Saturday, January 26, 2019

Bores and His Possible Issues with Women

I'm gonna tackle something a little delicate today.

The other day, Bores posted on Facebook an "angry" post about how one of the stars of the new Men in Black movie "Men in Black: International" is a woman (played by Tessa Thompson), saying it shouldn't be called "Men in Black" now.
That is monumentally stupid Chris. Also, there's been plenty of women in the MIB series. The first movie ended with Linda Fiorentino's Dr. Weaver becoming Agent L. While she was written out for the sequels, she was a mainstay in the animated series. The third movie reveals that the head of the MIB is a woman (played by Emma Thompson, who is reprising her role for the new movie). Just because their organization has "Men" in the title doesn't mean it's exclusively men. How dumb are you Chris?

Thankfully, most of the comments called out how stupid that was. He got more comments for that post than he normally does.

This next part though, isn't so funny. The other day I got an e-mail telling me about an interesting comment left on CommonNonsenseMedia's documentary about Bores.

Take what's about to posted with a big grain of salt.

A user named Brittni Abernathy stated that Chris is a douchebag in real life. Her fiancee was married to Chris' current wife (Nicole) prior to this. It seems Nicole went up to Brittni in her car and slapped her, a fight broke out, then Chris grabbed Brittni and punched her. Brittni's fiancee went after Chris, and something happened and now Chris is paranoid and keeps a bat by his door.

Here's the image.

The person that e-mailed me did a search on Brittni Abernathy and found her in Toledo, where Bores currently lives.
Now of course there's a lot of info we don't have. What prompted this event to happen being a big one.
I'm not going to distrust her, this doesn't seem like something someone would make up, especially for a fallen "star" like Bores. But always, ALWAYS, take these stories with a grain of salt.

I'm bringing this up as a warning, that Bores could likely hurt others out there.

From all this, and past comments like his initial thoughts on the 2016 Ghostbusters and a post on his old site where he thought Cammy from Street Fighter would be pregnant and raising kids, I get the feeling Bores has issues with women.
We know he worships Alex Jones, we know he supports Trump, and from some research into his family, he was likely raised in a super-religious household that probably instilled a lot of outdated values into him. Including the idea that women are inferior and should be treated as such. While it's still possible to change for the better, I think someone as stubborn as Chris is stuck in his ways. All I can say is be careful people close to him or his family.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

No Reviews Until Summer?

We're well into January and Bores still ignores his "Chris Neo" channel, and it may be that way for a loooong while. Over on Facebook, one guy (claiming to be a game journalist pffft) noted the announcement of Series 2 of Arcade1Up (those crazy expensive replica arcade cabinets), hoping Chris would do a video about them. He responded that "he's too busy" and not to expect any video game reviews until summer. Seriously? How hard can it be to do an unscripted video with no jokes and barely any commentary? I doubt he's doing more ghost shit, so the only other thing he's really busy with is Puppet Steve. Which connects to the next subject.

Another user called him out for not doing his old style of reviews anymore and Chris responded that it's no longer feasible because YouTube keeps changing the "algorhythms". That is how he typed it. Here's the thing, no algorithm can save you. You did yourself in, and if you think algorithms can help your new format you are a bigger fool than I thought. It's clear nobody is falling for your weak clickbait. You can easily get around this if you opened a Patreon, but for some reason you refused to do it. You didn't even give a good reason.
And for someone that complains about the algorithms, you loooooove to exploit it as a Puppet Steve. You can't do Irate Gamer videos anymore, but 50 videos about FNAF and Bendy is the real shit. It'd be one thing if you actually cared but you clearly don't, this is obviously just a tool to make money now. You don't even bother doing the voice. Yes, YouTube is awful, but there are ways around it if you take the time to learn and to invest in other money making methods. Making money solely through YouTube is no longer possible. You have sponsors but when you don't make videos, it doesn't matter.

Why are you so obstinate about all this? It's been almost 12 years since you seriously got into YouTube, nothing stays the same in that amount of time. You have to adapt, but instead you cry that nothing is the same, and make up conspiracies about why things change. You're essentially the Alex Jones of YouTube bullshit, and I want to tell you that's not a good thing since I know you're a fan of his Chris.

Anyway, couple of other things. He's excited for the new Ghostbusters movie (no title given), so much so he made a Puppet Steve reaction video to the teaser (been a while since one of those). Even though it's the rare case of a teaser actually being a teaser, and it showed nothing but the Ecto-1 in a barn. That's it. Yet somehow Chris made a 5 minute video about it. Makes me wonder how shitty "nerd culture" channels do the same.

He's also excited for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, a newly announced fighting game that looks like a low-end PS3 game. I thought it was a port of the mobile title Legacy Wars, but they say it's a new game, with 3v3 fighting a/la Marvel vs Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ (you could have shown that in the trailer). Despite looking weak, Chris marked out about it, and of course the Green Ranger. Your fanboy-ism for Tommy Oliver is really dumb and reeks of being try-hard.
I wonder... since Hasbro is working on a sequel to the 2017 movie, which will include Tommy, will the cast get their wish of a female Tommy? A Tomi Oliver if you will? I wonder how Chris will react to that.

Welp, who knows what's going to happen between now and June or July or whenever he decides to stop playing with toys. Maybe we'll get some more Tinfoil Chris in that time?