    4. Okay I've edited and now I'm absolutely sure I won't get banned. If egon eagle didn't ban me before when I wrote Chris wrote the certification for dumbass he won't ban me now.


    RLM takes a shot at Chris Bores.

    1. It gets better, if you go to IG's video, you'll see RLM actually left a comment.

      "Amazing review!"

      Obviously sarcasm if you're at all familiar with RLM's work.

    2. I love those guys even more.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. So what does that say about you just constantly going on about this blog? Irony is most certainly lost on some people.

    5. @Micharion Who are replying too? The comment below Eric Kirby is invisible.

    6. Oh I know. The fact that it is him is why I did so. He think he is better than than others simply because he thinks differently then the people he decries. I am sick of such behaviour I have had to deal with people like him for far too long.

    7. @HeatEdgesword
      I have his comment saved to due to subscription

      "Course you do. They made fun of IG which is as old as the hills by now"

      My guess is that Invisible crane didn't want to make it sound like he is an Asalieri fanboy (and yes, he would qualify for the internet version of fanboy since he hasn't given a single goddamn reason why he hates TGWTG to the point of derailing any discussion with a poorly timed and shitty jab at them. OR why he thinks Irate Gamer is 'irrelevant' despite the fact that Chris Bores is still active and feuding with James.)

      hey invisible crane, ever heard of writing angry comments and then NOT sending them? It'll save you a crapton of apologies and make you look less like a immature child then you do now. You know how many people can control their rage and avoid pointlessly insulting people? Every functional adult out there and its about time you grew up invisible crane!

    8. Actually, I pretended that Invisible Crane is invisible. At that time I post my comment, his comment is still there.

  32. “I myself have enjoyed all their comic reincarnations,”
    Apparently buddhists are pretty funny

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