Saturday, October 5, 2019

GeekTime is Not Popular with the Fans

Chris released episode 4 of GeekTime TNG yesterday. Let's check it out!
*1:29:10 long* ... You know what, fuck that.

Chris did however post an 11 minute excerpt on his YouTube channel. *looks at dislikes* Ooooooh daaaaaaamn.

I haven't seen dislikes like that in YEARS (on Chris' videos). What the hell happened here? People were so enthusiastic in that first preview he posted. Oh, there's quite a few reasons.

That title? "The JOKER Movie SUCKS!! Get This Away From Me! (GEEKTIME TNG)"
That's clickbait. See, Chris confessed on Facebook that episode 4 was recorded two weeks ago. The new Joker movie officially came out yesterday. Meaning this "critique" is based entirely off the trailers. Real bad move there.
I'll just note that I haven't seen Joker yet, kind of want to wait until the hype dies down. Just for the sake of disclosure.

Basically his issues are "It's not like the comics, there's no Batman, Marvel does it right". It's not meant to be any of that. It's meant to be a psychological thriller showing how one man can completely break and become a mass-murdering crime lord. It's a story you can even tell without involving the Joker, they're using the character because they can. Think of it like an Elseworlds story. An alternate take.
Tim also refers to the movie as "artsy fartsy" because it got a standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival. Yeah I'm sure that's exactly what we'll get from the man that gave us the giraffe decapitation in The Hangover 3.

Though some comments agreed with him, some state he missed the mark big time. Of course, a lot of those were deleted, and that's from people that actually bothered to watch the whole thing. A lot of them gave up because of the TWO MINUTE INTRO. It involves playing that terrible theme song in its entirety, along with some extra introduction stuff. Keep in mind the video is only 10:52 long, so for two of those minutes to be taken up by an annoying intro, you're going to lose viewers. Also, any comment that called this out as clickbait got deleted. Smooth.

On top of that, Chris put in SIX AD BREAKS! For an 11 minute video! Why do you think people use Adblock Chris?! Because of shit like that!

Let's face it, GeekTime has not launched well. Most of his fans don't seem to like it. They want Irate Gamer. It also doesn't help that Chris won't put the podcast on YouTube. They don't want to leave YouTube.
Who knows if people will even listen? Especially when they spout such incredible ideas like "The BurgerTime chef should be in Smash Bros instead of Terry Bogard". Along with "Marvel Marvel Marvel Marvel. Also Star Wars".

So Chris. Going to give up on the terrible podcast idea now?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chris Just Can't Help Himself

I am now convinced Irate Gamer is dead. Deader than dead. Summer is long over and he hasn't given us a damn thing. Why lie though? What was the point? To attract the 20 people that still cared?
I mean yeah, in the first episode of GeekTime he said he's retired, but he's said that so many times now. You can't take him seriously.

So you think the podcast would get more focus now? Apparently not, since it's been over two weeks since the third episode and no updates on a fourth. Hey Chris, question. Why is your podcast not on YouTube? You can easily upload it there. You'd probably get more views than PodBean.
Also, question to any PodBean users. Is it common for there to be usernames that are nothing more than random numbers and letters? I'm looking at the followers of GeekTime and there's some strange names. "vqlmg9", "kqx66n", "dwgzlc", and a few more. Is Chris using bots to boost his follower count?

But who has time for podcasts when you can complain about TV show rebooooots? No not Lost in Space or whatever is on Netflix this week, but Chris still mad about Ghost Hunters. He even said that he wants to do a 50 minute rant video about it. Oooh that sounds like a delightful trainwreck of awful. Even his fans are demanding to see that rant. Has Chris done it yet? Noooo of course not, why would Chris do what people want of him? Have more Puppet Steve you stupid fucks.

Oh yeah, Puppet Steve. He's still doing it. More Baldi, more tiny hard to see Arcades, more Bendy. A new favorite trend of his is fake crossovers. Last month I mentioned his fake crossover with Duddy from FGTeeV, and he's done way more of those. Because kids are apparently dumb enough to not realize he's lying. He also did a fake crossover with the channel Hobby Kids Adventures, and like Duddy it's a still picture with Chris doing the voices. Somehow, it is nightmare inducing.
But that's not what I want to talk about. About 10 days ago on September 19th, Chris uploaded a video on Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. I bring this up because he says in the title he's going to play the game, and he does... 8:42 minutes into this 10:38 long video. The first 8:41 is about the fucking toys. Because of course it is.

And if you wanted ignorance, oh boy is there plenty. Chris makes it abundantly clear he knows nothing about Crash Bandicoot. First sign of trouble is when he refers to Coco as Crash's girlfriend. That's his sister you sick fuck.
Then as he scrolls through the other playable characters, he just says "this guy" over and over and over again. It doesn't even lead up to a joke or something. A lot of these are easily identifiable bosses from the first three games. Such a shame there's no way to play those games on a modern console right no- oh wait, there is. No excuse, Chris.
So he plays for a bit, cutting between two different courses because he thinks we're idiots.

Now, when you play the new CTR, there's something that happens on the results screen at the end of the race. Rather than the name of the character you're playing as, it uses your handle. Whether it's your PSN ID, your XBL GamerTag, or your Nintendo Network ID. So I figured something was suspect when Chris "won the race" and the name that popped up was "MKIceAndFireNZ". That was weird, so I looked up that name and found a profile full of games that I doubt Chris would ever play. Not to mention his location was listed as New Zealand. So I dropped the NZ part and found that MKIceAndFire is a game-playing YouTuber with over 1.8 million subscribers. I even found the Crash Team Racing video he made. And no, Chris did not credit him in the description, or even act like he got permission.

Once again, Chris is stealing footage. Old habits sure do die hard don't they. Why couldn't Chris just record his own footage? He has the game, it's shown in the video. Was he afraid of showing his PSN ID? We already know it's "irate_g", not that it matters since you put your account in private so that no one can see your trophies.

Sorry if this comes off as weird and sloppy, been fighting a cold off.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Chris' Journey Into Podcasts. Geek Time: The Next Generation

I'm sorry. I'm so very very sorry for being late with this. I do not have a good excuse, I've just been lazy.

Summer is almost over. The Irate Gamer has not returned. Chris has lied to us.
Instead, he's been dumping out more Puppet Steve garbage, and something else entirely.

Turns out Chris was serious about starting a podcast, and he's been releasing episodes of it. In fact, there's 3 out now.
The podcast goes by the title "Geek Time: The Next Generation". It's called that because there was once a podcast called Geek Time that Chris loved. Apparently, all traces of it vanished from the internet. Except for the theme song I guess, I don't know anything about this podcast and research into it has brought up nothing.

I mention the theme song because the first podcast opens with this awful "tribute to geekdom". With stereotypical lines about pocket protectors, speaking Klingon, never touching a girl. I'm guessing it's an old song because one line is about having an Iron Man mask, which in 2019 isn't considered "geeky" anymore as Iron Man is insanely popular.

Chris isn't working alone. He has a co-host! Wow, only took 12 years to figure it out.
He's joined by his friend Tim Walker, who previous appeared in his I Rate the 80s video on TMNT Cereal, taking part in the sketch where he steals the cereal from him. Because that's... comedy?

So yeah, I tried listening to this. Honestly, I only got 30 minutes into the first episode. It was dull. Chris and Tim have no charisma. I mean, we've well-established that Chris has no charisma. But even working off someone else, he's still as dull as dirt.
I tried to do a detailed recap, but I got bored, I couldn't stand listening to these two. I'm sorry. You'd think after 10 years of doing this I would be better about it. By the way that's my acknowledgement of this blog being 10 years old. *fweet*

The reason Chris started this is that other "geeky" podcasts weren't doing what he wanted. He brings up Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman (now Fatman Beyond) and he got annoyed that Smith would bring up his weight loss instead of geeky topics. Oh boo hoo, how dare Kevin Smith talk about something that saved his life. You sound like a brat complaining about that.

The main subject of the first episode was San Diego Comic Con. ... One month after it happened. Still just as slow on the uptake as usual.
It was just them talking about the announcements. Believing Shang Chi is a bad idea, that Thor Ragnarok is not actually that good (including a false claim that they spent 20 minutes talking about the Devil's Anus). ... That's about where I checked out. From what my readers and informant have told me, the rest wasn't much better.

At one point, Chris complains about the upcoming Watchmen TV series, in how it portrays White Supremacists as the bad guys even though "white people are your audience". *breathes* Okay. If your reaction to murderous White Supremacists being portrayed in a negative light is "but white people" then perhaps you're harboring same MAJOR racist ideology. Not to mention it's no longer the 90s, comic book adaptations have a HUGE audience of all kinds of people. Why do you think Black Panther and Captain Marvel did so well? Why do you think Marvel is even making a Shang Chi movie? Businesses have realized that "white men aren't the only audience". Not to mention, White Supremacists have been villains for the longest time. Why are you so offended now? But what should I expect from an out of touch, sheltered Ohio white boy that's high on Alex Jones fumes and neck-deep in the Trump Kool-Aid. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing Chris do videos with clickbait titles about "DUH SJW MENACE" and "FEMINISTS RUINING MUH STAR WARS". That kind of garbage.

Second episode doesn't sound much better. This time around D23 announcements. Whole lot of Marvel, talking about the 80s. Bleh...

Third episode is about the end of the Spider-Man partnership between Disney and Sony. Meh... Chris just seems to have trouble keeping up with current events. The description for it mentions Smash Bros. Probably Chris pretending he cares about Banjo-Kazooie and King of Fighters, even though he has never shown any interest in those games in his many many videos.

Overall... this isn't the worst thing Chris has made. It's just very very bland. If you've ever seen RedLetterMedia's "Nerd Crew" series, it's pretty much like that. Give it time and Chris & Tim will start shilling Blue Apron and NordVPN and whatever online business that usually uses podcasts to advertise. I'd say he would shill LootCrate, but they're going under hahahahahahaha! ... Sorry to those that lost their job at LootCrate.

Perhaps if I'm feeling up to it, I'll try to do a recap on the fourth episode, if it's made. No guarantees.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Another Plagiarism Accusation. Only This Time Chris is the Accuser?!

So here's something interesting. Chris posted on Facebook again but it's something quite different.
Chris has accused Ghost Hunters host Grant Wilson of plagiarism! ... That is riiiiich coming from Chris Bores. Him being the one to accuse someone of stealing. So what exactly happened?

My informant linked me a screenshot of his post.

So he's mad because Grant is saying he wants to show the emotional side of a spirit, and what to do with a spirit after you find one, and Chris claims only he was doing stuff like this. ... Were you? These concepts sound vague enough that any jerk-off with a beepy ghost meter can say they're an expert. Sounds to me like you're fishing for attention again, especially with Halloween approaching.

Only one comment seemed to care about this. Being surprised that Grant would do something like this. Chris responded "me neither, but I don't know what to think after reading this." Really? Sounds to me like you're already accusing him of theft. That paragraph makes it pretty clear what you think.

The rest of the comments, of course, didn't care at all. Asking when the next IG is out. There is only a month left of Summer. At least you could check those comments, but my informant noticed that they're all gone. Chris, why would you delete those? What's weird is that similar comments on older posts are still there. Is Chris really that passionate about this possible purloining that he doesn't want to address IG? Or maybe ... Chris has gone back on his promise? There is no Irate Gamer comeback, and he wants to avoid bringing it up at all.
Maybe it has to do with Ghost Hunters coming back on TV after a 3 year hiatus, and Chris is stuck doing crappy puppet shows with copyrighted characters.

Ah yeah, recent Puppet Steve video had him do a crossover with Vincent Carter AKA Duddy from the channel "FGTeeV". Looking into it, it's the channel behind Skylander Boy & Girl (which probably explains how Chris got him on) and the main source of videos now that Skylanders is DEAD. They have nearly 12 Million subscribers, so if anything this is meant to be a boost for Chris. ... Right?
Apparently all the revenue Vincent makes can't afford a green screen since all he did was record audio and sent it to Chris, who basically "South Park'd" his appearance into the video. It looks terrible. If you're wondering what they talked about, it was FGTeeV related toys. I imagine all inside jokes related to them. You know, if you're able to license your brand out for merchandise on a large scale, and have a channel with nearly 12 million subscribers, I think you'd be able to fly to Ohio and appear in a video like this. Then again, Chris and his 584k subscribers were probably not worth your time. I wouldn't blame you.

Think we'll get a follow-up on this BIG GRANT WILSON SCANDAL or will Chris just forget about it after realizing this latest bait for attention failed.

Anyone excited for Astral Chain?

UPDATE! Chris posted about Ghost Hunters again, following the revival's premiere episode.

This seems very off-kilter even for Chris. Was he drunk when he wrote this? It feels like the ramblings of an angry moron.
Frankly I don't see what Ghost Hunters does differently from the shit you do Chris. It's all just a boring walk around a location in the dark, yelling for something to happen.

Also, "prayers please". Prayers for what? For a Buddhist he's really deep into Christian ideology. Can't shake that stink off from childhood huh?

Saturday, August 10, 2019

It's August. Podcasts?

I am convinced that his target date was a lie, something to tell his remaining fans to get them thinking "Summer! He'll be back!"
He has shown no signs of even starting production, mentioning his "lack of time". Yet Chris has plenty of time to listen to podcasts.

Yeah, seemingly out of nowhere, Chris brought up "nerdy podcasts" on his Facebook page. Crying that they all suck and he wants recommendations and is considering starting his own.
I have questions. Which ones are you listening to? What are the problems? What would your own podcast even be about? You know nothing about current events in gaming so that's out of the question. Would it just be a repeat of the Irate Gamer blog? "Alright, I found these Star Wars salt and pepper shakers shaped like C-3PO and R2-D2. They look so life-like and so super cool. I can flavor my food with the force!"

So his fans gave him some. One brought up Pat "The NES Punk" Contri and Ian Ferguson's podcast, but it devolved into "Pat sucks" posts. Though the shocking thing is several fans claiming they want a Ronnie the Skeleton podcast. How would that even work? 2-3 hours of a gibbering moron? Who would want to listen to that? What would Ronnie even talk about? And why does he have so many fans now?

But yeah, I don't see Chris actually taking time to do a podcast. It's just more bait for his fans. He's always going on about how "these guys suck and I can do better" but he never follows up on that. And he never mentions who the other guys are.

He also brought up ghosts again. Thought he was done with those? Apparently not. Then again, it is almost October, and Chris has somehow turned his ghost hunting obsession into a seasonal job. "Oh hey it's almost October, better call that moron that thinks the community center is haunted".

Same old shit over on Puppet Steve. Still talking about Baldi's Basics for some reason. He also posted a couple videos talking about Stephen King's It. Oh yeah, the horror movie about the eldritch monster that takes the form of a clown to MURDER CHILDREN. Perfect material for your toy channel targeted to 7 year olds.
According to my informant, there are comments on the videos that do call him out for talking about adult content like It or South Park or Rick & Morty. Chris just doesn't care.

You know Chris, if you want to bring back Irate Gamer while still following the algorithm's bullshit, just do an LP channel. Post a 15 minute video every day playing a game poorly with your lame-ass commentary sprinkled with "alright" every other sentence. I'm sure that will be a huge hit with your fan-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yeah it would be boring.

*slinks back into the shadows*

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

It's Mid-July. Still nothing...

How's your summer? Hope you're keeping cool.

Remember when Bores said IG will be coming back this summer? That might not happen.
He put out a Facebook post saying he's had no free time to work on it. But he also has other projects he's working that he can't discuss due to NDAs. ... I feel like I've heard this excuse before.
It's been 9 months since the last Chris Neo video. The time it takes a baby to be made.

Over on Puppet Steve though, he's been quite busy. Plenty of "free time" to do that huh?
Yesterday he posted *sighs* he posted another damn cereal video, for Garbage Pail Kids. And he clickbaits by saying he eats it from a toilet. It's not an actual toilet, it's a toy. But he is really getting desperate for clicks.
Today though, he posted a video about Avengers Happy Meal toys, with a title that says "Thanos steals them!" This is dumb.
And then my informant watched the video and took this screenshot.

Good lord. That's your Thanos Chris? It's just a mask!
We went from a rather well made Batman costume, to a cheap-ass Power Rangers costume, to another cheap-ass Spider-Man costume (it's so bad the eyes don't even stay on straight) and now... this Thanos trainwreck. He doesn't even have the Infinity Gauntlet!
If you're trying to be professional Chris, you're failing hard.

Lately it feels like Chris is back to throwing things at the wall. His previous cashcows (FNAF and Bendy) aren't milking the gold he needs. Now he's just pumping out shitty video after shitty video.

Think we'll get Irate Gamer at any point this year?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It's Almost Summer

*emerges* Yes I am still alive. There hasn't been much to talk about.

Summer is approaching, which means Chris might actually make new Irate Gamer content. Maybe... knowing him he'll make two videos and disappear again. Or he'll go back on his promise.
Apparently Chris was "surprised" at the positive reception on bringing IG back. Really? That surprised you? People have demanded you bring him back, and it's a surprise there's a positive response to his revival? You clearly have no idea what your fans want. What's left of them...

Over on Puppet Steve, Chris revealed he finally bought a Switch. In April he posted a video where he unboxed a special edition Smash Bros Switch bundle. Four months after Smash's release. Good job on being timely! I say talking about this months later...
He also bought one of those jank third-party controllers just because it had Mario on it. Chris really is a sucker...
I am curious who he played with since the footage shows a second player.

He also tried to tie Bucky O'Hare in with FNAF. Apparently he really REALLY needs FNAF to carry everything.
His clickbait game is getting worse. Following the live-action Sonic movie's delay, he posted a video with an outright lie of a title "Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Cancelled?!" It also has a "Meme reaction". What the hell does that mean?
He also bought a super-cheap Power Rangers costume to use for videos on PR toys. So he invests a good chunk of change into that Batman costume, but for Power Rangers he just goes to Party City and gets the shittiest looking one. Priorities!

I don't have the fortitude, patience, or even care to go through each stupid Puppet Steve video. Godspeed to those that are.

I'm sure we'll eventually hear about the IG revival. Right?