Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bores Got Duped. His Side of the Irate Gamer Game. Also, Green Screen

Since it seems Friday will be the “new main episode” day for whatever he felt like working on, this post will cover the first two videos the week.

Monday’s video covered a long-dead topic. The iOS Irate Gamer game. It’s been two years and NOW he’s addressing it.
To recap, the Irate Gamer Game was teased sometime in 2010 (might have been 2009) with nothing more than pictures. It spent years in development hell with not a single video of gameplay. It went through (to my recollection) three art style changes.
Then, August 2013, Mad Media Labs shook off the cobwebs and somehow made the game appear. It was crap.
It was a platformer made for an entirely touch-based system, that’s already a major mark against it. Precision jumping was a pain, and there were major design issues that somehow got overlooked, like random ladders when you can’t even go up or down.
The graphics were ugly, like something on Newgrounds, with assets taken from Metal Slug and Mario. Then came the reveal that the game was nothing more than a reskin of a different iOS game called Commander Cool.
The game only lasted 3 months on the App Store and was quietly delisted. I suspect that Apple finally enforced their quality control rules and took it down. Great, now delist all the other crap.
Many people believe the rushed nature and timing of the game were to purposely coincide with the release of a different platform game featuring a notable video game critic  There are times Chris feels like the Asylum of internet critics.

Here are the “highlights” of Bores’ 8 minute rambling on the matter.

- Chris claims he gets a lot of people asking about it. He says it was put up on “iTunes”, then “the creators took it down”. They did? Was it really them? Maybe it was since the game’s price kept getting lower and lower until it was eventually delisted. Maybe they realized they weren’t getting any money at all and gave up.

- The purpose of this video (as he claims) is to show the concept art from “years and years of research and development”. Pffff

- Huh, seems this game dates all the back to 2008. Meaning this crappy platformer has been planned for five years. That is fucked up.
“I was getting lots of offers” Uh huh…

- He shows the first concept art. It has IG, Wise Sage, and Ronnie. IG is ugly as sin, and holding two guns. Wise Sage has glowing orbs. Ronnie is shooting lightning… That’s just weird.
“These guys must be serious because some of these looked really really good” … *looks at picture* I don’t know what I’m seeing differently.

- The Mad Media Lab team asked Bores if he wanted it in 8-bit or 16-bit. Bores said that since he reviews 8-bit games, he would want an 8-bit game… but do it in a 16-bit world.
“I don’t know, I was kind of confused” No shit, you clearly don’t know the difference with how often you confuse “NES” and “SNES”.

- Second concept art. An altered Mega Man sprite as IG on a stage with Ronnie shooting lightning at him. Okay what is up with Ronnie shooting lightning? Was this something Bores planned from the beginning but never went through with? Like how the Simpsons Arcade game has Marge’s bunny ears?
Third picture. Random assets like blocks and trees.
Fourth picture. An IG body shot, and various expressions. I don’t know, they need to be stiffer to match the real deal. There’s also text saying “Sage gives Chris Sacred Light Guns @ Stage 2” Man, even Wise Sage wasn’t spared, he didn’t even show up in the final product.
Speaking of Wise Sage. Fifth picture is a Wise Sage body shot with various expressions. There’s real life photos next to them as examples, and for some reason there’s photos of Wilson there. I don’t get it…
Sixth picture is more IG facial expressions. Seems to be trying to copy expressions from the show.

- Chris reveals that he was only getting an update every three months, and felt like things weren’t moving forward. He kept asking for gameplay but was never given anything. Hold up, was Chris actually aware he was being duped?
They broke contact, until a couple years later when they called up and asked to continue. This was “before Season 4”. He gave them what he planned for Season 4- oh please you did NOT have a plan. It’s clear to anyone that you just made that shit up as you went along.
Also, “before Season 4” would date it around 2010. So 2 years spent doing nothing, and another 3 years spent on a rushed reskin.

- His new request was to make something like “the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game”. So he wanted a beat-em-up. I can’t imagine that would have been any better.
He chose TMNT specifically because it had four players, he wanted the ability to play as himself, Wise Sage, Tony, and Ronnie. You could have just said four-player Arcade games of the time, there were so many of them.

- First picture of the new concept. A black & white image in a suburb with IG facing two HAL-bots, one with a gun and one with … I can‘t tell what he’s spinning. There’s also a paperboy in the background. Not sure if that’s meant to be a reference to the game.

- Second picture has four different kinds of HAL-bots with different body types. From left to right: A short & fat one with a bazooka (probably meant to be the Super Scope), a big muscular one with broken cuffs, a tall one holding NES controllers ooooh that’s what he was spinning in the previous image, and an average sized one with a gun (likely the Zapper). Would have been nice to see differing HAL-bots in your actual show Chris, but that would require effort and you clearly don’t care to show some. Also would have been nice to see these in the final product, but all we got was giant and purple, and they didn’t even have weapons.

- Third picture has IG in what I assume is a city street fighting a controller-holding HAL-bot and a muscular HAL-bot. I’m not sure if the muscular one is lifting a garbage can, or just holding his arms up and the can is in the background with weird perspective. There’s also a figure in a hood and cape in the background. No idea who that’s meant to be.

- Chris claims to have a binder full of notes and mock-ups for this game. Could we see it to see how much “work” went into the game?

- Fourth picture is just a layout plan, showing the gameplay window.

- Once again, only three months of communication at a time and all he got was artwork. Could you imagine if a real developer did this? “Hey Naughty Dog, it’s Sony, you mind showing us some gameplay for The Last of Us 2? No just more artwork? Okay I’ll check back in 3 months and hopefully see something”

- The next picture is a VERY rough sketch of the title screen used in the final game, followed by the actual screen.

- He then says they started sending him “storyboards”, but he probably means the cutscenes since those are the images he shows. The comic book style cutscenes. Maybe they told him that was what the game would look like. Falling for bullshots, don’t worry Chris, you’re not the only one to fall for bullshots.

- “I think it was last summer” The game came out two years ago… Chris once again screwing up his timeline.
He was pushing for gameplay, he really wanted to see gameplay. At least I agree with him here, I wanted to see if this crap was real or not.

- They finally sent him gameplay screenshots and it was the 2D side-scrolling platformer we eventually got. In fact it’s not even the same, the button UI is different.
Bores was shocked as this wasn’t what they agreed to. Mad Media Labs, being the snake oil salesmen they are, said that making the game he wanted was “too expensive” and it would be better to make a “cheap app game” and it would be only cost $2 or $3. It ended up being $3.99 until it was slashed to $0.99 before delisting.

- For some reason, he still thought it looked good. You really need a better eye for quality Chris.

- “They took it down a month later” 3 months actually. It was on the App Store for 3 months.

- People were telling Bores that this was just something that could have been slapped together in two weeks and was a rebuild of “some other game” “Captain something”. Commander Cool. At least he’s aware of THIS aspect.
And he was actually shocked they went the lazy way out. I’ll give Bores this, he actually realized he got scammed and didn‘t try to deny it. Though I wonder how much money he gave them in the first place.
Hold on, wasn’t he praising the game in the video he made about it? The one that isn’t up anymore because he put it on Private?

- “I wanted to show you some of the artwork because it is phenomenal” A lot of it really wasn’t. The only good art was the comic book cut scenes. The rest was pretty bad.

- This leads into the REAL purpose of the video. To advertise that he’s selling the comic book cutscenes at his site. He is selling them for $8.99. From a game that originally cost $3.99. Oh hey, a use for the other definition of “rip-off”. Also, you can see these cut scenes for free here:

- “This happens all the time in the gaming industry” It really doesn’t Chris. Games aren’t in “development” for years and the final product ends up being something thrown together in a week. It’s pretty obvious you were scammed.
He really wants his dream of a four-player beam-em-up to happen one day. … Not in a million years.

That’s about it. Huh, typed up more than I thought I would.
I did notice that he didn’t bring up Angry Birds at all. Maybe he finally saw what Angry Birds looked like and realized “my game looks nothing like that!”. Maybe the Mad Media Labs guys told him that and he believed it hook line and sinker. Or he forgot, that’s the more likely explanation.

Wait, if he’s selling the comic, shouldn’t the artist get credit? The artist’s name isn’t mentioned at all. Is he or she getting a cent of what he might make? This seems criminal…
EDIT: The artist is Geoff Hassing. You can find his site here:
His Facebook page here:
Thank you Uatu for finding him.

Wednesday’s video has convinced me he is already running out of ideas.
He shows how he sets his green screen up… that’s it.
He brags that he didn’t have to play “$100 or $200” for a Chormakey green backdrop, and bought a bunch of $3 table cloths at Walmart and stapled them together. That would explain why his green screen work is always shoddy and terrible. Also, where the fuck did you hear $100-200? I just checked Amazon and you can get a 6x9 backdrop for $20! God, you really are cheap aren’t you? You won’t pay your new blog writers, you won’t pay any fans that offer Amiibo, and you’d rather have shitty table cloths rather than real Chromakey for your green screen backdrop.
He also shows how he holds it up by combining rings from a shower curtain with ceiling hooks.
Is that all you're going to say? Why not show us how you incorporate green screen into editing? Or how you light the room? Anything?

He says that the next Irate Gamer episode will be up by the end of the week. Which means I will be posting this now. I expect pain.

Until then, Bloodborne!


  1. Is he finally getting around to reviewing Superman for the NES like he claimed he was going to review years ago?

  2. See? I told you Wednesday has the most effortless videos out of all 3 weekdays he posts.

  3. BTW, who here saw the AVGN and Nostalgia Critic's TMNT 2014 crossover review?

    1. Just finished watching it. I can't tell whether it's an amazing achievement in reviewing or just seems that way because of all the Bores I've been watching. But wow. Can you imagine Bores trying to sustain anything half an hour long that doesn't involve a groundbreaking conversation with a spirit?

    2. Especially if the spirit is Santa Christ... :D

      (You know, I wonder if Doug has ever teamed up with James' other well-known reviewer friend, Pat the NES Punk, before? I could see them in an epic James and Mike Mondays episode where they play lesser-known TMNT games together.)

    3. Oh, and Bootsy and JonTron would be there, too.

      Now, I'd want to imagine how Asalieri and Archfiend would react... :D

    4. Oh oh, or we see Asalieri, Archfiend and Irate Gamer all make cringeworthy LP's together. How would that turn out?

    5. Much worse than Nostalgia Critic's LP of Bart's Nightmare... XD

  4. The artist's name is Geoff Hassing:

    If *I* know who he is, Chris has no excuse. Geoff deserves some recognition.

    1. Thank you. We should inform him his artwork is being sold without credit.

    2. Geoff says he posted this on the video (and gave me permission to re-post here):

      “Hey there Chris, my name is Geoff Hassing. I'm the second artist on the game with the more cartoony style, that also did the comic strips. I just wanted to respond to a few of the things you mentioned in the video, as well as some of the comments.

      First, I don’t blame you for feeling the way you about the whole thing. There were a lot of mistakes and miscommunication, and confusion along the way on both sides, at least from my perspective, I wasn't privy to everything. It was my first big game, so I was learning along the way as well, and I spent over 6 months working on it full-time, as the only artist, so I had to produce a LOT of artwork for the game in that time. We all invested a lot of time and money trying to develop the game, and make it a good one, so it certainly wasn't thrown together by any means. But we all made mistakes, and there was a lot of miscommunication all the way around. In the end, it really came down to one of those live and learn type of experiences.

      I really didn't know anything about the first artist, or how far things had gotten with him, so I can't speak for that part of it all. I only saw a few sketches he had done, then went from there on my own.

      Either way, I'm bummed that the game didn't turn out better or stay released, but it is what it is. I'm happy that you like my work, thanks! : )

      If you wouldn't mind giving me name credit on the comic strips, I would appreciate it.

      For anyone that's interested, you can see more of my work on my website at Thanks!”

      However, I don't see Geoff's post. Already blocked?

      Geoff doesn't "want to get caught in the middle of any flame wars or anything like that." He seems like a really cool guy. I'm glad we can recognize him here, because it looks like no one else will... :-(

      Thanks, Geoff!

    3. Looks like Bores deleted his comment. What an asshole. He's basically stealing another artist's work, selling it without permission, and refusing to even give him credit. He'll never change.

    4. Add this to the list of Top Ten Worst Irate Moments of 2015.

    5. From Geoff: :-)

      "I certainly appreciate all your guys support there at the blog, please tell everyone I said thank you. I noticed my Facebook page has gotten quite a few likes in the last 12 hours."

    6. The "Chris Bores is an unoriginal hack" statement really shines through here.

      I wonder what ArchHypocrite would think about this...ah, screw it. He'd probably defend Bores, delete comments that criticize him for it, and become as big a hypocrite as Bores is.

    7. Hey I deiced to come back when that crazy stuff ended.

      Anyway I don't care what anyone says Chris's selling Geoff Hessing's comic book cutscenes from The Irate Gamer Game is one the worst things he's ever done,not just in his Youtube carrer but his whole life. This isn't something you can defend,he's trying to make a profit off of someone else work. I'm an artist myself(not a good one) and I can't imagine what I would do if anyone try make money off my hard work. This isn't the same as him ripping off AVGN because that's taking another idea and putting your own spin on it, I know Chris ripped some jokes but other rip offs have been good is what I'm saying, like Darksiders and Saint's Row. I mean fuck if this happen to me I would be speechless on so many levels. Bottom any one who defends or supports Chris in this act is shit to me

  5. I believe you meant "snake oil" instead of "fish oil", unless that's a joke I'm missing.

    1. You're right, it's snake oil
      Fish oil is something else entirely.

  6. Hahahaha! A video explaining he uses two cheap Walmart tablecloth covers and a gutted shower curtain?!

    Don't get me wrong- there is nothing wrong with using whatever you have available to make the video. It's just that THIS is what he explains in the video and no explanation of the software he uses, how far away he stands from the screen, how he lights it, etc. He chooses to waste two minutes showing shower curtain hooks! You can't make this stuff up!

  7. I have to give Chris credit for something. Over the last year or so his lip-licking/tongue-smacking has been getting progressively worse. Monday's video is the first time I've noticed him fixing it in post. Examples: 0:36, 0:59, 3:24, 5:13, 6:23. In today's video: 0:52, 0:57, 1:31.

  8. On a semi-related note, is anyone planning on getting AVGN Adventures when it comes out on Wii U?

    1. I got it a few months after it came out on PC. It's a great game, but holy fuck is it hard.

    2. Is it coming to 3DS? I kind of want to play it in 3D instead, but if it's not I'll go ahead and grab it on the Wii U

    3. I am now. If I were to get a new console for my birthday this summer, it'd be the Wii U.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Well, this is certainly odd. It still sucks that Zelda U got delayed; but today's Nintendo Direct gave me the Mewtwo DLC, Yoshi Woolly World, and the Attack on Titan game coming stateside to look forward to this year, among others .

  11. Replies
    1. And yet Bores even fails to match that description. lol

  12. Does it ever really bother, and I mean REALLY bother, anyone else when Bores says "Game On" at the end of every video? I don't know what it is. Is it how repetitive it gets? Is it the douchey way he always says it? Is it how unoriginal the phrase is? Is it the fact that he has no right to say it since he's a hack? Hell, it's probably a combination of all those things. Either way, I'm positive that whenever he says "Game On" in a video, a puppy somewhere in the world is diagnosed with cancer.

  13. Seeing all this crap about the IGG and the real artist makes me really want to develop a standard run & gun shooter with better everything compared to the Irate Gamer incarnation, all with Geoff Hassing as both the sprite and cutscene artist, with me developing the characters, environments, powers, and enemies.

    It'd all be a potshot at the IGG, starring a young adult gamer that faces the same "story" as Bores. His collection of games gets taken for no reason other than to lure him to the villain (a parody of the Shadow Overlord)'s hideout, where he discovers he's being lured into all these other shenanigans as part of a trap by an even greater evil created by a life-long internet rival of the player's character, who using artificial substances constructed an evil clone (Evil Gamer parody) of the player that goes after them. There's also his team of other minions who serve as the bosses, and the lesser grunts that play the role of the enemies.

    The enemies would range from standard humanoid figures that charge at the player (instead of being Hal-bots with very simple designs) to ones wielding various weapons like rocket launchers, acid grenades, railguns, etc. There'd also be a variety of creatures and robots out to kill the player, like laser-firing stealth spiders just to name an example.

    You'd start with standard weak default NES Zapper-like weapon and the quick melee "Power Glove" (which is normally weak but can be upgraded later on to do more damage), and can acquire a number of other weapons based on other consoles' light guns which would grant firing modes based on guns from Contra and many other run & gun games. Some types of weapons could be utility-based, like one with a large amount of recoil that flings the player in the opposite direction shot for more speed, or a literal "Jet Gun" that lets you gain extra height by shooting it downward.

    That's mostly my two cents on what I'd do with a TIGG parody And no it wouldn't be made from Commander Cool's engine to allow for more variety in level design as well as better physics and fewer/no bugs...

    You know thinking about it it sounds a lot like AVGN Adventures.

  14. I think that the next Irate Gamer episode will pick up from where the last episode left off, revealing that Launchpad is taking "Mr. McG." to either St. Canard (since Launchpad is also in Darkwing Duck) or a location from DuckTales 2 (since Bores has made a few DuckTales videos recently).

    In other news, it's been confirmed that both Jetpac and the original Donkey Kong arcade game are fully intact in the Virtual Console edition of Donkey Kong 64.

    1. Cue fits of rage when people remember the mandatory DK arcade minigame.

    2. What is it with Nintendo and not giving us a version of the game with that pie factory level? This is probably the first time they've done it in fucking years (barring the "Original Edition" of the NES version that was only available to a few people anyway).

  15. I'm not a film guy at all, but aren't green screens reusable over a long period of time? Makes me wonder why he couldn't just buy a professional one.

  16. Just watched the green screen video. Why does he clap so much in it? It's really distracting.

    1. A better question would be, why did he make the fucking video at all? Oh right, because it was Wednesday.

  17. Chris Bores is full of shot. He never mentions why he decided to praise the game before denouncing it now. He knows a they were lying.

  18. Odd that he brought this up around the time that AVGN Adventures launched on the Wii U. I just got it today.

    1. Not odd at all. His announcements are often timed to when James is doing something similar; the IGG was released just a short while before AVGN Adventures. I don't know how much of his testimonial is true, or how much control he actually had over the game project, but the timing was suspicious in 2013 and when to finally talk about the game was completely in his control.

    2. And when Irate Gamer's first DVD was released while James was in the finishing stages on HIS first DVD back in 2007...

  19. Quick question, is the Mewtwo DLC free for everybody, or Just for Club Nintendo Members?

    1. It's only free to people who registered both versions of SSB4 with Club Nintendo before it went tits-up. For everyone else, it's either $3.99 for 3DS or Wii U, or $4.99 for both versions.

    2. Also, for those who registered will get Mewtwo on April 15th. Mewtwo will be released April 28th.

  20. I was thinking something really strange on the way home from work. What if Mariotehplumber did a review of TIGG? I think that would be pretty crazy

    On a side note, I've been given some new names to work with for the theory. Like always, feel free to add anyone who you have reason to believe was once critical of Bores but has become sympathetic to him.

    Mr. Weenie
    Save-State Gamer
    No Date Gamers
    One176 a.k.a. Black Face Kermit

    1. You know, you could just ask these folks directly about whatever it is you want to know. Or does that take the fun out of it?

    2. I take it that it isn't enough for them to share those opinions where they can be viewed publicly, is it, Phil? Well, alright then, since I've already explained to you how a theory is formed and yet you still feel the need to be pedantic, why don't we start with you?

      Why did you say what you said on the Opening Up video?

    3. "I take it that it isn't enough for them to share those opinions where they can be viewed publicly, is it, Phil?"

      I have genuinely no idea what you're asking. My point is that if you have a question about why these people do what they do, you're able to ask them. I don't know what they've said or not said, but if you're resorting to crafting theories about them, then I've got to assume they haven't said much. If they did, then you've got your answer, and you don't need a theory.

      "...since I've already explained to you how a theory is formed..."

      Thanks, I needed the laugh.


      If you're curious about something, I invited you to ask. That's not being pedantic. Did you get that definition out of the same dictionary that defined "theory" for you?

      "Why did you say what you said on the Opening Up video?"

      There. That wasn't all that difficult, was it? If you're referring to the comments I left, it's because that's how I felt. I've got nothing against the guy, and never did. I said as much in my commentaries, which were probably posted somewhere around 5 years ago...well before the Opening Up video. But since your theory revolves around that video, I can see why you'd want to ignore those. If there's something more specific you'd like me to address, say the word.

      Anything else? My email address is on my website, which you can find through my profile here. Everyone else on that list has easily-accessible contact information as well. Get in touch.

    4. "'I take it that it isn't enough for them to share those opinions where they can be viewed publicly, is it, Phil?'

      I have genuinely no idea what you're asking."

      Allow me to rephrase that. Is it necessary to ask someone a question when they've already given their answer?

      "My point is that if you have a question about why these people do what they do, you're able to ask them...if you're resorting to crafting theories about them, then I've got to assume they haven't said much."

      I haven't begun my overall evaluation yet. I'm still giving the readers a few more chances to share any names that belong there before I do that. I made an exception for you because you felt that you didn't belong up there and I wanted to set the record straight before I brought the topic up again.

      As for the whole "crafting theories bit", I'll get to that soon enough.


      If you're curious about something, I invited you to ask. That's not being pedantic."

      Any curiosity that I would've had would've been satisfied by having discovered what I was seeking, which I already know to be the case with some of the people on the list due to previous viewership. To still be required to ask them the questions that the answers they gave are predicated on would very much be pedantic, and speaking of which:

      "Did you get that definition out of the same dictionary that defined "theory" for you?"

      Yes, I fucking did. According to Merriam-Webster, my use of pedantic can be defined as such:

      "1 : of, relating to, or being a pedant(see pedant)"

      "Pedant: a person who annoys other people by correcting small errors and giving too much attention to minor details."
      Or, alternatively:
      "2b : one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge"
      See anything in common? Oh, and one more thing:

      "If they did, then you've got your answer, and you don't need a theory."

      In case you haven't noticed, Phil:
      "Theory 1 : the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another."
      This is the definition I've been using in relation to the work that we've been discussing this whole time. Granted, the theory I shared with the blog back in September more accurately fits your assumption of the definition I've been using:
      "2 : abstract thought : speculation", but I made it abundantly clear that it was a speculative piece, and it was received in that manner.

      "'Why did you say what you said on the Opening Up video?'

      There. That wasn't all that difficult, was it?"

      Not at all.

      "If you're referring to the comments I left, it's because that's how I felt. I've got nothing against the guy, and never did."

      Ok, but the issue I have with that is that your parodies contain many of the same satirical elements as all of the other parodists. Do you mean to tell me that none of them had anything against him either? If anything, at least I see why you objected to being put on the list.

      "If there's something more specific you'd like me to address, say the word."

      I tried, but I went over the character limit.

      "Anything else? My email address is on my website, which you can find through my profile here. Everyone else on that list has easily-accessible contact information as well. Get in touch."

      We shall see.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. James' new Board James video is pretty good and he never ceases to amaze me in creativity. Just when you think his work is getting old or his effort is slacking he does something new that brings it back to life. Hundreds of years from now if men still exist on earth they will worship master James for keeping the '80s & early '90s alive in all of us.

  22. So since I been gone awhile I though I give my own two cents on some of Chris 's recent videos.

    First the whole idea of doing three videos a week is nice and all to his fans but I think he should focus on doing just one video a week because I sure his fans want to know how cheap he is with green screens.

    I was telling my sister about Chris' statement of every WiiU game is family entertainment, and she rolled eyes shoked her head and groan, and than the first words out of her fiancee were "what about ZombiU?'", Note neither of them are very hardcore about games and neither know about AVGN or Irate Gamer so that effect there response.

    About his first "Let's Play" I don't know why he didn't pick a game he loves first, take me for example if I did a Let's Play(which I might because it does fun to me) I would pick Donkey Kong Country 2 first,why? because it's my favorite game, after that maybe KOTOR or Alan Wake or GTA IV or Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi because those are also some of my favorite games. He can say he beat Duck Tales alot when he was younger but that's a lie because even if didn't remember everything he should still remember enough so he doesn't look and sound like an idiot. Again using myself as an example it's been years since I played KOTOR and I still remember plenty about that game because I played through it several times.

    Wow I never someone could get so much worst after starting out somewhat competent, I mean if he never lied or stole jokes imagine the difference that would've made in the long run.

  23. Overcast Sleuther (and the rest of the Shadow People) are almost done finishing episode 7 of Resurrection Files! If I'm not mistaken, this episode will talk about Bores' infamous "opening up" video and examine how and why he has been getting people who were once very critical of him to suddenly be buddies with him.

    1. The other videos are gone.

    2. @DLAbaoaqu

      Dude, don't scare, here are the resurrection files episodes.

      i been waiting for the new episodes for so long!

    3. Then why doesn't the shadowdarktown474 channel show the videos?

    4. I dont know what's wrong with your browser man, cause they are there

  24. New review's up... Kid Icarus.

    1. How the fuck was this one worse than the DuckTales one?

    2. From now on, I refuse to say that Irate Gamer makes reviews. His Neo videos are now just half-assed first impressions videos and his retro videos are just loose walkthroughs with too many goddamn motherfucking random unfunny skits.

    3. One strange thing that jumps out on first viewing: He thinks the grim reaper is female.

    4. Bores tries to make this out to be some extremely difficult game. I could beat Kid Icarus when I was 11 years old.

    5. It's been a long time since I wished he would kill off the IG for good and burn the remains.

    6. IG is notorious for dying on purpose and not even trying to play games well, and this review really too k the cake on that aspect.

    7. I just checked, and Bores didn't even use the right fucking code for his Konami Code joke. And he calls himself a gamer?

  25. Seriously, why can't he post the normal videos that people actually want to watch during the fucking day on Friday?

  26. Well, indie game development is an interest of mine, so this is the first IG video I've watched in a while.

    Why does he move his hands so much while talking. I know a lot of bad salesmen do that, or people teaching children. I'm not a body language expert but I usually perceive a lot of hand movement to either someone trying to rip me off or talk down to me.

    He says he was getting offers to have a game made all the time.... and this was the one he decided to go with? Wow. I hate to imagine how incompetent the others must have seemed.

    If he recognized the game was crap before the release, why did he allow the release? Why did he promote it? He could have told the developers "no".

    I'm not going to rewatch, but didn't he say he didn't know who drew the art? If he doesn't even know that Geoff Hassing drew it, then he obviously didn't contact him to get permission to reproduce and sell it. Also, offering to sign someone else's artwork?

    1. Going to disagree with you about the hands thing - it's an ordinary thing when on camera or performing or doing anything that involves presenting that people don't know what to do with their hands. Hell, you see it in my videos that I'm often moving them around while explaining something. Just keeping them by our sides looks stiff and if we're not scripted, we're searching for the right words to use and sometimes moving your hands helps with that.

    2. Geoff Hastings posted a comment on the video but Bores deleted it. He knows the artist, he just doesn't want to have to share the money from selling Hastings' artwork. The funny thing is that Hastings didn't even ask for money, he just wanted credit for the artwork which he should be entitled to. It's pretty sick.

      As for the hands thing, yeah I agree that's not a big deal, but the constant clapping throughout the video kind of bothered me. Felt like Bores was applauding himself.

  27. Wow, Geoff Hastings is getting burned by Chris Bores. I hope he sues him over this.

  28. OT: Angry Joe won't do reviews on Nintendo games anymore. Take a look:;_ylt=AwrSbmmWEyBVepAAXahXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZzkzcnYxBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNDQyXzEEc2VjA3Nj

    1. I think the last time that guy showed any signs of caring about Nintendo was when he bitched about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive.

    2. You do realize he bought the Wii U and all 4 pro controllers for it all by himself, right? He's tried to make Nintendo videos before (at least one other time with Mario Kart 8) and they did the same shit back then. Joe is one of the most reasonable gamers on YouTube, and he is right about this situation. There is no reason for Nintendo to try and make money off of everything, especially when their reputation is already getting shit on for bullshit reasons. Nintendo needs to adapt or it will never surpass or even get on the same level with gamers as Sony or Microsoft have gotten on. And that's a damn shame, because some of the only good games out right now are on Nintendo hardware.

    3. And is it wrong for me to say that Nintendo's always been acting like assholes? Even in the NES days, they kinda were...

    4. No, it's not wrong to say that. When did I ever say it was?

  29. Just noticed you posted this on April 1st. I see you refused the temptation to make a joke about how Bores made a completely original, funny and insightful video for once.

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