Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do ya like BOXES?!

Maaaan, Pokemon Go exploded this past week. Everywhere I turn it's Pokemon Go this, Pokemon Go that, the news, local businesses, it feels like 1998 again. I've tried it, but holy fuck is it buggy. Probably going to wait a bit until they iron it out.

I'm just bringing it up because Bores certainly wouldn't. Instead, BOXES! More worthless nerd shit to take up space. Are his fans really asking for this? It's not a big hit, the first two Box Wars videos have less views than his latest 80's video (and that's only at 15,504). Bores, have you considered that people don't cover multiple boxes because this is a niche nobody cares about? The most people do is Lootcrate, and that's it.

Anyway, he's going to look at 11 fucking boxes in this video. How? The description even says there's no Lootcrate, and somehow there's still 11 boxes.
At the bottom he links Lootaku, but spells it "LOOT-A-KU" ... I think this is Bores calling out my last post for telling him he's pronouncing Lootaku wrong. Sounds like he's taking this criticism pretty well.

Anyway, first is 1Up Box
- Starting with the shirt, a crossover between Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead. Remember Dino Crisis? That was cool.
- I should mention the shirt he's wearing, a hybrid of Iron Man and Mega Man. He implied it came from 1-Up box but I'm not sure. Don't care to check.
- A Funko Pop! figure of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. He just refers to it as a "Bioshock Pop figure". Not even going to bother reading the name on the box. Also he "pops" it out of his and while making a pop sound. Are you nine?
- A Jurassic Park "Joker" (as in the card) sticker. ... What?
- A Fallout Vault Boy keychain, which explodes. Was that meant to be a reference to the game? Because that was a weak explosion if we're talking Fallout.
- And a Walking Dead keychain cover, which he then makes "disappear" like he's a magician (uses jump cuts). Again, are you nine?
- By the way, other than the explosion, every transition cut has the same fucking sound. I should know it, but my mind can't pinpoint it right now.

Next is something new, Infinity Crate.
- Another Funko Pop! figure, this one of MCU Captain America. And he does the "pop" again. This better not be a gag.
- A Batman travel mug. I can barely see the fucking logo! Everything's black! At least use the yellow emblem if the mug itself is black.
- A mini Thor plush keychain. He "squeaks" it, then he fake cries about his got dirty. The cringe is strong.
- Two t-shirts. One with Daredevil, and the other with Game of Thrones. I looked up Game of Thrones Brewery (as noted on the shirt) and there isn't one. I'm not really sure what that is about, I don't watch the show. Does Bores yell "autumn" at the end?

Next is another new one. Betoyo Box, and it comes all the way from Japan. Of course he pronounces it wrong. *checks site* He has to pay an extra $5 for shipping if he's not getting it for free.
- Well it's less of a box and more of a bag.
- First is a Sword Art Online mini figure of Lizbeth. Or "Sword Arts Online" as he says it. Seriously Bores?
- Another minifig of a character he mispronounces so I can't figure out who he's talking about.
- A wallscroll of another character he mispronounces so I can't figure out who he's talking about. He opens it and goes "whoa mama!" ... Sooo how likely is is that she's 14? I know how Japan rolls.
- Then a mini figure of a Fate Zero character. I don't know who, I haven't seen Fate Zero or any of Type-Moon's Fate series.
- Well that was embarrassing. There's sometimes moments where Bores comes off like someone's awkward dad trying to fit in with the cool teenagers, and this was a shining example of that. How do you do fellow kids?

Next is Bam, and yes he does all the jump-cutting while yelling "BAM!" But then he says "I just love yelling Pam!" ... What? Was that a blooper he left in or randomness?
- He mentions the random prize and this time got a card of Chunk from The Goonies doing the Truffle Shuffle. Wait, did he say Mikey? What? Some Goonies fan you are! I've only seen the movie once and I know that's Chunk. You are bad at this. Oh and since he's a child, he puts a filter on and says "Truffle Shuffle" four times with a jump cut each time, and his voice gets higher. You're not getting the PewDiePie audience Chris.
- The theme is the "bodacious 80's". Oh no, he's going to jizz his pants isn't he?
- First is some 80's sunglasses.
- Then the Back to the Future OUTATIME license plate. Okay that's not too bad.
- A supposed animation cel from She-Ra: Princess of Power. He barely keeps the image still long enough to show who it is, but I know that She-Ra isn't in that picture so it's about worthless as this arm.
- A signed print of... Slimer? He's not even a real person. Was it the voice of Slimer? Well looking it up, Slimer's voices included Ivan Reitman, Frank Welker, Billy West and Troy Baker, all of whom have WAAAAAAAY better roles than Slimer. I can't even tell what the signature says.
- And a signed print from Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame, which is apparently so amazing that Bores has to play a "HALLELUJAH" chorus while zooming in it multiple times. Not impressed.

Onto My Geek Box. I'm not even three minutes in.
- He claims the boxes are tailored to tastes saying he told them he liked ghosts and got a vinyl figure of the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Very much a coincidence, and there's that new movie and everything. The one you promised to talk about but haven't and you've run out of time as the movie is out RIGHT NOW! Also, ghosts. Not video games, not the thing you built your YouTube career on, but the thing that nobody on your channel gives half a rat's ass about. I'm convinced, he's given up trying to claim he's a gamer now. Change the channel name Bores, you're no longer the "Irate Gamer", just some asshole talking about boxes. Oh and he makes some annoying car noises while holding the figure's box.
- A t-shirt with a laser gun on it. That's just dumb.
- A Sandy Cheeks (from Spongebob Squarepants) Mega Blok. Who cares about Mega Bloks? Oh right, I forgot Bores claimed they were "cool" when he talked about the Minions Mega Bloks, though he might have just said that because he was getting paid to. Shilling is fun!
- An egg key chain that Bores doesn't understand. Isn't that the thing from Steven Universe? Oh wait no that's Crying Breakfast Friends, yeah I don't get it either.
- And a figure of Doomsday holding Superman's cape. Bores overreacts and says he's going "cra-e". I think he's trying to say "crazy" but fucked it up while trying to overact. Take lessons!

Another new one, Sumo Jerky. Of course he had to incorporate food somehow.
- This one is kind of weird as Bores just goes on about how they give you specific jerky based on taste, and he says he likes Turkey Jerky and how he's all about health (sure Bores) and blah blah blah. He tires to bite into one, a Mario sound plays and he "bit his cheek". No you didn't, we can tell you didn't because you're not a good actor at all.
- I did see beef jerky in there. So much for "specified tastes" huh?

Another new one, Brick Loot. All about Lego, but legally they're not Lego. What's the point?
- Apparently a kid started it up. I guess that's neat?
- Theme is Mad Scientists. "Morty, Morty y-y-you got to check out this stupid *belch* video Morty, this guy he's he's talking about stupid shit you get in boxes, a-a-and there's this nit-picky pendantic *belch* asshole that over-analyzes it. Man, t-t-talk about a bunch of losers huh Morty?"
- I.N. Stein character. Meh.
- A Lego ice cube tray. Didn't you show one of these on your stupid site?
- Stickers. Zzzz
- A brick that lights up, and he puts some really crappy effect over it to imply it blinded him. What even was that effect?
- A mad scientist lab
- And a pair of mini-figs. Bores tries to do the spooky "ooooooo" with them. I don't even know what those are supposed to be.

Another new one, holy shit how many there, with Gachacrate. Bores calls them "bobbles". Yeah I don't think Bores knows about Japanese Gacha machines.
- First is some pocky, which he just calls "Japanese candy".
- A figure from the "Women of Namco" series. I'd say "tell us who that is", but he'd just mispronounce it.
- A figure from the "Hellsing Figure Bust" series (I imagine that's not the proper name). Is that a see-through Alexander Anderson? Also, they still have Hellsing toys in Japan?
- A figure of a schoolgirl doing kancho. Which of course he mispronounces.
- A mini figure of a Star Wars clone trooper. That's out of nowhere.
- A Pokeball that's really a stamp, which Bores slams on his head. NOT FUNNY! He shows the four Pokemon, but all I could see was Pikachu and Luxray because he was going too fast. "All your favorite Pokemon" You can't say that, we can't tell half of them!
- No more Japan Bores. You can't pronounce half of the items.

ANOTHER new one, Awesome Pack. High chances that what's inside is not awesome.
- It's another customized box and it's the... Irate Gamer Pack. Called it! Not awesome at all.
- A Yoda pin, with Bores doing an impression. Still not funny.
- A strategy game called Jab: Real Time Boxing. Okay that's just weird, since Bores isn't really about strategy games. He just did a couple videos that some Kickstarter goons paid him to do. Oh and he punches the box. Real thoughtful.
- Another Mega Blok set, this one of a Call of Duty snowmobile. Bores doesn't even like CoD, why include that? Also he calls it "skiing". Do your damn research.
- Some card game from some company I never heard of, I don't fucking care...
- And some board game nobody has heard of, leading to a dumb joke with a high-pitched Bores.
- Okay how is any of this Irate Gamer themed? It sounds more like he specified "Irate Gamer" instead of Chris Bores and that's what he got. Probably the same as everyone else. Still can't figure out if he's paying for all these or they're sending them for free.

ZBox, finally one he already looked at before.
- Starting with a figure of Raphael from TMNT, with a really big head. He looks plush. He follows with a high-pitched "TURTLE POWER". Never do that again. It didn't even sound like Raph.
- Disney Infinity Hulk. HA HA worthless. Then Bores "roars". Ugggh...
- An X-Men: Apocalypse t-shirt.
- And finally the hardcover collection of X-Men First Class (which was a comic before it was a movie). This better be the best item at the end because this is something worthwhile.

Concluding with Lootaku, and yes he still can't pronounce it right. Confirming that his purposely stupid spelling in the description is his response to my criticism. Charming.
- Wait, what was that audio cut? The picture didn't move but the audio cut out. Did you seriously just leave an audio glitch in the video?! You really shouldn't flaunt that you went to school for film making when you keep making mistakes.
- So everything in this box is Game of Thrones themed. "That could have been a risky move" Why? GoT is popular, people love it. It would be risky if they did an entire box of ... *looks around room* Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel merch.
- I want to thank MacDragard for some of the stuff pointed out in this part.
- A Funko Pop! of Daenerys and her dragon. How many franchises has Funko obtained the rights to?
- A random GoT figure, and he gets Sandor Clegane AKA The Hound. But Bores calls him a "stupid knight guy". Except he's not a knight, he's the retainer to House Lannister. Then Bores acts like a child and tosses him away. Even the noise he makes is like a little kid. It's not endearing Chris, it's annoying.
- A piece of paper. ... Are you serious? Supposedly it's meant to be a letter from Lady Forrester. I looked that up and she's from the TellTale game. Okay what? Then Bores makes a REALLY dumb joke when he reads the letter and claims Ned Stark is a crossdresser. I don't even watch the show, and I'm offended. I know what happens to him so this just seems disrespectful.
- A Hodor door stop, oh that's just in bad taste (yes I know about that too)
- A coin
- A pin
- A scroll containing a map of Westeros (which he doesn't say the name of)
- And ending on a pillow cover with the House Targaryen sigil, which Bores calls one of the coolest items. Now I know you're lying.

Onto the "winners". Let's see how he screws up.
Best t-shirt is Infinity Crate's Game of Thrones t-shirt.
Best item is the Back to the Future license plate (okay fair enough)
Second best is the above pillow cover, you are full of it!
The "First place" ite- wait so the license plate is third place? Then why didn't you say that was third place? You said "First item goes to". WRITE A SCRIPT! I know you're editing these, there's more cuts than the arms of a teenager with problems. Anyway, "first place" goes to the Doomsday figure. You know I'm surprised he didn't rant about the lame Doomsday in Batman v Superman, then again that would imply putting in effort in talking about things.
Third best box was Awesome Pack (no)
Second best was Lootaku, and god damn it is cringey how he keeps saying it wrong
Best for their "originality and creativity" is Bam. Original? I would say the jerky box was more original. Nobody else was doing that.
"So many clever items" ... Slimer's autograph is clever?

Surprisingly, this video is not a contest. Does not stop idiots from saying "Pick Me". This is part of your fanbase Bores, trained monkeys that just want free stuff.
Then again, even the fans don't like this. Plenty of dislikes, and quite a few comments lamenting how his channel got worse and nobody cares about the stupid boxes. Yeah, hard to believe that Bores has somehow gone downhill, and that's saying a lot. At least before he showed a little effort, it wasn't good but it something. Now he's just coasting, and the views are barely there. Someone seriously needs to sit down and talk to him. Tell him to deliver what the fans want. He claimed before he took fan requests but that was for stuff like Resident Evil 5 and Brutal Legend, which I seriously doubt his fans asked for. His fans are kids, they wanted Minecraft for years, and all he gave was Minecraft toys. Maybe Bores would be better sitting in an editing bay with a bunch of other editors, far behind the scenes, given actual direction instead of the nonsense he spews once in a while. That's it! Bores has no vision, he has no clear goal what he wants. He just throws stuff on the wall and sees what sticks, and when something does stick he runs it into the ground (Skylanders). He has no idea what he wants, and that's just sad.

... Welp, see you next time!


  1. "I've been taking the Summer off from game reviews."... If this was last year, when Chris had a daily upload schedule, this excuse might have been valid? But how many main series videos did he have this year? 1 Irate the 80's, and 2 regular IG videos. That's only 2 videos this whole year where he talked about video games! No Neos, no HOV, his channel has nothing to do with video games anymore.
    Also, does anyone else notice the blurs over the boxes later in the video? Is Chris trying to censor something? He seems to put a lot of editing and detail into these videos about BOXES!

    1. His address. Even though he doxxed himself years ago by using his home as the return address on the DVDs he sent out.

  2. First off, it called the Betoyo Bento, not Betoyo box. He couldn't even get the service's name right.

    The minifigure that he horribly butchered the pronouciation for is Kogitsunemaru from Touken Ranbu, a Japanese browser MMO.

    The wall scroll (Kay-ben-yair-ee as he calls it) is Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. He age isn't mentioned in the show, but according to one of the creators, she's supposed to be 12.

    1. Thanks Necro.

      Bento makes a lot more sense.

      She's 12? That makes the "joke" even creepier. Thanks Japan.

  3. (Hello, I'm new here! (Although I have been lurking here for quite some time))

    Dang, how many special effects are in this video anyway (excluding the transitions)?

  4. To be fair, the map he got was of the entire Game of Thrones world; not just of Westeros. It also included Essos, the continent where Daenarys's storyline (and later Arya's and Tyrion's storylines) takes place.

    With that said, I forgot to mention that Daenarys's name is not Khaleesi, as Chris called her; that's just her title, which is the Dothraki word for Queen.

    But yeah, I don't think Chris watches the show. It'd probably be too adult for him.

  5. The anime character figures that Bores didn't bother to say their names are Kogitsunemaru (The Touken Rabu figure) and Saber (The Fate/Zero figure). Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't know who Saber is, BatDan. She's one of the most popular and well-known anime characters. ^^;

    Anyways, I don't know why Bores like Doomsday so much. In my opinion, Doomsday is the worst and lamest comic book villain ever. He's a mess of a character. He's just someone made to defeat Superman. That's it. And Batman V Superman perfectly highlights that. In fact, The Death of Superman was nothing more that a publicity stunt just to attract people. It's a dumb idea back in 1992, and it's a dumb idea now.

    Also, I rolled my eyes when the theme for the Bam box is "bodacious 80s". Do people still say "bodacious" in 2010s?

  6. Ugh, this video was garbage. As for Pokémon Go: I'm in the process of upgrading my phone to one that can run it. I expected the app to do well; but not to this degree. My plan is to see what I can do with the game, then get the accessory later (I don't plan on picking it up until after I finish paying off Sun and Moon). Knowing Boring Man: he'll probably be one of those people who's convinced the new movie will suck no matter what, even if the backlash is now getting its own backlash in how overblown it was. Personally, I just got through watching Ghostbusters II again; and even I don't think that's as bad as others say. I still have trouble wrapping my head around how much vitriol has been leveled against the reboot; when it's far from the only reboot or adaptation this year. Well, guess I'll see you guys around. I'm expecting the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman in the mail soon; then I'm going to go see some extended family in New York later this month, including a visit to the the revamped Nintendo NY!

  7. Hey, Dan. You should probably point out that Chris is hiding referral tags in at least a few of the links within the description. No mention of the referral bonuses in his video, of course.

    I believe the sound effect you couldn't put your finger on was from Pac-Man.

    This whole video was mostly showing crap to the camera for a few moments and moving on the next item. If he is going to do these videos then he should use fewer boxes and actually talk about why he likes or dislikes each item.

    Chris has fallen back into the habit of describing items favorably while it is obvious they are still sealed. To his credit he at least admitted he didn't play the board game yet but there were other items he claims are good and it is obvious they still have the shrink wrap.

    1. Yeah. The sound is when Pac-Man eats a fruit :)

    2. Thank you! The name of the game was bothering me. I knew it but I couldn't put my finger on it.

  8. "Confirming that his purposely stupid spelling in the description is his response to my criticism. Charming."

    I was right. (somewhat) Some of the shit Bores is doing, he's fucking doing out of spite. Fucking asshole.

  9. Hey, Ashens has branched out from Lootcrate (mostly because he was tired of getting Funko Pop figures all the time, which he doesn't like) and his videos are still entertaining. Then again Ashens is a great reviewer.

  10. Not sure as to the extent of what licences Funko has, but it's up there.

    Marvel, DC, WWE, video games, Disney, Peanuts, GoT, Walking Dead, there's just so many of them. I thought about getting into them when I first saw them, but now, there's just way too many to even bother.

    I suppose if there's a certain series or characters you want, that'd be fine, but I wouldn't want to try and collect all of them.

    1. Yeah, I've lost count of how many Pop figures there are. I don't plan on actively collecting them, but I do have a couple that I didn't actually buy; but got as a gift and a prize. I won this Arrested Development Michael Bluth in a Facebook contest, and I got a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Han Solo in a Lootcrate last Christmas (an exclusive variant of him in the assault on Starkiller Base). My brother has a First Order Stormtrooper he got from preordering the new Battlefront. Hell, I had Giant Man's appearance in Civil War spoiled for me because I saw the toy when I was window shopping before the movie opened! I may be a collector of sorts (Pokémon, Star Wars and Transformers are my main niches, closely followed by TMNT, Power Rangers and Marvel); but even I think this whole thing is getting out of hand (not counting other figures like them from other companies). Given how plastic takes a lot longer to decay than other material, I can only imagine what some future civilization is going to think if they found any lying around.

  11. And yes, Pokemon Go! is everywhere. I'm quite embarrassed to say that I'm going to be one of the trend followers; I showed some interest in the franchise, but this is going to get me into the Pokemon world.

    1. * some interest in the past, but yeah, this is probably going to get me to look into the wonderful world of Pokemon.

  12. Oh god he's doing Japan boxes
    Sooner or later he'll get toku related stuff and just act like it all rips off power rangers

    1. Yes, totally unaware that Super Sentai predates MMPR by at least 16 years; and Kamen Rider a few years before that, and Ultraman before that. Hell, I still want to see those godawful Power Rangers reviews riffed for those reasons (though the Genesis and Sega CD versions would have to be done somewhere besides YouTube given how schizo they've been on copyright law lately).

  13. Do any of you guys think that anytime soon Bores will be just like "I quit, I can't do this anymore?"

    1. He has already done that more than once, only to slither back.

    2. he has "semi-retired" a number of times


    These two comments are win

  15. Did anyone else notice that Chris mispronounced "Pokemon" twice? "A really cool Poke Ball." "All your favorite "Poke Mon" inside. It may be understandable to get character's names from certain anime and video game's wrong, but Pokemon? How can you not know how to say Pokemon correctly? Especially since it's currently more popular than it has been in years.

    1. Yes, I would suggest that it's not only officially earned its place along Mario, Zelda and Metroid among Nintendo's big names; but with the massive success of this app as well as Sun and Moon on the horizon, it's essentially on the same pop cultural order of magnitude as Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, once again; Boring Man has tried and failed to maintain that tenuous link to being a gamer. I highly doubt I'll see him battling in the Sinnoh Classic (hopefully I can login to my PGL account soon, I've been locked out for days despite resetting my password multiple times. Anyone else having trouble with that?).

    2. OK, they're doing maintenance on the site. Hopefully I'll be able to get logged in soon. Very interested in obtaining the Cynthia's Garchomp DLC, and seeing what kind of people and tactics are around.

  16. Lol that's my comment responding to the other guy! Thanks. XD This is my first time posting on this blog but I've been lurking here for years!

    1. Oh, Joy. Coincidentally, I have her as my phone's wallpaper. :P

  17. Hey BatDan, this doesn't really have anything to do with the video, but you might want to watch how you phrase certain things. For instance, compare "I haven't seen Sherlock" to "I don't watch Last Man Standing." Notice a difference?
    Also, I think Bores should change his name to "Stupid Box Guy."

  18. Dan, other YouTubers don't do these Loot Boxes any more as literally no one likes them, they always get low views and lose a ton of subs when doing them (I know from experience) it's why companies offer money for YTers to do them now. Silly money too, $1500 a video occasionally.

    Also Chris calls the ECTO-1 the Ecco 1, and mispronounces Lego several times :S

    1. I think the only one that seems to be fun to watch is Ashens as they are similar to his blind bag videos, and the fact commenting on tat is his stick, who is just so fun to watch as he opens and scoffs at the stuff sometimes placed in these boxes.

      Also there was the fun of his anger over bleeping inflatable bleeping crowns(which loot crate must have been amused by too as they did the send him a whole box of the things, thing)!

    2. @Guru Larry
      That explains a lot. Like why Bores continues to do these videos even though they barely get views. I can't imagine they're all paying him that much since some of those companies are obscure as hell and likely don't have money to throw around but it also explains why Bores is never critical about the items he gets.

      I know there's mispronunciations I missed, I wasn't really paying attention since it's just the same thing over and over and it runs together into a giant slush of bland.

    3. Remember Fred? His lootcrate videos would consist of acting like a retard crack baby over the items.

    4. Yeah, even some toy reviewers that I love to watch like Ashens, Peaugh and Pixel Dan, I never bother watching their Loot Box videos because I'm not interested in them.

    5. Pat the NES Punk unboxing vids are fun since they involve Frank, plus he does his spin w/ Frank crate with stuff from viewers

    6. @Larry, so is Ashens giving them up as well? I quite like his...


    I really hope this tweet is just being sarcastic.

  20. Mate, Hellsing is still HUUUUGE in Japan, you have no idea how. Also, the fate/zero character is Saber, come on, Dan...

    1. Also stuff never leaves in Japan
      Medabots? Beyblade? Duel Masters? Still insanely popular in Japan

  21. I'm pretty sure the sound effect he used in all those transitions was from Pac-Man, when you grab the fruit that shows up in the middle of the maze.

  22. So, any thoughts on Ghostbusters 2016?

    1. Possibly, I know he's being ultra selective now.

    2. I did went to watch it and to be totally honest, I really enjoyed it.

      Now hold the phone, I did watch the original 1984 film before seeing this in theatres. Yes, I do think the 1984 film is a masterpiece but I really like this new film as much as the original and I'm serious.

      I really love the characters. Some people complain there's no chemistry between the characters, I say that's bullcrap. I do see chemistry between them. I love the interactions between the characters and some of the jokes, yes even the ones shown on the trailers, I laughed at them because I did like the jokes.

      And people who criticizes Leslie Jones' character of Patty will be disappointed because Patty actually ends up being the best character in the film as well as Jillian Holtzmann.

      Another criticism people makes is how incredibly stupid Chris Hemsworth's character is. But in my opinion, I love his character. He's absolutely hilarious and it really showcases what a funny comedic actor Chris Hemsworth can be.

      Overall, I know you guys think I'm crazy, but I actually do ended up liking this film. I won't say it's as good as the original, but it's still an entertaining comedy with a good story.

    3. I haven't seen it, not planning on it.

      Some of my friends said it was 'okay', most have said they wish they hadn't gone (to which I respond, "you should have known it would suck... why did you give them your money?!"). Overall what I've heard gives me even less desire to watch it (I didn't think that was possible).

      One friend of mine, who pretty much watches movies every day, actually walked out of the premiere (and she got to see the movie for free). For context, the only other movie she's ever walked out of was "Freddy Got Fingered". Despite hating "Dude, Where's My Car", "Cabin Fever" and "The Spirit", she still sat through to the end.

      Also, I really don't get how making every male character an idiot and defeating a ghost by shooting it in the dick is suppose to show empowerment. Just seems like pettiness and insecurity to me.

    4. Just got back from it a while ago; and while it may not be on the same level as the original film, as I expected, I laughed my ass off at it. While the leads may not be on the same level as Katniss Everdeen, Black Widow or Rey; Feig managed to play to the strengths of their experience on Saturday Night Live and other movies they've done. Also, the effects were pretty trippy in the 3D showing I attended. While it may not be my favorite movie of the summer so far; I definitely don't regret watching it, and it's definitely a good conversation starter at least. Even if not everyone has reacted to it well; I can say that we might get some good reviews out of it. Even if James and Brad said no, I've got plenty of reviews queued up from other online personae (and not just ones from Channel Awesome or Red Letter Media either). I know there's been a lot of shade thrown at this reboot; but even I'm one of the folk that enjoyed Ghostbusters II, so no film in the canon is perfect. I guess I'll just deal with everything being said about it as it comes.

  23. What's anybody's thoughts of the new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon?

    1. I think the newly-unveiled Pokémon have some nice designs; and I'm looking forward to the potential Hyper Training and hosting your own tournaments on the Global Link have as gameplay mechanics. I just hope I can get logged back in before the Sinnoh Classic starts (they're STILL doing maintenance on the site because of all these new members. I'll try again tonight).

    2. Finally got logged in. Just as I thought, they're just working out the kinks with all these new members because of Pokémon Go. Can't wait to see what kind of people and Pokémon are in play, and get that DLC of Cynthia's Garchomp.

  24. He should be called "The Irate Merchant"


    I think we all know that Irate Gamer will return some other day.

    1. What demands? We all know he just can't find a good game to bash!

    2. He says Season 5 is the last but he just did Season 6. He can't even keep track of himself!

  26. Chris just announced retirement again - for the umpteenth time. Will it be for good this time?

    1. Here is the Facebook post in its entirety: "I had a great run but after much debate, I'm retiring the Irate Gamer show. Season 5 is the last and it would be hard to top. I've been busy with so many other demands in life that its hard to find time to do an episode these days. I'll be around from time to time. Thanks for all the fun over the years. It was a blast!" Looks like he finally opened a dictionary and learned what "retirement" means. Funny, the last IG episode (Duckhunt) was originally the first episode of season 6. He edited that video's title so its now season 5 episode 13. I'm sure he isn't gone for good though.

    2. If he really retires, then "Game Off" everybody. Breakfast is restored.

    3. guess that means batdannight has to retire as he said he would if the IG show retired, unless he lied? what the hell will all of you morons do with your lonely boring lives then? most likely run-a-muck!!!! ha :D

    4. Well, it was a good blog... should we do something cordial, to send Chris off and acknowledge he's a fellow human being and for once doing something we'd have picked, but of course if he ever comes back, it's back on for us too only three times as harsh?

    5. Hey LadyBuggin, I think BatDan will keep this blog running no matter what.

    6. He said he would for preservation.

    7. Ah so this whole retirement thing is really just a plot to kill this blog. Figures.

    8. why would it be a plot to shut you down? I'm using Batdannights own words, he said if Chris retired from his IG show he'd stop featuring his blog, simple as that! Are you now defending lies of one of your own? Funny you accuse IG of lies but you can't stop defending your own blog's lies. You must be a true Hillary supporter. Opps. I've offended you, quick run to your safe space to shield you from the truth!!!! lmao :D

    9. @Marley Hughes> Then Batty lied, simple as that!

    10. @Marley Hughes> Then Batty lied, simple as that!

    11. Not to get into politics, but for someone who doesn't like Hillary, you sure remind me of her.

  27. Did chris shut down his irategamer website? retiring early huh?

    1. loads for me.

    2. Just noticed it has been almost a month since he updated that blog.

    3. Last post was just another random piece of nonsense. I may like the idea of dark ages Marvel heroes, but the idea is once again hampered by his incompetence as a writer.

  28. OT: Legendary Pictures has officially secured the rights to the Pokémon film franchise; starting with a live-action adaptation of Detective Pikachu. This should prove quite interesting to see play out. Ideally, I still think this has the potential to be as big as Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe if they pull it off. If all else fails, I can't imagine it being worse than the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie, or (shudders), Pixels.