Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Is GeekTime Another Abandoned Failure?

It's been over two months since Chris released an episode of GeekTime. His announced plan was "one episode a month". While February is still far from over, it's starting to look less and less likely that he will put out another one.
Much like The Skylander C, Chris Neo, and all of his ghost shows, I think we can mark this as another failure. He tried, put out six episodes, reuploaded them to YouTube, cropped the "best segments" into individual videos. But it's clear people didn't like it. Poor views and major dislikes on certain videos show an audience that just doesn't want this.

As mentioned before, Chris & Tim do not have charisma. They don't have the talent to carry on a podcast for over an hour. There's also the issue of timing. Most podcasts usually try to stay up to date, and avoid discussing outdated information. Not the case with these two. That is when they don't get the information completely wrong.
Of course, knowing how Chris operates, we'll probably see a GeekTime episode uploaded within a day of writing this post.

For now, Chris seems content with pushing out 10 minutes of Puppet trash. Enjoy such exhilarating content like pointing out the existence of UPC codes, the existence of logos, and anything to make sure YouTube pays him. How the hell has COPPA not taken him down...

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Did the Impossible Happen?

Not much to 2020 yet. No GeekTime for starters (now watch as soon as this post goes up, a new episode appears)
That promised video about ghost hunting shows? Delayed or cancelled because, according to him, he got another opportunity to pitch a ghost hunting show of his own. Yeah, this proves that a lot of his anger and bitterness came from jealousy of not having a show.
At this point, I'm convinced that Puppet Steve is nothing more than a tactic to fund his ghost garbage. Even though a real show would have a producer...

Speaking of Puppet Steve
On January 13th, he uploaded a video about mini Street Fighter cabinets. During it he had a dumb segment involving Ryu and Ken action figures. However, the voice of Ken sounds a little familiar. A certain Philly accent.
One quick look at the description, and you realize... it's James Rolfe. Yeah, the Angry Video Game Nerd has appeared in a video produced by Chris Bores. What the hell?

Clearly, we don't have the full story.
I don't think this will lead to a full-blown crossover. Screenwave likely sees Chris as a total nobody now and won't bother to bring him in for a video.
My guess? Chris contacted James using his Puppet Steve name, and asked to record some lines as Ken from Street Fighter for a "popular kids channel". James, being a nice guy, recorded it without knowing it was Chris. He's too busy to look it up.
But until we get answers, all we can do is speculate.
What's weird is that Chris also credits "the Irate Gamer" in the description of the video. Even though Steve and IG are the same person. We're not dumb Chris.
Also, he doesn't credit him as James Rolfe, but as "AVGN". Really?

A shame the ghost rants got delayed. I had popcorn and everything to see him lose his shit over a couple dumb shows, and not in a funny way like Mike Stoklasa talking about Ghost Adventures.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Worst Moments of the Decade

It’s a brand-new era. An all new “Roarin’ 20’s”. Let’s hope it doesn’t end the same way as the last 20’s.
For Chris Bores, it was an on & off decade of videos, and a lot of downtime. All while making a total ass of himself. Amazing that he never learns.
And like many others, the start of a new decade is a time to reflect. So, let us dive back and look over the worst Irate Gamer/Chris Bores moments from 2010 to 2019. From his I Rate the 80s about *checks note* Kool-Aid Flavors to the charisma vacuum GeekTime. These will be in order of chronology (to the best of my ability), so don’t scroll down and expect a “#1”.

The 3-in-1 Review

In order to make up for a lack of videos, Chris decided to review three different modern (at the time) games in one video. Brutal Legend, Tekken 6, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Reshelled. To call this video a dumpster fire would be too kind.
He barely played Brutal Legend, admitting he only played it for an hour (real professional). He barely played TMNT, implying he only got to the second level and his comparisons to the original weren’t of the Arcade version, but the SNES version. Revealing that he still thinks Turtles in Time was a Super Nintendo exclusive.
But by far the worst one was his look at Tekken 6. Rather, the game’s Scenario mode. Not realizing Tekken was a fighting game, he jumped right into the story mode where the gameplay is different and not representative of the Tekken experience. Compiled with calling out reviews on the back of the box for praising it, as well as complaining about the Japanese voice acting (had he played longer, he would know that characters in Tekken speak their native tongue, and come across characters speaking English). It was so bad that when he released the video to YouTube after some time on GotGame, he added a new segment where he looks at the fighting game portion of the fighting game. Only to say it sucks because “I prefer Mortal Kombat”. A flimsy excuse and a poor attempt at covering his ass.
People hated this video as it really exposed what a poser and moron he really is. As well as how insanely lazy he could really get. Chris didn’t learn from this, making a lazy review of God of War III months later that amounted “Cool action and there’s sex scenes”, and years later he tried it again with “Review Roundup” where he looked at FOUR games in one video. But the original is by far the worst, and among Chris’ dumbest moments.

“The Rise of Red” storyline.

Throughout the Summer of 2010, Chris would announce that he purchased HD cameras and use them to take his show into “bold new directions”. By which he means “include a storyline in my reviews”. Inspired by the rise of serialized television and (possibly) other content creators implementing similar ideas (e.g. Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug), Chris decided to produce a “big epic Irate Gamer story arc”. It went about as well as you think.
Spanning three and a half years from October 2010 to April 2014, thanks in part to Chris taking MONTHS to do a single video, this “storyline” consisted of cliché villains, trite story beats, and a finale that … uses Power Rangers footage. Not even attempting to emulate his own, just directly stealing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers footage. There was even a point where the storyline didn’t progress at all, making people believe it was just cancelled. Chris never even met the main villain (the incredibly unoriginal “Shadow Overlord”), not to mention the Irate Gamer felt more like a villain than the actual villains. The whole thing was a giant mess and felt like a big ego project for Bores.
Several formers fans hated how long it took for him to finish this arc, with many of them just throwing their hands up and declaring they’re done with him. I can’t blame them.
Chris even had the gall to release it on DVD. Including all the copyrighted Power Rangers footage. He’s lucky he’s such a nobody or else Saban would have ended him.
The storyline established that Chris is a terrible writer in reviews, characters, and storytelling. Imagine if The Dark Chapters ever got off the ground? Hoo boy.

Rigged Contests

Throughout the early 2010s, Chris would put out several small videos giving away free items as “contests”. It was so simple, just write “Pick Me” in the comments and be subscribed. But also make sure to KISS HIS FEET! People were quick to find out that Chris only picked the most defensive of fans, including 12-year-old Johnny Awesome, who ended up winning twice! Shortly after this came out, Chris would stop doing giveaways and never really give stuff to his fans again. This is what you get for not being impartial.

The Skylanders Obsession

Remember Toys to Life games? Where you purchase a real toy and be able to place it inside the video game to play with them? That was a neat idea. Too bad Activision was Activision, and everything else was too expensive.
Chris unwittingly struck gold when he uploaded a video about Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, gathering many views for his couple hours of work. He further struck gold when he uploaded a checklist video going over the announced Skylanders: Giants figures and gained a massive number of views. It was then that Chris found a new calling. Soon a deluge of Skylanders content hit the channel, gaining him a new following, but alienating a lot of older fans. His Skylanders videos even overtook his regular Irate Gamer work, to which Chris told people asking for that “Too bad, my Skylanders videos are popular, deal with it”. He did attempt to compromise by opening “TheSkylanderC”, a side-channel dedicated solely to his Skylanders content. For whatever reason, Chris gave up on it and just continued pumping out crap onto his main channel. He even did a stop-motion video in celebration of the third game, Swap Force.
Things would eventually slow down, and then come to halt. Partly for a reason we’ll get to later, but mostly for Activision pulling the plug on the series and going for more traditional revivals like Crash The N Sane Trilogy and Spyro The Reignited Trilogy. Greed overtook Skylanders much like it overtook Guitar Hero, while Disney Infinity suffered from kids preferring games their older siblings would play and Lego Dimensions was just too damn expensive.
Either way, his Skylander obsession left a massive scar on his channel that likely prevented any further growth.

A Stolen Sonic Generations Review

As noted above, Irate Gamer Neo was a lazy lazy series. With Chris barely playing the game before “reviewing it”. In the case of this episode, he didn’t even play the game. In his video on Sonic Generations, Chris gushed about the game, yet made some weird complaints. Like how you can’t skip cutscenes, even though you can. Then eagle-eyed viewers played the video in HD and noticed something odd. A watermark in the corner for Cyberman65, a YouTuber that does silent playthrough videos. Everyone soon realized that Chris stole all the footage from Cyberman65 and passed off a review without playing the game. In a professional place, Chris would have been fired and blacklisted like Filip Miucin. But GotGame was basically a shack in the middle of the woods that nobody noticed, so all they did was credit Cyberman while Chris’ “mother” went around saying that Cyberman65 gave permission. That was likely a lie as Chris never posted the video to YouTube, and now it only exists through DailyMotion thanks to Igarchiver (since Blip shut down).
Chris didn’t learn his lesson, as many years later he would repeat this move on a certain other channel when talking about Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Stealing footage from MKIceAndFire and passing it off as his own. It’s amazing how shameless he is.

Kickstarters are Stupid! Until they’re not…

Around 2011, James Rolfe would open an IndieGoGo campaign to help produce the Angry Video Game Nerd feature film. Though highly successful, going 433% over his target goal, it attracted some criticism from people that have no idea how movies are funded. This only got worse when James helped promote a separate Kickstarter for a “fixed” version of the infamous NES title Cheetahmen II. People came out of the woodwork to call James a scam artist and a fraud. Including Chris Bores!
Yes, seeing a moment of weakness in the man he stole from, he took the opportunity to pounce and put out a poorly made video mocking the Cheetahmen campaign video while calling Kickstarters “scams”. This got a bunch of people to start praising him, including some of his harshest critics. Though most people saw how slimy and petty Chris was acting.
And like most slimeballs, his views didn’t stay consistent. Over the years he would promote and praise various other crowdfunding campaigns without a single hint of irony. I bet if you showed the two viewpoints side by side, he would scream “CONSPIRACY AND FAKE NEWS”. Yeah, he’s that type of person.

Irate Gamer Tries to Blog

The Irate Gamer site was never anything important. Updates about the show were rare, you got a bunch of terrible fan art, but there was never really anything to keep people coming back. Until 2013, when Chris tried his hand at blogging. It blew.
Old video game news was frequent, often weeks after it broke. But that was nothing compared to “Chris finds random nerdy thing and talks about it”. Like Star Wars soap. Who doesn’t want to hear about Star Wars soap? The answer is nobody.
He tried guest writers, but that didn’t last long. Anyone that wrote for him able to tell me if he paid you? I want to know if he was willing to do that or if he was one of those “for exposure” assholes.
And much like his reviews and footage from others, he plagiarized others. Though that wasn’t until the end when he basically gave up. Now there’s no more Irate Gamer website. But hey, you could buy it for nearly $1400. Cool?

The Return of Ghosts (including Ghost Hunting 2.0)

Before becoming the Irate Gamer, Chris started on YouTube as a ghost hunter for his TV show “Haunted Investigators”. A boring slog of a show featuring Buddhist priest Alan Cicco (apparently pronounced Sisko like the Star Trek DS9 captain) and his former girlfriend Jennifer Schippel. Only six episodes were produced but he wanted it to be a big deal as he made DVDs and I imagine shopped it around to TV studios. Clearly that didn’t pan out, even mentioning in his (now deleted) 200th video that ghosts just weren’t doing it.
Until he decided to go back into it. Out of nowhere, he revived his interest in ghosts and with it inflated his ego by calling himself a “Ghost Behaviorist”. Filming a pilot for a new show called Pursuit of the Paranormal and emptying his bank account to try and sell it to a TV studio. Nobody bought it. Instead he screened it in a small theater in Ohio and put out a DVD. Nobody cared.
You would think that would be the end of it but nope! Chris is persistent in his stupid “findings”. So, the next major step was to write a book. Calling it Ghost Hunting 2.0 (after Grant Wilson’s Ghost Hunting because he’s totally the next step you guys) and self-publishing it on Amazon. It was an abysmal book by all accounts. It was poorly written, badly structured, and only served as a way for Chris to suck his own balls. Even downright saying he created a new branch of psychology (spoiler alert: he didn’t)
He did everything to get noticed. He bought fake reviews, he spammed people on Twitter when his book was free on Kindle Unlimited, he even said his book was “the most controversial ghost hunting book ever made”. Citation needed on that.
Chris claimed he had enough to write a second book, but several years later nothing has come of that. I doubt he has any material for that.
Nowadays the extent of Chris’ ghost obsession is to yell and scream about the current ghost hunting shows on TV and claim that his work was stolen by them. Without providing examples. But he did say he’ll make videos about it starting this year. Grab the popcorn.

The Irate Gamer Game scam

We’ve established that Chris is lazy and quite dumb, but it also turns out he’s gullible as hell. As is the case with the Irate Gamer Game. Chris advertised that the game was coming for years, showing concept art sometimes. It finally saw release in 2013 as a crappy iOS mobile game. It only existed for three months before getting pulled for low quality. Turns out the whole thing was a lazy reskin of another mobile game called Commander Cool. Hmm, lazy rehash of something more popular? No, I don’t know anything like that.
At the very least, Chris did admit he got played like a chump. So that’s something?

Suicide victims burn in Hell!

This… is awkward to talk about.
In early 2014, Justin “JewWario” Carmical took his own life. He was a beloved content creator and the internet was shocked by his sudden suicide. Chris on the other hand, never having heard of him, responded to the news with “He will suffer in the afterlife as the universe doesn’t take kindly to suicide”. Yeah, real insensitive remarks from him.
Turns out hindsight is a huge bitch. In 2018, when Channel Awesome was being torn down by disgruntled employees for what they perceived as “unfair treatment”, it was accidentally revealed that Carmical was a predator that targeted underage girls. Something that only the higher-ups at Channel Awesome knew and they covered it up. Yeah…
Does that vindicate Chris? No not at all. If anything, this just reveals Chris’ terrible mindset about suicide, that their spirits will suffer. It’s a real dark and unkind mindset to have, especially to the countless suicide victims that clearly needed help for legitimate mental problems.
But if there’s anything I learned the last few years, it’s that there’s a lot of cruel people incapable of empathy.

“It’s not my fault! It’s James Rolfe’s fault! And everyone else!”

October 2014, months after finishing his storyline while still in the middle of the Skylanders deluge, Chris posted a 39-minute rambling vlog going over his “career”. Most of it amounted to “It’s James Rolfe’s fault that my YouTube career has failed! He undermined me! No, I won’t show evidence”. It was a whiny stupid video of a desperate man clinging onto some relevance in the hopes of getting viewers back, all while bashing someone far more popular than him. It kind of worked… until they went away again due to his own incompetence.
Then it turns out this victim complex decided to stick around, as over the years he would start blaming others quite a bit. He blamed YouTube for several aspects, he blamed Machinima for “undermining him” too, he also blames “the ghost hunting elite” for hiding his work and taking down his website. Please tell me “elite” isn’t a dog whistle for Jews this time.
Seems really easy to play the victim these days. Who’s next on the blame game?

2015 Explosion of Content

After a few more quiet months following his “opening up” video, Chris made a big comeback March 2015. He started having a set schedule of three videos a week and even released regular Irate Gamer videos (kind of). People suspect this is due to him joining a new Multi-Channel Network and had a set requirement for how he gets paid. In this case, three videos a week. However, what Chris provided was pretty… lame. Enjoy videos like Chris explaining a GI Joe reference, Chris talking about his greenscreen, Chris reviewing a website, opening a LootCrate, and Chris’ attempts at Let’s Plays… they really sucked.
Chris also took this opportunity to experiment new styles. They didn’t work at all. They were his “crazy reviews”, where Chris decided to act like a total loon when talking about Splatoon and some movies. With sped-up voices, way more slapstick, and… just baffling ideas. People hated them!
His regular Irate Gamer reviews also took a major hit. He decided to focus solely on beloved NES classics, and bash them for stupid reasons. People hated these videos too! Chris just couldn’t win with his new ideas. All those new "fans" he made from the Opening Up video? Jumped ship so fast.
There was a super-secret project Chris was working on, but we’ll get to that later.

The Whimpering End of History of Video Games

Though History of Video Games began in 2009, most of its episodes were in this decade. Including remakes of the first three… for some reason. A large number of them were released during his 2015 boom.
However, this series was nothing but failure after failure. The facts were inaccurate or downright wrong, the attempts at humor were terrible (even by his standards), the whole series was a mistake from someone that tried so hard to prove he was legit, only to prove he didn’t have a clue. That’s not even getting into how Ralph Baer chewed him out for inaccuracy (though that took place before the decade).
At one point, Chris referred to this series as his “opus”. Seems egotistical considering his so called “masterpiece” ended on the Intellivision in 2015. Six years of videos and he only got to 1982. That’s a pretty weak opus. Unlikely to continue considering all the circumstances too. I doubt he even has all these old consoles now.

PLACE AD HERE! (not an offer, just a title)

Around the end of 2015, Chris seemingly ran out of ideas and just posted video after video shilling crappy tech and mobile apps. The man seemed like a billboard that would promote whatever Chinese garbage you threw his way. He did manage to squeeze out one last Irate Gamer video in 2016 with Duck Hunt, but then it was shilling shilling shilling. Before silence.
What did Chris need all that money for? What could he have possibly been doing? Well…

The Rise (and Fall?) of Puppet Steve

During the Summer of 2015, around the time Chris announced he would be reducing his output on the main channel (claiming “family reasons”), he secretly started a side-channel intended for children. A low budget “remake” of the old educational puppet show The Letter People with his own set of “updated” puppets. His output was slow, only releasing a few videos likely due to low numbers. He spent that time looking at what kids liked on YouTube, and realized they really liked toy unboxings. This led to him starting another side-channel, this one he would have two of his puppets (Marty and Muffin) unboxing toys. However, only two episodes happened before he would bring in the new permanent host. The spawn of Shoggath itself, Puppet Steve. Based on the default player avatar in Minecraft, Puppet Steve would excitedly unbox toys while shouting “SUPER COOL” at kids and wave the toys around like they were shiny keys. His early videos had him try all sorts of things. “Crazy movie reviews” (even kids hated those too as he never did them again), trailer reactions (he brought those back, but for some reason started with the R-Rated Sausage Party) before settling on toys toys and more toys. He soon found his golden goose in the form of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Turns out kids really love that series, and they flocked to his videos like vultures to a carcass. He also made Puppet Steve his new home for Skylanders content… for the one year it had left before Activision pulled the plug.
Surprisingly, Puppet Steve ended up being a success. His subscriber count skyrocketed past his Irate Gamer count as more and more kids laid their eyes on his poorly shot puppet show. It got him access to ToyFair, and people donated him stuff to review, on top of all the stuff he had to buy. Maybe that’s why he sold his ass out on Irate Gamer? To pay for all the toys on Puppet Steve. What could go wrong at this point?
Well, views are way down. As of this writing, his latest video on Series 12 of the Minecraft Mini Figures line only has 18k views after three days. That’s not good considering he has over 630k subscribers now. Maybe every video being over 10 minutes long has something to do with it? He’s not exciting to listen to, especially since he ne longer uses a “funny voice”, just his normal one. Yet he calls himself “a kid” …
With YouTube’s new policies in cooperation with the FTC after violating COPPA, Puppet Steve doesn’t have much of a future either as kids content will be curated hard, and won’t earn as much money. But hey, at least he always has eBay. … PFFFFFFFT
Weirdly enough, Chris spent over a year denying he was Puppet Steve. Blocking people on Facebook that brought it up. Eventually he turned around about it… kind of. He’ll mention it, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. That started happening around the time this did.

The Failed Revival

March 2018, out of nowhere, Chris announced that the Irate Gamer was coming back. Except not really. Instead it would be the all new “Chris Neo” show. An immensely scaled down Irate Gamer with none of the slapstick, the cursing, the characters, or anything his stupid fans actually liked. Instead, have an over-sized pair of neon glasses! … No?
Chris Neo was Chris at his most boring. Talking about Sewer Shark and Deadly Towers but without any enthusiasm. It was a more effective sleep-aide than previous doses of Borian.
Of course, if it was just that, it might have stood a chance. But no, Chris decided “how about four fucking videos about Mario Game Genie!” Nobody liked that. He also tried to cash-in on Avengers Infinity War by making a video where Thanos wiped out people in video games. It was dumb and didn’t catch on. Chris posted one last video about Arcade 1Up before vanishing again. Barely seven months. Not even enough for a baby.
Needless to say, this comeback was a massive failure. People wanted Irate Gamer, they didn’t want “Stupid glasses guy dully talks about video games”, they wanted “stupid guy falls over playing video games”. For some reason. Surely Chris Neo’s failure would convince him to bring back Irate Gamer right? NOPE!

Podcasts: The Final Desperate Move

During Summer 2019, Chris was asking about podcasts. How strange. Then he mentioned that he’s going to do a podcast. Yeah sure, I’m sure it will work out just as well as all your other failed proj- it happened. August 23rd, 2019 on Podbean.com, we got GeekTime The Next Generation.
Named after a defunct podcast that I can’t find any information on (if someone would be kind enough to inform me, please do), Chris is joined by his friend Tim Walker as they talk about geeky things. The reason it exists is that Chris is tired of “geeky podcasts” that go off-topic. Like how dare Kevin Smith talk about his life-saving weight loss, he needs to talk about the new Star Wars trailer! Yeah, that’s basically what he said. Chris is a dick.
The important thing about doing a podcast is having charisma. Neither Chris or Tim have it, and they’re very boring to listen to. We also get instances where Tim talks about a movie, but Chris doesn’t because he hasn’t seen it. You know, it’s kind of important for your podcast to both be informed.
It’s also a venue for Chris to show just how ignorant of video games he truly is. “BurgerTime chef should be in Smash Bros over Terry Bogard” “Why do we need a Playstation 5?” “Final Fantasy VII remake is behind a paywall”. At least he admits he’s casual, why he couldn’t do that years ago is anyone’s guess.
Either way, six episodes of boring dreck. Will there be more?

Wow, I wrote way more than I thought. A lot of this I condensed into a single segment, like all the ghost stuff in one part and the storyline in one part. If there’s anything you think I overlooked, let me know.

What will 2020 and beyond bring? The unemployment line. Joking aside, I look forward to his incoherent rants about modern ghost hunting shows and how they all “steal” from him.
Will Chris realize that people want Irate Gamer? Probably not.
Will he give up on GeekTime? Most likely.

Thank you reading everyone.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Farewell 2019 and Farewell to the 2010's

And lo, another year comes to an end. But not just a year, a whole decade. A lot happened these last 10 years, from technology to politics to entertainment. The world is moving faster than ever.
That rings true even for Chris Bores. Having thought about it, I think I will list the worst moments of the decade for the Irate Gamer (and other projects). That won't be today though. I'm gonna have to revisit my old posts and organize them into a suitable list.

Has anything happened since my last post? A couple things.

I mentioned before that Chris put out a "call-out" to Jason Hawes. Here's a picture of it.

"Inside information" Yeah right. "Knowing" there's a season 2 isn't anything big for cheap-ass reality show like this. That's the secret to how they can keep going with such low ratings, they do not cost much. It's not like the Travel Channel is even that big to begin with. Oh I'm sorry, the "Trvl Channel". What the hell? First "SyFy" now this?

Over on Puppet Steve, earlier this month he posted an abysmal reaction video to the trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife, the new apology movie from Sony. For whatever reason, Chris decided to show the trailer by filming his monitor and not downloading the video or recording it while it was full-screen on YouTube. Are we in 2009? What is the excuse for this lazy quality? Curious, I looked at an earlier reaction video for Scoob (weeks after the trailer came out) and while he does record his screen, he also plays the trailer in good quality. I think he pauses so he could point his gloved hands and be like "look at that super cool reference, I member it". Yet with Ghostbusters, everything is recorded from his screen. Was Chris just too lazy to download and edit the video?

He's also continuing to do "guest stars" from other YouTube Kids channels. But it seems his viewers aren't falling for it anymore, and his latest "cameo" from Duddy was called out for how fake it was.

The other day on Facebook, he posted a couple pictures he claimed was evidence of a ghost.

I don't see it. I just see an annoying bright photo, and a dark photo. Is the dot in the latter meant to be the ghost? That could be anything. If this is evidence of spirits, then this hobby sucks ass. I can't believe Chris wants to get paid for this, and have a TV show. You can tell he wants that TV show from all the bitterness he's been displaying this year. "Wah wah wah why do Jason and Grant still get to do TV and I don't! Wah wah wah!"

Jason and Grant have a thing called "charisma", and have experience hosting TV shows. Chris, you're about as charismatic as a winter potato. You've been rejected by studios countless times because you're not enthralling enough, you're not entertaining enough. These two were able to keep people captivated and watch their stupid show for 11 seasons (there's a 12th now but that's a revival).

Your lack of charisma really shows in GeekTime. I can barely stand to listen to you ramble on for an hour and a half about popular media. What makes you think people would want to hear you ramble about a niche topic like ghosts for 53 minutes a week? For those wondering, there hasn't been a GeekTime episode since the sixth one from earlier this month. It continues to get savaged in YouTube comments and ratings.

So yeah, stay tuned for the Worst Irate Gamer/Chris Bores Moments of the Decade.
Happy New Year everybody.

Monday, December 16, 2019

A Former Fan Testimony from Mike Dijital

I was going to post about something rather petty and vindictive he wrote on Facebook towards Jason Hawes. However, I think this takes precedent.

The following is a fan testimony from Mike Dijital, a former fan that got legitimately screwed over by Chris' apathy, laziness, and greed. It also reveals something about the Puppet Steve channel.

Due to the format of the story, I have cleaned it up for accessible reading.

Mike was an Irate Gamer super fan. He discovered him through the Super Mario Bros. 2 video and it lead him down the path to other game reviewers like the Angry Video Game Nerd, ProJared, and Rerez. He was even blocked from the Nerd's page for his overzealous defending of the Irate Gamer. Mike bought all of his DVDs. He also stayed in touch with Bores through AIM and Facebook Messenger. He got into arguments with TheArchfiend on the now defunct livevideo.com. That's how much of a fan he was.

Cut ahead to 2019. Mike realized he has lost his old Irate Gamer DVDs, and one day hoping to show the old episodes to his son, he ordered replacement copies. Due to their cost, Mike ordered them in batches. First he ordered Seasons 1-3, and received them in two weeks. Pretty normal so far. A month later he ordered Seasons 4 & 5, and after three weeks he hasn't gotten anything. He sent Chris a message asking about it. Chris tells him he ran out of DVD-Rs and once he gets more he'll send him the copies along with a "bonus". Mike gave him a pass, as he also sells DVDs through eBay and knows the pain of running out.

Two weeks go by and Season 4 & 5 come in. There was no bonus. Not only that, but Season 4's marathon function was broken. The only way to watch it was to individually select each episode and go back to the menu after it ends. A rather tedious feature. Mike sent Chris a message about this bug, and Chris said "I'll fix it".

Later on, Mike ordered History of Video Games 1 & 2. He figured it shouldn't take too long since Chris just got a new batch of DVD-Rs. A month goes by, and no HoVG DVDs. Mike tries contacting Chris again, but this time doesn't get a response. Six weeks after ordering, Mike decides to place a fraud claim on PayPal. Within five days, Chris sent a tracking number to PayPal, but no apology to Mike. Eventually, he gets the HoVG DVDs, which came with a copy of Pursuit of the Paranormal as a bonus. Though Chris just threw the disc into one of the cases, no separate case or anything.

Mike would keep sending him messages about the broken Season 4 DVD, but never got a response. He eventually finds out about GeekTime, and left a comment on Episode 3 that Season 4 is still broken. Chris actually responds.
Editor Note: I have preserved the comment in case Chris tries to delete it and deny it.

After that, Mike hears nothing from him.

Last night, Mike is on eBay looking to get some Minecraft playsets for his son for Christmas. He finds a couple from a seller named bbtopper, and purchases them for $16.99. A couple hours later, he receives a PayPal notification that Chris Bores has refunded him $16.99. This confused him as he hadn't talked to Bores in months, thinking that he was getting a late refund for Season 4. However, he looked into it and found that bbtopper is Chris Bores, and he refunded him on the Minecraft sets. Infuriated that Chris screwed him for a third time, he messages him on eBay and tells him that he crossed the line interfering with his son's Christmas like that, and he'll inform the Irate Gamer Sucks blog about this. Then within a half hour, Chris told him that he gave the toys away and forgot to take the auctions down.

Wow. I knew Chris was a jackass before, but this takes it to another level. Screwing a fan that gave you years of support, and even gave you his money.
And really, not removing pages for items you don't have seems incredibly irresponsible. Especially if you're trying to make yourself a notable eBay store.
Thanks to Mike's testimony, I now have an answer to "where does Chris keep all those toys he presents on Puppet Steve". The answer is he sells them on eBay.

Here's a collectors.com page for him: Do these toys look familiar?
In fact, those Transformers BotBot toys listed are the ones featured in his latest Puppet Steve video (as of this writing). There's also a Boo made of wood that looks familiar. I swear he's been trying to sell that thing for years.
Another note about Puppet Steve. About a week ago he posted a "reaction" video to the trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It was one of the most poorly done videos he's ever made. Rather than download the trailer, or even putting a YouTube video in fullscreen and capturing his screen, he records his computer with his camera. What is this, 2008 Let's Plays? Feels like Slowbeef should be mocking it for looking like shit. It was a badly done "reaction" with several pauses to point out the obvious. Though one part that bothered me and my informant is how he says "kids like us". So Puppet Steve is supposed to be a kid? Then why does he sound like a 40 year old man. Chris barely does a voice on Puppet Steve, so you got this deep voice going "I'm a kid". It's like a bad Ren & Stimpy routine.

I'll get to Chris' "call-out" of Jason Hawes another time.

Major special thanks to Mike Dijital for coming forward with this. I know it wasn't easy after years of support. But it's better now that this information is out in the open for people to see.
If anyone else has any similar stories, please let me know.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Video Game Dumpster Fire on GeekTime

Much to my surprise, Chris is still doing GeekTime. Posted Episode 6 two days ago. From what I'm hearing, it's one hell of an episode.

It opens with them talking about Dark Phoenix. Boy that's late.
Chris complains that it's "too dark". Uhh no shit. The Dark Phoenix Saga wasn't a happy story, it was meant to be a darker tale. Of course, Fox messed up for completely different reasons.
Tim does most of the talking as Chris ends up admitting he only watched the ending. This keeps happening!
Chris ends up revealing he didn't like Logan (what the fuck) and X-Men Origins Wolverine. Are we just pretending that video you made where you called it "All that and a bag of potato chips" doesn't exist? Just because you removed it from your channel doesn't mean it didn't happen. RedLetterMedia made damn sure of that. Then again, he turned around about Ghostbusters 2016 after saying "it wasn't that bad". Now he's saying "it sucks!"
How did you not like Logan? It's a damn good movie. Oh right, this is the man that likes Pixels. Until he admits on the podcast that he doesn't.
Chris' other complaints with Dark Phoenix were the lack of Wolverine and Mr. Sinister. Wolverine is dead until the MCU reboot, and the Mr. Sinister plot point they set up was clearly lost. Not going to come back.

They bring up the Black Widow movie and are upset that Robert Downey Jr is going to appear. ... And that's a problem why? It's set before Infinity War & Endgame, so Tony Stark would be alive. Just saying.

Then they get into the three billionth rant on how Rian Johnson killed Star Wars. Again, Star Wars was "killed" by greedy executives that completely misread trends. Disney realized their mistake and that's why the theatrical franchise is going on a break after The Rise of Skywalker comes out. Not that it matters since people (including all these "fans") are going to keep giving them money. They'll keep buying the toys, the t-shirts, the video games, they'll watch The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. By the way, Chris & Tim do not talk about Disney Plus at all in this episode. That is weird since it's the hot new thing right now. Once again, Chris misses the boat.
Chris also does a dumb joke where he claims Disney is making a Porg Cinematic Universe. It comes out of nowhere.

Tim starts talking about Cobra Kai, the YouTube original series following The Karate Kid several years later. During it he comments how Johnny and Daniel could become friends, which Chris interjects "like Irate Gamer and AVGN". Again, it comes out of nowhere! For someone that wants to really forget about Irate Gamer, he keeps bringing it up.
Chris also states that the people making the new Ghostbusters movie should look to Cobra Kai as "inspiration". ... That's dumb.

There's a weird bit where Tim brings up Seinfeld coming to Netflix, and complains that it's going to be in 4K. ... No it won't. That would require extensive remastering, something that's probably not going to happen.

And then, this is where the inferno happens. Chris and Tim get into video game news, and we're gonna get some insane ignorance.

Chris starts by bringing up the Playstation 5. Claiming it's "weird" that Sony would announce that. ... Why? Why is that weird?! Then he tops it saying "Do we need a Playstation 5?" ... Yes! Do you not understand how console generations work? After a period of time, console makers release a new model that's better than the last one. The PS5 will have more power and features than the PS4. That's how consoles worked for the past 30+ years!
Then he claims the PS4 is everything you need and you don't need a new console. That is a beyond retarded mindset. PS5 will allow developers to do things they couldn't do on PS4, that's the whole point!
I really don't get how that's "weird". Everyone expected Sony to put out a PS5. Weird would be Sony putting a successor to the Vita.

Tim shows his total lack of knowledge, saying he can't tell the difference between the PS3 and PS4. Maybe get your eyes checked.
Then claims consoles are "internet based" now. ... That's inaccurate. Well there digital downloads and patches, you don't have to be 100% connected. As long as you have the disc/cartridge or the downloaded title, you can play it. Being 100% connected is what killed the Xbox One for several years. If you guys are going to do a podcast, shouldn't you research?
Tim then asks if PS4 has 4K. Which Chris doesn't know. Like I said. Research. No, the regular PS4 is not capable of 4K. The PS4 Pro is.

Tim makes a comment that the "gaming nerds are gonna be so mad at us". Soooo... you're trying to reach out to as many "geeks" and "nerds" as possible. Maaaaaybe insulting them isn't the best idea. I wonder why nobody's listening.
And then, Chris says what might be the most shocking and surprising thing he has ever said in his 12 year career on YouTube. "I'm very casual" ... I... I can't believe it. The Irate Gamer... is casual! Very causal even. How did I not see this?! My world is shat- okay enough of that joke.
So, I guess Chris is done with that lie. Just giving it up. He was never good at hiding that he knew nothing about gaming. He further adds that he's "extremely casual about new consoles". So why even talk about it?
Tim tries to save him by saying "But you're big with the NES!" It's too late Tim. He exposed himself. And really, you shouldn't talk Tim. He outright admits the last gaming thing he cared about was getting his girlfriend a Wii. That's at least 12-13 years ago. He's been out of it for over a decade.

For some reason, he brings up Simpsons Hit & Run. How he wants a remaster but there's licensing problems. Yeah, lots of problems. Hit & Run was published by Vivendi Universal, who are now part of Activision. The rights went to EA, who still have a stranglehold on them thanks to Tapped Out. The developer, Radical Entertainment, are basically skeleton studio now, only supporting other Activision games. Basically, this is why remasters and re-releases of licensed games are so rare.

But then he also mentions the game's "limitations". That's what new consoles are for! A new console would remove any possible limitations. Like making Lisa's hair look less weird in 3D. I know you admitted you're casual but holy crap.

Then he starts talking about the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the way he talks about it, he sounds like he just learned it exists. I know you mentioned it in 2015 in your E3 video. Do not tell me your memory is THAT bad! ... Even though I should be used to that by now.
He talks about "paywalls". ... What paywalls? I know there's some minor DLC, but I haven't heard anything about a paywall. No... get this. He seems to think that the FFVII remake, is PS5 exclusive. Even though it hasn't been announced for that (yet), and it's clearly a PS4 game out in three months. Are you that sheltered that you somehow don't know it's a PS4 game?!

By the way, Tim goes "Seven is the one with Sephiroth right?' Oy vey...
To make things worse. Chris can't pronounce Aerith, refers to Shinra and Midgar as "characters" (unless you mean President Shinra and Rufus, but I doubt that). Then he gets upset because his two "favorite" characters haven't been shown. Red XIII and Cait Sith. First off, Cait Sith? Really? Second, of course they haven't been shown. The entirety of the game takes place in Midgar, a massive expansion compared to the original. Red XIII doesn't show up until the final part of Midgar, and Cait Sith doesn't show up until the Gold Saucer, which won't be until the next game. In Red XIII's case, they're not going to spoil the final act in previews. This isn't Kingdom Hearts III.

Then they talk about the Avengers game from Square-Enix, a book about NES games, and then the rest of the podcast is not important.

Hoo boy was that bad. I mean, most of it was boring as sin, but once they started talking about video games it just spiraled out of control. Would it kill you to do research into the topics you discuss? Oh right, look who I'm asking.
As of this posting, Chris has not uploaded this episode to YouTube. I imagine it will go the same as the others. Barely any views, lots of dislikes. Even on the comments on his Facebook don't care about the episode. Is this really worth continuing Chris? You're gonna have to find something, especially with YouTube's policy changes killing Puppet Steve.

Speaking of Puppet Steve, what has that been up to?
Latest video is a reaction to the trailer for Scoob, that upcoming CGI animated Scooby-Doo movie. A trailer that came out three weeks ago. Again, real quick on the uptake.
However... a few days ago he uploaded a video covering Heroes of Goo Jit Zu action figures, a line of toys where they're squishy and gooey on the inside. For some baffling reason, Chris decided to add an Asian Conical Hat to Steve... and give him slanted eyes. Blatant racism for the kids! Feels like I'm watching Bugs Bunny in 1944. It's only in the thumbnail, but even so that is just wrong. Maybe you should leave Ohio for once in your life Chris. Go see the world. Realize that a racist mind is a filthy mind.

Sorry if this post seems all out of sorts.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Is Puppet Steve Screwed?

Last week, Chris uploaded GeekTime Episode 5 to YouTube. It barely has views and has more dislikes than likes. At this point, it's safe to declare GeekTime a failure. Nobody asked for it, and nobody likes it.

That's probably one of the reasons Chris has been so angry lately. Combined with him watching all these ghost shows where he's not involved. In fact, there's another rant.

I am now convinced that "Ghost Behaviorist" is just something he made up to make himself feel better. Feel more important than all the other ghost hunters out there. He's clearly upset that nobody is inviting him to these shows. But why would they? What would you add? Chris, it's time to give up. It's time to hang up the hat on the ghosts. Surely after 14 or so years, you would realize that nobody wants to hear you talk about ghosts.

Anyway, what's going on with Puppet Steve?
Within the last couple hours, he posted a video about Pokemon Sword & Shield! Oh wait, sorry, he merely put that name in the title, and used it as an excuse to talk about Pokemon toys. Not even trying with this.
Last week he posted a 19 minute video about Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Or rather, Mario vs Sonic. Yes, after 12 years he still gets the name wrong. What is his problem?
Bunch of other crap. Video about Playmobil tying into the movie, for some reason he included Deadpool. Reaction to the new Sonic movie trailer with the updated look. Nothing else really worth mentioning. ... Except for one pretty big thing.

In 1998, the U.S. Government passed the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA for short. This law was written to forbid data collection on children under 13 years old without their parent's permission. A great policy as young children wouldn't be able to consent to that.
Guess which big business violated this law? Good ol' YouTube. Turns out they were collecting data from kids watching their extensive library of children-safe videos, and the Federal Trade Commission has called them out on it. YouTube has now settled on giving them $170 million for these violations.  That's a pretty big sum of money.
And like the Adpocalypse, YouTube's response to this has been overkill. They will now be implementing new rules where you have to mark your videos as "for kids" or not. If you mark it "for kids", the video basically vanishes. No notifications, no comments, no ability to search it, it will not be recommended, and the user will get a massive 90% cut in revenue. That's pretty bad. To make things worse though, if you don't mark your video "for kids", but YouTube determines that the content appeals to kids, the FTC can fine you for $42,000. This has lead to thousands of content creators freaking out, especially people that talk about video games or toys (such as Transformers or Kamen Rider). Creators and fans have been flooding the FTC and YouTube with complaints, calling out these stupid policies. Unless something changes, YouTube is about to hit an incredibly dark future.

You probably noticed that this is also bad for Chris. Obviously, his Puppet Steve videos are meant for children, so he can't lie about that. But if he marks it for children, he loses so much of his money. He's screwed either way. What is Chris to do? He can't do Patreon, parents would freak if the funny puppet man started begging their kids for money. Perhaps the return of the Irate Gamer for the 20th time? He'll have to settle on Patreon for that though. Oh, but wait, didn't Chris say Patreon was "too complicated"? What an impasse we have reached. ... Really though, I think Chris used that as an excuse because he's lazy and he hates the way YouTube keeps changing. Refusing to adapt.

Is Chris' career on YouTube over? Has YouTube's fuckery finally gone too far? Can't answer the first one, but yes, they have gone too far. We really need a good competitor. I'm not asking for a return to 2006 YouTube with all the old TV shows, but something that won't flag you for using public domain music because you used the wrong recording.

Maybe this is why Chris has been doubling down on the anger towards the ghost shows. He knows his YouTube career is one foot in the grave, so he's desperately trying to get their attention. It's clearly not working.