Sunday, February 28, 2016

There's Been No Videos of Substance, So Let's Talk Fair Use

February is almost over and it's been a dead month for Chris. Only three videos. Granted, it's a leap year and he could post something tomorrow, but we will see (he might read this and do so). Outside of the shitty app I talked about in the last post, the other two videos were about, surprise surprise, toys. Lego Dimensions Wave 3 and Minecraft action figures. Both videos were the same, he shows the packages, he unboxes them, and says they're really cool. There's some stupid stuff, like saying the Cyberman from Doctor Who "obviously" rides the Dalek like a vehicle (even though that never happened, could have rephrased that differently) but most of all they are boring. No wonder his subs stagnate or go down in big numbers when a new video comes out.

Soooo, let's talk about Fair Use. If you haven't been paying attention, the YouTube community has launched into a new campaign called "Where's the Fair Use" or #WTFU. Started by Doug "The Nostalgia Critic" Walker, various YouTube users are making videos and posts wanting YouTube to change their copyright policies. Altering their draconian ID bots, fixing the monetization system, and most of all actually helping users that felt they were wronged. Doug himself recounted how his channel could not receive revenue for 23 days thanks to a copyright strike, and the people at YouTube would do nothing about it. Only when he made a video and brought it to people's attention that they restored their monetization. But this only convinced him to start the campaign. Several people came forward in support. I Hate Everything, YourMovieSucks, Boogie2988, Jim Sterling, AlphaOmegaSin, GradeAUnderA, Markiplier, Ross "RubberNinja" O'Donovan, SFDebris, TeamFourStar, and so many more. The movement has gained enough traction that YouTube's CEO noticed it (though it's likely she won't do anything outside of "Yeah I hear you whatever")

What does any of this have to do with Chris Bores?
I'm curious how much Chris suffers from YouTube's terrible policies and ID bots. He never brings it up, and with all the copyrighted material he randomly uses, I have to imagine there's been several issues. Then again, this is the man that willingly kept copyrighted Power Rangers footage on a DVD he sells for profit. See this is where Fair Use can get a bit muddy. Many of the above people use the footage for commentary or criticism, but even they know not to put their material on DVD unless given permission or it's public domain. Chris was not using the PR footage for commentary or criticism, but to pretend to fight a robot like an episode of the show. He didn't add anything to it, he just used it because he was too lazy to make his own robot costume. Not to mention the Back to the Future footage waaaaaay back in the first season. He claims he got permission, but I don't believe him.

You'd think Chris would take this opportunity to address his own problems with YouTube, because I have to imagine he has them. If he leaves his bubble for one minute, and actually addresses this very real issue, I'll gain a tiny sliver of respect for him. Chances are he won't do it. He ignores pretty much everything unless it involves making James Rolfe look bad.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Chris Promotes iOS Bloatware. Just Keep Digging Deeper!

I was going to save this video for a later post as I didn't want something so short. ... But then I watched it!

Last night, Chris uploaded a video promoting another crappy iOS app. This time something called "GetGiftz". You remember those old sites that said you could win cool stuff if you signed up for a bunch of shit or downloaded a bunch of programs, only to get bombarded with spam and computer-breaking viruses? Introducing the modern day iOS equivalent! It's an app that promises free gift cards... if you download a bunch of shitty apps. That's not dangerous at all!
You download the app, often having to fulfill an asinine requirement like "Reach Level 5" in some shitty RPG that probably has microtransactions out the ass, and then you get the points. Starting with 50, usually under 200 point a pop. How many do you need for a gift card? A $5 card is 2000 points. That's over 20 apps to download, you're going to hurt your phone or tablet with all that junk. That's not getting into the bigger rewards. You're better off just spending $5 of your own money than clogging your mobile device. If it even works as there's a lot of reviews stating they didn't get jackshit.
Chris, why would you promote this? Did you not do any rese- wait, I know he didn't. It's more than likely he saw the offer in his e-mail and took it without a second thought. He is so desperate for money. YouTube user Victor N made an excellent point in the comments. "Why not just hold up a sign "Will make YouTube video for food""

Screencap in case Chris deletes:
Oh and there's a shockingly sexist comment he made when going through the list of gift cards. He shows Target and says "I'm sure all the girlfriends out there will love that". ... What kind of sense does that make? Everyone shops at Target. It's affordable and has a lot of variety. It's not just women. The hell is wrong with you?

If this your idea of a "filler video" Chris, you need to reorganize your process. This shit is unacceptable, especially when it's something that can harm phones and tablets. If you're so desperate that you need to take all these brand deals, then maybe you should do some research on them for once in your life. This is your job, actually put in some effort.

Don't forget to download and backup the video. It's very likely he'll delete this one in a month or so (heavy dislikes).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No Videos Again, But Stuff Happened Outside

It’s been about 12 days since Chris posted a video (Excitebike was posted January 29th). But he has done quite a bit outside of making videos.

Chris is deleting videos again. I still don’t get it.
The two tech reviews he did this year are gone, the one with the shitty emulator & headphones and the one with the power bank & speaker. He also deleted the video about the Fable Legends art book.
Did he delete them due to the heavy dislikes? Hard to say since the videos about Gravity Falls figures and the crappy phone apps are still up. Maybe he doesn’t want to have too many videos with heavy dislikes? I’ve been informed that Chris is part of a new multi-channel network. Collective Digital Studio (though now they’re called Studio 71). They’re a notable MCN that have featured Freddie Wong, Cyanide & Happiness, Epic Meal Time, and Lucas “Fred” Cruikshank. Maybe they’re the reason Chris has put out a lot of videos lately? It doesn’t seem to be working as his views are still garbage, if anything they’re worse. Chris seems to believe putting out low quality crap is enough to please them. Why would CDS/S71 want Chris anyway? His name is toxic.

I recommend saving every video he puts out now. If he’s going to delete them within a month, this is the best course of action. Preservation is important.

Sometime last week, Chris changed his channel name from “Irategamer” to “Chris Bores TV”. He didn’t announce it, it just happened. But then it changed to “The Irate Gamer”. What was that about? That was so weird. Did he think his name was big enough to carry the channel? He’s deluded if he thinks so.

So why hasn’t Chris been posting anything? According to his Facebook, he took a week off because he made 13 videos in the last year. Incredible, that’s… really not a lot. Are you serious Chris? You’re bragging that you got 13 videos out? Also, is that including I Rate the 80’s because there’s only 12 episodes of “Season 5”. For some reason he’s including History of Video Games as part of those 12 episodes, no it doesn’t make sense but when has anything Chris done ever make sense?
13 videos is a pittance compared to the output others put out. Linkara himself commented on the last post on all the content he put out. 52 AT4W episodes, 62 Longbox of the Damned videos, two Let’s Play videos, two live shows, two riffs, 15 History of Power Rangers videos, and his movie. Don’t try to sound like 13 is a lot Chris.
If anything, that shows just how low effort all the other videos he puts out are. He doesn’t care about the others and thus he’s not including them. It’s clear that his intention is views and money, and it’s hurting him hard.

I also noticed he changed his “About” page. He removed links to GotGame and amiibo Informer. The latter makes sense, he hasn’t updated since July (dead site is dead). Though I question the former… is GotGame finally cutting him off? I know I’ve speculated about this before and he ended up releasing a Tales of Zestiria video, but this does raise red flags. However, he still lists GotGame as a featured channel under TheSkylanderC (which hasn’t updated in two months) and GotGame itself still lists him as a featured contributor. I don’t know, Chris is so terrible at communication that all we can do is guess.

My informant found an interesting tweet from him. Posted on Tweetsave for preservation.
Who’s Dana Terrace? She’s a storyboard artist and animator. She worked on Gravity Falls and she is going to be the director of the 2017 DuckTales reboot. Yep. Chris is begging to be a part of the new DuckTales series. Seems his comments back in March when talking about the reboot weren’t just wishful thinking, he legit wants to be part of the show. … What the fuck would you even do? You’re not an animator, you’re not an artist, and you’re certainly not a writer (no, having that ghost book doesn’t make you a writer). I don’t think they’d hire you either after your comments about Launchpad being stupid.
But wow, this is sad even for him. Begging directors on Twitter. It’s not going to happen Chris, show some fucking self-respect.

By the way, when’s your Hardcore Pawn appearance Chris? I suspect TruTV might have cancelled the show as it’s been 10 months since Season 9 ended. Take a look at when each season started and ended. There’s usually a month between them, with the longest being Season 8 to 9’s four month gap.
TruTV hasn’t confirmed renewal or cancellation, but this is really strange.

Now watch as Chris posts something new right after this goes up.