Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All New Fan Art and More!

IG is making a lot of changes, but I doubt any of them will help him or make him look better.

On the Haunted Investigators site, I noticed a big change with the DVD. Instead of three separate DVDs with two episodes each, it's one DVD with all six episodes and it's labeled as "Season 1". Don't you mean "The Complete Series"? No, he actually thinks Season 2 is coming. Chris, the last episode of "Season 1" was released in 2007. I doubt you will suddenly revive this series after four years, especially when Jennifer broke up with you.
Speaking of that, she's nowhere to be found on the site (with the exception of an article talking about them). She's not even on the DVD cover. Interesting considering she's in the opening theme, like she's important or something.
Either way, I don't see Haunted Investigators getting another episode. If, by some miracle, it does, I'm not recapping it. It's a snoozefest.

Another big change is on IG's YouTube channel. The red layout is gone as well as that ugly banner displaying all of characters. The channel is blue now and adorned with "Irate Entertainment", listing his four "shows" (including Haunted Investigators... dude give it up). The others are Irate Gamer, "History of Video Games" and I Rate the 80s.
His list of important links still doesn't have GotGame, and considering he doesn't list IG Neo at the top I'm really convinced that he's done with them.
Off-topic but remember that Raychul person I mentioned? Turns out she's Raychul Moore, ex-girlfriend of Dan "Shoe" Hsu, former editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly. So she really does know more than I thought. I apologize, even I make mistakes. But at least I'm willing to admit them.

On his site, IG is now selling mouse pads. ... Really? Of all the things to sell merch of, your mind immediately goes to mouse pads? I'm convinced that he's using something similar to CafePress or Zazzle. The pad also has the same ugly-as-sin design as his t-shirt. Man, I pity the poor fools that wear that vomit-colored t-shirt in public.
Small update but he's changed his archived news page to the History of Video Games episode guide page. Thankfully, you can still access his older news and find his contradictions (the ones he didn't remove) at the bottom of the site. Still, it seems redundant since the History of Video Games episode guide is still under "Video Game Reviews" too.

Now that's all out of the way, here's what you came for. The all new fan art that Bores himself deemed worthy of putting on the site. Pfffft ahahaha.
For my last scathing report on his fan art, you can read it here. http://irategamersucks.blogspot.com/2011/01/fan-art-or-how-i-stopped-caring-and.html
I'll continue from Picture 41 (IG photoshopped onto The Comedian from Watchmen). All on Page 3.

Picture 42: IG is in the center, staring at the camera (what else is new?). He's surrounded by sprites looking at each other. On the left it's Mega Man, Mario (Super Mario Bros version), Trevor Belmont (not Simon, oops), Bill Rizer from Contra, and Sonic the Hedgehog (he really stands out being the only 16-bit sprite). On the right it's Pitfall Harry (Super Pitfall version), the shark from Jaws, Mikey from The Goonies, The Noid, and E.T. (Atari version, and he also stands out).
Ohhh I get it, it's good games staring down bad games. Kid, The Goonies II and Yo! Noid do not suck! Also, when did IG look at Super Pitfall? Sadly, this is the second best picture of this batch of "art".

Picture 43: Why was this made? His 3rd DVD cover already looks like that. It's "IG for NES" shaped in a classic NES box. The picture used is Bores giving his "I don't know" pose behind stacks of games. This one is the best of the six new pictures, the rest... oh good lord.

Picture 44: 50 hours in MS Paint! No, this is just crap. Labeled "Irate Gamer and Friends", we see IG in the center playing something (wearing the black & white shirt from Monster Party, funny how that's considered his classic wardrobe) with Ronnie giving him bunny ears (He never did that in the show! Why do fans insist on that happening?) and everyone else standing off the side. I see Tony, Wise Sage, ROB (this must be recent if he's a "friend"), Kool-Aid Man (because friends casually murder friends), Creepy Cousin Joey, Not-Earl Hindman, the 7-Up Spot (that's a friend?) and... Devil Bores? He qualifies as one of his "friends"? How is he not the evil one again? Oh and for some reason he's eating cake. I don't know, this was obviously done by a kid.

Picture 45: Oh my... where do I start with this? Here's "The Irate Gamer Comic Book" with "IRATE" in gigantic letters. It's drawn in pen. This isn't art, it's a doodle. This is something a kid draws in school when they're bored. In fact, that's exactly what I think happened here. *sighs*
This is "Issue 1" of the comic book. If Linkara did an episode on this, his head would explode.
Near the logo is some floating head with a hook nose saying "you bastard". ... Is that supposed to be the goblin "character"? There's a fan that actually cared to draw that? Good lord.

In the center is IG with deformed hands, smiling (given how Bores himself forgets his character is supposed to be angry, I'm not surprised) and a worm beneath him saying "Yag Irate Gamer". Is that a reference to something? *looks closer* No wait, that worm is supposed to be saying "Yay". Nothing better than indecipherable hand-writing.
On the right are all of his "characters". There's Shadow Overlord, the Genie (oh hey, someone who actually remembers him), Satan (who looks like a Boo from Mario), Ronnie, Wise Sage (who looks like he might have an eye infection), Tony with a giant "Bang-a-lang" word balloon, R.O.B., Evil Gamer (who looks like a hippie), R.E.D. (who looks like an Atraxi given a body), and Cousin Joey (who looks like Mario). This is what I call a clusterfuck.

On the left, it lists the "events" in the comic. "Irate Gamer meets the Angry German Kid", one's an indecipherable moron that's more popular than he needs to be, the other's the Angry German Kid. Wait... I think I know who drew this. But I'm not sure.
"Nude pics of Irate Gamer" EWWWWWWWWWW. God damn it kid! Funny how he depicts IG here looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If he saw the He-Man video, he would know he looks nothing like that.
"Prank Call from Hell" It looks like Cousin Joey talking into a microphone. Really hard to tell here.
"Featuring Jiggliami" Wait, a Sonichu character? ... Oh my God now I know who drew this. It was Charlie. He's a fan of Angry German Kid and Sonichu (no joke, in a now-deleted video he said he was remaking Sonichu) and he's a gigantic IG fanboy. Son of a bitch. At least we know art isn't in his future.

Picture 46: *sees picture* ... *gets up, walks outside* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I... wow. Not only does this exist, but it exists on his site. Chris found this worthy enough to put on his fan art page.
Here we have the MS Paint doodle FROM HELL. On the left is a stick figure IG that looks high as fuck right now, shooting a gun and cursing. Below him is Mega Man saying "WTF?" With a floating Mario mushroom shooting lasers at him. Arthur from Ghouls & Ghosts, Pac-Man and Tanuki Suit Mario in one group, a red Halo Spartan and I think Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles in another. This has to be a troll, what other explanation is there? Could there really be a kid dumb enough to make this?

Picture 47: The last one! Here's it's a picture made with CRAYONS of "Johnny Awesome" and IG. The two of them giving the peace sign.
Who's Johnny Awesome you ask? Sadly, I actually know this one. He's a 9-10 year old IG fanboy. And like Charlie, he's kind of messed up. He sent Bores his autograph, not only claims to be his best friend, but also his BROTHER, stays in contact with LadyBuggin, sent him Magic the Gathering cards because IG won a "contest" he held. He even claims the AVGN is his friend because IG said he was inspired by him and thus... ugh god damn. Where are his parents? Why do the parents insist on plopping their kids in front of the internet instead of actually raising them?
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHUNTERX619 Here's his YouTube account, he once commented on my channel.

That's all the new pictures. Again, all the blame lies squarely on Bores. If these were on deviantArt I would ignore them. But since he put them on his site, it's his fault. He really is desperate for fan art considering he once posted two pictures with hidden messages, and this latest batch is probably the worst ever.

That's all I can take for now. Whatever happens next... I might write about it. Depends on if it's another stupid contest or update video.


  1. I'm not at all surprised that Charlie fantasizes about nude IG pics, I just wonder if Bores noticed that before uploading it. What would Bores reaction be to knowing that he's encouraging homoerotic fantasies of an underage boy?

  2. Wow, just wow. These new pictures are amazingly hilarious. They're bad, yes, but just the fact that Bores actually bothered to put them on his site just makes it great.

    I think the only reason Bores actually put them up is because that's the only fan art that he ever gets.

  3. I find picture 42 pretty hilarious since it looks like at least 3 character (Simon, Bill and Mikey) are going to kick Bores' ass XD

    Picture 45 is weird. Angry German Kid is not even a real "character", just a kid known for exactly one video. And Bores' chest looks more like Imperfect Cell from DBZ suddenly woke up one day and found himself growing on someone's chest Oo.

    Suffice to say, the last three are total garbage nobody put any kind of effort into. The only reason they are there is because they are from his most fanatic fans. My guess is that picture 46 is from LukeStarKiller.

  4. Linkara reviewing an IG comic would easily imo be one of his funniest video he ever done.

    I really like the parody Linkara did back in April

  5. Picture 48 reminds me of... Archfail's "Shane Dawson Exposed" video. This is where Charlie (or whoever drew that... thing) got the "Nude pics of" and "Prank call from Hell" idea. Or of course, he's a Dawson's fan.

    Oh, and that fan"art" is horrid, I can draw better stuff blindfolded.

  6. WAIT... waitwaitwait!... *gasp* Charlie posts gay porn links to this blog and fantasises about Chris Bores naked, yet he feels the right to call bronies cocksucking faggots and says that MLP: FiM is gay???
    Definition of hypocrisy from Urban Dictionary
    (1) A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.
    Sorry for yet another annoying MLP related comment (I know alot of you hate me for being an obsesive brony) but Charlie... poor Charlie... I do wonder how the poor boy gets on in the real world?

    Also found out who drew Picture 46. It was drawn by an Irish lad named Ailein O Laighin. Sadly, he doesn't seem to be too much of a troll, yet despite how mentally handicaped his drawing looks, he seems to have the physical ability to ride a bike as that is what he seems to enjoy most. There may be a possibility that he did not draw it, but it was submitted to Chris' FB page by Ailein.

  7. Interesting. I mention MLP and my word verification was "ponea".

  8. Now it's "facit". As in "facit, breakfast is ruined!"

  9. @JohnNintendoNerd rotflmafo that's so funny XD

  10. regarding the word verification that is.

  11. Do you really think he will stop IG Neo? The only thing holding his subscribers? Like he will stop procrastinating and focus on his "epic" storyline anytime soon...

    IG Neo is the easiest way for him to keep his subscribers. Just do a 5 or less minute video after playing the game for 30 minutes, and release said video every 2-4 months. And the best part is that his fans are gonna be like "durr great review chris". Never fails.

    Yeah, he's not stopping IG Neo anytime soon, as long as it still nets him subs.

  12. I'm actually in absolute awe: all those pictures are either doodles bored elementary school kids make or designs apathetic junior high school kids make on their parents' copy of Photoshop. It's just...I mean, damn, I am shocked. We all make jokes about how IG's main audience is little kids but the fan art section just fucking proves it.

  13. @JohnNintendoNerd I don't mind your obsessive bronyness (is that even a word?) Just don't push your bronyness (I'm pretty fucking sure that's not a word) on anybody else. If I came off as a jackass anywhere in this paragraph, I apologize in advance.

    btw, I strongly want to give MLP: FiM a try, but I got to be very honest, seeing as how I come from a family that enjoys Football (American) and Baseball and I like playing violent video games, I'm kinda scared that I'll be painted with the same brush as Chris Chan. (I'm autistic and I EXTREMELY hate him for how he's making all autistic people afraid of expressing themselves. (on the internet and real life) I considered not even typing this second paragraph out. Although after giving it some thought, I decided what the heck and just typed.

    I'm very sorry this rant is so long, but I just wanted to get this off my chest for sometime now. If i came off as anything bad in my rant, I apologize in advance.

  14. It may sound like nitpicking, but 43 had Trevor Belmont, not Simon. Just wanted to let you know.

  15. God damnit Charlie, at least TRY to look sane.

  16. I wonder if anyone from GotGame can confirm Bores' status with the site.

  17. I found an email on their Facebook page.

  18. @ AikoujOi

    What did it say? I can't find anything IG-related on their facebook page for the whole month (though they did misspell "Diablo 3" as "Diable 3" back on the 3rd and never corrected it.)

  19. @Shaolin Dave

    I found the email here https://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/GotGameShows under info

    The email is

  20. @ AikoujOi

    oh, you found an email address.

  21. Hey, what's wrong with crayons? ;) Anyway, I can't get upset about kids that want to draw, but I can hope and pray they'll find more admirable role models.

    @ AikoujOi: Yes! I was just thinking of asking him to bring back I Rate Comics! It's hilarious!

    @JohnNintendoNerd: Did you catch CR's MLP retrospective? Brilliant. I think he's my favorite tgwtg contributor

  22. @Crayons
    If anyone makes me feel ok being a brony, it's him. In fact, I should probably show my dad. Silly man thinks it's G3 I'm watching.

    Oh and I heard that TLoZ Four Swords Anniversary is out on DSiWare. I'd download it but I can't find my DSi XL!!! Yes guys... I know... shut up!

  23. @Crayons:

    He definitely helps to tolerate these brony zealots who plaster the whole web with ponies.

  24. off-topic:

    in 2003 I worked at a call center (incoming only, not telemarketing). A woman was sent a bill because she ordered from my company but forgot to include payment. She was really offended for some reason, called the company, and spent a very long time yelling at me. She accused me of being a terrorist and rapist, and claimed to be working with the police to have me arrested.

    The other day I was telling this story to a friend and they pointed me to this video. This is DEFINITELY the same woman I talked to that day.


  25. @Shaolin Dave

    I'm surprised you were so calm when there was a Naggy McBitchfit on the other line

  26. @ DynamiteNinja

    That's not me on the recording, I don't have a recording of the time I talked to her. She pretty much said the same stuff to me, in the same tone. I was calm and polite, but wasn't able to take it as well as the guy in the recording. She actually really got under my skin and I had to hang up on her after about twenty to thirty minutes.

    A couple months later I went to basic training, so I guess it was good practice to keep my composure while having someone yell at me. Still, I'd rather relive the whole 6 and a half weeks of basic training, even now that I have asthma, than talk to this woman again.

  27. @Shaolin Dave

    sorry dude I thought that was you :(

  28. New contest video. For mousepads this time. Also, Chris has confirmed his next review. It's He-Man for Atari and Intellevision. He says he has the script ready and will start recording in the next few days. Ok, I may be overestimating him, but shouldn't that mean he'll have it done by next month? If so, then it will be less than two months between a new IG episode. He's starting to listen to his fans. *sniff* Our Chris is growing up so fast!

  29. "It's He-Man for Atari and Intellevision."

    Fucking called it. I'm glad I can rely on the predictability of Chris Bores.

  30. @Keith

    He just keeps getting more and more predictable.

  31. BTW, I wonder if Skeletor-Bores will return in this.

  32. @ blueluigi

    That'd be like wondering if the sun's going to rise in the morning.

  33. Oh wow, he's wearing an Abercrombie shirt. And I thought he was already enough of a douchebag.

    Considering how his last "Atari & Intellivision episode" gave zero objective thoughts on the game, I can see this being baaaad.

  34. I tried asking using that email address I found a couple days ago what the status with them and the IG a couple days ago and haven't gotten an anwser back

  35. @ AikoujOi

    I got a response from that address. I haven't asked for permission to post that info, however.

  36. I think SWAG left GotGame a while ago, or at least moved on to another project. Bores' place may be in jeopardy since SWAG was the only one to "believe" in him.

  37. @ AukoujOi (and whoever else is interested)

    Okay, so the original message I wrote was...

    "so, bores isn't linking to your site anymore. did you finally realize what an embarrassment he was to your organization and decide to drop him?"

    The response was...

    "I have no idea to be honest. His affiliation with us was a bit of a mystery and I'm not too sure if he is anymore."

    I asked permission to pass this response onto the blog, and he responded with...

    "Yeah I don't mind but I would also like to say that I just got confirmation that he is still part of GotGame and will be coming out with a new video this upcoming month."

  38. @BatDanNight

    Not to mention he broke The Rule of Three.

  39. @BatDanNight
    This may be a very stupid question, but what is Abercrombie and why does wearing an Abercrombie shirt make someone a douche? Sorry but I'm not really up to date on Abercrombie and all.

    Oh before I forget, what the hell is the background music on Chris' contest/update videos and what's it from (I doubt that he or a fan made it)?

  40. Hoo-fuckin'-boi another "interesting" word verification. This time it's "golum". You knew, a rock monster? Do all of you get funny word verifications as much as I do because I feel that maybe I do it a little too often and it may be a waste of your reading time... oops... sorry look at the time must dash...

  41. @JohnNintendoNerd

    Apparently, they are expensive clothes stores (from what I saw anyway). I don't know, maybe it's hip at the moment or something.

  42. They're an expensive clothing store. However, most people I know that wear it are total douchebags. That's all.

    @Shaolin Dave
    So even GotGame themselves don't understand his affiliation. That's... odd.

  43. off topic but, I got to show you people a YouTuber whose ignorance and intolerance of bronies pisses me off so badly


    people like this are the REAL reason why I'm so freaking scared to watch MLP: FiM. disregard that one where I said that "I'll be painted with the same brush as Chris Chan." (that is being compared to him) that reason was just so stupid

  44. Speaking of bronies, does the Robot Chicken sketch Apocalypse Pony (look it up) become funnier or does it scare you.

  45. Awww. I want one of those novelty barf mouse pads.

  46. @DynamiteNinja

    TheUrsudude. Isn't he one of Jaakko's (isvaffel9) fanboys?

  47. @blueluigi

    please tell me you're joking bro. seriously, who the fuck would be a fan of someone who talks like he's whispering?

  48. @Dynamite Ninja
    At the same time, who wants to be a fan of a talentless hack?

    On an unrelated note, I killed Dracula as a skeleton in HoD a few days ago.

  49. @Derek
    1. You got a point there dude.

    2. Is that a hard thing to do in the game?

  50. @DynamiteNinja

    I really wish I was. Sadly, this Jaakko guy has a ton of fans... and to add insult to injury, his fanbase is even worse than Bores'. Like if you were to make a comment or video calling him out on how much he sucks, then his fans would flame the hell out of you trying to prove you wrong and claim that Jaakko is god and way better than you (and yes, they actually think this guy is god. No joke).


  52. btw that question was for blueluigi.

  53. Roo did a review on "Super Adventure Island II" and brought up why so many games of the era had gambling minigames, wondering if a lot of japanese people had gambling addiction. Afterwards, he says "oh, I hope that wasn't racist..."

    @ DynamiteNinja

    You don't have to shout. Do you know how many Internet etiquette laws you're breaking by typing in all caps like that? Well, you're breaking one: Don't type in all caps.

  54. @DynamiteNinja

    Yeah... you really don't have to shout, like what Shaolin Dave said.

    But yeah, these Jaakko fans claim that this guy has his own religion. Sometimes I'm under the impression that Jaakko's legion of fans is trying to troll people. I mean, could these people really be that messed up?

  55. @Shaolin Dave

    Sorry for shouting dude, don't arrest me bro :(


    Strange things can and will happen at any time.

  56. IG released his 4-in-1 video on Youtube, and gues what? The ratio of likes to dislikes is 4:1 and most of the comments are positive. At times like these, what would Proffessor Farnsworth say?

  57. @ JohnNintendoNerd

    The thing is, people are more likely to vote "like" than "dislike". If someone dislikes a video, they instinctively close it instead of rate it. Also, if someone leaves a negative comment, they've expressed their opinion and forget that they need to click "dislike" as well.

    For verification, look up any Rick Roll video and look at the stats. Just about everyone who opens the video should "dislike" and flag for spam immediately, but usually they just leave. The view count will be way higher than the "dislike" count.

    Most of Bores's "likes" and "dislikes" probably come from people who watch the video specifically to vote, and between his fans and haters, guess who's less likely to view the video at all?

  58. I did not create picture 45, nor am i gay, nor do I like the Sonichu comics (although I have a crush on Jiggliami), they are poorly written. Christian Weston Cocksu-I mean Chandler needs inspiration from great films like LOTR and many disney films. I am also not gay, I am perfectly normal and should be treated like everyone else, you just hate me because of my OPINIONS, opinions are perfectly acceptable in my country and your country and do not state "IRATE GAMER SUCKS" as if it is a fact, it is your own opinion and KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!!! And from now on, please refer me as 2600theatari or my username above and do not be so open about my real name. And DO NOT call me by the C word that will not be spoken

  59. @Charlie
    Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie.

  60. @batdansucks

    Hey Charlie. I noticed you like Jiggliami. You should check out Sonichu 8. There are lots of cute pictures of her there.

  61. @Charlie
    Sure you didn't. How many of Chris' fans read Sonichu? Oh wait, you did.

  62. "I am also not gay, I am perfectly normal and should be treated like everyone else."
    And I can't watch FiM without being called gay?

  63. @batdannight DONT BE SO IMMATURE
    @gtasuxcoximho dont call me the C word, call me by "batdansucks"
    @derek I am not a sonichu fan and dont call me by the c word

  64. Alright let's do this!
    @Charlie Dear Charlie, about which C word you are talking about? About Charlie? So every time I say Charlie, you will come here and rage? Are you okay Charlie? I mean what is wrong with name Charlie? Anyway have a great day Charlie.

  65. I believe we can compromise on your new name, Chuckie. How about "charliesucks"? Seems fitting enough.

  66. Aww... it's cute how CHARLIE thinks typing something with correct grammar and in a forceful tone will get us to stop picking on him after all the crap he's put us through. Let's go through that whole sentence one part at a time.

    "I did not create picture 45, nor am i gay, nor do I like the Sonichu comics (although I have a crush on Jiggliami), they are poorly written."
    Deny it all you want, but the evidence just stacks up like a tower of building blocks. Also, how do you like a character from a comic and not like the comic? Sounds more like you're attempting and failing to deny your love for the comic, TBQH. Oh, and your art still sucks.

    "Christian Weston Cocksu-I mean Chandler needs inspiration from great films like LOTR and many disney films."
    Really now? If by ripping ideas off and acting like a ponce all the time when called out on his theft counts as "getting inspiration", then by all means I agree with you. And if you don't like Sonichu, then why are you NOT ONLY defending it, but also stating you like a character from it? Make up your mind, CHARLIE.

    "I am also not gay, I am perfectly normal and should be treated like everyone else,..."
    Let us look at your previous actions for a second" drawing an almost nude Chris Bores? Posting links to gay porn sites? Yep, sounds like a closet homosexual to me. Also, normal? You told someone to KILL THEMSELVES just because the person had a different opinion from your own. That's about as normal as saying Hitler was a good guy. Try a different argument.

    "you just hate me because of my OPINIONS, opinions are perfectly acceptable in my country and your country and do not state "IRATE GAMER SUCKS" as if it is a fact, it is your own opinion and KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!!!"
    OK, I agree with what you say on opinions. But if all that IS the case, CHARLIE, then why do you even come here? Your own logic works against you. if you don't like our opinions, then don't come here, and don't read them. This is Batdan's blog, and his opinion (and all of ours) is that IG sucks. Nothing in any of these posts is ever once stated "as fact". They are Batdan's opinions, and most of us here agree. Get used to it, CHARLIE.

    "And from now on, please refer me as 2600theatari or my username above and do not be so open about my real name. And DO NOT call me by the C word that will not be spoken"
    Don't know about everyone else here, but when I know someone's name, I'm more inclined to call them as such, as opposed to a pseudonym. As such, CHARLIE, I will continue to refer to you as CHARLIE, as after all the hurtful and downright stupid things you have said, you deserve no kindness. You deserve no respect. And you CERTAINLY do not deserve to be called by anything else other the the term which you seem to hate so much.

    CHARLIE. Even if you decide not to read though this admittedly long statement and fall back on insults without addressing anything here, keep in mind that you've come to a point where nothing you say will EVER be taken seriously. Any hope you had of us ever treating you as normal went out the window the minute you decided it was a good idea to troll people who outweigh every ounce of your intelligence 10-to-1. Your, CHARLIE, are a douche, and if you EVER want to be taken seriously, I have two words you should take to heart: GROW. UP. The sooner you do, the happier you'll be.

    This is what's known as a reality check, CHARLIE. Wake up.

  67. Charlie.....Charlie....

  68. @batdannight DONT BE SO IMMATURE
    Coming from the person who even admitted he's only here to troll people. So once again, the pot calls the kettle black...

    @gtasuxcoximho dont call me the C word, call me by "batdansucks"
    Nah, I'll stick to calling you CHARLIE, CHARLIE.

    @derek I am not a sonichu fan and dont call me by the c word
    Despite how contradictory you are, as you go between saying you're not a fan and defending it, even saying you like one of the characters? CHARLIE?

  69. @leeroy jenkins@lordlaharl @derek @skyrunner14

  70. @skyrunner14
    More like the coal bin calling the kettle black.

  71. @Charlie

    You won't visit this blog again?


    All right! Time to party!

  72. If I'm going to Hell, I'll see you there Mr. I-Told-Someone-To-Kill-Themselves, aka CHARLIE. Besides, I believe in reincarnation after death anyway, so your insult is ineffective. Bye Charlie!

    Party time! Party time! Everybody's kickin' back because it's party time~~~

  73. Oh don't worry guys, he'll be back. Much like Sigma, Dracula, Master Who, Starscream, etc., he will reincarnate into another blog user (my bets are on AVGNsucks) oozing with the same foul taste of fail with the same glorious stench of lulz. His ass is just a little sore right now.

  74. @John
    As I expect it should be. When he does show his ugly Internet mug, again, I doubt it will be difficult to determine his identity. Then we can troll him again. But for now, I'll enjoy the quiet moment of non-stupidity~

  75. @batdansucks

    We'll see how long this lasts.

  76. @JohnNintendoNerd
    It's Doctor Who, not Master Who.

  77. Well... looks like I finally got blocked by Bores. I just realized it after I tried commenting on his Video Game Roundup video on Youtube.

  78. @BatDanNight
    I was refering to The Master, The Doctor's rival. Then again, I guess the same could be said for the Daleks, Davros, the Cybermen, or any sort of main villain from any ongoing series. I don't know why I brought up the villains mentioned in my previous comment other than the fact that they will always return.

  79. @ everyone talking about CHARLIE'S inevitable return

    obviously CHARLIE is lying about no longer reading this blog. however, to give the impression that he isn't he will have to refrain from posting anything.

    here's to hoping that his love for cyberbullying doesn't outweigh his wish to appear apathetic towards this blog, and he remains silent.

    personally, i knew a lot of kids like him growing up. most of them are living wasteful lives, a couple died (drunk driving), but at least two managed to learn some humility and respect, turning their lives around. i'm legitimately concerned for CHARLIE, and hope he can realize that his personality is self-destructive and decided to finally mature a little bit.

  80. Hey Batty, do ya think you can get your SSBB out by Friday it would be a good read I'm sure.

    Also I asked a while back, but what the fuck is the name of the background music on Chris' update/contest videos as I am really not convinced that it's original Irate Gamer music and it's from some movie making program like DigitalJuice (I'm sure that's what it's called). IMO, it sounds terrible. But I would fucking lmao if FFL2and3Rocks used that music in one of his Third Rate Gamer videos. Speaking of, there hasn't been a TRG in a long time. I think there's enough new parody material to make at least one more TRG, so FFL2&3R should get to working on it.

  81. @Charlie I've been in hell, it's underrated, Charlie. BTW if you get there, say I sent you, you will get a group discount. See ya Charlie :D

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. @ Cinemacolyte

    LOL, I'm so ashamed I didn't think of that joke first.

  84. You know, I was thinking, we were all such jerks to charlie, he was just a child, we were so harsh to him. I think we should apologise to him next time he comes over to the internet.

  85. actually i created the picture with the sprites staring eachother i was reaaaaalllllyy bored and i was curios to see if he would post it or whatever