Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"So it's like getting three reasons I'm a moron for the price of one, basically."

Wow, I mean wow. I haven’t seen a Neo review of this caliber since Resident Evil 5. By that I mean, a review so moronic and so badly-written that my faith in the future continues to plunge. People enjoy this crap, I… I still don’t know how.

Let’s look at his “reviews” of Brutal Legend, Tekken 6, and TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled. Yeah, we get three “reviews”. So three times the idiocy.
The review is only at GottGame right now.

Intro: It’s safe to say he’s abandoned the theme song.

0:07 - 0:21: Bores starts off telling us that he’s reviewing three games, because “he gets a ton of requests” and doesn’t have time for them all.
Chris, stop trying to pretend you have fans. You do this all the time, and it’s really annoying. Only do it, if it’s something that gets A LOT of requests. However, you barely get requests so you have NO RIGHT to say this.

After an unnecessary pause, he starts with Brutal Legend. Following that with another unnecessary pause. Why is his timing so bad?

I should also mention that Brutal Legend was one of my favorite games of 2009. Though I can understand why people hate it (the RTS elements).

0:22 - 0:39: “In this game, you play as the main character, who is voiced by Jack Black.” EDDIE RIGGS! Is it that hard to say?
Then he explains the premise of hacking & slashing your way through enemies with your axe and guitar. You don’t use your guitar as a sword, it’s meant as a long range weapon.
He also likes this game because it’s filled with a lot of funny moments. Yeah, that’s typical of a Tim Schafer game.
Really though, that’s the best moment to show? There were far funnier moments in that game, like when Eddie first gains his wings (“Silence Ground-walker!”) or when you meet the Guardian of Metal for the first time (“I’ll be back, covered in Metal God love.” “Oh God.”)

0:40 - 0:48: “I’m only about an hour into the game…” STOP! Any credibility this review might have gained is gone now.
An hour, only an hour. Are you stupid? You can’t play for an hour, and then make a review of it. It doesn’t work like that! Do you want people to take you seriously Bores? Because it seems you just want more haters, you want people to despise you.
“So I’m still trying to figure out how the story fits together” Yeah, try playing the entire game.
Then he says it’s been a fun experience. You know, in a way I’m glad he only played for an hour. Otherwise, he’ll hop on the bandwagon and bash the RTS stages. Though, I’m also pissed that he didn’t play the entire game. So either way, he loses.

0:49 - 1:11: IG then comes to a strange realization, that a lot of games have had Hell levels. What? He points out Dante’s Inferno (that’s a Hell GAME), God of War III, and now Brutal Legend. Hey idiot, Brutal Legend doesn’t have a Hell level. The clip he showed was from a mine, where you have to save your first army unit, Headbangers.

After some annoying pauses, Bores then wonders if there’s a master plan. What? Oh, it was to set-up ANOTHER Devil Bores joke. It’s like he purposely goes out of his way to use this character. At least when James looked for Satanic symbols in Super Mario Bros 3, it was meant as a joke.
I know, Bores is trying that here as well. But the Devil Bores is not funny, he’s not a good character, and yet he uses him again & again & again & AGAIN! Gah!
Oh, and Devil Bores stares at the camera. It’s bad enough when IG does it, it’s bad enough when an animated sprite does it, but STOP DOING IT! It’s bad form.

1:12 - 1:30: IG mentions the only thing he didn’t like in this game (you mean the hour you played it) were the sound effects. Noting that they felt out of place. I’m sorry what?
He says that if we have a good ear, we’ll know what he’s talking about.
NO! I don’t know what he’s talking about! Elaborate about this, why do you think the sound effects are out of place?

It’s like he realized “oh shit, I need to find something I don’t like about this game or else I won’t be considered Irate… uhhh *looks at Basic Reviewing 101 notes* Oh, sound effects!” I think he did the same thing with Ghostbusters, he said nothing but positives and then realized he needed a negative. So he made one up about the length (which contradicts his earlier statement that it took him 3 months to beat it).

1:31 - 1:37: He ends this part by saying it’s a good game. You can’t judge it, you only played an hour of it! I’m glad everyone outside of YouTube hates you.

1:38 - 1:48: Starting his review of Tekken 6. Do you have to pause while you show the disc?
“I found this game to be absolutely terrible.” Oh boy *sounds the alarm* We have another disaster on our hands!

1:49 - 1:55: “I’m sure there are some die hard Tekken fans out there…” Ya think? Why else would there be six installments?
“But after playing this game, I’m not of one them.” Son of a … this is the first Tekken game he’s ever played. The Lords of Tekken shall see to your punishment.

1:55 - 2:06: His first complaint is that the game is still in Japanese. Really? You’re complaining that the game is making you read subtitles? I think Bores really is illiterate.

“Come on, you can’t hire voice actors to narrate this stuff in English?” vicviper592 told me that only the Japanese characters have Japanese voices, anyone else has their native language. Plus I looked on IMDB, I doubt John Di Maggio, Richard Epcar, and Crispin Freeman know how to speak Japanese. It’s obvious now that he BARELY played this game.
He also calls this move “lazy”. Why do I get the feeling he’ll hate Muramasa for using Japanese voice actors, and for being too hard?

2:07 - 2:28: “How hard is it to have someone do some audio overdubs for you.” *jaw drop* Obviously this idiot has never heard of lip-syncing. Sure, some games get away with this but do you want the game to look like a badly dubbed kung-fu movie? Well, considering this is Tekken… but that’s beside the point.

He remarks “even I can do it” and… Oh Kefka no. He dubs the game. It’s not even the in-game dialogue, he added his own shit. Something about the newspaper.
Chris, how old are you? This is something a 7 year old kid does for fun. You’re 30 years old, act like it.
I know when ScrewAttack did a Video Game Vault on Hotel Mario they dubbed over the voices, only that was different. One, that game has horrid voice acting, and two, they did the dialogue from the game. They didn’t make up some crap about going to the brig.

2:29 - 2:43: He continues to complain, this time that in the first half-hour he only got to fight three battles. Wait what? That’s the amount of time it takes to play through easy mode in any given fighting game.
That’s when you realize Bores didn’t play the actual Tekken 6, he played the Scenario Mode. The special mode made for the consoles. So, not only is he unfairly bashing this game, but he’s lying about it. He’s not playing the actual game. That would be like reviewing Mortal Kombat: Deception, and basing it on Konquest mode.

Honestly, has this idiot even heard of Tekken? The way he’s complaining, he must think all the Tekken games are beat-em-ups.

2:43 - 2:48: THEN he has the gall to complain about the controls. What does he hate about them? He doesn’t say, he just says “the controls are terrible.” Maybe the controls are bad for Scenario Mode, but I don’t care. He based this entire review on a lie.

2:49 - 3:13: However, the most shocking thing to him is “the back of the box.” Wait what?
What “shocked” him was all the praise the game got, from sources like Gamespot, Gamepro, and Game Informer. He also misreads GI’s quote as “Near Gaming Perfection” instead of “Near Gameplay Perfection”.
“Near gaming perfection? Am I missing something here.” Yes, you’re missing humor, dignity, shame, skills, and a brain.

*sighs* Ladies & Gentlemen, Chris Bores has officially reached the level of console fanboy. The type of idiot that complains when a reviewer gives a PS3 game a better score than a 360 game (or vice-versa).

He is now the embodiment of everything wrong with gamers. He’s a graphics whore, he cheats all the time, he complains that his inability to play is the game’s fault, and now he complains when people like a game that he doesn’t.
Just… wow.

3:14 - 3:20: “What are these guys smoking? They can’t be talking about the same game here.” They’re not! They’re talking about the real Tekken 6. Not the added console mode.

3:21 - 3:30: He then wonders who got paid off, and that he wants on it. Followed by a cash register sound and saying that if he gets paid he’ll say this is the greatest game ever.
*sighs* Honestly, I think he really wants people to hate him. He’s already seen as a sell-out whore, and making a joke like this only fuels that fire. Maybe Chris should try to improve his image, instead of making himself look like a bigger dipshit.

3:31 - 3:45: Bores tells us he went online to see if anyone shared his thoughts, and apparently a lot of people agree with him.
Something tells me that he went to a forum full of elitists to get that info. Either that or he lied. Wouldn’t surprise me, this entire review was a lie.
He then throws the game with a smug look on his face.

YouTube Edit: New section, the YouTube Edit. This will bring up changes made to the YouTube version of the video.
The entire section with Bores going on forums has been removed and replaced with IG going on camera saying he got a ton of e-mails calling him a dumbass (or as he puts it, "goober") because he didn't play the Arcade mode.
He claims he didn't play it because "the menu buried it". Not an excuse! It just shows that you had no idea Tekken was a fighting game.
Bores actually praises the Arcade mode, however he didn't want to edit out the "So Tekken 6... sucks" line so he said "I'm a Mortal Kombat fan so I don't understand the appeal of this". Logic is dead.

3:45 - 3:50: He starts his review of TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled. Or as he calls it “Turtles in Time the remake.” We can clearly see the title below you jackass. It’s bad enough you do this with movies (“The Iron Man” “Batman: The Dark Knight”) don’t start doing it with games.

3:50 - 3:58: Telling us you can only download from online stores (true) and… *sighs* he actually said he enjoyed this more than the original. Are you high?

This game was not good. It suffers from the same problem Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes had, a remake of a classic game that feels completely off. I really hate to be vague but if you played either game then you understand what I’m talking about. … I hope.
Watch ScrewAttack’s “Top 10 Biggest Busts” and you might understand what I mean.

3:59 - 4:05: He remarks that he enjoys looking at side-by-side comparisons and noticing the subtle differences. SUBTLE? There’s nothing subtle about going from 2-D to 3-D.
Notice that the original footage isn’t the Arcade version (which Ubisoft based the game on) but the SNES version. Proving once again that Bores has no idea there was an Arcade version. Gee, you’d think being reminded for three years that he’s an idiot would give him a clue.

4:06 - 4:18: He lists off various things that are different, and I don’t care. Also, what’s a “racking ball”?

4:19 - 4:32: He claims the only problem he had is that they dropped or changed a few things from the original. Uh oh, here’s what everyone feared. He’s going to complain about the lack of Technodrome stage, and fighting Tokka and Rahzer in Skull & Crossbones instead of Bebop & Rocksteady. Things that were exclusive to the SNES version.

Nope, the only thing he mentions is that they changed one of the enemies. *slams head against wall*

UPDATE: Actually, the boxing robots were in the original Arcade version. They were changed to those smaller ones in the SNES port. Since the remake is based on the Arcade version, it's not a change.

4:32 - 4:45: We cut to Bores in his room. What is with that desk? He’s been using it a lot.
He tells Ubisoft “when updating something, keep the elements the same” … LOGIC BOMB *booooooooom*
Otherwise “they’ll be shitting all over the source material.” He follows this with an unfunny Michael Bay joke. He just says “Right Michael Bay?” and we cut to a stock image imposed in his room responding with “uhh…” Wow, he even made Michael Bay jokes unfunny.
I bet there’s going to be someone stupid enough to actually ask “OMG did you really get Michael Bay in your video?” I’ve seen stupid comments from IG fans, this wouldn’t surprise me.

4:45 - 5:07: “Now the coolest feature by far, is the ability to play with 4 players” Oh I’m sorry I’m afraid I have the wrong video up, this is clearly his first TMNT review. *looks at site and still sees it’s Blip* Caaaaa-rap.
You’re recycling your scripts? And you call Tekken 6 lazy?

He then mentions that he downloaded the original Arcade game on XBL but was pissed that you could only play with other people online. So? He says this is a problem because he wants to play with his friends HAHAHAHA. Ohh Chris, we all know you don’t have any friends.
Besides, if you want that then play “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Battle Nexus” on the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube. Sure the music has been changed but at least you can play locally.

5:08 - 5:15: “I’m really hoping Ubisoft is working on an update to the first Turtles game” Nobody wants that, why would they remake the NES game? Oh, that’s right. You still think the original Arcade game was the first.
Even then, nobody wants that. Reshelled wasn’t a good game, people would rather have the original Turtles in Time. Better yet, the SNES version on the Virtual Console (again, a far superior game).

The review FINALLY ends with Bores telling us that next time he’s reviewing God of War III. Oh no, I’m predicting some disgusting perverted jokes here.

FUCK THIS REVIEW! This is crap! Only an hour of Brutal Legend? Reshelled is better than the original? The absolute WORST Tekken 6 (hell, just Tekken in general) review of all time? Oh yeah, this is up there with Aladdin. It’s that bad.

I’m going to go rest. Take a break before the next Redux Recap (oh man, I have to do the Tetris review). Until next time.


  1. Man, I'm glad I don't watch these reviews. At least he didn't do Street Fighter IV.

    BTW, TMNT IV isn't on VC.

  2. This was the worst Neo episode so far. It doesn't even have those 'so bad that's it's mildly enjoyable moments'. Hell I haven't even played any of those games and I get annoyed, I will hate to see myself if he 'reviews' Wolfenstein 3d or some other game from my childhood.

  3. ...I know tekken 6 wasnt that good but still... JESUS CHRIST I WANT TO STAB HIS FUKIN GUTS AFTER SEEING THIS REVIEW!!! HOW ON EARTH AND WHY IS HE STILL DOING THIS?!! GOTTGAME SHOULD JUST GET RID OF HIS ASS! I alway thought he was a moron, who just point out the obvious or the unnecessary minor issues, like a kindergardener trying to fit the cylinder into the square hole. But now.. I see hes just a troll like Uwe Boll is to video game movies.

  4. Chris Bores probably didn't like Tekken 6 because it wasn't easy enough for him.

    Seriously I don't think he's ever beaten a videogame without cheating.

  5. I didn't do very well today, could only supress my blinding rage until the subtitle comments. Fuuuuck.

  6. He's probably going to call God of War III a rip-off off Dante's Inferno.

    And yes, after this review, I hate him now. I only used to laugh AT him before, but now I want his head.

  7. @Anon (May 12th, 12:01 PM)
    I know it isn't on VC. I was saying we'd rather have the original Arcade Turtles in Time or a VC release of the SNES game, rather than another remake.

    I have a feeling that once this hits YouTube, the shitstorm will get worse.

  8. For once, I raged at an Irate Gamer video. This is just embarrassingly bad. I know he did the same shit on The Simpsons Game review but come on! NEVER should anyone review a game they only played an hour for. The fact that some morons will say this review is great and bash AVGN is a good enough reason to give up all hope in humanity.

  9. "So it's like getting three reasons I'm a moron for the price of one, basically." Hahaha, it made my day!

    It was the first time I yelled while watching one of his videos. Those three "reviews" are insults, no more. I hope SWAG will soon come to his senses.

    On a semi related note, I've just noticed you can leave comments in GottGame by clicking on "Comments" at the top right corner.

  10. Hopefully you don't get your comments removed by them on there just like what they did to my comments on Blip! Infact, look at the comments page here:

    They tell me my comments were deleted because they are "profane and not worth while to read."


    Good thing I have a screenshot of my second comment. I would have covered the first one but I assumed my comments were perfectly safe since the account is Gottgame and not Chris Bores himself.

  11. Great just great....Bores has become a console fanboy......NC: Son of a BIIIIITCH!!!

    I HATE FANBOYS!!! honestly, they do nothing but cause anger with their stupid console wars, with pricks like Zamato Elite, and im pretty sure X-Play has become Sony biased.

    sigh....Anyway great review today Dan! See you all next time
    PS. I would LOVE a turtles in time release on the VC

  12. I never realized how much "In this game, you play as the main character!" is a Captain Obvious moment until this video.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention how the Google Images photo of a desktop was a "look at me I'm a gamer I have a huge-ass keyboard and tons of CDs!" plug.

    The comments at GottGame are unreadable literally...since the Flash video overlays the Java comment window. Website design fail.

  13. For anyone that wants the video for commentaries or RaRs, here's the Blip link.

    Google a Blip downloader.

  14. *is slient*..........Wow........that is all that needs to be said. Its! JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST!! My god how in the would can you be THIS incompetent as a reviewer!? I mean I didnt like the Irate Lamer before but after that NEO crap.....I lost any hope that Irate will improve himself and that he's only gonna get worse at this point (granted I didnt have any hope in the first place but....)

  15. Holy fucking mary mother of the esti de câlisse of jesus de Tabarnak de la puta madre de los cojones.
    This Review was... abysmal. It actually goes way beyond anything that has been done so far in the history of mankind.
    How can this gillipolla watch himself in the mirror whithout the will to commet suicide???

  16. @BatDan: You can also use the NetVideoHunter add-on for Firefox if you need to download a video from Blip, Youtube or elsewhere.

    By the way, if you wonder what Bores' Xbox Live Arcade account is, look at the Turtles in Time Reshelled footage. It's simply "irategamer".

    I don't know if he has a Playstation Network account. I tried several variations of "irategamer" and "theirategamer" (on this page: but nothing worked.

    It's nothing important, but achievements and trophies may prove that he doesn't care about the games he reviews (because apparently it isn't obvious to everyone).

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. That was the single worst thing I've ever seen in my life.

  19. By far his worst Neo review. You know something, the Bores Neo reviews games that aren't new, there games that have been out for a couple months and I think I know the reason he does this... It gives Bores time to steal other people's criticisms of said game. The only game I think he genuinely played was the Turtles game, and to be fair my friend downloaded Reshelled and really liked it, I think it was an OK game that kinda missed the mark.

  20. Folks, I like to consider myself a sensible, peaceful person. Yes I've mocked and insulted Bores, wished for the karma hammer to fall on him, but I've never wanted him to be the victim of physical violence. This video however drove me over the edge, my head meeting the desk.

    Seriously I cannot bring myself to watch this video halfway without wanting to choke the fat bastard. He plays Brutal Legend for an hour and declares it good. He bashes Tekken 6 because of japanese language. And to top it off he praised a TMNT remake (with missing content) because of graphics.

    This is not a legitimate review. No, this is trolling, plain and simple. He's so fucking lazy, he doesn't even bother to present these games in an honest and professional manner. That would take too much effort though, and the GottGame check needs to be in his mailbox by tomorrow. No doubt about it, Bores is a money grubbing scumbucket.

    Also Tekken 6 has very nice graphics. Wonder why he never mentioned that?

  21. It seems like he can't do anything without this fucking "A lot of people have emailed me about doing a review of this game" load of BS. I can see why, he wants it to seem like he has a lot of fans and cares about pleasing them. But neither's true, and he does this so often it's just retarded by now.

  22. I've never seen a guy with such Captain Obvious comments. I mean he hardly ever says anything that isn't something that was obvious. With his ultra simplistic writing and horrific attempt at humor (and lame "special effects") there is no way in hades it should take months to do his videos.

    I used to say live and let live with IG but I really wish he would be shamed into quitting. I just can't believe he actually gets paid for this.

  23. Khufu's PyramidMay 12, 2010 at 6:35 PM

    Chris Bores is Mr. Bucket

  24. Hey, Irate Idiot just released his review of Iron Man 2. Yipee!

  25. @ Anon May 12, 2010 5:01
    OH GOD! That movie was horid i wonder what IF thinks of it.

  26. My god, I laughed so much when he said "You play as the main character." I can't believe a human being could ever say something so obvious.

    Complaining about tekken having japanese voiceover pissed me off. Alot. The reason why I think soul calibur 4, even without playing it, was stupid, is because everyone speaks english. It doesn't make sense for a japanese dude to speak english. At least in the other games, siegfried speaks english for instance, while mitsurugi spoke japanese. I wish a blade met my wrist after watching this garbage.

  27. Just watched his Iron Man 2 review. Well, at least he got the title right...and it was longer, but it was just one vague statement after another! Don't just show clips, Chris! Elaborate!

  28. Jeez, another video already? The first one was bad enough.

    I'll watch the whole thing later, the 30 seconds I saw... well he is trying something different. At least the footage is moving now, but his voice is still putting me to sleep.

  29. As many have stated, the only good thing to come out of more Irate Gamer videos is more videos making fun of him, including the continuation of Y2b2010's "Random Clips" series. I remember on part 6, he insisted that pt. 7 would be out in the next 3-4 years, but thankfully, it only took 4 months to get there.

    At least IG didn't talk over footage of himself like he did in the last Neo review.

    Save-State Gamer: "Why am I narrating footage of myself appearing on screen, when I could have just read the lines while the camera was rolling?"

  30. Hey, I thought Twin Snakes was all right. Why ya gotta hate?

    The Iron Man review was typical. But the Neo Trilogy? Boresian bliss!

  31. @MindOfCrazyPerson222

    After reading some commentaries from SWAG, chances are that he'll say nice things about him. I don't get it, what benefits does keeping a trainwreck like Bores has?

    As for the Iron Man 2 review, it's pretty mundane and vague. No real surprises.

  32. Why did he only do the side game for tekken 6? He sucks so much at everything.

  33. Just to let you know, I just sent Mr. Bushnell the video through facebook. Just got to wait a few days and see what happens. The Al Alcorn one was just another "Al Alcorn".

    In the meantime, time to trash his "Tekken 6" review, but it'll have to be "DLAbaoaquspired", since I don't have a mic.

  34. Yeah, nothing special about his Iron Man 2 video. Just a run-of-the-mill Bores movie review, vague statements with a droning voice. I know absolutely nothing about Iron Man so he may or may not have gotten some facts wrong.

  35. "One thing that bothered me was the recasting of Tony's friend."

    He didn't mention the name of the character *nor* the new actor/the one he replaced. Does Chris have a grudge against proper names? Did proper names kill his family?

  36. On a positive note, The Bores did say that 'Iron Man 2' was a perfect SUCCESSOR to 'Iron Man'.


    So he is at least capable of learning.

  37. I don't know if someone pointed this out yet but you can play the original arcade game with a friend locally just start up a single player game and a buddy can join in by simply pressing A at any point..(Sorry for the bad grammer)By the way your blog rocks!

  38. Hit Tekken review reminds of the Navgtr. We only had one controller so we won't review the multiplayer.

  39. I believe the only reason he put the Michael Bay joke in there was to call out against those who compare Bores to Bay. But then again can you blame us? Both guys always put special effects and dumb, idiotic humour before substance. But then again at least Bay's movies have some entertain value, in comparison to Bores' videos which have no entertain value whatsoever.

  40. Oh and by dumb, idiotic humour I mean, dumb. idiotic "humour".

  41. I can think of some bad reviews, like his review of Aladdin on the Super Nintendo. That's a horrible review, but at least it's ONE horrible review, NOT THREE!

  42. This "review" made me physically ill.

    Speaking of Gottgame, I skimmed through some of the comments on the Robocop review and I realized Swag is way more clueless than I thought.

    Just like Bores with the Genesis/SNES thing, he really believes the arcade game was developed by Ocean and published by Data East. Also he claims that he wrote that shitty ocean sketch and that 'it was supposed to bad'. So ... because it was intended to be face-palming retarded that excuses it? FUCK YOU and everybody who thinks like that!!!

    Of course, you gotta love it how most of the rebuttals to criticisms are 'It's not that bad of a review','I'd like to see you do better','Irategamer is not an AVGN ripoff because they don't review the same games' and my favorite: 'Why you so mean? IG helps Swag make funny videos, makes free entertainment, he's a nice guy, etc'

    Some people are really fucking stupid...

  43. @MST3KROM

    It's obvious that both the arcade and NES versions of "Robocop" had that Data East look and feel, indicating that both versions were developed by Data East, so it's stupid to assume that Ocean developed the arcade version.

  44. I didn't like TMNT Re-Shelled at all, I tought it was terrible the original is WAY more fun.

    He's only 1-hour into Brutal Legends ? Well I tought the game was fun at the beginning until the game became an RTS. The Demo was really misleading, I'm so glad I just rented that game...

    Also Bores doesn't like Devil May Cry =( . Must be too hard for him even on Easy-Automatic mode .

  45. Wait, where did The Bores say he didn't like Devil May Cry?

  46. I really don't want him to "review" GoW 3. I am sure it will push to the verge of suicide.
    That triple dose of BS was..well, a triple dose of BS. What is up with the reasoning? God!

  47. I'm still waiting on him to call God of War III a Dante's Inferno clone.

  48. On his Facebook page, if that's really him. I added him for the Lulz. He says it's his "public" profile so that's why he add anyone :

    Bonus pic :

    Also loltehreisfrench.

    If that's really him, I'm mad, I love DMC.

  49. Oh and sorry about the spelling errors, english is not my first language :x . I wish there was an edit button somewhere...

  50. Let me guess, DMC was too hard for him.
    "but if he doesn't like it, then it's all good" NO! It doesn't work like that!

  51. Was going to write my reactions to this, but really with a review this bad whats the point, everything speaks for itself.. wow.. just wow. I can honestly say, although i enjoy ranting about what i feel is wrong with these videos, there are very few times i have been actually angry, i usually just watch then take some enjoyment over discussions about how bad they are, and laugh at the parodys, this was one of the few exceptions, there is nothing i can even take sollace in ranting about, im just angry, so instead ill completly avoid the review all together. I completly agree with you about tmnt reshelled, it was just completly lacking and felt generic and dull and was no where near as fluent, charming or fun as the original, however I'm not really sure what you found wrong with Metal gear solid twin snakes, I thought the gameplay elements from metal gear solid 2 really added a lot of fun to the game, the game looked really well,there were a lot of cool elements added such as psycho mantis being able to read your memory card, even though it maybe made the game seem less serious it was good fun and there was no drastic changes to the overall storyline, all the new cutscenes just fit in nicely. The gamecube had a lot of good redone games like this i though, the resident evil one was really good too

  52. At least he said Devil May Cry was "not his cup of tea", instead of "It sucks, I wrap my ass with it".

    I'm surprised though, I thought he liked hack & slash games like God of War 3 and Dante's Inferno. I guess he really hates Capcom after all.

  53. Sorry, I meant "wipe" not "wrap". English isn't my first language either.

  54. Nah, remember how he said he was more "chill" and laid back in real life ? Must be why he said "not my cup of tea" =)

  55. Why isn't he linking to the video on his YouTube account? On the Ghostbusters review he said to go to GottGame; not this time.

  56. I'm guessing the Bores knows that if it goes on YouTube, then the entire fighting game community will tear him a new asshole, just like what happened to GoldenWoozie.

  57. That's it, Bores is a fucking lazy, bitch ass scum bag that deserves to be slain for saying Tekken 6 sucks. He's never even played any of the first 5, so i dunno why some people still back him up. He's never going to be a legit reviewer, instead to me, and maybe other people, he is a scumbag.

  58. Was watching one176 commentery on this... thing, and noticed that he had the three games he was going to review on the table, so he can wave his finger over them as too make it look like he is chosing them (or maybe he forgot which game it was)

    Anyways how can he have the disk for tmnt re-shelled, when the game is only avalable online. He even says so.

    Can someone identify that 3rd game?

  59. @Rafa3l16

    Yeah, the white one on the left. I don't have the 360 version to compare it to, but the only guess off the top of my head is Final Fantasy XIII. I'm guessing he gave up on it and pulled TMNT Reshelled out of his ass.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Ha, double funny.

  62. Anybody else thinking he got the "You know nothing of my work" line straight from Family Guy?

  63. Looks like someone finally posted a link to that "IG Neo" review on GameFAQs. The fire has started to spread.

    Anyway, my small rant is done, but I'd like to find a way for someone to take a look at it, before this goes up on YouTube. Don't know if I went overboard with the anime clips on this one. :)

  64. @vicviper592
    I have a feeling the GottGame crew will be under heavy fire soon enough.

    Try uploading it to a smaller site like DailyMotion or something... I don't know.
    Will you be covering the Brutal Legend and Turtles in Time Reshelled reviews as well?

  65. Nope, only Tekken 6. Only thing I could think of saying about "Turtles in Time" is that he still denise the existance of the arcade version. As for Brutal Legend, I have no thoughts on it, since I haven't played it yet. I'll hope Asalieri will cover the other two.

    Well, I'll upload it on Dailymotion first and then YouTube.

  66. OK, the video is up:

    Yeah, "Galaxy Angel" is also one of my favorite animes.

  67. I say upload it.
    Though that last live-action clip needs a volume adjustment.

  68. Video uploaded:

    Yeah, that video clip had sound issues, but Goldwave solved it. Kinda hard to fix sound problems with Sony Vegas.

  69. Bores's "fetch me the paper" overdub seems like a ripoff of Zapp Brannigan and Kif.

    At least we're fortunate that he didn't try to imitate the voices.


  71. @Irish Anon

    Pot. Kettle. Black, Bores.

  72. link - "Teken 6"

    "Teken"? Fuck me, The Bores (or GottGame, I don't care which) doesn't even attempt to spell the title of the game properly - JESUS! And then there's this...

    "The review FINALLY ends with Bores telling us that next time he’s reviewing God of War III."

    ...proving that The Bores thinks that he's "too good" for retro games ("Durr, the graphics are a shit! Load of! Fuuuck! It's diarreha comin' outta mah pee-nees! I came up with that myself, by the way."), and he'll only review Neo games in the future. Except for those abysmal "History of Video Games" videos, where he shows off his old consoles (bought off of eBay) while making mocking faces and gestures. You know, appealing to the audience.

    He might aswell change his moniker to Ihate Gamers.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. God damn it Bores, it doesn't count as a trailer if the video in question is already out!

  75. Wait, I just realized something.
    Chris Bores has constantly bragged about being a martial arts expert.
    The Tekken series is all about a martial arts tournament, and each character practices a different fighting style.

    How could Chris not like the game?
    Oh that's right, he's not a gamer and thinks the series is a beat-em-up from his one hour of playing the sixth game.

  76. Ha, people are actually commenting that they're unsubscribing!

  77. @Anon,

    Yet sadly many more are simply sticking their pingas into their ears and denying that Chris Bores is a massive failure.

  78. @fattoler
    But knowing Bores, he'll somehow find a way to piss them off as well.

  79. Its sad how so many people dont see the big picture with his latest reviews and I praise the ones that did. Its even sadder that Lukestarkiller is defending irate with even stupider claims.

  80. lukestarkiller is the biggest fanboy I've ever seen.
    And his claims are beyond idiotic. All he does is take what one person said about IG, and say "No, you're describing the AVGN. He's the ugly one, he's the stupid one, he's the one doing it for money. You're wrong I'm right so nyah."

    He acts like James Rolfe killed his family.

  81. Yeah, I do notice lukestarkiller never shuts up about AVGN, even though a post or video is NOT related to "OMG Irate Gamer is a ripoff of AVGN!!"

    And for some weird reason, my video got leeched to a poker video site because of that one Phil Hellmuth clip in it.

  82. Why can't this...lukestarkiller, or whatever his name is, just stop defending Bores? It's gotten to the point to where i wanna just scream "GET THE FUCK OFF YOUTUBE" to his face, it's annoying.

  83. He actually put his real name on YouTube. Shame there isn't much from Google results of him.

  84. Could it be possible this lukestarkiller is another sock puppet? or possibly a brainwashed moron like those SuperGgangsta brats

  85. Wait a minute...this jackass puts up a trailer on YouTube about his reviews....days AFTER the review is up?

    The idiot can't even get the timing of trailers right.

  86. I think this vidoe is the begining of the end for Chris Bores. Also I doubt he will review it but how much do you want to bet that if he were to review Grand Theft Auto 4 he would either mispronounce Niko's name or not say it at all and simply refer to him as "the main character"

  87. The trailer video has about 36% dislikes. That's sad on so many levels and is evidence enough that people are mad at the Bores. Most videos shouldn't have more than 5% dislikes (since people who like the video will either vote like or not vote at all).

  88. LOL He still doesn't know that Turtles in Time was originally an arcade game.

  89. God this shitty review made the Alladin one look good in comparison.

  90. So, Irate Gamer's a Sony fanboy? Chad Warden would be proud.

  91. "*sighs* Ladies & Gentlemen, Chris Bores has officially reached the level of console fanboy. The type of idiot that complains when a reviewer gives a PS3 game a better score than a 360 game (or vice-versa)."

    That's not funny at all.

    "He is now the embodiment of everything wrong with gamers. He’s a graphics whore, he cheats all the time, he complains that his inability to play is the game’s fault, and now he complains when people like a game that he doesn’t.
    Just… wow."

    You're a completely stupid idiot, gamers aren't like that. And ever heard of cheats like DK mode, Paintball Mode, Infinite Ammo, Super Jump, All Weapons, etc? They're supposed to be fun.