Wednesday, May 12, 2010

His Iron Man 2 review in a nutshell

Yeah, no clever title today.
Bores released a second video today, a "review" of Iron Man 2. After the atomic bomb of crap seen in his latest Neo review, I wanted to hold off on this. But I might as well get it out of the way.

It's the same shit as before, vague statements without explanation. Why is the story good? Why are the characters good? All done in his monotone BORING voice.
The only things I noticed is that the footage is moving now and he inserts himself in the beginning and end, along with mispronunciation of Jon Favreau's name.

Is it me or has he been trying to include an ending catchphrase? This is the second time he said "cut, print, and that's a wrap." It won't work Bores, don't try it.

Other than that, this is all I have to say:

Make sure to read this:

Never mind, disregard that and comment to your hearts content.


  1. I think this is the shortest timespan that Chris has ever released two unrelated videos in.

  2. Chris is at least improving his production rate. If that's something to be cheerful about (Spoiler: It isn't)

  3. Why do we need catchphrases for a movie review? Did I miss something?

    I'll be honest - I watched this one with the volume down. It almost makes me wish I was watching Iron Man (2) rather than this tripe.

  4. I have to say, I loved IM2, it was fun. But the review sucked balls. I think he tries to emulate Critic with his catchphrase and the table and the fact that he uses the footage for "jokes"...
    And god damn, Tony's friend? How about James Rubert motherfucking Rhodes and Don Cheadle and Terence Howard?
    Main character BS once again.

  5. I'm surprised that you didn't comment on the fact that Chris Bores said the movie kept him "Berry entertain"

  6. Anybody else notice all the footage he had from the film? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he didn't even need to leave his computer to see it.

  7. @Mezase Master

    That's a valid conclusion. Why? Bores mentioned that "many people stayed after the credits for the bonus scene." That's an outright lie. The average person isn't genre savvy enough to do that.

  8. Seeing as the only copies of IM2 available online are low-quality camera versions, that's a pretty nonsensical assumption.

    Anyone with a lick of common sense would assume that it came straight from the trailer on the Apple website.

  9. I agree with anon, but I thuink Bores made up the bit about people staying at the end.

  10. @fattoler
    I've yet to see the movie itself, but a friend of mine did and mentioned something about a post-credits scene at the end of the movie. This was also the case with the first Iron Man game. So no, this isn't something Bores made up. In fact, I'm surprised he didn't complain about this.

  11. @fattoler
    Oh wait. I misread your comment. Sorry about that.

  12. @anon

    Anonymity on the internet is a great thing, ain't it? You can unnecessarily insult whoever you want behind the safety and security of your computer screen, even when the person you're targeting hasn't done anything to warrant it.

    You're probably right, I haven't seen the trailer you mentioned, but if the clips he used were all present in it then it makes sense. I didn't really know there were any trailers with that much unedited footage, but I guess that's just because I stick with the ones they show before movies, and a lot of the footage he used wasn't in the Iron Man 2 one.

  13. @MezaseMaster

    Grow up.

    1) YOU accused -- without evidence and contrary to common sense -- someone of having committed a felony. FWIW, the trailer on the Apple website ~is~ the theatrical trailer for the movie. (You know, the one they show before other movies. The one you said you watched, unless you only watched the teaser trailer.) If you don't think that ridiculous comment warrants my exceptionally mild rebuke -- especially on a blog dedicated entirely to harsh criticism of others -- you need to get a clue.

    2) Unless "MezaseMaster" is your real name, you're masquerading under pseudonymity. What, pray tell, is the big difference between that and anonymity?

  14. LOLz.
    Check out his Home Improvement review, talks about deep frying his shit and stuffs.

  15. The Bores posted an update video, promoting his latest fail of a video "review" as well touting new entries of I Rate The 80s (says it's a long one - could it be an extended version of the Underoos episode as seen in The Lost Tapes?) as well as another Irate Fail episode... or should I say "installement?"

    Given how Bores usually operates, I expect to see these next year or so.

  16. @dtm666

    Good to know enough people complained about his last reviews (especially Tekken 6). Though many of the comments are just idiotic.

    "Yeah, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection also sucked. I mean, the whole game was a bowling game! Where the hell was all the fighting?"


  17. @Anon (May 16th 8:07 AM)
    You couldn't tell he was being sarcastic?

    He was making fun of Bores judging the entire game on a small part of it.

  18. Hey, you guys might know me as the voice of Horsefellow from Save-State Gamer, but thought you might like seeing my swipe at Bores's awful Iron Man 2 review. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Thanks!

  19. Hahaha, excellent parody MatthewErich.
    His comments are so vague they could be applied to anything.

  20. @MattewErich

    Superb! I give it two thumbs up, as for Chris Bores, I give him two fingers.

  21. @MatthewErich

    I got a laugh out of the video. Good stuff.

    Keep up the good Horsefellow work, hopefully.

  22. Thanks, fellas. Now that I appear to have my Adobe superpowers back and the feedback has been pretty great so far, there should be more Their Ate Gamer very soon. Please like, subscribe, share with everyone within 50 square miles, etc.

    As for future Horsefellow, I'd LOVE to do more, but that's really doctorkickle's call. Until then, he's stuck in Auschwitz with the rest of the Shit Train's occupants. Bummer.

  23. Hey, just FYI that I just uploaded another Bores video this afternoon.

    I call it "My YouTube Story: Their Ate Gamer". Please watch, enjoy, rate, favorite, share, blah diddy blah. Thanks!

  24. @MatthewErich

    I really laughed at the "standing next to you makes my boobs small". Nice video.


    You remember that video where Chris Bores built the time machine and went back to the past?

    Well Chris from the future has just come back to the present!

    Just ignore him when he says his name is 'Bob'.

  26. @Anon (May 17 7:42 PM)

    It's just a fun thing.

  27. Where's that Tetris review?

  28. New update!

    "I updated my webpage a few days ago but forgot to upload it. lol. Silly me.
    Well a new Neo episode is up and this time I review 3 games that fans have requested me to do. Hopefully I'll be doing more 3-in-1 episodes in the future in order to get a lot of fan requests out of the way."

    Yeah, I can imagine the requests: "Hey, can you please review (x) by playing a single mode for an hour and make a vague, mistake-filled one-minute recap, calling it a full review? Thanx! Love your show, keep it up! :)"

  29. @Anoynymous May 20, 2010 12:44 PM

    Not only that, he wants to do those 3-in-1 reviews in order to get the "lot of requests" out of the way. It's like he doesn't want to play the games (let alone make the videos) and wants to get done with it, but has to so that he keeps his "gamer" status.

  30. @Anon May 17, 2010 7:42 PM

    Ironically, I shat my pants watching that video.

  31. "Tony's friend?" What is up with him and names?

    "Joining Tony is Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes, now played by Don Cheadle who is replacing Terence Howard." Easy! Why is he so oblivious to facing the fact that he's a goddamn moron?