Sunday, December 8, 2019

Video Game Dumpster Fire on GeekTime

Much to my surprise, Chris is still doing GeekTime. Posted Episode 6 two days ago. From what I'm hearing, it's one hell of an episode.

It opens with them talking about Dark Phoenix. Boy that's late.
Chris complains that it's "too dark". Uhh no shit. The Dark Phoenix Saga wasn't a happy story, it was meant to be a darker tale. Of course, Fox messed up for completely different reasons.
Tim does most of the talking as Chris ends up admitting he only watched the ending. This keeps happening!
Chris ends up revealing he didn't like Logan (what the fuck) and X-Men Origins Wolverine. Are we just pretending that video you made where you called it "All that and a bag of potato chips" doesn't exist? Just because you removed it from your channel doesn't mean it didn't happen. RedLetterMedia made damn sure of that. Then again, he turned around about Ghostbusters 2016 after saying "it wasn't that bad". Now he's saying "it sucks!"
How did you not like Logan? It's a damn good movie. Oh right, this is the man that likes Pixels. Until he admits on the podcast that he doesn't.
Chris' other complaints with Dark Phoenix were the lack of Wolverine and Mr. Sinister. Wolverine is dead until the MCU reboot, and the Mr. Sinister plot point they set up was clearly lost. Not going to come back.

They bring up the Black Widow movie and are upset that Robert Downey Jr is going to appear. ... And that's a problem why? It's set before Infinity War & Endgame, so Tony Stark would be alive. Just saying.

Then they get into the three billionth rant on how Rian Johnson killed Star Wars. Again, Star Wars was "killed" by greedy executives that completely misread trends. Disney realized their mistake and that's why the franchise is going on a break after The Rise of Skywalker comes out. Not that it matters since people (including all these "fans") are going to keep giving them money. They'll keep buying the toys, the t-shirts, the video games, they'll watch The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. By the way, Chris & Tim do not talk about Disney Plus at all in this episode. That is weird since it's the hot new thing right now. Once again, Chris misses the boat.
Chris also does a dumb joke where he claims Disney is making a Porg Cinematic Universe. It comes out of nowhere.

Tim starts talking about Cobra Kai, the YouTube original series following The Karate Kid several years later. During it he comments how Johnny and Daniel could become friends, which Chris interjects "like Irate Gamer and AVGN". Again, it comes out of nowhere! For someone that wants to really forget about Irate Gamer, he keeps bringing it up.
Chris also states that the people making the new Ghostbusters movie should look to Cobra Kai as "inspiration". ... That's dumb.

There's a weird bit where Tim brings up Seinfeld coming to Netflix, and complains that it's going to be in 4K. ... No it won't. That would require extensive remastering, something that's probably not going to happen.

And then, this is where the inferno happens. Chris and Tim get into video game news, and we're gonna get some insane ignorance.

Chris starts by bringing up the Playstation 5. Claiming it's "weird" that Sony would announce that. ... Why? Why is that weird?! Then he tops it saying "Do we need a Playstation 5?" ... Yes! Do you not understand how console generations work? After a period of time, console makers release a new model that's better than the last one. The PS5 will have more power and features than the PS4. That's how consoles worked for the past 30+ years!
Then he claims the PS4 is everything you need and you don't need a new console. That is a beyond retarded mindset. PS5 will allow developers to do things they couldn't do on PS4, that's the whole point!
I really don't get how that's "weird". Everyone expected Sony to put out a PS5. Weird would be Sony putting a successor to the Vita.

Tim shows his total lack of knowledge, saying he can't tell the difference between the PS3 and PS4. Maybe get your eyes checked.
Then claims consoles are "internet based" now. ... That's inaccurate. Well there digital downloads and patches, you don't have to be 100% connected. As long as you have the disc/cartridge or the downloaded title, you can play it. Being 100% connected is what killed the Xbox One for several years. If you guys are going to do a podcast, shouldn't you research?
Tim then asks if PS4 has 4K. Which Chris doesn't know. Like I said. Research. No, the regular PS4 is not capable of 4K. The PS4 Pro is.

Tim makes a comment that the "gaming nerds are gonna be so mad at us". Soooo... you're trying to reach out to as many "geeks" and "nerds" as possible. Maaaaaybe insulting them isn't the best idea. I wonder why nobody's listening.
And then, Chris says what might be the most shocking and surprising thing he has ever said in his 12 year career on YouTube. "I'm very casual" ... I... I can't believe it. The Irate Gamer... is casual! Very causal even. How did I not see this?! My world is shat- okay enough of that joke.
So, I guess Chris is done with that lie. Just giving it up. He was never good at hiding that he knew nothing about gaming. He further adds that he's "extremely casual about new consoles". So why even talk about it?
Tim tries to save him by saying "But you're big with the NES!" It's too late Tim. He exposed himself. And really, you shouldn't talk Tim. He outright admits the last gaming thing he cared about was getting his girlfriend a Wii. That's at least 12-13 years ago. He's been out of it for over a decade.

For some reason, he brings up Simpsons Hit & Run. How he wants a remaster but there's licensing problems. Yeah, lots of problems. Hit & Run was published by Vivendi Universal, who are now part of Activision. The rights went to EA, who still have a stranglehold on them thanks to Tapped Out. The developer, Radical Entertainment, are basically skeleton studio now, only supporting other Activision games. Basically, this is why remasters and re-releases of licensed games are so rare.

But then he also mentions the game's "limitations". That's what new consoles are for! A new console would remove any possible limitations. Like making Lisa's hair look less weird in 3D. I know you admitted you're casual but holy crap.

Then he starts talking about the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the way he talks about it, he sounds like he just learned it exists. I know you mentioned it in 2015 in your E3 video. Do not tell me your memory is THAT bad! ... Even though I should be used to that by now.
He talks about "paywalls". ... What paywalls? I know there's some minor DLC, but I haven't heard anything about a paywall. No... get this. He seems to think that the FFVII remake, is PS5 exclusive. Even though it hasn't been announced for that (yet), and it's clearly a PS4 game out in three months. Are you that sheltered that you somehow don't know it's a PS4 game?!

By the way, Tim goes "Seven is the one with Sephiroth right?' Oy vey...
To make things worse. Chris can't pronounce Aerith, refers to Shinra and Midgar as "characters" (unless you mean President Shinra and Rufus, but I doubt that). Then he gets upset because his two "favorite" characters haven't been shown. Red XIII and Cait Sith. First off, Cait Sith? Really? Second, of course they haven't been shown. The entirety of the game takes place in Midgar, a massive expansion compared to the original. Red XIII doesn't show up until the final part of Midgar, and Cait Sith doesn't show up until the Gold Saucer, which won't be until the next game. In Red XIII's case, they're not going to spoil the final act in previews. This isn't Kingdom Hearts III.

Then they talk about the Avengers game from Square-Enix, a book about NES games, and then the rest of the podcast is not important.

Hoo boy was that bad. I mean, most of it was boring as sin, but once they started talking about video games it just spiraled out of control. Would it kill you to do research into the topics you discuss? Oh right, look who I'm asking.
As of this posting, Chris has not uploaded this episode to YouTube. I imagine it will go the same as the others. Barely any views, lots of dislikes. Even on the comments on his Facebook don't care about the episode. Is this really worth continuing Chris? You're gonna have to find something, especially with YouTube's policy changes killing Puppet Steve.

Speaking of Puppet Steve, what has that been up to?
Latest video is a reaction to the trailer for Scoob, that upcoming CGI animated Scooby-Doo movie. A trailer that came out three weeks ago. Again, real quick on the uptake.
However... a few days ago he uploaded a video covering Heroes of Goo Jit Zu action figures, a line of toys where they're squishy and gooey on the inside. For some baffling reason, Chris decided to add an Asian Conical Hat to Steve... and give him slanted eyes. Blatant racism for the kids! Feels like I'm watching Bugs Bunny in 1944. It's only in the thumbnail, but even so that is just wrong. Maybe you should leave Ohio for once in your life Chris. Go see the world. Realize that a racist mind is a filthy mind.

Sorry if this post seems all out of sorts.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Is Puppet Steve Screwed?

Last week, Chris uploaded GeekTime Episode 5 to YouTube. It barely has views and has more dislikes than likes. At this point, it's safe to declare GeekTime a failure. Nobody asked for it, and nobody likes it.

That's probably one of the reasons Chris has been so angry lately. Combined with him watching all these ghost shows where he's not involved. In fact, there's another rant.

I am now convinced that "Ghost Behaviorist" is just something he made up to make himself feel better. Feel more important than all the other ghost hunters out there. He's clearly upset that nobody is inviting him to these shows. But why would they? What would you add? Chris, it's time to give up. It's time to hang up the hat on the ghosts. Surely after 14 or so years, you would realize that nobody wants to hear you talk about ghosts.

Anyway, what's going on with Puppet Steve?
Within the last couple hours, he posted a video about Pokemon Sword & Shield! Oh wait, sorry, he merely put that name in the title, and used it as an excuse to talk about Pokemon toys. Not even trying with this.
Last week he posted a 19 minute video about Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Or rather, Mario vs Sonic. Yes, after 12 years he still gets the name wrong. What is his problem?
Bunch of other crap. Video about Playmobil tying into the movie, for some reason he included Deadpool. Reaction to the new Sonic movie trailer with the updated look. Nothing else really worth mentioning. ... Except for one pretty big thing.

In 1998, the U.S. Government passed the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA for short. This law was written to forbid data collection on children under 13 years old without their parent's permission. A great policy as young children wouldn't be able to consent to that.
Guess which big business violated this law? Good ol' YouTube. Turns out they were collecting data from kids watching their extensive library of children-safe videos, and the Federal Trade Commission has called them out on it. YouTube has now settled on giving them $170 million for these violations.  That's a pretty big sum of money.
And like the Adpocalypse, YouTube's response to this has been overkill. They will now be implementing new rules where you have to mark your videos as "for kids" or not. If you mark it "for kids", the video basically vanishes. No notifications, no comments, no ability to search it, it will not be recommended, and the user will get a massive 90% cut in revenue. That's pretty bad. To make things worse though, if you don't mark your video "for kids", but YouTube determines that the content appeals to kids, the FTC can fine you for $42,000. This has lead to thousands of content creators freaking out, especially people that talk about video games or toys (such as Transformers or Kamen Rider). Creators and fans have been flooding the FTC and YouTube with complaints, calling out these stupid policies. Unless something changes, YouTube is about to hit an incredibly dark future.

You probably noticed that this is also bad for Chris. Obviously, his Puppet Steve videos are meant for children, so he can't lie about that. But if he marks it for children, he loses so much of his money. He's screwed either way. What is Chris to do? He can't do Patreon, parents would freak if the funny puppet man started begging their kids for money. Perhaps the return of the Irate Gamer for the 20th time? He'll have to settle on Patreon for that though. Oh, but wait, didn't Chris say Patreon was "too complicated"? What an impasse we have reached. ... Really though, I think Chris used that as an excuse because he's lazy and he hates the way YouTube keeps changing. Refusing to adapt.

Is Chris' career on YouTube over? Has YouTube's fuckery finally gone too far? Can't answer the first one, but yes, they have gone too far. We really need a good competitor. I'm not asking for a return to 2006 YouTube with all the old TV shows, but something that won't flag you for using public domain music because you used the wrong recording.

Maybe this is why Chris has been doubling down on the anger towards the ghost shows. He knows his YouTube career is one foot in the grave, so he's desperately trying to get their attention. It's clearly not working.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Threatening to Quit "Geekdom" Over... Watchmen?!

I did not expect to have a new post soon. No, there's no GeekTime and Puppet Steve hasn't done any video games. Though he has done videos on Muppet Babies, Glow-in-the-Dark FNAF, and... Sonic cereal? Blue cereal? That's disgusting. Sorry, getting off-topic.
No, instead he posted something really stupid on Facebook. Talking about the new HBO series adapting Watchmen. Before on GeekTime, he complained that the show was using White Supremacists as villains and felt that would alienate white comic book fans. Chris let the mask slip a little. How long until we get an angry cartoony rant where he screams about how the Jews and blacks should worship him?

He finally got around to watching it and posted his thoughts on Facebook. Full disclosure, I haven't seen it yet because I don't have HBO. Perhaps if it's on HBO Max, I'll get around to it.

I will give credit for not bringing up the villainous White Supremacists. However, holy shit at this hyperbolic reaction!
You hated it so much you want to quit all "pop culture" in general? That makes no sense! That means giving up your precious Marvel movies, your Star Wars, giving up video games which you clearly didn't care about in the first place, but that means giving up FNAF and all that shit you talk about on Puppet Steve. You can't just declare you're giving up on "pop culture", that's an idiotic statement.

Giving up on GeekTime though... hmm perhaps this is a smokescreen for dropping another failed project of yours? Fans still aren't receptive to it. In fact, he's lost over 1000 YouTube subscribers since he started posting excerpts. Not like the views are much better either. A few days ago he posted a 43-minute excerpt from Episode 5, talking about their Top 5 Halloween Movies & TV shows. Barely over 700 views.

Really makes me wonder what was in the Watchmen TV show that made Chris so upset. He doesn't go into detail other than "boring" and "confused". Most reception I've seen has been really positive.

Wait, a disgrace to Alan Moore fans? You never read the original comic. That was clear from your review of the movie back in 2009 (holy crap it's been 10 years). Okay, to be fair, he may have read the comic in that time gap. Besides, Alan Moore fans are used to getting screwed over. Constantine, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Doomsday Clock.

Anyone that's seen the show let me know what issues he could possibly have? It could be the White Supremacists and he doesn't want to say it knowing he could get in a lot of trouble (though that didn't stop him on GeekTime), but maybe there's something else.

Monday, October 28, 2019

I Think Chris Wants Ghost Attention

It's almost Halloween, hope you guys are having a spoopy time.
Chris uploaded Episode 5 of GeekTime the other day. Only took three weeks. ... Yay?
On it, they talked about Joker, or rather Tim talked about Joker because Chris didn't see it. That's not how you're supposed to do that! At least both of you should go see the movie. This podcast is a mess. Anyway, only Tim saw Joker, and he didn't like it. Complaining it was "wasn't enough like the comic book" and it "deviates from the canon too much" Uhh... no shit. It's an adaptation. If anything, it's more like an Elseworlds story (for those unaware, Elseworlds was a label DC used to tell stories that weren't canon). You're supposed to see it as its own thing. WB has said there's no plans for a sequel or to incorporate Arthur into a "universe". There's also points in the review where it sounds like Tim wasn't paying attention. Where have I heard that before?

They also talked about something rather different. The Nostalgia Critic's review of Pink Floyd's The Wall. For those that haven't been around, Doug Walker has somehow survived the online backlash of covering up a predator and staying silent while people he once called friends were hurt by a greedy asshole, and still makes videos with plenty of views. He has even gotten more subscribers now than before the Change the Channel incident.
Anyway, last month he posted a "review" of the movie adaptation of Pink Floyd's album The Wall, and I say review in quotes because it is not that. Instead, Doug channeled Demo Reel and did a "parody" musical of The Wall. He even got Slipknot's Corey Taylor to show up. The video was... abysmal. An absolute trainwreck. The parody songs weren't funny ("Heey, what if we took Comfortably Numb and made it... Comfortably Dumb! Oh man I should write for Weird Al"), Doug missed the point of Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, mocking it with "You say you hate high school but it wasn't that bad", even though it was based on Roger Waters' real experiences in a British boarding school which were awful institutions that used corporal punishment (basically Doug was acting like they were talking about US schools), referred to one song as "Oscar Bait" (even though the album came out three years before the movie), tried to apply modern concerns to his musical (worst one is turning the marching hammers into marching phones... dear god) and probably the worst part, ending the video with Taylor calling him out for not even reviewing it, and saying in one sentence "It was okay". The whole thing is 40 minutes long!
It was a pretentious garbage pile of a video, and clear evidence that Doug never grew past wanting to do Demo Reel, if anything this was way worse then that shit. He completely wasted Corey Taylor, who sat there just watching TV while Doug sang, only singing at the very end... singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme. I don't get it! They even released an album of the parody songs. It's currently the worst rated album on It even got attention from people that normally don't care for the Nostalgia Critic. Including Chris & Tim

Yes, they brought up the video on the latest GeekTime.  But like Joker, Chris didn't watch it, instead it's Tim complaining about things everyone else already has, like comparing UK schools to US schools and the Oscar Bait comment. Also Chris does some dumb song. Something real surreal about one failed reviewer calling out another failed reviewer. Chris was so proud of this part, he uploaded it to YouTube before uploading the full episode (he's doing that now). The title is clickbait as fuuuuuck "Irate Gamer's Response to Nostalgia Critic's Pink Floyd Wall Review". Except he's not Irate Gamer, he's himself, and he doesn't say anything about it because he didn't watch it. Even some of the comments called this out. The thumbnail is terrible too, he just took NC's thumbnail, slapped his face over Corey Taylor's picture (which he copied & pasted from his video talking about Terminator: Dark Fate) and drew cartoony eyes and a tongue on Rob Scallon. Your lack of talent and effort continues to astound me.
But really, the lamest part is that this was posted a month after everyone else was done talking about it. This is a big problem for GeekTime, they're never up to date.

And it's only going to get worse. Chris posted on Twitter that his goal is to hopefully get one episode of GeekTime out a month. Seriously? Nobody is going to want to listen to that. You two already lack charisma, nobody is going to listen to a pair of assholes talk about stuff they already heard about three weeks ago. From YouTube ratings and comments, nobody likes this. You have a few fans sure, but most of the response is "this sucks". I have to wonder if it was Chris that even wanted to do the podcast, the last episode was mostly Tim talking.

But that's not all I wanted to bring up. Chris has been losing his mind over the ghost hunting shows. Before he was shitting himself over Grant Wilson "stealing" from him in the Ghost Hunters revival, and now he's really REALLY shitting himself over Jason Hawes "stealing" from him in his new show "Ghost Nation". Don't believe me? Here's his long Facebook post about it.

First off, you can curse on Facebook. Nobody is going to be mad at you because you said "fucker".
So you're accusing Hawes of stealing from you because he used the term "Confused Spirits". You didn't invent that term Chris, it's likely been around for a long time. Lots of fictional stories even used the plot device of a ghost that didn't realize they were dead. It's nothing new.
Another one of Chris' patented lies in that ramble too. "He was oddly silent for the first 10 minutes", this is an obvious tell of his to make it seem like they were more interested in him than they really were.
Here's a thought Chris, maybe your "ideas" aren't actually that new. I don't know or care what the ghost community does, but I'm sure they've all discussed the shit you've "discovered" for a while now. You haven't done anything new or revolutionary. You're just some cultish asshole that thinks they know more than they really do.
I hope Chris tries to sue, it would go about as well as that hilariously disastrous Vic Mignogna trial.

One person commented with this.

Yep, someone bringing up his own plagiarism. I bring this up because according to my informant, Chris actually replied to it, crying "It's not the same! I talked to James about it! This is different!" Really? You talked to James about it. Where's your evidence? Why would he want to talk to you after you tried to throw him under the bus with he "Opening Up" video?
But I guess Chris said too much because he deleted the reply. Hmmmmm.

That's all for now. Will Chris finally realize he'll never make big with his ghost crap? Probably not...

Saturday, October 5, 2019

GeekTime is Not Popular with the Fans

Chris released episode 4 of GeekTime TNG yesterday. Let's check it out!
*1:29:10 long* ... You know what, fuck that.

Chris did however post an 11 minute excerpt on his YouTube channel. *looks at dislikes* Ooooooh daaaaaaamn.

I haven't seen dislikes like that in YEARS (on Chris' videos). What the hell happened here? People were so enthusiastic in that first preview he posted. Oh, there's quite a few reasons.

That title? "The JOKER Movie SUCKS!! Get This Away From Me! (GEEKTIME TNG)"
That's clickbait. See, Chris confessed on Facebook that episode 4 was recorded two weeks ago. The new Joker movie officially came out yesterday. Meaning this "critique" is based entirely off the trailers. Real bad move there.
I'll just note that I haven't seen Joker yet, kind of want to wait until the hype dies down. Just for the sake of disclosure.

Basically his issues are "It's not like the comics, there's no Batman, Marvel does it right". It's not meant to be any of that. It's meant to be a psychological thriller showing how one man can completely break and become a mass-murdering crime lord. It's a story you can even tell without involving the Joker, they're using the character because they can. Think of it like an Elseworlds story. An alternate take.
Tim also refers to the movie as "artsy fartsy" because it got a standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival. Yeah I'm sure that's exactly what we'll get from the man that gave us the giraffe decapitation in The Hangover 3.

Though some comments agreed with him, some state he missed the mark big time. Of course, a lot of those were deleted, and that's from people that actually bothered to watch the whole thing. A lot of them gave up because of the TWO MINUTE INTRO. It involves playing that terrible theme song in its entirety, along with some extra introduction stuff. Keep in mind the video is only 10:52 long, so for two of those minutes to be taken up by an annoying intro, you're going to lose viewers. Also, any comment that called this out as clickbait got deleted. Smooth.

On top of that, Chris put in SIX AD BREAKS! For an 11 minute video! Why do you think people use Adblock Chris?! Because of shit like that!

Let's face it, GeekTime has not launched well. Most of his fans don't seem to like it. They want Irate Gamer. It also doesn't help that Chris won't put the podcast on YouTube. They don't want to leave YouTube.
Who knows if people will even listen? Especially when they spout such incredible ideas like "The BurgerTime chef should be in Smash Bros instead of Terry Bogard". Along with "Marvel Marvel Marvel Marvel. Also Star Wars".

So Chris. Going to give up on the terrible podcast idea now?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chris Just Can't Help Himself

I am now convinced Irate Gamer is dead. Deader than dead. Summer is long over and he hasn't given us a damn thing. Why lie though? What was the point? To attract the 20 people that still cared?
I mean yeah, in the first episode of GeekTime he said he's retired, but he's said that so many times now. You can't take him seriously.

So you think the podcast would get more focus now? Apparently not, since it's been over two weeks since the third episode and no updates on a fourth. Hey Chris, question. Why is your podcast not on YouTube? You can easily upload it there. You'd probably get more views than PodBean.
Also, question to any PodBean users. Is it common for there to be usernames that are nothing more than random numbers and letters? I'm looking at the followers of GeekTime and there's some strange names. "vqlmg9", "kqx66n", "dwgzlc", and a few more. Is Chris using bots to boost his follower count?

But who has time for podcasts when you can complain about TV show rebooooots? No not Lost in Space or whatever is on Netflix this week, but Chris still mad about Ghost Hunters. He even said that he wants to do a 50 minute rant video about it. Oooh that sounds like a delightful trainwreck of awful. Even his fans are demanding to see that rant. Has Chris done it yet? Noooo of course not, why would Chris do what people want of him? Have more Puppet Steve you stupid fucks.

Oh yeah, Puppet Steve. He's still doing it. More Baldi, more tiny hard to see Arcades, more Bendy. A new favorite trend of his is fake crossovers. Last month I mentioned his fake crossover with Duddy from FGTeeV, and he's done way more of those. Because kids are apparently dumb enough to not realize he's lying. He also did a fake crossover with the channel Hobby Kids Adventures, and like Duddy it's a still picture with Chris doing the voices. Somehow, it is nightmare inducing.
But that's not what I want to talk about. About 10 days ago on September 19th, Chris uploaded a video on Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. I bring this up because he says in the title he's going to play the game, and he does... 8:42 minutes into this 10:38 long video. The first 8:41 is about the fucking toys. Because of course it is.

And if you wanted ignorance, oh boy is there plenty. Chris makes it abundantly clear he knows nothing about Crash Bandicoot. First sign of trouble is when he refers to Coco as Crash's girlfriend. That's his sister you sick fuck.
Then as he scrolls through the other playable characters, he just says "this guy" over and over and over again. It doesn't even lead up to a joke or something. A lot of these are easily identifiable bosses from the first three games. Such a shame there's no way to play those games on a modern console right no- oh wait, there is. No excuse, Chris.
So he plays for a bit, cutting between two different courses because he thinks we're idiots.

Now, when you play the new CTR, there's something that happens on the results screen at the end of the race. Rather than the name of the character you're playing as, it uses your handle. Whether it's your PSN ID, your XBL GamerTag, or your Nintendo Network ID. So I figured something was suspect when Chris "won the race" and the name that popped up was "MKIceAndFireNZ". That was weird, so I looked up that name and found a profile full of games that I doubt Chris would ever play. Not to mention his location was listed as New Zealand. So I dropped the NZ part and found that MKIceAndFire is a game-playing YouTuber with over 1.8 million subscribers. I even found the Crash Team Racing video he made. And no, Chris did not credit him in the description, or even act like he got permission.

Once again, Chris is stealing footage. Old habits sure do die hard don't they. Why couldn't Chris just record his own footage? He has the game, it's shown in the video. Was he afraid of showing his PSN ID? We already know it's "irate_g", not that it matters since you put your account in private so that no one can see your trophies.

Sorry if this comes off as weird and sloppy, been fighting a cold off.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Chris' Journey Into Podcasts. Geek Time: The Next Generation

I'm sorry. I'm so very very sorry for being late with this. I do not have a good excuse, I've just been lazy.

Summer is almost over. The Irate Gamer has not returned. Chris has lied to us.
Instead, he's been dumping out more Puppet Steve garbage, and something else entirely.

Turns out Chris was serious about starting a podcast, and he's been releasing episodes of it. In fact, there's 3 out now.
The podcast goes by the title "Geek Time: The Next Generation". It's called that because there was once a podcast called Geek Time that Chris loved. Apparently, all traces of it vanished from the internet. Except for the theme song I guess, I don't know anything about this podcast and research into it has brought up nothing.

I mention the theme song because the first podcast opens with this awful "tribute to geekdom". With stereotypical lines about pocket protectors, speaking Klingon, never touching a girl. I'm guessing it's an old song because one line is about having an Iron Man mask, which in 2019 isn't considered "geeky" anymore as Iron Man is insanely popular.

Chris isn't working alone. He has a co-host! Wow, only took 12 years to figure it out.
He's joined by his friend Tim Walker, who previous appeared in his I Rate the 80s video on TMNT Cereal, taking part in the sketch where he steals the cereal from him. Because that's... comedy?

So yeah, I tried listening to this. Honestly, I only got 30 minutes into the first episode. It was dull. Chris and Tim have no charisma. I mean, we've well-established that Chris has no charisma. But even working off someone else, he's still as dull as dirt.
I tried to do a detailed recap, but I got bored, I couldn't stand listening to these two. I'm sorry. You'd think after 10 years of doing this I would be better about it. By the way that's my acknowledgement of this blog being 10 years old. *fweet*

The reason Chris started this is that other "geeky" podcasts weren't doing what he wanted. He brings up Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman (now Fatman Beyond) and he got annoyed that Smith would bring up his weight loss instead of geeky topics. Oh boo hoo, how dare Kevin Smith talk about something that saved his life. You sound like a brat complaining about that.

The main subject of the first episode was San Diego Comic Con. ... One month after it happened. Still just as slow on the uptake as usual.
It was just them talking about the announcements. Believing Shang Chi is a bad idea, that Thor Ragnarok is not actually that good (including a false claim that they spent 20 minutes talking about the Devil's Anus). ... That's about where I checked out. From what my readers and informant have told me, the rest wasn't much better.

At one point, Chris complains about the upcoming Watchmen TV series, in how it portrays White Supremacists as the bad guys even though "white people are your audience". *breathes* Okay. If your reaction to murderous White Supremacists being portrayed in a negative light is "but white people" then perhaps you're harboring same MAJOR racist ideology. Not to mention it's no longer the 90s, comic book adaptations have a HUGE audience of all kinds of people. Why do you think Black Panther and Captain Marvel did so well? Why do you think Marvel is even making a Shang Chi movie? Businesses have realized that "white men aren't the only audience". Not to mention, White Supremacists have been villains for the longest time. Why are you so offended now? But what should I expect from an out of touch, sheltered Ohio white boy that's high on Alex Jones fumes and neck-deep in the Trump Kool-Aid. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing Chris do videos with clickbait titles about "DUH SJW MENACE" and "FEMINISTS RUINING MUH STAR WARS". That kind of garbage.

Second episode doesn't sound much better. This time around D23 announcements. Whole lot of Marvel, talking about the 80s. Bleh...

Third episode is about the end of the Spider-Man partnership between Disney and Sony. Meh... Chris just seems to have trouble keeping up with current events. The description for it mentions Smash Bros. Probably Chris pretending he cares about Banjo-Kazooie and King of Fighters, even though he has never shown any interest in those games in his many many videos.

Overall... this isn't the worst thing Chris has made. It's just very very bland. If you've ever seen RedLetterMedia's "Nerd Crew" series, it's pretty much like that. Give it time and Chris & Tim will start shilling Blue Apron and NordVPN and whatever online business that usually uses podcasts to advertise. I'd say he would shill LootCrate, but they're going under hahahahahahaha! ... Sorry to those that lost their job at LootCrate.

Perhaps if I'm feeling up to it, I'll try to do a recap on the fourth episode, if it's made. No guarantees.