Friday, March 20, 2015

IG Videos Week of March 16th 2015: Toy Begging and Ruined Testicles

Welcome to the new format everyone. If Bores can keep up with it.
Every Friday or Saturday (depending on when he uploads and how I feel), you will get a post summarizing the week’s videos. Again, if he can keep up with it.
If he posts a full Irate Gamer episode, that will get its own separate post. This is more for vlogs or stupid stop motion videos that aren’t funny.

Lets begin shall we?

Monday: Nintendo Wii-U Amiibos Action Figure Thoughts & Functionality

It’s been over two years now, why does he still put a hyphen in Wii U?

Back when Nintendo revealed Amiibo at E3, Bores said nothing. No videos, no online posts, not a drop of coverage. The most we got was when someone on Facebook asked him about it and he said “That Mario thing? Kids will like it”. This coming from the man that strokes Activision’s plastic dick for free KIDS toys. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing.
He eventually started mentioning Amiibo on his site, stories about the double gun Samus selling a lot on eBay, or custom Amiibo, but never actually talking about the collecting or their in-game function. That's where this video comes in.

The video begins and we see IG has five Amiibo in front of him. Diddy Kong, Kirby, Mario, Peach, and Meta Kni- WHAT THE FUCK? You didn’t even care about these and you have a rare one?! This feels wrong.

He mentions all the requests he’s gotten in his Skylanders video and that one Minecraft video he did (of course he mentions that, it got a shitload of views for some reason)
He brings up that when Amiibo was announced, he compared them to Skylanders, then claims “that wasn’t really fair”. Oh ya don’t say.
He brings up Smash Bros and how the Amiibo work with them, and that he has a “newfound respect” for them after playing.
He calls the characters “Brawlers”. Wouldn’t “Smashers” or “Bros” be more appropriate? Smash and Bros are in the title of every game, Brawl was only in the title of one. I don’t know, I just find it weird.

Blah blah blah, works with other games…
Apparently, what got him to start collecting, is that they started releasing figures of characters from “other games”. Apparently third-party means “other games”. Does he not realize that every Smash Bros character is from a separate game? It’s meant to be a collaboration of every major Nintendo franchise. Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Kirby, even minor representation like Punch Out, Duck Hunt, and Xenoblade. Granted, that would require Bores to know what most of those games are.
While saying this, he reveals he has the Sonic and Mega Man Amiibo.
“Some of them are very hard to find” Welcome to the last five months!
He brings up that Nintendo underestimated demand, and they’ll be reprinting figures eventually, just like Skylanders at the beginning. That’s… actually reasonable. Bores said something reasonable for once. The right course of action is to wait, as reprints are happening. In fact, Japan is getting reprints of Villager, Little Mac, and Wii Fit Trainer.

He mentions all the holes, and that he wants to review Super Smash Bros for Wii U. You are five months late! Anything you say will not matter! Nobody will care!
Aaaand any good will he gained from being reasonable is gone! Bores is outright begging for his fans to send him Amiibo.
What will he offer in return? A shout out or website plug! … Pay them you cheap shitlord! I know you’re too used to Activision giving you free lunches that you don’t understand how much this adds up, but not everyone has a direct line to the creators. Also, you only have 7 Amiibo, of the 29 available now (35 by the time this post goes up), and you’re missing quite a few common ones. You can go to any GameStop or Walmart or Best Buy and see wall to wall Luigis or Bowsers or Links, none of which I see here. But no, that would cut into his … show budget?
Tell me, how is begging for action figures “better” than asking for money to make a movie?
“I would love to give this a full review when I have them all” Then you’re never going to review the game. Of the 48 characters (this isn’t counting the Mii Fighters or Mewtwo), only 35 are confirmed right now, with no indication when the rest will come out. Why can’t you just be normal and review the game on its own with only some Amiibo? You don’t need every character, they all do the same thing anyway.

He gives his e-mail address and really hopes people “help” him. Chris, you can’t say “wait it out” then demand your fans give you Amiibo in the same video. That’s hypocritical. Granted, you don’t shy away from hypocrisy so this is nothing new.

The rest of the video is Bores demonstrating how the Amiibo work in Smash Bros 4. Complete with face cam. I don’t see why he needed to do this, it’s not new information. You’re adding nothing to it.
He also shows his Mii… it looks wrong.
He shows the costume function in Mario Kart 8 and that’s basically the end of the video.

That was pointless. Next!

Tuesday: Beware St Patrick’s Day Ball-Busting Leprechaun

I hate it already just from the title.
It’s a short 25 second video (it says 57 but the rest is “plz subscreebe”)
Bores wishes everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, plugs his Uncle O’Grimacy video, and tells everyone to “watch out for that ball-busting Leprechaun”. Then a poorly drawn Leprechaun flies in, says something that I can’t understand, and hits Bores in the balls. … Bores is in pain and yet I don’t find it funny. Just bored. NEXT!

Wednesday: Skylanders Trap Team Wave 4

It’s Skylanders, I don’t care.
Though there were comments claiming that the dislikes were from people jealous that they don’t have Wave 4. I don’t think they understand how little IG’s fans care for this Skylanders crap outside of like three of them.

I guess posting on Tuesday means there’s no Friday video.

What have we learned this week?
Begging is okay when it’s Chris Bores because……………………………….....

And somehow Bores can make getting hit in the groin unfunny

Don’t give him Amiibo guys. Especially not the Golden Mario.


  1. I think the leprechaun is supposed to be saying "sure and begorrah," but it comes out sounding like "sure and begunnit."

    1. I'm surprised that BatDan didn't point out the fact that the plug for his channel at the end of the leprechaun video was a plug for his channel on a plug for his channel. The Bores has gotten that fucking low. Seriously, what the fuck is the point for advertising a video that is over two years old? If you have no reason to make a St. Patrick's Day video (or any video in general), why fucking make one at all? Oh right, you get the monies from YouTube.

      More videos = more stupid people viewing channel = undeserved money.

  2. He just posted a new "I Rate The 80s" video about Captain EO. I will give it props for two things...

    1: He didn't make any "Michael Jackson pedophile" jokes.
    B: His rating speech at the end sounded unusually sincere compared to his other videos.

    Overall, the video still sucks.

    1. Ahhh shit...

      It's late, I'll work on it tomorrow.

    2. Surprised about the lack of pedophile jokes in that seeing as how he made an unfunny one in he Colorform Irate the 80s. So Bores is reviewing a movie? Well, we're fucked. Hopefully Chris will understand eventually that when he promises to post a video on Friday, he has to post it during the fucking day Friday when people are awake to watch it.....yeah he probably won't realize that.

    3. By the way, sorry for my poor English in my last comment. It is late (though I usually am awake at this time, so I don't fucking know). I just wish you could edit your comments.

  3. I'm not sure calling the characters themselves any of those terms would be accurate, especially "Smasher" since it's often used in the tournament scene to describe the players.

  4. I would really like to see how that douche bag Archfiend responds to the REAL ebegging that his new "friend" is doing. There is no way that anyone can deny that asking for expensive action figures in exchange for what is ultimately nothing just for the sake of completing one asshole's collection is much more greedy and lazy than asking for donations to fund an independent movie that anyone can enjoy. And no, James was not being greedy at all with the movie. People wanted to see him fulfill his dream since his school years, and people actually like the AVGN.

    1. You know, I'm kind of shocked none of them complain about Patreon. Though there I think the idea is a bit more sound, since there, the people that pay basically are producers of the show, and you could get into a lot of trouble if you don't use their money properly (granted, same can happen with Kickstarter scams, but it can be harder to trace donation scams...).

    2. Same with GoFundMe and IndieGoGo, I bet...

  5. Videos coming in thick and fast. I'm not even that annoyed by it ... as long as he stops talking about all things modern Nintendo from now on.

  6. Kind of surprising that Bores didn't plug in the Lucky Charms video in as well.

    Then again, maybe he's aware that the video is a teraton of bullcrap. Ah, silly me- that's giving him way too much credit.

  7. Bores begging for amiibos is just disgusting. I collect amiibos, and the struggle I've had to go through to get some of the ones I have was just ridiculous, and he thinks he can just beg what little fans he has left to send them to him?

    And considering quite a bit of the ones he doesn't have are commons, that means he's either too lazy to go to any Target, Walmart, or Gamestop, or he just doesn't care about them at all. I'm feeling it's the latter. If he really liked amiibos, he'd actually want to go out and buy them, not beg other people to send him some for free.

  8. I'm going to hazard a guess that the comments section on his Amiibo video is disabled so people can't call him out for his hypocritical begging.

  9. Typical. Personally, when I get my Wii U; I plan to seek out the common Amiibo first, namely the "big 4" (Mario, Link, Samus, and Pikachu); then hunt for the rarer ones (giving priority towards Sonic and Lucario). My guess is that this "request" is going to fail and he's going to go back to his Skylanders fetish; if there's any indication. There's also the option of ordering them from eBay or Amazon; but since he complained about that when this whole thing started, I guess he's not going to bother. I have been resisting this whole video game/trading figure game combo; but I think Amiibo and Infinity (which he also dismissed) have characters I actually care about as well as more variance in gameplay. Not planning on giving Boring Man a thing except for my contempt.

  10. When can we expect Chris to make an e-begging "spoof" video about his own e-begging? I not do so would be hypocritical of him, right?

  11. Part of me would like to see AVGN do an e-begging spoof of IG to show how hypocritical he is, the other part is glad that James continues to do the right thing and just refuses to acknowledge Bores unless directly asked in person. Perhaps Mike or Bootsy will do one instead.

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