Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm sorry

Uggggh, what's the date? March 14th?! Where did the time go?!
Oh god so much Puppet Steve, and I imagine it's mostly the same crap. Chris is so lazy, and "safe", meaning that he won't try anything new. I can just tell it's all the same, it's always been for months. Do kids really like seeing the same thing over and over?
What has he posted? More Powerpuff Girls 2016. I don't think that show's doing well, Cartoon Network isn't spamming it like they do with Teen Titans Go and Gumball. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes off the air soon. Then again if morons like Chris keep buying the toys, it will probably last.
A look at the Sonic set in Lego Dimensions, wow you are late! That came out in November, what the fuck have you been doing?
Then I looked ahead and saw him reviewing Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal Toys. How desperate are you? This is the worst tie-in ever since he's only doing this for the release of the Switch. What makes this even worse is that these are OLD, as in 2014! WHAT THE HELL?! Why do you think anyone wants to watch you play with 3 year old toys that do nothing?! How dumb are you Chris? Then again, being late to the party has always been a thing for him.
Also, Zombie Steve is wearing red now. Because "he needed a new shirt" according to the comments. You are so retarded Chris.

So yeah... I've really got nothing. I'm sorry.
Been busy with work, and Zelda, and just life in general. You know how it is?
Chris really isn't giving me anything, he seems content vomiting the same content as long as it gets him views from stupid six year olds. Completely cynical and soulless, no effort at all. Just... why?