Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bores Finally Talks: Movie and Reality Show Are Real

In what seems like a response to what I wrote on March 1st, Bores posted an update video explaining that he actually will be appearing in a horror movie and a reality show. As well as some other things.

The video opens with him basically saying that he knows the channel has barely updated, and he's been "really busy" with side projects. One of them is the stupid ghost crap. So what are the others?

He finally mentions the movie. Claiming he got a "bit part". Wait, didn't he say on Facebook that he "got the most lines"? My informant managed to find the post and here's what he said:
"Just got back from a production shoot for a Horror movie releasing in 2015. Had a blast! They must of enjoyed my acting chops because I had the most lines out of everyone there!"
Now it's a "bit part"? You're so full of shit Bores.

Anyway, the movie is called "Gore Orphanage" and it's based on an urban legend set in Ohio. Here's the page about the legend itself. 
He says he plays a paranormal investigator (ugh), and he "thinks" he's killed off in the first few minutes. You don't even remember if you're killed off? What is up with your memory problems?
But apparently this movie is a big deal as it was voted "Most Anticipated Horror Movie of 2015" by Call me when its Fangoria.

So what's the big reality show that he's been hyping? He's going to appear on Hardcore Pawn! ... Disgusting.
For those unaware, Hardcore Pawn is about a Detroit-based pawn shop. Where the show it's ripping off, Pawn Stars, at least attempts to be informative about the various items that shop receives, Hardcore Pawn is bottom of the barrel lowest common denominator garbage. It claims to be about "human drama" but like all reality shows, it's extremely fake.
So Bores is going to be on because... ghosts. Like I said, extremely fake.
And to make sure we know it's real, there's a picture of Bores with the shop's owner, Les Gold.
"They'll edit it down, they might make me look like an idiot" Trust me, you don't need their help to look like an idiot.

He mentions his dad and how he was sick. He believes he got better after he asked for prayers on Facebook. ... *sighs* That's not how it works Chris. I'm going to stop now to avoid any possible bloodbaths.

He then says he's going to finally focus on the channel again. He claims to have read the comments (have you?) He claims his big goal of 2014 was to finish the storyline. Which you did early in the year, what the fuck were you doing afterwards? Don't say "ghosts" because the last video was in March 2014, and you basically spent the rest of the year on your ass!
He says he has more planned... so is he going back on his "I've retired" claim? Make up your mind!

He follows that by talking about his site/blog. He claims it's hard to update it on a regular basis. WHAT? You just find random shit and write a couple sentences about it. Sometimes you don't even bother to write anything, simply copypasting an article. You're no better than Polygon... actually I think Polygon might be worse considering Kuchera and Gies.
Apparently it's so hard now, that he's asking his fans to write for him! To cover video games he doesn't know much about. Chris, you very very VERY RARELY talk about video games on your site. Are you that much of a scrub that you need other people to do the video game articles? This isn't supporting the idea that you're a gaming enthusiast at all. Can GotGame fire him over this?

The  video ends, and... begging for subscribers. I'm surprised nobody has called him out on profiting off Leonard Nimoy's death besides me! There were comments, but of course they were deleted.

Someone will have to inform me when his appearance on Hardcore Pawn airs. I've seen a couple episodes and I can barely stomach it.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Low: Chris Profits and Promotes Himself Off a Death

On February 27th, we lost a great cultural icon and amazing actor. Leonard Nimoy entertained the world for decades and will be greatly missed. Whether you watched him on Star Trek, Fringe, or even Kingdom Hearts, he was second to none.

Today, Bores posted a tribute video to him. Talking about how he met him at E3 one year where he was promoting Yoostar 2 (which Bores doesn't even remember the name of).
But that's not what I want to talk about. At the end of the video, he adds an endslate asking for people to subscribe! Holy shit! No! No! You don't talk about someone's death, then demand subscriptions. That is fucked up! He even has the gall to go "If you like what you saw here, please subscribe for more". Wow, way to completely destroy any possible emotion you wanted to build. I was going to ignore this video, but you had to screw it up!

In fact, it gets worse.
I disabled Adblock (I always disable it for people I like, don't worry to any of the video producers that read my blog) and... there was an ad. So not only did he tell people to subscribe at the end of the video, he monetized it. He is profiting off of Nimoy's death. I'd like to hear his new "friends" defend this!
I just... this is why I do it. He always finds a new way to sink lower.

Oh and if he tries to deny it by disabling ads. Yeah, I screen-capped it.

That really is just messed up.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's March. Where's the reality TV show appearance?

We've been pretty dry on content lately haven't we? This feels like the new norm.
Though I imagine Activision will announce this year's Skylanders soon and Bores will have "content" then. But you can tell he's desperate for Skylanders content as on his site, he talked about a Skylanders "game" he found on the back of a fucking cereal box. His two stupid passions combined.

But enough of that, let's get to the real topic.
In case you forgot, Chris announced on his site (and Facebook I think) that he was appearing on a "popular reality TV show" in January. He didn't say which one, likely due to NDA but I'm having my doubts now. When he made the announcement on his channel, the description changed it to the "January/February" time frame. So at some point in these two months, he would appear on a "popular reality TV show".

Well, it's March now, and Bores has said NOTHING about it.
What could have happened?

Scenario 1: The show aired, but Bores never said so.
This is the least likely as Bores would never forget appearing in something. Hell, he trumpeted his 3 second cameo in the Atari E.T. documentary (which he suddenly stopped bringing up for some reason... hmmm). Bores' ego wouldn't allow him to forget bringing up a TV appearance. Hell, he posted a 19 second news report that only shows him for a few seconds.

Scenario 2: Bores lied.
Bores is trying to make his dumb ghost hunting thing a big deal, so why not claim he's appearing on a reality show in the hopes of boosting his "cred"? When enough time passes and nothing happens, he'll claim there was a "falling out" and the appearance never happened. I mean, his story about the appearance felt off too, saying that what he did "shocked the entire production crew".

Scenario 3: Bores got scammed
Remember the Irate Gamer Game? How Bores paid a tiny company to work on a game for 3 years, and the final result was a poorly-made reskin of a preexisting iOS game that only lasted 3 months on the store? Bores seems to fall for scams easily if he thinks it will boost his career. Perhaps there was no reality show, and he fell for a trap. Say Bores, how about that horror movie you claim to be in?

Really these are just the negative ends of possibilities. It could just be late... but until Bores stops playing with cereal boxes and actually says something about it, all we have is speculation.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Coin Opereated Stupidity

A new History video is already out, and it didn’t take a year and a half to do so. Instead, it’s nearly 3 months. The video itself is only 6:15 long. More assurance that he is NEVER going to reach the NES.

This episode will cover “Atari vs. Midway” and “Space Invaders” going by the title. As well as a bunch of other games going by the description.

I want to mention that throughout the entire video, there is an annoying URL watermark in the bottom right. If he really thinks people want to steal this… he is more deluded than I thought.

0:04 - 0:57: The video begins in “1978” (again, modern stock footage) and the “rut” arcades were going through. With RCA bowing out, leaving only Atari and Midway. I’d like a source on RCA leaving the market, or if they were even in the arcade market as I know of the RCA Studio II (which was discontinued in 1979).
He says the first game of the year, in January, was Midway’s “Clowns”. The only source I could find for this was a catalog dated January 1978 (seen here:
Basically, he reviews the game. One of his clowns misses and “dies”, prompting a poorly drawn ambulance to drive on screen and Bores in the back of it. Near the end of the segment his clown goes all over the place, leading to Bores to appear in the game again and get hit by the clo- ugh, not even a minute in and the annoying sketches are everywhere.

0:58 - 1:23: Next he looks at Atari’s “Avalanche”. Once again, he states the obvious about the game getting harder as it goes on (how ANYONE takes him seriously I will never get). He loses, yells, and a picture of snow falls on him because “Avalanche”. It wasn’t funny with the bananas in 2010, and it’s still not funny here.

1:24 - 2:15: Next up is Atari’s “Fire Truck”. Since it’s a co-op only game, we get a bit with two Bores. You know, this is just getting really sad now. People unfamiliar with Bores would look at this and the last video and wonder what kind of lonely weirdo he was.
Terrible banter, they lose, one tells the other to “go play in traffic”, somehow leading to the other to get hit by a fire truck “indoors”. THIS ISN’T FUNNY!
Also, no mention on the single-player version of this game? Smokey Joe?

2:16 - 2:47: The summer brought on sequels. Again, I think Bores’ source on these release dates are old arcade manuals. He really should cite these, it would add some weight.
Midway released “Sea Wolf II”, which is the same game as the first but in color. Instead of “hippie Bores” like the Pong consoles, the Arcade cabinet just explodes set to Roger Daltrey’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” scream. Hooray, more copyrighted material that Bores legally can’t put on DVD, but he will because he is an idiot!
Atari released “Super Breakout”, which has more rows of blocks coming down the longer you play. Leading to a gag where these same blocks start falling on Bores. Is over yet?

2:48 - 3:29: Bores goes over some other games from the time. Atari’s Skydiver, Midway’s Blue Shark, and then Atari’s Orbit, a remake of Computer Space. Though, I can’t find anything that supports this, he probably just said that because the games look similar. That and he could recycle the old Spacewar gag from the first video! He even does the same scream! You’re only 7 videos in and you’re already out of material?

3:30 - 3:55: Namco enters the picture, which is the right time as this was the year they released their first Arcade game, which is Gee Bee. All Bores says about is that it’s not to be confused with the Bee Gees, with more copyrighted music!
“Video game maker Growlow” Video game maker what now? He was trying to say “Gremlin” but somehow muffled it up. This is why second takes exist.
Anyway, he brings up their game, “Frogs”. With a gag about swatting at “pompous Englishman”. This is the source of that fuzzy wig and beard picture he posted on Facebook. All dressed up for a pointless gag. Oh and his English accent is dreadful, but are you surprised?

3:56 - 5:35: Come October, Atari would release “Football”, which was popular. There’s a gag where “Coach Bores” yells at giant X’s meant to represent the X’s in the game. As Bores explains the game might be the most popular of the season, we cut to him in arcade as the camera starts shaking, different Bores and Ronnie (the fuck?) start running around, leading into Space Invaders.
Now, there’s a shot here of the Space Invaders flying over a city that actually looks decent, which makes me believe that this isn’t something Bores made. It looks like the work of someone else.
He briefly reviews the game, complains about getting harder (of course), dies, says it’s too much pressure and his head explodes. Whoever told him that his head exploding was funny, you were wrong, you were so very very very wrong. It’s just pointless and annoying.

He mentions the infamous coin shortages in Japan, then provides “fast fact” about the game being made by Taito and Midway merely licensed it. Not sure why that’s a side-note, it’s probably one of the most important factors to the game’s success. Bringing it overseas so everyone can play it.

Arcades were taking over, Space Invaders changed things, Midway is awesome blah blah blah.
Next episode is about the Odyssey 2. Oh joy, more HAL 9000 bullshit.

What was even the point of that? Those were barely reviews, and again the jokes were just painful. It really does feel like he cares more for stupid Family Guy jokes than actual history.

Seriously though, if his next video is only about the Odyssey 2 and takes at least 4-5 months to get here, he is never going to finish this. He really should just cut his losses and go back to doing want his few remaining fans want. Because I know the new influx he got only like him because “he’s not James Rolfe”.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Status Update February 3rd 2015

My informant showed me a new picture Bores posted to one of his Facebooks. It's from the next History of Video Games. It's Bores in some game (I can't tell which one) flipping the bird at dots above him. ... Again, how is this "educational"?

He also says the video is almost finished. That could mean it could come out in the next couple days or next week. I don't know with Bores.

I bring this up because tomorrow, I'm getting surgery done and will be out of commission for a few days. So if Chris posts the video during that time, I won't be able to properly do a post about it.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nothing Says Playing Games Like a Strobe Light in Your Face

People, I'm not going to make a new post just because I can. If there's long strings where very little is happening, I wait for it to build up and find a good anchor point to let it all out.
Just so happens that anchor point has been found.

Bores just posted a video where he reviews... lights. LED lights that go around your TV and flash bright colors when you're playing. ... Who the fuck would want this? It's just annoying. Nobody needs bright colors in their face when they're concentrating on a game.
The video shows him playing different games with the lights. Mortal Kombat 9, Lego Batman 2, fucking Skylanders, Diablo III, a Call of Duty game (he claims these lights work best with FPS titles, but that feels wrong) and Super Smash Bros for Wii U (so he has the game, but won't talk about it). Notice how most of the games he looked at he did on Neo. Makes me wonder if GotGame finally stopped sending him free stuff.

He believes the lights operate on sound. ... I don't know, the Call of Duty game had plenty of sound but the lights weren't flashing. He really should have researched how this works instead of... throwing this together at the last minute. Was this a paid endorsement? Legally he has to say so but all his Skylander videos have been paid endorsements and he doesn't say that at all.
I would give an epilepsy warning if you try to watch the video, but the quality is so fucking bad that it shouldn't hurt anyone. 

He also mentions in the video he was dealing with a sickness in the family (say this stuff on Facebook, you have two of them!) and working on History of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Part 7
He posted an image from the upcoming video on one of his Facebooks. It's him wearing a furry mustache and wig... yep, more awful random sketches.

He also opened another website.
It's exactly the same as his Pursuit of the Non-Existent site. Only a brighter color. Why? Did he just want the Chris Bores URL to himself? It's not like it's a valuable domain name. Also, the site mentions NOTHING about his YouTube career, just his ghost crap. Sounds like he really really really wants to distance himself from the video game stuff. If that were true, then why is he still making History of Snooze? I have no idea what he's doing.
And why does GotGame keep endorsing him? They power all three of his sites. He literally gives you nothing in return! He hasn't made a video for your site since E3! Dump him!

January is almost over and he hasn't said a thing about his "reality TV" appearance. My informant believes he's been scammed, just like Mad Media Labs did with the Irate Gamer Game. By the way, the video about the game? It's set to private. Seems Chris realized it's not a licensing issue, and it is gone forever for being a piece of shit. 

I imagine we'll get History of Bleh in the next couple of weeks...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year End List: Top 10 Worst IG Moments of 2014

2014 has come to a close, it sucked, let’s talk about it.
Sorry, but 2014 was a really dumb year. It feels like this is the year where everyone started taking crazy pills, or maybe it was me. It all feels wrong…

Chris’ output this year was a deluge of Skylanders and ghost garbage. I’m surprised I was able to find 10 moments. But here we are, the Worst Moments of 2014.

10. Orwellion editing, no longer reserved for North Ko-*censored*

I’d like to thank NES Boy for reminding me this happened. Otherwise, it would have been 9.

Back in February, Chris posted a picture on his site of an ocean wave that looks like it has a face. It was pointless, just like 98% of his site content (GotGame gave server space to him to post video game news and show updates, which he never does).
However, one person had enough of the random nonsense and let Chris know how he felt. A user by the name of Archon wrote “NO ONE FUCKING CARES Dear lord, post some fucking INTERESTING, not random shit that’s shit.” While harsh and redundant, it is quite accurate.
You can read the comment here.

Soon, something happened. Instead of deleting the comment (as he normally does), Chris CHANGED it, to make it positive. “this is interesting!” the comment now said.
You can read that here.

Chris, you barely get comments on your site as it is. Maybe you should take what you get, and not scare everyone off with the possibility of censorship. Hell, the last time someone commented on your site was on November 20th. Maybe do something to bring more people over, rather than push them away.

9. History out of fucking nowhere!

I’d say this moment was a surprise to everyone. After 32 months of nothing (well, not nothing, there was “remastered” episodes and a DVD), the newest History of Video Games came out. … It still blows.
Very little history is actually discussed, pushed aside in favor of (poorly) reviewing the Atari VCS launch titles with more annoying random sketches that should not belong in a “documentary.” Why am I seeing Mr. Magoo and the Count from Sesame Street? I also want to mention again that Chris did the Three Stooges routine by himself. His inability (or refusal) to get other people in his videos has reached 90 levels of sad.

8. What kind of E3 coverage was that?!

GotGame took Bores to E3 again. Okay, either he’s providing them drugs, or he’s screwing someone on the team, because I don’t understand how or why they keep him around. He gives no content to their site, and barely uses the blog they gave him for actual information.

Somehow, his coverage reached a new level of “what the hell am I watching?” The game selection was odd this year, looking at The Evil Within and Dragon Age Inquisition (the latter he admits he only looked at because “it looked cool”). Praising Hyrule Warriors as a “great new direction for the series” (never mind that it was a spin-off!), praising Sonic Boom period (how?! Everyone could see it was bad!), randomly switching between coverage at the show and filming at his house (consistency?), not a single mention of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and of course, PILES of Skylanders.
There was even a video that was nothing but an empty convention hall. As one of the video’s comments said, a good analogy for his content.

The strangest part to me was Chris crying that he wouldn’t be able to play the new Gauntlet because he doesn’t have Steam. Even though I’ve heard evidence to the contrary. Just fucking download it Chris, it’s not hard. Surely with all the editing you do, you should have a PC that can run the game.

7. Jumping on the face-cam bandwagon

IG Neo was surprisingly anemic this year. Only two videos. Again, I ask why GotGame keeps him around.
The first one about Lego Marvel Superheroes was boring, and said nothing interesting about the game. However, the second one looked like Chris’ attempt at a “new direction”. When looking at South Park: The Stick of Truth, he put on a face-cam a/la PewDiePie and showed his reactions. But even he screwed this up as all he did was laugh at the jokes, no commentary or stupid over-the-top reactions that people like Marikiplier and PDP are known for, hell any thoughts were done with post-commentary. Making me wonder what the point of the face-cam was, oh right bandwagon.

Hell, he barely played the game, only getting like an hour in before saying “that’s good enough”. He opens the game on camera! Who does that for a “review”? I’d say this was a “new direction”, but he never made anymore videos to solidify this. Stick of Truth is a great game, and deserves way more respect than the quarter-assed attempt Bores gave. Speaking of deserving better.

6. What is with the cereal mascot fetish?

Of all of Chris’ main shows, I Rate the 80s saw the most content. Three whole videos! The latter two videos about “McDonalds Changeables” and “Looney Tunes Baseball Comic Cards” were completely boring, covering things nobody cares about with terrible random humor all over. The “worst moment” honor goes to his video on General Mills’ Monster Cereals. Posted months after Halloween, this near 8-minute exercise in mental torture shows Bores splooging random references all over with no rhyme or reason. With animated versions of the mascots appearing and Bores giving them terrible impressions. Ending on a terrible gag involving a Ronnie the Skeleton cereal.

There are ways to honor these characters, and Bores did it all completely wrong. Despite what he thinks, he’s not an authority on the 80s. I know he wants to be VH1 so bad, but it’s not going to happen.

5. How can anybody take “ghost hunting” seriously?

Maybe “hunting” is the wrong word. From what I’m told, ghost hunting mostly involves disproving if an area is haunted. What Chris is trying to claim is that he “speaks” to ghosts, that he knows how to “communicate” with them. Which is a load of bullcrap.
It doesn’t help that his way of presenting all this is through the filter of a shitty reality TV show, at least an attempted one. You can tell he wants this on TV so bad.

I mean, how can anyone take this seriously? He has to be a joke in the paranormal community right? What gets me are the people in the comments saying it’s “interesting”, and one parent saying it scared his kids. First of all, you shouldn’t allow your kids to be watching Chris Bores’ videos, have them watch good entertainment like Gravity Falls. Second, THIS is scary? Even going by the philosophy of “what you don‘t see is scarier than what you do see”, this was less than nothing, this was non-existent, there was nothing to indicate it was scary.

I’m still hoping for someone to buy his ghost DVDs and riff them, because what he posted was comedy gold.

4. There was a separate Skylanders channel?

Chris’ Skylander obsession still exists, what a shock. It’s going to exist next year too, as long as people keep buying this crap and Activision keeps him on their *ahem* payroll.
Like last year he even attempted comedy videos, this time “Rejected Skylander Ideas” which were unfunny ideas he came up with (he didn’t even blame it on his girlfriend’s kids).

However, the highlight came from when he actually opened a second channel exclusively for his Skylanders content. Something I approved of greatly as I and many others didn’t want to see that crap anymore. … Then he fucked it up. Not even a month into the channel’s inception, he gives it up. Goes back to posting more Skylanders shit on his main channel. He gave all these excuses like “YouTube’s too different” “It doesn’t make sense” Wah wah wah. No, the real reason is that you barely got subscribers and views, showing that very little of your already dwindling fan base actually cares for your plastic obsession. Well, that and you didn’t fucking promote it! Gee, it’s almost like if you don’t advertise something, it’s going to fail.

To this day, people still tell him to stop with the Skylanders, and Chris just shuts his eyes, covers his ears and sings as loudly as possible to drown out any and all criticism. Enjoy your bubble, it’s going to burst hard.

Oh and why won’t he talk about Amiibo? Those are better!
According to a Facebook comment, he said “kids will like it”. …. Does Bores not understand the hypocrisy of dismissing something as “for kids” when he won’t shut the fuck up about Skylanders?
He also put up a blog post about a misprint Samus Amiibo selling for $2,500. That seems to be the most we’re going to get from Chris about that… though he probably isn’t interested because Nintendo won’t give him free stuff like Activision does. How sad.

3. The “movie” comes to an end in the dumbest way possible.

The Irate Gamer storyline ended this year. Took three and a half years and it accomplished… utter nonsense. I’ve gone over how this “movie” makes no sense before, so I‘ll attempt to keep this brief. This year saw the final two parts, both involving Mighty Morphin Power Rangers games. He ended everything with recycled Power Rangers footage (which I still don’t believe is a satire on how PR is recycled Sentai footage, Bores is not that smart) and as usual, terrible reviews.
The final part also had “cameos”, but only like 6 people actually agreed to appear so the rest were all action figures, video game sprites, and Bores in different costumes. As well as a notable contrarian hypocrite screaming “fuck you AVGN”.
Bores claimed he asked every reviewer he knew, but if that was the turnout… I’ll get more into that in a bit.

I also noticed something recently. Bores thinks really highly of his own writing. You know the bit at the end with the giant HAL-bot falling into Hell and how that made no sense? Apparently, Bores “foreshadowed” that with the line “Let’s send this thing to Hell”. He mentioned this in his “making of“ video. Chris, cliché lines do not count as foreshadowing. Nobody is going to look at that final scene and think “Ooh now it makes sense”, that’s not how foreshadowing works. You sure you took a writing course in college? Man, I can’t imagine how The Dark Chapters would have turned out.

Chris claims this was the final episode (which is odd as the end of the video had him promise he would “keep on reviewing”) and that he retired. Or he’s just on break to focus on History of Video Games. I don’t know, he never keeps his story straight! Of course, Bores is too blind to notice that PEOPLE KEEP ASKING FOR THESE REVIEWS! They don’t want Skylanders, they want old games. In one ear and out the other…

Though I did take solace that Bores could never release this on DVD due to all the copyrighted footage. … Oh wait.

2. DVDs full of copyrighted footage

Somehow, Bores didn’t learn a damn thing the last time he did this. All the way back in 2007 with Back to the Future footage.
Did Bores think that Power Rangers wasn’t owned by anyone? Because it’s owned by at least two different companies (Toei Entertainment and Saban Brands). The only reason Bores hasn’t lost everything to lawsuits is that he’s nothing. He’s probably making nothing on these DVDs and isn’t seen as a threat to these multi-billion dollar (and yen) corporations.

Could Bores not make original Megazords for this? It’s not like he can’t do the “giant” effect, that was the whole point of the giant HAL-bot. It looked like shit yes, but it wasn’t recycled footage.
I’d say report Chris, but it won’t do anything.

1. The “Opening Up” video

The damned attempting one last escape from internet purgatory.
In a supposed response to TheArchfiend (the above mentioned contrarian hypocrite), Bores made a 39 minute video talking about his “career” on YouTube. Most of it was Bores playing the victim card to the “big bad bully James Rolfe”, all without providing a shred of evidence to what he’s saying. All those e-mails, all that proof, we’re just meant to take his word for it.
I don’t know what’s more disgusting, Bores playing the victim in what’s obviously a plea for fans, or the YouTube public swallowing that shit whole without taking a second thought. While some people in the comments have called out his lies and asked for proof, they seem to be in the minority compared to all the fools that fell for this hook, line, and seeker.

Another thing this video shows me is how stuck in the past Chris really is. He mentions all these old reviewers that retired or disappeared, and speaks of them like they’re still new. If these were the people he asked to cameo in his “grand finale”, it’s no wonder he only got 6 people.

There’s also all the lies he gave to try and discredit James. Many about the release dates of his videos. He also got angry that nobody called out James for being a “PewDiePie rip-off”, showing how deep in his bubble he is if he learned about Let’s Plays from PDP. Never mind his use of face-cam in the Stick of Truth video… WAIT A MINUTE!

The video was a lot of “I’m good guy, seriously, just ask these guys that used to hate me and but now love me because I’m too stupid to notice their agenda”. And it worked, it was one of the highest viewed videos of the year (beaten by Skylanders and that one Minecraft toy video).

And that’s the list! I’m surprised that I was able to get more moments than last year, even though most of it was fucking Skylanders.
What will 2015 bring? Will Chris realize his mistake and “un-retire” IG? Will he realize trying to talk to ghosts is nonsense? Will-

No… It’s not over. There’s still one more thing I need to discuss.

0. Disrespecting Justin “JewWario” Carmical

In January of this year, the gaming community lost a wonderful man. Justin Carmical AKA JewWario was said to be one of the nicest guys, who wanted nothing more than to show his love of Japanese video games to the world. When the news of his passing came, the internet was deeply saddened. 

When someone told Chris the news… his remarks were absolutely deplorable.
Justin took his own life, whatever your opinions on suicide are, it’s best to be mindful of the victim and their families.
SOMEBODY DIDN’T TELL BORES THIS! Instead when learning the news, he remarks that he never heard of him (which isn’t a surprise given how cut off he is from the internet) but that Justin will “suffer in the afterlife because he didn’t go on his intended path”. He’s basically saying he will burn in Hell. What the fuck is wrong with you?! It doesn’t matter if you knew the guy or not, you don’t talk like that. Especially on a public place like Facebook where people can screen-cap the image and spread it around.
At no point has Chris personally apologized for his comments, and likely won’t because he’s too thick to notice or care.

I put this at 0 because of how absolutely disgusting this was. It only shows that for all the claims of being a religious, spiritual person, Chris Bores truly is a scumbag. That is why I keep doing, what I’m doing.

And that is the real end of the list. Did you have any stand-out moments? What do you think 2015 will bring?
All we know so far is that in January, Chris will appear on a reality TV show. Still no word on which one. Plus, more fucking Skylanders because what else. Supposedly more History of Video Games, but that’s such a joke at this point. I know Chris likes to think he’s this big “educational informative entertainer”, but the fact he gets information wrong combined with the unfunny random humor, it all adds up to a career of nothingness that nobody will take seriously.

See you next year!