Friday, October 2, 2015

I Guarantee There's Better Books and Sound Devices Out There

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve just been busy, life getting in the way and everything, though I mostly had a complete lack of motivation to tackle his videos. I think I’m ready to get back into things.
Quite a few things to cover.

The week of September 21st saw two videos, both related to books.

First one is about TMNT. The “Ultimate Visual History”.
*opens video* “Hey gamers!” … You’re not talking about a video game! You’re talking about a book, based on a franchise of comic books, cartoons, and movies! Yes I know there are games, but they’re all based on the cartoons or movies. Why not open the video with “Hey Ninja Turtles fans” or something that makes sense!
Nitpicky rant out of the way.

The video is mostly Bores flipping through the book, pointing at a page and saying it’s cool. I just saved you eight minutes. There’s no substance, and he basically just spoils the book. Why even buy it now?

The second video is about the book he wrote. Ghost Hunting 2.0, I still can’t believe that’s the title. Hoo boy does he spout bullshit.
I mean, ghost hunting is already bullshit, and the only audience for this are the ignorant unwashed masses. … *looks at comments* GAAAAH! Why did I do that?

At the time of this posting, the book is out. I do not have a copy because my wallet will cut off my fingers if I pay for it. I imagine someone will buy it and leak it all over the internet.
The video is nearly ten minutes long, I’ll go over the highlights.

“You’ll be able to find it on Barnes and Nobles dot com”
He says if you buy from his site, he’ll autograph it. Let’s see, if the book costs $14, and in three years the value will be about 25 cents, then an autographed copy will be abooooooouuuuuutttt 27 cents!
“For me to title a book Ghost Hunting 2.0, you better know your crap” Good to know Bores calls his passion “crap”
“I tried to make this easy to read, easy to digest” From the excerpts people have shown me, you have failed.

He goes over the chapters.
The first calls out skeptics and critics (pffft)
The second goes over the “rise and fall” of paranormal TV. The real answer is that it was a fad. Fads come and go, and paranormal TV was just another one. Sure Ghost Hunters is still around, but it’s much more niche now than it was before. Though I imagine Chris’ explanation is way more pretentious.
The third chapter is about his first couple investigations. Like the one where Alan tripped and he claimed someone pushed him?
The fourth is about his tools. Pretty sure most of those have been debunked as useless. But who needs facts and science?
He mentions his appearance on Hardcore Pawn, which has not aired. Bores claims he keeps watching and he’ll let us know. Why subject yourself to that trash at all? You can easily just look up when the new episodes will air online. You don’t have to watch it again and again. It would explain a lot if he did…

Then the next chapter is about the tools only he uses (or so he believes). Alright, I looked up ghost hunting books on Amazon, and there is a lot. Like, I estimate hundreds. There is surprisingly a lot of competition for this crap. It’s very likely that Chris’ so called tools are used by other people, and he just doesn’t know it.
This is where he brings up his “psychology” and “philosophy”, somehow “world religions” are a tool and… quantum physics. Don’t bring actual science into your pseudo-science you hack.

Of course he brings up his “ancient texts” and dedicates an entire chapter to the Tibetan Book of the Dead. One of my readers, the Necro Critic, actually did some research into the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and found it’s a terrible tool to try and communicate with ghosts. It’s actually a very inaccurate translation of the Bardo Thodol, an ancient self-help guide about getting ready for your next reincarnation, various forms of meditation and mentions identifying states of death. It’s a religious text for a specific sect of Buddhism. Bardo Thodol was poorly translated into English with random Hindu terminology in the 1920’s, becoming the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Basically, Bores is using a thoroughly debunked book to source his findings on the paranormal. HOW DOES ANYONE TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY?!
Thank you Necro Critic for finding all this out.

“No other ghost hunter uses the Tibetan Book of the Dead for their research” Probably for the reasons I listed above. Even so, don’t act so sure. Have you read through all those ghost hunting books on Amazon?

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.
The more I listen to this, the more my brain wants to die. “Ghost hunting is stuck and I know why!” No you don’t, it’s stuck because it’s all crap.
He goes on about his stupid psychology. Pretty sure you need to see an actual psychologist Bores. This ghost obsession can’t be good for your mental state.

“I believe if the right people read this, a new branch of psychology could be created” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Says the finale is talking about the message he “received” and “decoding it”. Using a bunch of different religions like Kabbalah, Judaism, Buddhism, and more fucking Tibetan thinking. How about the religion of LOGIC?! Oh wait, that’s just common sense.

“If you’re a deep thinker like I am” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No, I’ve already wasted too much space laughing. Chris, the deepest thing you’ve ever thought is “Should I have Lucky Charms or Froot Loops, and will breakfast be ruined if I pick the wrong one?”

And that’s where I check out. Rest of the video I don’t even care. He mentions meeting Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters but I do not give a fuck.

The book has to be crap, I mean this is Bores we’re talking about.

I’ve actually gotten some interesting info about it. First comes from Kevin Edward, who found the book on Amazon and looked at the inside preview. Right off the bat he found a mistake, he indents the first paragraph of every chapter, a major negative in published works. Open any novel and you’ll see the first paragraph is never indented. How did Bores make such a rookie mistake?
Kevin then left a comment on the video pointing this out and telling him there’s also spelling, grammar, punctuation and format errors that shouldn’t be in a published work. Chris called him a liar.

As you can see, Kevin was not happy. Pointing out that every book on Amazon previews the first several pages. Chris then responded to that by saying “I formatted the book to my liking”


Note the choice of words, “my liking”. Meaning Chris does not care for your criticism, it’s “my way or get the fuck off my property”. I seriously doubt he got it proofread, and if he did, he ignored every piece of advice.

The second bit of interesting info comes from our good friend Uatu the Watcher, who has done a damn good job of getting the blog info in the past. Seems he got his hands on the book, and provided some laughable excerpts.

Here’s his comment for all to see.

My favorite bits include comparing himself to Batman, how he sang the Alphabet in front of everyone, his obvious statement about forbidden knowledge, and the part about claiming there’s proof spirits already exist.

I also love how he mentions his “55th most subscribed” achievement again, but neglects to mention that it was for talking about video games, not ghosts. Also, wasn’t he 55th most subscribed in 2008? Not 2010? He’s distorting facts again!

If the book gets leaked, let me know. I’m not giving any money for this.

Sadly, that’s not the end of the recap. We have one more video.
We’ve got another WACKY TECH REVIEW! The dislikes show that people really don’t like this crap.
This time he’ll be looking at three products from Kinivo. Really cashing in those sponsorship deals huh Chris?

“The Ki-Nye-Vo products” Is that how it’s pronounced? It looks more like “Ki-Knee-Vo”
First he’s going to look at an HDMI switch box. Oh jeez, he’s using the wacky music, you know the one that he would play in update videos a long time ago?
He describes what it does… no mention of price or reliability or design or anything. At this point, we shouldn’t expect anything resembling a “review” in these WACKY VIDEOS.
It cuts to him watching Hell’s Kitchen, and it suddenly switches over to The Gilmore Girls. He reacts in “angry shock”. Instead of doing the sensible thing like changing the channel back or turning it off, he keeps watching until he blows his brains out with one of his light guns. Classy.

Next he looks over a pair of Bluetooth headphones. He goes on about how he’s been “dabbling” in Bluetooth and how great it is blah blah blah. Random cut to him listening to My Heart Will Go On (copyright bots are going to eat this video alive). Shows the volume, tells us not to turn it up too loud, random cut to him listening to loud music and… exploding from it. I haven’t said this one in a while, for someone that hates Michael Bay, you sure like explosions as much as he does.
Mentions the “next track” button, and that the sound is good. Is it better than a popular brand name like Beats by Dre? What about other headphones on the market? You really should leave the tech reviews to the professionals.

Finally he looks some speakers. Bluetooth speakers to be specific. He mentions they still need to be plugged in (no duh) which cuts to a bit where he tries to plug it in but his outlet is full, and he freaks out. … Where’s the joke Dob- I mean Bores?
Mentions how you can plug your phone in as well. So he does that, and he decides to play something from Final Fantasy VII. Oh now you’ve awakened a sleeping giant Chris. You don’t fuck with FFVII fans.
“Yes it’s Red’s theme” His name is Red XIII (or Nanaki)! Not just Red! I doubt you’ve actually played the game. Also, that doesn’t sound anything like his theme. Is that a remix? Why don’t you have the original on there?

Then it cuts to a glass of water on his table shaking and falling over. I guess it’s meant to show how powerful the bass is, but it’s so obvious he just shook his table offscreen to get it to fall over. Why? What’s the point? That didn’t mean anything. Stop with the random crap!

Blah blah blah you can find it cheap on Amazon. Don’t care. Done.

I have to imagine this is where Chris is getting money to do videos. The views are shit, and Chris knows this. He’s going to keep shilling until he has no more soul. Is this the fate you really want Chris? To be a mindless shill for tech products while you hock your awful random humor? If only you could take criticism, and not have burned all those bridges.

MAJOR UPDATE: Seems I was wrong about Amazon. It's not just the first few pages, the ENTIRE BOOK is available for free. I'm going to look through it, see how long I last before my brain tells me "ENOUGH"
EDIT: Wait, false alarm. It's not the whole book. Pages are omitted, plus I think I got more because I'm an Amazon Prime member. Sorry about that. Still, I imagine someone will leak the book soon.


  1. I mentioned this on the last post, but I'll put it here again now that I have more information. There is actually a song on the FFVII soundtrack titled "Red XIII's Theme," being the 21st track on the 1st disc. However, the song Bores was playing (or rather, a remixed version of the song Bores was playing) was the song that plays in Cosmo Canyon, and it is titled "Cosmo Canyon" and listed as the 1st track on the 3rd disc, making it the 45th track overall on the FF7 soundtrack. Therefore, he was not even calling the song by its correct name.

    Now one may argue that the songs are so similar that the mistake is reasonable, but I'm sure that if Bores actually played FFVII (all the way through, not just for an hour), he would associate the song more with Cosmo Canyon rather than Red XIII.

    1. Looking over it, it does sound more like Cosmo Canyon than Red XIII's theme. The songs are similar, but the latter is a bit more solemn.

    2. Another easy way to tell the difference between both songs is that the Cosmo Canyon theme has a very distinct flute solo in it. The remixed version of the song Bores was playing also seemed to have a distinct solo of some sort of instrument that has the same melody as the one in the actual song.

  2. This is the proverbial hill he wants to die on.

  3. Yes, being 55th place comes with a lot of responsibility. It's good he's so humble about this achievement that nobody would ever give a damn about even if he was still at that place seven years later.

    1. Considering the quality of much of the competition at the top of Youtube's subscription list, it's not only an underwhelming achievement but actually one most self-respecting people would probably not want to advertise.

    2. Re: being 55th, surprisingly he does mention video games, but not in a way that makes any sense, especially if the reader isn't familiar with his history. Continuing from the "responsibilities" line:

      "One of those things was conducting interviews with video game developers at video game conventions. (snip) ... I made it my mission to become good at interviewing and studied the techniques of former MTV vee-jay Steve Masters. He gave me some advice that would help me excel in this arena. (snip) I knew very quickly that bringing my interviewing techniques into the field of ghost hunting would help me tremendously excel in this endeavor."

    3. @Lewis
      What gets me about his constant bragging about 55th place is that it only makes possible employers or dealmakers wonder "If he was 55th, why didn't he sustain it? What did he do wrong to drop from that high?"

      Oh wow, thanks man.
      That's a really roundabout way of saying "I cover video games". He doesn't say why he was brought to video game conventions, or why he interviewed video game developers.

      I doubt he took Steve's advice considering how terrible his interviews are. Asking simplistic questions, showing little knowledge of the subject, often only doing interviews because "the game looks cool".
      Also, his interviews somehow gave him the "skill" to talk to ghosts? This only further hurts my head.

  4. Hey BatDan,

    if you can be bothered to do it, looks like you can actually read the book on Amazon.

  5. There are currently no reviews for the book on Amazon, and while it's tempting to just go on there and post a bunch of one-star write-ups I think it would be both unfair and also stooping to Bores's level. However, keep an eye on it in case Bores is stupid enough to post his own positive reviews like he did with the DVD (and was too stupid to even disguise his identity or location while doing so), in which case feel free to spam it with negative ones.

  6. The indentation inconsistencies is baffling, and the writing is classic Bores.

  7. Oh dear lord... Those book excerpts made me laugh more than anything else Bores ever made. Congrats, Bores, you are now officially funny.

    1. Much like Tommy Wiseau, he's at his funniest when he's trying to be serious.

    2. I did not copy James. It's not true. It's bullshit, I did not copy him. I did NAWT. Oh hai, Ronnie.

    3. You ahr RUINING BREAKFAHST, Lisa!

  8. "Forbidden knowledge is forbidden for a reason" I love my ass off when I read that line. Oh and I'm saying this because I miss ICBINAVGN...

    "There is no way out of here, it will be dark soon. There is no way out of here."

    My other favorite line is "I love a good mystery and this one is calling out to me. It is something that I am sure even Scooby Doo and the gang would also have trouble solving." Why did he mention Scooby Doo? If this is meant to be a serious book, he shouldn't be mentioning any fictional characters! Oh and did he watched Scooby Doo? Every episode always ends with the monster/ghost/zombie/etc. turning out to be a human being in disguise, proving that all the paranormal stuff in the show is bullcrap. Even Scooby Doo is self-aware that paranormal stuff is garbage!

    Oh and finally, the Kinivo review. Why does he bother making these reviews. Why is he wasting precious money on these gadgets that obviously he's not going to use everyday in his daily life? If he really waste money just to buy these gadgets and then just to make these lousy less-than-4-minute reviews, I really feel sorry for him.

    1. Not quite-- 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo did have actual ghosts, as did a few episodes of the Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show (when Fred, Daphne, and Velma weren't present).

    2. Well, in regards to missing ICBINAVGN, there's a Youtube called DoubleEdgedSword2 that does the same thing: going through Irate Gamer videos and annotating all the crap.

      Here's the channel:

    3. Thanks for the plug, Martin. I do this for those that miss ICBINAVGN, though I don't claim to be as good as DLA. I consider myself the Drew Carey to his Bob Barker. DLA commented on a few of my videos recently too. Good to know that the master approves.

  9. First page: one glaring grammatical error ("Since is the case...").
    Second page: two glaring errors ("In its current stagnate position," "many of my contemporaries lecturer").

    Way to embody the DIY aesthetic.

    1. Early in Chapter Two, he drops a mention of... Boo Berry. That's our Bores!

    2. did you catch how it gets weirdly indented in Chapter 2? Or the intro jumps from page 12 to page 15

      or this classic sentence: Even paranormal investigator Philip Imbrogno during a Coast to Coast interview in 2009..

    3. I'm not counting instances of bad, clunky, or vague writing; I'd be transcribing the entire book. I have to limit myself to flagrantly wrong sentence constructions that cannot be rationalized.

      The jump from 12-15 is Amazon's doing: It's a preview meant to help sell the book. We don't get to read it all.

    4. yeah I browsed through more and made that realization.

      the funny thing is, the jump from pg 12 - 15 kinda makes sense in his weird paragraphs.

  10. Those comments really show that Bores does not take criticism in the slightest and never will take criticism. I explained this in the last post but if Bores had taken criticism from this blog and from Silent Rob, his videos would be much better and he would have more viewers so he doesn't have to say "oh shit game reviews aren't popular anymore. I'll do more Skylanders videos because that one fucking video got like 250,000 views." He has been talking about ghosts a lot lately and it's the same shitty views he always gets. At least GotGame didn't take him to E3 this year because he rarely talks about video games anymore.

    1. I like how he equates criticism = hate. That's such narrow minded thinking, and the reason he hasn't evolved.

    2. When people like BatDan and silent rob criticize him, it's something meant to make his videos better. Since he confuses criticism with hate, he blocks me, Hunter the Hunter, and just about 200 others from commenting. His tech reviews fucking suck and the amount of dislikes prove that.

    3. Kevin Edward's comment has been removed from the comments box, showing how much of a pussy Chris is when it comes to tolerating criticism.

    4. He also deleted a comment where me and Hunter The Hunter were arguing with some user after he said this blog sucks because we show how much we hate Bores. Bores was the last person to reply to that comment and it shows that he really doesn't use this blog to make his videos better. He literally doesn't know how to take criticism.

  11. Sheesh! He's STILL harping on about having been 55th most subscribed at one point? He really doesn't want to let go of the past, does he?

  12. First it was the tweet where he joked about killing himself over the fact that the new Ghostbusters movie will have a main female cast, and now there's this stupid Gilmore Girls "joke" in his latest tech review. Seriously, what is it with him and joking about wanting to kill himself over things having women in them? Is he really sexist, or does he just think it's funny to pretend to be sexist? Either way, he's completely tasteless.

    On a side note, I just love how he took the time and effort to paint one of his light guns black to look like a gun. It really looked like a real gun and not a toy. I mean, it's not like there's a cord coming out of the bottom of the thing to ruin the illusion anyway.

    1. He really must be an extreme anti-feminist.

      I bet if he looks at Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and Life Is Strange, he will yell "WHY THE F*** IS THE MAIN HERO A GIRL?! This game sucks!"

    2. I doubt he's even played Metroid.

  13. Read the sample on amazon, too much bullshit, quit, waiting for Kamen Rider Ghost instead

  14. Reading the first pages on the 'Look Inside' feature right now, and all I can say is, why couldn't he put this much effort into game reviews? He's clearly... passionate about this. Just read page 8. I almost feel bad for him, he's got so much faith in his work and enthusiasm. He really thinks he's doing something good here.
    What I'd like to know is, what made him start all this. Like, when did he start believing that ghosts were actually real? What was it? On page 10-11, he says ''I have witnessed many interesting events that make me believe that the paranormal world is very real'', and I'd like to know what it was that 'confirmed' him that they were 'very real'. I (and I think a lot of people on here) just sort of believed he watched Ghostbusters on TV when he was a kid, and desperately wanted to be one. Does he mention what happened at any point in the book?

    1. He doesn't care about games as much as ghosts. Chris launched a few different shows like the Road Trip in hopes of getting sponsored. It just so happened that the IG show got him the most attention.

  15. So much more criticism was possible for the tech review video!

    His sentences don't flow nicely. " What's nice about this is that you can either use the Bluetooth option or you can just plug in...Eh There's an output here where you can just plug in your phone or any other device that has an output so you can plug it in"

    The speakers not only have an output, they also have an input! You can't connect an output with another output and you need to connect the " output" of your phone with the INPUT of the speakers!
    Also: You can plug it you can plug it in.

    By the way, the main speaker has an input (the upper 2 connectors on the back), but that is used to connect the smaller speakers. Which means that throughout the whole video, whenever it cuts to a view of the back, he doesn't have the smaller speakers connected.

    At 0:53, why is the video square? I mean sure, maybe you want the people to focus on the box, but there are better ways to do that, like depth of field, or bokeh or whatever it's called in video.

    Also, the editing is very bad, but he makes it sound like volume controls would be near one of your ears, and the music controls are near your other ear, which is not the case. They're all near the same ear, only 1 is on the front and one on the back.

    1. Also I just noticed this:
      2:32 Shows Chris sitting at the table, speakers plugged in
      2:36 Shows back of the main speaker, smaller speakers not plugged in.
      2:38 Twists both nubs without explaining what they do
      2:40 Shows Chris, speakers plugged in
      2:41 Shows Chris, adjusting the nubs again!

      Also: 2:39 " As you can hear, the sound is incredible". No I can't hear that, as I'm watching this with the audio coming out of my crap laptop speakers. Hell, even if I had amazing speakers, I doubt the camera would even pick up the amazingness so then I still wouldn't be able to hear it!

  16. "You'll need a flashlight to illuminate the area."
    This will be the only time I can say that the Irate Gamer has made me laugh.

  17. "You'll need a flashlight to illuminate the area."
    This will be the only time I can say that the Irate Gamer has made me laugh.

  18. Hey BatDan,

    apparently grammatical errors and misspellings were done on purpose, as it's the author's preferred style to be read.

    Plus you're a ticking time bomb:

    just in case Chris wants to delete

    1. Chris just compared you to the tragedy in Oregon too...


    2. That needs to be added to the post. Bores comparing BatDan to what happened in Oregon is the equivalent of me comparing one of my critics to the Columbine Shootings.

    3. Oh, snap!

      @You Tubed: the irony that BatDan's compared to the Oregon tragedy when Chris Bores could be compared to Chris Harper-Mercer, both being a recluse with a crazy mother who'll defend her son's ass at all costs.

    4. 2 years is a good amount of time to proofread your book Bore even if it's your first time. That like saying you're passionate about your book but not passionate enough to proofread it. But hey hypocrisy is kind of a Bore thing so why complain now

    5. Next video he posts, I'll address this.
      That is bad form Chris, even for you.

    6. @BatDanNight Better yet at the end of this year I'll suggest you put it on your worst moments list.

    7. Not to dismiss the obscene and childish act of comparing BatDan to the Oregon tragedy, but apparently there will be a very bad odor as well. "mayhem he may well reek one day."

      Seriously though, that was very immature of whoever was behind the LadyBuggins account and not what I would expect from a deeply religious person.

      It also shows this blog has gotten under his skin. The tragedy is that it doesn't have to be this way. He won't make it in the real world where constructive criticism is a necessary part of improvement.

    8. This tops his Leonard Nimoy "eulogy" video that happened to be the first video where he asks people to subscribe to his channel at the end for being the worst moment of 2015.

    9. Chris compares BatDanNight with Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer. Very classy, asshat.

    10. I have a feeling that this may be the comment that ends Chris for good. Way too soon to be joking about that (assuming that it will even be acceptable to joke about it at all in the future, which it probably won't be). Just shows how tasteless and disjoint from reality he is.

    11. And if Boring Man compares any of us to other tragedies that DON'T involve shootings (i.e. the Valley Fire in Lake County, CA, my neck of the woods, that destroyed 76,000 acres, 1,000 homes, and took the lives of four people), it only shows just how much of a sociopath he is.

      How anyone can defend Boring Man now would be beyond a figment of my imagination. I hope even Asalieri and Archfiend aren't stupid enough to defend Bores over a comment like that...

    12. What da mudda effin' 'ell does "political correctness" have to do with writing English properly?

    13. Also, using LB's logic, wouldn't it be "politically incorrect" to criticize poor writing, not "pc"?

  19. $5 days Chris will blame us for his book's poor sales. Another $5 goes out saying he'll withdraw the book from Amazon and re-edit it. And another $5 says MAYBE he'll upload a video bitch ranting against BatDan and all of us.

    1. Option 2 is most realistic. Option 1 will only be done in the comments under his Lady Buggin account. Option 3 is very unlikely.

    2. When he re-edits it though, he won't be fixing the grammatical errors and other things people are pointing out; he'll probably add some fan art work or a bonus chapter or some other BS.

    3. Or probably explain something that was simple before because he thinks his audience is just that dumb!

  20. People comment on blogs and videos off the top of their head, sometimes from phones, sometimes when doing other stuff at the same time. Occasional minor grammar and spelling errors are expected and acceptable.

    A book, especially ones itch two years of work behind it, should be damn near perfect. If two years isn't enough, delay it.

    Most authors would make a better first draft than Bores's final draft.

    I wonder why his and LadyBuggin's comments lashing out at critics seem more polished and thought-out than the product itself?

  21. I laughed when someone told me this blog existed.
    I laughed even more when I saw it really exists with my eyes.
    My sides have left me when I saw that not only this blog exists, but its still active and the same people comment on everything since forever.

    Jesus fucking christ, I have never seen a biggest bunch of pathetic people in my entire life, and I have seen a lot of pathetic stuff.

    1. You must be real fun at parties.

    2. Hi Chris. See you still use sock puppet accounts.

    3. If he still uses sock puppet accounts that's beyond sad. Man up Bores, actually comment on your own Irate Gamer account for once.

    4. Your sides have left you? Lunch is ruined!

    5. 'Implying implications' Redundancy, much? :D

      Also, saying 'Jesus fucking christ' and calling us 'pathetic' shows how much of a classless person you are, Pancakes. No wonder why you could never pass a job interview.

    6. Amazing really, for a website that only criticizes one person 24/7, you sure don't like criticism yourselves.
      Pretty pathetic.

    7. Your comment isn't criticism at all, Pancakes. It's just for laughs. XD

    8. @Pancakes Shut up, Chris. If we didn't pay attention to you nobody would.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. While I don't endorse Chris Bores' work, I have previewed his book and I will say I think he has done a good job. I am proud of him for being able to type a book, despite grammatical errors. I don't think he was capable of even writing a book. So wow, I'm impressed. It is one thing that he has beat James Rolfe on. I think James Rolfe should write a book on his experience running videos and making the AVGN movie. Something about James Rolfe though, he doesn't strike me as a person who likes to write a lot so I don't think he will ever write a book, but I do think he does a good job making video blogs.

  24. I'll give Bores credit, he actually credited the person who designed the cover. Of course, it's a shitty cover, but at least he didn't try to claim it was his own.

    1. Can you do better?
      I would love to see it.

      Heres the cover I did for him

      You can notice that he edited his own text with his own fonts and colors.

      But seriously, I would love to see you doing a cover, mail me at: when you finish it.

      Pro tip: you can't use images from google that are copyrighted.

    2. This image is the exact same 'reaching out hand' and smoke that I found on Google search for the cover of Chris's book.

    3. Come to think of it, why is the ghost's hand coming from the outside of the house?

    4. And so it is, doesn't stop it from being free to use. Do your research before posting.

    5. Ah well, at least I can talk about why the cover looks silly. Why is the ghost's hand coming from outside of the house? Doesn't ghost hunting usually happens INSIDE of the house?

      And why is the lightning coming out from the windows and not from the smoke?

      And is it necessary to still have lightning coming out from Chris Bores' name?

    6. Actually, even without Bores's name at the bottom, your default image has lightning coming out from the wooden floor. Why?

    7. First off, why not. I didn't do the image for you, I did it for him. thats what was requested, thats what I did. Second, are you a ghost specialist? Maybe you should help Chris with his next book, you seem to know a lot about ghosts.

      Third, yes, it usually happens inside the house, just like the photo implies. Thats why the photo was taken inside the house.

    8. First, 'I did it for him. That's what was requested, thats what I did." I see. If he request you to do an image of a ghost at the doorway of a haunted house and doesn't criticize it, you can just do whatever the hell you want with it.

      Second, no, I don't need to be a ghost specialist to know that ghost hunting happens inside of the house. It's common knowledge.

      Third, yes, it usually happens inside the house, but the ghost is outside of the house and not inside.

    9. 1- If he says "thats what I wanted", then thats what he wanted.

      2- Well done, you must see a lot of movies then. I also heard of ghost hunting in the woods. therefor, and if my movie sources are correct like yours, ghost can exist outside 4 walls (if they exist).

      3-Whats keeping a ghost inside? Last time I check, a ghost is an etherial being that traverse through walls. But if he goes outside he gets detention? Is that it?

    10. He may like the cover but there will be people out there who will look the cover and laugh to themselves "Seriously?"

      Oh and now you're saying "Also heard of ghost hunting in the woods" and 'What's keeping a ghost inside?" when your last comment says "It usually happens in the house."

    11. And its still happening inside the house. I don't see a problem there, even now.

    12. Then you shouldn't have put the ghost outside the house.

    13. Nothing keeps a ghost inside a house.

    14. But you said "Its still happening inside the house" in your last comment.

    15. Are we going on circles here?

      1- The ghost hunting is inside the house.
      2- Nothing keeps a ghost inside a house.

      One does not cancel the other.

      Let me make up a little story just so your brain can understand it.

      >A ghost team went into a house, they never got a answer out of a ghost using their devices, they took several pictures of the place and none got something. Except for one pic on the way out, the ghost was waiting for us outside the house.

      If this doesn't make sense, don't try to make sense of ghosts or ghost hunting then, since its not a science.

    16. Does that story happened in Chris's book? :D

    17. Look, someone else who can't handle criticism. Birds of a feather.

    18. Define "handling criticism".

      I guess that in your opinion, "handling criticism" is just "I can say whatever I want, even if its wrong?"

    19. In my opinion, "let them say what they want, even it's wrong" is the exact opposite of "when they say what they want, I'll whine like a pussy and tell them to do better."

      So yes, that is handling criticism.

    20. >when they say what they want, I'll whine like a pussy and tell them to do better.

      Exactly what you are doing right now. Amazing really.

    21. Really? What did you critique me on? When did I tell you to do better than me?

    22. Indirectly, I critiqued that you cant even define "handling criticism" without sounding like a pussy, like I said "I can say whatever I want, even if its wrong"
      Which you said, and you were wrong.

      Then, you told me to do better than you, by "being able to accept criticism", which is pretty ironic, because you cant even do that yourself.

      If I wasn't able to handle criticism, I wouldn't go here, of all places, OR I would just try and delete all your comments.

      Man, this website is a gold mine of entertainment really.

    23. "Man, this website is a gold mine of entertainment really."

      So easily amused. Ignorance really is bliss, isn't it?

    24. Easily amused?
      Not really, its really hard to find good comedy in the world.

      And yes, ignorance is a bliss.

    25. Asking people if they could do better is kinda what a person would say if they can't handle criticism. It's something I'd do when I was a teen or younger.
      (Doesn't help that a few of us probably COULD do better.)

      As for the cover itself, ehhh... the lighting bolts being copy/pasted from one side of the door frame, and just flipped around for the other, is a bit bothersome. So is the fact that they all end abruptly within a rectangular area instead of the lenghts being a bit varied. (Please excuse my crappy english, it's not my first language so I'm not the best at describing things when talking/typing it.)

      It's also a bit hard to tell how close/far away the hand is, since it doesn't have any drop shadows. Although since, I assume, it's supposed to be a ghost hand, I'll let this point slide.)

      It's not the worst cover; the hue choices fit the genre and the font choice isn't bad. It's close, but it's not LousyBookCovers material. Almost.

      I'm being serious when I say "good for you" for getting a commission from a client.

      However, you should probably work on how you react to people giving your work crap. Asking them about specifics could be a good start.

    26. No, saying that "something is shitty" without presenting any kind of reason why, is something a teen or younger would do.

      Asking to see them do better is just an act of a "artist to another", in the case that he would be able to do a cover, which he wont. But which is even worse because I am not even an artist, or a professional photoshop master.

      Just because you type it, doesn't make it real.
      Thats why opinions aren't facts.

      Accepting criticism also comes with accepting that your opinions are worthless, specially when your opinion is biased.

    27. "No, saying that "something is shitty" without presenting any kind of reason why, is something a teen or younger would do."

      Thing is, they gave their "worthless opinion" in an open forum and didn't direct it at you face to face. If they think something is, simpy put, crap, they wouldn't have a reason to elaborate on why unless someone asked them to.
      Personally, if someone brought up my work on some random forum and said it was crap, I'd ask them to specify. Perhaps I'd learn something and improve in some way.
      Worst case scenario is that they'd go: "It's crap just... BECAUSE.", and then it's just a given that they're not worth the time.

      "Asking to see them do better is just an act of a "artist to another", in the case that he would be able to do a cover, which he wont."

      As someone who *is* an artist, I'm afraid to tell you that this isn't what an artist would say to another. Unless they wanna look like a jackass, that is.
      Also, does it take a master chef to tell if a dish is well made or just, well... crap?

      "Accepting criticism also comes with accepting that your opinions are worthless, specially when your opinion is biased."

      Which is why it's kinda weird that you even bothered replying to this person if their opinion is so worthless.

    28. Ahem, its worthless, unless he could prove to me that he wasn't biased, which he didnt. The he way he could do that, is to show me that he is an artist, and that in fact, he can do it better, which he also didnt.

      I assumed, and its not hard to know why, that everyone here is biased against anything that might come from Chris or anyone who might worked with them, and I was right, simply by reading some comments here, I would know for sure that someone would mention me.
      Its like a sport here, to find all the little subjects you can hate on Chris's work, going from stupid stuff like "he missed a dot on a text" to "I generally didnt like his episode".

      Just the fact, that I knew that I would find something about me here, and I actually did find something about me here, proves that this entire website is made of biased people who are thicker than a wall of steel.

      Therefor, any opinion that doesn't come straight from someone who knows the entire subject, is a worthless opinion.

      You don't need to be a master chef to tell if a dish is well made or just crap, but the world isn't black and white, things aren't just "good" or "bad", or in the case of this blog "only bad".
      If you said to a master chef "your dish is bad", he wouldn't just say "you are right, I will now make a better dish", he would just say "You are right, but since I am a master chef, it proves that I know a lot more about cuisine, and the fact that 99 out of 100 people liked my dishes and that made me a master chef, your opinion is worthless to me".

      If you have nothing more to add to your "criticism", just don't bother, I am not going to argue about how to be a chef anymore with you.

    29. Since I'm farily certain that I'd make a better cover... that means my opinion, including the good and bad points I wrote down earlier, would be valid according to you. That's good to know.

      I know I shouldn't poke a cranky bear, but you missed the point with my chef-analogy.
      You're not a master chef by a long shot; you've kinda already claimed so yourself by saying that you're not a master of photoshop or an artist.

      Thing is, an unexperienced chef needs all the criticism in the world to grow and eventually reach a higher level of knowledge. From how you've acted, it's rather obvious that you don't feel any need to improve.
      Again; good for you, I suppose. Bores got his cover and you got your payment for your mediocre dish. Everyone's happy.

      Peace out.

    30. Saying that you are fairly certain, means that you aren't certain at all. But yes, it would be valid.

      I never claimed to be a master chef. Nice strawman though.

      Also, I just told you I would like criticism from people who actually know what they are talking about, instead of having a bunch of biased people who just act that way because I associated myself with their arch enemy.
      But nice to see another person who thinks his opinions of me are facts.

      And I got the payment?
      Not only you know you all about me just because I wrote 2 lines of text in a blogspot, you also know the entire deal I made with Chris? Simply amazing, you should be a master detective one day, one day, because today you really suck at it, you should really improve on it, because you have no clue on what you are talking about.

    31. "Also, I just told you I would like criticism from people who actually know what they are talking about, instead of having a bunch of biased people who just act that way because I associated myself with their arch enemy."

      And yet, here you are, wasting the the better part of roughly 11 hours arguing with these "clearly biased" people. What does that say about you?

    32. Its called having honor for myself.
      If a person loses his honor, he loses everything.
      Something you people clearly don't have. Have you ever took 5 minutes to reflect on your life and how you ended up on a blog like this 24/7?

    33. Got it... having honor hinges upon liking Chris Bores' work. Well, I certainly want honor, so I say Bores is a genius.

      What do I get if I like Pat the NES Punk? Dignity?

    34. I stop watching Chris' videos watched Linkara's April Fool's video saw Batdan as a special thanks in the credits came here and check back every so often to see what's going on. Was I supposed to feel bad for myself? because I feel the same as I did before typing that pointless comment.

    35. Nice strawman Harrod. I never said I liked or disliked his work.

    36. "It's called having honor for myself."

      Bwahahaha, now you are just being delusional at this point. Oh and you call us out to reflect our lives and think how we ended up on this blog when you are still here replying to our comments for 24 hours now.

    37. I get email notifications. Literally takes 1 second to open a link, then about 2 minutes to write back something.

      I have been visiting this place for 2 days now.

    38. Why do you even turn on email notifications when you are against this blog?

    39. Because you can I can Tick a simple button that says "Notify me".

      >you are against
      And don't put words in my mouth, you are the third person to do that, its starting to becoming a theme around here.

      I am neither against or in favor.

    40. So you really do have nothing to do outside the computer and just wait to be notified if we reply to your comments.

      Please don't reply to this comment because if you do, it proves that I'm right.

    41. Also, why did you deflect my question?
      >I have been visiting this place for 2 days now.

    42. Never mind answering that

      A simple search told me its about 3 and half years.

      Reasonable when compared to 2 days right?

    43. Aww you lost the challenge. :)

    44. I hate to tell you, but constantly replying to everyone on this site won't win your argument. There is no honor in pursuing a losing battle, and all you're doing is proving to us that you are immature and can't handle criticism. If you value your integrity, you should just cut your losses and stop talking now.

    45. Like I said before.
      Just because you type it, it doesn't make it true.

    46. What part isn't true? Is it the fact that everyone here thinks you're immature and can't handle criticism, or the fact that replying to every response on this thread is doing literally nothing to benefit you?

    47. Says the pot to the kettle.

    48. can i add a bit to the conversation: i think all of you should calm down a bit and be a bit more civilized about this, we can have a discussion that doesn't turn into a mutual "you're wrong" contest, first of all -
      Sovereign : give us your reasons on why you think the cover is lacking in quality, preferably in bullet points.

    49. I can answer that too

      >the new font and colors don't really match the cover
      >the ghost particles didn't come out as I would like it
      >the electricity should be thicker
      >the lightning on the wood doesn't reflect the glow on the windows
      >I was only able to use free images instead of paid stock images

      Source on this criticism: me.

    50. Serious question: If you know what the criticisms against your work are, then why are you continually pressing the issue?

    51. Issues were created that were not related to my work, but to my person, just because I made a serious question about if I could see X person do better, which he didn't.

      Its another theme around here, when you have no arguments to present or nothing in concrete to backup your opinions, you make personal attacks OR you just the usual tactic of someone who can't handle criticism/can't handle someone answering back when their little secret club, "I win bye", "If you reply again I win".

    52. Just do the usual tactic*
      Answering back on their*

    53. strangely enough, i don't get notifications for more comments, anyway technically "let's see you do better" by itself isn't really an argument, another this is you should be able to distance yourself from your work, criticizing your work =/= criticizing you , this is something every young and learning artist/chef/video game creator should learn,

    54. Straight from my gmail.

      >isn't really an argument

      It isn't, because he wasn't able to do so. If he was, his counter argument would be "even I can do better".

      >criticizing your work =/= criticizing you

      I know right?
      >someone else who can't handle criticism. Birds of a feather.
      >So easily amused. Ignorance really is bliss
      >I was a teen or younger.
      > being delusional
      >have nothing to do outside the computer and just wait to be notified
      >you are immature
      > everyone here thinks you're immature

      These sure look like criticism to my work right?

      But I don't expect you to understand a difference, if you are as biased as them.

    55. technically both of you escalated each other , this blog does tend to have a bit of bias towards negativity since that's kinda the point of it , the main problem is the lack of intonation in written text, cause i think you guys are mutually reading each other's post in a hostile manner, causing each other to continue to act hostile

    56. while indeed the first comment in the chain did specifically called your work "a shitty cover"
      your response "Can you do better?
      I would love to see it." is no better, what you could've done was simply explain that you did it in your free time with limited resources and explain a bit of yourself

    57. well i like to use a bit of understating when commenting on the internet, it think it gives a somewhat friendlier tone without any intonation and without being overly polite

    58. well i like to use a bit of understating when commenting on the internet, it think it gives a somewhat friendlier tone without any intonation and without being overly polite

    59. Would it matter if I said that? No.

      As an example, Chris does his stuff with limited resources and on his free time...and look at what happens every time he does something.

      You can't act all mighty and "polite" here, because people here aren't used to people like me, they aren't used to someone "fighting back", they are used to just rant and trash talking people behind their back without anyone calling them on their stuff. What happens when someone does? This happens, a bunch of personal attacks that have nothing to do with what I did, because they simply have nothing to use against me, other than the stuff I posted here.

      And this is where this website is a gold mine of entertainment, watching people like these squirming around trying to throw stuff at you and not being able to.

    60. Okay, first off: "let's see you do better" is a terrible argument and an immature response to criticism. It doesn't take a carpenter to recognize a poorly-made table.

      Secondly, read the comments again. The personal attacks started with your unnecessarily aggressive overreaction to someone asking legitimate questions regarding the content of your work. Then when someone else accused you of not handling criticism well (which, given the context, is a perfectly understandable statement), you responded with a variant of "I know you are but what am I" and calling their opinions invalid solely because of this website's content. That doesn't exactly sound like US doing the attacking here.

      Thirdly, the "if you reply, I win" thing is entirely true. Trolls feed on negative reactions. By responding to them negatively, you're giving them exactly what they want.

    61. not sure if it would, considering i have never actually seen anyone try it, politeness and civilized arguments are very-very rare on the internet, also it's not really one sided considering ladybuggins does pretty much the same thing .

      i agree with this website being entertainment, though for different reasons.

    62. >Okay, first off: "let's see you do better" is a terrible argument and an immature response to criticism.

      Opinions aren't facts.

      >It doesn't take a carpenter to recognize a poorly-made table.

      No, it doesn't. But you if you are a carpenter, you will never accept an opinion from someone who sells metal tables.

      >your unnecessarily aggressive overreaction
      As I said over and over again, just because you type it, it doesn't mean its true.

      >asking legitimate questions
      All were answered.

      >"I know you are but what am I"
      Dem strawman's. Its like the 5th time, its getting boring now.

      >calling their opinions invalid solely because of this website's content.
      See the point 1 again.

      >Thirdly, the "if you reply, I win" thing is entirely true. Trolls feed on negative reactions. By responding to them negatively, you're giving them exactly what they want.

      So, they are just "trolls" to you, are they?
      No, they aren't. They are just people who didn't have anything else to throw at me, other than their feeble personal attacks, and when they saw that didn't work, they simply dropped out.

  25. Wowza! Abandoning a video halfway through? I guess even your high tolerance can only go so far...

    My old English teacher from highschool--a woman who was in her late 70's at the time and quite a bit older now--would strangle Chris with her bony yet vigorous hands if she found out that this exists. It's a travesty! Anyone with even a modicum of literary proficiency would deem this book--nay, a bound collection of ramblings--an absolute disaster. An ego-stroking cacophony of pain to the eyes! I am certainly no writer, as from my hands not an article or book has yet been produced, but even I could shore out a first draft in a month and it would STILL be better than this iron that Boring-ass Man has wrought!

    Incidentally, this semi-paragraph is probably far more entertaining than Chris Bores. And unlike him, I'm not charging for it! Let the reviews flow!

    1. Oh come on, is the book really that bad? I haven't found anything too bad about it yet. I agree though, I dislike the indentation for each paragraph.

    2. Oh it's bad. The sample paragraphs provided by Uatu make me cringe. The constant ego stroking, the inconsistent typography, the ever present misinformation. Such as the Uncertainty Principle. I did a really quick google search and that is not at all how he described it. It has nothing to do with ghosts, either! And unlike that hack, I found this out while in between pages of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Because fact checking is really easy yet Bores can't be bothered to do so. yeah, that's why.

  26. One thing that surprised me is how many ghost hunting books there are. I am surprised so many people are writing about this stuff. I think Chris Bores would actually have more luck finding UFOs than ghosts. I wish he would do a show covering Men-In-Black stories or something of that nature over this ghost hunting BS.

  27. This book's almost got the number 1 position on that December list... ;)

  28. "My stupidity paid off" - Chris Bores, 2015

    Surely this has to be made into the strapline for the whole blog? ;)

    Also I wonder if the book has the specifics on Chris' conversing with the dead. Namely a lengthy debate with Ronnie the Skeleton about the merits of Captain Crunch.

  29. The book has its first Amazon review.

    1. And it's already had a 20% drop in price.

    2. That's a damn good review. Really cuts deep.

      Now to wait for Linda to claim he's my sockpuppet, or he reads my blog.

    3. There's nothing on the review that suggest the reviewer is a follower of this blog at all. That accusation would only be an admission that this blog is the best publicity Bores has.

    4. The free preview buffet is over, too... it leaps from Page 12 to "About the author."

    5. @Shaolin Dave
      I could tell, but this is "Linda" we're talking about. Facts and reality have no place in her insane ramblings.

    6. @Harrod,

      I just checked mysself. I still have more than up to page 12. Maybe you have to clear your cache?

  30. Not only are there lots of ghost books but apparently a few people are willing to shell out over a hundred bucks for a ghost hunting kit. Look how many verified purchase reviews there are for this:

  31. Here's the first review that the book has on Amazon:

    Most Helpful Customer Reviews
    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

    Hopelessly amateur and poorly written
    By Anthony Devon on October 4, 2015
    Format: Paperback

    Hopelessly amateur is the only way to describe this book. A lot of books are self-published these days, but few look so blatantly self-published. Improper paragraph formatting, poor sentence structure, a multitude of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors make it abundantly clear that this book was either not edited or the author simply refused to accept any critiques.

    If you can get past the aforementioned, the content of the book is little more than the author stroking his own ego while claiming that he has all the answers that the "experts" haven't been able to discover. Many of author's statements and revelations contradict themselves, sometimes within a few paragraph of each other. And these revelations are given with little to no explanation, little to no evidence, and no rationalization whatsoever. It more or less comes down to the author saying "I said this is right, so it's right. If you disagree, you're wrong."

    Good books on paranormal research are difficult to come by when they are written by an expert in the field. This, unfortunately, is not a good book and the only actual revelation it presents is that the author is no expert in paranormal anything. But don't take my work for it. Feel free to read the free preview on Amazon and see for yourself.

  32. I wish Chris Bores would stop Ostracizing himself and start manning up to his shortcomings.

  33. Oh boy. Someone posted the Amazon review to the YouTube comments... and LadyBuggin responded.

    Preserved for posterity:
    (Boy, she told him!)

    1. Chris plays a game for an hour and makes bases the whole game on said hour, brilliant

      Random Reviewer makes opinion based on several pages of WRONG WRONG WRONG

      Seriously even if this guy only read the preview pages they can still have an opinion on those pages which most likely reflect the whole sure it's the best but hows that any different than Chris' neo reviews, and is the fact the book sold 18 copies really worth bragging about? For a book that is suppose to change the world it seems no one cares. Also how would this person know how many copies of his book Chris sold so why they be jealous? Think first Buggin or Chris or whoever what difference does it make at this point?

    2. So wait... the book has been out for 9 days and he hasn't sold a single copy on Amazon- the largest fucking retailer for books in the history of Earth?

      To say nothing of the fact that Chris reviewed games he has not finished and in the Arkham Knight book review he said he was only about half done with it. Hypocrisy!

      Lady, the part of that book in the preview was filled with more errors than any self respecting writer would willingly admit to... let alone proudly slap their name on the cover.

      He did put the book on Kindle Unlimited which I suggested before it was released. He will get more exposure that way but with such a poor presentation Chris will not get the reaction he hoped for.

    3. I got in contact with the person who left that review. There's a few points to be made, in no particular order:

      1) I asked him if he could prove that he'd read the entire book, not just the preview. He sent me screenshots of several pages. They don't appear to be from the preview, I'll forward to BatDan in a moment.

      2) He got the kindle version of the book using Amazon's "borrowing" service, it doesn't register as a sale.

      3) He had no idea who Chris Bores was prior to reading the book. A friend of his suggested that he read it, apparently not telling him of Bores infamy, just to get a reaction out of him. Yes, Bores's writing is so bad that someone told their friend to read his book as a joke.

      4) He's written quite a few books under different pen names. The two LadyBuggin referred to were probably those under the same name he reviewed GH2.0 under, of which have sold 54,000 and 124,000 copies respectively. The accusations of him being jealous of Bores's 18 sold copies is pretty far off.

    4. I'll just mention a few things from those pages that I think would have stood out in the preview, for any the checked it out:

      1) a "Flowchart of the Afterlife", that shows how someone comes from "Destructive" to "Death" by way of "Hungry" and "NonHuman" (even though NonHuman is a dead end on the chart. Oh, and theres' two paths that got between "Hungry" and Destructive".

      2) A list of the seven deadly sins. "Sloth - The extreme of feeling content and lazy". They're all worded that way, "the extreme of feeling". Also, "Envy - The extreme of lying and stealing"... um, no. That's not what "envy" means.

      3) “I was reincarnated as a pomegranate. It was very uncomfortable. All those seeds, please don’t bring back the memories!”

      4) “Pitfalls of exiting the body”

      5) A list of some equipment. K2 Meter, EMF Meter, MEL Meter, SB7 Scanner…

      6) Pictures of some footprints.

      7) “Sprits and Falling in Love”

    5. @BatDan: it'd be nice if you could show us these scanned pages from Shaolin Dave on your next post for us to see as well.

    6. I wonder if Bores would try to slam us for copyright infringement if non preview pages were posted.

      The irony of that would be so delicious.

    7. He could slam us but he couldn't do anything about it. There's nothing illegal about posting excerpts for critical review.

    8. @Locus,

      You and I both know that, but this is Chris we're talking about, the same guy false flagging videos and such. Not to mention stealing footage without crediting

  34. I love that Linda/Chris brags that no copies have sold yet as if they told him. I actually hope thios book does well for Chris as he might be hurting for money nad I would hate to see him go broke. That could impede his ability to make videos.

    1. Hoping the book does well for Chris is hoping that honest customers are hoodwinked into buying a shitty book with their hard earned cash.

  35. By the way, going by Lady Bugging Chris sold a massive 18 copies in preorders. According to Chris he worked on the book for two years.

    So 18 preorders at $13.99 a pop and 730 days of writing works out to less than 35 cents a day. Less than that even since he has to buy the books. No wonder his finances are tight. He is making poor economic decisions.

    1. He obviously wasn't spending 8 hours a day for two years writing the thing- and that's not a statement on the book's quality. His main gig is making videos. The two years figure may also be an exaggeration to make the book sound better.

      Over time, I expect a savvy person can ultimately profit from having written such a book. It probably makes him more marketable as a speaker at ghost events, and then I'm sure he can flog the book at the event- with diligent work, monies received could make the effort worthwhile.

      And needless to say, people who are... intellectually precarious enough to take ghosts seriously are less likely to spot the language errors.

      Whether Bores has the energy, focus and people skills to actually accomplish this remains to be seen.

    2. And needless to say, people who are... intellectually precarious enough to take ghosts seriously are less likely to spot the language errors.

      You'd be surprised. I actually have a few friends who are into the whole paranormal scene. They know that most professional ghost hunters are full of crap, but they tend to do their own investigations. You wanna know what they all have in common? They're English majors.

    3. @Harrod

      In most cases I would agree... over the lifetime sales of the book a writer could make money.  However, I do not believe that would apply in this case.  The two year figure comes directly from Chris and while I do not believe he spent two years working on that, it is the only official number we are likely to get as far as writing time is concerned.

      Over nine days he sold a total of 0 books on Amazon and 18 copies through his website and YouTube (Source: Lady Buggins). I don't know what he pays for books from the publisher but it surely takes a good chunk out of the profits. I am being very, very generous to even consider if he would sell 1,000 copies of the book at a price over $10. He might move a few hundred Kindle copies at 99 cents (Being generous, again) and he will get a tiny bit of income from Kindle Unlimited. However, if he had spent that time working a regular job he would have made far more money than he ever will from this book and perhaps his finances would not be so tight now (Source: Chris Bores.)

      Of course he could always argue that his motives are entirely altruistic. He could be paving the way for a new branch of psychology.

  36. Replies
    1. Face it. Ladybuggin has spoiled her son Chris rotten to the bone. It's so bad it's so sad.

    2. Exactly right. The possibility that Chris' work is simply incompetent and crap isn't something that can be even contemplated. Chris is a genius and anyone who says otherwise must have ulterior motives. Chris/Norman Bores/LadyBuggin....An unholy trinity of delusion and enabling.

      No wonder he ended up ghost hunting. It's a field where he can effectively do no wrong. How can someone tell you you're going about things the wrong way if you're hunting for something nonexistent? No results are expected. You make it up as you go along. If a few lights blink on your thoroughly debunked equipment, the gullible will go home happy. It's the perfect calling for someone who is resolutely useless at everything.

      But then of course his ego demanded he write a book about it. Even writing about complete bullshit requires a roughly high school graduate level of literacy and so Chris once again embarrasses himself and it's Mommy to the rescue.

  37. Don't forget, LadyBuggin said that 'she' ordered 3 copies herself. So of the grand total of 18 allegedly sold, 3 were to either himself or his mom. Bwahahaha.

    But yeah, I'm sure the Amazon reviewer who has sold close to 200,000 books is 'retaliating out of jealousy'.

  38. I'm really surprised that Chris released this book so soon after he announced it. Usually it takes him like 3 years from announcement to completion of a project. Like the Irate Gamer Game, he announced that way back in 2010 and it didn't come out until 2013. He released this book so soon after announcing it. Something tells me this was another rush to release like the Irate Gamer Game (TIGG). There was no way 3 years of development was put into that game, more like 3 months tops. It's obvious that he rushed it out to try to compete with AVGN Adventures, which by the way, there is already a sequel coming this winter. As far as this book, maybe it was rush to release to compete with Monster Madness?

    1. I don't see the connection to Monster Madness. Maybe he was trying to rush it for Halloween.

  39. The Kindle version of the book has dropped in price by $2.

    Gods, help me. I have the book on my tablet via Kindle Unlimited. I am going to read it. I may need a few bottles of whiskey to get through this.

  40. 7 PM on Tuesday, one of his new video days on his Youtube header. So far, no new upload.

  41. Press blurbs from the book on the Amazon preview:

    "I am so intrigued. I want to know what spirits are sensitive about!"
    -Mellisa Andrews, Fox News

    You sound mathematical in this apporach! You're kind of like Da Vinci."
    -Mike Shannon Star 105.5 FM

    "One of my longest sessions with the dead was 10 minutes. With Chris, it seemed like a solid hour".
    -Matt, Ghost Tour Guide

    (Sorry I have two comments back to back).

    1. Aren't those the exact same quotes on his own personal website? And they're not even convincingly good comments either.

    2. I believe they are. I remember the last one as it sounded more like an insult than praise.

  42. My favorite part of the book so far is Chris using peanut butter to entice a ghost to communicate.

    1. That is not a joke. I'll give you another tidbit.

      Around the 20% mark Chris explains his frustration with ghost hunters and his perception that they lack any sort of strategy for communicating with ghosts once they have found one. He brings up being the 55th most subscribed channel on all of YouTube in 2010 (this is the second time he mentioned this trivia by the 20% mark) and his experience gained from interviewing video game developers at conventions helped him considerably in his efforts to communicate with ghosts.

      I'll say goodnight with one more excerpt regarding the uncertainty principle:

      "This happens because looking at them causes them to be observed."

  43. According to his last Facebook post, Bores just got the books in the mail, and he just sent out all the preorders.

  44. Replies
    1. Chris really wants his channel to die at this point, doesn't he?

  45. Is Chris Bores completely out of his mind? Do you think he is nuts or is this all just an act?