Thursday, August 4, 2011

Redux Recap: RSI. Robotic Sleep Inducer

I should probably do a Redux Recap now, it’s been a while since I’ve done one. Oh joy, his 2-part ROB video. This is going to hurt.

The ROB episode marked a lot of turning points for IG’s suckiness, a few he still uses today. The first is overhyping the episode, going on and on about how the upcoming video will be “epic and amazing with so much hard work” and blah blah blah. In the months preceding the video, he posted news and pictures showing what he‘s going to do. Unfortunately, the news archive on IG’s site only goes up to January 26th 2011, everything before that seems to have disappeared. Hmmm.

I should probably address the elephant in the room, the AVGN’s 100th episode. Personally, I enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot of fun to watch. That’s what I’m going to say about it. However, if you’re going to claim he stole from IG’s video, I’ll bring up that IG stole from Awesome Video Games first. Back when they were a parody of 90’s shows and not a livestream of various games. I’ll bring up the similarities in the recap, but if anything; the AVGN “stole” from Awesome Video Games not IG. Since James and the FarFromSubtle crew are good friends, it’s not that big of a deal.

Here’s Awesome Video Games’ Gyromite video:

Before ROB Part 1 was uploaded, there were three other videos. The remastered MUSCLE review, his FORTY-EIGHT SECOND review of Iron Man, and the trailer for Part 1. I’ve already brought up the MUSCLE video, and due to length I’ll cover the 2008 movie reviews at a later date.

The trailer is his standard stuff. “I put in a lot of work and it’s going to be epic” and all that. Of course, the final product looked less like two months and more like two weeks.
I’ve put it off long enough, here’s IG’s ROB review.

Intro: An interesting thing to note is at the end of the theme, the words “Season 2” show up. Implying that “this is the start of Season 2”. However, his organized playlists completely change that, making the second ROB video the end of Season 2. He continues labeling the videos Season 2 up to Monster Party, then drops it after that. It’s almost like he didn’t plan anything and just decided sorting his shows by season would look “professional”.

Title card: A bunch of ROB related items floating in mid-air while a constipated IG looks down at ROB. So, was this five minutes in Photoshop or did it take you “hours” to get the right look of “anger”?

0:40 - 0:54: Right off the bat you’ll notice two other big changes. One is his wardrobe, he’s wearing a blue button-down shirt. You know, like someone else that wears a white button-down shirt. “Come on Daniel, be reasonable. It’s just a one time thing right?” Nope, the button-down shirt is recurring, appearing in many reviews after this one. It’s not like he was in enough trouble aping his style he has to steal his wardrobe.
The other change is his wall is covered in posters. I think this is where the “two months of work” went, he was busy buying old issues of Nintendo Power off eBay to adorn his wall. At one point, he actually advertised this as a “new set”. Hmm, *grabs Chrono Trigger poster and puts it on wall* OH GOD WHERE AM I?

“Today we’re going to look at a very obscure Nintendo accessory that not many people probably recognize” Had you said this in 2003 that line would have made sense, but this video came out after Mario Kart DS and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. By then, ROB had re-entered the collective gaming conscience.
IG mentions that ROB’s role to bringing the “Nintendo system” to America was pivotal. Oh boy, botched history lesson time.

0:55 - 1:20: He brings up the video game crash and how retailers refused to carry anything video game related. So far so good…
“Nintendo decided to pair the NES System up with a robot and market the console as a robot gaming system rather than a video game system.” Whoa boy, here comes the “wrong”. By the way, NES System? I’ll go play my Nintendo Entertainment System System after I play my PSOne One and Game Boy Advance Advance.
Nintendo didn’t market it as a “robot gaming system”, they marketed it as a toy. There was far more emphasis on ROB and the Zapper rather than Super Mario Bros. The NES was designed the way it is because video games before that were on consoles with a top-loading cartridge slot, the cover was intended to hide that there was a cartridge inside.

“To everyone’s surprise, the plan worked.” Actually, ROB wasn’t the sole reason the NES succeeded. It started with an aggressive campaign to get the NES into retail stores, leading to a test market in New York City in October 1985. It sold well enough over the holidays that test markets popped up in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco until it eventually went nationwide in September 1986. ROB did help a great deal, but there were other factors involved.

1:21 - 1:54: Things start getting boring as he goes over various details about ROB. Leading to the amount of games compatible with ROB.
“Out of almost the 700 games produced for the NES” And you’re wrong again! You’re saying the NES had less than 700 games, when in reality it had at least 800. That’s not counting the many MANY Famicom games not released outside of Japan.

1:55 - 2:19: He shows that he also obtained a Japanese ROB, not sure why he had to buy one considering he doesn’t have a Famicom.
“… called the Family Computer Robot. Or Fucker (F.C.R) for short” Good lord what an painful joke, you’re grounded for two weeks! Now go to your room and think about what you said!

He mentions how the American ROB matches the color scheme of the NES, then attempting a joke about wanting to camouflage it. Chris, mind telling me what the colors of the Famicom are? They’re red and white, like the Famicom Robot. Ever consider that’s why the American ROB is gray?
Seriously, why did you buy a Famicom Robot? Those things aren’t cheap, why buy something if you’re unable to use it?

2:20 - 2:48: He gets into ROB’s accessories and this is so boring. He brings up how the base is numbered but the pieces aren’t, he wants to set this thing up for “optima paformance”. What’s that? Do a second take so it doesn’t sound like he rushed those last two words? Hogwash!
“This is a highly technological piece of shit we’re dealing” I couldn’t tell but was that a joke? I know that some of the things I complain about were intended as jokes but it’s stuff like this where I honestly can’t tell.

2:49 - 3:26: IG mentions that ROB needs a lot of batteries, and he needs to find some. Then Vampire Killer from Castlevania starts playing as we get filler! For no reason other than to make this video exceed 8 minutes, we get IG looking around his room for batteries. Actually, I might have a reason. He did this to show off his “awesome new set”, try to convince everyone he’s a gamer with all these posters.

He solves his battery problem by grabbing his Game Boy off his HANG ON A SECOND. 3:18, look in the background. “The Ultimate History of Video Games”. Is that the book he was talking about in all his ego-stroking videos?
Anyway, he grabs his Game Boy and takes the batteries. Make sure to shoehorn a Zelda reference in.

3:27 - 3:36: He says ROB needs 4 AA batteries and one of the accessories requires a D battery. At least he didn’t spend another 30 seconds trying to find it.

3:37 - 4:36: He starts on Gyromite, showing the title screen with the game’s Japanese name, Robot Gyro. Aren’t you going to bring that up? That seems like something that’s worth mentioning.
He shows the “Direct” screen used to calibrate ROB, then decides to show ROB pressing the A button. Experience filler!
Yes, more padding as we watch ROB slowly move the Gyro. Instead of focusing on something like the game footage while it moves, we get shots of Bores … angry I guess?
Finally, ROB pushes the… B button? I thought you said he was going to push the A button?
“All that just to push the A button” He pushed the B button moron! Learn the difference!
This is followed by a poorly-acted angry rant.
“What a piece of diarrhea dickwaffles!” The hell is that supposed to be? *thinks it over* I got it! You take a waffle iron shaped like a penis, take a shit in the waffle iron, cook it, and you have a waffle made of shit that’s shaped like a dick. A dia… I just made myself depressed. Ohhhhh……. Dragon Quest VIII take me away.

4:37 - 5:01: IG moves onto the game itself.
“In this game, you start off as Professor Gyro” And the incorrect facts just keep coming! His name is Professor Hector, not Gyro. Even Awesome Video Games got this right, and they get things wrong on purpose!
He gets into the gameplay, collecting dynamite before time runs out. If you do run out, the dynamite will explode and kill Hector. IG wonders if it did or else the noise gave him a heart attack. Or the concussive blast ruptured his ear drums, causing to faint. Or it’s a kids’ game and they didn’t want to depict a violent death. Just saying…

5:02 - 5:44: He continues to explain the gameplay, bringing up the red and blue pillars controlled by ROB. He shows the controls and for some reason his controller has a sticker with the letter “P” on it. … It’s part of a gag.
It’s the “Party button” and pressing it makes ROB “get jiggy with it” as he shows ROB dancing He didn’t by chance learn how to “Do the ROB” from Ace and Chet now did he? And that’s one idea stolen from Awesome Video Games.
By the way, Getting Jiggy with It? Was Hammer Time too dated for you? And did you really have to play the Will Smith song too? I wonder if that’s going to be on the DVD.

5:44 - 6:04: He brings up that ROB is sometimes unresponsive as he shows an example of this. Look Bores, just because ROB is boring doesn’t mean you have to be too. He also flips off the plastic toy because “grrrr I’m irate”.

6:05 - 7:08: IG then mentions that Hector can’t jump or attack enemies. No he doesn’t refer to the enemies by their name, Smicks. Just thought I’d clarify that.
He also shows how the lack of jump button can trap him in a hole with no way out. He thinks it’s to make things “challenging”. Well, it is a puzzle game and the stage always starts with showing all the dynamite. So it’s kind of your fault that you grabbed the dynamite that was intended to be last before you grabbed the others.
“The developers of the game…” You mean Nintendo?

He goes on and on about the controls being split between the two players for the purpose of using ROB. That’s kind of the point they were going for.
“Look how much faster I can beat the stage without using the robot” You’re missing the point, either you play with ROB or you play with a friend. The game is better with a friend but either way you need a second player. Yes, the robot sucks, I get that. But you have to take certain things into consideration.

He then compares this to Super Mario Bros if they put the jump button on the second controller. Hmm that’s a … “the suicide rates in this country alone would go through the roof” You couldn’t have just ended on the comparison.

7:09 - 7:33: IG gets to a point where a pillar is blocking him and a Smick is approaching. ROB moves too slow and he gets killed, giving us a poorly-delivered growl/yelp/scream that is funny for the wrong reasons.
“You dickbag! You’re the worst player I ever played with!” Well, he is a step-down from the Wise Sage and… umm…

The video ends with IG trying once more, when ROB decides to “accidentally” crush Hector. Just like how Ace & Chet’s ROB “accidentally” crushed Hector. IG yells at the plastic toy and ROB’s eyes glow red, causing Bores to react with dull surprise. A ROB that’s secretly evil? Did he take lessons from Ace & Chet’s ROB? That leads to three ideas taken from Awesome Video Games.
IG tells ROB to behave or he’s out of here, followed by a “To Be Continued” and an “oooo scary” shot of ROB. You can tell it’s scary by the generic music.

Man, three years later and that video still blows. All kinds of inaccurate facts, boring as sin, and so much lifted material. Where did that two months go? The only parts that looked like they needed work were the dancing ROB (sped-up footage) and… that’s it really. I still think the two months was dedicated to getting posters and other obsolete consoles for his “new set”. It’s not like Part 2 came out at the same time, it came out a month later.

Craaaaap, I still have to do Part 2. Expect it soon.


  1. Great Recap as always. But I think you might have forgotten to type the rest of one of the sentances or something.
    "It’s not like he was in enough trouble aping" in the 0:40-0:54 paragraph.

  2. Bores said that everyone in the VG crash stopped playing anything even remotely resembling a video game. However, if you watch The Gaming Historian's footnotes, you'll realize that's not the case at all.

  3. This was the video my irl friend liked more than the AVGN's 100th episode cause it was "more informative"

    .....let's just say I think he might be the oldest IG fan....*signs*

    Great blog as ever Dan

  4. By your logic, AVGN has also stolen several ideas from Awesome Video Games. Except you are putting quotation marks for his "stealing". Please stop your double standards...

  5. Good recap - unrelated, but by the way I can't believe no one has mentioned that Bores' new YT channel description refers to him as a 'genius'.

  6. @ Locus

    it's not really new. we've mentioned it several times.

  7. Coming from somebody who actually owns and looked through "The Ultimate History of Video Games" book that was briefly shown in this video, then I can pretty much say that this book is Bore's primary guide for his HOV series. In fact, just about everything Bores mentioned in that series was covered in the book. Steve Russel's invention of Spacewar... yup, that's on the book. The Odyssey... on the book as well. Info on games such as Pong, Space Race, Breakout, Trak 10, Gotcha, Pin Pong, Pong Doubles, Quadrapong, Shark Jaws, and all of the other games showcased in the HOV series..... also included on the book. The only other thing I believe he does for the series is look up Wikipedia articles on this info, use Google images, and use stolen footage from other videos that he doesn't own any right to at all.

    Also... on a side note. Bores uploaded his Little Big Planet 2 review on Youtube. I didn't see anything that he changed, however, in the description, he said that he's going to post a new video this weekend.... let's see if he keeps that promise.

  8. Oh... and BTW. For those who want to check out the book, here's a link to it.

  9. Argh, this damn party button. I got Awesome Video Game's "Do the ROB!", because this 8bit tune is catchy has hell. But Bores' take on it is annyoing.


    James was at least original with giving his evil ROB a motive. Plus, he and Awesome Video Games know and respect each other. Bores not so much.


    Not surprising that he needed a guide for this. But unfortunately, he only seems to read the titles of the individual chapters...

  10. I'd say the main issue with the "Evil ROB" plot is less about stealing, since it really does seem like an obvious plot for such a video, and more about execution. When Awesome Video Games first did the joke, it was based on the robot's bitterness at having been ignored by Ace and Chet. When the Nerd did his episode, it was about ROB trying to carry out its perceived mission to save the world from another video game crash at any cost. When Bores did it, it basically amounted to "Dur hur, evil funny", with clumsy arc welding tying the event into his "epic plot".

  11. @shaolin Ah, my bad, don't know how I missed it. In my defense, I try to keep track of Bores self-aggrandizing but somehow there never seems to be enough time.

  12. @lordlaharl

    And in IG's review, ROB became evil because Bores treated him like crap the whole time.

  13. @Thelone:

    That's nothing new: Bores treats EVERYONE in his videos like crap.

  14. Been a while since I checked here, or any IG videos. Still loving the commentary though.

  15. @Doresh

    Sure, but that's not the point here. There is a reason why ROB becomes evil, even in Bores' review. It's not as good as Rolfe's (probably the only positive thing I can think of in his trainwreck), but it's on par with AVG's.

  16. @blueluigi
    You know, I actually had to use that book for a presentation about the Video Game crash. Yeah, I also used it to see if its actually the same facts as Bores, but it appears that the book's facts were true, unlike what Bores said in those "HoVG" videos. I'm guess that Bores just skimmed through the book and just make shit up.

  17. History of Video Games does have some mistakes, though (not that Bores is any better of course), like how it says that Taito made Double Dragon, when it was actually Technos, and that Super Mario Bros. (Not Mario Bros., but Super Mario Bros.) was originally an arcade game, when the only known arcade version, was the one that was part of Nintendo's Vs. multisystem (arcade adaptations of NES games using NES graphics and sounds).

  18. @vnisanian2001
    I guess I only read the histroy part of it. BTW, did it say that Taito made it or Taito distribute it to the US?

  19. @Thelone
    In my opinion, that just makes it worse. Bores expects us to root for his character, despite the fact that in each video he seems to go out his way to make the Irate Game more of an ass than his "evil" counterpart. And I still think that the AVG episode was miles better.

  20. @lordlahari
    He killed the Kool-Aid Man just because of him doing his job.
    He destroys games that are regarded as classics.
    He is pretty bitter towards nearly every game he reviews.
    Tony likes to beat punch people repeatedly for little to no reason.
    These are our heroes.

  21. @Derek

    Don't forget him blowing up the Ubisoft building because they didn't let him in on E3

  22. @Derek
    And his thievery of breakfast cereals, rudeness to people who knock on his door and breezy use of the word "retard".

  23. @Derek

    And blowing up the ET alien spaceship.

  24. @vicviper592
    Maybe he thinks changing the facts is a way to avoid plagiarism

    Oh God, Tony! I think he might be the most unlikeable character in anything I'm familiar with. And he's supposed to be a POSITIVE character. Guess Bores thinks it's heroic and funny to bully other people.

    Anyway, I always thought Gyromyte looked like it would be fun with two players. Haven't played it yet, sadly

  25. @vicviper592

    It said "The answer came from another Osaka-based game company-Taito. While looking at competitors' games, Okamoto ran across Double Dragon II..."

    A section that talked about the development of Final Fight.

  26. He's just done micro-machines for I-Rate the 80s, to be honest if he cut out the crappy parody it would have been alright. I like how he kept to the 80s micro machines rather than the early 90s ones I played with (I would have to agree with him though, Micro-Machines were smegging awesome and If I ever enter the toy business I will do all in my power to bring them back or just make my own version.)

  27. In my opinion Dan, I know the ROB video was divided into two parts, but you should have covered both of them in the same blog post. Not a big deal, nice coverage.

  28. AVG's ROB episode I think is awesome. Bores' video was awful and that's hardly surprising, but to me AVGN's was really bad. No amount of explaining has convinced me it's really that much better than Bores; if it is better it's not by much. I was extremely disappointed in it.

  29. @ResidentEvil: Well, James certainly does better at presenting facts.

  30. "And in IG's review, ROB became evil because Bores treated him like crap the whole time. " Uh, no, Evil Gamer sent him to kill IG, because IG is an idiot who couldn't write an "epic" plotline to save his goddamn life.

  31. I don't think Chris has ever heard of the word "Famicom", since he never actually mentions it. I bet that he didn't know that the Famicom existed and thinks that it was the NES in all regions. Do you guys think about that?

  32. @The Dokemon Report
    That would not surprise me at all.

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