Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Redux Recap: A Battle of Plastic Twits!

And lo, one month following the first video of misinformation, bad acting, and loads of padding, we get the conclusion.
The reason I didn’t do Part 2 along with Part 1 was that they weren’t released at the same time. The next two-part episode was released at the same time so when I get to that I’ll cover both parts.

In between the ROB videos, IG did a review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Superman: Doomsday (will include with the rest of the movie review) and had a radio interview that shows why he no longer does them. I’ll revisit the Uncensored Net Noise disaster sometime down the road.

Despite being the second part of an episode, IG made a trailer anyway.
It’s generic, he says a bunch of “it’s going to be awesome” gibberish followed by a montage of footage set to Digital Juice music he used before. Dolly it up all you want Bores, this doesn’t look epic or awesome.

To the video!

0:36 - 2:36: Part 2 starts not with Stack-Up but continuing with Gyromite.
It gets boring when he goes on about needing precision timing to defeat the enemies, followed by strings of lame cursing before just killing one of the Smicks himself.
He follows with a BORING step-by-step guide on getting through a set of pillars. Didn't take that long to get into padding.

Time starts to run out and we get unneeded close-ups of his face sweating. Man, he must be out of a shape if an NES game is making him sweat like that.
He grabs one batch of dynamite only to run out of time due to pillars getting in his way. What’s with the weird frowning? I think that’s supposed to be anger. Right?

He then grabs ROB and starts choking the plastic toy, blaming him for making him lose. No it’s your fault. You commanded ROB to move the pillars, you decided to get that batch of dynamite before the others. You’re not owning up to your mistakes. Just like real life, never admitting you make mistakes and thinking you’re perfect.

2:37 - 2:56: IG moves onto Stack-Up. He notes the game had different parts made for it, bringing up how they’re rare and expensive these days. He then proceeds to insult people that may have sold the game at a garage sale, calling them idiots. That’s charming.

2:57 - 4:00: He says Stack-Up has three games with similar objectives. He starts with “Direct”. He explains how the game works, then brings up a complaint that I honestly don’t understand. Something about the game not understanding when you‘re done or finishing on its own, it’s really unclear.
“So the first game totally sucks ass” as he puts a stamp saying “Sucks Ass” on it. DO YOU LIKE THESE EFFECTS? DO YOU?! PLEASE LOVE ME!

4:01 - 4:52: He moves onto “Memory”, where the goal is to guess the movements of the Blocks and that it requires careful planning. He tries out his combination but gets it wrong and ROB knocks over the Blocks.
“You stupid robot!” OBJECTION! There is a clear contradiction in this insult! You just said that YOU have to plan out ROB’s movements, so knocking the blocks over was your own fault not the robot’s. You only have yourself to blame for not getting it right.

4:53 - 5:44: IG moves onto “Bingo” and says it’s fun. He says the biggest problem with the other games is ROB being slow. Never mind that the second game has you input commands and hope you got them right.
He brings up the two enemies, Spike and Flipper, and how they work. Flipper fills out the middle (normally blank) row but IG edited it to be the “Party button” again. Because that joke was HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS the first time. I really do wonder if this music is on the DVD, he’d get in trouble if he didn’t remove it.

5:45 - 6:02: IG quickly recaps the games, saying “this game just isn’t Stack-Up, it’s also Fucked-Up” Ugh, what a bad joke. To make sure we get it, he edit’s the box art to show that. I love how the beginning of “fucked” is trailing off the box art, like a crayon drawing that doesn’t stay in the lines.

We have now reached the incredibly stupid ending. This is where most of the problems in Part 2 arise.
The camera cuts to IG, ROB is obviously not on his stool. IG notices and wonders where he went. ROB wheels in holding a Gyro and throws it at him (yay), then another one. He gets closer so IG stands up and kicks him. Hahaha no I wish he did because that would be logical. Instead he stands around like an idiot as ROB shoots a fireball from his eyes, I think they were supposed to be lasers but it was a round ball of fire. With plenty of default Adobe effects. IG jumps out of the way.
This whole “fight” would be over if he fucking kicked him! It’s a plastic toy, it has nobody hostage, it can’t warp reality, it isn’t a deadpan snarker obsessed with his neighbor’s wife, it’s just a plastic toy. You can move! Use those martial arts skills you brag about all the time.

Nope, instead he tries to smash ROB with overhead strikes. You look like a caveman doing that! Try moving your arm across the ground, trip him!
ROB decides to start using his rockets to float (HAY GUYZ A BRAWL REFERENCE AM I COOL?) and IG shows he lacks depth perception by trying to punch the robot but failing. This has to be a joke. Especially for someone that claims to have practiced martial arts. If it is a joke, it’s not funny!
ROB thrusts forward and knocks IG to the ground. He starts charging up another fireball, and instead of doing something like “getting out of the way”, IG tries to find something to use against him while on his back. Common sense?
IG finds… a mirror conveniently sitting between his shelves. Why was that there? What purpose does a mirror serve in your gaming room?
The mirror then reflects the fireball back at ROB, blowing him up and leaving nothing. Not pieces that can be found in a closet and be rebuilt by a cartoon midget.

Holy crap, that was awful. The review portion itself was boring as sin, with loads of padding and terrible jokes. The fight at the end was a mess, all because he refused to use his brain! Being an idiot does not make for a good fight scene!
And you know, I would be a smidge happier if the reason ROB attacked IG was due this treatment. He was yelled at, insulted, strangled, so ROB had enough and decided to fight back. But that would be the result of someone who wasn’t a total hack. The real reason is so incredibly stupid, it almost seems like he pulled it out of his ass to save his skin. Though, we won’t get to that for a while.

Yeah, I know it was a short recap but there really wasn’t much to the video. Maybe I should have combined it with the other part…

Next Redux will be Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That’s going to be a pain to watch.

In other news:
Next week, Kwing is going to review Aladdin for the SNES for his Retro Monday series. See another great reviewer give this game the respect it deserves. I wonder if he’ll insert a slam towards Irate Gamer like Happy Video Game Nerd and Clan of the Gray Wolf did in their Aladdin reviews.
http://www.youtube.com/user/kNIGHTWING01 His channel is here.

Catch you later.


  1. So wait, did Boring Man invent A-Team Punching?

  2. As mentioned in the "Predator" blog, Bore's claims to have studied traditional Kung Fu, particularly White Crane.

    Kung Fu practitioners punch with a vertical fist, and straight from their body so it's quick and powerful. Straight strikes are typically blocked at the outside of the elbow to take the opponents balance and redirect the energy to the side.

    IG punches with a horizontal fist, somewhat like Karate. I say "somewhat" because it looks less like he learned it in a Karate class and instead saw it in once in a Karate movie and figured that was all there was to it. He doesn't punch from the body, he chambers the punch WAY behind him and punches WAY across to the other side. This is slow, weak, and leaves the punchers elbows in the perfect position to be blocked.

    Two or three months into my training and throwing punches like that would feel so awkward and dangerous that I'd never be able to bring myself to do it. Anyone, even someone who's never studied martial arts, should try to mimic Bores's moves. You'll find that it's very unnatural and ineffective.

  3. look how pathetic you are batphail, looking for ways to make the irate gamer look bad, even if it means contradcting your other attacks against him, stop bullying him!

  4. What are you talking about Charlie?

  5. Just let him keep talking to himself, as he is clearly more insane than me.

  6. I've always liked how, in the video, ROB seems to be sort of subtly making fun of Bores, doing things like squishing Professor Hector just to get Bores all riled up. It's just a shame ROB revealed his evilness so obviously.

    Oh, and my human-tester-captcha thing was "pings". Just thought I'd mention that.

  7. Just laugh at him, he'll eventually stop commenting.

  8. Remember guys, don't feed the parasprites.

  9. In the trailer for the R.O.B. review, Bores bragged about the fact that he filmed over 11 hours footage. So what? You don't see any movie, even the shitty ones brag about how much footage they shot.

  10. i saw Clan of the Gary Wolf Aladdin Review, and let me tell you, HVGN was more suttle in his jab at IG :P.

  11. Even though James did the 'ROB is evil' bit after Bores, it's still infinitely better than this episode. When ROB is revealed to be evil to the Nerd, it ties him up so he can't do anything while it attacks him and ROB comes out a serious threat. In this video, it makes Bores look like a complete moron (not that that's hard to do).

  12. ok, I will stop commenting if you delete this blog

  13. @ Ultimate Charm

    AVGN's R.O.B. review followed a formula, "AVGN gets angry at game and fights evil character X", wether that character be Jason, Freddy, The Joker, or Bugs Bunny. I personally didn't find the episode that bad, but it failed to build on this formula that he'd been using for ages.

    IG's R.O.B. review followed the same formula, except replace "AVGN" with "IG". IG's fans think he's so clever because he replaced "X" with "R.O.B." instead of "Jason", "Freddy", "The Joker", or "Bugs Bunny". The target was original-ish, the formula was directly lifted from James, and the execution was a complete turd.

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  16. Didn't know someone like you would like Monty Python, Charlie.


    Yeah, Roo has some slight issues hiding his anger when it comes to completey moronic statements like "Aladdin sucks" or "JRPG is a racist term"!

  17. He can't keep this up forever, give him time.
    In the mean time, HA HA HA.

  18. @Charlie
    You're going to hell.
    Live with it.
    Game Over

  19. @ Obvious Troll who is Obvious
    Bravo, NCS. Appearantly you just wanted people to laugh at you, and boy did you succeed, because I was gufawing at your recent comments. Butthurt much? :)

    You literally threw everything at our good boy Dan except the kitchen sink. And then you threw the kitchen sink for good measure. Did it amount to anything you expect? Not really. But something did come out: Me laughing at you.

    I applaud the amount of effort you put into your vain hatred of BatDan and his anti-Irate tirade. You're Winner.

    BTW, how's College? joined any good sororities? *Budum-tsssssshhhhh*

    @everyone else
    Thank you. Thank very much.

  20. I have your dox:
    Daniel "BatFag" Hirsch
    666 troll avenue
    Trolls/Spammers area
    United States
    7678 9009
    Tel: 465 864 2342

  21. Hmmm...

    Strange. I've been there before. Not a bad place in my opinion. I don't recall meeting a "Daniel", but the people there were very nice, and we had a conversation about local sport events and a certain brat who wouldn't leave his room because he's "busy".

    And by busy, I assume he's either spamming message boards for the heck of or, or he's probably jerking off to yaoi. Anyway, I asked about the brat's name, and they said that his name is "Charlie". Yes. You know where this is going, eh, Charles? :)

  22. I forgot something; The people there had told me he's in the house's basement, which has a computer. I wonder where he is now? It's been a couple of years since I've been to that house. Maybe "He" is closer than I think...

  23. Charlie, your screen name does not deserve to have the same initials as NintendoCapriSun.

    You even resorted to spam in another pathetic attempt to troll. I kid, all trolls are pathetic.

    So, got another bottom-of-the-barrel message up your sleeve? We'd love to laugh at you some more!

  24. Spam musubi does sound delicious now. Thanks for reminding me.

  25. Could someone refresh me on what COTGW not-so-subtlety said about Irate Gamer in the Aladdin review? I've seen the episode, but wasn't exactly having IG on the mind while watching it.

  26. @Justin
    In the intro he says some people are just "irate", nitpicking all the bad games so much that they wouldn't know a good game if it leapt and squeezed the life out of them.

    When talking about the red gems, he brings up the same one IG had trouble with and that it can be obtained with the sheet.

  27. I didn't realize HGVN's review was a response to IG's. I saw HGVN's first, but when I saw IG's I thought "He better not let HGVN know what he thinks about Abu ("THE MONKEY THINKS HE'S PEOPLE!")

    That said, an interesting similarity between both reviews is that they encouraged me to play the game again. I had given up on it because the cave of wonders carpet level gave me so much trouble, but HVGN did such a good job pointing out the fun aspects of the game I picked it up again and beat it (though with a poor red gem count). In IG's case I thought "He hates the game. It must be good." a rule of thumb that I find works in most cases

  28. @Arthur Arneiro
    Exactly! NPC is awesome! I mean the awesome one that LP'd Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    You notice Charlie is kind of antisemitic and homophobic? I don't understand what he has against gypsies either.

  29. Wow...
    NostalgiaCriticSucks is such a coward. Maybe I was being too harsh on him with the sorority joke... :)

    On topic, I am looking forward to the Recap Redux of Irate's Brawl Review. I remember watching that piece of trash, and those 2 or 3 minutes are never coming back. Have (NOT) fun watching it again! :p

  30. @BatDanNight
    Brawl? Can you talk about how he bashes Mewtwo with no explanation. I mean he's one of my least favorite to play as in Melee, but I like that he's available because Mewtwo is a cool Pokemon

  31. Well... Apparently IG's next video is Part 2 to R.O.B. the Robot. Ummmm... Yea.

    You'd think it'd be a part 2 to the original set (part 1 and part 2), but, knowing Bores, he'll repost ROB part 2 and change a scene or something.


  32. *sees video*
    Did he seriously confuse RoboCop with ROB? God damn it Bores you already reviewed ROB.

  33. @BatDanNight

    And why did he look awkwardly to the camera at the end? Seriously, that face he made was just...weird.

  34. Oh my gosh....
    An Irate Gamer video that didn't take eight months!?!
    Hell has frozen, pigs are flying, and Capcom has made MML3!

  35. @Derek

    Aw man, I don't know if I can take another mention of ROB-o-cop...

    I'm still getting over the stupidity of that...

  36. Thought of this while playing Symphony of the Night:
    "Die Chris, you don't belong in this world!"
    "It was not by my hand that I have once again posted videos. I was called here by viewers who wish to give me subscriptions."
    "Subscriptions? You steal peoples' time and make them your fans!"
    "Perhaps the same could be said for all users."
    "Your acting is as empty as your soul! Youtube ill needs a partner like you!"
    "What is Youtube?! A miserable little pile of trolls! But enough talk, have at you!"

  37. @My Little Bronie
    Personally, I have a different approasch about the Irate One:
    "Hello, it's a Wii, the Irate Wario!
    And I'm a very greedy! Wa ha ha ha ha!
    Have a rrrotten day! Gradius sucks because it's-a-too hard! I couldn't-a-get past the first level! So I used-a-the Game Genie, who granted my-a-every wish! YA THUINK!?"

    And here's my take on the Nerd:
    "Woo hoo! It's a me, The Angry Video Game Mario! Are you ready to play some bad gameses? Well this-a-one, called 'Captain Novolin', reeks of-a-the dead pig's feet and diahrria! It's-a-horrible!"

    Well, I'm not taking pot shots at Charlie right now since he ran off with his tail between his legs.

  38. So, Cry Wolf Productions hasn't really been doing anything lately, has he?

    Commentaries on IG are slowly going back up.

  39. Yeah, DLAbaoaqu just put his Kool-Aid commentary back up.

  40. I hope it's safe for me to unprivate my NC17 commentary. It was private, because I used Bores's Ghost'n Goblins clips.

  41. Anyone remember ep 6 of MLP:FiM Boast Busters? It kinda reminds me of an IRL situation...
    Trixie: Irate Gamer
    Snips: Lukestarkiller441
    Snails: Charlie
    Applejack: Archfiend
    Rainbow Dash: Silent Rob (but 20% less cool)
    Rarity: Asalieri
    Twilight Sparkle: AVGN
    Spike: Motherfucker Mike

  42. @John
    Who's the Ursa Major then?

  43. @Derek Ursa Minor: Uncensored Net Noise or ROB the Robot
    And I'll change RD from Silent Rob to BatDanNight. He's about 200% cooler than LeisureSuitLaming

  44. My word verification was "unreek". Coincidentially, I just had a shower.

  45. @JohnNintendoNerd and Derek: I have resolved to watch Friendship is Magic. I don't really get it, maybe you could explain it to me, but everyone who watches it seems to have fun.

  46. @JohnNintendoNerd After seeing this, I would imagine Bores saying this:


  47. @polygonsandsprites Maybe because it's a fun little fad that's easy to follow, maybe it's because something we used to hate so much for its bland and icky girlyness is now watchable and enjoyable, maybe it's because we all have a favorite character (mines Applejack) due to the fact they have actual personalities now and not like they were written on CPK certificates (like Scootaloo will show us games to play or Rainbow Dash *shudder* not even gonna talk about her), maybe it's because each of us men, deep down, are softies for anything as adorable as Fluttershy, maybe it's the easter eggs that have been incorperated into the show due to the fandom (Derpy, Doctor Whoof, Lyra and Bon-bon), maybe because of how overwhelming the pilot was, maybe a bit of each, I dunno. I like it. If you don't like it then thats fine. It's a free country and we can all have our own opinion on these things. Just don't be a douchebag like Charlie and call us sad manchildren for liking a show about purple unicorns and flying rainbow ponies.

    @vcviper592 Dear Celestia each and every minute I get to thinking that Chris was the inspiration for Trixie (albeit Trixie being cute)

  48. @JohnNintendoNerd Not to mention that Trixie at least understood something about showmanship, which is far more than we can say about Boring Man.

  49. @Derek I doubt he's even played Symphony of the Night.

  50. @polygonsandsprites: Adding to what JNN said, many people who watched and enjoy the current MLP checked it out with no expectations and thus saw it to be a good show.

    However, many people check it out now based on the overhyped recommendations and have a higher expectation, thus the show comes off as a disappointment.

  51. @lordahari
    He probably wants Simon in the game. Richter won't feel the same to him.

  52. @lordahari
    Also, Trixie can ACT like she's as good as she sounds.

  53. Warning TL;DR ahead.

    @lordlaharl I think he would probably dis it because Simon Belmont is not the main character. Damn Captain N.

    @antiyonder Incase you're wondering how I became a brony, well it started with DLAbaoaqu's Game Dude in 5 seconds video where Fluttershy storms into the Grand Galloping Gala screaming "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!!!". Seeing how the animation was flash and and how this was an unlikely thing to happen in MLP, I thought it was just a bad parody much like Happy Tree Friends and was going to be the next Annoying Orange, attracting a lot of dumb 12 year old fangirls. Then I found out how it was the new incarnation of the MLP series and that its fanbase consisted of grown men, leading me to assume that it was just a small number and that the majority of them were either weaboos or WoW basement dwellars, so I decided I would just leave it alone.
    After a while I started seeing bloggers from all other sorts of blogs having such ponies like Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash as their avatars and Derek here would often mention it now and then. One day, Derek posted a link to the Fox attacks Bronies video and the huge response got me curious, was MLP:FiM actually a kick-ass show, or did the fanbase really consist of manchildren. I had to find out.
    Ep. 1: Not the most manly thing ever. Damn cliffhanger though...
    Ep. 3: Not as good as Ep. 2 but I gotta keep watching...
    Ep. 21: Applejack is my favorite pony.
    Ep. 26: MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!
    I then got over it, embraced how wonderful the show really was and I, well, got hooked. My friends and parents think I'm a bit odd for liking such a "girly" show but I managed to get a few people interested. The fanart is often clever or funny and the same can be said most of the fanfics (except that one named after a certain frosted treat that I will not mention). I live in Ireland so I like to watch the show on Boomerang (since it's on very early in the mornings I tend to record it with Sky+) and my nearest toy store say they will have the new action figures out in late August, so it wont be long before I wake up to the Mane 6 every morning.
    And that's how BatDanNight started the Irate Gamer Sucks blog. Maybe next time I can tell you about how I became a brony.

    @skyrunner14 Ouch that's sad. I'd imagine if those bullies saw what Charles was doing here they would pumel him all the way to China. But I agree, everything he's done (as far as I can tell) on the internet is really quite pathetic. I'll admit I'm not the best looking or most popular kid, and I'm not exactly knacker free either, but I get on in life, I don't make videos trying to defend some hopeless YouTube celebraty who already has most sane people against him and I don't go trolling people who have opinions. And I wouldn't mind if he did it right (copy and pasting from Encyclopedia Dramatica, successful trolls who DO IT RIGHT!, is lazy and can only end up in a rumble of facepalms).

  54. I saw some of DLAbaoaqu's channel comments, and found out that one of Jaakko's accounts has been terminated... and people going into fanboy rage about him.

    OK, I brought this up before, but I seriously can't get over it: How in the name of a flying pig does he have fans? It just baffles me in every way. He doesn't have anything special about him, besides speaking so softly that I can't hear him on max volume, playing games worse than a five-year old, being an egotistical jerk, and being more effective than Bores at lulling me to sleep. That is, unless those are the things his "fans" like about him, and in which case, they should really seek help.

  55. @John
    Huh. I made you a brony.
    You're welcome!
    Maybe they're just like Sonichu fans.

  56. @John Nintendo Nerd & Derek

    For some reason watching "MLP: FiM" feels like watching "Galaxy Angels" or "Lucky Star". I guess that's why a few otakus like it.

    It's seems to be good YouTube Poop material, lately:


  57. @vicviper592

  58. You know, I just realized another parallel between Bores and MLP. He keeps on trying to act like he's a gamer and that being the star of a game review show is his calling, while ignoring the fact that he obviously just wants to talk about cereal all the time. He's kind of like the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Only lame.

  59. the whole "brony phenomenon" kinda freaks me out.

    no disrespect the the bronies here. no disrespect to the show either, i've never watched it.

    still, the fact that so many guys become fans of the show, and are so outspoken about it... when ANY following is so strong i'm wary of it's influence, and try to avoid it. that's a large part of the reason i never played WoW, either. this is like WoW if every man that played with it had to openly admit to playing with barbie dolls.

    damn, what if they make a new barbie show that somehow appeals to grown men? [shudder]...

  60. I enjoy Friendship is Magic as well, though I'm not the biggest fan of it. It's a cute, fun little show with characters that aren't flat and a male that the bronies can relate to. It also has a very Internet-savvy executive producer that has quit the show. Oh, and the animation is fantastic.

  61. You know, as bad as IG's review of ROB was, it wasn't as bad as the AVGn's one.

  62. @ ULad

    I disagree. AVGN's ROB review wasn't a masterpiece, but both AVGN and IG's review followed the same exact AVGN formula. AVGN worked the real-world history of ROB into the story and ROB's motive, while IG just threw Wikipedia-ripped commentary at the beginning then forgot about it.

    Of course, you didn't prefer IG's review either, you're just here to be a troll.

  63. @Shaolin Dave Yeah I don't exactly think that's gonna happen. The main difference between Barbie and MLP was that Barbie didn't have any personality so she could be used to play the role of any girl chatacter. G1 MLP was similar (Faust would have adventures with her Firefly doll much like G4 Rainbow Dash) but the show would portray them as giggly, girly... uh... horses. When G3 came along, MLP was known for its ickyness and became parody fodder. Which is why FiM was all the more surprising and likeable. Yeah it may not be the most hardcore show and it may not be entirely girly free, but I can certainly see where the fanbase came from. As for Barbie, remember that scene in Toy Story 3 where she beat the shit out of Ken, yet I've never heard of a brobie yet.

    @ULad Depends on how you look at it. James got some things right and failed at a lot of other things. He mentioned alot of things that Chris didn't and, to his credit, actually used the Crash of '83 as a reason fo ROB being evil, but the sketch was painful, had many plotholes and was overdramatic.

    Sorry for my TL;DR comments.

  64. @ULad

    Why the hell are you bringing this up again? This is just more flame war bait! Can you, at least once, talk about something that isn't here to cause a massive flame war?

  65. "*sees video*
    Did he seriously confuse RoboCop with ROB? God damn it Bores you already reviewed ROB. "

    He also reviewed Robocop previously (Albeit with SWAG), and that obviously didn't stop him then. D:

    Why do I have a feeling his next set of reviews past ROB are gonna be revisits of his older videos, in the style of a certain reviewer he claims not to watch? -_-;;

  66. @Shaolin Dave
    I felt the true strength of the Nerd's ROB episode was in the cinematography. He's stated more than once that his goal is to become a director, and episodes like that one really showcase his abilities in that field. On top of that, he tends to do this more often with games like Gyromite and Crazy Castle, where there isn't as much to say about the game on the whole. Namely, Gyromite was an average arcade style game weighed down with a lame peripheral and Crazy Castle was an average arcade style game that really didn't need four sequels.

  67. @jazzypants2010

    I don't think he is going to re-review ROB. I think what Bores really mean't to say is part two of Robocop, where he reviews Robocop 2 on the NES. I believe the Rob the Robot part 2 line in his video is a mistake on his part. Plus, if you look at the new updated Irate Gamer episode guide, he says that Robocop 2 is in production.

  68. Sorry if I'm being called a troll for pointing out my opinion, but I just think that AVGN did do a decent end sketch, but the review itself was pretty bad, he only explained what to do very basically, then moves onto a sketch. IG's sketches were surprisingly restrained, compared to now.
    Also, IG's review was from 2008, 3 years ago, while AVGN's was made a few months ago, and shows that his quality has dropped drastically in the last two years.
    And if not being an AVGN Nazi/Irate Hater makes me a troll, then that shows what a sad fucking state that the internet's in right now.

  69. I never watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I'm kinda scared to even check it out because I'm afraid that people will call me a sissy. (and gay)

  70. @ULad

    Are you sure they're calling you a troll for having an opinion? It could be, you know, because you're talking about something that's GUARANTEED to cause a flame war? Nobody cares about AVGN's ROB video anymore, and yet, you insist on bringing it up.

  71. @DynamiteNinja
    Just find the right forums. They'll accept you.

    IG posted a short video. He claims he sold out of his DVDs. I seriously doubt that, unless he only had like 20 in stock.
    He also has another contest. He's really getting desperate, and it's not even a good prize. It's another Odyssey console.

  72. I'll just change the subject for now.
    I got Dawn of Sorrow yesterday!
    Ever notice something about Julius Mode?

  73. @ULad: Sure, but to James credit, he doesn't get the facts wrong, nor does he have that padding sequence (refering to Chris looking around for bateries and trying to remind everyone through his posters that he's a gamer), as well as actually having a reason for R.O.B. turning evil whereas Chris added that onto a later video.

    @DynamiteNinja: I'd say give it a shot. Besides, people who usually overanalyze their actions and how it reflects their sexuality probably aren't secure in their sexuality from the beginning.

  74. I don't have anything relevant to this post, so I am going to post a collaborative top ten I found on Youtube.



  75. @Smashhacker

    Oh! Peanut3423! I'm subscribed to him. He's one of the only people that actually make good countdowns.

  76. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCeJ2qbkNaU&feature=related

    judging from this video, this kid is to Peanut what Bores is to AVGN.

  77. @BatDanNight IG also released a video on GotGame called IG's Video Game Roundup where he briefly (and I mean BRIEFLY) talks about 4 games in under 2 minutes. These games include Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, LEGO Star Wars 3, Spiderman: Shattered Dimension's and Mario Sports Mix.

  78. @ULad: Now to provide my bit also on why James R.O.B. review has better reception, again it has to do with the person making the video.

    Now quality is subjective and maybe James' video is low quality, but with him you can see that he's having fun. With Chris his Irate Gamer videos are nothing more than a means for a check. Yeah James cashes in on his work, but he's making money doing something he enjoys.

    So to put it simply, if a person enjoys his product, other people can sometimes overlook the quality and still enjoy the product.

  79. @ the Bronies
    I watched the first two episodes. Pretty cool I'd say. I do enjoy cute things so I'm gonna keep watching.



    Something about you misspelling "this" makes me think of Cartmenez, Cartman's retarded disguise in South Park. Your first post and I ALREADY want to kill you.

  82. Kwing kinda did mention the Irate Gamer

  83. @Tony
    I saw, though he claims he can't confirm or deny that it was him. But it's pretty obvious it was him.

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  85. About Stack-Up not knowing if you were "done" or not, AVGN covered the same thing in his episode so i'm surprised you didn't get it. Basically in "Direct" you are supposed to press "start" once you've the blocks stacked on ROB correctly, but since the game has no way of keeping track of where the blocks are, you can just keep pressing start over and over and still finish the game without having to move any blocks, that's what Bores meant and it's a good point.