Friday, December 31, 2010

IG in 2010: The Top Ten Worst Moments

2010 is coming to a close, man that year just flew by didn’t it? Let’s close out by looking at the Top 10 Worst IG/CB Moments of 2010. Yeah, no “end of the world” speech this time.

Chris’ output this year was embarrassing. He somehow did worse than last year. You can read that list here:

Two Irate Gamer videos (Educational Mario Games [counting both parts as one] and Cool Spot)
Seven Neo “reviews” (Ghostbusters, Dante’s Inferno, the 3-in-1 review, God of War III, Xbox 360 Comparison, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, and Donkey Kong Country Returns)
One History of Video Games (Early Atari arcade games)
Three movie “reviews” (Top 10 Summer Movies, Iron Man 2, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time)
Two “Breakfast Rant 2.0” videos (Kool-Aid Flavors and Garbage Pail Kids)
TWENTY-ONE E3 videos that amount to saying “vewy coo’” at pre-rendered trailers, awful interviews with the same questions asked again and again, and information that has been available a good MONTH before these videos came out
EIGHTEEN “Other” videos (that includes trailers, bloopers, updates, and contests)

So as you can see I don’t have much to choose from. But let’s try shall we?

HOLD IT! What about History of Video Games Part 4? Aren’t you going to wait for that?
Yeah, I don’t think it will come out today. If it does then it’s a 2011 video.
UPDATE: What do you know, it didn't come out on the 31st.

#10: Who needs substance? I only care about flashy effects!
The only moment on here related to his movie reviews. This year’s Top 10 list showed the only thing Bores is looking for in a movie is special effects. Yeah I know he’s done that before, but here it’s really egregious and very annoying. It surprises me he dislikes Michael Bay considering he’s the target audience of his films.
The fact he put The Sorcerer’s Apprentice at #2 solely on the effects shows how much he loves shiny things.

Oh and he broke another promise. He said at the end he would review most of the movies on the list. He only reviewed two. Bad form Chris.

#9: Hours of research = Al “Acorn” and fake footage
In the time leading up to History of *yawns* Part 3, Chris made multiple bold statements. Including “doing hours of research”, finding footage of games that exists nowhere else on the Internet, and saying it took a long time because “info on the Internet is inaccurate”.

Ignoring the hypocrisy of that last one, the final result showed that most of those claims were outright lies. Most of what he said was copied exactly from Wikipedia. He got the name of Atari’s lead engineer wrong (it’s Al Alcorn not Acorn), tried to pass of Nolan Bushnell seeing the Magnavox Odyssey as a myth rather than a fact (spoiler: it’s a fact) and outright stealing footage from better documentaries on the subject.
Oh, and recreating 2 of the 6 games… BADLY!

Hours of research huh?

#8: The laziest God of War review in history!
At the end of the 3-in-1 video, Bores announced he would review God of War III. He finally got to it… four months later. Obviously the delay was to make it good right? Hahahaha no.
Instead we got a review that was less than two minutes long and told us information we could find by reading the back of the box. His fans were outraged at how lazy this was, people unsubscribing in droves. Some thought it was the trailer, then they realized this was the actual review.

I’m shocked GotGame allows him to get away with this.

#7: Every Castlevania fan wants Simon Belmont in all the games!
Bores was upset that a certain Castlevania character didn’t show up in Harmony of Despair. The original hero Simon Belmont. Oh wait, it wasn’t just HoD, he’s upset that ALL the new Castlevania games don’t include him.
Bores, the original Castlevania took place in 1691, Simon was 24 years old. All the new Castlevania games take place centuries after that, sometimes before. Order of Ecclesia in the 1800s, Portrait of Ruin in 1944, and Dawn of Sorrow in the not-to-distant future of 2036. Again, this is nothing new.

You’re not a Castlevania fan, stop lying!

#6: A split timeline plot without any differences
The first IG review of 2010 was for games already covered by the AVGN. As usual, people called him out on this. When the videos came out, Bores did something much different. Not that it was a good thing.
IG used a Sliding Doors plot where we saw separate timelines depending on which game he chose. What makes plots like this work is spotting the differences between the two.

In the Frasier episode “Sliding Frasiers” (where Bores clearly stole the idea from), the story splits between Frasier wearing a suit or wearing a sweater.
In the Malcolm in the Middle episode “Bowling”, the story splits between Hal taking the boys bowling or Lois taking the boys bowling.
When you watch you try to spot the differences between the timelines. That’s the fun of it.

In Bores’ video, the only difference was Ronnie. In both timelines, Ronnie showed up out of nowhere. In one timeline Bores tells him to leave, and in the other says he can stay. Then Bores breaks a gas pipe in both timelines (just go with it), leading to the ultra-predictable conclusion. Of course for this to work Bores couldn’t know what gas smells like and pretend that there’s nothing wrong.

Hack writing at its best.

#5: The pace of History of Video Games
I included this on last year’s list because he only made three videos and only reached 1972 (I’m saying three now since he didn’t release the Odyssey videos at the same time, like he did with the ET and Educational Mario Games reviews). One year later he’s only made one episode, talking about Pong and other early Atari games.

It’s taken 19 months for Bores to get this far. In that time a sensible filmmaker would have finished it by now. Only covering important events and not every single fucking console ever made. The only explanation I can give to his claim of the SNES being Part 40 is if each part is one console or one event in video game history. That’s my theory anyway.

Give up Chris. Your fans don’t care about video game history, all their comments are “Lol I find Waldo”, “TYE fihter that so random lololol” or “Lololol 64 devil lol”.
And if people really wanted to learn the history, they wouldn’t go to some asshole that thinks it’s “clever” to include a 2001: A Space Odyssey parody in a video intended to inform.

#4: HD video makes everything better!
In the months leading up to the Cool Spot video, Bores bragged that with an HD camera his show will be taken to the next level. He was ignorant to the fact that High Definition only improves the picture quality and does nothing to help his writing.
But he was confident that his series will evolve in HD. The final result… the same shit he’s always been doing.

He still had lame sketches, he still failed at playing the games, nothing about this video indicated a “next level” other than a clearer picture. Which in the long-run really only works for modern games.

It also doesn’t help when you still use the stock effects from Particle Illusion!

#3: Subscribe, join this site, and win a PS3. It’s totally not a scam!
A while back Bores put up a video announcing a contest. The winner would get a PS3 and five games. All you had to do was subscribe to his channel, sign up to, bid on items, and leave a comment with your DD username. THIS SOUNDS TOTALLY REAL!

As you might suspect, DealDash is a complete scam. Even if Plagueus1742 did receive a PS3, in the long-run the whole site is shady. Plus, Bores didn’t contact DealDash. They contacted him and many other YouTube partners. Including TheArchfiend, who used that knowledge to expose Bores for falling for such an obvious scheme.

Strange how this contest started a few days after a certain review was uploaded…

#2: Bores goes to E3... AGAIN!
Uggggh. It’s bad enough that he went last year, it’s worse that he went for a second time! Since GotGame is run by morons, they invited Chris to E3 again. Not only that, but they gave him more interviews! Didn’t those idiots see the ones he conducted in 2009? G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

This should have been a foreboding sign. He can’t handle himself live. Which is why he kept asking the same questions over and over and over and over!
It’s insulting that a clear fraud gets to go but people that really do care about video games are left out. Shame on you GotGame.

If it’s any consolation, he’s absolutely awful at Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

#1: The entire 3-in-1 “review”
Like the Aladdin video, the 3-in-1 special represents everything that is wrong with the Irate Gamer. Failure to do research, piss-poor writing, absolute laziness, side characters that have nothing to do with the game, and bashing a great game for insanely idiotic reasons.

Chris did this video for the sake of “honoring” requests. His idea of that is play for an hour and call it a full review. He outright admitted he only played Brutal Legend for an hour, and his one complaint made zero sense (WHAT SOUND ISSUES?!). He judged Tekken 6 on the beat-em-up campaign and not the actual fighting portion. Then he re-released the video where he does play the fighting portion, revealing he has no clue what Tekken is and that he’s too retarded/lazy to look in other menus. Also, his “joke” about getting paid off sounded sincere and not sarcastic.

As for TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled. You can tell he didn’t get past Sewer Surfin if you have knowledge of the Arcade and SNES versions. Reshelled is based off the Arcade version so it doesn’t have stages and bosses added to the SNES port.
Since Bores complained that they “replaced” the Roadkill Rodneys with boxing robots, it’s obvious he’s not familiar with the Arcade version. I also believe he didn’t get past Sewer Surfin because in the SNES port you fight the Rat King then go into the Technodrome, while in the Arcade version you go straight to Prehistoric Turtlesaurus.

This video proves that Chris Bores is a lazy moron that only cares for money. He never cared for his fans or the games he plays. How GotGame allowed this deplorable video is beyond me.

Well then, that’s it for 2010. I know there are some moments I left out, but hey there will be more embarrassments next year.
I wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you have a pleasant one.


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  2. Happy New Year! 2011 is AWESOME! (Sure is great living in the future)

  3. @Shaolin Dave
    Err... that might have been a poor word choice. I changed it to "recreated".

    Haha timezones.

  4. Well, it is about 9:07 pm when I typed this comment, but why should I care. Have a happy New Year, BadDan!

  5. Eventhough this comment doesn't have anything to do with the New Year, I just feel like to express it. I have an idea of what would happen if Chris Bores reviewed MUGEN, which is the popular fighting game engine. This is what will happen:

    *Chris Bores' roster will consist of Mortal Kombat characters, cheap and broken characters, and characters from NES games, whether they are retarded/cheap/broken or not.

    *Chris Bores will say that MUGEN is a new fighting game released on Windows, despite the fact that MUGEN is a fighting game 'engine', that MUGEN was first released to the public in July 17, 1999 on MS-DOS, and that MUGEN was later made to work on Linux and Windows.

    *Chris Bores will complain that he has to download the characters manually from the Internet and says MUGEN will be better if it has a function that automatically downloads characters from the Internet like the online store in his Xbox 360.

    *Chris Bores will also complain about how he has to put the character files in individual folders in the Char folder and how he has to put the .def file name of the characters in the select.def file.

    *When Chris Bores shows the actual fighting, the matches will always be in Watch mode, which is a game mode where the all the fighters are CPU controlled), and the CPU difficulty level will always be at 1.

    *One of the gags Bores will put in the review is that he will fight one of the characters in his roster. He will either fight the sprites of the character in his bedroom studio through his lazy special effects or he will use a green screen to put him over the first player character so he will fight the other character in the stage. I doubt he will create himself as a playable character in MUGEN since his lazyness will make it hard for him to create a character from scratch or to replace the sprites of an existing character with his own sprites.

    Well I think this is enough for now.

  6. BatDanNight: Let's all be happy!
    BatDanNight: Except toward Irate Gamer he sucks

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  8. @Shaolin Dave

    You are probably right. I tried looking for the Irate Gamer as a punchbag, but all I found are videos with Irate Gamer in the tags. This is probably a gimmick video posters use to make sure their videos appear in a search.

    I found the AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic as MUGEN character some time before on a post at I find them OK, even though they are in the beta stage.

    Oh, and another thing about MUGEN is that for every good character made, there is always a bad character. The bad characters, aka retards, usually are greatly unbalanced, have bad sprites and sound, are coded horribly, have infinite priority (where a character can hit an opponent infinitely without giving the opponent a chance to attack), and have bad AI. Sometimes, a retard usually has good sprites but have bad coding, infinite priorities, and bad AI, so it would be hard to find the difference between a good character and a retard without notification. Most of the time, the author of retards have a bad reputation and can't take criticism well, just like Bores. If you want to know more about retard characters, just type "MUGEN retard beatdown" or "retarded MUGEN" on Youtube.

    Another thing is that there are critics that review characters based on how well they are coded and their AI. Some notable critics on Youtube are Chainsawdentist, AshramVII, and Darkflares.

    Well, that's all I have to say.

  9. Aw, I thought you were going to tear into that comment he said directly to the Sega rep's face at E3 about Sonic Unleashed. I tend to bring this up a lot, but that still pissed me off.

  10. I would have made a list of notable authors of retards, but it would be too long.

    Still, whatever you do, don't download Kong's characters. Look at this Youtube video to see why.

  11. @ The_Soul_Gauge
    Are you referring to when he badmouthed about Sonic Unleashed in the Sonic Colors coverage? If so, I agree, especially because his Sonic Unleashed review was absolutely horrible.

    Anyway, great list, I also read the 2009 list as well. I'm glad you put his 3-in-1 review as #1 because a LOT of people were mad about the Tekken 6 part. I spotted several videos on Youtube of people expressing their anger towards IG's review.

    As a side note, I can't believe he still hasn't finished his History of Video Games part 4 video. He said it wasn't going to be finished before Christmas, but now it's next year! There's no excuse!

  12. @The_Soul_Gauge
    Just the fact that he was at E3 is enough to go on this list.
    Really, other than a few statements like badmouthing Unleashed, calling HoD a "throwback to the 8-bit games" and some others it wasn't really offensive.

    If I recall he said History of Video Games part 4 would be finished before the Holidays along with a review of Kirby's Epic Yarn.
    Yeah that didn't happen.

  13. Unsurprisingly, 2010 was a pretty slow year for IG. By now it's completely obvious that he uploads less review content every year (which in the end I can't see why since in 2007 alone he released like 12 retro reviews and his quality has NEVER improved since).
    Another great list Dan and Happy New Year!

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  15. I agree with everything said although some I would put in a different order

    BTW I think Chris is worse when he tries to be original than when he's ripping off AVGN,I mean,in his Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine,he was AWARE of BOTH alternate timelines when he wasn't suppossed to.

    Irate Gamer should change his History of Video Game Mini Series to "The History of Factual Errors".

  16. He only cares about money, and that really makes me sick.

  17. @pohger: Yep, that one.

    @BatDan: Fair enough, the fact that he even went to E3 is just offensive, but when I first heard about that particular moment (from here, of course), all I could think from that point on was "What. A. Fucking. Prick."

    But I will say the parts with him claiming to be a fan to every game he gets interviews from is just as offensive if not just laughable. Oh, and everything else having to do with him at E3.

  18. Why do I have the feeling that Chris Bores badmouthing Sonic Unleashed is what the Sonic fanbase is in a nutshell?

  19. I'd say here's to an even more retarded decade, but his output seems to be getting slower every year.

  20. Happy New Year, BatDan! Hope this year will be good. Then again, there's never going to be anything good with Chris.

  21. Good recap. I don't get how Chris manages maintain such poor quality for this long. There's no significant difference in his work now than when he started. How does that happen?

    Anyway, My first friggen HDTV just arrived, so now I'll actually be able to read the text in my friggen PS3 games. Year's off to a good start. Let's hope (REALLY, REALLY HOPE) that Chris finally starts improving.

  22. As of about ten minutes ago, LadyBuggin777 has commented on the HOV4 Trailer video in response to a comment pointing out the existence of this blog. She said, and I quote: "no i have not seen that site i really do not go on that kind of nazi propoganda stuff it is only a bunch of whiny, loser cant get ahead in life kind of people that make those kind of sites they are so jealous of chris they act like they are dating james lol~ but thankyou for asking ...happy new year~" Just thought that you would like to know.
    Anyway, great countdown, I hope that you find this useful, or whatever.

  23. Happy New Years all. I wonder what new horrors Bores will unleash upon us in 2011?

    I wanna see him do a FPS. There must be a reason why he doesn't do them. After all he went into Battalion Wars and declared it garbage despite admitting that the genre doesn't hold much appeal to him.

    Nice countdown Daniel. Keep up the good work.

  24. In response to zombiebadger: Looks like Chris' mom is just as out-of-touch with reality as her son. I guess that's where he gets it from. She's just as bad as any of the 12-year-olds who defend Mr. Bores!

  25. Except she has to be at least 50. Arguing with people on the internet.

    Now I'm not going to speak ill of someones' mother, that's low. But even if Chris can't see the problems in his own work, can't she at least pick up on something wrong and point it out to him?

  26. The Tekken 6 "review" deserved to be at #1. It greatly shows Bores for what he really is and what "talent" he actually possesses.

    Great countdown BatDan! And happy new year to you!

  27. ^Agreed. I'm all for supporting your kin, and I have no ill will towards the dude's mom, but if I had a son doing what Mr. Bores was doing and he was screwing up, I'd say something. Mind, I wouldn't be mean about it, but I'd still give constructive criticism explaining how it could be better so I could see him shine. She seems really desperate to me, as if she knows her son's work is... well, awful, but she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. I mean this in the nicest way possible: if you really want to see your son do good, point out his flaws so he can fix them and improve. This is the lesson she needs to learn.

  28. I'd agree that you should be willing to give your kids constructive criticism, but I doubt Chris's mom knows anything about videogames, so she probably doesn't even know his reasons for bashing a game are stupid and his research is constantly flawed. When my parents would read over my stories, they didn't fact check the things they didn't know about.

    And honestly, she probably does think her little boy puts a lot of work into his videos. I keep thinking about switching over to video reviews on my blog when I've got some money coming in again and can buy a good camera, but I'm not sure I've got the patience to learn how.

    So it's humiliating that Chris's most vocal fan is his mom, but she's being supportive like a parent ought to. And I don't know what she's supposed to tell him to get him to improve. Yeah, maybe that if this many people are critiquing his work there's something to it, but there seem to be just as many people that loved the Twilight books as hated them.

  29. Well, according to some of her comments, because it's just 'utube,' there's no reason for Chris to actually try and improve upon his work.

  30. Hey Everyone, run on over to Irritated Gamer's Channel, look at what it says now about his channel: YouTube account IrritatedGamer has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:

    * RetroGamer3 ETF Films

  31. RetroGamer3?!?...of The Geek Fighters? can this be if so

  32. Hey BatDan this is MainManJ from Tvtropes. Enjoyed reading your new article.

    That being sad, I personally would have had the Cool Spot review at the #1 spot. To me it wasn't just "the same shit he's done before". It WAS a whole new level....of awful.

    Really, the entire reason why this one was the worst can be summed up in one line: "Hello Dave". Ignoring all the other reasons why this fails to pull off what Bores was probably going for, and that this video continued to prove that Bores cares more about terrible "plots" than anything approaching a legitimate review of a game, THERE IS NO ONE IN THE SCENE CALLED DAVE. Hal 9000 didn't just randomly go around calling people Dave. Dave was the name of the main character of the film!

  33. That's right: I am jealous of a fully grown man who has his mommy stand up for him.

    The jealously claim is getting annoying now.

  34. I think the God of War 3 review deserved to be higher up. It was his worst Neo review yet and that's saying something. It was just so cliche and lazy. Just like nearly all of his movie reviews. He should really try to review True Grit if he wants to be taken more seriously as a movie buff.

    Also as much as I hate the Archfiend he did a good job at calling out Irate Gamer on the DealDash scam.

    And RetroGamer3 got IrritatedGamer in trouble? Isn't RetroGamer3 like the creepiest AVGN fan this side of Game Dude? LOL

  35. @Blaze The Movie Fan

    I think people like him because of his production value,I mean you have to admit his videos are more proffesional looking than AVGN's but if the production value wasn't good,he'd be doom by the pilot

  36. @starofjustice I though "lukestarkiller441" was his most vocal fan

  37. The Tekken 6 review is #1. Why am I not surprised? That review may have been worse than his Super Mario Bros. 2 review! (At least, in my opinion.)

    Anyways, nice list, BatDan, and also Happy (belated) New Year!

    (possibly Bores real FB account or fake/troll)
    (old news maybe) watch Bores lie outta his ass again

  39. @Frustrated_Azin

    Why is Game Dude orgasming while repeating Bores throughout the video?

  40. I don't think that's his real Facebook.

  41. Wow, this last year went fast. Anyway great list. The Tekken 6 crap was some how worse than the Battalion Wars 2 call the game good then use it as a coaster, I mean review. I wonder how many videos he will put out this year.

    Also BatDan, if you aren't subbed to Bores, how do you know when he makes a new video?

  42. @nuclearneo557
    My readers will tell me.

  43. @BatDan

    Well not me.

    Also, can any one imagine what a disaster it would be if Bores reviewed Empire Earth? I admit to not being very good at it yet, but I can tell that Bores would not even be able to build a barracks.

  44. "There are many e-pokes in this game such as the Atom Age, the Nano age, the Iron Age, and even the Rock age! (Van Halen Plays)"

    The odd thing about that game for me was the considerable number of British Hero units, the Middle Ages, the Imperial Age, and the Modern Age have British Warrior and strategist Hero units, whilst I cannot deny my patriotic pride in that I feel they could have diversified a little.

  45. @fattoler

    I just got the game at, so I'm not that familiar with it yet, so I dont get the Brtish hero unit thing. But he would probably make that joke if he got his hands on that game.

  46. Well there's Richard the Lionhearted, William The Conqueror, Henry V, Elizabeth 1st, Oliver Cromwell, and in the Modern Age there are two made up ones called RW Bredsen and Dennis St Albans, who according to the manual at the Age of 11 saved his dormitory from a fire by using sheets to make a rope out of the window. Seriously.

  47. Guess what, I came across lukestalker today and he won't,as usually,won't let haters express their opinions on Irate Gaymer even by video,& he even went to extent to say AVGN isn't a gamer to defend chris,now he's going too far

  48. @fattoler



    The only question is what took so long.

  49. @nuclearneo557

    Hey in the "HOV4 Trailer - history of video games part 4" one guy with the username "TTBurger89" made a comment saying this:

    "Quit obsessively defending this fat plagiarist, it's not healthy. It's a fact that he plagiarized the AVGN, it's also a fact that he's a delusional and egotistical con man who releases pointless trailers and 2 minute reviews for ad revenue. He's not entertaining in any way other than the parody's that come from his lazy and flawed work. Quit obsessing over a fat down syndrome kid If you don't like the criticism just don't comment, it's that simple."

    I rolled over laughing at that and it's so true,someone should say that to those fantards,esspecially our friend luke

  50. BTW guys, have you known that FINBrutal1ty came back in his dailymotion account with his comparision video series?

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  52. Well. That would suck. I actually enjoy that game... I mean, it's not great, but it has it's good points. Seeing that idiot trash yet another good game would most likely add another few pounds of hate I have towards the guy.

  53. Wow, Bores still hasn't released History of Video Games Part 4.

    In a way I'm glad. I've been sick for the last week or so and the last thing I needed was one of Bores' lazily put-together videos.

  54. @BatDan

    I'm willing to wager he hasn't even started the damn thing yet.

  55. This morning I came across a video from "DownWithIrateGamer".

    I PM'd him asking if it's real. He confirms it is and wants this asshole taken down.

  56. @BatDan

    I don't get exactly what happened with the video you posted. Kid sends IG fanmail and for no reason Bores responds with "aww go cry to mommy bitch"? As much as I think Bores is a talentless douche, I have a hard time believing he would give that sort of response without being egged on at some point in the message. Not that I'm defending Bores here or anything, but it seems a little fishy.

    And what is with the "sent to: IrategamerFTW" below the message?

  57. Didn't Eric "Wise Sage" Allen said that Bores has other people in charge with his PMs? I'm thinking that the person in charge with the PM was so used to typing the same message over again, that he or she didn't bother reading the actual PMs that were sent.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. You're sick Batdan? Me too, problem is all my family says it's manflu >:(

  60. @Shaolin Dave I thought that most of his responses are automated but check this out, 2600theeatari's account was hacked and the hacker revealed some messages that were sent to Irate Gamer since he was now able to look at 2600's outbox. Some of the questions and answers were, interesting. But that's about it.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Ah jeez, spam filter acted up again. I should really fix that.

    I see... from now on I should make sure it's a reputable source I'm hearing these messages from and not a brand new account or total stranger.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. @Shaolin Dave:

    I took a closer look at that video, and it was from an "IrateGamerFTW", and not from "IRateGamerFTW". Unless he Photoshoped the capital "R" with a lowercase "r", cause "IrateGamerFTW" doesn't exist.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Don't know if anyone knows about this but there is a rumour going on that Channel Awesome e-mailed Chris Bores recently, I don't know what it was about but some are saying that CA might want Bores for Blistered Thumbs

  67. I have heard no such rumor.

    Who started it?

  68. by rumour he means his facebook account. i doubt he would really join.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. DLAbaoaqu did a take on the Chris Bores Road Trips

    what you think guys?

  71. Oh, the Facebook page.

    Channel Awesome is associated with Cinemassacre. As in they're good friends with James Rolfe.

    There's no chance Bores would be allowed on Blistered Thumbs.

  72. someone on the facebook post about that politely said he was inspired by james and he said

  73. Too bad it's apparently not him. Well, unless some new evidence came up I'm not aware of anyway that DOES prove it's him, I'm fairly certain it's not...

  74. yeah, now that i think about it its probably not him. if it were he would be advertising it like crazy... or not. maybe he doesnt want more fake accounts being friends with him on facebook to find incriminating posts... like me. but im probably being too optimistic, because i doubt the real chris has ever mentioned avgn.

  75. Hey everyone, history of video games part has been released! here's the link:

  76. You have to go to the HOVG4 comments section, search for "Irategamer" and choose case-sensitive. You will find stuff like "@Irategamer i have a question have you actually ever actually? watched any of the AVGN's episodes?"

    "@kitedj123 A long time ago. its been about 3 years or so"


    "@J05HDA i doubt half this stuff is on wikipedia, plus anyone can post stuff on that site. i don't trust it"

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. A quick check of Wikipedia (and the discussion page for continuity) says that Steve Jobs outsourced the development of Breakout to Steve Wozniak (who is just as notable as Jobs in his own right), and he alone was responsible for the design of Breakout.

    If you're going to cite a miscellaneous factoid, it might as well be a correct factoid.

    So the reason this video took so long to make was for that pointless horse-racing animation. Clearly that was an intelligent use of time.

  79. Also, in the comments, in response to:

    "the stampede thing was funny the first time maybe the second but you way over did it IG "

    Chris says:

    "like beating a dead horse...? ;)"

    So he's acknowledging that it was a crappy gag?

  80. I wonder where Bores got all that footage from. I'm not only talking about the game footage, but I mean the footage from the beginning with people walking on the street and the Christmas footage with the woman giving the present to the man. I doubt he filmed that footage himself.

  81. *wakes up*
    Oh, it's out. *sees the time* Oh dear. Give me some time to get this one ready.

  82. So I finished watching it.
    Sooooooo boring. I guess I better start doing research and see how much he got wrong.

    As for the "jokes", why? The bit with the horses wasn't funny, the hippie wasn't funny, Bores forced reaction to Death Race wasn't funny, why is this all needed for a history lesson?

  83. Because IGs brand of humor is funnieher! LOL.

    Which doesn't even make sense because Chris steals most of his jokes and style from James.

  84. this might be a bit of a stretch, but did anyone remember avgns nintendo nerd revisited review of top gun after the "erratic gameplay" joke?

  85. The 3-in-1 review was a load. He tried, and failed to discredit the praise Gamespot, GamePro, and Game Informer gave to Tekken 6 after focusing on the beat-em-up part of the game rather than the fighting mode.
    The worst part of it was the Turtles in Time Re-Shelled game. I did reach out to him saying that the arcade game is not as common as the SNES port, but he blocked my YouTube account from commenting on his video. Is there any way to send you a screencap?

  86. @StevenTheAnimeNerd
    Just drop me an e-mail. It's

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