Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Stealing Time! More Power Rangers!

*looks at calendar* March 1st. Didn’t Bores say he would get the newest IG episode up in February?
Huh? He just posted it? Maybe Bores thought it was a leap year? No… no….

As Bores stated before, this is “Part 1” of the finale to the stupid as hell story arc. Going by the title, it is a continuation of the last part, only this time he’ll cover MMPR on the Sega Genesis. Holy crap, I just realized that this will be his first Sega Genesis review! Unless I’m forgetting something…
By the way, it’s been over six months since the SNES Power Rangers review. Bores, you can’t do continuing themes like this if you take half a year to release the next part. It’s the same thing with Silver Surfer and X-Men.

*breathes* I could use some Kyoryuger bravery about now.

0:00 - 0:07: The video opens with an unexpected face, Jason David Frank! JDF says he’s at Wizard World Ohio and “thank you for watching”. Note how he doesn’t say “The Irate Gamer” or “Chris Bores” or anything like that.
Don’t be annoyed he got Jason David Frank in the video. He filmed that at a convention, you pay a “celebrity” enough money and they’ll say what you want them to say.
I love how the text says “The ‘Green’ Ranger” like that was the only one he played. Are we forgetting the White Ranger, the Red Zeo Ranger, the Red Turbo Ranger, and the Black Dino Thunder Ranger? Knowing Saban, he’ll probably play one of the extra Rangers in Dino Charge.
Also, pointless site watermark at the bottom. Just saying.
It is also possible that this may not even be his footage considering he doesn't name drop. *shrugs* Maybe a name drop costs extra?

0:07 - 0:49: We follow that cameo with a recap of various events from the story arc. Oh, the memories. The horrible, painful, agonizing memories.

0:49 - 2:58: We officially open on IG and the monk teleporting into the base from Power Rangers. I’d make a comment on the laziness of just using a picture, but I’d be a hypocrite as I liked the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and he did the same thing with his green screen.
IG sees his “friends” are here too. Not-Wilson, Wise Sage (oh hey, I was right about him appearing), Tony, and Ronnie (who just got out of the shower because comedy). IG asks how they got here and- okay really? The old bearded monk appears in the Zordon tube, but he’s not a floating head. His entire body is in the tube. You can’t even do Zordon right? The green screen effect can’t be that hard, especially since you take AGES to release anything. I’ve seen College Humor and others do the Zordon head easily. Why can’t you?

Wise Sage tells us that the old man is “The Wisest Sage of them all”. … Seriously? He clarifies that he is the “Sage Elder”. I thought they were monks? That’s what IG called the disciple on his site a while back.
The Sage Elder tells them they’re all heroes that will stop the Shadow Overlord and save the city. Ronnie makes a comment that he finally amounted to something. Aren’t you a TV star? You know, Days of Our Skeletons? Are we just throwing all continuity out the window?
IG comments that it sounds like something out of Power Rangers, and the Sage Elder tells him to be quiet so they don’t get sued. Oh the irony of this joke… we’ll get to it.
Tony asks if they fight in giant robots, and is told they do, but it needs to be powered up. The only one who can do it is… the Irate Gamer. Gary Stu alarms are ringing!
Wait, only he can do it? That completely goes against the message of Power Rangers, that teamwork is important. You need to team up to form the Megazord, you can’t do it by yourself.
The Sage Elder says only IG can do it because of the Power of Inferno. IG remarks that it’s “been a couple of episodes” since he used that. Chris, you aren’t allowed to make meta jokes like that given how horrid your schedule is.
Apparently, the robots run on an “Irate-o-Meter”. My head hurts.

We then get some more footage of the giant HAL-bot destroying the city, and it still looks like complete crap. Those aren’t buildings he’s knocking over, those are JPEGs.
So in order to power up their own robots, IG just has to review a game. He decides on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Sega Genesis, which apparently he had in his back pocket. Are his pockets dimensionally transcendental? It’s the only way I could explain how he could keep a Genesis game in his back pocket and not notice that he was sitting on something.
IG tosses the cartridge into his Genesis (oh hey, a Model 2, at least he’s not using that Model 3 he always used to show) and the lack of physics in the throw makes Not-Wilson realize that IG is the one throwing at cartridges at his head. Who else could you possibly think it was? You live next door to a childish moron with a massive game collection.
IG tells him to shut up and smacks him. Such a good friend, these guys would make excellent Power Rangers.
Despite getting hit, Not-Wilson cheers IG along with the others after he declares “we’ve got a world to save”. Stockholm Syndrome?

2:58 - 3:56: The review starts with IG calling it a “lamer version of the one created for the Super Nintendo”. The two are nothing alike… ones a side-scrolling beat-em-up, and the others a fighting game. Then again, he did compare Sonic Unleashed to a fighting game so he doesn’t seem to understand genre.
“Instead of being able to run around various levels like in the SNES version” Hang on, something is odd with this line, it’s around 3:07. Listen to how he says SNES, there’s a very noticeable audio jump. Did he originally say NES but realized his mistake and sloppily edited around this? I’m really wondering how this took so long to make.
“This turns out to be a brawling game where your mission is to beat one bad guy per stage” Brawling game? You mean fighting game? I mean, what you’re describing is a fighting game, you get that right? Like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter? Am I talking to a brick wall?

He brings up there’s a storyline in this version (hey, there was one in the SNES version, it just didn’t have words) and gets to the fighting. He claims all you do is “punch a few times and you win”. When you say it like that, you make every fighting game sound like crap. Broad generalizations are fun!
He goes through Round 2 with the Megazord and wins without taking damage. He cries that it’s too easy. Maybe you could try turning up the difficulty? It operates on Street Fighter stars, with 1 being easy and 8 being hard. Try playing on 4 instead of 1?
Of course, he gets angry and this turns up the, ugh, Irate-o-Meter.

3:57 - 5:03: “Well, in order to stay true to the TV show, the third fight in this game with the Green Ranger, Tommy”. Wait, how is that true to the show? Wouldn’t having Tommy as the 17th fight be true to the show?
“A character the NES version seemed to lack” I KNEW IT! I knew he screwed up the line earlier and hastily edited around it! How lazy can you get Bores? You really couldn’t redo the line? Double check what you wrote in the script? Something?

Oh, apparently he knows it’s a fighting game now, as he says not to expect something like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Also, another feces joke.
“Each fighter has their own special attacks they can perform by mashing in a series of buttons” Just like every other fighting game ever! Why are you bringing this up exactly? Are they difficult to pull off? Are they easy to pull off? Would they be easier with a six-button Genesis controller?
He doesn’t say. Instead, he cries about the game being so boring that you’ll end up comatose, and we cut to IG collapsing as Ronnie wonders if he should give him water. Three times. Hey Chris, you should pursue a career in making pillows, you’re very good at stuffing things full of padding!

He calls the game underwhelming, and compares it to a sports coach getting a cooler full of piss dumped on him instead of Gatorade. Emphasized with football footage recorded off a TV with a camera.  Remember the irony of that joke about getting sued? This is only the first part of that. It’s going to get worse.
He says the game sucks so bad (it really doesn’t) that he wishes a real fighter would appear and kick some ass. Cue Scorpion from Mortal Kombat! He grabs the Megazord with his spear and burns him with his Fatality, which somehow leaves a skeleton. Hey moron, the Megazord is a robot! It has no skeleton! Your attempts at gags are atrocious. We’re only half-way through!

5:03 - 5:38: IG points out how quickly Jason and Tommy become friends after the fight, calling Jason a “master wordsmith”. Or it’s a 16-bit video game cutscene… meh lame joke is lame.
He notes that you can now play as the Green Ranger, and he hopes his Genesis doesn’t explode from all the “epicness” in the cartridge. To pad out further, he has a staring contest with the cartridge to see if it explodes. Notice that his Genesis isn’t even on. At this point I’ll be surprised if he does turn a console or controller on.
The console doesn’t explode because the “game still sucks ass”. Well, that was pointless. Did you really have to follow up that line with 20 seconds of that? Did you really have to make this video 10 minutes loooooong. Be strong Danarchy. You can do this.

5:39 - 6:53: He reaches Goldar, and sees that he’s a challenge. He tries fighting him with the Pink Ranger but loses (probably because he’s mashing his controller like an idiot). He talks “smack” to Kimberly about flirting with Tommy and getting a role on Felicity. Huh? *looks up Felicity* Oh, she was on that show. Why make that reference though?
Then Ronnie says she got the role, and crickets. Is this anti-humor? Did he mean the role as the title character that went to Keri Russell? I’m confused.

He notes that after 8 rounds you makes it to the final boss, but then gets annoyed that there’s only 8 rounds, demanding “extra levels” since all you do is fight in this game. … It’s a fighting game Chris, what else are you supposed to do? Do you pick up a copy of Street Fighter IV and get mad that all you can do is fight? Hell, 8 rounds sounds normal for the 16-bit era. Seriously, don’t get mad at the fighting game for being a fighting game. That’s just retarded.
He then gets pissed that the final boss is once again Cyclopsis, and he wanted to fight Rita. Few things. One, Rita can’t fight. She’s a witch, meaning that she relies on magic not hand-to-hand combat. She never fought in Power Rangers, and she never fought in Zyuranger. Secondly, Cyclopsis was the villain of the intended finale Doomsday, and was the final villain of Zyuranger. It makes sense for him to be the final boss. Third, what the hell kind of review is this?

He actually praises the ending for once as the Ultrazord destroys Rita’s castle, then he demands they destroy the makers of this game and another toilet joke. Wait, what’s the next three minutes?

This… this is pain.

IG rips the game out of the Genesis and is about to destroy it, but the Wise Sage interrupts with news that the “Irate-o-Meter” is full.
They get ready to fight, with Wise Sage doing the double sunglasses joke again. Remember that from aaaallllllll the way back in Contra? It wasn’t really funny the first time, what makes you think it would be funny a second time?
IG activates the Power of Inferno and they all do the roll call. Wait, why do you need to power up just to power up? The suit is a power up. Is this like Megaforce to Super Megaforce? Oh wait, today’s episode showed they can access Super Mega without needing the first suit. Then why do they need the Megaforce suits? You see what happens Saban when you try to combine two different Sentai at once?! Sorry, getting off topic.

IG is the Red Ranger, Wise Sage is the Blue Ranger, Ronnie is the Black Ranger, Tony is the Yellow Ranger, and Not-Wilson is the Pink Ranger (much to his annoyance). I find it weird that Not-Wilson is the show’s butt monkey. The actual Wilson wasn’t like that… right?
Then we get tons of Power Rangers stock footage as the Zords come out of the ground and we see the “heroes” inside. They aren’t actually morphed, they’re just in the Zords. Why do the roll call then if you’re not going to morph?
By the way, here’s the second part of the irony behind that “getting sued” joke. Power Rangers footage.
And then we get… oh my god. Horrid horrid editing as the Zords “fight” the giant HAL-bot. It’s like the fights in MMPR Season 2 when the Zyuranger costumes “fought” the Dairanger monsters. At least they had the decency to introduce the Thunder Megazord for giant fights. At one point, the Tyrannosaurs tackles the giant HAL-bot and the effect is just a picture. I can’t even…
How is it the cheap TV effects from 1992 look way better than Chris’ 2014 effects? You’re not even trying!
They form the Megazord and the editing is still horrendous. The Megazord throws a punch and the giant HAL-bot reels back as if hit. How did he think this was okay?
Of course, the giant HAL-bot overpowers him. They try to summon the Sword of Inferno (oh hey, he remembers it now) but they ran out of power. Wasn’t the Sword of Inferno normal sized before? Can it grow? Why do they need power to summon it when IG was merely handed it? Fuck it, it’s almost over.
Blah blah IG needs to review another game to power it up but they have no time and blah blah blah this is so god damn stupid.
The giant HAL-bot charges up an attack as we go into a cliffhanger. Let me guess, the Green Ranger is going to show up to save the day. You’re extremely predictable Bores.

………………. Give me a minute.

Wow. That was just awful.
First, the review portion. It was barely there. I know people have issues with sketches in reviews, I don’t mind them, but the sketches shouldn’t overtake the review part. This is worse than that Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle video that some other guy did.
He said nothing about the game’s controls, the graphics, the music, he didn’t even try to look through the options for a higher difficulty. It was such a non-review it was pointless. The game really isn’t that bad. Hell, you want a bad MMPR game, the Sega CD version will do just fine.
Not to mention he confused NES and SNES again. It’s been how long since he started doing this? How do you still fuck that up? You’re the type of person that confuses Wii and Wii U.
The story… it makes zero sense. I get IG being the big hero, Gary Stu and everything. But why are the others heroes? Why is Ronnie a hero? Why is Tony and his horrible need to beat people up over petty reasons a hero? Why is Not-Wilson a hero? Did he seriously run out of characters to use?
You know, I’d call the recycling of Power Rangers footage a clever satire of Saban reusing Super Sentai footage, but I don’t think Bores is that smart. I mean, he didn’t even try to change the footage or add his own take to it. At least when the Nostalgia Critic did his Power Rangers parody in “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”, he got his own giant robot costume! In fact, the whole concept really does feel like that review.
And really, this is how the big story arc ends? Recycled Power Rangers footage? What a fucking joke. How did this take so long again?

The whole video was a mess. Poor editing all over, bad effects, just a complete disaster.
And the worst part? There’s still the conclusion. I’m going to need some more Kyoryuger bravery.

By the way, one of my informants told me that one of the comments claimed the video had “better editing than Saban”. I’m going to go break someone’s TV.


  1. Anyone got any good names for a digimon? This request may seem odd but considering what I have planned I need a lot of irony. Oh, and yes this is very off-topic since I really don't want to even think about the idiocy involved with the video.

  2. This....I have to say is his absolute worst episode by far, and compared to other horrors he made, that is really saying a lot. Even from a so-bad it's funny view , it's not entertaining at all. Then again I shouldn't have expected different from this guy.

  3. The sad thing about that commentator on the video is that it's not entirely untrue. When current-gen Saban WANTS to, they can do some pretty good editing. It's just that they only do it on the dumbest things possible and barely edit anything else, and when they DO edit something they don't proofread it at all, kinda like our resident IG here. These people leave in the Dairanger suits with no explanation, but go to great lengths to wipe away the existence of the Datas robot frame by frame. Megaforce had an episode where they used the theme song mid-episode... only it was the Samurai version of it. And speaking of Samurai, the jumbling of scenes during the zord battle in the finale was outright lazy. Oh, and did I mention that nobody ever shuts up in Neo-Saban PR? The action's filled to the brim with redundant, unfunny, badly-acted dialogue.

    1. If I remembered, the Disney era Power Ranger is pretty guilty with those dialogue as well.

  4. I had to watch this horrendous video so I'd know what to expect from this blog post. Five minutes in, I said to myself, "Oh boy, BatDan's going to have a field day with this one".

  5. Right, time to update the list:

    Episode 1
    1. Spot: The Video Game [NES]
    2. Spot: The Cool Adventure [GB]
    3. Cool Spot [SNES]
    Episode 2
    4. RoboCop [NES]
    Episode 3
    5. RoboCop 2 [NES]
    6. RoboCop 3 [NES]
    Episode 4
    7. Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man [Atari 2600]
    8. Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man [Intellivision]
    Episode 5
    9. Silver Surfer [NES]
    Episode 6
    10. The Uncanny X-Men [NES]
    Episode 7
    11. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [SNES]
    Episode 8
    12. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [Genesis]

    By the way, how is the Silver Surfer episode relevant to the overall storyline? Is the Pixel Demon gonna show up out of nowhere in the final episode? Also, R.O.B. hasn't been heard from in a while. Is he gonna save the Irate Rangers from the Giant HAL Bot?

    And hey, the number of reviews this storyline has is about to reach unlucky thirteen. Heh...

    1. so after this retarded storyline is finished, is he gonna stop making game reviews?

    2. Probably not. Oh and I can probably explain the Silver Surfer episode. Basically it all boils down to bores wanting to show of that his character has a cool new power as the plot demands and so made a designated villain. Seriously, there was no reason for the Pixel Demon to even exist except to show that the Irate Gamer is awesome, a statement that is patently false, thing is he makes it really noticeable since the Irate Gamers goes from just getting that moronic sword to using its "powers" as the "chosen one" without even showing, and this is a key part about plot by the way, him not used to said powers and apparently mastering them immediately. But that is just a fledgling PPCers take on it I might be wrong I might be right.

    3. How exactly did the Inferno Force help Bores beat the Pixel Demon? By letting him enter the video game or by letting him pull a bob-omb out of his pocket?

    4. I think it is more a deus ex machina power pretty much since it basically does whatever bores wants. Of course, since bores has no idea how construct an actually good plot makes it so even the powers he uses it for just plain suck. Although that still leads back to the point you brought up realistically the Silver Surfer review really should not be there which is the entire point bores has no idea how to make a plot and so he sticks things onto it like a Frankenstein's Monster of bad anything really. He picks things that he thinks are cool together and grafts them onto a very idiotic and loose plot and so thinks it would make it better.

    5. He clearly doesn't grasp the many differences between 'story' and 'bunch of things happening.' I wonder how recently it occurred to him that a Megazord fight would be a good arc-ender. Or, hey, maybe they'll end up at the Castle of Evil for the emotional component of the climax- the reveal of Shadow Overlord and the necessary closure with Evil Gamer.

      Personally, I'd like to see Ronnie sacrifice his life for the greater good and then have a moving death scene to the effect of "Oooh! Oooh! I'm totally dying here, I don't believe it!"

    6. Most likely more crap like the Monster Party review. So, once again, this is bashing a good game (I beat it for the first time since I was 9).

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this storyline is comparable to the storyline in Linkara's videos?

  7. Thank God Bores Never Found the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Video Game. He'd probably Say it ripped off Power Rangers (never Mind Kamen Rider came out in 1971, Super Sentai Came out in 1975). Heck, I bet he thinks The sentai is only as old as Power Rangers.

    1. Or maybe he thinks Super Sentai ripped off Power Ranger even though many people knew the fact that Power Ranger adapted Super Sentai.

  8. Why the jab against Jason David Frank?

  9. As bad as this episode was, the most painful thing in it to me was the fact that he couldn't even be bothered to get the roll-call in the right order (Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber-toothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus). Instead, he intentionally did the order wrong to A: Give himself top-billing over everyone else, and 2: Use the color pink as a punchline.

    I know this seems like an unbelievably minor thing to complain about, but having grown up on MMPR, that detail just seems to hurt worse than anything else.

  10. Does Linkara know that Bores is finishing his grand stupid meandering storyline with a franchise place squarely in Linkara's wheelhouse? I wonder if it's a coincidence that one of the reviewer that has really used storylines to great effect and drama's favorite franchises is being used to finish off Bores' storyline....

    1. Especially since I found several rips of storyline ideas from Linkara:
      The Pixel Demon being a lame Entity
      Shadow Overlord being Vyce
      At least i think so. I may be reaching with shadow overlord...and maybe he got pixel demon stuff from Marble Hornets...

    2. I am.

      In fact, I can't remember where, but I did post in a previous episode's thread (maybe Silver Surfer?) about how I handled the Entity saga, the need to slowly build up a horror's threat, leave clues that all make sense in the end but may not make sense right away, and to have a satisfying conclusion to the build-up.

      It's basic story structure.

      I freely admit I don't always get it right and it usually just ends in a big fight, but I still try to make the fight epic in its own way. And when I realized I couldn't escalate the threat level any more than "universe-devouring monster," I decided to turn the show inwards and do some character development stuff. Whether or not I succeeded in that is up to others, but I look at Bores' character in these reviews, one who happily swats his "friends" and makes people do work for him and abuse them and I can't help but see the direction of where I was trying to go with my storyline, to show Linkara getting corrupted by power and arrogance and the need to keep him in check by making him go on a journey... and still make mistakes in the end.

      Because ultimately I'm NOT trying to make Linkara into some pure, awesome, never-wrong Gary Stu... I'm just trying to tell a good story.

    3. Well all I see is confirmation that the only reason he did this in the first place was because Linkara did it so like always he's copycatting someone else but without actually thinking about why.

  11. Judging by the amount of stolen footage, I'm going to call this review Turkish AVGN.

    1. Also known as The Boring Man Who Saves Sandusky, Ohio.

  12. Is it Wrong that I found the first three minutes of this episode hilariously bad? Just because of how serious Bores seems to be taking this.

    Everything else in the video is just bad, the 'review' part was boring and if he seriously intends to have his 'Epic' finale be a battle between Hal-bot and Stock footage, then i have a feeling that the next episode could be his worst.

  13. That was terrible. Why can't he just review it on the same video or at least a little more earlier?!
    Though I gotta admit that I'm actually pretty lazy...

    Do you think Chris actually watched MMPR? While I didn't watch MMPR, at least I know Cyclopsis is the final villain in the supposed finale. At least I did some research. Heck, I did that research even before he uploaded it!

    Does Chris realized that he used a Megazord footage from Power Ranger, he might get a copyright strike? Anything is better than that!

    Why do I have feeling that he gets dumber and dumber as time proceeds in contrast to me?

    1. Most likely Toei will have some beef with the Sentai footage, and don't get me started on what Saban will do (I can say I've earned my right to catch up on Super Mega Force tonight). And with Nickelodeon holding the rights; Viacom will be as livid as I am typing this given that he once again bashed a good Power Rangers game and has a storyline bit that is absolutely inane (with the stolen Sentai footage, I can say that my Invasion of the Neptune Men comparsion ended up being eerily prophetic).

  14. If this is the way he complain about fighting games, then I REALLY hate to see him review BlazBlue, King of Fighters and Soul Calibur.

  15. So, have anyone seen this? I didn't watch it, to be honest...
    But I did read some comments.

    1. Yeah, I watched it, and commented on it a few times.

      Thing that gets me, I proved him wrong on a lot of the video, and he even admits to lying about parts of it, and he still says that he stands by the video.

  16. Bores posted on twitter:

    "The Irate Gamer Show Ep 11 – Might Morphin Power Rangers Genesis Video Game Review Ep 11"

    Does he seriously not know that it's "Mighty"? Why does he feel the need to point out twice that it's Episode 11?

    Even though I know that it's not really the actual account, I did find this to be funny.

    1. Mighty AND Morphing Power Rangers!

    2. I was thinking it was Morphing as well, but didn't say anything about that one because most everyone I've heard talk about it actually do say Morphin, like they leave the g off because it sounds better that way(or it could be my hearing and I just don't hear them putting the g on the end).

    3. The title has always been "Morphin", no G.

    4. I know, it was in reference to Linkara's IG parody.

  17. My Facebook informant caught Bores lying about the Jason David Frank appearance. He claimed that he had to "pull a lot of strings to get him". Again, no. You filmed him at a convention, you paid him to appear on camera. He didn't even name drop the Irate Gamer so for all we know it's not even your footage.

    Getting someone at a convention isn't really a huge deal. Unless it's San Diego Comic Con and they're one of the Hall H Participants. But Jason David Frank goes to multiple conventions year round so getting him really isn't that special.

    1. Actually, I think he was at a convention in my area a few months back. Would've liked to have gone to it, but wasn't able to. Hell, from what I understood from the friend of mine running the convention, it didn't really take a whole lot to get him to come there.

    2. I know I just posted, but after seeing some videos of him at Wizard World, Bores claiming he pulled some strings to get that intro is nothing more than a lie. In fact, you can look up videos of him doing things like this for other people at that and other conventions on youtube.

    3. I noticed that he did a shout-out to Ranger Review (an actual good web series by the way); and he did name drop them. Given the stolen Sentai footage, Toei alone will not be happy, to say nothing of Saban and Viacom (those two have been quite particular about their content ever since I first got on YouTube).

    4. Eh...Toei doesn't care about anybody subtitling their shows and giving them away for free on the internet. The biggest fansub group out there's been around for better'n ten years. Kinda doubt they'll care about this.

    5. @starofjustice

      I think Toei might care that Bores is using "Zyuranger" footage for that review, since he is a YouTube Partner. But then again, I don't think this video is monetized, due to YouTube's Content ID thing.

    6. I dunno man. I posted a video I made with sentai footage in it and all I got told was Japanese users can't watch it because of that.

  18. I would flag his video, but that would mean no more Irate Gamer videos.

  19. I call upon the INFERNO FARCE

  20. It just occurred to me: This new episode was posted on the original Irategamer channel, not on (the all-new and definitely exciting) 'Irate Gamer HD 2.0.' The last thing posted to 2.0 was the previous Power Rangers review 6 months ago.

    Either the new episode is inexplicably not in HD, or (more likely) Chris forgot he has multiple channels.

  21. “Well, in order to stay true to the TV show, the third fight in this game with the Green Ranger, Tommy”.

    And he doesn’t even get that right. The third fight’s with Madam Woe. If he means the third ROUND, then yes. If he’s going to bring up faithfulness to the show, why not mention that’s backwards?

    But if he knew anything about the show and was going to bitch out the game not being faithful he could’ve mentioned the rangers using attacks they never did on the show so as to give them enough moves in a fighting game. He could’ve mentioned that weird “Hwah!” noise the Megazord makes at the beginning and end of every fight (seriously, what’s up with that?), or how Rita says something different when she makes a monster grow than in the show. He could’ve mentioned how even at the cutscene at the start of the game it still says “Bandra Palace” on Rita’s castle.

    “He grabs the Megazord with his spear and burns him with his Fatality, which somehow leaves a skeleton. Hey moron, the Megazord is a robot! It has no skeleton! Your attempts at gags are atrocious. We’re only half-way through!”

    Not only that, the Megazord is about 60 feet taller than Scorpion.

    “Huh? *looks up Felicity* Oh, she was on that show. Why make that reference though?”

    Maybe because, honestly, it’s one of the only references you could make about any of the characters’ in this game’s future acting careers? We all have fond memories of MMPR but c’mon.

    “He notes that after 8 rounds you makes it to the final boss, but then gets annoyed that there’s only 8 rounds. It’s a fighting game Chris, what else are you supposed to do? Do you pick up a copy of Street Fighter IV and get mad that all you can do is fight? Hell, 8 rounds sounds normal for the 16-bit era.”

    It’s also a fighting game six-year-olds are supposed to be able to beat. Not being as long as MK or SF seems perfectly normal to me.

  22. "Hell, you want a bad MMPR game, the Sega CD version will do just fine."

    Eh, I'm actually ok with most FMV games. My issues with the Sega CD one are that it's designed in a way that makes me think they didn't really understand who the target audience was. Mainly how you can only play the whole game on the hardest difficulty, and Spoony showed how smart that was.

    That, and being composed of footage from the show, it essentially has no reason to exist because the people you're hoping will play it have already seen this stuff. At least with Dragon's Lair and even the Kamen Rider ZO game here in the states, you were seeing something you couldn't see any other way.

  23. I still hold hope that DLAbaoaqu will eventually start reviewing Bores reviews again. It's the only way I can stomach watching them.

  24. Well, I think it is about time I start this little bit, hope I don't screw it up. Chris Bores AKA the Irate Gamer, you are charged with being a Gary Stu, having a dei ex machina power, being the chosen one, having a cute animal friend, making a literal sword of sueness, bad psychology, killing a canon character, making Wolverine fear you, trying very hard to make yourself speshul, making painful dumb jokes, being the red Power Ranger, making plotholes, making a character replacement, making three designated villains, making yourself a designated hero, and annoying me to high heaven. The sentence you should receive is death but as I lack the power to do more than informally charge you you live, for now.

    1. If he were a dopant he'd be the plagiarized dopant...

  25. BatDan I have a question, have you ever thought of putting screenshots of the video while you do the recaps, or are you strictly word-only recaps?

  26. Me 6 hours ago on Buggin's channel:

    "Did we forget to let everyone know about your new video on here, Chris?"

    Bores 2 hours later:

    "Loved the new video by my son, the Irate Gamer. The story arc is a real cliff hanger. Even tho. I already know how he is going to end the saga, I still can't wait to see it put to film in the coming few months. WTG, Christopher, you never fail to entertain us all :D"

    Don't you just love how he has to put emphasis on IG being her son? Also, buggin admitting to know how it ends just seems to show more proof that it's Bores. Also, apparently it's going to take a few more months before the next video is ready.

    1. Let's see what is wrong with these sentences of buggins. First of all the fact that buggin has to reiterate that bores is her son. Second the story arc itself is cliffhanger? Third pointless shortening of though with a period after even though it wouldn't make a sentence. Fourth freaking chatspeak, the part with Christopher being in commas, and another fricking smiley. Of course that bit about knowing how it ends could easily be countered by bores supposedly showing his mother the script, even though it is clear he doesn't have one.

  27. Oh sweet Toledo. I never would have guessed my Invasion of the Neptune Men comparison to Boring Man's storyline would be so apt. I think Toei is going to have Chris' head for that Sentai footage; to say nothing of Saban or Viacom. Dan, I think I'm going to join you on your Sentai binge as the antidote for this (the drinking game, with an oversized Coke, made the conditions in moments). I still have plenty of Goseiger and Gokaiger I was saving for Nickelodeon's infamous breaks (I just hope they aren't as bad in Super Mega Force as they were in the first half); but I feel I could use it. I like the Genesis version better than the Super NES version, so he has caused my blood to boil once again over a good game being bashed for petty reasons. Worst of all, there's still one more part to this.

  28. A guy who likes to put out DVDs of his show thinks its a good idea to close a story arc with copyrighted footage. Huh?

  29. Was he outside, or was it a green screen?

  30. Anyone playing Earth Defense Force 2025? I just finished writing an FAQ/Walkthrough for it.

  31. $10 says the pixel demon isn't in the final episode.

    1. And $5 more says that the "final episode" won't be the final as Bores claims. Knowing him, he constantly surprises us all...

  32. He just released a new NEO Episode of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

    He claims Ubisoft gave it to him. May I ask for Proof cause I don't buy it. It looks like he pre-ordered and bought it at Gamestop.

  33. So if the first episode of this "season" was the 7-Up review, and that was posted in October 2010, you're telling me it's taken him 3.5 years to get the next to last episode of the "season"?

    1. His storyline is nearly as old as the debut of the first iPad. Oh yes.

  34. I actually tried to watch this whole episode. I managed to make it through the review portion, but i just couldn't take it after that. Too much cringiness. Not a real word, but it fits.

  35. Did you forget one thing? There no hot chicks play as pink ranger. I know it called the irate gamer but I hate guys play as pink ranger. Pink ranger are hot chicks, not gay guys. Irate bitch.